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Recs 5/11/2017

It Hurts - PalauMaggot PG-13, 6K, Angst
Getting his heart ripped out of his chest was a feeling that Tony was already intimately familiar with. Unfortunately it doesn't make it better when it inevitably happens again.

Of Kisses and Angry Activities - Dormammu PG-13, 4K
Weeks ago, at Wasp's New Year's Eve party, Tony kissed Steve as the clock struck twelve. Afterwards, instead of kissing him some more, Tony ran away. Their kiss was never mentioned again.

Steve is not stupid, he can recognize that he'd been toyed with. And it's fine, it really is. Only it's not.

Dog Day Afternoon - MarvelousMenagerie (HiddenOne) PG-13, 3K
Tags: Jealous!Steve
Tony tries diplomacy with the latest threat to the Academy - the Lemurians - by trading shark repellent for crab. He tries to bond with Hercules too, one of the latest recruits, through their mutual shared interest of wearing speedos.

It's supposed to be a fun day at the beach, but Steve Rogers isn't pleased with the situation. The Lemurians, he likes. Hercules and his attire...not so much.

Costume party - marinarusalka R, 1K
Tony has a new costume, and Steve has pre-exam jitters. These two things are related, really.

Finders Keepers - MarvelousMenagerie (HiddenOne) NC-17, 2K
Summary: Tony finds Steve's shield in the woods while on his way to their lunch date. CapWolf has taken a quick run around the forest, and he isn't prepared for the way his Little Red Riding Hood is dressed.

Get Some Fresh Air (At Quad) - Sineala PG-13, 1K
Tags: Canon!AU
Steve, newly arrived at the Academy, meets Tony, whose wings are like nothing he's ever seen before. He wants to know more. He wants everything. And luckily for him, the interest is mutual.


The Best Recourse for Relaxation - parier NC-17, 12K, AvAC
Steve didn't know how to make sense of the unicorn.

Bite Sized: Stevetony - Chapter 26 - pensversusswords PG, <1K, AVAC
Chapter 26: Tony and Bucky bonding over video games
AvAc universe. Based on the headcanon that Tony's repulser arm is actually a prosthetic.

Split the Deck - MarvelousMenagerie (HiddenOne) PG-13, 4K+, Avengers Academy
Summary: When Tony's robots ruin Steve's favorite jacket, Steve challenges Tony to go three days without touching technology. Steve doesn't quite understand what he's asking, and Tony's pride won't let him back down.

Like Cherry Pie - Arukou PG-13, 1K
Three object prompt: fireworks, cherries, and tuba.

Situation Normal: All Fogged Up - fandomfrolics PG,13, 17K
Tags: Avengers Academy, Crossover: Marvel 616, Mutual Pining, Alcoholism, POV (Steve)
A rowdy night at the Academy sends a battle-worn Steve and an extremely drunk Tony tumbling into the mysterious timefog that surrounds the campus. Turns out that a whirlwind tour of another universe may be just what the doctor ordered - for all of them.

The Statue Didn't Deserve This - burpsofsunshine PG-13, 3K
Tags: Avengers Academy
Steve doesn't particularly like his Captain America statue. Tony has a pretty great idea on what to do about that. It's all in the name of a good bonding experience.

Schrodinger's Crush - KagekaNecavi PG-13, 2K
Tags: Avengers Academy
Until such time that feelings are discussed, one’s crush both returns and does not return one’s affections. It is only upon discussion that they do or do not return one’s affections.

Planting the American Flag (UNplanting the Union Jack) - AngeNoir PG-13, 2K
Tags: Avengers Academy
Alternatively, Steve sees Tony getting a little too cozy with Brian and decides to get himself invited into Stark Tower. Because his phone is broken.

Hug, Please - wisia PG-13, 2K
Tony just wants a hug from Steve. Unfortunately, his virtual reality stimulator isn't working as well as he hoped.

Do It for the Cupcakes - rougewinter PG-13, 1K
Tags: Avengers Academy
Summary: “You want us to be fake dating…” Steve said once he got over his initial shock to Tony’s request. “So you can get free cupcakes?”

what I go to school for - Saral_Hylor PG, 2K
Tags: Avengers Academy
Loki likes locking Tony out of their dorm room, leaving Tony to sit in the hallway. But that's okay, because every night Steve walks past.

Take the Past, Make the Future - AngeNoir pg-13, 2k
Tags: Avengers academy
Steve Rogers is practically ordered by Janet to make nice with Tony. Which - come on. Give him a break. He's only been defrosted for like... two weeks. Or three. And seriously, he has good reasons why he shouldn't get too buddy-buddy with Tony.
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The Rumble - copperbadge PG-13, 2K
Tags: EMH
It doesn't take long for Steve to notice that Tony makes a specific kind of noise when he's happy.

The (New) New Avengers - ironma_am PG, Fanart, EMH
Prompt: Marvel Adventures, EMH or Avengers Assemble: Slight AU where Steve is assembling a new team of Avengers and he carefully selects each hero to recruit but when he announces the team he doesn't mention Tony or Iron Man at all. Tony is crushed and mortified (And a little mad, maybe because he always thought he and Steve worked really well together and this feel like a slap out of nowhere). And Steve is kind of clueless because he just automatically assumed that Tony was going to be part of his team and it never occurred to him that anyone would think otherwise. I'd like Tony being quietly stoic with Steve and the Avengers, even if he's really hurting. And I'd really like it if the Avengers were pretty much on the same page as Steve, so no one realizes where the misunderstanding came from, and when they realize it Steve rushes to reassure him.

Play Nice, Children - Meatball42 PG, 1K, EMH
Tony hasn't been the most social person lately. He tries to fix that, with mixed results.


Never Close Our Eyes - catadamon R, 32K
Tags: EMH
When Steve promised his fallen soul to Hela, he didn't realize that Tony would chase after him. Even into Niflheim.

What You Believe - missbecky R, 28K
Tags: Mind control, EMH, Hurt!Steve, Angst, Happy ending
One by one the Avengers seem to be turning on Tony, until he is isolated and alone, with no one left he can trust. Unsure what to believe anymore, betrayal seems to lurk around every corner. When he resolves to confront them, can anyone stand between him and what seems to be the inevitable destruction of the Avengers? Or is it already too late?

Coping Mechanism - Del_Rion R, 26K
Tags: EMH
Tony’s recovery from a brain injury is on a tortuous path towards something better. The other Avengers are growing impatient – as is Tony – and Steve’s fortitude will be tested as he attempts to be there for Tony and lead a group of superheroes at the same time. Not to mention the change that is taking place in Steve and Tony’s friendship…

Dependence - Del_Rion PG, 21K
Tags: GEN, EMH
After Iron Man suffers a brain injury during a battle, a guilt-ridden Steve Rogers stops at nothing to help Tony survive the aftermath, determined to be there for his friend during the most challenging time of his life.

I Can See Clearly Now (the rain is gone) - missbecky PG-13, 12K
Tags: EMH, Hurt!Tony, Precognition
An accidental spell from the Enchantress leaves Tony with the ability to see the future. Now he's able to use those visions to guide the Avengers into stopping villains even before they commit their crimes. The one thing he never saw coming, though, was Steve.

Two Gray Days - Del_Rion NC-17, 11k
Tags: Non-con, Hurt/Comfort, EMH
After Tony and Steve get caught in an alien portal, separated from the others, they share a painful secret neither is willing to share with another soul. They have only each other to rely on as they attempt to survive the ordeal – which leads to something unexpected.

Black Holes and Revelations - missbecky NC-17, 9K
Tags: Avengers: EMH, Dub-con, Angst, Happy Ending
Back home after the Skrull invasion, Steve tries to find out what happened while the Skrull was impersonating him. What he discovers utterly horrifies him, but leads him into making another, more personal discovery about his feelings for Tony. The only problem is, after what the Skrull did, it might be too late to do anything about it.

Here we are - navaan PG-13, 6K
Tags: EMH
Steve needs to learn how to live in a future that is now his present. But maybe things aren't so bad actually.

Just Dance (It's Gonna Be Okay) - ficbypen NC-17, 6K
Tags: EMH, Bodyswap
Summary: The Avengers get body-swapped for about a month; Tony and Steve maintain their relationship through it.

It's Tradition, You Know - missbecky PG, 5K
Tags: EMH, Holiday: Christmas
It's Steve's first Christmas out of the ice, and the Avengers' first Christmas as a family, and Tony is distressed when everyone else leaves the mansion for the holidays, leaving it up to him to give Steve the holiday experience he thinks Steve deserves.

Up to the Challenge - missbecky NC-17, 4K
Tags: EMH
When Steve catches Tony in some uncharacteristic behavior and suspects he might not be who he says he is, he dares Tony to prove his identity. Good thing Tony is up to the challenge.

we don't end, we start - navaan PG-13, 4K
Tags: Fluff, EMH
Sometimes you need to realize what it is you want and things will work out from there. Steve asks Tony out.

Starlight Captured - Amuly NC-17, 3K
Tags: EMH, PWP
After they save Earth's sun and defeat the Kree empire, the Avengers have a long five week journey ahead of them back to Earth. Tony and Steve find a way to pass the time one night aboard the bridge of their ship

Bright Eyes - copperbadge PG-13, 2K
Tags: Pining, EMH
Steve might have a fixation on Tony’s minor mutation.

Love Always Feels Like a Battlefield - nightwalker PG-13, 2K
Tags: EMH, Hurt!Tony
No one knew it was a weapon at first, and by then Iron Man was falling out of the sky.

a time for romance - navaan PG, 2K
Tags: Fluff, EMH
Steve and Tony are in a relationship now and try to spend time together, but sometimes their lives and interests just don't mesh - and sometimes they do.

Jan Van Crime! - MemoryDragon PG, 2K
Tags: EMH, Pre-slash
Jan is upset about the new Ant-Man movie that she doesn't feature in, and she plans to become a Super Villainess to make herself more relevant. It also means making a new outfit, which she is super excited for. Carol and Tony want to help cheer her up, while T'Challa agrees that diversity in movies and merchandise is a worthy cause. Steve would be all on board as well, but turning to super-villainy is not the answer. Neither is Tony being Jan's love interest. Definitely not Tony being Jan's love interest. Both are valid points of concern.

The Futurist - Amuly R, 1K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, EMH
After the Avengers defeat Kang, Tony heads up to the roof of the mansion to brood. But Steve is already up there, himself pondering something Kang said: Does he really belong in the 21st century? Or will he always be a man out of time?.
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Recs (Last Updated: 5/14/2017)

for what it's worth - faite  PG, Avengers Assemble, Comic
Steve and Tony crash-land onto a remote island in the midst of an argument. But they'd rather get out of there and make up already. (Comic)

Abduction! An Avengers Assemble Adventure - ricochet, runningondreams PG-13, 29K
Tags: Kidnapped!Steve, Rescue, Team fic, Established Relationship, Avengers Assemble
Steve gets kidnapped by aliens. Tony does not approve.

Assemble, Disassemble, Reassemble - thyrza NC-17, 20K, Series
Tags: Avengers Assemble, Friends with Benefits, Developing Relationship
A series of short stories, chiefly Steve/Tony PWP, following up or tied in to episodes of Avengers Assemble.

Quit While You're Ahead - magicasen NC-17, 14K
Tags: Avengers Assemble, Gay Chicken, Pining
It began, as things tend to between them, as a bet.

The Scarf - LagLemon PG-13, 12K
Tags: Avengers Assemble
After Ultron's defeat, and Avengers Tower being rebuilt, Steve assumed things would go back to normal - or at least, he hoped they would. Now things have changed, and he's pretty sure he's got a hard decision to make.

Sexiest Avenger Number Four - Neverever R, 10K
Steve isn't annoyed with the team's sexiest avenger contest like the team thinks. He is more worried about losing his new relationship with Tony when things go badly in the bedroom.

In the Eye of the Beholder - magicasen PG, 6K
Tags: Avengers Assemble
Tony asks to see one of Steve's paintings. Steve quickly discovers he has a new favorite subject.

Mandatory Fun - Neverever PG-13, 6K
Tags: Avengers Assemble
Steve loses a bet to Tony and has to go to Las Vegas for a fun-filled vacation. Or it was fun until people started thinking that they were married.

Five times the Avengers tried to make Tony like Christmas. (And the one time they didn’t.) - sara_holmes PG-13, 5K
Tags: Avengers Assemble, Holiday: Christmas
In which Tony avoids Christmas because of reasons and Clint is not okay with this. Featuring bickering, unresolved childhood issues, cookies, eggnog lattes, unicorn tree-toppers, man-eating snowmen and Steve being the only sane person in the tower.

Poker Night - Neverever PG-13, 5K
Tags: Avengers Assemble
When Tony convinces Steve to play a game of strip poker, Steve isn't sure what they are playing for or what exactly Tony is after.

One Universe Over - inukagome15 PG-13, 5K
Tags: Multiverse, Crossover: MCU/Avengers Assemble
There was a reason the Avengers and the Fantastic Four didn't do much work together, and it could all be lain at Reed's feet. Crossing dimensions and meeting another version of their team hadn't exactly been in Steve's and Tony's plans, but at least it wasn't the Cabal. Or Doom.

Hyperion's Threat - love_in_the_stars PG, 4K
Tags: Avengers Assemble, Jealous!Steve
Hyperion was right about a threat too big for the Avengers to handle alone. Now they must rely on the unstable superhuman to help them protect the Earth. His condition? Freedom and Tony Stark as the only one he will deal with.

Tony Stark Through the Ages - Veldeia PG, 4K
Tags: Avengers Assemble
Summary: The Time Stone had turned him into a teenager. He was a damn teenager. He was a kid. He’d been de-aged. The armor couldn’t recognize him because he’d reverted to a prototype version of himself. Tony Stark 0.5, still stuck in the beta testing phase. This was bad.

Threshold Potential - Veldeia PG-13, 4K
Tags: Avengers Assemble, Hurt!Tony
Tony finds out the hard way that some of the most dangerous creatures in the Savage Land are not enormous and scaly.

The Incompetent Supervillain - Neverever PG-13, 4K
Tags: Avengers Assemble
Tony Stark is a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, supervillain. Things are looking better and better but then there is this weirdo at his favorite coffee shop who throws his life out of whack.

Adaptability - Amuly NC-17, 3K
Tags: Dom/Sub, Avengers Assemble
After the events of 1x06 and the debacle with Hammer, Steve decides Tony needs to learn to listen to him... or else.

Sparky, the Avenger's Robodog (aka Doom Should take Better care of his Things) - love_in_the_stars PG-13, 3K
Tags: Avengers Assemble, Pining!Steve
After a routine battle with Doom, Tony stumbles across one of his damaged and abandoned Doom Dogs. True to Stark impulsiveness, Tony gathers its wounded pieces and takes it home to rebuild.

A Friendly Understanding - Neverever R, 2K
Tags: Avengers Assemble
Steve notices that Tony is having a bad day.

Riding the Tide (Bounce ‘n’ Shout Remix) - Neverever NC-17, 2K
Tags: Avengers Assemble
Summary: Steve ends up doing the team's laundry and Tony is curious about the Tower's laundry room. Just hanky-panky in the Avengers Tower laundry room.

Just A Day In The Life - runningondreams PG-13, 1K
Tags: Avengers Assemble
Ordinarily, sparring with Steve would be the highlight of Tony's day.

Supervillain Crush - Neverever PG-13, 1K
Tags: Avengers Assemble
Tony wants to find out everything he can about The Captain and finds something he wasn’t expecting.

Reciprocity - laireshi PG-13, 1K
Tags: Avengers Assemble
There are still some things Tony can learn about Steve.

Make Out Like Teenagers - navaan PG, 1K
Natasha is as she often is the quickest to react. She has her Stark phone out to take a picture before the cookie has fallen from Clint's mouth and dropped on the floor.

What Steve Found in Tony’s Workshop - Neverever PG-13, 1K
Tags: Fluff, Avengers Assemble
Steve is asked by the team to rescue Tony from his workshop.
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Updated: 12/28/2016

Nosy Friends and Seaweed Kisses - Potrix PG-13, Steve/Tony/Bucky
Tony and Steve are happy. Bucky’s return doesn’t change that. Or, at least, that’s how Tony sees it. His friends don’t seem convinced.
Alternatively; five times people think Tony should be jealous plus the one time everyone realises why he isn’t.

are you trying to spoon me? - thesilverwitch PG-13, Steve/Tony/Bucky
Tony Stark is a genius, there is no doubt about that. You only have to look at his track record—MIT at age fourteen, built an arc reactor in a cave with a box of scraps, built Iron Man—and you realize that he’s one of the smartest people in the whole damn universe. Nevertheless, despite being so goddamn smart he sometimes gets headaches from thinking too much, Tony still has no idea how this happened. And by this, Tony means being in relationship with Steve and Bucky. Together. The three of them. All at the same time.

Third Time's The Charm - LightsOut NC-17, Steve/Tony/Bucky
Tony Stark – genius, inventor, entrepreneur, student – is determined to build a company which makes his father’s legacy obsolete by the time he’s thirty but, in the meantime, he’s studying and inventing in between going to the bare amount of classes he’s required to attend at university.
Getting tangled up with students from the Arts Programme wasn’t a part of the plan but, Tony’s good at rolling with the punches and it promises to be one hell of a ride. After all, further education is supposed to be about trying something new.

Both. Both is Good. - soniclipstick (veriscence) NC-17, Steve/Tony/Bucky
Steve wakes up in the morning with permanent marker on his palm. It simply says: Come to the bathtub. Time to plan Operation: El Dorado. In hindsight, trying to put together a strategy to woo Bucky was never going to work while Tony was naked and in the bathtub.
(In which Tony does whatever the hell he wants, but it works out anyway).

Bleeding Ink - tinymarvels (Captain_of_the_sass) PG-13, Steve/Tony/Bucky
He stands in front of the bathroom mirror and pulls his shirt over his head, carelessly tossing it aside. There are light smudges on the right side of his chest, standing out beside the glow of the arc reactor. They look like bruises and feel tender to the touch when he cautiously inspects them with his fingers.

Like Rocks Under Tide - Potrix NC-17, AU, Mpreg, Alpha/Omega, Steve/Tony/Bucky
Taking a shuddering breath, Tony shuts off the alarm, puts the phone away to stall for another moment or two, and then finally gets up, and reaches for what he has—very aptly, in his humble opinion—named The Stick of Destiny lying on the edge of the sink. He fumbles with it, almost drops it twice before he manages to turn it right side up, and sees the two bright pink lines that mean he’s royally screwed. And not in the fun way.

“Shit,” Tony croaks.

It's What's for Breakfast... - Valmasy NC-17, Steve/Tony/Bucky
"What the fuck, Barnes?" Tony starts, eyebrows furrowed in annoyance as he stares straight at Bucky.
"That's our cue," Natasha murmurs as everyone else sighs and starts filtering out of the kitchen, Steve staying behind. Clint looks forlornly at the platter of bacon still on the table as he trails out.

Make Us Something Good - syriala PG, AU, Steve/Tony/Bucky
Tony thought his best day was when Steve walked into the coffee shop he was working in. That was until Bucky came in a few days later.

Unattainable Things - syriala NC-17, Steve/Tony/Bucky
Bucky wanted. There were things he wanted that were easy to get, like a special meal or some sweets and then there were things that were harder to get, like a week without some moron trying to defeat the Avengers or a certain movie during team night.

And then there were things that were unattainable for him. Like Steve. And Tony.

The Sex Shop Around the Corner - sadieb798 R, AU, Steve/Tony/Bucky
Tony really hates his job. When he tries to figure out what he wants to do next, Tony decides that instead of making weapons for war, he should make things for pleasure.

So he decides he's going to open his own sex shop.


Hide A Heart Of War - RayShippouUchiha PG-13
Tags: Soulmates, Worldbuilding, OT3
“You’ve got war in your heart boy,” Howard sneers, “don’t ever try and pretend to be anything but what you are.”
Tony feels the familiar burn of a flower mark being etched into his skin but he doesn’t look, doesn’t try and check to see what it is. Instead he keeps his eyes on Howard and his hands cupped around his bleeding mouth and nose.

S.T.A.Y. - AvocadoLove PG-13, 31K
Tags: Steve/Tony, Bucky, Time Travel, Post-Age of Ultron
When Tony finds a time travel device, Steve knows exactly how to use it: He can save Bucky from falling off the train, and keep him out of HYDRA’s hands. But to return to the new millennium – and to his relationship with Tony – Steve will have to plunge back into the ice again. Steve knows he can do it. Tony has his doubts.

What neither of them count on is the butterfly effect that occurs after Steve saves Bucky.

Being Stubborn - Potrix NC-17, 7K
Tags: IM3, Alpha/Omega, Soulmates, Steve/Tony/Bucky
Summary: Tony is no stranger to people disliking him on sight, hating him with or without reason, but with Steve it’s different. There’s something about Steve, an invisible pull that draws Tony in, makes it impossible for Tony to take the easy way out.

He craves the confrontations with Steve, looks forward to them with an almost perverse glee, his head heavy and foggy with want. Tony wants, he needs. Wants it from Steve, needs it from Steve.

Whatever it is. Tony isn’t sure yet, but he’s determined to find out, no matter what. No backing down.

The Soulmate(s) You Are Looking For - Potrix NC-17, 5K
Tags: Soulmates AU
Steve brings Bucky home to the tower. It doesn't go the way Tony imagined it would.

Everything Burns - PipTheShipper 3K, PG-13
Tags: Temp Character Death, WIP
He was on his back, staring up at the sky, and it was still so beautiful, which seemed ridiculous. His chest was slick with blood.

The Arc Ain't All That - MountainRose PG, 4K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort
Tony doesn't know why they make such a fuss. As prompted: Bucky/Steve/Tony: sick Tony being taken care of by his lovers with lots of fluff and cuddles. You can make it a little angsty, like maybe he hides before they find out he's sick because he's use to having to deal with sickness and injuries himself or something.

Aftermath - Potrix NC-17, 2K
Tags: Post-CACW, Mpreg
One moment they’re fighting, yelling scathing insults and ugly accusations at each other, and the next they’re kissing, all teeth and anger-fuelled desperation. Steve backs him up until Tony’s shoulders hit the closest wall, and hoists him up, giving Tony no choice but to wrap his legs around Steve’s waist for support. Tony bites Steve’s bottom lip, hard enough to draw blood, and Steve growls, and grips both of Tony’s wrists in one big hand, his hold bruisingly tight.

Getting the Super-Secret Boyband Back Together - arsenicarcher (Arsenic) NC-17, 13K
Tags: WIP, Post-CACW
Nobody splits up Natasha's family. Not even the people in that family. Yeah, she's having none of this.

Tell me you’re mine and I’ll let you breathe. - Confused_Em0 NC-17, 49K+, Series
Tags: PWP,
Tony’s eyes shifted back toward the remaining occupants of the room only to realise there was literally no space in the sitting area for him.
This apparently was the best time for Bucky to make suggestive gestures, as the soldier patted his thigh lasciviously, “Why don’t you come sit on my lap, plenty of space right here.”

Good, Better, Best (Winter is Coming) - ohmyloki NC-17, 4K
Tony notices the way Bucky looks at Steve. Then he notices the way Bucky looks at him and thinks, 'Huh. Now there's an idea.'

A Heated Tumble in the Sheets - Akira_of_the_Twilight NC-17, 6K
Ot3 smut with Steve and Bucky double teaming Tony the right way."

Promises, Swear Them to the Sky - elise_509 NC-17, 5K
Tags: Bottom!Steve
“I want you because he wants you,” Bucky’s teeth pull at Tony’s ear lobe, now. Tony’s about to lose his mind. “Love you ‘cause he loves you.” Like he knows this is too much for Tony to process, Bucky doesn’t give him any time to let that news sink in. “Make him come, Tony."

(How Long Will You) Stay - yumekuimono PG-13, 8K
Tags: CATWS)
Tony does the good thing and doesn't make Steve choose between himself and Bucky. He's not prepared for the consequences.

Three Day Eventing - sirona NC-17, 1K
Tags: AU
Millionaire playboy Tony Stark needs horse riding lessons. His two instructors are more than willing to give him other lessons, too.

on my open mouth - morphosyntactic NC-17, 1K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve
Summary: Steve, Tony, Bucky, and double penetration.

singing in the old bars - morphosyntactic NC-17, 3K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, PWP
Tony fucks Steve like he’s got all the time in the world to make it last. It makes sense to Bucky, fits with everything he’s learnt these days about Tony Stark.

Ticking Over - copperbadge NC-17, 2K
After a moment of vast insecurity, Steve and Bucky make sure Tony understands exactly where his place is: in the middle.

The Melting, the Spark, and the Suffocation - btBatt R, 10K
Tags: Tiberius Stone, Protective!Bucky, Protective!Steve
“So, Bucky,” he said, clapping his hands. “You ready to change the lives of asthmatic little punks everywhere?” Bucky sent a skeptical look Steve’s way.
“It seems to be my calling in life,” he said. Steve just smiled. He looked a little like he was having a moment, one of his oh-my-God-I-have-Bucky-back moments, so Tony smiled too.
“There are worse things,” Tony mused.
“Hear, hear,” Natasha said.

Under His Skin - nightwalker R, 4K
Tags: Steve/Tony/Bucky, Howard/Steve (unrequited), Soulmates
Summary: Howard Stark never had a soulmate. Not one he would ever accept.

all you wanted verse - SailorChibi PG-13, 37K, Series
Tags: Soulmates, Steve/Tony/Bucky, Hurt!Tony
Tony knows what the team really thinks of him. It's a delicate balance: they tolerate him because of his money and his toys, and he gets to stay on the team and fight with them. He's okay with that. So long as he hides the fact that Steve's and Bucky's names are written on his skin in the most embarrassing act of one-sided love affection ever, everything will be fine.

It just figures that a fantastically stupid villain, a kidnapping plot and a video camera will bring Tony's well-kept secret out into the open.

From Winter's Cold - 27dragons NC-17, 64K
Tags: Time travel, Steve/Tony/Bucky
Thanks to one of Thor's crazy stalkers, Tony finds himself stranded in the past. If he significantly changes the course of history, he might never get home again. The choice, when it appears, turns out to be not nearly as difficult as he might have expected.

One Date Wonder - Arukou NC-17, 20K
Tags: AU, Steve/Tony/Bucky
Every week, the same guy comes into Steve and Bucky's diner and every week, he's got a new date on his arm. Guy just can't seem to catch a break, and after a particularly bad date, Steve and Bucky start taking matters into their own hands to help him out.

Armed and Dangerous - AlchemyAlice R, 66K, Series
Tags: Threesome: Bucky/Tony/Steve
Bucky wakes up. Tony takes a liking to him. Steve frowns a lot. Also, there is some Avenging going on. And tech porn.

Bitter and Sweet - nightwalker PG-13, 1K
Tags: CATWS, Friendship, Threesome?
Bucky's having a rough night. Fortunately he's got a coping mechanism. And good friends.

The Mechanic, The Soldier, and The Captain - AvocadoLove PG-13, 6K
Tags: Threesome: Bucky/Tony/Steve
HYDRA need a replacement for Zola’s genius, and they have years worth of experience breaking and brainwashing a good man into something they can control
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CA: Civil War recs


Last Train Home - erde  PG-13, 10K
Tags: POV (Steve), Post-CaCW, Fix-it, Pining!Steve
Steve writes letters to Tony that he never sends. By the time he hands them to their rightful owner, Tony has had a brush with death, has retired as a superhero, and now has a small town workshop of his very own. But it's okay, Steve has gone into retirement too.
Bea's comment: OMG this is, so far, my favorite post civil war reconciliation fic ever. Steve writing down his emotions and feelings and everything he's unable to say to Tony in person, he writes them in paper, letters that he knows he will never send. The pining, it's wonderfully written...This is Post-Civil War but it ventures into Infinity Wars and a bit into the future (but not too much). It's beautiful. I wanted to read thousand more words about this.

Never Eye To Eye - vorkosigan  R, 26K
Tags: POV (Tony), POV (Steve), Post-CACW, Fix-it
After the Civli War, the Avengers were back together.
How is everything going, Tony? Pepper had asked in her email.
It's fine (Tony had written back). I'm fighting with Steve all the time. Everything is going to hell. I'm okay (you know I'm always okay).
(Or: How Tony and Steve learned to be a bit gentler with each other)

You Gamble on Everything, All Except Me - Annie D (scaramouche) NC-17, Post-Age of Ultron, CW Compliant, Fix-it, Established Relationship, Canon!AU
Tony learns what it’s like to date Steve.

Penance - dapperanachronism R, Canon!AU, Post-CW
The best doctors in the world, and they aren’t sure Tony will ever wake up. And if he doesn’t wake up, it will have been Steve that killed him.
Steve has already accepted that he won’t be able to live with that.

No Exit - izazov PG-13, Hurt!Steve, Post-CW
Evading Steve becomes rather difficult when he and Tony get trapped together in an abandoned HYDRA facility.

He Didn't Need Them - marvelfoodlover PG, GEN, Post-CW
In the calm of the storm Steve asks the question that tormented him for years.

XO - aslightstep PG, Post-CW
They met again in the same place they always have: the midst of impending doom.

Silence is (not) golden - izazov PG, Post-CW
Tony makes the call.

Five Times Steve and Tony (Tried to) Bail Each Other out of Jail - Teyke PG, Post/Pre Civil War, 5K
Twice before Civil War, twice after, and once during. For very loose definitions of both 'bail' and 'jail'.

All Roads - lastdream PG-13, 4K, Post-CACW
In which Steve is a terrible nomad and a terrible flâneur, but he might just be an alright Odysseus.
Companion: Unweaving by Night

Soulmate Equation - izazov PG, 3K, Post CACW, Soulmates
Having a soulmate can be a blessing and it can be a curse. For some, it can be both.

The road not taken - izazov PG, 4K, Post-CACW
The Avengers are together again. All is not well.

What's In a Name - izazov PG, 1K, Post-CACW
Tony never calls him by his name anymore. It's only 'Captain' for him now.

Love Was Just a Glance Away (a Warm Embracing Dance Away) - izazov PG, 2K, Post-CACW
Tony Stark is not particularly sentimental person. A simple song should not drive him into a near crippling anxiety attack.

the Futurist - esama PG-13, 58K+, Post-CACW, Time Travel, Fix-it, Tony Centric, GEN
Tony wakes up in a literal pool of bad decisions and past mistakes.

terrible horrible very bad no good fic - esama PG-13, 6K, GEN, Character Death, Angst
Tony gives up.

Ironsicle - esama PG-13, 16K, Series, WIP, Post-CACW, Canon!AU,
In which Tony is left stranded in Siberia and has to come up with unconventional ways to survive.

Choices, Consequences - AlchemyAlice PG-13, 30K+, Post-CACW, WinterIron
After recovering from Siberia, Tony extends an olive branch.


Bring Him Home - seventymilestobabylon 13K, NC-17, Post-CACW, Hurt!Tony, Hurt!Steve, Kidnapping, Protective!Steve, Fix-it
Tony misses Steve very badly after the Accords. Some days he deals with it better than other days.
(a fic featuring the booty call flip phone, minor kidnappings, and time jumps between chapters.

Theory of Mind - seventymilestobabylon 28K, Post-CATWS, Missunderstandings, Animosity, Becoming Friends
Or, five things Steve didn't let Tony buy him, and one thing he didSequels:
everything that drowns me makes me want to fly 57K, Post-CACW, Hurt!Steve, Kidnapping, Rescue, WinterFalcon, Protective!Tony, Mission, FIX-IT,
Steve gets kidnapped. Sam wakes up Bucky to go find him. Nobody is fine.
nobody knows the wreck of a soul (the way you do) 11K, Post-CACW
Steve and Tony recover. This is a sequel to "everything that drowns me" and will make more sense if you read that one first. It also contains a major MAJOR spoiler for that fic.

Nalattris - ChibiSquirt PG, 1K, Post-CACW, Gen-ish, Fix-it
After fighting off an assassin near his extended family's home in Ireland, Steve sits down for a minute to watch the sun rise over the bog. He both is and isn't surprised when Iron Man joins him.

A New Way For Us - ann2who 24K, R, Post-CACW, Fix-it, Time Travel
They fight Thanos—and they’re losing. And before Tony knows what’s happening, he’s standing with Doctor Strange in front of the Eye of Agamotto and gets send back in time. Can he find a way to fix things this time around, or are they doomed to fall apart all over again?

How We Got To Where We Are - poetically_ordinary PG, 1K, Post-CACW, Hurt!Tony, Fix-it
Tony gets an unexpected visitor in his hospital room after Siberia.

If You Need Me - poetically_ordinary PG, 1K, Post-CACW, fix-it
Steve doesn’t know what he was expecting fully when he sent Tony the letter and the phone, but it's safe to say that this wasn't it.

Best Served with a Twist - ChibiSquirt PG-13, 1K, Fix-It, Post-CACW, Rescue Mission
The phone rang three times before Steve answered, and then he was there, warm voice in his ear, like the comms, like the way things used to be. “Tony,” he breathed, and Tony’s heart clenched at the nostalgia for a moment...
“Hey, Steve.”
...before he snapped back and did what he had to do.
“Remember how you said if I needed you, I could call?”

Rebirth - panda_shi R, 105K, Post-CA:CW
Tags: Tony-centric, Extremis
If you think of life and death on a continuum, finding the point where it tips is complicated. It cuts across all political lines and gets to the root of our humanity. It requires faith informed by years of intimacy that you're doing what's right for your loved one.
But Tony is just a man. And there's only so much he can do.
(Or that time when Tony does what is necessary to survive just so that he can continue to fix things and makes extremely rash decisions; because even if Steve may have left him behind, doesn't mean Tony would do the same. Kind of.)
Sequel: Yesterdays - panda_shi

In Case of (Coronary) Emergency - Veldeia PG-13, 1K, CACW
Normal people make embarrassing phone calls while drunk, but not Tony. He only makes embarrassing phone calls while having a heart attack.

Mailbox Full - RurouniHime PG-13, 3K, CACW
Tony bypasses into the mailbox every time. It drives Steve absolutely nuts.
Sequel: ❤User Offline - RurouniHime PG-13, 6K, Post-CaCW
He doesn’t have a functional suit, and he doesn’t have the shield. They’ll be too late, they’ll get there and the place will be rubble and there will be nothing left to do but dig for bodies—
“Faster,” he mutters, pressing his knuckles against his mouth.

prompt: courtship - alestar PG, 3K, CACW
Steve and Tony go to a wedding, but not together. If I could format the title of this story to be surrounded by glitter sparkles I would do that. This story is mostly about clothes, actually, but it's got my whole heart inside it.

"Looking good," Tony said. He didn't call Steve anything-- not Cap, not Steve, and (thankfully) not Rogers. "Thanks," said Steve. "You too."

❤❤World Keep Turning - gilestel PG-13, Fancomic, Post-CACW
Tony struggles with the day-to-day of leading a UN-sanctioned team of superheroes, Steve goes on a listening tour across America, and Natasha would like to remind everyone that (unlike Sam Wilson) she is not a licensed therapist.

An Infinite Number Of Monkeys At Typewriters (Or, Steve and Tony Finally Get It Right) - JenTheSweetie R, 18K
Tags: Post-CACW, Fix-it, Multi-verse, Stephen Strange
After the events of Civil War, Tony and Steve wake up in bed next to each other in an alternate universe. It goes about as well as you'd expect it to.

And Let Me Set the Battlements on Fire - texankate PG-13, Series
Tags: Post-Civil War, WIP
If the whole debacle around the Accords taught Tony anything, it's that the number of people you can rely on NOT to screw you over is a lot smaller than you think it is. So he builds up the walls around his heart, guarding the only people he has left. And getting over those walls just might be more than Steve Rogers can accomplish.

Put My Head Under My Pillow - lazywriter7 PG-13, 9K
Tags: Post-Civil War, Fix-it
Tony uses the BARF tech to get over his nightmares of Siberia.

From the ashes - erde R, 60K+, WIP
Tags: post-civil war
Steve picks up the pieces from their relationship and tries to make them better. As the official tinker of things, Tony isn't happy with Steve's shoddy work. At first.

And Miles to Go Before I Sleep - Cluegirl PG, WIP, Post-CACW
Again, as before, it falls to Steve to pick Bucky up, and carry him out of danger, even if half his heart is still rattling out in pieces on the floor behind him. Steve Rogers just doesn't know how to stay down, even when he desperately wishes he could. But someone has to see to the details, take care of the wounded, sweep the debris, and put the chairs up on the tables before he limps away from the battlefield.

The Days Are Getting Colder and So Am I - TallerMahler PG, 1K+, WIP
Tags: Post-CA:CW
Or the one in which Steve didn't want to hurt Tony too badly, just to get him to see his side of things. He gets a wake up call.

What I'm Trying To Say Is, We Need You - starkerized R, 2K
Tags: Canon!AU, CA:CW
AU where Tony died at the end of Civil War.
Alternately: What if everything in 616 happened - the unfinished eulogy, the Letter, the what-ifs and possible happy endings thrown in his face - except inflicted on MCU Steve?

prompt: public sex - alestar R, <1K
Tags: Post-CACW
The only thing that would have been more painful than the actual fact and aftermath of Steve refusing to sign the Sokovia Accords would have been if two months later someone in Oslo had released a sex tape of Steve and Tony, so that is precisely what happened.

Carter Cousins Chronicles - Riverlander974 PG-13, 72K, Series
Tags: Post-Civil War, Rescue, Action, Hurt!Tony, BAMF!Tony
Before Afghanistan, before New York, and long before Siberia, Tony was given the gift of Peggy Carter as his godmother.
It was maybe one of the best gifts he ever received, one that kept on giving even forty years later. Because even when the Avengers are scattered, the team and his trust torn apart, there's still one thing Tony has that no one, not Steve, not Ross, not Stane, had ever managed to take from him.
A family.
In the aftermath of the Civil War, Tony will need them more than ever if he's to pick up the broken pieces of himself again. And save the world. Of course.

Wearing Our Vintage Misery - kayura_sanada PG-13, 3K
Tags: Post-Civil War, Fix-it, Pre-Slash
Thanos has attacked the Earth, and now the Avengers must make their final plan.

deliver me from the cold - navaan PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-Civil War, Hurt!Steve, Rescue, Fix-it
Steve has been captured and he doesn’t expect rescue. Not the one he gets, that’s for sure.

The Casualty of War Series - White_Noise PG-13, 12K
Tags: Series, Canon!AU, Post-Civil War, Character Death (Tony), Not fix-it, Angst
(A re-imagining of the infamous Court House scene from the CW comic, set in the MCU, because some sadistic person had to do it)

Before The Sun Sets - alphera PG-13, 8K
Tags: Post-CW, hurt!tony, heart attack, pre-slash, fix-it
Summary: People make mistakes. Some mistakes are just costlier than others.

Disrepair - Tippet PG-13, 30K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Post-CW, Fix-it
Post-Civil War. A mission at a power plant goes south and the ensuing explosion triggers the denaturation of the serum. In which Steve insists that he's feeling fine, Natasha gets Tony involved and pieces start being put back together.

Fundamental Attribution Error - Atsadi PG-13, 43K+
Tags: Post-CW, WIP
After the civil war, everyone is left living in the new reality they've created — and now they have to figure out if they are willing (and able) to try again at being a real team.

Closure - laireshi PG-13, 1K+
Tags: Post-CW, Established Relationship, Angst
“You were supposed to say thank you,” Tony said after a moment, covering his eyes with his forearm. It wasn't as if Steve could see him. “It's only polite, you know. Happy birthday, Steve—Thank you, Tony.”

Hello - thegraytigress PG-13, 6K
Tags: Post-CW
In the end, it's Steve who calls.

Men of Iron Don't Show Emotions, Captain - Naferty PG-13, 3K+, WIP
Tags: Post-CW, Superior Iron Man, torture, brainwashing
After the war Tony and Rhodey get captured by enemies. One year is an awfully long time for things not to have changed.

Lines of Communication - cptxrogers NC-17, 4K+
Tags: Post-CW, Phone Sex, Fix-it
Post-CACW, a series of phone calls between Tony and Steve. Political arguments descend into the same place they always end up: antagonism, resentment, and poorly-concealed sexual tension. Angry phone sex results.

I said to call me when you need me (But it is I who need you now) - rz_jocelyn PG, 2K+, Fix-it
Steve never lets go of the phone. Sam thinks that it's time for him to use it.

Shadows Taller Than Our Souls - XtaticPearl NC-17, 54K+, WIP
Tags: Post-CACW, Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Tony had lost the war and had decided to forego any contact with the Avengers. He didn't need people he couldn't trust. Which is why he stuck to only Rhodey and by extension, Vision, the three loners living in solidarity. Natasha never really got over the war and opted to go back into hiding, hoping that she could reclaim some modicum of peace. Until the day a mail dropped in from someone Tony never wanted to see again. It didn't matter though, because what Tony wanted he never seemed to get. And Natasha didn't know what she wanted anymore.

Captain America Signs the Registration Act - Mushroom PG-13, <1K
Tags: Canon!AU, Character Death (Tony), Angst
Captain America does the impossible: he signs the registration act for Tony Stark.

Cartography - manic_intent PG-13, 1K
Post-CACW, Tony buys Steve's old apartment (for sentimental reasons)

I Remember The Time I Knew What Happiness Was - awakencordy PG-13, 19K
Tags: Post-CW
He couldn’t change the phone. Weirdly, that little old thing reminded him of Steve. Out of this modern world, still working but not the same, trying to blend in but always popping out. Strong, durable, reliable. Doing what it knew best, not trying to do different things all at once.

Making Amends - laireshi PG-13, 3K,
Tags: Civil War
"Anthony Stark, you’re under arrest," the agents says.
"Kinda figured that one out," Tony answers. At least he’s not arresting himself.

Saved Drafts - flawedamythyst PG-13, 2K
Tags: Post-Civil War, Humor
See, the thing about a phone connected to Steve, even a top secret phone that should only be used in emergencies, was that Tony's fingers itched to use it.

Irreparable - aslightstep PG-13, 61K+, WIP
It's a mistake destroying Steve's gesture of goodwill, Tony thinks, even as he takes an unholy amount of glee smashing that stupid phone to bits down in his lab and DUM-E waits eagerly with a fire extinguisher for the last of the letter to burn down. But it's a mistake Tony is happy to make

Aftermath - ficlicious PG, Series, WIP, 21K+
Tags: Post-CW, Fix-it, POV (Tony), Hurt!Tony, Team!fic
Stane, Hammer, Aldrich. They all tried to break him, and failed. Loki tried and failed. Ultron tried and failed. His critics and his exes and every junior reporter sniffing after a scoop tried and failed.

It took the Avengers to break him. The hilarious, ridiculous, pathetic thing was, they weren’t even trying.

Better Angels - sabrecmc NC-17, 8K
Tags: Missing scene, CACW
Chris Evans mentioned in an interview (jokingly, unfortunately) that there was a deleted scene from Civil War with him and RDJ showering together.

One Phone Call Away - ann2who NC-17, 7K
Tags: Post-CW, Fix-it
Summary: Post Civil War movie. SPOILERS AHEAD.

When The Dust Settles, Who Will Be Standing With Me - vicnic90 PG-13, 1K
“Do the ends justify the means, Tony?”
Now that was the question, wasn’t it? Was everything they went through worth it? Almost losing a friend, seeing his family locked in cells like common criminals, learning the truth about his parent’s deaths. Was it worth it?

And In The Silence That Follows - lazywriter7 R, Post-CW, Fix-it
“But as a guy who’s never been good at anything but killing- lemme tell you this. Wars can come to us, and we can fight to end them.”
“But nothing’s ever worth starting one. Nothing at all.”
As the dust of Civil War starts to settle- Steve begins to see a couple of things.

Broken Pieces of a Whole - coaster PG-13, 3K
Even standing a few centimeters taller than T'Challa and encased in bulky armor, the man still managed to look small. T'Challa knew why; it was always in the eyes. T'Challa surveys the broken pieces of a hollow vendetta.

The Piano in the Corner - shudhavbinjamie PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-CACW
That’s good, little duck. One more time.” Tiny clumsy fingers hit on keys. The tune is not perfect – it’s playful, it’s pure.

We're Broken, not Bent - PriyaxRishabh PG, Series, 6K
Tags: Post-CW
A Tony-centric piece set post CA-CW based on a small comic I saw on Tumblr

Like a Postcard Phrase - isellys PG-13, 5K
Tags: Post-CW, POV (Steve), Fix-it
How to say ‘wish you were here’ without actually saying so, as done by Captain Steve Rogers.

Love is the Funeral Pyre - Antianeira PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-CW, Angst
Tony doesn’t know what the feeling is in his chest when Steve drops the shield like it means nothing. Disappointment is too cheap. Grief, maybe, for the Steve Rogers he thought existed but maybe never was. His eyes burn. Loss is like good scotch; it grows in intensity with age and burns just as strongly. And this loss has been forty years in the making.

You’ve Been Sleeping In The Wild - skyline PG, 4K
Tags: Post-CW, Fix-it
With a pint-sized sneaker dangling somewhere near his nose, and another jabbed into his collar bone, Tony takes out the phone Steve gave him.
Nearly punching the buttons, he types, Vision made my kitchen smell like Staten Island and Clint’s kid is nesting on my face. I need you to stop being a child and come home.
(Or, Tony abuses the bat phone.)

All My Fault - charmed4lifekaren PG-13, 4K
Tags: Post-CW, Fix-it
A post Civil war story focused on Tony.

Dibs Not - aloneintherain PG, 1K
Tags: Humor
Inspired by anon: 'AU where the airport fight ends in a minor debate over who has to take Peter home b/c he's literally too young to fly unaccompanied without fuckloads of paperwork.'

Something Better - ann2who NC-17, 4K
Tags: Post-AoU, Canon!AU, Civil War, Angst, Fix-it
For them, the line between love and hate had always been thin, always tenuous. It used to be defined clearly, but somewhere along the way, it had blurred until both sides became inseparable.

Happy Endings are a Fairy Tale - Valmasy PG-13, <1K
Tags: post-cw, angst
It's four months after, and Tony starts receiving post cards of all things.

Skies on Fire - Robin_tCJ NC-17, 26K
Tags: Canon!AU, Not CA:CW Compliant, CW Fix-it
AKA: Steve and Tony get along until they don't.

A Meeting in Wakanda - Dormammu PG-13, 2K
Tags: Post-CW
Four months after last seeing each other, Steve and Tony talk face to face.

untitled by pensversusswords PG, <1K
Tags: Post-CW, Drabble
There are scorch marks on Tony’s suit and one gauntlet looks badly damaged. He does not look happy to see Steve, which is exactly what Steve expected.

untitled by saved-by-the-notepad PG, <1K
Tags: Canon!AU, Character Death (Tony)
Bucky stared at him from across the room, eyes widened in horror as he take in the sight that was front of him. His eyes flickered from Steve and then to the amount of blood that had spilled out on the ground.

Detente - MassiveSpaceWren PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-CW, Fix-it
Steve isn't the only one to reach out.

Zugzwang - Woad PG-13, 2K
Tags: Canon!AU, Post-CW, Character Death (Tony)
His package comes back marked "undeliverable."

talk is cheap - allourheroes PG, <1K
Tags: Post-CW, Fix-it
Tony keeps staring at a flip phone--flip phone, Peter can barely believe his eyes--like it holds all the answers he's too afraid to ask.

Wish We Could Be Like That - emeraldine087 R, 17K
It was Steve Rogers who used the flip phone first, calling Tony Stark in the goddamned middle of the night and the former didn’t even talk, only breathed quietly as if signaling to Tony to start shooting his mouth off first. But the genius-billionaire didn’t. He’d held his ground that time and just pointedly listened to the silence on the other end of the open line until the connection was severed.

Plastic Flowers - hitlikehammers PG-13, 1K
We are all—eventually—either the victims, or the victim's family. Or: Steve and Tony cross paths at Howard and Maria Stark's grave. They talk (more or less).

Tusk - laudatenium R, 6K
Strangely, or not so strangely, Steve is the one to call first. “Tony,” is all he says, low and throaty and oh so raspy. Tony says nothing. Not because he has nothing to say, but because he has too much. And maybe, for once, Steve should be the one talking.

Postscript - synteis NC-17, 4K
When Steve and Tony accidentally meet up in Vienna a month after the events of Civil War, things don't go quite as expected. There's a lot less yelling for one and their main problem is that no one thought to bring condoms

And Let Me Set the Battlements on Fire - texankate PG-13, Series
Tags: Post- Civil War, WIP
If the whole debacle around the Accords taught Tony anything, it's that the number of people you can rely on NOT to screw you over is a lot smaller than you think it is. So he builds up the walls around his heart, guarding the only people he has left. And getting over those walls just might be more than Steve Rogers can accomplish.

All Roads Lead Home - starspangledsprocket PG-13, Post-CW, WIP
Steve's gone, and he's taken the others with him. Above all, Tony just wishes he could forget the mobile phone currently sat upstairs in his desk drawer. He can't.

And I Leave You With This (this mess we've made) - spazt PG, WIP, Post Civil War
"Tony? Tony? It's me, Steve."
He breathes twice, the last breath rattling out of his bruised ribcage like a bat out of hell. If he thought the phone's simple existence was hell, then this call was on a whole new level. Who said God didn't have a sense of humor?

Busy Bein' Born - konspiracy R, POV (Tony), Post-CW, WIP, Hurt!Tony, Action
The Avengers are scattered in the wake of Civil War, and Tony is alone. Again. This time there's no one left to pick up the pieces. He'll just have to do it himself. Again. And then the Mandarin, ladies and gentlemen.

for the feeling that i get when you are gone - allourheroes PG-13, WIP, Mpreg
Post-Civil War angsty mpreg.

Long & Lost - roguestark PG-13, Post-CACW, WIP, Angsty
Set after Captain America: Civil War. Tony finally reaches out, but it doesn't quite go the way that Steve half-expected it to.

Need is just a word - masterlokisev159 PG, WIP
A month has gone by since the war and Tony has never felt more alone. of course, with the unrest within the government, the disappearance of the Avengers and the obvious lack of Steve Rogers, it was only a matter of time before the UN finally flipped out and decided to act on the last available Avenger. Too bad they didn't realise a promise had been made by Captain America to be there when Iron man needed him.

Deep in December - romanoff NC-17, WIP
A Pyrrhic Victory: one won at too great a cost to be worthwhile to the victor.
In the aftermath of their civil war, the Avengers are scattered. Tony is left to pick up the pieces, while Steve asks himself if it was ever worth it at all. Then, Tony is arrested, and Steve called to extract him. It all gets complicated from there.

Say goodbye. - mscerisier PG-13, WIP
In the aftermath of the Sokovia Accords: Tony Stark begun a fight that seems endless.

The wrong call (all down the line) - SinBin PG-13, Post-CW, WIP
Tony never seems to make the right decision so, when he finds out Barnes killed his parents, he does something he's never done before. He walks away.

Untitled CA3 by copperbadge PG-13, Post-CW, WIP?
But he picked up the phone, weary anger at Wanda nicely distracting him from the searing rage at Steve, and hit the autodial.
Sequel/More: More

Was It Worth It? - AcidArrow NC-17, Canon!AU, WIP
Summary: At the climax of the internal civil war between the confidants and comrades of the Avengers Initiative, four broken men wage personal wars on their own emotions. What does it mean to deserve to be loved? A Stony/Winterhawk Captain America: Civil War adaptation, which follows the plot of the movie but diverts from canon toward the end to offer a different, happy ending.

When the Dust Clears - SociallyAwkwardFox (Maze_Runner_Fae) PG-13, WIP, Post-CACW
In the aftermath of the war, people on both sides are left trying to pick up the pieces. Trusts have been broken, friendships are in shambles, lines have been blurred. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, the Wakandans have agreed to shelter Captain America and his followers. Things seem to be at a tipping point.
Steve is left struggling with regret over how things ended in Siberia with Tony and wants nothing more than to make things right. On a completely different continent, Tony is left to deal with Ross and the guilt he feels over what happened to the people he cares about most in the world. Meanwhile, Hydra remains an ever present threat that continues to grow stronger. If left unchecked, people could be in more danger than ever before.

Whipping Boy - Caroly214 PG-13, WIP
Immediate post CA:CW Tony-centric scene: Tony reflects on his “friendship” with Steve and how he always ends up as the MCU’s whipping boy. (Probably Tony CA:CW reaction fic number 5,000,001, but I had to work through my frustration somehow).

When the Dust Clears - SociallyAwkwardFox (Maze_Runner_Fae) PG-13, WIP
In the aftermath of the war, people on both sides are left trying to pick up the pieces. Trusts have been broken, friendships are in shambles, lines have been blurred. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, the Wakandans have agreed to shelter Captain America and his followers. Things seem to be at a tipping point.

Steve is left struggling with regret over how things ended in Siberia with Tony and wants nothing more than to make things right. On a completely different continent, Tony is left to deal with Ross and the guilt he feels over what happened to the people he cares about most in the world. Meanwhile, Hydra remains an ever present threat that continues to grow stronger. If left unchecked, people could be in more danger than ever before.

take that away (and) - WeAreTomorrow PG-13, WIP
When the sun goes down, Tony is forced to admit that nobody is coming to save him.
(Or, the one in which Tony Stark is left Siberia by everyone who said they would be there and must build himself back up from the ground before he can save the rest of the world.)


When The Stars Come Calling - lazywriter7 PG-13 (For Now), WIP, Tony/Peter Quill, Crossover: GoTG, Post-CACW
Summary: The man who, fuck knows, sprouted fully formed out of the ground in the middle of the Fort Knox times a zillion highly secured Avengers facility- gaped at the earbuds trailing from Tony's ears. "Is that tiny stick playing music ." A very slow, ominous kind of horror was starting to dawn over Tony's mind. " Please don't tell me you were frozen in ice for ninety years." "Don't be ridiculous- I was in space." The man said. He plucked a plastic bag off of Tony's counter and proffered it. "Blueberry?" ~ Or, how Tony Stark got his groove back, with the assistance of one Peter Quill.

This Wasn't Part Of The Plan - poetically_ordinary PG, 2K, CACW, T'Challa/Tony
There’s a chain around Tony’s neck, and Steve hates it.

Breathe - ancalime8301 23K, PG-13, Post-CACW, Gen, Team!fic, Hurt!Tony, TEAM FIX IT FIC
Tony catches the cold making the rounds of the compound, but for him it's not as simple as a common cold.

Lost and Found - Shi_Toyu PG-13, WIP, Post-CW, GEN, Hurt!Tony, Mission fic
The Avengers were back together, legalized and forgiven of everything that’d happened with the Accords. At least the outside world had forgiven them. The more Bucky learned, the more he realized they would likely never be able to forgive themselves. First and foremost, Tony Stark had never made it back from Siberia. At least, not that anyone could find.

Amend - ancalime8301 PG-13, 57K+, WIP, GEN, Post-CACW
Negotiating the Accords, dealing with Ross, the end of his relationship with Pepper, Steve's faction coming back to the Avengers compound . . . the stress finally catches up with Tony in dramatic fashion. The team has to decide to step up and handle things while Tony can't. Tony has to decide if he'll let them.

Aftermath of a Civil War - shadowlancer_95 PG-13, 16K+, Series
Tags: Post-Civil War, GEN
“When was the last time you slept?”
Tony shrieked and turned, throwing his wrench, the tool missing the intruder by about a mile.

Healing - musesofaninsomniac PG-13, 10K+, WIP
Tags: GEN, Post-Civil War
He slides the phone into his suit pocket and gets to work.

Lessons, Roots, Signals - copperbadge PG-13, 1K+, GEN
The fugitive Avengers have their own ways of coping.

Of Spiders and Super-Soldiers - AuddieAussie NC-17, 78K+, WIP
Tags: Kid!fic, Post-CACW, OT3 (Steve/Tony/Bucky)
After the hell that was Ultron and the Sokovia Accords, Tony doesn't blame the team for wanting nothing to do with him. To make up for past mistakes, Tony disappears into his lab and focuses on using his money and brains to provide the Avengers with more fancy tech than they'll ever need. By doing this, he also doesn't have to worry about Steve's grim frown, Bucky's hateful gaze, or everyone else's cold annoyance.

For six long months, this formula worked, but then fate decided to be a Loki-like dick and Tony wasn't sure how it happened, but in the span of one week, he'd somehow acquired a kid.

i find shelter in this way - Driverpicksthemooseic (Ratkinzluver33) PG-13, 12K, WIP
Tags: Post-CW, Bucky/Tony/Steve
Barnes doesn't say anything, he just offers out his flesh hand. He's still missing the one Tony ripped from its socket, but there's some sort of makeshift bandage there, now. It's pathetic and it's clearly not helping, but Barnes hasn't ripped it off. He assumes it belongs to Steve.
Tony shakes it.

Promises You Can Keep - Ihateallergies PG, 1K
Tags: Bucky/T'Challa, Post-CW, Pre-Slash
King T'Challa made a promise. He will follow through with it, even if he dislikes the path it takes

Like Gravity - manic_intent NC-17, 3K
Tags: Thor/Tony, Post-CW
Thor grinned, golden and lazy, straightening up from the leyscale pattern that the (repaired?) Bifrost had just scorched into the garden, swinging his hammer in a slow loop, floating up to the second floor balcony of the Avengers facility. Beside Tony, Peter’s eyes were huge. “Thunder God Thor?” he squeaked. “Oh man! Did he just harness a wormhole? And he’s flying? How come everyone can fly? Can he really control the weather and the lightning?”
“Never figured out how Asgardian tech worked,” Tony admitted, as Thor landed and swept him over, arm tucked with arrogant confidence around Tony’s waist. “Whoah, big guy-” Tony began, trying to bite down his grin, and Thor pressed close, his kiss just as arrogant, just as confident. Dimly, in the background, Tony could hear Peter retreating rapidly into the distance, the kiss growing sloppy as Tony got his hands into Thor’s thick tawny mane, pressed the thin fabric of his shirt and jeans against all that weird armour.

Getting the Super-Secret Boyband Back Together - arsenicarcher (Arsenic) NC-17, 13K, WIP
Tags: Post-CACW, Steve/Tony/Bucky
Nobody splits up Natasha's family. Not even the people in that family. Yeah, she's having none of this.

Strange Bedfellows - jaxxOnasty NC-17, 2K
Tags: Bucky/Tony, Post-CACW
“I heard you were a good teacher.”
Barnes looked skeptical, but eventually just downed the rest of his water and shrugged. “What do you wanna learn?”
“Teach me how to kill you, soldier,” Tony said. “With my bare hands.”

Aftermath - Potrix NC-17, 2K
Tags: Post-CACW, Mpreg, Steve/Tony/Bucky
One moment they’re fighting, yelling scathing insults and ugly accusations at each other, and the next they’re kissing, all teeth and anger-fuelled desperation. Steve backs him up until Tony’s shoulders hit the closest wall, and hoists him up, giving Tony no choice but to wrap his legs around Steve’s waist for support. Tony bites Steve’s bottom lip, hard enough to draw blood, and Steve growls, and grips both of Tony’s wrists in one big hand, his hold bruisingly tight.
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Recs 12/28/2016

Competently Incompetent - Era_Penn PG, <1K, GEN
The Stark name was relatively small when Howard was alive; sure, they were known, but it was Tony who built up their empire. People tend to forget that, and he likes it that way. Too bad the Avengers didn't think about that when they sat down to a game of Monopoly.

See You In Homeroom - copperbadge PG-13, 2K
Tags: GEN, Friendship
Rhodey wants heat-seeking bullets, Steve wants to go for a run, Natasha wants french toast, and Tony just wants to be prom queen.

there's a michael jackson song about this - Bundibird PG-13, Post-IM3/CATWS
It starts out as a joke.
Rhodey takes one look at Tony and Harley tinkering with and squabbling over some piece of tech and demands, “Since when do you have a kid?” and Harley glances up and says casually, without missing a beat, “He impregnated my mom eleven years ago and then left her to raise me alone. He’s a terrible person.”
Tony’s going to be laughing about Rhodey’s expression for MONTHS.

Leader of the Pack - windscryer PG-13, 2K+
Tags: GEN, Hurt!Steve, Steve+Tony Friendship, Phase Two Compliant
During a fight, Steve goes down and Tony has to step up. It’s about as hard as he expected it to be (which is not hard at all) but he’d still rather never have to do that again, is that understood, Steven?

Jammin' Down the Pedal Like He's Never Coming Back - windscryer PG-13, 20K
Tags: GEN, Friendship, BAMF!Steve, Sick!Tony, Hurt!Steve, Team!fic
Steve doesn’t need a driver’s license while living in New York and going most places by Quinjet or chauffeur, but it would occasionally be useful. And it’s better to have it than not, right? The rest of the Avengers aren’t so sure of that.
AKA five times Steve followed the rules of the road and one time he broke every last one of them. With extreme prejudice.

Pennies From Heaven - windscryer PG-13, 4K
Tags: Team!fic, Sick!Tony
Even Tony can't call in sick to life, but he doesn't have to do it all alone either.

Your Light Will Guide Me Home - windscryer PG-13, 6K
Tags: GEN, Friendship, Kidnapping, Hurt!Steve, Team!fic
Tony has a broken wrist, a drugged supersoldier, and a kidnapper with delusions of supervillainy who is just competent enough to be annoying. Thank god he's also got some experience with these kinds of things and a team of superheroes waiting for some kind of signal to tell them where to go.

Tentacle Monsters are Usually Bigger - MountainRose PG-13, 8K
Tags: Canon!AU, GEN
Steve and his Avengers find a 'biological sample' held captive in a Hydra lab; It's surprisingly chatty.

Freezer Burn - Domenika Marzione (domarzione) PG-13, 447K+
Tags: GEN, Series, Steve-centric
Steve Rogers: soldier, artist, foodie, friend, heart of the Avengers, and a guy whose past keeps creeping into his present and dictating his future. A series of stories about him and the people he has chosen to build his life around.

Nonage - Del_Rion PG-13, 22K
Tags: Kid!Tony, Deaged!Tony
Summary: Loki’s idea of an – unintentional yet effectively hilarious – practical joke is to turn Tony into a 5-year-old. The remaining Avengers soon realize they may not be able to handle the boy-genius. While Thor hunts his brother down in order to turn Tony back to his older self, the rest of the team seeks help from a man who, in the past, was more of a father figure to Tony than Howard Stark himself: Edwin Jarvis.

Trusses - szzzt PG-13, 22K, series
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Tony
Tony Stark and the art and science of hard knocks. (Also, the team thing, when did that happen?)

And the Sky is Grey - Teyke PG-13, 24K
Tags: GEN, Hurt!Steve, PTSD
Steve hates the cold. Tony loves to mock him about this – or so Steve thinks. Clint remembers cold nights in Afghanistan and buys everybody else a clue.

A Garden Grows in Manhattan (at the top of Avengers Tower) - Sholio pg, 12k
Bucky and Pepper make a garden. Set post-Winter Soldier.

Culture and Other Balls of Twine - LithiumDoll pg, 17K
“Okay, I realize this could appear to be poorly conceived - to those of limited vision - but what you have to understand is, I’ve actually just had the greatest, most outstanding idea ever.” Tony’s eyes searched heavenward and then he nodded soberly. “Yes, I believe history will consider this my triumph.”

Coulson Lives, but the Avengers might be the death of him. - NiennaNir PG, 252K, series
These are related stories in which Coulson is a BAMF, Natasha has a twisted sense of humor, Steve struggles to grasp the 21st century and Tony buys things.

Purple Converse - cat_77 PG, 32K
Tags: Team!fic, De-aged, Protective!Tony, Action
If asked, none of them could have claimed to have had exceptionally stellar childhoods. With the help of an overprotective handler, an extraterrestrial au pair, and a billionaire sugar daddy, maybe things would be different this time around.

Just A Rather Very Intelligent System - DarkestSight (Daylight) PG-13, 18K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Team!fic, Mission
Five times Jarvis took control of the Iron Man armour without the other Avengers finding out and one time they did.

The Dawn of That Last Great Day - ignipes PG, 13K
The Winter Soldier has a mission: kill Captain America.

All The Leaves Are Brown (And the sky is gray) - AvocadoLove PG-13, 17K
Tags: Canon!AU, GEN (Mostly)
The Winter Soldier's mission is nearly complete. Howard and Maria Stark are dead, leaving him to dispatch their four-year-old child. One quick twist of the neck is all it will take, but the Soldier finds he cannot do it.
So instead of killing Tony Stark, the Winter Soldier takes him away to raise as his own.

Creation-Connection - icarus_chained PG-13, 15K, Series
The series with Tony-and-his-AIs being badass and protective of each other. *grins* Because Dummy and JARVIS need more love.

A.I.s and Lullabies - Echo PG, 21K
Tags: Deaged!Tony
Tony is suddenly a quiet, wary five year old boy. The rest of the team are less than completely sure about what to do about that.

Like Today Never Happened - Nefhiriel PG-13, 52K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Skinny!Steve, Protective!Team, Team fic
No one should be able to just steal Captain America's health. The Avengers are all agreed on that. And yet there Steve is: stuck in a hospital bed with a whole slew of medical issues - and nothing about this is remotely okay.
They've got to make this right. They've got to fix this. It's just going to take a while.
Steve is reverted to his pre-serum state, and the Avengers deal with the fallout.

Isn't This Nice? - cat_77 PG-13, 14K
Tags: Team fic
Escorting three politicians to a SHIELD-sponsored meeting goes horribly wrong, as these things are wont to do.

Selective Service - Kroki_Refur PG-13, 10K
Tags: Team!fic, Hurt!Steve, Protective!Team
The serum's given Steve a lot, but it hasn't taken anything away from him. Not even the things he never wanted in the first place.

From here to infinity - everythingispoetry PG-13, 17K
Tags: Canon!AU, Team!fic, GEN, Friendship, Hurt!Tony
Summary: In a world where superheroes are still secret, Steve walks past a homeless man every morning on his way to work.Then they save the world together - but it's not enough.

All destinations approximate - jonesandashes, pollyrepeat PG-13, 17K
Tags: GEN, Friendship, Humor, Villains
Summary: “Jarvis, please refrain from killing me. I’m coming in to look at you.”

Phil Coulson is not a crazy cat lady - nyargles PG-13, 28K
Tags: GEN, Humor, Team fic, AU
An AU where the Avengers are not a superhero team, but rather a group of cats that Phil Coulson owns and brings in to the SHIELD offices.

Arc Tremors - MountainRose PG-13, 125K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Team!fic, POV (Tony), GEN
Tony's light had flickered out in the aftermath of the fight with the Chitauri, but his team was there and, hey, he'd just been to space, give a guy some slack. The next morning they accepted, but when he collapses weeks later, they're not going to let him brush it off again, and neither is JARVIS.

Problem Child - TGP PG, 64K, WIP
Tags: Bucky/Steve, Kid!Tony, Canon AU, Time Travel
Two weeks after Steve wakes up, a kid hacks SHIELD and sets every computer to blast AC/DC at random. Now Steve's looking after Howard's get and an evil alien is attacking the world. This is the best day ever. Really. Steve might just find a way to go back in time and punch Howard in the face.

Coulson's Eleven - copperbadge PG, 32K
Tags: Canon!AU, GEN
After Vanko destroyed the Stark Expo, SHIELD instituted a Superhuman Detention program, designed to capture and hold dangerous people -- dangerous people like Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and others who made themselves noticeable. The superhumans SHIELD has imprisoned -- and some SHIELD agents themselves -- have other ideas about what constitutes 'dangerous'…

Affection - MaidenofIron157 PG-13, 17K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Tony, Team!fic
Five times Tony Stark's exhaustion gets the better of him, and the one time someone decides it's time he use an actual bed.

Minor Disasters (Or Reasons Why Tony Can't Work When He's Sick) - Ocean_Born_Mary PG, 14K, Series
Tags: Pre-Slash, GEN, Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort
Keurigs, demi-gods, could it possibly go wrong?

In Visibility - cat_77 PG-13, 14K
Tags: GEN, Hawkeye-centric, Team!fic
He was used to slinking in shadows, hidden from sight. This was just ridiculous, really.

Closing the Circuit - AlchemyAlice PG-13, 14K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Team!fic
SHIELD's down, Captain America's AWOL, and on the whole, things are kind of FUBAR. On the other hand, Tony might have some semblance of a plan.

Intersecting Lines - Nefhiriel PG-13, 29K, Series
Tags: GEN, Post-CATWS, Hurt!Steve, Protective!Bucky, Team!fic
A series of post-CA:TWS freeform stories with an emphasis on feels, the Avenger's as a loyal team unit, Sam as an awesome new addition, and a general disregard for pesky things that get in the way of my rabid need for H/C. (In other words: I needed therapy after that movie, and this is how I coped.)

Perspective - Red_Tigress PG-13, 11K
Tags: De-Age, Tony's Unhappy Childhood, Team!fic, GEN, Kid!Tony
Tony reverts back to his eight-year old self for a few days. Everyone gains some new perspective. But when Tony changes back, he has to have some heart to heart talks with his teammates.

❤❤Bargaining by proantagonist PG-13, 110K
Tags: Post-TDW, Time Travel, FAMILY!LOVE, GEN, Jotun!Loki
Summary: Faced with an eternity without his brother, Loki strikes a bargain to change the past. Post TDW.

Run - ashinan R, 12K
Tags: Kidnapping, Hurt!Tony
Usually the kidnapping scenario goes as follows: beaten up a bit, demands are made, Tony snarks, Avengers eventually help save. But this - this darkness, this arena filled with mechanical monsters, is not Tony's usual stint. He has no idea if the Avengers are coming for him and no one is making demands. It's just him versus machine.

Somebody's hero - EternalSheWolf PG, 7K, Series
Tags: GEN, Hurt!Tony, Protective!Avengers, Friendship
Tony Stark is six when he learns that nobody will come for him. If he wants to be rescued, he’ll have to take care of it himself.

The Sky and Everything Beneath It - jibrailis pg, 7K
Steve goes on a road trip to clear his head, but the other Avengers won't leave him alone.

The Joke - Imbecamiel PG, 7K
Steve's not usually oblivious - far from it, in fact. But he does have his moments. Like when he didn't realize that the team was actually serious when they talked about Mjolnir being a magical weapon that only Thor could lift.

When We Were Smaller - 27dragons PG-13, 6k
Tags: canon!au
Imagine a BAMF kid!Tony and a dangerous/protective!Bucky (the how, where and why can be your design) trying to get back home/to the Avengers/some place safe.

Epilogue - copperbadge PG, 7K
Tags: Post-Avengers
After the fighting is over, then come the hot baths, ice packs, resurrection from the dead, political maneuvering, and happy endings (not like that, Tony).

Another Bizarre and Thankless Situation - vain_glorious PG-13, 5K
Tags: Kidnapping, Mission
Hostages 101: If you kill them first, no one is going to do what you say."

Film Studies, or, Four Films About Captain America and One By Him - copperbadge PG-13, 7K
Steve Rogers is no stranger to the silver screen.

Of Course He Remembers Meredith - Wandering_Swain G, 5K
Tags: Crossover: Guardians of the Galaxy
You don't forget the woman with space age daydreams who broke into your father's press conferences in leopard skin pants and Blue Swede t-shirts throughout the early 1980's. Or at least Tony Stark doesn't.

Trust - Wordsplat PG-13, 5K
Tags: Domestic Avengers, GEN
Bruce Banner is very careful where he places his trust, but he's a loyal man to those who've earned it.

Scar Tissue - cat_77 PG, 4K
Tags: GEN, Team!fic
They all have it, to varying levels.

running to keep in the same place - alt3r3go PG, 3K
Tags: GEN, Hurt/Comfort, Pre-slash
Tony's the only one of them who has to wrangle two jobs and he's rapidly running of time for, like, everything.

and if there's life we'll see it - irnan pg, 3k
Steve is instantly taken with this idea of having the picture of the person calling you flash on your screen when they ring your cell.

Black AmEx - copperbadge pg, 4K
Bruce isn't sure he wants to use a credit card Tony gave him. Steve isn't sure he even knows how.

The Good, the Bad and the Fluffy - newredshoes PG, 2k
That time Tony gave Bucky a therapy llama.

well, let the drum beat drop - jonesandashes, pollyrepeat PG, 4K
Pepper leaves, and there’s no more pizza, and Thor’s already talked about Jane, and Tony suspects all of them realize, abruptly and simultaneously, that they actually have no idea what to do now. He is, in fact, pretty certain that they’re just a few minutes away from someone deciding to say something about the weather. It’s probably going to be him.

Independence Day - Kroki_Refur PG-13, 3K
Tags: Steve+Tony Friendship
It's not that Tony doesn't want to celebrate Steve's birthday -- it's just that he doesn't actually know when it is.

In the Company of Friends - DarkestSight (Daylight) PG, 6K
Tags: Arc Reactor, Team!fic, Protective!Team, Hurt/Comfort
Tony wakes up feeling like crap and finds himself longing for the time he lived alone and it was a lot easier to get a simple cup of coffee.

The Cyborg Arm Job - copperbadge PG, 7K
Tags: Bucky!, Crossover: Leverage
The Leverage crew run into a new friend, find some buried treasure, and fight some Nazis. It's a pretty good day.

Tunnel - Silverlace_Vine PG, 3K
Tags: Team!fic
Steve is trapped underground after a building collapses on top of the team; he struggles to escape, knowing the others are dead.

Pass Me By, I'll Be Fine - lucdarling PG-13, 2K
Tags: Post-Avengers, GEN
Clint is a penitent tool, traveling the world on orders from above his paygrade. It's the least he deserves.

Generation Gap - JeziBelle PG, 2K
Tags: Friendship (Steve + Tony)
A lot has changed since Steve Rogers hit the ice. A lot has changed since he woke up. A lot more than just which Stark is repairing his equipment.

You’ll Find the Bright Places - BlackEyedGirl PG-13, 5K
Tags: Team!fic, Deaged!Team, Kid!fic
Fury temples his fingers together. “Tell me how this started?” Phil tries to give a reasonable report of today's incident. As he spent most of his day trying to keep grade-school aged versions of his team away from a team of gunmen, he has only limited success.

That Which Sustains Me - windscryer PG-13, 2K
Tags: Team!fic, Hurt!Tony
The villain of the week thinks he's found the Avengers weakest link.
When will they ever learn?

Six Times The Avengers Stopped An Alien Invasion - Closer PG-13, 3K
Sure, the Avengers are strong, but they're also not stupid. When aliens invade, they usually have a plan.

Soft Skills - Lady_Ganesh PG-13, 4K
The team tries to bring Steve Rogers into the 21st Century. It mostly works.

Operation Extraction - Cluegirl PG, 2K
Tags: IM3
Far be it from Tony Stark to educate SHIELD Medical on any particular details, but it just so happened that it was totally possible to make a stable boot cast out of common office supplies.

Crime Deterrent - Epiphanyx7 PG-13, 3K
The Starkphone has the longest battery life of any phone on the market, the most high-quality camera, the most free games, the largest internal memory, the only mobile spectrometer, and is made from the highest percentage of recyclable materials,” Tony says.

Dear Clint Barton (circa age 7) - pollyrepeat PG-13, 4K
Tags: Deaged!Clint
The most annoying parts of being de-aged (and then re-aged) are your friends.

Near-Death Experience with a Side of Shawarma - Zinnith PG-13, 2K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Hurt!Tony
The battle is over and Tony is fine. Really, he is.

project adulthood - irnan PG, 6K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Team!fic
"I've been thinking," said Bruce quietly. "The day HQ was attacked. Tony and I were at that R&D meeting we usually skip."
"Yes," said Steve. "Nat said that."
"Well," said Bruce. "Usually, on a Friday, when we skip the R&D meeting, we arrive at HQ around the time that bomb went off."

Hold on to What You've Got - Nefhiriel PG-13, 2K
Tags: Team!fic
It just happened sometimes. Spontaneous group hugging. They were entitled to it.

Under Fire - antigrav_vector PG-13, <1K
Tags: Protective!Steve, Team!fic
Summary: The Helicarrier is attacked. Steve responds.

Four times an Avenger met Bucky and didn't know who he was, and one time they were all introduced. - Odsbodkins PG-13, 4K
Tags: GEN, Bucky, Post-CATWS
What it says on the tin. In which Tony is kidnapped, Clint is a fangirl, Bruce sees echoes of the past and Thor is Thor.

He Ain't Heavy - MusicalLuna PG-13, 7K, Series
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Team!fic
None of them is invulnerable. The first in a series of hurt/comfort fics featuring the Avengers team.

Fifteen Short Stories About Teamwork - BlackEyedGirl PG-13, 5K
Tags: Team!fic, Post-Avengers
They've made a start. There's still a lot to learn about each other. [Post movie, spoilers]

Long Lost Pal - cat_77 PG-13, 7K
Tags: Hurt!Tony
An injured Tony feels no need to change his routine. His team begs to differ.

Seasonal Requisites - MusicalLuna PG-13, 3K
Tags: Holiday: Christmas
It's a PR event.

Life to a Soul - SomeTorist PG-13, 3K
Tags: GEN, Pre-Slash
Few people ever see inside Tony Stark; fewer can stomach what they find; next to no one claims to still like him afterwards. So Tony hides, closing all the doors and battening down the hatches, using charm and confidence as armor when he's not in the suit.
To Tony's horror, Steve somehow manages to see inside him anyway.

Job Description - laylabinx PG-13, 5K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship
Steve is injured. Tony helps clean him up. They have a heart-to-heart in an empty lab. No slash, just bromance :D Oh, and lots of h/c!

Timers and Batteries PG-13, 7K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, GEN
Months after Loki's defeat, Captain America is injured in battle, and Iron Man comes to a new realization about the leader of the Avengers.

Even Gods Do - Cluegirl PG, 8K
Tags: GEN, Hurt!Steve, Protective!Avengers, Team!fic
Captain America doesn't have a good relationship with sleep anymore. Also, he's not a toy.

Fully Qualified - 27dragons, sara_holmes PG, 3K
Tags: Team!fic, GEN, Humor
SHIELD thinks the Avengers need to learn to work together. Fury thinks Coulson is the man for the job. Coulson thinks he is not paid enough for this shit.

Secure Your Own Oxygen Mask (Before Assisting Others) - Nefhiriel PG, 3K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Hurt/Comfort, Team!fic
Steve keeps going, because they need him. Being Captain America - having the serum - is a responsibility and a privilege he takes seriously, and he won't waste it by sitting around resting in the middle of a crisis.But then the work is over, and the original victims of the crisis aren't the only ones needing looking after.

Shanghai Dangerous - Red_Tigress PG-13, 7K
Tags: IM3, Team!fic, Hurt!Tony, BAMF!Everyone
Clint and Natasha meet up with Tony in Shanghai. Not on purpose. But A.I.M. also shows up, so they just have to put their differences aside and deal.

Under My Skin - Zelos (Zelus) PG-13, 2K
Tags: Near Death Experience, Team!fic, Hurt!Steve
“He's lucky – to have the serum, to have you all.” Tony wasn't sure about that first part. When one faced death and destruction every day on the job, there were many advantages to having a healing factor...and a great many disadvantages as well.

Undercover - Red_Tigress PG-13, 8K
Tags: Action, Mission!fic, Hurt!Tony
Natasha never breaks cover. Never.

Friday the 13th - Red_Tigress PG, 8K
Tags: Team!fic, Hurt!Tony, GEN
Tony Stark claims he's cursed. The other Avengers maintain it's just him.

Walking Wounded - Nefhiriel PG-13, 3K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Hurt!Steve, Hurt/Comfort, Steve-centric
In the aftermath of the battle against the Chitauri, Steve's doing just fine. Until he's not. Fortunately, Thor is a perfect mother-hen, Tony makes decent back-up, JARVIS is a genius, and Soap Operas are life-changing.
(Or, Post-Shawarma Feels.)

If I Die Before I Wake - windscryer GEN, 7K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Team!fic, Protective!Steve, Torture
It's his job, as their leader, to endure the sadistic focus of their captor, and that is the one thought that carries Steve through.

Side Effects PG-13, 5K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, GEN
The super-soldier serum really should have come with a Surgeon General's warning, Tony decided bitterly

In Great Transition - vain_glorious PG, 3K
Tags: Team fic
One by one, the Avengers move into Stark Tower.

Demolition for Dummies - icarus_chained PG, 2K
Tags: Team fic, Hurt!Tony
Tony collapses a building on himself. His team (including JARVIS) are not happy about this.

Blue Sky Holiday - Nefhiriel PG, 8K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Team fic
In which there are Stink ‘Bots, coffee stains, wardrobe malfunctions (no, not like that), Tony’s sense of humor is adolescent (yup, exactly like that), reporters show no mercy when it comes to superheroes and their vices - and sometimes even super soldiers need Band-Aids and hugs. Also, bacon is the ultimate deus ex machina, and you can’t go wrong with The Princess Bride for therapy.
Or: It’s all fun and games until Captain America has a meltdown.

Deprivare - cat_77 PG-13, 1K
Tags: Team fic
He had survived far more intense situations in the past. He just usually wasn't quite as naked when he did.

There's No I in Team (It's Busy Being Used in Fine) - cat_77 (PG-13, 3K
Tags: Hurt!Clint, Team fic
If you ask him, he's fine. Which is precisely why they are not asking.

Lines and Shadow - justanotherStonyfan PG, 5K
Tags: Pre-slash, Friendship, Artist!Steve, PTSD (Steve)
Steve loses his sketchbook. Tony finds it.

Memento - Moiraine PG, 9K
Tags: GEN
Clint has two polaroid pictures carefully hidden in his room.

Something Good to Die For (To Make it Beautiful to Live) - blackkat PG, 3K
Six people Tony thought Yinsen would have liked, and one person Yinsen really did.

Finite - cat_76 PG-13, 2K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Team!fic
It was right and logical and the math, as always, worked. That, at least, was something he could rely on when all else failed.

Just Gotta Get Right Out of Here - cat_77 PG-13, 4K
Tags: GEN, Hawkeye-centric, Team!fic
Kidnapped, stripped, and left without one of his senses - this day went firmly into the "suck" column of his life.

Protected - cat_77 PG-13, 4K
Tags: GEN, Hawkeye-centric, Team!fic
Protect - to keep safe from injury or harm.

Added Tension - Red_Tigress PG, 1K
Tags: IM3
Tony Stark has to dive to the bottom of the Hudson during a battle. Slight spoilers for Iron Man 3.

Comrades - Nefhiriel PG, 6K
Tags: Team!fic
Five times Thor defended his friends from people who should've been on their side, and one time his friends defended him.

Protocol 1985 - hollimichele PG, 5K
Tags: GEN, Time Travel
“Holy crow, it worked,” someone says.

Five Times Tony Hid Throughout His Life (And One Time He Didn’t) - AngeNoir PG, 6K
Tags: GEN, Friendship, Sick!Tony, Hurt/Comfort
Illness is a private affair, one that Tony deals with as effectively as he always deals with self-care - as in, not at all. He sends pretty much everyone who looks for him during his times of sickness into mild or major panic, depending.

Small Ones - determamfidd PG, 5K
Tags: GEN, Baby Avengers
A fight with Amora the Enchantress leaves the Avengers... a little altered. Hulk isn't very impressed with this turn of events. Neither, as it turns out, is Bruce.

Give You Shelter - MusicalLuna PG-13, <1K
Tony doesn't really understand what Steve's doing.

Not What I Meant to Do - MusicalLuna R, 1K
Tags:Hurt!Tony, GEN, Team fic
Tony doesn't like to make a fuss when he gets hurt. He just wants to lick his wounds in private and get back to it. The Avengers have other ideas.

Relief - kuro PG, <1K
Tags: Fluff, GEN, Hurt!Tony, Pre-slash
Tony has a migraine attack. The Avengers mistake it for a hangover. (And Steve might have some secret skills nobody knows about.)

Smiley Sunshine Daycare - starspangledsprocket PG, 2K
Tags: GEN, AU
Steve runs a daycare along with Peggy, Angie, Sam and Bucky. Loki's first day is hard on everyone.

Kidnapping is a Bad Thing, Tony - EternalSheWolf PG, 7K, Series
Tags: GEN, Kidnapping, Team fic, Hurt!Tony, Tony's Unhappy Childhood
Tony Stark is six when he learns that nobody will come for him. If he wants to be rescued, he’ll have to take care of it himself.

The Fortified Road. - Eshnoazot PG, 1K
Tags: GEN, Hurt!Steve
But out of all the Avengers, they don’t expect Steve to fall first.

Secondhand - Nefhiriel PG, 1K
Everyone knew that Captain America must have at least one bad habit. Somewhere. Surely. But it still came as a surprise.
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Less than 10K words


every dong has its day - zrt R, 7K
Tags: Humor  Summary: it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean. -ancient chinese proverb (aka that time zara wrote 8k worth of dick jokes.)

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - missbecky PG-13, 4K
Tags: Holiday fic, Fluff, Established Relationship
Tony has never been fond of December and Christmas. So he's not exactly pleased when he comes home one night from a long day at work to discover that there's a Christmas party happening at Avengers Tower. But that's not the biggest surprise Steve has for him -- and suddenly Christmas doesn't seem so bad after all.

Helping Hands - FestiveFerret NC-17, 8K
Tony was fucked.

It's the little things - dapperanachronism PG-13, 1K
He turns to stare at Tony, his gaze razor sharp and intent. Tony matches the intensity of it, refusing to budge even as Steve says, “Thank you, Tony,” in a voice that’s a little tight.

help me help you - theappleppielifestyle PG, 7K
Tony offers to help Steve woo the mysterious person he's apparently in love with.

Sex on the Beach - antigrav_vector R, <1K
Tags: POV (Tony), Established Relationship, PWP
Tony takes Steve to Malibu with the intent to actually get some R&R. It doesn't quite go as planned.

Small Comfort - 27dragons PG-13, 2K
“I invented a new element, Steve, I think I can manage to make hot chocolate.”
“See, you’d think the whole genius thing would be in your favor, but I have seen you in the kitchen, honey, and I have doubts.”

take me out (and let me hold you tight) - MusicalLuna PG-13, 3K
Steve daydreams about holding Tony's hand, and Halloween might just be the best chance he's got for making dreams reality.

Blink - kaesaria NC-17, 6K
Tags: PWP, Gay Chicken/ D/s, Bottom!Steve, Oral Sex
The one where Steve learns that you should never bet against Tony—not unless you’re ready to face the dirty dire consequences of losing. Or... maybe it’s the other way around?

Morning Glory - ipanicdaily PG, 1K
Tags: Fluff
a.k.a. The Four Times Steve Woke Up to Tony In His Bed (And the One Time Tony Noticed Steve Awake)
Asleep, Tony wasn’t putting on a charming act for a camera, or stressing over upgrades for Clint’s bow and his own suit. Asleep, Tony was merely Tony; vulnerable and exposed.

The one where... Tony gets in the way - shieldmaidenofrohan PG, <1K
Tags: Hurt!Tony
March Prompt #29: “It never gets any easier.”

Just Those Little Things - Kermits_Soft_Kitty  PG, Series
Tags: Fluff
It's the little things that they love about each other that makes their relationship so much more worthwhile.

Anti-Virus - marinarusalka PG, 4K, Pre-Slash
tags: Hurt/Comfort
Steve didn't think he could get sick any more. He was wrong. Tony didn't think of himself as the caretaking type. He was wrong too.

Get me through December - marinarusalka PG, 4K+
Tags: Holiday (Christmas)
Steve is in Washington. Tony is in New York. Somehow, they still manage to make a connection, which comes in handy when Steve gets depressed around Christmas.

all the small things - Chapter 34 - shieldmaidenofrohan PG
The one where... Steve’s not here for Tony-bashing

Latverian Interlude - marinarusalka PG-13, 5K
In which Steve is grumpy, Victor von Doom may or may not be kinky, and Tony Stark makes bad decisions when he's not wearing pants.

An Ounce of Prevention - antigrav_vector PG-13, 1K
Tags: Hug and Fly, CATWS
Some aerial practice maneuvers lead to a Conversation...

Baby, It's Cold Outside - ipanicdaily PG, 2K
Tags: Pre-Slash, Holiday: Christmas, Post-Avengers, Fluff
In which Steve figures he'll be spending his first Christmas alone, until there's a knock at his door in the middle of the night, and a drunk Tony waiting on the other side.

Blown Away - missbecky PG-13, 4K
Tags: GEN, Pre-Slash, Post-Avengers, Tony's Unhappy Childhood
The Stark family mansion is destroyed in the Chitauri attack. Days later, Tony visits the site. Fortunately for him, Steve ends up there, too.

Kiss the Dusk Goodnight - DirectorShellhead (i_sanguinity) NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP
This is exactly as the tags promise--slow, sleepy morning sex, completely uncluttered by anything even remotely resembling a plot. Posted in fulfillment of the Avengerkink prompt: "Steve loves to make love to Tony in the morning when Tony is too sleepy, too drowsy to do anything more than just lie there and take anything Steve gives him."


For All the Things My Hands Have Held (the Best By Far Is You) - windscryer PG-13, 3K
Tags: Different Meeting, Canon!AU, Hurt!Tony, Steve to the rescue!
Tony and Steve didn't meet on the Helicarrier under the influence of Loki's Stick of Destiny. It still could have gone better.

That Magic Moment - windscryer PG-13, 3K
Tags: Wedding/Marriage, Established Relationship, Fluff
Tony doesn't have cold feet. He just thinks that Steve probably should if he's got any sense. Steve doesn't mind reassuring Tony he's an idiot.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart - windscryer PG-13, 3K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Arc Reactor, Rescue, Kidnapping, Villains
It's not that he couldn't rescue himself (see: Afghanistan, inventing an entirely new element in his basement, Tennessee, etc., etc.), but sometimes it was nice that he didn't have to.

I Accidentally Jobbed - Renai_chan PG, 2K
Steve gets a job at Stark Industries... accidentally.

Sit Tight and Hold On - windscryer PG-13, 2K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, POV (Steve), Hurt!Steve
Another mission gone wrong, another cold bare cell to wait in for rescue. At least he’s not waiting alone.

Sundae - Arukou NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP
If it weren't for Clint and Not Another Teen Movie Tony never would've developed this stupid fixation. He's pretty sure. Probably. Maybe.

Tehran: Reprise - RC_McLachlan PG, 2K
Tags: Jealous!Steve, POV (Steve)
Diplomacy is a tough game, and the men and women who dedicate their lives to the softening of borders and the forging of partnerships are as heroic and deserving of praise as anyone in costume. There probably won't be any friendship bracelet exchanges if Steve socks the Asgardian ambassador to Earth in the jaw, though.

Lose Yourself - Veldeia PG-13, 2K
Tags: Vampires
After the curse that turned Steve into a vampire, everything around him feels dull and meaningless—everything except the life coursing through the veins of living humans. And no matter how hard he tries to resist its lure, all it takes is one visit too many from Tony for Steve to lose control.

Apple and Cinnamon - DancingForRain PG, 2K
Tags: Pre-Slash, Domestic Avengers, Team!fic
Summary: As a kid, Tony discovers the therapy of baking. As an Avenger, he shares this method with his team.

Thank You for Your Consideration - windscryer PG-13, 1K
Tags: Established Relationship, POV (Tony), Jealous!Steve
Sometimes Tony likes to handle his more forward fans on his own, but sometimes? Sometimes it’s better to sit back and just enjoy the show.

Song and Dance - Arukou PG, <1K
Tags: Pre-Slash, Ty Stone
Summary: Tony hasn't been feeling the schmoozing lately, especially not when Ty Stone blows in from the West Coast.

Este é Ocupada - windscryer R, <1K
Tags: Established Relationship, Humor
Summary: "Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.”

Five Times Steve Played Dumb, and One Time He Didn't - antigrav_vector PG-13, 1K
Summary: Steve's absolutely hopeless with electronics. He can break anything.

Moderate to Severe - reona32 PG, 7K
Tags: Sick!Tony, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Jarvis just thinks Sir would rest better in his own bed. It goes downhill from there.

Five Times Steve Knit Something, and One Time He Refused To - Kaitou PG-13, 4K
Tags: Fluff
Five times Steve knit something, and one time he refused to.

Whoever Holds This Hammer If He Be Worthy (Shall Be Sneaky About It and Use It To Play Tricks Goddammit) - Pandemic PG-13, 1K
Tags: Humor, Team!fic
In which Tony has a toilet that speaks Japanese, Clint eats Lucky Charms, Thor is the face of L'Oreal and Steve is a sneaky bastard. (And Mjolnir is tired of this bullshit and just wants to be used in some DIY gardener's shed for god's sake)

Tony Finds a List - Neverever PG-13, <1K
Tags: Fluff
Summary: Tony finds a list that Steve doesn't want him to read.

Safe - ipanicdaily PG, <1k
Tags: Insecure!Tony, PTSD (Tony), Established Relationship
Tony doesn't sleep, because sleep isn't safe.

The Proper Care and Feeding of Mad Scientists - somanyopentabs PG, 1K
Tags: Bruce/Clint, Steve/Tony
Dating someone so attached to their lab experiments/Iron Man suit isn't always easy. (AKA The fluffiest Steve-and-Clint-take-care-of-their-boyfr
iends fic that I will ever write.)

To The Core (Under My Skin) - windscryer PG-13, 1K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Frozen!Steve, Rescue
Hydra has Steve stashed in the freezer like a pint of Ben & Jerry’s when Tony finds him. They’ll pay for that, of course, but first he has something much more important to take care of.

New Traditions - nightwalker PG-13, 9k
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, Pre-Slash, Team!fic, Action, Protective!Steve, Alcoholism, POV (Tony)
Tony's starting to think that tackling the whole teamwork thing, the sobriety thing and the holidays thing all at once might have been overly ambitious. AKA: Steve and Tony throw the first Annual Avengers Non-Denominational Winter Holiday Party.

Flag On The Play - copperbadge PG-13, 9K
Tags: GEN, Hurt/Comfort, PTSD (Steve), Touch Starved!Steve, Cuddling, POV (Steve), Reckless!Steve, Man out of Time, Age Difference, Angst
Steve is haunted by a phantom pain he can't explain, and isn't sure how to ask for help. Fortunately, Tony is pretty sure he knows what's wrong, and how to sell the Avengers on fixing it.

Thanks For the Memories - Wordsplat PG-13, 9k
Tags: Time Travel, Pre-Serum!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Comics fusion, POV (Steve), POV (Tony)
When Tony is sent crashing-all too literally-into the 1940's by an alternate-universe Loki's spell, neither Tony nor Steve are prepared for the consequences.

As Long As You're Mine - orphan_account NC-17, 9K
Tags: Jealous!Steve, Friends with Benefits, PWP, POV (Tony), Established Relationship, Hurt!Tony
Tony goes to a bar, meets a girl and gets a person thrown at his head, none of which is his fault. Then he comes home and talks to Steve. The couch will never be the same.

Lay in the Wake of Destruction - sara_holmes NC-17, 9K
Tags: Angst, Bottom!Steve, Canon!AU, Vigilante!Steve, POV (Tony)
- In which Steve temporarily loses the plot and goes AWOL, Tony deals with everyone’s shit and neglects to mention to SHIELD that Steve is actually possibly in his bed, AIM soldiers get discombobulated in various nasty ways, Bucky is a good captain and Clint is adamant that he’ll only shoot Steve in the face if Tony tells him to.

The Christmas Market - reona32 PG, 9k
Tags: Fluff, Holiday: Christmas, Established Relationship, POV (Tony), Mission, Team!fic
Steve and Tony visit the Christmas Market in Bryant Park.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place - starspangledsprocket NC-17, 9k
Tags: Time Travel, Angst, Happy Ending, POV (Steve), tony's unhappy childhood, Mission, Protective!Steve
"Doom had sent him back in time with that laser – he had to have; it was the only reasonable explanation for Rhodey looking so young, and the fact it was now New Years Eve."

Two Out of Three (Ain't Bad) PG-13, 9K
Tags: Fluff, Humor, Pining, Rhodey, Palladium Poisoning, Stealth Dating, Team!fic, POV (Tony)
It blindsides him one morning in the middle of his customary third cup of coffee; Steve walks through the door in loose cotton pants, shirt pulled up to wipe the sweat off his face from his usual morning workout, and Tony thinks: adorable.

Just For Today - missbecky R, 9k
Tags: POV (Steve), Hurt/Comfort, Established Relationship, Hurt!Steve, PTSD (steve), romance, Mission, Drowning
After Steve nearly dies beneath New York Harbor during a battle, Tony shares his own fears of drowning with him. Determined to find a way to put the fear behind them, Steve comes up with an idea. Just for today, they aren't going to be Iron Man and Captain America. Just for today, they aren't even going to be Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Today, they are just going to be Tony and Steve.

Harlem Shake (I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me) - theladyingrey42 NC-17, 8k
Tags: Angst, POV (Steve), Virgin!Steve, PTSD (Steve), Man Out of Time, Dancing, Punching Bags, Pining
It's only by chance that Steve happens to head down to Tony's workshop on the day they're filming the video.

Tony Stark and the Super Sleeper, or actually, Soldier - RurouniHime PG-13, 8k
Tags: Cuddling, Team!fic, PTSD, Pining, Fluff, Reckless!Tony, Protective!Steve, POV (Tony)
The one where Steve keeps falling asleep on Tony.

When I Think (Oh, it Terrifies Me) by celli NC-17, 8K
Tags: Telepathy, Pining, POV (Tony), Humor, Touch, PTSD (Tony)
Summary: Look, some mornings you wake up and little green men are invading New York City; some mornings you wake up and you can hear Captain America's voice in your head. Tony has been an Avenger long enough that he saves his freakout for important things.

Drunk a Lot of Drink Me - Cluegirl NC-17, 8K
Tags: Genderswap: Girl!Steve, Pining, Magic, POV (Steve), PWP
First there was the party, with Valkyries and Tony dancing on the table, and Asgardian liquor that was a lot stronger than it seemed, and maybe Steve was a bit tipsy talking to the pretty lady who brought the apple-tasting stuff, but exactly how he woke up here, and looking like this is still mortifyingly unclear... As is what he's going to do about it.

Therapeutic Guidelines - kellifer_fic PG-13, 8K
Tags: Team!fic, Hurt/Comfort, Villains, Mission fic, POV (Tony)
Are you suggesting I get a bunch of bunk beds in here and squeeze us all into one room?" Tony scoffs and the woman just looks at him. "No, wait-"

Reasons Why (Whether They're Real Or Not) - infinite_wonders PG-13, 8K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Mission, Hospital, Insecure!Tony, Angst, Near Death Experiences, POV (Tony)
Tony is slow, has very little self-worth, and thinks that the universe hates him as much as he hates himself. Everyone else is long-suffering, especially Steve, because disproving that notion could take a while.

Supersoldier Superserum Superspunk or Why SHIELD Can't Have Nice Things - tourdefierce NC-17, 8k
Tags: POV (Tony), SHIELD Experimentation, Bottom!Steve, Bottom!Tony, Sexpollen, Established Relationship, PWP
Summary: There were lots of things that really pissed Tony off about Fury's precious SHIELD but most of them had to do with their epic incompetency and how they always, always found a way to steal Tony's favorite toys and break them.

Captain !@#$*%& America - Wordsplat PG-13, 8K
Tags: Humor, POV (Tony), Mission, Team!fic, Post-Avengers
The first time Tony hears Steve swear, he's pretty sure it's a dream. The second time is a lot harder to dismiss, considering it's the middle of the afternoon and they're both clearly awake. After that, what else can Tony do but use science to get to the bottom of it?

Can't We Have Just One Normal Day Around Here? - missbecky PG-13, 7K
Tags: Body swap, Magic, POV (Tony), Arc Reactor, Post-Avengers
"Try to keep up," Tony said. He pointed at Loki's scepter. "That thing turned green. It shot a laser beam at us. And now it's Freaky Friday. I'm in Cap's body, he's in mine, and can we just skip to the part where we figure out how to fix this? - lupinus PG-13, 7K
Tags: Humor, POV (Steve), Team!fic, Press, Coming Out
The one where the Internet is stalking Steve’s day to day life, but that might be okay, because it just keeps bringing him closer to Tony. Or, in which Clint Barton uses the Internet to mock Steve.

Selfless - Silverlace_Vine PG-13, 7K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hypothermia, Arc Reactor, POV (Steve), Pre-Slash, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Mission
Summary: Tony and Steve are stranded in the Alps, and are dedicated to helping each other at cost to themselves.

Haste - Veldeia PG-13, 7K
Tags: Action, Established Relationship, Mission fic, Team!fic, Villains, Hurt!Steve, POV (Steve), POV (Tony), Kidnapping
Summary: With Captain America seriously injured and a bomb attached to the Quinjet, set to go off at any change in speed or altitude, this is not the best flight the Avengers have ever had.

This Wasn't What the Brochure Promised by kahn PG-13, 7k
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Caved in, mission!fic, team!fic, POV (Tony)
Summary: Tony, Steve, Clint and Bruce spend quality time together in a cave. Tony does not build another arc reactor (even if he sort of needs one). Steve is all Protective Leader. Clint is terrifyingly good with a knife. Bruce bleeds and snarks. There is banter and embarassing amounts of schmoop and the boys get very touchy-feely.

Shock and Raw - EClairedeLoon NC-17, 7k
Tags: Established Relationship, Hurt!Tony, Hospital, Allergies, Team!fic, POV (Tony), Fluff
It may come as a surprise to some (none) that Tony was a picky eater, had been since birth. His parents had catered to him shamelessly, never forcing him to eat something that made him wrinkle his nose or voice a protest as soon as he was able to formulate how to verbalize his displeasure. It just figures that the one time he goes out on a limb he ends up in the hospital.

The Tchotchke Cha Cha - Arukou PG-13, 7K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Sick!Tony, Mutual Pining, Fluff, Protective!Steve, POV (Tony), POV (Steve), Jealous!Steve, Holiday: Christmas
What started off as one impulse buy souvenir snowballs into a constant flow of knickknacks from all over the world, and Steve is starting to wonder if it's more than just Tony being nice.

That Damn Tank Top - inukagome15 NC-17, 7K
Tags: PWP, Humor, POV (Steve), Team!fic, Pining
Steve sees Tony in his tank top when he's in his workshop and likes it. A lot.

The Viral Code - Winterstar PG-13, 7K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, POV (Steve), POV (Tony), Near Death Experience
Steve is infected by an alien virus that the serum cannot protect him against. The cure might kill both Steve and Tony in the process.

Long Lost Pal - cat_77 PG-13, 7k
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Assassination Attempt, Protective!Avengers, Team!fic, POV (Steve), established relationship
An injured Tony feels no need to change his routine. His team begs to differ.

A High and Lonesome Sound - misslucyjane R, 6K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, PTSD (Steve), POV (Steve), Man Out of Time, Past Bucky/Steve, Insomnia
Some nights, Steve still has trouble breathing.

Dressed to Impress - radiophile NC-17, 6K
Tags: D/s, PWP, Established Relationship, POV (Tony), Posessive!Tony
Tony Stark is not at all prepared for the sight of Steve Rogers in vintage military dress.

light up the world - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 6k
Tags: PTSD, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, POV (Both), drowning, Team!fic
Steve falls into the Atlantic on a mission and gets mild hypothermia. Tony warms him up.

Tony Stark Falls In Love With A Cat - shellhead R, 6k
Tags: Fluff, Getting to know each other, POV (Steve), post-avengers, POV (Tony)
When Steve goes missing, Tony ends up finding him at an animal shelter. Volunteering.

Puppy Love - EClairedeLoon nc-17, 6k
Tags: Fluff, Romance, POV (Steve), Tony's unhappy childhood
"How have you never had a pet?" he asked in disbelief. Tony Stark: The Man Who Has It All apparently hasn't had it all.
Tony rolled his eyes and stirred his coffee quickly, spoon tapping against the ceramic loudly. "I've had pets," he drawled. "I've made pets."

Some Kind of Madness - blue_jack NC-17, 6k
Tags: POV (Steve), Bottom!Steve, Pining, PWP
“Mmm, Steve, I love your tits.”

Take Care, I’m Easily Broken - blue_jack NC-17, 6K
Tags: Angst, Happy Ending, Pining!Tony, Straight!Steve, Jealous!Steve, Mansion, POV (Tony)
Tony isn't the type of person to pine quietly.

it's the little things - ohmyloki PG-13, 6k
Tags: Established Relationship, Hurt!Steve, Mission, POV (Tony), Near Death Experience
Steve is injured and he's not healing the way he should. It's up to the team to figure out why and it's time for Tony to face a few demons.

Steve Rogers' Guide to Recognizing Your Saints - Amuly R, 6k
Tags: Developing Relationship, Angst, Steve-centric, Pining!Steve, POV (Steve), Man Out of Time, Holiday: Christmas
Mary was for mothers. Christopher was for travelers. Michael was for soldiers. Steve carried his saints with him from his life to this new, shining future.

Lighter Than Air - 51stCenturyFox R, 6K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Kidnapping, Hurt!Steve, Kidnapping, Hurt/Comfort, Bottom!Steve, POV (Tony)
Tony and Steve take an international trip and wind up in the middle of an international incident. Or: two guys, a personal jet, and a fun weekend away. What could possibly go wrong?

You Know How to Give - brandnewfashion PG-13, 6K
Tags: Charity Gala, Domestic, Insomnia, Post-Avengers, POV (Steve), Villains, Team!fic, Hurt!Steve
Steve was one of very few people who knew that the real Tony Stark was thoughtful and selfless, and genuinely cared about others.The problem? The man was absolute shit at showing it.

Stony Going - Cluegirl NC-17, 6K
Tags: PWP, Humor, Steve reads fanfic
Steve Rogers makes an awkward discovery on the internet. This does not work out at all the way Tony Stark expects it will.

3 Rounds and a Sound - fandomfrolics PG-13, 6K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Happy Ending, Near Death Experience, POV (Tony), Established Relationship
It's a pretty typical day at an AIM base for the Avengers - agents in beekeeper suits, doomsday devices counting down, the whole shebang - until Steve takes a hit for Tony and goes down.
And doesn't get back up.

Till Human Voices Wake Us, and We Drown - SakuraTsukikage PG-13, 5K
Tags: PTSD (Tony), Nightmares, POV (Tony), Established Relationship
Tony still has nightmares, and it drives him crazy, because he should be done with this, it should be over, but it's not, and he can't control how they make him feel. Luckily, Steve understands a little bit about how that goes. Established relationship.

Namesake - missbecky PG-13, 5K
Tags: POV (Steve), Pre-Slash
An innocent question leads Steve to look up Edwin Jarvis, the former Stark family butler who gave JARVIS his name, and bring him back to New York to see Tony one last time.

Took All the Trees (And Put ’em in a Tree Museum) - orbingarrow PG-13, 5K
Tags: PTSD (Tony), Post-Avengers, Artist Steve, Bickering, POV (Steve), Panic Attacks, Tony’s unhappy childhood,
Steve's homesick for the past and Tony can't cope with the present. Moving on is easier when you aren't doing it alone.
Featuring: Steve's super-secret weakness, the best cheeseburgers in America, and an awful lot of elevator scenes for a one-shot!

Better Halves - Kiyaar PG-13, 5K
Tags: Kidnapped!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Tony, POV (Steve), POV (Tony), Established Relationship, Secret Relationship, Torture
Tony gets kidnapped. Steve does his best to get him back.

Wants And Needs (Or: Please Let Me Fuck You) - infinite_wonders NC-17, 5K
Tags: PWP, Sex Pollen, Pining, POV (Steve), Humor, Mission
In which there is sex pollen, Tony is needy and horny, and Steve is more than happy to be ridden like a fucking bronco. Except, it takes a while because Steve’s got Morals and Scruples.

falling for you - ohmyloki NC-17, 5K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Pining, Mission!fic, Hurt!Tony, Developing Relationship, Post-Avengers, Flying Together, Near Death Experience, POV (Steve)
He’s falling. He’s falling and his first thought is Tony will catch me before he remembers that Tony’s gone. Tony’s gone and Steve sent Thor away and there’s no way he’ll make it back in time. Time slows down. Steve closes his eyes.

let's get lost in your ferrari - attice NC-17, 5K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, PWP, Drunken!sex, Car!sex, Virgin!Steve
“Show me,” Steve says, pressing his hip against the cool metal. "Is it as fast as it looks?”

Things Learned When Incidentally Shot - Winterstar PG-13, 5K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Tony, Hurt!Steve, Kidnapping, Assassination Attempt, Hospital, Near Death Experience
Tony gets shot a few times, and then he learns things, especially about Steve.

Job Description - laylabinx PG-13, 5k
Tags: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, Protective!tony, POV (Steve)
Steve is injured. Tony helps clean him up. They have a heart-to-heart in an empty lab.

Doubt the Stars - someidiothasice R, 5k,
Tags: POV (Steve), Angst, Bottom!Steve, Denial!Steve, Pining, Pressumed!Dead Tony, Happy Ending, Near Death Experience, Bucky, Mission
"Tell Pepper and Rhodey... tell them I couldn't have done it without them. Can you do that for me?"
Steve blinked and the feed went clear again. He felt something hot run down his face.
"And Steve? What should I tell him?" Clint asked quietly. There was a short intake of breath, but Steve couldn't tell who it was from.
"Tell Steve--" Tony's voice got strangled for a moment before he cleared his throat, "nothing. Don't tell him anything. There's nothing I could say that he would want to hear, anyway."

Be No Stranger (All Your Saints and Soldiers Remix) by jibrailis PG-13, 5k
Tags: POV (Tony), Mission, Time travel, Tony's Unhappy Childhood
Summary: That's the twenty-first century love song, baby. Glitz and glamour and every one of us is a liar.

Sleep Protocol - 51stCenturyFox PG-13, 5k
Tags: POV (Tony), Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Protective!Tony, Pre-slash, Insomnia, Cuddling, PTSD (Steve), Fluff
You might assume that Steve Rogers, a super soldier, wouldn’t have any sleep-related problems, since he is an optimal physical specimen in the bloom of health. You would be wrong. But you know, there are certain conditions.

Who's Scruffy Looking? - JenTheSweetie PG-13, 5k
Tags: POV (Steve), Fluff, Pining, Humor, Team!fic
“I don’t know,” Steve said, after Tony finished a six-minute ode to The Dude’s beard. “I mean, I’m not really a fan of beards.”

Stark As You Mean To Go On - Pandemic NC-17, 5k
Tags: Humor, POV (Tony), mission, pining, team!fic
Because Tony never does things by half, why would wooing Captain America be any exception? In which Tony's determined, Steve oblivious, Bruce confused, Thor emotional and Natasha 100% done.

In a New York Minute - missbecky PG-13, 5k
Tags: Established Relationship, romance, angst, coming out, Valentine's Day, POV (Both)
Shortly before Valentine's Day, Steve and Tony are accidentally outed to the world. Already uncertain of where they stand, now they have an additional worry to contend with.

To Strike A Match - 51stCenturyFox PG-13, 5k
Tags: Soulmates, One Night Stand, POV (Tony), POV (Steve), Drunk!Steve, World Building
The marks that appeared on nearly every human one day weren’t very obvious -- a pattern resembling the whorl of a fingerprint and almost as unique, on the inner wrist, tinted the color of coal-black ink. Almost as unique, because everyone was supposed to have a match somewhere on earth, and when the match was found, with a solid press of bared wrist to wrist, mark to mark, the pattern disappeared.

Tony Stark Takes a Liberty and the Universe Thanks Him - RurouniHime PG-13, 5k+, Series
Tags: Fluff, Homophobia, Political Campaigns, Humor, Team!fic, POV (Tony), Coming Out
In which people think they are entitled to Steve Roger's face (aka, because tomorrow is coming, and I hold out hope, Supreme Court.)
Sequel: Bruce Banner Takes a Break and Clint Interrupts Him * Steve Rogers Takes Offense and the World Gets Schooled * The Avengers Take a Stand and Everyone is Supportive

Falling to Earth - entanglednow PG-13, 5k
Tags: Cuddling for warmth, Hurt/Comfort, Snowed-in, hypothermia, pre-slash, mission, POV (Tony), Near Death Experience, Hurt!Tony
Snow is the beginner's substance of choice for all cave-ins and trapped-in-the-wilderness scenarios. Why couldn't it have been snow

Lines and Shadow - justanotherStonyfan PG, 5k
Tags: Pre-slash, Friendship, Artist!Steve, PTSD (Steve), POV (Tony), Team!fic, Domestic Avengers
Steve loses his sketchbook. Tony finds it.

Paperwork - justanotherStonyfan NC-17, 5K
Tags: PWP, Established Relationship, POV (Tony)
Tony's working at an actual desk with actual papers and actual pens. He set to work on the papers he's supposed to sign and then got sidetracked. But he got back to the papers eventually. He was trying really hard to be good tonight

déjà vu - lokitty11 PG-13, 5K
Tags: Amnesia, Established Relationship, Angst, Happy Ending, POV (Steve)
"I'm sorry, soldier, but you've got the wrong man," Steve says.

When you're on a golden sea - lyra_wing PG, 5K
Tags: Team!fic, Hurt!Steve, GEN, POV (Bruce)
Bruce decides to escape to a tropical island. And of course, the Avengers follow.

Bleeding Faith (in small doses) - MarvelousMenagerie (HiddenOne) PG-13, 4K+
Steve is temporarily turned into a vampire which bothers absolutely no one on the Avengers but himself. Dr. Strange seems confident in his ability to turn him back, anyway, and Steve has enough self-control not to go attacking people.

But Tony Stark, as always, has to prove himself the exception.

Touch Me, I Wanna Be Dirty - blue_jack NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Bottom!Tony, Humor, Established Relationship, POV (Tony)
Tony’s not going to deny that he’s ridiculously excited. Steve. In his bed. Naked. Everything is rainbows and nothing hurts.

Come on Closer - Epiphanyx7 NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Established Relationship, Inexperienced!Steve, POV (Steve)
Or, the one where Steve wants to talk to Tony about something important.

Flyboy - autoschediastic NC-17, 4K
Tags: Costume Kink, PWP, POV (Steve), Flying together, Established Relationship
"With wild and crazy abandon," Tony said, and grabbed him around the waist to yank him close like a black and white picture hero. "Hold on tight."

That Huge Damn Jacuzzi - ann2who NC-17, 4k
Tags: PWP, Established Relationship, POV (Steve)
It stood in the very center of the room, large enough to host at least three people, raised a good three feet off the ground with stairs leading up and into the tub on each of the sides. Behind the Jacuzzi was another wall that separated the room; it spanned a good ten feet in length, also hosting mirrors.
It was… well, to be honest, the damn Jacuzzi was giving Steve a bit of a headache.

(dreaming of places) where lovers have wings - morphosyntactic PG, 4k
Tags: Wingfic, Fluff, POV (Steve), Team!fic, Flying
Steve waking up to find two wings sprouting out of his back isn’t even the strangest thing that’s happened over the past few weeks. It’s high up there, though.

Anti-Virus - marinarusalka PG, 4k
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Sick!Steve, Caring!Tony, Pre-Slash, Holiday: Christmas, POV (Tony)
Steve didn't think he could get sick any more. He was wrong. Tony didn't think of himself as the caretaking type. He was wrong too.

The Heart Wants - inukagome15 PG-13, 4k
Tags: Mutual Pining, Demisexual!Steve, romance, holiday: Christmas, POV (Steve), Team!fic
Relationships and Steve were never exactly friends, and that wasn't because of the seventy years on ice. But it had everything to do with why people thought sex was great and went gaga over the littlest things. Steve had never quite understood why until he met Tony.

So, We Accidentally Summoned a Sex Demon - Crematosis Hard R, 4k
Tags: Sex-pollen, Mission fic, POV (Tony)
When the Avengers were called to stop a group of scientists summoning a tentacle monster through the power of sex, Tony didn't count on being part of that effort. Oops.

Save the First Dance - EClairedeLoon nc-17, 4k,
Tags: fluff, pining, POV (Steve), angst, man out of time, romance
In which Steve has his first dance and experiences another first as well.

why stop now - Zekkass NC-17, 4k
Tags: A/O Canon AU, Bottom!Tony, POV (Tony)
Tony's an alpha, Steve's an alpha, they shouldn't work.

Dazed and Confused - tsukinofaerii R, 4k
Tags: POV (Steve), Established Relationship, Virgin!Steve
Captain America has a great many duties that need careful attention. He has to... uh... That thing where... Wow, Tony's pants are awfully tight, aren't they?

Stepping Down - nightwalker PG-13, 4k,
Tags: POV (Tony), Established Relationship, Future-fic, Fluff
Tony Stark isn't sure how to tell his husband that it's time for Iron Man to retire.

Love in the Hearts - Lumelle PG-13, 4k
Tags: Fluff, Flirting, Pining, POV (Tony)
When Tony criticizes Steve's taste in imported candy, he finds himself at the receiving end of the wordiest silent treatment he's experienced to date. However, after overhearing a discussion between Steve and Fury, he starts to suspect there's more to the whole mess than just Steve being stubborn and refusing to admit that new tech always, always trumps everything. Who would have thought pieces of processed sugar could be so very useful?

A Fine Wine - goddamnhella PG-13, 4k
Tags: Locked, POV (Tony)
Through a short series of completely bullshit events, Tony cops an artificially-engineered dose of vampirism. While coming to grips with his bloodlust, the horrified look in Steve's eyes and the realisation that pop culture has lied to him, Tony struggles to handle himself in a manner befitting a superhero.

Worth It - AshitaNewssnoopy 4k, PG-13
Tags: fluff, dating, pov (tony), established relationship
When Steve said he wanted to court Tony, he assumed that he just meant that he wanted to take thing slow. And that was fine by Tony. No really, he could do this thing if that's what Steve needed (shut up, Pepper; he so could). Because Steve was worth the wait.
But then the gifts started coming and the letters popped up and there were chaste kisses and romance and...and what is even with this? Just when did his life turn into a romance novel?

The Proper Use of Nicknames - reona32 PG, 4k
Tags: Fluff, Hurt!Tony, POV (Steve)
Wherein there is abuse of candy and Steve fails at being a bro. Oh, and Steve is Prince Charming, Clint is a faithful knight, and Tony is a pretty, pretty princess. (Fury has no idea how these idiots keep getting on his helicarrier.)

The Fear of Consequences - kepteinen PG-13, 4k
Tags: Post-Avengers, POV (Tony)
It really isn't a problem. Then one day, Tony looks at Steve and thinks, shit. It might be mutual.

bang a gong (get it on) - Anonymous NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP, Heartbeat kink, Sexual tension
Steve Rogers' heartbeat was officially hotter than blowjobs.

Yeah. Marriage. - Wordsplat PG-13, 4K
Tags: Marriage Proposal
Steve proposes. Tony doesn't react at all like Steve was expecting, but then, he really should've learned to expect the unexpected by now.

Friday I'm In Love - missbecky PG, 4K
Tags: Established Relationship, Fluff
The thing was, Tony really did love Steve. With all his heart. Sometimes real life got in the way, like it had this week with its interminable obstacles and petty arguments, but in the end what mattered was that he loved Steve and Steve loved him. They maybe didn't always get to show it, but that didn't change the fact that it was still there.

New Found Land - valtyr NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve
Steve likes the television. Tony likes Steve.

Tony Stark On The Rocks - copperbadge PG-13, 4K
Tags: Posessive!Steve, Pining
Tony can't figure out why his dates keep bolting. It's okay, though, because Steve's always around to keep him entertained.

Better Off - 51stCenturyFox PG-13, 4K
Tags: UST, Pining!Tony
Tony wants to help Steve get everything he deserves. Steve deserves everything.

Gold "Member" - Amuly NC-17, 3K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, PWP, Humor
Tony realizes one night that the golden under-armor he pulls out of his skin with Extremis can be pulled out to cover only very specific parts of his anatomy. Namely, his penis. He decides he really needs to share this with Steve.

Afternoon Delight - silverfoxflower NC-17, 3K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, PWP, Roleplaying: Different Meeting, Desk!Sex
PWP with Roleplaying (tony interviewing steve for a job, having his wicked way with him etc)

Christmas Party Shenanigans - sharkie335 NC-17, 3k
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, Established Relationship, PWP, POV (Tony)
Director Fury requires the team to attend a holiday party. Steve and Tony get up to some things that are definitely not sanctioned.

Aw, Table - ohmyloki NC-17, 3k
Tags: POV (Other), Humor, Secret Relationship, Established Relationship
A day in the life of Clint Barton. Alternatively: How Clint found out Steve and Tony were 'dating'.

Heartbeats - Wordsplat PG-13, 3k
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Protective!Tony, Team!fic, Mission
When Steve is poisoned, Tony discovers he has a few things he'd like to say.

Until There's Nothing Left - blue_jack NC-17, 3k
Tags: D/s, PWP, Bottom!Steve, POV (Steve), Pining, Bondage
“I don’t know about this,” Steve says as Tony closes the manacle around his wrist, fingers twitching at the steely snick. It’s a long time before he can look away.

The Secret To Happiness Is Almost Dying - TheLadyZephyr PG-13, 3K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Team fic
Tony's first real near death experience gave him Iron Man. His second saved an entire city. His third? Well, if this is the kind of reward he gets for laying down on the wire, he may not cut it after all.

Glass Houses - Silverlace_Vine PG, 3k
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Pre-Slash, Post-Avengers, Protective!Tony
Tony spies on Steve's daily life, and realizes he was wrong.

Take A Number - 51stCenturyFox PG-13, 3K
So what if Tony Stark is sleeping with everybody else (except him)? Why would Steve care? He doesn’t even like Tony, and certainly not like that...

L☆VE - copperbadge R, 3K
Tags: Fluff
Steve's favorite shirt is at the center of a debate about masculinity, sexuality, and whether or not he did in fact steal it like a thief in the night from Tony.

Man on Top - Amuly NC-17, 3K
Tags: PWP, Flirting
Tony isn't as great at grappling as he thought. Thankfully, Steve knows how to soothe a man's ego. PWP

I Get a Kick Out of You - attice NC-17, 3K
Tags: PWP, Wall!sex, Bottom!Steve
He looks Steve over. He's flushed—red-faced, tousle-haired, and completely out of breath. Something is definitely wrong. Tony's first thought is this isn’t possible, quickly followed by how does this pick-up line go again?

Here, Beside You - pensversusswords R, 3K
Tags: Misunderstandings, Mutual Pining, Hate!sex, PWP, POV (Tony)
Neither of them have ever claimed to be good at emotions. It leads to a few misunderstandings.

the days are just packed - gdgdbaby R, 3K
Tags: Post Avengers, Steve/Tony, Natasha/Clint, Team!fic, Pre-slash
Of course, because the powers that be seem bent on making their lives a living hell, the city's entire power grid goes out the third day they've moved in.

hot blooded (check it and see) - starkravingcap PG-13, 3.5k
Tags: pre-slash, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Sick!Tony, POV (Tony)
He is a sweating, sick and arguably hot mess. And he is absolutely miserable, being confined to the box that is his room. There’s light streaming through the giant glass windows that cannot be blocked out by even the darkest of curtains (and believe him, he’s tried the blackout curtains).

Steven G. Rogers - Raikishi R, 3K
Tags: Team!Fic, Fluff, Humor, POV (Steve)
In which Tony tries to figure out Steve's middle name

there is nothing for me (but to love you) - brandnewfashion R, 3k
Tags: Domestic, established relationship, Marriage Proposal, POV (Tony)
"Even now, as they’re standing in the middle of the dance floor, Tony is hyperaware of Steve’s hand in his, and he idly wonders what it would be like to brush his thumb over Steve’s finger and feel the smooth metal of a ring there."

Slap you on the back and say "Please" - scribblywobblytimeylimey NC-17, 3k
Tags: POV (Tony), Kissing, Pining, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, UST, Bottom!Steve, Straight!Tony
The attack comes unexpectedly, in the middle of a meeting and without his suit. He manages fine - he's not a child - and, alright, he had a bit of help. But then the roof decides to go and collapse on him. Good thing Steve was there to jump on top of him before the ceiling did.

Only thing is: now, they're kind of stuck. And while Steve is visibly displeased with the situation, certain parts of him disagree with that consensus.
It's almost impossible not to have a long, hard think about your sexuality when you've got an aroused super-soldier pinned on top of you for an indeterminate length of time. Especially if he's admitting his boner is not exactly coincidental.

Tell Me a Story - missbecky PG-13, 3k
Tags: PTSD, pre-slash, pov (tony), mission, Friendship
Tony is doing fine. Just fine. Until he's not. Steve notices.

(Dreaming) Someone Else's Dream - missbecky R, 3k
Tags: POV (Tony), Canon!AU, Hallucinations, Hurt!tony, angst
The Avengers were never real, only the product of a fevered delirium in a cave in Afghanistan. But some dreams are worth fighting for. Worth living for.

Five Times the Avengers Blew Up Headquarters... And One Time They Didn't - Amuly NC-17, 3k
Tags: Humor, Bottom!Steve, Friendship, team, secret relationship
Avengers Headquarters sees its fair share of explosions, and things that only sound like explosions…

a superhero and an idiot walk into a bar - eleadore PG-13, 3k
Tags: Humor, Team!fic, Pining, drunk kissing, pov (steve), team bonding
It’s not that he and Tony don’t get along. It’s more that Tony got so drunk on New Year’s Eve that he kissed Steve full on the mouth in front of everyone and called him Shirley and then laughed until he passed out.

subject to change - eleadore PG-13, 3k
Tags: Fluff, Team fic, Artist!Steve, POV (Steve)
Steve draws everyone but Tony. It’s nothing personal, really.

Have You Met Uncle Charles? - winterhill PG, 3k
Tags: Crossover: XMFC, Canon!AU, POV (Tony), fluff
Tony Stark has known Charles Xavier since Tony was eight and Xavier was his Uncle Charles. Now that Tony’s all grown up, Charles vets his dates. Well, most of them. Except for the ones where Charles brings someone who should really be in jail, not a fancy restaurant.

I'm A Grown-Ass Man - Not Applicable (not_applicable) R, 3k
Tags: Size Kink, Fluff, Protective!Steve, Humor, post-avengers, POV (Both), shower!sex
5 Times Steve Carried Tony and 1 Time Tony Didn't Mind. At all.

let it snow - starkravingcap PG-13, 3k
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, POV (Both), fluff, established relationship
“There is paper hanging from my ceiling,” Tony says, mostly because he doesn’t know what else to say.
“Wha—Oh,” Bruce looks confused for a moment, but then he smiles again, a nicer smile, a soft one that makes Tony think very briefly of his mother, “Right. They’re snowflakes.”

Five Times Steve Said 'I Love You', Plus One Time Tony Reciprocated - starspangledsprocket PG-13, 3k+
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Tony, Hurt!Steve, Fluff, Romance, Protective!Steve, Domestic, Established Relationship, POV (Tony)
In which Steve is a relatively normal, well put together human being, and Tony... is trying his best.

Not That I'm Complaining - scribblywobblytimeylimey NC-17, 3k
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Straight!Tony, Virgin!Steve, Mission, POV (Tony)
The next time they save the world, Steve sucks Tony off against the wall without a word of explanation. Tony’s pretty okay with it.

Darn Yankees - Amuly PG, 3K
Tags: Fluff
Steve goes to talk to Tony about his many female friends that he has over to the Avengers mansion night after night. After all, they pose a security risk. Which is the only reason they bother Steve. No other reason. Also: baseball.

Seasonal Requisites - MusicalLuna PG-13, 3K
Tags: GEN
It's a PR event.

Executive Party - copperbadge PG-13, 3K
Tags: Fluff, Holiday Christmas, CATWS
Tony's terrible December is suddenly looking up.

Yes, Tony Stark, There Is A Santa Claus - eleanor_lavish PG, 3K
Tags: Holiday Fic, Pining!Tony
Tony Stark doesn’t really give a shit about Christmas. I mean, sure, he’ll enjoy a glass of nog, and he’s always thought mistletoe was a great scam, but Christmas is about home and hearth and family and nostalgia and, let’s face it. The Starks had a lot of things, but not a lot for Tony to be nostalgic about. This year, however, nostalgia is the name of the game. This year, Tony’s throwing a motherfucking party.

Re(a)d All Over - brandnewfashion, MusicalLuna PG, 3K
Tags: Fluff, Flirting, CATWS Compliant, Pining
Contrary to popular belief, Tony Stark can blush. It just takes Steve getting drunk on some magical Asgardian mead for it to finally happen.

Sharp Dressed Man - copperbadge NC-17, 3K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve
There are a lot of things you can do with a personalized suit of armor and a naked super soldier.

Sir, Yes Sir - someidiothasice NC-17, 3K
Tags: PWP, Humor, Bottom!Steve
Steve had spent the better part of the night bending over in front of Tony, taking every opportunity to pick things up off the floor in the hopes of Tony getting an eyeful of his ass and ending up with ideas. But it seemed the only ideas in Tony's mind had to do with getting himself a piece of what was down the front of Steve's pants.

The Auction - Wordsplat PG-13, 3K
Tags: Pining, POV (Steve)
At the annual Maria Stark Auction, the Bachelor Auction goes a little differently than usual. Steve is nervous, Tony has a plan, and Clint gets a remote to the crotch but scores a bra.

please let me get what I want (this time) - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 3K
Tags: Magic, Pining
He wants to run a hand through his hair, bite down on his lip, rumple his shirt, mess him up a little and pull the Stark away until it’s just Tony, who doesn’t need to fake anything.
And there’s two minutes and fifty-three seconds left, according to the clock, and Steve hears it in his throat, and his heart is rattling around in his chest, and he feels like he’s going to overflow.He looks over at Tony, and it bursts: IwantIwantIwantIwant, over and over, beating a rhythm at the back of his eyes

Under Armor - trilliath PG13, 2k
Tags: hurt!tony, protective!steve
Tony's a little tiny bit entirely stuck in his suit. But who needs the jaws of life when you have a Super Soldier on hand?

Cinematic - 51stCenturyFox PG-13, 2K
Tags: POV (Steve)
Captain America made some films during the second World War, so it's not surprising when Hollywood comes calling again when he makes the news and develops a fanbase after the Avengers save New York. Tony is alternately skeptical, intrigued, envious, and...turned-on.

The One with the Teenage Hormones - cherryfeather R, 2K
Tags: De-Age, Humor
Steve is an incredibly attractive teenager this time around, Clint can't stop laughing, Thor can't stop apologizing, and Tony doesn't know how he ever made good decisions when he was younger. He certainly doesn't want to now.

Lazy light of morning - quandong_crumble NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Domestic
Tony bends down and presses a quick kiss to his lips. "Something I have to check on in the workshop. I'll be back before you wake up again."
"Sundays are sleep-in days." Steve wants nothing more than to drag Tony back into bed and keep him there, but he lets go and settles back against the pillows. He tries to keep his eyes open long enough to watch his naked boyfriend wander around the room in search of yesterday's clothes, but his eyelids are heavy and sleep claims him again.

Thor Should Never Be Allowed Internet Access - Amuly NC-17, 2K
Tags: Humor, PWP, Bottom!Steve
Steve/Tony, Thor complains about the overly loud copulation of his shield brothers. A Thor without sleep is not a happy Thor.

Your Kind of Love - blue_jack NC-17, 2K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, PWP, Virgin!Steve
The first time they have sex, Tony isn’t really hoping for much.

Sing That Body Electric - royal_chandler NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP, Established Relationship
Tony comes back from a business trip to find Steve with a beard.

Truths, Lies and the Tipping Point - BlackEyedGirl PG-13, 2K
The news report seems more interested in the argument between the team during the fight than the way they eventually won. And then it gets worse.

Bespoke - thyrza NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP
Steve likes it when Tony leaves the suit on. No, not *that* suit.

Every inch and scar and scrap of metal - eonism NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP
“This is what keeps you alive?” Steve asks, although he already knows the answer. He already knows about roadside ambush and the shrapnel clawing its way into Tony’s heart and the three months spent in the cave. It doesn’t mean that seeing it up close isn’t just a little humbling, in the face of things.

Let's Face It, This is Not the Worst Thing You've Caught Me Doing - SakuraTsukikage NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP
Steve has never given anyone a blowjob before, but he's willing to give it a try. Steve/Tony, established relationship.

Of Frosting and Fireworks - Wordsplat PG-13, 2K
Tags: Fluff
It's Steve's birthday, but the last person he expects to remember that is Tony.

In the Heat of the Night - fandomfrolics PG-13, 2K
Tags: Fluff/Angst, Misunderstandings, established relationship
Tony wants to know, if they're together, just why the hell Steve's been sleeping on the couch this whole time.

later on, we'll conspire - ohmyloki PG-13, 2K
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, Fluff
There's something Tony's never done before. And Steve's going to be the one to show him what it's all about.

waking up to lights - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 2K
Tags: PTSD (Steve), Nightmares
Summary: Tony is awake, he woke up sometime between Steve whimpering and Steve jerking out of his decade-old nightmares, and now he’s still, sitting up in bed, one hand resting on the bed in the space between them. “Steve,” Tony says, slow, calm, and Steve knows, yes, they’ve done this a thousand times, with each of them at the nightmare end.

Wrap It Up (I'll Take It) - 51stCenturyFox NC-17, 2k
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, POV (Tony)
Smart billionaires were almost required to be eccentric. So Tony Stark didn’t like to be handed things and he didn’t swap intimate fluids. At least he wasn’t scrubbing the labels off of canned goods or wearing Kleenex boxes for slippers like Howard Hughes.

Carried Away - zelda_zee PG-13, 2k
Tags: POV (Steve), Mission, First Kiss, Adrenaline, Protective!Tony
They're surrounded by mayhem & destruction, so of course it's the perfect moment for a first kiss.

User Interface by AlchemyAlice PG-13, 2k
Tags: Pre-Slash, POV (Steve)
Summary: Steve dares to stick his head into the workshop on a Tuesday which had so far been filled only with paperwork, and as soon as he actually comprehends what he's seeing, he kind of just wants to forget the filing and the G-33 forms and just stay down there forever.

Valentine’s Day - nightwalker NC-17, 2k
Tags: Secret Relationship, Insecure!Tony, Established Relationship, POV (tony)
Tony's made reservations, Steve's got reservations, and Natasha will never walk into a room without knocking again.

not without you - MusicalLuna PG-13, 2K
Tags: De Aged, Kid!fic, kid!steve, team, mission, POV (Tony)
Tony is a lot better at this than people give him credit for, and Steve was a lot more of a handful as a kid than anyone expected.

One Hell of a Wild Ride - missbecky NC-17, 2K
Tags: Mission, POV (Tony), Action, Car Chase, PWP
A recon mission turns into something a little more than Steve and Tony bargained for. Good thing Tony's got a fast car.

The Reconciliation - nightwalker NC-17, 2k
Tags: Established Relationship, Holiday: Christmas, Fluff/Angst, POV (Steve)
It was less than fifteen minutes to midnight on Christmas Eve, but Steve would be damned if he spent Christmas Day angry at the man he loved.

This Fool That You’ve Made of Me - blue_jack NC-17, 2K
Tags: Humor, One Night Stand, kink:feathers, POV (Tony)
Tony doesn’t believe in “happily ever after.”

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being a Capsicle - missbecky PG-13, 2K
Tags: POV (Steve), PTSD, romance, hurt/comfort
Someone at SHIELD freezes a Captain America action figure in ice, and Steve finds it. Good thing for him he's got Tony Stark on his side, because his day is about to get a whole lot better.

I Always Have to Steal My Kisses from You - blue_jack PG-13, 2K
Tags: Pov (Steve), Romantic Comedy
Okay, so Tony probably hadn’t realized what he was doing. He’d just had a near-death experience, and the kiss had been a way to . . . reaffirm his life. Deal with his emotions. Release some steam. Something like that. Nothing to be concerned about, and it’s doubtful that it’ll happen again. The fact that they risk their lives on a regular basis isn’t worrying at all.

From Russia With Love - missbecky PG-13, 2k
Tags: Cuddling, Domestic, Mission, POV (Tony)
Even the best laid plans sometimes involve spending a cold winter's night in Russia.

No Other Explanation - attice NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Sexual tension, POV (Steve)
Tony Stark is always onstage. He plays different parts. Even in his mind, Steve knows—because there is no other explanation for the differences in his kisses.

Leave Your Marks Written Upon My Skin - blue_jack NC-17, 2K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, PWP, Kink: D/s
“I want you to keep your hands right here, alright?”

This Hand Is Your Hand - anoceanmonster NC-17, 2K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Realizations, POV (Tony), PWP
Summary: One of the most frustrating things about Steve Rogers is that for such a ‘hands on’ guy, he’s not being very hands on..

Just a Whisper - blue_jack NC-17, 2k
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, established, POV (Tony)
Tony’s always had a little voyeuristic streak in him.

coffee, pants, steve (or 66.6%) - preromantics PG-13, 2k
Tags: Morning After, POV (Tony), domestic, fluff
After accomplishing pants, both coffee and Steve come surprisingly easy, because both are in the kitchen. / In which Tony has feelings in a Tony way.

A Glimpse of a Butterfly - MemoryDragon PG-13, 2k
Tags: Fluff, POV (Steve)
After one of the guests at a charity event gets a little too handsy, Steve heads to the gardens to get a breath of fresh air. He's surprised by what he sees there.

Captain America Doesn’t Have A Crush - starsfell PG-13, 2K
Tags: Fluff, POV (Steve), CATWS, Pining
The first time Steve notices the way the light hits Tony’s face when the sun is just about to set on the New York horizon, he ignores the rush it gives him and decides to never think of it again.

Apple Bottom Jeans (And Other Love Songs) - gyzym PG-13, 2K
Tags: Canon!AU, Fluff, Pining
Or, how Steve Rogers--kind of--learns to dance.
Bea's comment: Where in they all move into the mansion and Tony has a good singing voice. Which Steve appreciates. a lot

Five things the Avengers taught Steve Rogers About the World, and One Thing He Taught Them. - samalander PG-13, 2K
Tags: Man out of time, Post-Avengers, POV (Steve)
Steve is new to this world, but he has some help navigating it. Then again, not all that much has changed.

All of My Love is For You - blue_jack PG-13, 2K
The thing is, Tony totally knows that Steve’s interested.

Dance With Me - Wordsplat PG-13, 2K
Tags: Dancing
Steve doesn't know how to dance. Tony is not deterred.

Four Times The Avengers Cockblocked Tony Stark (and one time they didn't) - misspamela PG-13, 2K

Intent to Follow - MusicalLuna PG-13, 2K
Tags: Flirt!Tony
Steve notices Tony's started to look at him differently and he's not sure what to think.

Stop, Drop, and Cuddle - Amuly PG, 1.9k
Tags: Sick!Steve, Hurt/Comfort, POV (Tony), protective tony, pre-slash
Where Steve gets sick.

Still Here - ashinan NC-17, 1k
Tags: Hurt!Tony, POV (Steve), PWP, Established Relationship
Tony is curled up in the middle of the bed, pooled blankets of red and black cocooning his form. Steve can make out the large swatch that covers the damage he took to his shoulder. But Tony is still here.

Begin to Breathe - often_adamanta R, 1k
Tags: Domestic, Fluff, Established Relationship
It’s not until the glowing New York skyline is disappearing in the rearview mirror that all those pressures fade away.

Soul Bomb - copperbadge PG-13, 1.9k
Tags: Telepathy, Soulmates, Pov (Tony)
Suddenly everyone in Manhattan has someone else's voice in their head. Tony got Steve's, for his sins.

AT.410 - legete PG-13, 1.9k
Tags: Hurt!Steve, POV (Tony), hypothermia, team!fic
They discover the little narcolepsy problem when Tony Stark accidentally almost murders Captain America.

A Little Rough, A Little Burn - zams PG-13, 1.5k
Tags: fluff, established relationship
When Steve decides not to shave one morning, he finds out just how much Tony likes him with some scruff

Three Little Words (Mean So Much More) - capsicleironman pg-13, 1.6k
Tags: fluff, established relationship, pov (tony)
Summary: Steve says "I love you" for the first time (or the one where Tony freaks out).

Insatiable - blue_jack NC-17, 1k
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, pov steve, masturbation, establiished relationship
He’d never known he could miss something so much, could want something . . . so much.

Tied and Twisted - 51stCenturyFox PG-13, 1.8k+
Tags: POV (Tony)
From a prompt from Thad: "Bondage! It can start with a little problem in the shop. Tony, or Steve, gets caught on something and needs help getting out..."

Snow - Neverever PG-13, 1k
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hypothermia, PTSD (Steve), Hurt!Steve, POV (Steve), Mission
Steve miscalculates during a mission and ends up lost in the snow.

To You, I Whisper Words Of Love - zams PG-13, 1K
Tags: Fluff
When Tony said I love you for the first time, Steve wasn't expecting it. There was no build up and no grand romantic gesture, but it was still perfect.

Mad Mother Hen - MusicalLuna R, 1K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Protective!Steve
Tony gets hurt and Steve gets cranky. But he still takes care of him.

man on a mission (into steve's pants) - theappleppielifestyle R, 1K
Tags: Virgin!Steve
Tony sighs. "Do you, Steve Rogers, want to have sex with me, Tony Stark?"
"I think most people that are alive want to have sex with you," Steve says, and then looks like he wants the gym floor to open up under him and swallow him whole.

there's what i believe, and then there's you - theappleppielifestyle R, 1K
Tags: Hurt!Tony
Steve locks his jaw. They don't have time, and Tony's breathing is getting ragged behind him as the shrapnel creeps closer to his heart.
He feels all eyes on him as he takes ahold of the HYDRA agent's finger. "Give me the code, or I will break your finger."

Hot Wheels - copperbadge PG-13, 1K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Temp Character Death,
Steve thought Tony was dead. Tony thinks Steve is being dramatic.

Five Hours - goddamnhella PG, 1K
Tags: Pre-Slash
Naturally the one time Steve goes missing it's Tony who gets the call from Fury.

Before the Dawn - ashinan PG-13, 1K
Tags: PTSD (Steve), Hurt/Comfort)
There’s a strange place, between asleep and awake, that Steve has come to know quite well since he woke in the twenty-first century.

cherry wine - starkravingcap PG-13, 1K
Tags: Language kink
Steve likes lazy mornings and waking up to the man he loves. Tony likes to use his charms and wiles for good, mostly. Or; the one where Tony seduces Steve using the language of love.

if i were fearless - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, <1K
Tony asks Steve for advice on how to woo 'someone.'

Engine 3 - Del_Rion nc-17, 1k+
Tags: Post-Avengers, PWP, Apocalyptic future fic
As the years pass, the challenges grow and the stakes are raised ever higher, they’re both still drawn to the place where they first worked as a team. It was there, at Engine 3, that Steve pressed Tony against the wall and kissed him for the first time, and that is where they’ll find each other again when the world is coming to an end.

Everything You Said I Ever - blue_jack PG-13, 1k
Tags: POV (Steve), Fluff, Humor, Hurt!Tony
The first time Tony asks him out, Steve is . . . . well, appalled is as good a word as any

Quiet Worship - sidium PG-13, 1k
Tags: Established Relationship, Domestic, Romantic, POV (Tony)
He should let him sleep, really, he knows this. He should go back to sleep, or carefully get up, maybe make a cup of coffee, or a million other things that would allow Steve to stay in the position he’s in, peaceful and dreaming.

Losing It All - toestastegood NC-17, 1.9k+
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Pre-Serum!Steve, POV (Tony)
The Avengers all lose their abilities. Tony can't help but be distracted by Steve's small stature.

Good Game - 51stCenturyFox NC-17, 1.5k
Tags: Shower!Sex, Bottom!Steve, PWP, Kink: Spanking, POV (Tony)
Steve had an ass could make Tony write sonnets if he did that sort of thing, he was sure. Really bad ones, with phrases like "unyielding spheres of rapture," so it was a good thing he's no poet.

My Heart Keeps Beating - ashinan PG, 1K
Tags: Pre-Slash, Hurt!Tony, Arc Reactor, Mission fic, Team fic, pov (steve)
Steve likes to think Tony takes care of himself better now that Steve is around to help, that they’re all around to help. He likes to think Tony understands that ‘team’ means backup. He likes to think these things. But he’s usually let down.

5 Times Tony Gave Steve a Lift (and the One Time Steve Returned the Favor) - fandomfrolics PG-13, 1K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Protective!Tony, Mission, Hug and Fly, Flying together, Rescue, POV (Tony)
Written for a prompt from SteveTonyFest on Tumblr.

Protect You - ashinan PG-13, <1K,
Tags: Pre-Slash, Protective!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Mission, POV (Steve)
Summary: It’s become ridiculous lately, how easily the villains have adapted to Tony’s brand of recklessness.

Tell Me The Things I Want To Hear - zams R, <1k
Tags: Humor, Marriage Proposal, Oral Sex, PWP, Shower Sex, Established Relationship, POV (Steve)
"Did you just ask me to marry you? Now? When I'm about to give you a blow job?"

Next of Kin - ficlicious PG, <1k
Tags: Hurt!Tony, POV (Steve), Secret Marriage, Established Relationship
“I’m sorry, Captain,” she says firmly. “I can only give out that information to family members or next of kin.” Her eyes soften a little. “Not even Captain America is exempt from that, I’m afraid.” Steve doesn’t even hesitate. “We’re married,” he says.

Silver Fox - Arukou PG, <1k
Tags:Romance, Age Difference, Future fic, POV (Steve), Established Relationship
Howard's motto was "Stark men are made of iron." Tony's is "Never let 'em see you bleed.
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Our rain-washed histories (don't need to be told) - sirona NC-17, 58K
Tags: Canon!AU, Bottom!Steve, Lots of Sex, OC/Steve, Stony Endgame
Dumped by SHIELD into the real world of the 21st Century, Steve must learn how to live a normal life again, and rediscover the things that make it worth embracing.

sambar and scaffolding - seventymilestobabylon PG-13, 3K
Tags: Canon!AU, First Meeting
Steve ran away from SHIELD when they unfroze him and then accidentally ended up in the same cooking class as Tony Stark.


Stars Fading, but I Linger On, Dear - ChibiSquirt NC-17, 53K, Soulmates, Canon!AU, Dream Sharing
A Soulmate AU where people meet their soulmate in their dreams. Of course, not even that solves all the world's problems, especially if one or more of the soulmates has a secret identity...

The Heavens Tumble, Darling, and I'm— - ChibiSquirt NC-17, 8K, Bottom!Steve, Soulmates, Humor
For most of Steve’s life, he’d been certain he was going to meet his soulmate by pissing him off. (Almost certainly a him, although the occasion of the WACs did cause Steve’s heart to stutter for more reasons than just the look of a girl in uniform.) He was sure that the conversation would go something like—
“Something something (probably something sassy), Mr. Soulmate.”
“Captain,” Capt. Soulmate would correct him.
Because that was all it said: Just “CAPTAIN”, all caps, no punctuation, in dark block letters that looked simultaneously angry and precise. So he could probably be forgiven for assuming that it was a correction for a misapplied form of address; after all, it couldn’t be someone addressing him as Captain, could it?
Life was very funny

We Are Built From Broken Parts - missbecky R, 36K
Tags: Canon!AU, Dark, Crossover: Doctor Who, Torture, Character Death
On his first day in office, Britain's new Prime Minister unleashes an alien terror upon the Earth. The Avengers are first formed to fight this threat - only to fail. Now the survivors are prisoners on board the Master's ship. And he has plans for them.

dreaming through the decades - theappleppielifestyle PG, 22K, Canon!AU
Tags: Soulmates, Different Meeting
Summary: “S-soulmates aren’t supposed to share dreams until they’re teenagers.”
“Teenagers,” the boy repeats after a moment, like Tony had just spoken another language.
“We’re too young,” Tony tells him. “I’m- I’m only eight.”
“Me, too,” the boy says. His face keeps flickering from hope to something like fear. He takes an uncertain step forwards, but stops when Tony’s back becomes even more rigid. “I’m Steve Rogers.”
Tony opens his mouth but nothing comes out. He swallows, says, “I’m Tony.”

Dream A Little Dream Of Me - ann2who NC-17, 27K
Tags: Canon!AU, Fluff
Back in 1943, Steve Rogers is left with the aftermath of Project Rebirth. His days are filled with fighting Hydra on German soil, his dreams, however, are occupied by a very handsome stranger. A stranger, who barges into his life like a hurricane, and throws Steve’s expectation of love right out of the window. The guy’s aggravating, unpredictable, and yet, irritatingly handsome. The more Steve’s dreams and waking life blur together, the more he finds himself drawn to the man. But how can he fall in love with someone who might not even be part of his world?

All Roads Lead To - theappleppielifestyle PG, 13K
Tags: Canon!AU
After Obadiah's betrayal, Tony hides in the depths of the Midwest to become a mechanic. The Avengers come into his life anyway.


Out of Breath - Greychu NC-17, 36K+, WIP
Tags: Alpha/Omega, Bottom!Steve, Canon!AU
Wherein Steve Rogers tries to learn how to be an Omega in the twenty-first century.

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy - mybrotherharry PG, 10K
Tags: Canon!AU
The first time Jarvis holds little Anthony in his arms, he is overwhelmed by emotion that is surprising in its intensity. When little Anthony's palm curves around his finger, Jarvis ducks his head to keep the others from seeing the wetness in his eyes.
"Hello Master Anthony," he whispers into the little ear, tugging the bundle of blankets closer to his heart.

a death in hallway 7 - attice R, 6K
Tags: Canon!AU, Outsider POV
Coulson doesn't like what he's seeing. Mostly because he hates Tony Stark, but also because Captain America deserves better.

Sandbag - paxnirvana PG-13, 3K
Tags: Canon!AU
Tony Stark meets a recently thawed out Captain America.


Say When - ann2who Series, NC-17, 241K+
Tags: Bottom!Tony, Bottom!Steve, Canon!AU, CATWS, IM2 and IM3, Hurt/Comfort, Team!fic, Protective!Steve, Protective!Tony, Different Meeting, Hurt!Tony, Hurt!Steve, POV (Both)
A series rewriting MCU verse, beginning with an alternate version of Iron Man 2, in which, instead of Natasha, Steve got assigned to help Tony while the genius was slowly dying of Palladium poisoning. Continues there in unfolding Steve's and Tony's journey through acceptance, trust, and eventually love.

Don't Look too Closely (all the angles are oblique) - shaenie NC-17, 161K+, Series
Tags Bottom!Steve, D/s, Kink, Pain play, LOTS OF KINK, Canon!AU, POV (Steve)
“I’m removing Captain Rogers from this base, but not from active duty. I want him as SHIELD’s liaison to Stark Industries first and foremost. He’ll report directly to me,” Fury says. “As it is, your identity as Captain America is not public knowledge and it will remain that way until I say otherwise. That said, if you think you can get Tony Stark to work with you if you disclose that information, you have permission to do so.”

And Time Went On - Morena_Evensong NC-17, 106K
Tags: Canon!AU, SciFi, Ghosts, Action, POV (Tony), Crossover/Fusion
Two hundred years ago the Mandarin attacked Washington, the first stage of his plan for world domination. And the Avengers... vanished. All except Iron Man, who eventually managed to defeat the Mandarin with the help of SHIELD, a few other superheroes, and their friends.
Now, nearly two hundred years after the death of Anthony Stark, the current Stark heir, Tony, is moving into the forgotten Stark Manor in order to avoid falling into the clutches of the United World Council. But Stark Manor isn't just an empty old house...

Truth Behind Masks - scifigrl47  PG-13, 98K
Tags: Canon!AU, Identity Porn, Murder Plot
Steve Rogers has plenty of friends. He just doesn't know two of them are the same man. That's just how Tony Stark/Iron Man likes it. Until he comes to regret it.

Toy Soldiers - copperbadge NC-17, 88K+ , Series
Tags: Canon!AU, Skinny!Steve, Action, Hurt/Comfort, POV (Steve)
When Steve Rogers, five foot four and a hundred and ten pounds, met Tony Stark in a bar, he didn't expect it to lead to a relationship. Or that Tony would find out he's not an art student during a SHIELD rescue mission in Afghanistan.

Tomorrow Belongs To Me by valtyr NC-17, 87K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Canon!AU: Different Meeting, Hurt!Tony, Jealous!Tony, POV (Both)
Summary: Steve wakes up in the 21st Century. He doesn't think much of it, and it's dubious about him. He meets a Norse God, joins a superhero team, and feels terribly awkward about the whole momument at Arlington he's rendered obsolete by not being dead. Meanwhile, Tony is trying to make his mark on history by being the man who finally drove Nick Fury over the edge.

My Son, My Sun - Wordsplat PG-13, 70k+
Tags: Fluff, Post-Avengers, Canon!AU, Kid!fic, Superfamily
Summary: Just before the events of Iron Man, a baby is left on Tony's doorstep. He wants nothing to do with it at first, but his time in Afghanistan changes his mind and Tony vows to become a better man for his son's sake.

I (created from fantasies) exist solely for you by Mizzy PG-13, 62K
Tags: Canon!AU, Identity Porn, Mission, POV (Steve)
Six years ago, without the Avengers Initiative there to save the day, scientist Dr. Eric Selvig sacrificed himself to save the world, the almighty demi-god Thor was lost to a terrible storm, and vigilante Iron Man – spotted with a nuclear weapon trying to take advantage of the situation – was forever labelled an enemy of SHIELD. This is a comic book office AU, where Steve is defrosted a year too late, Thor has forgotten who he is, and no one knows Tony is Iron Man.

Nostalgia - blue_jack NC-17, 62k, WIP
Tags: Canon!AU, Bottom!Steve, Angst, Misunderstandings, POV (Both), Post-Avengers, Mutual Pining, D/s, slow burn
"Fuck my life. Why me?" Tony asked.

Underground - Margo_Kim PG-13, 60K
Tags: Canon!AU, Dystopian, Good!Loki, Alternate Realities, Awesome, Feels, POV (Tony)
Five years ago, Thor's Chitauri army decimated the Earth. Now what's left of humanity lives in bases under the Earth's surface, safe from the toxic atmosphere. Tony likes to think that humanity's adapted pretty well. After all, they have movie nights and dances; they're doing better than could be expected. But when he learns that the little world of safety and stability they've carved out is about to be slowly but surely destroyed, the New York Underground is left with only two options--fight or flight.

Wait & Sea - Lenalena NC-17, 53K+
Tags: Canon!AU, Mission!fic, Action, Identity Porn, Hurt/Comfort, PTSD (Steve), Virgin!Steve, Series, POV (Both)
In which Tony and Steve get sent on an undercover mission aboard a cruise ship to make contact with Hydra. In this AU the military has kept the discovery and defrosting of Captain America a secret, so Steve and Tony have never met before. Yet they are to pose as newlyweds....

Iron Man: Unavailable, Tony Stark: In Trouble - navaan PG-13, 40K
Tags Canon!AU, Identity Porn, Hurt!Tony, Kidnapped!Tony, POV (Both), Protective!Steve
After what happened in New York the Avengers with the help of Tony Stark are trying to become more independent. The team has grown together and for Steve Iron Man is a big part of that, although he has some trouble getting along with his employer. Then Steve faces a bit of a mystery when Tony Stark gets kidnapped – and Iron Man, who is supposed to be the man's bodyguard when he's not an Avenger, is nowhere to be found.

Imprint 'Verse - kehinki NC-17, 34K, Series
Tags: Soulmates, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, POV (Tony), Tony/Pepper *breakup*, Canon!AU, Mission, Post-Avengers
This isn't the worst thing that's ever happened to Tony, but it's in the top five.

Wilt Thou Exchange - twentysomething NC-17, 33K
Tags: Canon!AU: Female!Tony, Pining, Genderswap
"The first time Steve meets Toni is about a week after he wakes up."

Our Weight In Gold - ann2who NC-17, 33K
Tags: IM3, Soulmates, Pining, Hurt!Steve, Straight!Tony, POV (Tony), Post-Avengers, Torture, Kidnapping, Angst, Canon!AU, Tony/Pepper, Phone!sex,
It was every cliché he’d ever heard about. Every sappy thing they wrote down in the magazines, every single thing he had always hated about the myth. It was as though he had experienced life without sight, and was suddenly bombarded by a storm of color. It was all-consuming, and rushing through his veins like molten lava, like his whole existence was suddenly filled with sunlight. A door opened, and a myriad of emotions stormed through his body: confusion, disbelief, loneliness, and so much fierce determination that it almost knocked Tony off his feet. And he understood then, understood that these emotions weren’t his. They were Rogers’. This is a story about fate, self-doubt, choice and eventually—love.

Alpha, Beta, Gamma Radiation - Lumelle NC-17, 32k, Series
Tags: Canon!AU, Alpha/Omega
It's a new world and a new century, and Steve's still not entirely used to being an alpha.

The Things We Show (The Things We Don't) - Lumelle NC-17, 32K, Series
Tags: Alpha/Omega, Canon!AU
Tony’s heat comes up unexpectedly, with neither Pepper nor Rhodey near to help. Of course, Steve is there, but turning to him would require Tony to trust him – and Steve to want to help.

Parallel - thyrza NC-17, 29K
Tags: Canon!AU, Undercover!Steve, Identity Porn, POV (Both)
In 1987, following the deaths of Howard and Maria Stark, Tony Stark chose a different path.

The Little Things Unknown - coaster R, 27K
Tags:Canon!AU, Crossover: Ghostbusters, Ghost!Steve, Happy Ending
Steve is a ghost. The Avengers bust ghosts. And Tony isn't sure what to make of Cap here. But hey, at least his other hauntings have stopped, right?

The Most Amazing Things (Some Terrible Lie) - copperbadge R, 26k
Tags: Canon!AU, Identity Porn
Tony's decision not to reveal his identity as Iron Man to the world was shrewd and calculated. Too bad it's about to backfire on him like a Jericho missile.

Nostalgia AU AU - blue_jack NC-17, 26K
Tags: Canon!AU, Bottom!Steve, WIP, pov steve
“I’m sorry, Steve, but without a Dominant, you’re stuck here.”

His Mother's Eyes - Annehiggins PG-13, 24K+
Tags: Canon!AU, Bucky/Peggy,
Peggy Carter is Tony's mother. It changes a lot, but some things are still destined.

Two Stars, One Constellation - fandomfrolics PG-13, 25K
Tags: Canon!AU, Ghost!Steve, POV (Tony)
He's hungover, or maybe even still a little drunk, and he has no idea where the hell he is - it's just a typical Tuesday morning for Tony Stark. Until he opens his eyes and finds himself face-to-face with Captain America, that is.

Ironsides - copperbadge NC-17, 23k
Tags: Canon!AU, Genderswap, POV (Tony)
Summary: Antonia Carter Stark takes no shit and no prisoners.

Enemy At The Gates - AvocadoLove R, 23K
Tags: Canon!AU, Identity Porn
By the time Captain America was found and defrosted, the Chitauri had wiped out the entire state of New York, and Iron Man was the world’s most wanted villain.

We Didn't Start the Fire - miscellea PG-13, 22k, Series
Tags: Canon!AU, Female!Tony
We're all wounded in our own ways. Steve Rogers is a man out of time and a hero with no one to save. Antonia Stark just might need a rescue.

The Idiot Box - Margo_Kim PG-13, 21K
Tags: Canon!AU, Genderswap, pov steve
Stephanie Rogers isn't happy to be in the 21st century, but she's even less thrilled to be on a team with Antonia Stark who seems as spoiled and self-centered as people come. She and Tony do their best to ignore each other, until their mutual insomnia causes them to bond over the new American pastime: late night television watching. Eventual Steph/Tony.

Some Kind of Personal War - sara_holmes R, 20K
Tags: CATWS, Canon!AU: Steve as Winter Soldier, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, POV (Tony)
And Tony realizes that working out who the Winter Soldier used to be and who he is now are two entirely different things.

Captain Stark & Mr. Rogers - silverfoxflower NC-17, 19k, Series
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Bottom!Tony, Canon!AU: Role Reversal
A role reversal fic featuring Steve Rogers (a.k.a Iron Man) as a billionaire, genius engineer with a heart of gold and Tony Stark (a.k.a Captain America) as a playboy American Hero who spent most of his backpay on his flashy lifestyle.

Anywhere, I Will Follow You - starspangledsprocket PG-13, 19k
Tags: IM3 Canon AU
A reworking of IM3. With Steve.

Birds of a Feather - LoquitorLatinae R, 19K
Tags:Canon!AU: Alpha/Omega, Hurt!Tony, Protective!Steve
Tony only ever wanted to be an Alpha with bright feathers, a huge wingspan, and attitude. But he was an Omega, and while he still has the attitude, his lot in life as dictated by society leaves a lot to be desired. But he was Tony Stark, and he wasn’t going to let anything get in his way—though he wouldn’t necessarily be against the company of a certain Alpha Capsicle.

Keep Your Enemies Closer - keptein PG-13, 18K
Tags: Identity Porn, Canon!AU, Villain!Iron Man, POV (Tony)
Summary: Tony, fed up with the corruption in the superhero business, becomes a supervillain. SHIELD calls in Steve Rogers to fight him, which would be fine - if they didn't also ask Tony Stark to help as an engineering specialist.

Hard Rock Swing - copperbadge PG-13, 18K
Tags:Canon:AU, Age Difference
It turns out, in the 21st century, Steve's best friend is an eighteen-year-old genius named Tony Stark. This might be trouble.

How to Lose a Super Soldier in One Easy Step - and_backagain, jibrailis NC-17, 18K
Tags: Canon!AU, Based on: Pushing Daisies, Pining, POV (Tony)
Rogers jerks backwards, shock registering on his face, and Tony thinks, welcome back to the land of the living, Cap, looks like you're sticking around. Or, a Pushing Daisies AU

slipping through the years - often_adamanta R, 17K
Series: Canon!AU, Ghost!Steve, Angst, Tony's Unhappy Childhood, POV (Steve)
The plane crash and subsequent ice might have killed him, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still around, haunting those he cares about. And since the only person who can see him is Tony Stark, death sure isn’t going to be boring.

Darling, Keep the Lights On (Until I Get Home) - capsicleironman, Lets_call_me_Lily PG-13, 17K
Tags: Canon!AU, Hurt!Tony, Marriage Proposal, CATWS/IM3
When Steve Rogers is awoken from the ice early, he is assigned as the personal assistant to Tony Stark, the man on TV with the strange glowing light in his chest. The plan was simple - protect and gain intel. It was supposed to be just another job, but then again, nothing in Steve's life has ever gone according to plan.
Iron Man 2 Divergence where Steve ends up working for Tony instead of Natasha, and his interest first in the arc reactor and then in Tony himself, leads him through the events of the Avengers, Iron Man 3, and Captain America 2.

Oversight - ShyOwl NC-17, 16K, Series
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Alpha/Omega
It really wasn’t Steve’s fault that no one knew he was an omega.

Full Disclosure Not Required (but Appreciated) - Potrix NC-17, 16K
Tags: Canon AU
The one where Steve knows more than he lets on, Tony knows less than he pretends, Clint has a big mouth, Bucky is a little shit, and everyone learns why keeping secrets never ends well.
Almost never, anyway.

Prisoner's Dilemma - AvocadoLove PG-13, 15K
Tags: Pre-slash, Canon!AU, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Torture, POV (Steve)
After taking the airplane down in the Arctic, Steve wakes to find himself imprisoned as a human test subject. With no idea where in the world he is, his only ally is a fast-talking inventor in the cell next door. Something’s off about Tony that Steve can’t put his finger on, and it’s obvious Tony doesn't fully trust him either. But to escape they may not have a choice.

At the Heart of the Matter - Pookaseraph PG-13, 15k
Tags: POV (Tony), Canon!AU, Identity Porn
Tony didn't mean to become Steve's BFF and the greatest thorn in his side at the same time, it just sort of happened. In a world where Tony Stark didn't come out as Iron Man, he has managed to keep his identity a closely guarded secret, even from many of his teammates... the only problem is Steve Rogers seems to be falling for Iron Man, and he doesn't much care for Tony Stark.

And Has Time Enough - wanttobeatree PG, 15K
Tags: Time Travel, Canon!AU, Based on: Time Traveller's Wife
Tony asks if they have met. It's a matter of perspective. (A Time Traveller's Wife AU.)

Artificial Heart - loftyperch NC-17, 15K, Series
Tags: Canon!AU: Different Meeting, MCU with comics elements, Identity Porn
Steve makes a big assumption when he first meets Iron Man ... and falls in love anyway.

Joined 'verse - RurouniHime NC-17, Series, 14k
Tags: Canon!AU: A/O, Mpreg, Sick!Tony, Protective!Steve
Want a blood test,” Steve manages, because on the third night of their Week, he can think more clearly than he’s been able to for days. Tony’s scent is strong in his nostrils, cloying in a strange, sleek way he yearns after like a tune he nearly recognizes. “If you’re getting sick—”
“God.” Tony shifts bodily up into him, clenching around him. “Yes, Mom.”

Trust Fall - AlchemyAlice PG-13, 14K
Tags:Canon!AU, Different Meeting, Pre-slash, Friendship, PTSD (Steve)
He watched Cap—Rogers—take in the gleaming armour on the floor, the outfit Tony had on, and the utilitarian but still fairly sophisticated interior of the medical bay. Watched as consternation gave way to creeping dread. “How long?” he asked, after a long moment. He sounded hoarse and far off. “Have we won?”
The door slammed open and both of them jumped. Tony put a hand tentatively on Cap’s wrist. Cap looked at him, watchful, but more trusting than Tony deserved. He tried to keep his voice steady.
“We won,” he said. “We won seventy years ago. My name’s Tony Stark. I’m Howard’s son.”

Your Device for Saving the World - wisia PG-13, 14K
Tags: Canon!AU, Movie (CATWS)
Steve struggles to adjust to the modern day after being defrosted in a world where Iron Man disappeared from the public a few months before his discovery. He is lonely and depressed until Natasha gives him a StarkPad. To Steve’s surprise, he finds a friend and a way to save the world through it.

How To Excel At Supervillainy (and lose your heart to America) - Zekkass NC-17, 13K
Tags: Identity Porn, Canon!AU, Villain!Iron Man, POV (Tony)
And that's how Tony's supervillainy hobby got way way way complicated.

The Winged Soul - inukagome15 PG-13, 13K
Tags: Canon!AU: Wings, Avengers Retelling, Soulmates
It wasn't until he was three that he realized he was different and no one else could see the wings.

Practically Family - ficlicious PG-13, 13K+, WIP
Tags: Canon!AU: IM3, Hurt!Tony, Team!fic, POV (Tony)
Summary: Somewhere in the middle of Tennessee, after being blown up and nearly drowning and flying unconscious halfway across the country, Tony remembers that he isn't alone anymore after all.

Against The Norm - justanotherStonyfan nc-17, 13k
Tags: alpha/omega, canon!au
When Steve and Tony wake up to find that they've been captured, they assume things can't get any worse. They're wrong.

Party girls don't get hurt - sirona NC-17, 12K
Tags: Canon!AU, Age Difference
Steve never slept under the ice. Howard found him, and got him back, and Steve married Peggy, and Howard married Maria, and then there was Tony. This is the story of Tony growing up with Steve very much present in his life, and everything that changed because of it - and some things that didn't.

Cherry Ride - copperbadge NC-17, 12K
Tags Canon!AU, Virgin!Steve, Bottom!Steve, Identity Porn, Bodyguard!Steve, POV (Both), PWP, Post-Avengers
A SHIELD agent named Roger Stevens told Tony that his nickname was "Cap". Tony didn't connect the dots until it was much, much too late.

The Voice - Del_Rion PG-13, 11k
Tags: Canon!AU
Tony never became Iron Man – or an Avenger – but the Avengers were still put together to save the world from Loki. After the first battle the Avengers begin to receive help from an unknown source, guiding them during missions and in some cases keeping the team together. Fury wants the culprit caught while Steve feels they should thank him instead of putting him behind bars.

Breakfast is the Most Important Meal - CherryIce PG-13, 11K
Tags:Crossover: Comics, Pining!Steve, Jealous!Steve
In which Steve is kind of a fossil but his squishy parts and feelings are still intact, Bruce hates blueberries, there's a mysterious banging coming from Tony's lab in the basement, and Emma Frost is not actually a stripper.

Alter. Ego. - arysteia NC-17, 11k
Tags: Canon!AU: Identity Porn, Sentient Armor, not avengers compliant, POV (Tony)
Romancing Steve Rogers is hard enough. The last thing Tony Stark needs is a rival. In the shape of Iron Man.

train wreck on the way to nowhere - SailorChibi PG-13, 10k
Tags: Canon!AU, Soulmates, post avengers
In a world where your perfect match's signature is written on your wrist for all to see, sometimes change is even harder to accept.

Never is a Promise - manic_intent NC-17, 9k
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Alpha/Omega, Canon!AU, POV (Steve)
Steve had to admit that he had some reservations about how the New Century handled the social balance between alphas and omegas

some would sing (and some would scream) - proser132 PG-13, 9K
Tags: Canon!AU, Ghosts, Supernatural, Ghost!Steve, Happy Ending, POV (Tony)
Summary: When Strange commented on the number, Tony had grinned and joked, 'Build it and they will come, yeah?' In which Tony Stark's bad luck isn't as natural as it first appears

Bloodtests, Spandex, and the Debauchery of Captain America - eeyore9990 R, 9K
Tags:Canon!AU: Different meeting
Director Nick Fury only wants Tony to look after Steve and run some tests on him. So of course Tony goes the extra mile. Because he's a patriot like that.

Smaller Without You - 27dragons PG-13, 9K
Tags: Soulmates, Canon!AU, CATWS Compliant, POV (Steve)
The doctor pulled out the teacher's chair and sat across from Steve, his hands folded and his face solemn and kindly. "It happens once in a while," he said. His voice was soft and gentle, and irrationally, it made Steve angry. Such ugly news ought to be delivered in a more fitting tone. "The most likely cause is that your intended mate died before you were born or shortly after they were born, before the bond had time to fully form. It's called a Type C or a Type--"

Steve wasn't interested in the terminology. "Is that why I'm... like this?" He gestured down at his frail, sickly body.

Hiraeth - sabrecmc PG-13, 8K
Tags:AU: Soulmates
"Do you believe the universe fights for souls to be together?" Tony asked, trying to keep his voice steady and tell himself the answer wasn't everything.

I’ve loved you for a hundred years (and I’ll love you forever more) - Saiya_tina PG-13, 8K
Tags: Canon!AU, No Peggy
Steve Rogers meets Tony Stark, an integral part of Erksine’s project, during the Second World War. Basically, a retelling of Captain America: The First Avenger with Tony Stark in the midst of things.
Bea's comment: I liked this but the author completely erased Peggy from the story.

Wintersong - Arukou PG-13, 7K
Tags:Tony's Unhappy Childhood, Based on: Rise of the Guardians, Canon!AU
Steve only remembers the cold. Frozen down to his bones, he feels like even in the light of the winter sun, his frost is impermeable, a coating of armor meant to keep the outside world from him. Or him from the outside world. For years, decades he travels on the clever north wind, moving with the snows, retreating to the poles. It wasn’t always this way. A part of him knows this as surely as it knows that winter is in his heart and soul, a constant and frigid mistress.

Teenage Dream - Etharei NC-17, 7K
Tags: Canon!AU, Age Difference, Younger!Tony
Summary: "That," says Tony, tone unmistakably smug despite his split lip, "is Captain America. Who, by the way, happens to be my godfather."

Corrupting Light (For All Mankind) - often_adamanta PG-13, 7K
Tags: Canon!AU, Post-Avengers, Possessed by tessaract!Tony, Hurt!Tony, Mission fic
Summary: “I’m beginning to appreciate how hard it would be to decide if I was acting erratically given… well, me. This is all shit I have totally pulled on a normal day. You know, before aliens invaded Manhattan.” “It’d be easier now,” Steve explains with a smile, tracing out circles along Tony’s side, which Tony approves of. “I didn’t know you very well, though.”

Say You'll Remember Me - just_another_tinker NC-17, 7k+, WIP
Tags: Canon!AU
Tony Stark is not Iron Man, just the consultant who happens to house the Avengers. And who happens to be head over heels for Captain America. When a misunderstanding tears them apart, it’s up to Steve and the rest of his team to save the love he lost.

if i should stumble - AvengersTime R, 7K
"The gunshot wound had been too infected, in between the lack of care and the blood loss there was no choice but to amputate the leg from above the knee and down."
Tony's captivity had changed everything about him, he gained and lost valuable things, and led him to be Iron Man. He's perfectly okay with his secrets to remain secrets, but he didn't expect his team to actually care. Also, unconsciously falling in love with Captain America was definitely not part of the plan.

Some Sunny Day - valtyr PG-13, 7k
Tags: Canon!AU, Time Change, Pre-Slash, POV (Steve), POV (Tony)
Summary: Tony was inconsolable for weeks after Captain America went down in the ocean.

we will meet in another life - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 6K
Tags: CanonAU
Tony is there instead of Howard during Project Rebirth. He ends up following Steve into the Howling Commandos, into the Atlantic ocean and into the 21st century.

Frequency Modulation - TariCalmcacil PG-13, 6K
Tags:Canon!AU, Extremis
After Tony receives the Extremis, the virus causes some unintended side effects. Steve tries to help him deal with it and the changes it brings.

Chapter 19 - blue_jack NC-17, 5K
Tags: Canon!AU: Different meeting, Bottom!Steve, Sex Pollen, PWP, POV (Tony)
Anyone who was anyone knew about Captain America.
Bea’s comment: Hot and sexy sex pollen where their first meeting is completely different. Steve+sex pollen+tony pretending to be part of SHIELD and helping him out = hot sex.

saying your name through the years - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 5K
Tags: Canon AU, Soulmates, CATWS Compliant
"A nudge from the universe," Steve’s mother calls them. Tattoos appear as Imprints as people get older. This is how the Avengers earn them and figure them out, and maybe a few of them fall in love along the way.

We Tremble in Shadows - You_Light_The_Sky PG-13, 5k
Tags: Pre-Slash, Canon!AU, Based on: Rise of the Guardians, POV (Steve)
When Steve wakes up, it's cold and no one can see him.

As Light as a Butterfly's Touch - Aviss PG-13, 5K
Tags: Canon!AU, Crossover: HDM
Tony was never one for social conventions, but there were lines not even he had dared cross. Until he does. The results are not what he was anticipating.

Solitary (The Schrödinger's Captain Remix) - teaberryblue PG, 5k
Tags: Canon!AU, Hurt!Steve, Hypothermia, Pre-Slash/Gen, POV (Steve)
Summary: Steve's plane went down, but he didn't freeze. He lived in isolation in the shell of a crashed airplane buried beneath the ice. Seventy years later, global warming and perseverance pay off.

Octopus on Roller Skates - ohmyloki NC-17, 5K
Tags: Canon!AU, Bottom!Steve, Tentacles, PWP
It’s not like he lives his entire life with his bottom half a writhing mass of tentacles instead of legs, but about every ten days he has to spend at least eight hours soaking in a tub of water

The Problem With Secret Identities - inukagome15 PG-13, 4K
Tags: Canon!AU, Identity Porn, Fluff
There weren't many things Tony regretted, and being Iron Man wasn't one of them. Having a crush on Captain America wasn't one either. But he'd never expected the two to merge, especially since Steve didn't even know he was Iron Man.

Fall In Ecstasy - 51stCenturyFox NC-17, 4k
Tags: A/O, Bottom!Steve, POV (Steve), PWP, Canon!AU
There were...things on the internet. Most of them, well, made Steve realize that though people today seemed to be more accepting of differences, being an Omega or an Alpha wasn’t something you talked about unless you started up a website and made people give you their credit card number first.

if we ever meet again - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 4K
Tags: AU,IM-compliant
"It’s been two months," Steve says, voice low. "Rhodey- Colonel. It’s been two months.”

Thumb, Index, and Pinky Extended - Eudoxia PG-13, 4K
Tags: Canon!AU: Secret Identity (Iron Man), Soul Mates
Tony Stark is twenty-one when he loses his voice. It shouldn't matter, but in a world where the first words your Soulmate says to you are marked on your skin, it can be pretty damn annoying.

Tony Stark: Terrible Villain Extraordinaire - starspangledsprocket PG-13, 4K
Tags: Canon!AU: Villain Iron Man, UST, Pre-Steve/Tony, Identity Porn, POV (Tony)
In a universe where Tony's drive for retribution over Obie's betrayal turns him into a villain (kinda), he finds himself at a strange impasse with leader of the Avengers, Captain America.

Captain Stark/Iron Steve - AvocadoLove NC-17, 4k, Series
Tags: Canon!AU: Role Reversal, Skinny!Steve
The one where Steve Rogers is 90 pounds soaking wet, and still manages to bag Captain Stark. Not that Tony's complaining.

Never Mind Where I Am - scribblywobblytimeylimey NC-17, 4K
Tags: Canon!AU, Amnesia, Angst
Please tell me you just kissed me.” Tony wakes up from his fall in New York heavily concussed. He may not know where he is, what just happened, or who the people around him are; but even without his memories, he’s willing to bet the man at his side is the most beautiful human being he’s ever laid eyes on.

Pick a Box - coaster PG-13, 3k
Tags: Canon!AU, Identity Porn, POV (Steve)
Summary: Steve had not expected for himself to literally walk into Tony Stark on the streets of New York. Steve Rogers was Captain America. Tony Stark was probably Iron Man. No one knew any of this.

True Love, Deconstructed - tartan_suitcase (miss_whimsy) PG, 3K
Tags: CATWS, Canon!AU, Identity Porn
Howard Stark revolutionized romance by inventing a timer that would count down to the moment you met your soul mate.
Tony Stark's timer has never shown a number and after forty years he's given up one finding a soul mate.
Enter Captain America.

(Don't Wanna Be) All By Myself - Tito11 PG-13, 3K
In which Tony is deaf, but that was never really the problem.

Do As the Good Day Demands (the Different Man Remix) - samalander R, 3k
Tags: Canon!AU, Serial Killer!Steve, Vigilante!Steve, Domestic Terrorist!Tony, Evil!SHIELD, POV (Steve)
Steve Rogers can't believe the world he's woken up in, but he has an idea of how he's going to fix it. And the murders aren't hard to pull off, until a certain domestic terrorist waltzes into his life and makes SHIELD suspicious.

30 Lives - katydidmischief (cassiejamie) PG-13, 3K
Tags:Pre-Slash, Canon!AU, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Tony, Protective!Steve, Team!fic
It starts from the moment he's born. It'll be years before someone starts to notice the pattern or try to suss out the reason, but it starts right then, in those first precious seconds with a gasp and a tiny cough. (or, the one where Tony has a list of chronic illnesses and is still a BAMF.)

Vanilla Human Problems - manic_intent NC-17, 3k
Tags: Canon!AU, Post-CATWS, Team!fic, Kidnapping, Hurt!Tony, POV (Tony)
Written for the prompt: "AU where Tony isn't Iron Man. He's a consultant for the avengers, so they still live in his tower, he still builds/improves their gear, but he never invented Iron Man. He's still close to the team, and is still a genius, so as the non-superhero member, he gets kidnapped. A lot. The team becomes increasingly protective of Tony."

You Had Me At Hello - toestastegood NC-17, 2k
Tags: Canon!AU, Sub/Bottom!Steve, Soulmates, pwp, POV (Steve)
As soon as they meet, Tony and Steve imprint on each other as dom and sub. Steve doesn't know what to make of this.

Visible At last - AvocadoLove PG, 2K
Tags:Canon!AU, Different Meeting, Soulmates
Based in a world where everyone has a soulmate's name written on their arm -- but not visible to the world until they touch.

Stand Back, I'm Going To Try Science - Good_News_Everyone PG-13, 2K
Tags:Canon!AU: Soulmates
Soulmates are a rare and cherished thing, a simple touch of hands bringing love that lasts forever. By all the rules of romance, they're meant to wait for each other and to trust in the vagaries of fate to bring them together.
Tony's never been good at waiting, and when he has science on his side, who needs fate?

I Hear the Winter's Leave - thistlethorns PG, 2k
Tags: Soulmates, Canon!AU, POV (Tony)
The thing is, Tony genuinely didn't know he had a soulmate.

Wings of Time - grapefruitshampoo (Yentl) PG-13, 2K
Tags:Soulmates, Canon!AU, Pre-Slash
In a world where the numbers on your wrist count down to the moment that you meet your soul mate, Steve Rogers is born, a broken boy out of time.

Oubliette - Kiyaar PG-13, 2K
Tags:Canon!AU, Hurt!Steve, Hypothermia, PTSD (Steve)
Summary: Steve is awake, in the ice.

Bound to Take Your Life - silverfoxflower NC-17, 1k
Tags: Werewolf!Steve, Canon!AU
“Bite me,” Tony had hissed the first time that they met, and to this day he doesn’t know just how close Steve had been to shoving him to the ground and sinking his canines into Tony’s neck, jaws clamping down until Steve’s mouth tasted of blood and sweat and Tony’s screams died down to a slow whimper.

Hello, Captain - flitterflutterfly PG-13, 1K
Tags:Canon!AU: Different Meeting
“You had me at hello.” Steve smiled. “You lost me at the leer.”

in all and any of your skins - theappleppielifestyle R, 1K
Tags: Identity Porn, Canon AU
Steve has a thing for Tony. Steve has a thing for Iron Man. This is a problem, until it really isn't.

Tony, Iron Man - Raikishi PG-13, 1K
Tags:Canon!AU: Secret Identity, Fluff
In which Tony's identity was never revealed and the press gets things more messed up than usual.

Frostbite - CJAwkwardxx PG-13, 1K+
Tags: Soulmates, Canon!AU
Steve Rogers never had a soulmate. The other side of his bond was empty. Tony Stark wishes his was. He just wants to stop being cold.

A Time for Timelessness - manic_intent PG-13, <1K
Tags: Canon!AU, IM1
Steve is Found Much Earlier' AU.
bea_recs: stony (Default)
WinterIron (Bucky/Tony), and WinterHawk (Bucky/Clint) Recs

Bucky/Tony Recs


who will be there (to take my place) - SailorChibi PG-13, Bucky/Tony
Steve's not listening, slipping out from under Bucky's hand and shoving the door open. Through the glass, Tony watches as Peggy and Howard turn around. He can't help wondering if it hurts Bucky when Steve bounds forward and hauls Peggy into a big hug as much as it hurts Tony to see Bucky and Steve together on a regular basis.

The Looking Glass Self - syriala PG-13, Bucky/Tony
James was having problems with understanding where exactly he stood with the team, Tony and especially Steve. He thinks he has finally found some kind of equilibrium with them, when a portal from another dimension makes him question his own worth.

Incentive - SleepsWithCoyotes PG-13, 1K
Tags: WinterIron
If it's possible for this situation to get any more awkward, Bucky would rather not have proof.

Uninvited - SleepsWithCoyotes PG-13, 1K
Tags: WinterIron
Call it a hunch, but Tony's pretty sure Barnes doesn't agree that things could be worse.

Re-armed - antigrav_vector R, 15K
Tags: AU, WinterIron
Steve thinks he's so funny, playing matchmaker. It's driving Bucky up the wall.


Damaged - Arukou PG-13, 2K
Tags: CATWS, Hurt!Tony, Pre-Slash
Alone in the hospital, Tony receives an unexpected visitor.

Retrofitting - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) R, 3K
No one expected them to get along. They didn’t come right out and say it, didn’t have to. Leaving it unspoken was telling in and of itself. Even with a head full of shredded memories, the parts of him that are Bucky Barnes can read the tension in Steve’s jaw, picks up on the way he positions himself between Stark and what is left of his best friend.
Steve Rogers expects to be disappointed.

An Excuse for Watching - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 2K
Tags: Canon!AU, Identity Porn
Watching Tony just becomes a thing he does. Curiosity at first, and then… admiration? Bucky isn’t sure why Tony is so fascinating, and has no interest in wasting time being introspective. Tony is simply worth watching, and so Bucky watches, and watches, and happily allows himself to be swept up in a Tony-centric worldview.

The Setback - AvocadoLove PG-13, <1K
Without warning, the Winter Soldier takes over.

Aegis - Blaithin PG, 3K
Prompt: Imagine Tony & Bucky are dating, but Bucky doesn't talk about his feelings much. One day Bucky is cursed/drinks a truth serum and has to say everything he thinks about out loud. Bucky starts saying “I love you” and other super cheesy shit to Tony every five minutes. Tony loves it.

Love and Family (out of order) - AvocadoLove PG-13, 7K
Tags: Canon!AU, Alpha/Omega, MPREG
Summary: When Steve brings Bucky home shortly after the fall of SHIELD, it's obvious he's keeping a few secrets to himself. Tony knows the truth because he can smell it: Bucky's pregnant, and the baby is Tony's. Except, that shouldn't be possible. Tony has never met Bucky Barnes—or the Winter Soldier—before.
Bea's comment: I liked this very much because...well...Omega!Bucky. :D

Winteriron Prompt Fills - 2016 - 27dragons NC-17, 15K, Collection
Short (under 3000 word) prompt fills originally written for the imaginetonyandbucky blog during 2016. (Prompt fills over 3000 words will be posted as standalone fics; everything is listed in the Imagine Tony and Bucky collection.)
Bea's comment: Lots of goodies here.

Avenge the 'Verse - 27dragons PG-13, 5K
Tags: AU
Firefly au: Steve is captain, Nat is #2, Tony mechanic, Bruce doc, JARVIS runs ship, Clint pilot when evasive flying needed, Thor muscle, Loki Companion. Rescue injured Bucky from Reavers. Tony builds arm, flirt, fall in love and bunk together :) -kaci1ynn

Black and Blue; Red and Gold - withasideofangst PG, 3K
Tags: GEN, Friendship, Protective!Bucky
"I really want a fic where Bucky finds out that Tony is Iron Man, maybe while he's the Winter Soldier, and he forgets about it, but then when he moves into the tower he's always lurking around and sees Tony trying to hide the injuries he sustained in battle cos helloooo ~spy perspective~ and then he starts following Stark around, trying to catch him in the act, but Stark is Too Damn Good."

Who is the Mechanic? - Akira_of_the_Twilight PG-13, 2K+
Tags: Canon!AU
The Asset watched as his handlers brought in a stranger—a man with a metal object stuck to his chest that was hooked to a car battery. The handlers shoved the man onto the stool where many who had operated on the Asset’s arm in the past had sat before. “Asset,” one handler said, “meet the Mechanic. He will be responsible for the upkeep of your arm. Should anything malfunction, kill him.”

The Asset eyed the Mechanic. The Mechanic was glassy-eyed and unresponsive. He’d probably be dead in a week.

Change You Like A Remix - ficlicious NC-17, 10K
Tags: Genderswap, Soulmates
No one ever said Avenging would be easy, but Bucky could have really used a memo about the weeks where the hits just didn’t stop coming. He’d probably still have signed his soul away to the gods of spandex and paperwork, but a heads up woulda been nice before he nodded and smiled and took up residence in the house sanity fled when the Avengers moved in.
Soulmates, misunderstandings, snark, genderswap and sleep-deprived Avengers abound. Tony's a woman. Must be Friday.

Reed Richards: Accidental Matchmaker - Potrix R, 3K
Kids don’t normally fall out of holes in the sky, not even in New York City, but if they do it is, as Tony’s been informing everyone for the last fifteen minutes, entirely Reed Richards’ fault.

Finding a Balance - Amonae PG-13, 7K+
Tags: AU, Identity Porn
He didn’t speak to the man in the suit any of the times he showed up in the following weeks, always between five thirty and six thirty in the morning, usually on a weekday. Not that Bucky was keeping track. From the corner. Behind the ficus he had given Stevie on his birthday several years ago, which had since outgrown the apartment they once shared.

The Winter Tabby - LagLemon R, 185K
Tags: WIP, Post-CATWS
When Tony is handed a cat carrier by a bloody and battered Steve, he thinks Steve wants him to simply take the cat to the vet and babysit it. That should be a simple task, after all - this is Steve's cat, and Tony loves cats - he'd do anything to keep one safe and sound. He hadn't thought he would have another cat living with him after his old cat, Peggs, died of old age. Tony knows cats. This should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately for Tony, the cat isn't exactly a cat - it's Bucky Barnes.

дезинформация - Chronological Order - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) NC-17, 162K, WIP
Tags: Bucky/Tony, Post-CATWS
Bucky had only known Anthony Edward Stark for a few hours before he found himself compelled to share a secret that had been eating him alive since he began to once again reclaim the right to his own thoughts and feelings. Post-Winter Soldier, Bucky is living with the Avengers, attempting to cope with his past, and falls in love with Tony Stark in the process of finding his way back to himself.
Bea's comment: This is one of my favorites Bucky/Tony Canon-verse fics. I loved how their friendship progresses and turns into a romance...and also the friendships between Steve with Tony and Bucky was nice to read. There's a story in this series where Steve gets turned into a kid which is pretty adorable and a little heartbreaking. Reaaad.

Autonomy - Amethystina R, 112K
Tags: AU, Space Opera, SCIFI, Bucky/Tony
After spending years under HYDRA's control the last thing Bucky wants is to return to their ranks. He does so only because his situation provides an invaluable opportunity to infiltrate the most impenetrable army in the galaxy — his own discomfort is a small price to pay for the lives he might save in the future.

Three months is all he can take before he decides to throw his cover and find his way back to Steve, HYDRA hot on his heels. With him, Bucky has a memory drive of stolen information and a second personality sharing his body, courtesy of HYDRA’s brainwashing.

All Bucky wants is to deliver the information to Steve and the Alliance and finally return home, but when his ship is damaged he has no choice but to stop for emergency repairs. He's directed to 'The Mechanic,' who can supposedly help, but Bucky isn't exactly comforted when he meets the man in question. But with HYDRA breathing down his neck Bucky doesn't have a choice — he's going to have to trust this Tony whether he likes it or not.
Bea's comment: Wow, this was a pretty awesome and original story. SciFi!!! Space Opera! Action! Identity Porn! Pining! It has it all. Love it.

Murderers and Thieves - 27dragons NC-17, 91K
Tags: Series, Bucky/Tony
(Post-CA:TWS) Steve and Sam have found Bucky, but they're going to need some help to bring him back to himself. A story about friendship, love, and the family you choose.

The Silver Age - copperbadge NC-17 Overall, 87K, Series
Tags: Canon!AU, Bucky/Tony
An alternate universe in which Tony Stark was born in 1950 and the Winter Soldier was recovered in 1967, after a failed attempt to assassinate Howard and Maria Stark.

Winteriron Prompt Fills - 2015 - 27dragons 76K, Collection
Summary: Short (under 3000 word) prompt fills originally written for the imaginetonyandbucky blog during 2015. (Prompt fills over 3000 words will be posted as standalone fics.)

Last Toast - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) NC-17, 68K
Tags: AU, Spies, Bucky/Tony
Summary: (Cold War AU) To Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark used to be just a handsome face, a name associated with sex scandals, shiny new toys, and weapons manufacturing, until Stark’s controversial press conference puts him at the top of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s watch list, and at the center of Bucky’s world. What starts as an assignment soon tips over into obsession, and all too soon Bucky finds himself risking everything to help the one person he’s felt a connection to since being a prisoner of the KGB. The only problem is, Tony Stark doesn’t even know he exists yet.

Meet Me Again, Time After Time - syriala PG, 58K
Tags: Series, Canon!AU
Also known as: The meetings between Tony and The Soldier throughout their lives.

Walls of Jericho - antigrav_vector R, 54K
Tags: Post-CATWS
After the events of CATWS, Tony discovers something in the leaked SHIELD data that catches everyone's attention. A list of HYDRA research bases. When the team starts taking them out, however, things go sideways in ways they didn't expect. Director Fury pulls his support, the HYDRA bases are not what they seem, and a certain ghost is testing the edges of their mission parameters... And through it all, Tony can't seem to help but dig until he gets to the bottom of things.

Full Disclosure - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) NC-17, 33K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Pretend Relationship, Falling in love
Summary: Prompt: Our asshole mutual friends set us up on a blind date and didn’t tell us it was a blind date, so instead of getting to know each other we spent the entire ‘date’ scheming against them and decided an awesome way to get back at them would be to pretend to date and then have a horrendous breakup but now that we’re two months into this charade we’re not sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore. In which Bucky and Tony forget that sex and love are not a game. A game is something you can win.

Tempest in a Teapot - AvocadoLove PG-13, 30K
Tags: Canon!AU
how Bucky watches his best friend die in his place, wakes seventy years in the future, takes up Captain America's shield, joins a group of super heroes, and finally begins the process of forgiving himself.

Scars - Arvensis5 PG, 26K
Tags: Canon!AU, Post-CATWS
When Tony tried to urge the homeless guy sleeping on the steps of the Tower’s loading dock to move, he never expected that he'd found Hydra’s pet assassin—James "Bucky" Barnes. Now, after months of keeping his presence a secret from the Avengers and helping Barnes learn to cope with both his returning memories and the modern world, Hydra is back for their favorite toy and Tony must call in old friends to save the life of the man he just might have come to care for a little too much.

You Only Live Twice - Amethystina PG-13, 23K
Tags: Canon!AU
When Tony meets Sergeant James Barnes, he knows his life will never be the same again. Falling in love is dangerous while in the middle of a war, especially when society refuses to accept love between two men, but they're helplessly drawn to each other. Every second they share is precious beyond words, even more so because Tony knows that Bucky might not return to him one day. Tony isn't sure if he'll survive losing Bucky.

When Bucky falls, Tony feels like he dies with him. What point is there to keep on living when Bucky isn't there? But, despite the loss and grief, Tony does survive. He's not sure why he soldiers on, year after year, considering how pointless it feels. He knows he'll never get to see Bucky again.

Until one day, seventy years into the future, he does.

Ancient Warrior Bucky - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) R, 23K, Series
Tags: AU, Bucky/Tony
Tony held the lantern higher, grinning wildly to himself as it cast crazy shadows on the walls around him. The hieroglyphics seemed to watch him from under their layers of dust and decay, Anubis giving him the thumbs up, while Ammit shrugged, seemingly bored by the intrusion into their domain.

The Roommate Situation - 27dragons R, 21K
Tags: AU
At loose ends after his release from the Army, Bucky finds himself with a crappy job at Hydra Securities and an even crappier living situation, sharing a studio apartment with a roommate who thinks a tacked-up sheet creates sufficient privacy to engage in BDSM while Bucky's trying to sleep. Bucky is counting down the days until the end of the lease and spending as much time as he can at Steve's already-overcrowded apartment... Until one night he overhears his roommate ignoring a clear "no" from his latest one-night stand and decides to intervene.

While You Were Sleeping - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 21K
Tags: AU
Prompt: While You Were Sleeping au? Imagine Tony having a huge crush on Steve, saving his life but Steve falls into a coma. Hospital staff thinks Tony is Steve's fiancé and tells Steve's family. Tony goes along with it so he can stay and make sure Steve is okay, but he ends up falling in love with Steve's brother, Bucky (who also falls in love back).
Bea's comment: Ahahaha Tony fails like for real and Bucky too, they deserve each other XD

Holding On - Potrix NC-17, 18K, Series
It’s a matter of finding someone whose baggage goes with yours. Or; how Tony and Bucky became Tony and Bucky.

Hard Promises - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) NC-17, 16K
Tags: Series, AU, Bucky/Tony
Prompt: Imagine Bucky as the high school punk with tattoos and piercings and long hair (but secretly a sweetheart who saves kittens and helps old ladies cross the street) and tony as a preppy private school kid.

Our Sins - AvocadoLove PG-13, 15K, Series
Tags: Canon!AU: CATWS, Pre-Slash (Bucky/Tony)
Tony's practically become an old hat at being taken hostage, but something's fishier than usual this time around: his captor looks twenty-eight but claims to know Howard Stark, the NYPD negotiator is a SHIELD plant, and what's this about a fleet of helicarriers set to launch? (TWS AU.)
Bea's comment: I want a sequel for this so bad :(

Even Darkness Must Pass - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) R, 15K
Tags: Bucky/Tony, Post-CATWS, Deaged
Someone requested a story where Tony has a shy/withdrawn child that had trouble warming up to the other Avengers, but likes Bucky right away. Their friendship helps Bucky heal post Winter Soldier. Combined with a prompt asking for nerd love, where Bucky had read the Hobbit back in the day, and Tony introduces him to Lord of the Rings.

probabilities - nysscientia PG-13, 11K, Series
Tags: Post-CATWS
Barnes finds him, pins him to a wall and slides a knife under his chin. Tony, responsible with his emotions as always, allows his panic to manifest as an incredulous snort. Then the knife blade tightens against Tony’s neck, and he manages a suitably alarmed silence.
“How did you find me?” Barnes snaps.
“Be a lot harder to tell you if I bleed out in this alley,” Tony replies irritably. The way Bucky’s got him pinned is making his shoulder stiff.
Barnes allows the knife to nip into Tony’s skin. “A lot harder for you to tell anyone else how to find me, too.”

Talk Warmth into Me - InsaneJuliann PG-13, 9K
He's not Bucky, but he's not the Winter Soldier. Stuck somewhere in between, he struggles with all left behind from his time with HYDRA, the fear and the memories, but receives help from Tony. Slowly, he gets better, and the two of them get closer.

Branches of Pine - 27dragons PG-13, 8K
Tags: Bucky/Tony
It's Bucky's first holiday season with the Avengers, and he's determined to enjoy it, from the big Thanksgiving parade to the New Year's countdown. He's still dealing with his PTSD, but his new friends are there to help him with that. He's also dealing with a crush the size of those giant parade balloons, but his new friends are going to help him with that, too... whether he wants them to or not!

Conflict of Interest by Amethystina PG-13, 8K
Tags: Canon!AU
Imagine Bucky as the Winter Soldier during Iron Man I, being called in to assassinate Tony Stark by Obadiah Stane. Tony built the arch reactor after being a hostage, and Obadiah wants that and the suit designs, so Obadiah hires the WS as both bodyguard and killer. WS views his instructions as contradictary, and decides to observe before acting, then regains sense of self: protective urges and attraction to Tony. Bonus scene: Avenger WS,angry/protective Bucky vs Steve during helicarrier argument.

A sky full of ghosts - fakesheep-luna (octavaluna) PG-13, 8K
Tags: Soulmates, Post-CATWS
Growing up Tony knew a soul-bonded pair. No, not his parents. Jarvis and Ana were everything to each other. One soul in two bodies, unable to stay apart for long, unable to hurt each other, always loving, always in perfect harmony... That's the gift that only two people among hundreds receive. A fairytale in real life.

Tony never imagined that he would ever get the privilege to see the universe in another person's eyes. Much less that said person would be the long lost, broken shell of a man obsessed with revenge that they've been looking for for months.

Stranger Things Have Happened - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 7K
As Christmas approaches, for whatever reason, no matter how hard he tried, Bucky couldn't seem to shake his invasive Tony Stark thoughts. It isn't even like they've spent much time together outside of the workshop, so, all things considered, there was no reason why he should be standing in the living room, staring at the elevator, debating whether or not he should go after Tony and make sure he was okay.

Seismology - Seadragon PG-13, 6K, WIP
Tony Stark has been writing messages to his soulmate on his left arm for years, with no reply; clearly his soulmate wants nothing to do with him, so he stops. Meeting one of Rhodey's fellow AFROTC cadets, who just so happens to be an amputee, makes it clear that Tony, for a genius, is really very stupid.

The Talk - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) R, 6K
Prompt: How about a fic where Bucky says 'we need to talk' without knowing that those words have such a strong impact on people (he just wanted to ask something simple, not related to the relationship) and Tony freaking out because he thinks Bucky wants to break up with him.

The Prince and the Privateer - 27dragons PG-13, 6K
Tags: AU, Bucky/Tony
Summary: Imagine Pirate Captain Steve Rogers kidnapping King/crown prince Tony Stark for ransom or kingly pardon or something, but finds it really hard to be intimidating when his first mate Bucky can't seem to stop flirting with the prince.

Hips Don't Lie - syriala PG, 5K
Bucky didn’t listen, even though both Steve and Jarvis told him to stay out of the gym. Now he is stuck with the mental image of Tony and his sinful hip movements. Bucky isn’t quite sure if he can deal with that and no one is of any help.

Paths Are Made by Walking - Potrix PG-13, 4K
The road to recovery is long, winding and a different one for every person walking it. Bucky chooses to help himself the only way he knows how; by doing what he does best. Or, alternatively; the one in which Tony is a mess and accidentally kick-starts Bucky’s protective mother hen instincts.

December 19, 1991 - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 4K
Tags: Canon Compliant
Prompt: AU idea where Bucky and Tony meet in dreams occasionally and have done since Tony's parents died. Tony thinks it's just his subconscious trying to cope with the grief and Bucky doesn't remember any of it as the Winter Soldier, but then Steve brings him to the tower, and they recognize each other.

I'll Be Your Bodyguard (If You'll Be My Security Blanket) - NarutoRox PG-13, 4K
Tags: Deaged!Bucky
When one of Loki's pranks gone wrong leaves the team with a young Winter Soldier in their care, they know they're going to have their hands full. Especially since this newer, tinier version of Bucky seems to have a bodyguard complex - and a particular attachment to Tony.

Amalgam - AvocadoLove NC-17, 3K
Tags: Bucky/Tony, Soulmates
Summary: When the mind wipes become less effective, HYDRA realize their Asset must have a living soulmate.

Disasster - esama PG-13, 3K
Tags: Canon!AU, |Humor
In which Tony welcomes his (begrudging) AI overlord and Bucky somehow gets caught in the middle.

The Funvee - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) R, 3K
Prompt: AU where Bucky was one of the soldiers in the humvee with Tony in the beginning of Iron Man. He survives the fight, but loses his arm, and when Tony finds out Bucky is alive after the events in IM, he desperately tries to win Bucky's forgiveness while Bucky (initially) wants nothing to do with him.

Shameless - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) R, 2K
Tags: Bucky/Tony
Tony isn’t actually sure which of them starts it—he’d like to take credit, but if he’s learned anything it’s that Barnes is by no means a wilting flower. Besides, the start doesn’t matter as much as figuring out who’s going to actually finish it.

Strange Bedfellows - jaxxOnasty NC-17, 2K
Tags: Bucky/Tony, Post-CACW
“I heard you were a good teacher.”
Barnes looked skeptical, but eventually just downed the rest of his water and shrugged. “What do you wanna learn?”
“Teach me how to kill you, soldier,” Tony said. “With my bare hands.”

Patching You Up - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 2K
Tags: Bucky/Tony, AU
It had seemed safe enough making an offhand remark to Clint about the “hot detective” with the messy brown hair, and puppy dog eyes. Looking back, he realized that it’d been the first time in five years of working with Clint that he’d said anything about anyone being attractive, so really, it was his own fault. Clint had scented blood in the water, and that was that.

First Date - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 1K
Imagine Bucky and Tony getting caught in a collapsed building during a battle. Bucky's bionic arm is pinned under some rubble, he's sure he can get it out, but when he looks over to where Tony is to ask if he's ok he stops cold when he sees a piece of rebar (or some other metal thing) jutting out of Tony's abdomen, the rebar having gone through the already battered Iron Man suit.

The List - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 1K
Imagine bucky being really wary of tony before he realises "oh he's a nice jerk and he's kinda cute too"

Dead Man's Switch - AvocadoLove NC-17, 1K
Tags: PWP
While working on Bucky's arm, Tony accidentally activates a booby trap intended to make the Winter Soldier kill. Luckily, Bucky knows how to distract himself from his order.

Grown Ass Man - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 1K
Tags: Bucky/Tony
Tony Stark looks self-conscious, and it takes Bucky a stupid amount of time to figure out that’s even what he’s seeing on the guy’s face, because he’s never seen it there before. “Sorry, shoulda knocked.” Which, yeah, he should have, but he was used to rolling into the workshop whenever he felt like it. He certainly hadn’t expected to find a shirtless Tony Stark in the process of doing something with the arc reactor. And sure, he’s staring, has been staring this whole time, right from the moment he’d walked in, because this is the first he’s actually seeing the arc reactor.

Tony's Junk (and Other Things Sam and Steve Could Have Lived Without Seeing) - Potrix NC-17, 1K
Tony flails helplessly as he’s easily thrown over Bucky’s broad shoulder, hands eventually finding purchase on Bucky’s hips. “What the fuck? What are you doing?".

Bucky/Clint Recs

Updated: 12/28/2016

Welcome To Being a Fugitive - flawedamythyst  PG, 3K
Tags: Post-CACW, Soulmates
It took Clint a second to realise that meant that whatever he said next was inscribed somewhere on Barnes's body, and had been his whole life. Aw man, that was a lot of pressure.

Bucky says Clint's words as they escape from The Raft. Clint doesn't know what to say in return.

Paralysis - flawedamythyst  NC-17, 43K
Tags: Mission, Pining, BAMF!Everyone, SP: Steve/Tony
After Tony gets injured, he asks Clint, Natasha and Bucky on a simple mission to retrieve some Starktech from an international black market arms auction for him.

Simple, that is, until everyone brings along their own private agenda. Steve wants Tony to take it easy while he's recovering, Tony wants to spend as much time alone with Steve as he can while the others are away, Bucky wants to try and put some distance between him and Clint so that he can choke off his crush already and Clint just wants to work out why Bucky apparently hates him.

Then a guy from one of Clint's first missions with SHIELD turns up, and suddenly there's nothing simple about the mission at all.

Nights When You Have Time to Kill - dustyfluorescent  3K
Five Things Clint and Bucky Did to Kill Time on Sleepless Nights, and One Thing They Did Just Because.

Sunshine After The Rain - flawedamythyst  PG, 2K
Tags: Post CACW
Bucky takes Clint out for breakfast. Some asshole tries to ruin it, but fails.


Outnumbered - sara_holmes PG-13, 18K
Tags: AU
Bucky Barnes returns to Brooklyn ready to get back into the world, make friends and sleep with Steve's super hot neighbor. The fact that the guy turns out to be a single dad to two-year-old triplets who spend most of their time causing mischief, trouble and hell doesn't deter Bucky at all. Steve would like it on record that he thinks Bucky is insane.
Bea's comment: Pretty adorable AU, and Clint's triplets are adorable. Feel Good fic. :)

Synchronicity - AvaKelly R, 7K
the one where Clint falls asleep everywhere and James takes it upon himself to carry him to bed.

Nameless - AvaKelly R, Canon!AU, Post-CATWS, WIP
A gun is pointed at him before he can even move from his position, the Soldier's metal arm steady in its aim. Clint sighs.
"Nemo," Clint says. "It's tattooed on your wrist, right here," he lifts his right hand and taps his left index finger where his palm ends.
The Soldier's eyes widen. "How do you know this?"
"I put it there."

Kitty - AvaKelly NC-17, 72K
Tags: Series, Post-CATWS, Not Age of Ultron Compliant
Clint is wiping the blood off his hands when he hears a creak from the next room's floorboards, on his right. From where he's crouching, he can see the security monitors up ahead in the other room, and on them, the man in the file. He's seen the footage, he doesn't stand a chance in a close fight, not when Tasha'd barely escaped him.

Home and Other Unfamiliar Places - pariahsdream PG-13, 14K
Tags: Comic Book elements
Summary: In which Clint Barton, landlord, deals with leaky water heaters, mobsters trying to kill him and ghosts. The ghosts are the least of his problems.

Just Keep Trying 'til You Run Out of Cake - K_R_Closson R, 11K
Tags: Soulmate
Clint Barton sometimes has a name on his wrist. Sometimes he has a couple letters. Sometimes he doesn't have anything at all. By the time he's an adult and working for SHIELD, he figures his soulmate is a ghost. Figures he's never going to meet whoever it is. He's got it half right.

this sweet, sweet craving - dickcaptain (thestarsthesea) PG-13, 1K
based off the prompt: “It’s 2 am but you’re craving cake and we’re both up anyway so let’s bake in our underwear” AU

Out Of Order - copperbadge PG-13, <1K
Clint is unnerved by a broken elevator in space.

I Hate Running - copperbadge PG, <1K
Clint and Bucky go running. This was a potential mistake.

☆❤I'll Keep You Safe Here With Me. - sara_holmes R, 110K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Winterhawk, Hurt/Comfort, Protective!Bucky, Pining, Action, PTSD
Yes, Clint is avoiding the other Avengers. No, he does not want to go back to New York. But then again, he didn't exactly want to be kidnapped by the Winter Soldier either. Really, he just wants to go back to bed.
Bea’s comment: This is the fic that got me into Bucky/Clint. It is epic (100K+ of awesomeness! Bucky kidnaps Clint in order to find out more about Steve but then Hydra shows up, there are deep, emotional issues (they are both so fucked up) but then they become friends and gah, it’s so so so good. I couldn’t stop reading it! I love how sara writes Clint! And Bucky! So so good.

Complications - flawedamythyst NC-17, 84K
Tags: Post- Age of Ultron, Soulmates
Clint's got a plan to retire and go find himself a simple life at his family's old farm. Simple is good, right? Easy to remember. Simple is why he doesn't really mind that his soul-print has never activated, because a soulmate could only add another layer of complexity to his life. And then the Winter Soldier turns up at his archery range on the Avengers base, and simple slips through Clint's fingers.
Bea's comment: I loved this one and how their relationship progresses. Also, protective!bucky will never not be a turn on.

Clint Barton's Super Secret Snipers' Club - sara_holmes PG-13, 67K
Tags: Bucky/Clint, PTSD, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Side pairing: Tony/Steve
Clint Barton's Super Secret Snipers' Club. (Invitation and pending mental health evaluation required.) "When Steve brings Bucky back to the tower for the first time, Clint’s first thought is that Tony Stark’s pride and joy is quickly becoming a less of a very tall and expensive ‘fuck you’ in the faces of investors who don’t believe in self-sustaining energy, and more of a superhero rehabilitation center."
Bea’s comment: I am in love! Clint and Bucky’s friendship is awesome, and they both have issues which makes it easier for them to bond and become friends. Side pairing is Steve/Tony! <3

Leave the gun on the table by Traincat R, 59K, Series
Bucky Barnes wakes up in the future, joins the Avengers, reunites with Steve, makes some new friends and some old enemies, gets called Robocop and tries to figure out the future, himself, and Clint Barton’s middle name — all while being haunted by his past, the things he can’t remember and the creeping suspicion that Black Widow knows something he doesn’t.

What do you mean we Left Clint on Mars? - sara_holmes PG-13, 24K
Tags: Based on: The Martian
Pairing: Bucky/Clint, Steve/Tony
“What do you mean we left Clint on Mars?”
Cap’s incredulous voice cuts through the stunned silence of the cockpit, loud and shocked. He’s standing there with his cowl in hand, gaping at the holo-screen at the front of the jet. Next to him, Tony is standing with his hands on his head, mouth hanging open in a similar fashion. Over on the other side of the cockpit is Jane, who has both palms clapped across her mouth like she’s trying to hold back hysterical giggles.
For his part, Bucky is just staring at the screen like he can’t quite believe what’s going on.

The Tragic Ballad of an Under-Caffeinated Hawkeye - sara_holmes PG-13, 9K
Tags: Humor
Steve and Tony are idiots, Pepper and Phil are 110% done with everyone and Clint just wants a cup of damn coffee. And maybe someone to appreciate how awesome he clearly is. Also known as: you know you’re in trouble when Clint Barton is the one sane person left in the tower and Bucky Barnes is the only one who realizes this.
Bea's comment: Bucky and his sexy self, also Deadpool is hilarious.

The Immortal Hawkeye - copperbadge PG-13, 8K
Tags: Clint/Bucky, SP: Tony/Steve, Post-CATWS
Clint's a little older than he looks, and his DNA has a few surprises in store, too.

Lend An Ear - DustToDust PG-13, 7K
Sometimes all it takes is to be a willing ear.

Scarecrow - ladyshadowdrake PG-13, 6K, Series
Tags: Post-CATWS
Clint wakes up one morning to find that he has one more scarecrow than he went to bed with, and it appears to be actually attracting the crows.

Collected Fics and Ficlets - sara_holmes R, 5K, Collection
Collection of various Avengers drabbles and ficlets originally posted on Tumblr. Tags and pairings will be updated as I go.

Coffee Spoons - cakeisnotpie PG-13, 5K
Bucky Barnes might not remember who he is, but he knows what he likes. Or Clint Barton is a pretty good therapist among other things.

You As You Were - a_pious_cruelty NC-17, 5K
SHIELD partners Bucky with Clint.

One, Two, Step - incurableinsanity PG-13, 5K
Summary: Five dances Clint and Natasha learned through SHIELD and one dance taught to them by someone else.

How to Appreciate Quality Engineering - Chex (provetheworst) NC-17, 4K
Just because he doesn't know shit about engineering doesn't mean Clint can't appreciate Bucky's metal arm. It's a work of art, and maybe Clint has kind of a thing for it. And maybe he has a thing for Bucky in general. It's fine. Totally fine.

when you lose something you can't replace - bittereternity PG, 4K
He is awake and he must do as he's told.

The Firefighters Are On Speed Dial - incurableinsanity PG-13, 3K
Tags: AU
"Bucky doesn’t care who it is, he just wants it to stop. At this rate, he’ll be running on a maximum of two hours by the next time he heads into work. Of course, the fire alarm goes off again at three in the morning."
the 'sorry i set the fire alarm in our building off again for the forty-eighth time i was trying to cook’ AU

Not Less - sara_holmes (PG-13, 3K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort
“Why can’t I hear?!” Bucky is screaming. “Where the fuck is my arm?”
Clint feels the weight of the metal despite the fact it’s trussed up, held against his chest by something that’s part sling, part restraint. He can sense the cold of the plate embedded in his shoulder and feels like a thief.

Was It Worth It? - AcidArrow NC-17, 3K, WIP
Tags: Canon!AU, CACW, WInterHawk, Stony
Summary: At the climax of the internal civil war between the confidants and comrades of the Avengers Initiative, four broken men wage personal wars on their own emotions. What does it mean to deserve to be loved? A Stony/Winterhawk Captain America: Civil War adaptation, which follows the plot of the movie but diverts from canon toward the end to offer a different, happy ending.

every sigh and scream we make - somehowunbroken NC-17, 3K
Tags: WinterHawk
Bucky Barnes is not what Clint was expecting.

Maybe If You're Good - circ_bamboo NC-17, 3K, AU
"So, we share an ex." Bucky seriously thought about grabbing one of the knives on the counter and stabbing Clint for trying to talk to him before coffee, but he'd promised Steve he wouldn't do that and promised Tony that he wouldn't get any more blood on surfaces that didn't clean easily. (And then there is snark and wallsex.)

Bucky is Not a Disney Princess - CeliaEquus PG, 3K
After saving a young girl's life, Bucky finds himself with an unexpected fan base of little ladies. In which Bucky is puzzled, Darcy ships Winterhawk, and there's fluff and angst.

Charms - sara_holmes PG, 2K
Tags: Winterhawk
Bucky Barnes does not waste his time rescuing adorably tragic creatures that he doesn't even like. Not often, anyway.

Counterparts and Bleeding Hearts - snakesinthetardis PG-13, 2K
Clint can't sleep. Bucky can't sleep. They run into each other in the kitchen at two in the morning.

Hush, Bucky's Sleeping - avengersincamphalfbloodstardis PG, 1K
Tags: Winterhawk
What do you do when a super soldier assassin falls asleep on you?

What You See - incurableinsanity PG-13, 1K
Steve is starting to worry that one day he’ll wake up and Clint will be dead with a broken neck on the kitchen floor or Bucky will be pinned to wall with an arrow through the eye.

Aww, Dog. - josighah PG-13, 1K
Clint has a well-known soft spot for dogs, and sometimes it gets him in trouble. Sometimes it almost kills him. Like now, when he's chained to the wall and totally dying of kidney failure in a warehouse somewhere because his kidnappers are completely incompetent shits. Like, honestly, if you're going to do it, you need to commit and at least do it well. Fuckers.

L & Bucky - neverfinishe PG-13, 1K
There's a point where Clint realizes that the two most important individuals in his life have names that rhyme and end with -ucky.

Hush, Bucky's Sleeping - avengersincamphalfbloodstardis PG, 1K
Tags: Fluff
What do you do when a super soldier assassin falls asleep on you?.
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all the small things - Chapter 34 - shieldmaidenofrohan PG
The one where... Steve’s not here for Tony-bashing

Praise Be - eternalsojourn   NC-17, 2K, PWP
Tony is really hard to compliment. Steve thinks it's important he finds a way to make sure Tony knows he's a valued member of the team.

Tony's Oral Ministrations - eternalsojourn NC-17, 1K+
Tags: Bottom!Steve, PWP, Rimming
Steve knows about rimming, is even curious about it. But that in itself doesn't take down the mental barriers he has around such an activity.

Shh, We're Supposed to be Sleeping - SushiOwl NC-17, 1K
Tags: Superfamily, PWP, Bottom!Steve
Steve and Tony try to be quiet.

Up in the Air - Arukou NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Established Relationship
Summary: Steve finds Tony's closet toy stash and is immediately curious.

Lending Libraries, or a Bibliography of the Avengers Initiative - northatlantic PG-13, 4K
Tags: Pre-Slash, GEN, Books
Steve was always a bookworm. That hasn't changed.

Pigeonville, USA - sheafrotherdon PG-13, 4K, Series
Tags: Humor, Politics, Future-fic, Series
Day 214 on the campaign trail of Steve Rogers for President. Twenty-sixteen's turning out to be a hell of a year.

Like Christmas, But With More You - scribblywobblytimeylimey PG-13, 7K
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, Angst, Fluff, Tony/Pepper breakup, pov tony, humor
In which Tony’s Christmas party gets out of hand instead of starting that way, Steve hacks the playlist with irritating ease, Pepper is conspicuously absent, Thor swings a child around on Mjolnir (good thing Pepper isn’t here, really), and Steve becomes Tony’s personal bodyguard against mistletoe.

Greatest Hits - peppermintchild NC-17, 9K
Tags: Humor, Pining, Bottom!Steve, PWP, POV (Tony), Assassination attempt, Mission, Comics fusion, Footjob
Greatest Hits of the Most Frustrating Unresolved Sexual Tensions (That Are Eventually Resolved) of the Twenty-First Century: Steve and Tony Edition. In which Tony masturbates a lot; Steve is not a dairy cow; there are things made of jelly; Thor has been around the block a few times; Tony's thinking about selling that flag on eBay; Steve is a little tease; and Natasha does not give a fuck.

Helpless - Crematosis PG-13, 6K
Tags: Mission, Hurt!Tony, Magic, Established Relationship, POV (Steve)
When Tony is attacked by voodoo spells, Steve wishes he could do more to protect him.

Coefficient of Friction - trilliath NC-17, 6K
Tags: PWP, Dom/Sub, pov (steve), Rough Sex, Kink, Past Clint/Tony
It's a strange feeling, being this uncertain. Every time he looks towards the door, doubt assails him. It taunts his eagerness, his gaucherie and arrogance in making such a proposition. It mocks him in a cadence that sounds a lot like Tony and he wavers, uncertainty leading to caution and then retreat.
But when he turns, marches back into his apartment towards the big windows with the sparkling lights in the shadows, he can't help but think about how long it's taken to find this empty a space in Tony's schedule. Can't help when his eyes inevitably land on the sketchpad sitting open on his table with the drawing of Clint and Tony leaning sated and naked against the wall. Of Clint saying to Tony, So, you like it rough…Because the thing is… so does Steve.

nothing left but scars - SailorChibi NC-17, 6k
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, POV (Tony), Insecure!Tony, Mission, Tony’s Unhappy Childhood
Steve wakes up to the fact that no one ever compliments or even says thank you to Tony, and that he has fallen into the same trap of painting Tony with a specific paintbrush. This is how he showers a very confused Tony with praise to make up for it.

Sixteen Fun Facts about the Avengers - miscellea PG-13, 6K
Sixteen things about the Avengers that you will never hear from SHIELD's PR department.

Sexypants - 51stCenturyFox R, 5K
Tags: Mutual Pining, Fluff, Steve POV, PWP, Humor
He doesn’t think he’d run across this person before, but so arrestingly pretty that Steve feels his breath catch, and Stark’s by his side again, nudging his shoulder.“Oh hey, my hooker pants!” he says, and Steve gapes.

Wishful Thinking - SakuraTsukikage PG-13, 8K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Love Confessions
Things have been building between Steve and Tony for a while, but after a battle where Tony is injured, they come to a head in an unexpected way. Was originally envisioned as a post-credits scene for Age of Ultron, but probably won't end up fitting the movie well, so feel free to envision it differently.

Everything Old Is New Again - Not Applicable (not_applicable) NC-17, 9K
Tags: Musicals, Dating, Friendship, Virgin!Steve, POV (Steve)
Steve Rogers knows Tony Stark's secret. Once more, with feeling.

Night Out - MusicalLuna PG-13, 1K
Tags: Fluff
Steve takes Tony out for their first date. The world is soft and shining and Tony thinks he'd like to stay this way forever.

the way thirst holds water - Tippet PG-13, 3K
Tony isn’t fiddling with his tablet or dictating emails into his phone; he isn’t tinkering with a piece of tech. He is looking straight at Steve, eyes sharp and luminous. He is frenetic, larger than life. He's beautiful.

Tony kisses Steve for the first time on a day when the sky is a vivid and cloudless bowl. In which Tony contemplates the occupational hazards of their line of work and Steve spends a lot of time watching Tony be Tony.

5 Times Bucky Thought Tony Was Good For Steve +1 Time He Told Him - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 6K
To say Bucky is unimpressed by Stark would be an understatement.
It isn’t that he dislikes him. It’s more that he’s a brand of indifferent that curdles with disdain on the rare occasion that Bucky catches him on the TV: Stark is glib and crass in a way his father never was, and he wears suits like he’d slipped out of the womb clad in Armani.
So it’s a surprise when Bucky moves into the Tower and finds that Steve actually gets along with the guy.

In Which Tony Stark Builds Himself Some Friends (But His Family Was Assigned by Nick Fury) by scifigrl47 PG-13, 343K, Series
Tags: Protective!Steve, Angst, Tony!centric, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Steve takes things like personal responsibility and respect seriously. Tony's got people he pays to take care of that kind of thing, and anyway, he's pretty sure that he's going to die of some exotic disease in his workshop, because Dummy's still a little spotty about what is 'clean' enough to put on an open wound. The rest of the Avengers are in this for personal gain, except for Clint, he just enjoys being a dick.

Surrender - The_Kinky_Pet NC-17, 92K, Series, WIP
Tags: Bottom!Steve, BDSM, D/s
In which Steve has no difficulty trusting Tony, but Tony may have some trouble trusting himself .

Badger-Verse - Shrewreadings PG-13, 89K, Series
Tags: Team!fic
Excellent look at the day-to-day lives of SHIELD and the Avengers. With lawyers.

Twice Upon a Time - TsaritsaElena PG-13, 83K, Series
Tags: Time Travel
Tony Stark has never had an easy relationship with his father, but when Howard Stark circa 1983 time travels to the future in a freak accident, things get even more complicated, especially since Tony is dating his dad’s idol, Captain America, and Howard doesn’t know.

Climbing a Very Small Mountain - DC_Chan NC-17, 55k
Tags: Height Kink, Dating, POV (Both), Post-Avengers, Insecure!Tony
In which Tony Stark is short, and he doesn't like it, and he has reasons for not liking it. Steve thinks this is fine, as long as he goes out on a date with him.

the tiny spaces - dustbear PG-13, 41K, Series
Tags: Post-Avengers, Hurt!Steve, BruceTasha, PTSD (Steve), Hurt/Comfort
He has only made it as far as Jersey City before his hands start shaking, and he finds an unmoving lump in his throat and a horrible sinking feeling in his stomach. He pulls off to the side of the road, and gasps for breath. It takes him 10 minutes to get himself mostly under control, and he turns back to New York with his vision still blurry and his heart pounding a lot faster than he’d like.

Beckon Me Home - Winterstar NC-17, 40k
Tags: PTSD (Steve), Time Travel, Hurt!Steve, POV (Both)
A change in circumstances switches the tables on Tony. When an assassination attempt leaves Steve debilitated, Tony is his only hope. In order to save Steve, he might very well have to suffer the same fate as Steve. A story about the paradox of love.

Steve Rogers Never Was a Boy Scout - ifitwasribald NC-17, 29K, series
Tags: PWP, Kinky
Shameless smut.

Team Building Activities - valtyr R, 37k
Tags: POV (Tony), Straight!Tony, Lapdance, Pining!Steve
Fury's a beautiful princess. Clint's plotting a Communist revolution. Rhodey's not sexy. Wall-E's not a documentary. Clint's not gay but he does give a great blowjob.

Phantom - Del_Rion R, 28K,
Tags: Mind control, Magic, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony
After Steve gets mysteriously possessed by dark magic, the Avengers must contain the situation and save their leader without losing their own lives in the process. Steve keeps escaping, however – and unerringly migrates towards Tony every time.

When Life Becomes a Play (and I Don't Know the Role I'm Cast) - firelord_zutara NC-17, 27K
Tags: Angst, Depression, Suicide Attempt, Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Unhappy Childhood
Months after the Battle of New York, the team moves into the tower. Tony and Steve keep dancing around each other, but besides his feelings towards the man, Tony has enough to deal with, what with trying to come to terms with himself and his own, personal issues.
He struggles through and through, but in the end, there's only one person who can save him -- the one person he hates the most: himself.

Constituent Parts - MountainRose PG-13, 26K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Kidnapping, Extremis
The Mandarin was after Tony, after his brain, his abilities, but he underestimated Tony.

Poles Apart - theron09 PG-13, 24K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Action, Mission
Steve and Tony are at the stage where they can't agree on anything - other than the fact that they the Avenger Initiative won't work if they continue as they are - when the unexpected happens. Accused of a crime that they did not commit, the Avengers can no longer rely on the protection of SHIELD against other government forces and are forced to go on the run until they can find a way to clear their names.

I'm Your Nickelodeon - Cluegirl R, 22K
Tags: Gay Chicken, Kink: BDSM, Tony/Pepper (Poly), so kinky
It was just a little furtive jacking-off in the shower; no harm done, and Steve's seen worse in the army. Heck, he's seen worse on Tony's YouTube tag, so why on earth Tony hiding in his workshop over it now?

Coded Message - morphia NC-17, 22k+
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Angst, Kidnapping, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony
Kidnapped and put in solitary confinement, and then rescued in a perfectly orchestrated operation, Steve and Tony are left to deal with how the ordeal has changed the nature of their relationship.

Prototype - D (come_feed_the_rain) NC-17, 21K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Extremis, Kidnapping
Summary: The arc reactor prototype was going to run Stark Tower for a year on self-sustaining energy. It was expanded to cover providing energy to the hospitals after the Battle of Manhattan. Distribution is now beginning with an arc reactor to be placed in Chicago. So, of course, this is the reason the arc reactor is the topic of discussion...

Coffee into Theorems - BladeoftheNebula PG-13, 21k
Tags: Canon!AU, Hurt!Tony, Angst
When Natasha actually smiles at Barnes and Barnes in return gets to call her ‘Nat’ without being killed in a scary and extremely painful way, Tony decides Barnes hasn’t just encroached on his territory, he’s fucking invaded and set up a new regime. Or: In which Tony acquires a family, then a Steve and Bucky Barnes returns from the dead to ruin Tony’s life.

We Accidentally A Relationship - inukagome15 PG-13, 20K
Tags: Fake Relationship, Hurt!Tony, Pining
In which Tony is pining and Steve is oblivious, and the Avengers and Pepper are not having this.

Ain't No Angel Gonna Greet Me - IamShadow21 PG-13, Series, 20K
Tags: Genderswap
He's become so used to being Iron Man and an Avenger, to battling Doombots and aliens and evil scientists trying to take over the world, that he'd forgotten that sometimes people want to do harm to you, personally, when you've just snuck out of the Tower to get mid-afternoon doughnuts.

Heading Down, With Deliberation - sharkie335 nc-17, 19k
Tags: bottom!steve, kink: bdsm, pwp, established relationship
So when this turned out to be more than a one-off, he’d steeled his nerves and forced himself to have not just one, but multiple conversations with Steve about sex and commitment. There’s one more that they need to have, though, and that’s about kink.

Best Years of Your Life - batneko PG-13, 18K
Tags: De-aged
Summary: Superheroes are hard enough to keep out of trouble when they're grown adults.

tree house - kellifer_fic R, 18k
Tags: Series, Post-Avengers, Team!fic, Kidnapping, Friends with benefits, Breaking Up, POV (Tony)
Tony finds out that when it comes to Avengers, you can't adopt just one.

Affection - MaidenofIron157 PG-13, 17K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Tony, Team!fic
Five times Tony Stark's exhaustion gets the better of him, and the one time someone decides it's time he use an actual bed.

Myxophobia - Del_Rion NC-17, 15K
Tags: Tentacles, Angst, Happy Ending
Steve’s life had been good recently: he and Tony had just begun their second date – which was going very well until they got a call to assemble and Steve was accidentally exposed to gamma radiation. Now disfigured and relying on Bruce’s word that the changes may fade in time, Steve can only hope his fresh relationship with Tony won’t be forever ruined by this. He also wishes Tony would stop with the tentacle jokes because they are not that funny.

Rom-Commed By Fate (Or JARVIS) - leashy_bebes NC-17, 14K
Tags: Fluff
The best thing about being an Artificial Intelligence is the ability to parse, filter and modify the things people say until you've got the cause to do exactly what you wanted in the first place. Or, in which JARVIS cock blocks Tony into having an actual relationship.

Pick Yourself Undone - romanoff PG-13, 13K
Tags: Post-Avengers, PTSD, Anxiety, OCD
After New York, Tony looks for control. He starts to find it in some picky little places. It's wrong and awful and stupid and so, so irrational, but once he starts -- It's hard to stop.

No Ordinary Love - 51stCenturyFox NC-17, 13K
Tags: Genderswap, Magic
Thanks to a magical spell by invading aliens from another realm, Tony Stark becomes a woman...for three months. Obviously there's no way he's not going to take his new body for a test drive. And who better to help him with it that our very own Captain America, Steve Rogers, the straighter-than-a-ruler guy he's been falling in love with totally against his will and who's finally noticing him now...

Morpheus Bound - Winterstar PG-13, 12K+
Tags: Hurt!Steve, PTSD (Steve), Post-Avengers
Steve slept for 70 years, what would happen if he couldn’t sleep again.

The Silent War - inukagome15 R Overall, 12K, Series
Tags: AIs, Sentient machines, Kitchen Appliances
Thor loves his Pop-Tarts, Clint likes the microwave, Natasha likes coffee but doesn’t want anyone to know, and Bruce and Steve cook. Or that time when everything in the kitchen refused to work, but none of the Avengers want to admit why.

I'd Come For You - Momokai NC-17, 11k
Tags: Drowning, Hurt!Tony, Rescue, Mission!fic, POV (Tony)
Drowning isn’t really a painful way to go Tony decides. Because the second the water fills him it’s like a switch is flipped in his brain, and then there’s nothing. No cold, no water, no Steve trying to claw them both to the surface because he got careless in a fight.
There’s just sweet, sweet nothing.

the very heart of it PG-13, 11K
All the Avengers (plus Fury and Coulson), are in the same room for some meeting. Tony fell asleep during the first 10 minutes of it. Everyone’s sitting around waiting…who’s going to wake Stark up?

Tourniquet - romanoff NC-17, 11k
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Angst, Mission, POV (Steve)
Stranded in a cabin, no contact and no way out. Cue gratuitous hurt/comfort. Written for the prompt 'Permanent Physical Injury and Recovery'.

Honey, I Can See The Stars by twentysomething R, 11K
Tags: Canon!AU: Not Avengers Compliant
"The most he'd ever cared about anything remotely related was his uniform, which, beyond the stylistic, was pretty necessary. But now his suit comes from a lab far more advanced than the basement of a Brooklyn antique shop, and the only decision he really gets to make is if his pants are too tight. (They were, but he doesn't really think they changed them. He doesn't know why, but he thinks that might have been on purpose.) That being said, he doesn't know what he's done to deserve the double take Tony gives him as he walks in the room."

Take This - Arkada R, 10k
Tags: Tony's Unhappy Childhood, Hurt/Comfort, POV (Both), Trust Issues, Angst
Very, very few people are allowed to hand things to Tony Stark. Steve has to fight to become one of them, and in the process, becomes something more.

Ivory and Horn - MemoryDragon PG-13, 9K
Tags: Kidnapping, Unreliable Narrator, Hurt!Tony, Pining
Tony can't get the armor to work, but his relationship with Steve seems to be going better. Or is it?

An Experiment Goes Awry - dante_s_hell PG-13, 9K
Tags: Pre-slash, Hurt!Tony, Team!fic
Tony Stark is a genius. Except when he's really not. Or, the one where Tony is bored and multi-tasks with disastrous results, but the team still loves him anyway.

Average Avengers Local Chapter 7 of New York City - hetrez PG-13, 9K
Tags: Canon!AU: Not Avengers Compliant, Fluff, Feel Good Fic
Steve and Tony accidentally start a national do-gooders association and fall in love.

Have and Have Nots - kehinki PG-13, 8K
Tags: Fluff, Holiday
Apparently, Tony finds his lack of holiday cheer damn near offensive.

Until You're Ready - exfatalist NC-17, 7K
Tags: Humor
Of course, the only way he could get back to normal was to put an end to the friendly, concerned harassment of his teammates and stow his own embarrassment over the whole ordeal.
So, really, actually, Tony needed to get laid.
“Cap, I need you to pop my cherry.”

Blue Movie - BewareTheIdes15 NC-17, 3k
Tags: PWP, Voyeurism, POV (Tony)
Alright, look, confession - Tony has been masturbating to Captain America since he was thirteen.
Sequel: Torque and Friction - BewareTheIdes15 NC-17, 4k
Tags: PWP, POV (Tony), Established Relationship
The armor is his religion. And, c'mon, does anyone really expect that Tony Stark wouldn't want to have sex with his religion? He's just never found anybody before who could handle it.

Prove Me Wrong - Renai_chan NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP, Established Relationship, Kinky
Tony and Steve have a little bet that may or may not involve sex toys and semi-public sex.

Shortsighted - Aviss NC-17, 3K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Humor, Pining
The first time Steve sees Tony wearing glasses, he walks into a wall.

Slow Me Down - ashinan NC-17, 3K
Tags: Established Relationship, PWP, POV (Steve)
Steve wants to slow down how quickly Tony and he have sex. It’s a matter of stopping himself from giving over that will be the issue. But he’s always been good at strategy.

So Delicious, I'll Take Seconds - zams NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP, Established Relationship, Power Play
Things get a little messy and a lot dirty in the kitchen one morning.

Sensitivity - Nefyr NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP, POV (Steve), Humor
The super-soldier serum made Steve extra sensitive to touch - but lowered his pain threshold. And by extra sensitive I mean really sensitive. Skin-to-skin contact = instantly hard sensitive. He's learned to keep people at a distance so this doesn't get discovered (and used against him) - but Tony finds out.

Playing Nice - sharkie335 NC-17, 1K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Established Relationship
Tony’s been trying to be a gentleman. Apparently Steve’s tired of it

Prostrate - thyrza NC-17, 1K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Bottom!Tony, Established Relationship
The super serum has given Steve enhanced stamina and almost no refractory period. It means that Steve can easily get one last one in when Tony is done for the night, and he loves it.

Satiety - Sinope NC-17, <1K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve
Tony builds a fucking machine designed specifically for Steve.

Showers - toestastegood NC-17, <1K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Established Relationship, Shower!Sex
Tony joins Steve in the shower.

First Comes Love, Second Comes Marriage... - orbingarrow 4k, PG-13, Series
Tags: Fluff, Marriage Proposal
Steve and Tony aren't dating, but the world assumes they are because Steve won't stop touching Tony in public. A young man invites them to his wedding to try and cheer up his fiance, whose parents are being unsupportive because they don't approve of same-sex marriage.

Coincidences - ladyshadowdrake PG-13, 3K
Tags: Crossover: Harry Potter
Steve hasn't been to a Quidditch game since his mother was still alive, but the US is playing in the World Cup, so why not? He definitely doesn't expect to run into Tony there.

Steve Rogers vs. Automated Everything - ashes0909 PG-13, 2K+
Tags: Series
The first time it happened, Steve was in an airport bathroom. The 21st Century automates everything, until it doesn't.

Calls Me Home - steve-capsicle-rogers (adorable_lab_rat) PG-13, 9K
Tags: Time Travel
Tony can't help but notice the far away look on Steve's face. The visible pain and loss. It wasn't right and giving Steve back everything he'd lost was the right choice. The right thing. And honestly Tony didn't do the right thing near enough.

Hypothetically - engolras PG-13, 1K
Tags: Kidnapping, Pre-Slash
Rambling often helps Tony work, and Steve is perfectly okay with listening to Tony's verbal stream of consciousness.

Say My Name - just_another_tinker PG-13, 1K
Tags: Fluff |Hurt!Steve
It took Steve a while to notice. Of course, everyone did it, so Steve never paid it any mind. ‘Cap’ was just a lot easier to say than ‘Steve’; it just rolls off the tongue. Steve always preferred using code names out in the field, and when the team carried his back to the tower, Steve never mentioned it. Of course, the more the team lived together, the more Steve heard his name pop up. It always made him smile, the group starting to see him as a friend rather than as a teammate.
Everyone except Tony

I Less Than 3 You - FanofAllThingsAdorkable PG-13, 2k
Tags: Humor, Fluff, Flirting
Tony blurted, “Every time I see you, my cardiovascular system gets all worked up.” Tony had spent the rest of the evening being laughed at by Clint and hovered over by a concerned Steve. “Maybe you should go to the doctor,” Steve said worriedly. “If you’re having heart troubles, there might be something wrong with the arc reactor.” ----

too many fish in the sea - mmtion PG-13, 4K
Tags: Crossover, Humor, Multiverse
“Hey Tony,” Steve’s voice is unusually high-pitched as he speaks to Tony’s voice mail. “It’s Steve. There seems to be a...situation here. So, um, if you could hurry back, it would be much appreciated.”
In front of him, Hippie Tony high fives Warlock Tony, nearly slapping Drag Queen Tony in the face, and says, “Whoa, man. You’re providing free magic power for your world? Green Energy Boner Alert.”

Cincinnatus - laudatenium PG-13, 5k
Tags: pov steve, established relationship
Behind the counter were mirror-backed shelves filled with black-and-white photographs and a folded flag in a frame. One of the most prominently displayed was one of Steve, in the ridiculous uniform he had worn during the USO tour. He had the cowl off, and looked exceptionally uncomfortable as he posed with what looked like several railway officials, a couple of the Star-Spangled Singers sitting smirking around spoons in the booth behind them.
“Sorry – I gotta –“ Tony motioned outside.

Five Times Steve was Propositioned and One Time He did the Propositioning - Winterstar PG-13, 5K
Tags: Humor
Tony says something, Steve pays for it. Hijinks ensue.

gonna be trouble by fictionalcandie PG-13, 8K
Tags: Pining, teamfic, humor, Side Pairing: Rhodey/Bucky, Fluff
Summary: In which Bucky comes back, Tony is doomed, and the Avengers want their breakfast.

Five Times Tony is Ignorant About Steve’s Coming From the 40s and One Time He Isn’t (Well, Only a Little Bit Anyway) - grapefruitshampoo (Yentl) PG, 2K
Tags: Fluff, Angst
Despite the Avengers’ constant jokes (Tony) and concerns (Bruce) about the fact, they often still seemed to forget that Steve came pretty much straight from the 1940s.

There's Something Aboot Steve - epicycles PG, 2K
Tags: Humor, Language Kink, Happy fic, Fluff, established relationship
"You know, it makes a lot of sense," Tony mused aloud, once all the shouting was over. "You're so polite, you like maple syrup, you wear a lot of plaid."

Your Hand In Mine, Always - zams PG, <1K
Tags: Holiday, established relationship
Steve bakes Avengers sugar cookies. Tony thinks this deserves a kiss.

And Begin Again Tomorrow - BlackEyedGirl PG, 3K
Tags: Arc Reactor, Pre-Slash
Steve can tell there’s something wrong with Tony. He just doesn’t know what happened. Or why Tony’s friends seem to think it’s his fault.

while you were sleeping - theappleppielifestyle PG, 1K
Tags: Fluff, Love Confessions
Tony confesses some things to Steve while he's asleep. Problem is, Steve isn't as asleep as Tony thinks.

Full Circle - azuredragonsleeps PG, 2K
Tags: Canon!AU, Time Travel
Steve Rogers meets Tony Stark in an alleyway in 1935. Tony Stark meets Steve Rogers at SHIELD in 2012.

Captain & Mr. Stark - wisia PG-13, 1K
Tags: Fluff, Soulmates, Canon AU, pov tony
In a world where your soulmates’ first words are etched onto your skin, Tony despairs. Because his words are “Mr. Stark” and everyone calls him that.

A Sight To Wake Up To - pensversusswords R, 1K
Tags: Fluff, Morning After, PWP
The one where they sleep together, Tony is a notorious blanket hog, and Steve lounges in his bed completely naked. It's definitely not the worst way Tony's woken up.

Best Laid - plingo_kat R, 1K
Tags: PWP, Reckless!Steve, Near Death Experience
Written for the avengers kink meme: Steve thinks that he should have died all those years ago, so he gets reckless: going off to fight the bad guys on his own without back-up. Eventually, Steve gets really injured due to his dare-devil antics and the team turns to Tony to reason with Steve. Subsequently, Tony gives Steve the best pep talk of his entire life, if by pep talk you mean blow job. And then, casually, as Tony leaves, he turns and goes, "Cut this 'I wanna die' bullshit. It's not a good look for you." AND STEVE DOES.

Lygerastia - SakuraTsukikage R, <1K
Tags: PWP, Fluff
Tony always wants the lights out when they have sex, and Steve starts to wonder why.

Always Be Prepared - ladyshadowdrake R, 4K
Tags: Humor
Caught in enemy territory with important technology to get home, Steve falls back on a peculiar truth he learned during the War: No one is going to perform a body cavity search on Captain America.

Code Name: Grapevine - scribblywobblytimeylimey R, 1K
Tags: Fluff, Humor
Summary: They’d been making out heatedly for five minutes, pressed against a wall of shelves in the dark, when Steve pulled back and said “Wait - you wanted to ask me something?” He waited for Tony to make his way back into his head. “Uh, yeah. I got this ominous note from Pepper this morning - ‘Congratulations’ and ‘so happy for you’ and ‘I always knew’. Is there…anything you know about that?” Steve drew back. His face clouded over. “Two days. It didn’t even last two. Days.” If only Hydra had kissed him years ago - they’d have had no chance of keeping their secret then. And if only the others could learn that you should be careful what you wish for...

Enough - DirectorShellhead (i_sanguinity) R, 1K
In which Steve does a little pining, and Tony takes forever to get his head out of his ass, and they're each what the other needs when all else is said and done. Beware the fluff.

Inhale, Exhale - Arukou R, 1K
Being with Steve makes Tony want more, want to be more.

Push - zams R, 1K
Tags: Jealous!Steve
Tony likes to push.
Steve really thought Tony would be the possessive one. But Steve found himself constantly wanting Tony near so he could reach out an arm and remind himself that Tony was still there. Constantly wanting to keep Tony in bed so Steve could hear more of the beautiful noises that he pulled from Tony's throat as Steve moved inside him. Constantly wanting to see Tony in nothing but Steve's too-big shirts so that Tony would always smell like him.

Side Effects - Wordsplat R, 3K
Tags: Humor, POV (Tony), Age Difference
Viagra; sildenafil citrate; a crystalline compound that works to increase sexual pleasure and the ability to achieve an erection. Side effects may include headaches, drops in blood pressure, and, in rare cases, erections lasting over four hours. (Or: In which Tony learns that communication is key, his boyfriend doesn't want to be his boyfriend anymore, and Viagra is not the drug for him.)

The Greater Good - AvocadoLove R, 1K
After days of bitter arguing, Steve visits Tony's workshop with a peace offering.

Deflowering Captain America (for World Peace!) - aubreyli R, 2K
Tags: Humor, Virgin!Steve
In which Steve Rogers is tired of being kidnapped and used as a virgin sacrifice. Luckily, his good friend Tony Stark is there to help. Sort of.

Five Times Tony Fellated Food Obliviously and One Time He Knew Exactly What He Was Doing - Crematosis R, 4K
It would have been easier for Steve to put up with if Tony was doing it on purpose.

grey and other colours - theappleppielifestyle R, 8K
Distantly, Tony hears Clint say something like, “No, I definitely heard he was an equal opportunist. Like, equal-equal, no preference. Hey Tones, who are you attracted to more, dudes or chicks?”
He calls the last part out to Tony, who runs the words over in his mind and unthinkingly says, “I’ve actually never been attracted to anyone, it’s really worrying.” (Or, Demisexual and Demiromantic Tony Stark.)

Hubris - romanoff R, 18K
Tags: Torture, Hurt!Tony, Protective Avengers, Hurt/comfort
Steve tries to find Tony and realises some things along the way.

Let Me Hear You, Let Me Watch You - zams R, 1K
Tony's only given one or two massages in his life, but he must be doing something right to cause Steve to make that noise, a low rumble that sounds ripped from his throat and sends all Tony's blood rushing south. All Tony wants to do is make Steve feel good. He watches Steve's face in the mirror, fixated and intense, watches one blissful expression replace another as Tony works on loosening all the knots coiled tight in Steve's shoulders.

Of Course I'm Happy To See You - scribblywobblytimeylimey R, 2K
Tags: Humor, Pining, Bad Flirting, Oblivious!Steve, Virgin!Steve
In which oblivious Steve is oblivious. After all, he's heard more legitimate insults in his time than horny come-ons.

Purple Fleece and Honey - Morethancupcake PG-13, 2K
Tags: Kid!fic, Deaging
Protecting Tony Stark is like keeping an open fire in the palm of his hand. It's like fighting the rain. It keeps him alive, in a way." All it takes is a tiny Tony, and suddenly being right doesn't seem important anymore.

Small Packages (the 'not without you' Remix) - AnonEhouse PG, 2K
Tags: Deaging
Steve may be de-aged, but not to worry, Tony's not going to let anything happen to him.

Island Dreams - Neverever PG-13, 2K
Tags: Domestic
Tony wants to take an island vacation with Steve but Steve has doubts.

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart) - graceless_wolf PG-13, 1K
Tags: Fluff, Pining, Hurt!Tony
Do you like being Captain America?” He isn’t sure where the question comes from, but it falls off his tongue like it’s been waiting there for months. Maybe it has been. He gave up long ago on trying to figure himself out. Steve’s rebuttal is quick, “Do you like being Iron Man?”

Past Ghosts - Del_Rion PG-13, 7K
Tags: Angst
After being possessed by dark magic and attacking his teammates, Steve has to come to terms with his actions, no matter how unwilling a participant he may have been. Tony does his best to help him through it while the two of them attempt to turn years of pining into a working relationship.

Tête-â-tête - Del_Rion PG-13, 1K
Tags: Pre-Slash, Skype
Steve feels restless in the aftermath of a fight and after exhausting his usual methods to unwind, it so happens that Tony’s available for a little chat. Then an interruption in the form of Natasha Romanoff gives their conversation a whole new direction.

Where You End - ashinan PG-13, 1K
Tags: Fluff
The silence is comforting and Tony stumbles over to the stairs, thinking nothing short of a warm bed and a warm Steve and maybe some warm kissing.

Heroes Do Exist - someonelsesheart PG-13, 1K
Tags: Fluff, Angst, Pining, Reckless!Tony
Tony learns that becoming a hero doesn't always mean saving the world. Sometimes it just means saving one person.

i am wide eyed with a penchant for running - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 1K
Tags: Fluff
Steve compliments him on his arms. On his craftsmanship. On his jokes. He makes the rare innuendo that get the whole team snickering after Steve leaves the room. He tells Tony he values Tony in the team, and as a person, and as a friend. He looks at Tony with big blue eyes and an easy smile that comes far too rarely.
Tony has no goddamn idea what to do with all this affection. He also has no idea how to respond to it.

The Kid (will be alright) - AngeNoir PG-13, 4K
Tags: Unhappy Childhood, Deage
Steve Rogers has the unique chance to find out that yes, Tony Stark was a dick even at eleven years old. He also gets to understand why.

(Stupid) Artificially Intelligent Cupid, or That Time Tony Wrote a Matchmaking Algorithm to Get Steve Laid, Because That's How He Rolls - uraneia PG-13, 2K
Steve has the worst luck when it comes to dating, so Tony writes a matchmaking program to help him find the right girl. Then the program overrides his parameters and hands him a clue.

'Tis the Season to Make Out With Your Teammates Because Of Decorative Plants - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 5K
Tags: Holiday
In all honesty, it starts because Clint is an asshole with too much free time on his hands, and every corner shop has mistletoe to spare if you’re an Avenger- saving the world on a weekly basis has its perks, and free Christmas merchandise turns out to be one of them.

You Know Me Now - evasaur PG-13, 3K
Tags: Holiday
So here’s Tony at a Christmas party surrounded by people he doesn’t actually hate and who apparently don’t hate him, and that is enough to make him need to get rip-roaring drunk.

Appreciation - Wordsplat PG-13, 3K
Tags: Humor
Steve has cultivated a wealth of appreciation for Tony's many different looks, but he does have a favorite.

Armistice Day - Wordsplat PG-13, 2K
Steve's been reclusive, and Tony finally figures out why.

Better - blackkat PG-13, 2K
Tags: Alcohol, POV (Steve), Reckless!Tony, Pining
"You could be better."
Simple words can change a life. Steve's words change things for the better.

Bi The Way - Lumelle PG-13, 1K
Tags: Pre-Slash
Tony is appalled at not having been told what he considers a vital piece of information about an upcoming mission. This leads to some confusion as Steve has to come to grips with the fact that Tony is not, in fact, entirely straight.

Close to the Heart - MusicalLuna PG-13, 2K
Steve gets in a minor traffic collision that gets a not-so-minor reaction from Tony.

Cold Making Warmth - sheafrotherdon PG-13, 2K
Steve settles upon the few things he knows for sure: that the days are short, and it's cold, and he doesn't mind looking dumb for making the effort. So screw the protocol, whether it exists or not – he's giving gifts.

Delete - ashinan PG-13, 3K
Tags: Amnesia, Angst, Not Fix it
Tony doesn’t know when it starts, doesn’t know how it really comes to a head, but for the last few months they’ve been fighting, a constant stream of nonsense fighting that tears at Tony’s resolve.

Domestic Avenger Meme - Steve/Tony - sidium PG-13, 2K
Tags: Fluff
Steve is the big spoon. Always, hands-down. And there's a few reasons for that.

Four Times Captain America Doesn't Do As Expected And One Time He Does - pulangaraw PG-13, 1K
Steve doesn't always meet people's expectations and Tony loves it.

hiding - starkravingcap PG-13, 1K
Tags: Fluff
The sun has just barely broken the horizon, all gold and red and pink through the tall windows. Tony has a particular fondness for the view of New York that he gets from their bed. He can see the skyscrapers, glass paneled and monstrous, and all the people below. The city is buzzing with activity, bathed in the glow of the sun and the peace of the early morning. Steve's arm curls tightly around his waist. His skin is warm against Tony's back. It's a new day. His circuitry can wait.

hooked on you - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 1K
Tags: CanonAU, Vampires
"I’m sorry," Steve says miserably, but Tony holds up a hand. "Whoa, hey, no, not your fault, kid. Um." Tony drops the hand, because Steve had started looking at his wrist, the mapwork of veins. "So what, it’s like, you open your eyes first thing after getting vamped and, boom, Imprint?" "What?" Steve frowns again. "Tony, no. I’m not a baby duck."

In Which Steve Is Apparently Ariel (or, Tony Hates Everything, Especially Loki and Disney) - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 1K
Tags: Magic, Humor
Coulson, as he always is during a crisis, involuntary Disney songs aside, keeps a straight face. "It could be the cure to whatever he's put on us."
Tony whirls, clenching and unclenching his hands. "Yeah, emphasis on could! Either that, or I'm going to- to-"
"Kiss Steve for nothing," Coulson interjects helpfully. "I'm sure that will be horrible for you."

Roots - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 1K
Tags: Happy ending
The first dimension they visit, the other Tony Stark is already cold in the ground. Dead before everything even kicked off- age 32, from alcohol poisoning.
Steve asks, what’s different about this universe?
Tony just follows his gaze towards the sign: Stane Industries, bright and blaring into the New York rain, which Tony still thinks different to any other rain that he’s been in.

Same Song, Different Verse - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 2K
Tags: Angst, Time travel
"You said you don't like to keep me waiting. I waited for a while."

All That Glitters (Is Definitely Gold) - capsicleonyourleft PG-13, <1K
Tags: Humor
For pensversusswords' headcanon: "Tony keeps buying Steve tacky sweatpants that have words like “juicy” and “hot stuff” across the ass as a joke but Steve just takes it in stride and wears them all the time."

Blow Out by xaritomene PG-13, 6K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Team!fic
The Avengers are stuck in a cave, and Tony, despite being essentially incapacitated by the loss of his suit, has a working plan to deal with this shit.

Come and make the hymns of you - singmyheart PG-13, 4K
Tags: Pining, Poetry
Steve is elbow-deep in soapy water hot enough to scald the average person when Tony comes into the kitchen and hops up onto the counter next to him. “There is serious shit going down at Hogwarts right now and you’re missing it, Capsicle,” he says solemnly. (Or: Tony is an ass, Steve is perpetually confused, Bruce teaches Thor to cook, and Clint and Tasha are... Clint and Tasha.)

Disclaimer - brandnewfashion PG-13, 2K
Tags: Humor, established relationship
Someone got a hold of our sex tape."
"...which one?"

Everybody Wants Some - Maeglin_Yedi PG-13, 5K
Tags: Humor, Jealous!Steve
Tony gets propositioned. A lot.

Five Ways in Which Steve Rogers is a Thoroughly Modern Man (+1 Way he Isn't) - kyaticlikestea PG-13, 5K
Tags: Fluff
Despite being a man out of time, Steve Rogers is, in fact, a paradigm of modernity. Except for the ways in which he totally isn't. Cue awkward dating, bad cooking, great advice and terrible puns

Habit - Wordsplat PG-13, 4K
Tags: Established Relationship, Light Angst, Insecure!Tony, Marriage Proposal, pov tony, pov steve
Steve might want to start double-checking who's sitting next to him before he goes around kissing people in the middle of crowded ballgames.

Here Comes the Rush - gonetoarcadia PG-13, 6K
Tags: Pining!Steve
It’s been three years. Steve’s seen aliens, giant robots, and literal flying monkeys. He’s romanced a few women and even a man, moved into Stark Tower with a bunch of renegade do-gooders he’s more than a little fond of, and made peace with the fact that what he really wants is one Tony Stark. Now it’s time to do something about it.
(Or, the one where Steve sets his cap for Tony, doesn’t encounter much resistance, and has a lot of fun along the way.)

I Could Write a Book - batty4u PG-13, 2K
Tags: Fluff
Tony could write a book about all the things he loved about Steve. Every inch of him was something noteworthy. But nothing compared to how Steve said "I love you".

Irreplaceable - orphan_account PG-13, 4K
Tags: Team!fic, Hurt!Tony
There are obvious downsides to being the only member of the Avengers who is not a super soldier, a god, or a super assassin, and does not Hulk out when aggravated. The most obvious one is that when villains want bait, they've got a go-to guy. Tony already knew Mondays sucked. He did not need his opinion reinforced this way.

When You Can't Sleep - khaleesikraken PG, <1K
Tags: Fluff
Summary: Tony’s away on a business trip for Stark Industries, and Steve can’t sleep without the light from his arc reactor.

it could be worse, you know - fantalaimon PG, 1K
Tags: Insomnia, PTSD
He offers the thermos to Steve, who eyes it warily.
“I don’t drink,” Steve says. Then, after a second, clarifies: “Normal alcohol doesn’t affect me anymore.”
Tony rolls his eyes. “I’m aware, Cap. It’s tea.”

And Let Me Kiss You - allourheroes PG, 1K
Tags: Marriage of convenience, Fluff
Summary: The picture is in the paper, big and bold and in everyone’s face. Iron Man. Captain America. In suits and locking lips under a white arch, an officiant behind them. It's official, then: The world has gone crazy.

Button Pushing - love_in_the_stars PG, <1K
Tags: Fluff
Summary: He intended on getting a glass of milk before heading up to bed. That was the plan, anyway, before he found Tony sitting at the kitchen table with a puzzled, sleepy expression and a metal box in his hands. A metal box with a big red button.

I Am Not My Genius' Keeper - Scoobert0 PG, 6K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Protective!Steve, Sick!Tony
Summary: Tony's been working in seclusion again and doesn't show up for a call to Assemble. Steve gets elected to go down to the lab and find out why.

Dreaming Together - often_adamanta PG, 1K
Tags: Domestic, Misunderstandings
Just because his future involves more penis than he’d expected doesn’t mean that Steve’s given up on happily-ever-after.

Logic and Sleep Deprivation Are Not Friends - avengersincamphalfbloodstardis PG, 1K
Tags: Fluff, Humor
In Clint’s defense, he was seriously sleep deprived and Tony had already been kidnapped once that month, so it was entirely plausible that he’d been taken again, okay?

A Fixed Point - MountainRose PG, 2K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort
Tony could skate, he just hadn't been expecting there to be a hole in the ice the size of the tip of his blade.

Always Have the Last Word - radiophile PG, <1K
Tags: Fluff
Tony is pissed, and he has a totally good reason for it, he's sure. Steve is determined to make amends, and he's not above a little cheating to do so.

At The Join - entanglednow PG, 3K
Tags: Pre-Slash
Tony's gone down on one knee, fussing with one of the heavy-duty boots, and Steve's going to say something. But there are already knuckles smacking the side of his leg, and he's lifting it without thinking.

honey, you're keeping me afloat - mmtion PG, 2K
Every so often, on evenings with nobody else, Tony and Natasha drink some wine together and talk about everything and anything.

I don't blame you. - brandnewfashion PG, 1K
Tags: Humor
“I don’t blame you if you want to ogle him a little longer, by the way.”
Pepper fights the urge to blush. “I was not—”
Tony looks at her incredulously. “You’re practically drooling on the carpet, Miss Potts.”

love is thicker than forget - starkravingcap PG, 3K
Tags: Marriage Proposal
Steve decides on the fifteenth day of November that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Tony.

My Number One Gal - MusicalLuna PG, 1K
Steve's strongest and truest love will always be his shield and Tony's okay with that.

Parentheses - royal_chandler PG, <1K
Tags: Domestic, Sick!fic
The only thing that could maybe redeem this entirely unfair situation is the Tom Ford that Steve’s immaculately dressed in.

Phantom Moments Between Each Breath - Sidara PG, 2K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Pre-slash, Arc Reactor
People see the glow of the arc reactor, they never see the scars.

Cold - juxtapose PG, 3K
Tags: Fluff, Angst, PTSD
Steve Rogers never liked the winter.

Come Fly With Me - laulan PG, 2K
Tags: Established Relationship, Fluff
He finally digs the phone Tony foisted onto him out of his pocket. Flight is canceled because of the mechanical problem. Next one is tomorrow morning, he types.

Passing Notes - theappleppielifestyle PG, <1K
Tags: Photos, Humor
Steve just wants to take notes in peace. Tony is bored.

Spoiled Rotten - kehinki NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve
It doesn't take a whole lot of convincing to get Steve to call him 'daddy'.

Stained Glass - tourdefierce NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP
Summary: Tony Stark was called a lot of things, but tender wasn't one of them. Too bad his super-hero boyfriend disagreed.

easy rider - ohmyloki NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP
Tony likes Steve. He likes having sex with Steve. He loves how Steve looks on his motorcycle. It just makes sense that he'd want to combine a few of his favorite things.

those damn sweatpants - orphan_account NC-17, 1K
Tags: PWP
Tony just can't help himself when, as soon as Steve gets back from his morning run, strips half-naked, breathing hard and sweat dotting his chest.

Wearing Him Out - SushiOwl NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP
Tony can't sleep, so he's going to make sure Steve can't either.

Grease Monkey - colonel_bastard NC-17, 2K
Tags: Shower!sex, PWP
Tony is filthy when he comes out of his workshop. Steve helps him get clean. Then things get dirty.

Borderline - nix_this NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP
Sex. With feelings. Also, fisting.

Never Have I Ever - SilverStark PG-13, 6K
Tags: Pre-Slash, Humor, Team!fic
Summary: Clint and Tony decide a drinking game is the perfect way to decompress after a mission.

5 Times Steve Marked Tony + 1 Time Tony Marked Steve - ParkerStark PG-13, 2K
Tags: Dogtags, Possessive!Steve
Summary: Five times Steve is a possessive boyfriend, and one time Tony finally finds a way to mark Steve (having a super soldier for a boyfriend means he heals too damn fast)

Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf (Good Riddance of Your Liquid Lover) - grapefruitshampoo (Yentl) PG-13, 2K
Tags: Fluff, Angst
Tony's solution to an emotional crisis of any kind is the instant abuse of alcohol. Steve disapproves, and much prefers the 'talking-about-your-feelings' method to go about things. Together they figure stuff out.

Weighing His Options - Winterstar PG-13, 9K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Post-Avengers, POV (Steve), PTSD (Steve), Suicidal!Steve
Summary: Steve considers whether or not this life is real….each of his team members plays a part in his investigations. But it is Tony who gives him the best way to deal with life today. Steve figures he has a few options. ....... He lists his choices: Fevered Dream Side Effects Battle Wound Hypothermia Delirium Insanity

In the Gym - Neverever PG-13, <1K
Tags: Training
Summary: Tony hates training with Steve.

Wrist Deep (Neck Deep) In The Water - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 1K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, POV (Tony), POV (Steve)
Obie yanks, and Steve watches Tony jerk, the full, gasping set of his eyes as the wire is pulled away, out of his chest.

Try - brandnewfashion PG-13, 3K
Tags: Romance, Love confessions, POV (Tony), Tiberius, Protective!Steve
Summary: inexperienced tony goes on a date with somebody who gets real handsy and winds up fleeing home, where he runs into steve while he's in the middle of freaking out. steve is like WHOA WTF NEED TO CUT A BITCH and assures tony that no there is no reason why he should put up with that and that he was totally right to ditch them

Not a Special Snowflake - Annehiggins PG-13, 2K
Tags: Fluff, Angst, Kidnapping
Summary: Tony Stark is no one's special snowflake, so why do the bad guys keep trying to use him as bait? Set in a 'gay Tony' world so he was never romantically involved with Pepper.

Life to a Soul - SomeTorist PG-13, 3K
Tags: Pre-Slash
Summary: Few people ever see inside Tony Stark; fewer can stomach what they find; next to no one claims to still like him afterwards. So Tony hides, closing all the doors and battening down the hatches, using charm and confidence as armor when he's not in the suit. To Tony's horror, Steve somehow manages to see inside him anyway.

Dizzy - acidpop25 PG-13, <1K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Sick!Steve
Summary: Steve's enhanced metabolism has some unfortunate drawbacks now and then.

kiss it better - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 2K
Tags: Making out
They establish pretty early on that Steve isn’t comfortable going any further than making out. Tony takes the news easier than Steve does: Tony nods and opens his mouth to ask if Steve wants tacos for dinner instead of souvlaki, and Steve growls and flops on the bed, scowling at the ceiling.

Midnight - starkravingcap PG-13, 2K
Tags: Angst, Tony's Unhappy Childhood
Steve finds him in the open expanse of the living room, sitting behind the white grand piano by the bar. He is wearing a tattered pair of sweatpants and a shirt with a circle cut out of it, a little opening from which the arc reactor peeks out.

Not just a river in Egypt (Tony is most certainly not in denial) - theoddoodisnude PG-13, 7K
Tags: Denial!Tony, Hurt!Steve
"You are most definitely not in love with me, Cap, what you are experiencing is called cabin pressure," Tony explains, because he has a rational train of thought and he's met enough shrinks to have figured out their tactics by now. "And possibly, you know, sexual frustration, because it doesn't matter at all that you're, like, America's national icon, Fury still won't let you out. I know that, I see that, I acknowledge your pain, I feel with you, Cap, believe me, I do. And I get it, because I am a very good-looking fellow and we spend a lot of time together, stuck in this tower, and it's easy to--"
"I am," Steve cuts off, equal parts amused and frustrated and concerned. "In love. With you. Tony, I'm in love with you."

Of All The Things - pensversusswords PG-13, 2K
It was a shirt that was Tony's undoing, of all things. Well, it was completely Steve's fault for wearing it in the first place.

scars - starkravingcap PG-13, 7K
Tags: Established Relationship, PTSD
Tony falls apart one morning on the kitchen floor. Steve feels like a jackass. Clint is enjoying his new position as team therapist.

Screaming and Screaming (but I just can't hear you) - AngeNoir PG-13, 4K
Tags: Angst, Misunderstandings, Happy Ending
Two years. Two years, of trying to get Tony to spend more time with him, of trying to subtly let Tony know he wanted their relationship to be more public, of trying to get Tony to let him in. No more. Steve was done.

The Way I Feel Tonight - SouldierToTheEnd PG-13, 1K
Tags: Pre-Slash, PTSD
Tony is fine with spending all his hours in the workshop avoiding the world and everyone in it. Steve apparently isn't.

Transfer Students - copperbadge PG-13, 1K
Tags: Humor, Crossover
Five times the Avengers pawned kids off on the Jean Grey School.

Undercover Mission: High School - kuro PG-13, 3K
Tags: Mission fic, Pretend relationship
Steve and Tony are forced to go undercover as high school teachers to catch a villain called 'The Ruler'. Tony seems to be surprisingly okay with that. Steve... not so much.

Unsaid - kuro PG-13, 1K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort
Tony gets more than just a little hurt during a battle. He also has the world's worst timing.

the words fell out in bites - pgtips PG, 3K
Tags: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
He's got blue eyes china plate wide and Tony's almost positive he falls in love on a thursday.

Revelations - syriala PG, 2K
Tags: Fluff
Summary: Steve was bleary eyed, his hair sticking up on one side funnily, he was still in his pyjamas, had only thrown a robe with blinding colours over them. He looked entirely domestic, relaxed and utterly at peace, and all Tony could think was “I’m in love with this man.”

Good Morning, America! - miss_whimsy PG, 1K
Tags: Fluff, Secret relationship, Coming out
Steve is a much better actor than anyone gives him credit for.

I Accidentally Jobbed - Renai_chan PG, 2K
Tags: Established Relationship, Fluff
Steve gets a job at Stark Industries... accidentally.

Miles to Go (Before I Sleep) - SakuraTsukikage PG, 3K
Tags: PTSD, Nightmares, Hurt/Comfort
Steve has trouble sleeping. Tony comes to bed late. All the little ups and downs of a relationship, how to negotiate the space between two people. Established relationship.

Sleeping Beauty - missbecky PG, <1K
Tags: Fluff
Tony sleeps, and Steve likes what he sees. Also, Thor likes shrimp cocktail.

That Has Such People In It - lupinus PG, 5K
Tags: Pining!Tony
Tony pines like a genius, and Steve is too busy being baffled by modern times to notice.

Tiny - ashinan PG, <1K
Tags: Pre-slash
Steve has always looked Tony almost in the eye. Or, well, at least that's what he originally thought...

I'll Build A Home In You - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 9K
Tags: Telepathy, Established Relationship
Tony Stark has a total of twenty-eight scars on his body. Or, a roadtrip!fic with a plot.

Santa's Helper - nightwalker PG-13, 1K
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, Fluff
Tony can really pull off an elf costume. Steve is absolutely a dirty old man, but he's okay with that.

In Which Steve gets a Wardrobe Update (And bags Tony at the same Time) - insanityslowlycreeps PG-13, 2K
Tags: Fluff, Humor, Oblivious!Tony, Pining, Seduction
Or Alternatively: Natasha Romanov deserves her own country for putting up with these dumbasses.

I'll Wear Your Heart On My Sleeve - pensversusswords PG-13, 1K
Tags: Fluff
Steve unironically wears Iron Man merchandise and Tony thinks it's adorable.

What are the odds? - timeloop PG-13, 3K
Tags: Humor, Domestic, Established Relationship
Steve understands that living in a tower with four other people means that there are bound to be situations where privacy isn't really an option. But why does it have to happen every time he's with Tony?

Equations - love_in_the_stars PG-13, 3K
Tags: Reckless!Tony
Everyone thinks Tony is suicidal, which he isn't exactly. That's not to say he doesn't have the thoughts but that's just par for his course. Steve, of course, isn't going to stand for that.

Probability - ashinan PG-13, 2K
Tags: Pre-slash, Team!fic
Tony can see it all, in graphs and equations and 3D fucking colour, the probability of his teammates dying. He won't allow it.

signed, steeped, delivered - gyzym, Siria PG-13, 2K
Tony was pretty sure nothing like this had ever happened to him before.

Smoking Buddies - morphia PG, 3K
Tags: PTSD (Steve)
It's a common misconception, but Steve Rogers actually does smoke.

The Communion of Wicked Trees - Winterstar PG-13, 2K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Hurt/Comfort
This answers a prompt - Steve keeps throwing himself into danger and the team has to do something about it. They elect Tony to confront Steve.

The Once and Future King - Brigantine PG-13, 6K
Tags: Crossover: X-Men, Humor, Hurt!Steve, Protective!Tony, Reckless!Steve
A series of days in a new life. Captain Steven Rogers gets a little help adapting to the 21st century from Darcy and Wolverine, and Tony wonders when exactly he turned into the mature person in the room.

Thems - copperbadge PG-13, 1K
Steve discovers a secret simulation on the game server.

There is no Tony-and-Steve. Only Tony. Only Steve. - 27dragons PG-13, 1K
Tags: Pining, Denial
Steve does not have a thing for Tony, no matter what Natasha says. And it wouldn't matter if he did, because Tony definitely doesn't have a thing for Steve. Absolutely not.

Use My Skin to Bury Secrets in - capsicleonyourleft PG-13, 2K
Tags: Angst, PTSD, Hurt!Steve
Frankly, Tony's had enough of Steve making the sacrifice play.

And These Hands - missbecky PG-13, 3K
Tags: Mind control, Angst, Happy Ending
While investigating a possible supervillain, Steve falls under his control and is forced to commit a terrible atrocity. Afterward, he retreats from the Avengers and the rest of the world. When he's finally ready to see Tony again, it's only so he can sever that tie as well. But Tony has never been good at accepting the inevitable, and now he's going to prove that to Steve, once and for all.

and you're out - Zekkass PG-13, 4K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Rescue!fic
A villain kidnaps Tony and removes his arc reactor and Steve's the one to rescue him. Tony proceeds to try and deal with this. Steve tries not to think about the gaping hole he saw in Tony's chest.

Belief - Wordsplat PG-13, 4K
Tags: Established Relationship, Marriage Proposal, Insecure!Tony
It's not that Steve would ever cheat on him, because Tony knows without question that he wouldn't. It's that maybe Steve doesn't belong with him in the first place.

Close To Me - zams PG-13, <1K
Tags: Fluff
Steve's a protector, always has been. It's only natural for him to want to hold Tony when they're sleeping, to curve his larger body over Tony's so Steve can shield him from anything that would hurt him, even when they're in the Tower and perfectly safe.

Deep Waters - AlchemyAlice PG-13, 5K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, PTSD (Tony), POV (Both)
His power's running low, the arc reactor flickering. Cold, rancid sewer water is rushing into the fissure at his torn up shoulder, filling up the gaps, rising along his neck in frigid fingers. He's been like this before.

Dream of Ice and Wake Shivering - captainshellhead PG-13, 1K
Tags: PTSD
Steve accidentally hurts Tony when he wakes up from a nightmare. Tony isn't going to let Steve make this about him, though.

even the cake was in tiers - kellifer_fic PG-13, 5K
Tags: Alternate Dimension, Magic, Loki, Humor
I'm pretty sure I'm married to Steve Rogers.

Files/TStark/Complete/portrait.jpg - Lady_Ganesh PG-13, 2K
Tags: Pre-slash, Hurt!Tony, Hurt!Steve
Steve starts drawing again.

Structural Integrity - Penumbren PG, 2K
Steve’s stuck somewhere he desperately doesn’t want to be, and doesn’t get the help he expected.

Hammer Dat Ass - Amuly R, 3K
Tags: Humor, Bottom!Steve, PWP
When hacking into Tony Stark's satellites, Justin Hammer makes an interesting discovery, or three. That is, three satellites dedicated solely to one Steve Roger's ass.

Your Hand in Mine - navaan PG, 2K
Tags: Pre-Slash, Identity Porn
Steve tries to find his place in this world. But it's hard if you're in love with someone who you don't really know outside of their secret identity.

i stole the keys to this guy NC-17, 6k
Tags: Pretend Boyfriends, Pining, Fluff, POV (Tony)
Where it was Nick Fury's idea, but he didn't mean it like that

Tight Leash - Del_Rion NC-17, 6k
Tags: Kink: BDSM, Mission, Pretend Relationship, POV (Steve), PWP
An undercover job to extract information from a criminal organization has Steve and Tony pretending to be a couple – or something close enough. They sail murky waters in order to blend in with the crowd and end up doing more than was probably entailed in the job description.

Why Steve Rogers Should Just Stay in Bed - trill_gutterbug NC-17, 5k
Tags: PWP, Established Relationship, POV (Tony)
In which Steve has an erection emergency, Tony is not particularly sympathetic, and the Mile High Club is offering trial memberships.

Mutually Assured Satisfaction - cjmarlowe NC-17, 5K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Tony/Pepper
Summary: Tony isn't so much introducing Steve to twenty-first century sex as enabling him. Steve already knows what he wants.

King of Slut Mountain - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 5K
Tags: PWP, Steve/Others
Steve has clawed, wrestled and licked his way to the top, going through the Avengers and their friends one by one (by two). Only one Avenger is left to stand in the way of claiming his title. Batter up!

This is the half-light; see me as I am - Sidney Sussex (SidneySussex) NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP, Artist!Steve, Pining
Summary: Tony poses for Steve's sketching. It turns out there's more than one way of being naked.

Distractions - blathering_kat, Etharei, fiarra NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve
Summary: Steve should really think before he plays with Tony's toys.

Science and Progress (do not speak as loud as my heart) - sirona R, 4K
Tags: Crossover: Xmen
Summary: Steve's body is not the only thing affected by the Super Soldier Serum.

Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy - laudatenium NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP, Humor, Virgin!Steve
Tony knows Steve hasn't done this before, so he plans to take it slow. The thing is, Steve doesn't want to wait anymore.

I Want to Teach You a Lesson (In the Worst Kind of Way) - sidium NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP, D/s, Post-Avengers, First time
Steve grabs him by throat, knocking the back of his head against the wall with a thud and making Tony groan.
“For once,” He says, and Tony can’t suppress a shiver at the tone, “you’re not going to question me, or contradict me. You’re going to do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it. No complaints, no questions. Understand?”
For one fleeting moment, Tony almost says ‘no.’ Almost.

a thousand (true) words - ohmyloki NC-17, 4k
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, POV (Both), Fluff
Tony Stark was a liar. Life didn’t return to normal “soon enough”. It had been three weeks. Three weeks and, if anything, it had only gotten worse. New headlines were popping up everywhere. Every single photo ever taken where he had so much as glanced in Tony’s direction were suddenly irrefutable proof of their love affair.

Freight Train Seeks Same - proser132 NC-17, 4k
Tags: Post-Avengers, POV (Tony), Team!fic, Angst, Fluff
Summary: Tony was not a big fan of distance. Not in the physical way (he could think of a lot of people he liked having far away from him), but in a way he'd never admit to, no matter who asked: an emotional way, an interpersonal-human-connection way.
He certainly recognised the irony, there.

For America - autoschediastic NC-17, 4k
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Virgin!Steve, Dating, Fluff, POV (Tony)
"Tony, for the good of the country, we should get married."

Lose My Weary Mind - royal_chandler NC-17, 4k
Tags: POV (Tony), Future fic, PTSD (Tony), Hurt!Tony, Established Relationship
It's not right. It's not right. But neither is his life without Steve.

Status quo - eonism NC-17, 3k
Tags: PWP, Established Relationship, Character Study (Steve), POV (Tony)
There was something to be said about the new normal.

Accommodations - Resonant PG-1, 3k
Tags: Post-Avengers, Team Dynamics, Fluff
Five reasons the Avengers don't want to live together, and five reasons maybe they do after all.

Mistletoe Kiss (And More) - inukagome15 NC-17, 3k
Tags: Fluff, Humor, Holiday: Christmas, POV (Tony)
Tony was not some poor schmuck who would get caught under mistletoe with the man of his dreams. Until he does.

When It Snows, Ain't It Thrilling - fandomfrolics NC-17, 3K
Tags: Fluff, Angst, PTSD, Hurt/Comfort
It's snowing in LA. Steve doesn't like it one bit

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas - scribblywobblytimeylimey R, 3K
Tags: Holiday: Christmas
“I thought it would be funny. Was it not funny?”
“It was…a lot of things to a lot of people,” Steve said, pleased with the compromise.
“Don’t give me that. That’s Natasha’s line about truth. You can’t apply that to Iron Man in lingerie.”
Steve sees something he shouldn’t, and now his thoughts about Tony just won’t leave him alone.
He’s so getting coal for Christmas.

Tactician - tellxmebby NC-17, 3K
Tags: D/s, Bottom!Steve, Dom!Steve, PWP
There's only so much backtalk a man from the forties can take before he does something drastic.

It's Not the Size of the Boat (It's the Motion of the Ocean) - Renai_chan NC-17, 3K
Tags: D/s, Skinny!Steve, PWP
Steve gets temporarily de-serumed, but that doesn't mean he can't still top the heck out of his boyfriend.

Steve, the surprise bottom- sabrecmc NC-17, 3K+
Tags: Bottom!Steve, PWP
This prompt was for Tony being surprised that Steve would want to bottom.

Catch - copperbadge R, 3K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Fluff
Steve accidentally kisses Tony during a battle. Tony accidentally has phone sex in a bath. Probably neither of these are really all that accidental.

Something New - tsukinofaerii PG, 3K
Tags: Marriage proposal, canonau
Tony is a man with a plan. A groggy, not really awake man, but he has a plan. Funny thing is, so does Steve.

A Sentimental Gift -- Or, Tony Stark Makes an Ass out of U and Me - thescarletwoman NC-17, 3K
Tags: Dogtags, Misunderstandings, POV (Tony)
Summary: Steve decides it's time for a big step in their relationship. Tony misunderstands and blow things out of proportion as he always does. Written for the following prompt: Stony smut: Steve gives Tony his dog tags. Love making happens, with a lot of dog tags kinks, like how much Steve loves seeing them moving between their bodies.

Hands Off - vassalady NC-17, 3K
Tags; Bottom!Steve, PWP
Summary: Steve and Tony have sex after a battle. However, Steve thinks Tony should learn to listen more, and Tony's starting to see the appeal of letting Steve have his way sometimes.

touch too much - starkravingcap NC-17, 2k
Tags: PWP, Fluff, Established Relationship, POV (Tony)
Look, Tony just wants to get laid, and Steve is making it way more difficult than it needs to be. Or; the one where Steve is an asshole and Tony is actually going to kill him this time. Seriously.

Solder - valtyr NC-17, 2k
Tags: PWP, Established Relationship, POV (Steve)
Tony has Steve's afternoon all planned out.

First Time - CapsicleRogers NC-17, 2k
Tags: Bottom!Steve, PWP, Established Relationship, POV (Tony)
Steve's ready for his first time. Tony's just happy to oblige.

Start as You Mean to Go On - BlackEyedGirl NC-17, 2k
Tags: Fluff, Bottom!Steve, POV (Tony)Tony gets that the others think this is an ego thing - the way he can’t resist pushing Steve’s buttons. Honest-to-God, the guy just bugs him. Mostly because Steve is distractingly perfect, but a little bit because of the family history.

Surrender (Is Not An Option) - Saucery NC-17, 2k
Tags: PWP, D/s, Bottom!Steve, POV (Tony), Established Relationship
No unicorn will ever approach Steve Rogers again.

The Way You Move - ashinan NC-17, 2k
Tags: PWP, POV (Tony), Established Relationship
Tony had forgotten Steve knew yoga. He's reminded, quite suddenly, of why that idea left him so bothered.

Tits Aren't Just for Ladies - Amuly NC-17, 2k
Tags: Kink, Bottom!Steve, PWP, POV (Tony), Established Relationship
Tony fucks Steve's tits (man-tits, no genderswap or implants or anything).

Lack of Restraint - often_adamanta NC-17, 2K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, PWP, kink: Bondage
“I want you to tie me up,” Steve says finally, voice steady even as he refuses to meet Tony’s eyes.

Boy Scout - Jaune_Chat NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP, Sex Pollen
Loki unleashes sex pollen on the Avengers. Tony and Steve get caught up in the storm. Shameless PWP.

Lazy Days - sharkie335 NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP
Steve wants to have a lazy day with an overworked Tony. He gets his way.

Hypothesis - foxxcub NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Voyeurism
"A supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation."Or, Tony watches Steve watch porn.

lipstick stain my heart - ohmyloki NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP
It was only a small thought, really. It shouldn’t have meant anything. But Tony’s thoughts can be dangerous. One can start out life as a brief flicker in the very back of his mind, an offhand comment or remark, until it slowly wiggles and worms its way to the forefront before quickly consuming every waking moment.

Need - ashinan NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP, Possessive!Steve
Steve paces around their room, running his hands through his hair and back over his neck. He feels like he’s burning, the catch in his veins heady and desirable.

work of art - ohmyloki NC-17, 2K
Tags: Fluff, PWP, Artist!Steve, Bottom!SteveSummary: Steve takes an art class. Tony finds out. What else would you expect Tony to do?

Exactly the Way You Like It - Resonant NC-17, 2K
Tags: Virgin!Steve, PWP
2000 words of virginity kink. You already know whether or not that's something you care about reading.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep - neros_violin NC-17, 2K
Tags: Locked, PWP
Summary: Tony recalls a sleeping aid from his teenage years.

Beach is Better - sadtomato NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve
Steve and Tony rent a fantastic vacation house on a beautiful beach, but they never make it out of the bedroom.

Cry Uncle - silverfoxflower NC-17, 1K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, D/s
Tony chuckled, flipping up his mask so that Steve could feel Tony's breath on his ear as he whispered, "But Cap, I promised that I'd make you beg for mercy." Steve's eyes widened, his body going taut as a bowstring in anticipation of being drawn.

talk to me - theappleppielifestyle NC-17, 1k
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, POV (Tony)
Summary: “I was offering to talk dirty to you so you’d stop thinking I was such a stick in the mud.”

Black Velvet - royal_chandler NC-17, 1k
Tags: PWP, Established Relationship, POV (Tony)
It's Halloween and Tony does too much of a remarkable job with Steve's costume.

Hot Under the Collar - sharkie335 NC-17, 1k
Tags: PWP
It’s their first time together, and Tony makes a discovery about something that makes Steve hot under the collar.

Constantly Offered New Toys - sinuous_curve PG, 1K
Steve finds the Iron Man plushie on a table in the middle of the city, sitting between a stack of sunglasses and DVD cases. He chuckles when he picks it up, noting the uneven stitches and the red places that ought to be gold. It looks a little like a high school home economics project made by an apathetic student, but it’s still undeniably Iron Man and Steve is tickled.

Just Like Flying - ashinan PG, 1K
Tags: Pre-Slash
And with that, Steve actually jumps.

scarring - irnan PG, <1k
Tags: Pre-slash, hurt!steve, GEN, POV (Steve)
Steve doesn't scar. It's a serum thing: his skin heals perfect, every time. This means he doesn't get callouses, either. Upon occasion, that can be... painful.

Kisses and Projectiles (Are a Good Mix) - pensversusswords PG, 1K
Tags: Fluff
In which Steve and Tony gaze lovingly at each other across the table and it results in projectile weapons being fired in the middle of dinner. All in all, just another day with the team.

Ghost in the Machine - Amuly PG-13, 1K
Tags: Humor, Bottom!Steve
Steve isn't sleeping when the Avengers move into Tony's mansion. Turns out, it's haunted. Kind of.

It's Never Enough for You - blue_jack NC-17, 1K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Angst, Reckless!Steve
He hates how reckless Steve is.

A Rash Decision - capsicleonyourleft PG-13, 1K
Tags: Beard burn, Coming out, Dogtags, Established Relationship, POV (Tony)
Tony is running out of ways to explain the perpetual rash on his face. Steve doesn't think that's a bad thing.

All I Love To Do (Is To Please You) - Jaune_Chat NC-17, 1K
Tags: PWP
Steve and Tony are at it again, tearing each other down with the insults and jibes. The Cap calls him selfish and self-absorbed. Tony denies it, of course, so when the blond remembers some old footage of his fellow teammates that he'd run across, he throws out a challenge to Tony, "I dare you to pleasure someone else. Put them and their needs above your own."
Tony decides, rather recklessly, that the someone else ought to be Steve. Just so the Cap can see, first-hand, exactly how unselfish Tony is.

I said oh is that your first impression (and is that good enough for you) - Mizzy PG-13, 1k
Tags: Pre-Slash, Man Out of Time, Not Avengers Compliant, POV (Tony)
Being first doesn't necessarily mean you're the best.

Personal Punching Bag - Zekkass NC-17, <1K
Tags: PWP, Established Relationship, Reckless!Tony
Tony helps Steve deal with anger. Which is to say. I mean. PWP!

Again and Again - mabonwitch NC-17, <1K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve
Tony rims Steve until Steve cries.

Captain Steve Rogers is the Largest Sap in All Known Universes (and Tony Stark is a Sucker) - LemonSchwaySchway NC-17, <1K
Tags: Dog tags, PWP
Steve doesn't have much need for his old dog tags, so he gives them away.

Masterpiece - Jaune_Chat NC-17, <1K
Tags: PWP
Steve. Tony. Chocolate body paint. I think you know where this is going...

Breathe - Tobezilla PG-13, <1K
Tags: Ficlet, Hurt!Tony, Mission, Established Relationship
During an intense battle, Tony is buried beneath a fallen building. Not even Iron Man is invincible.

Morning Glory - edenbound NC-17, <1K
Tags: Sleepy!sex, PWP, Established Relationship
Tony has seen a lot of sexy things in his life, and this one is right up near the head of the list.

Talk To Me and Let Me Listen - brandnewfashion PG, <1K
Tags: Domestic, Fluff, Established Relationship
Steve falls asleep in the workshop when he’s stressed.
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Updated 12/28/2016

Fairytale fic- elspethdixon PG-13/R, AU, 616
Snow queen au.

The Iron Beast - kijikun AU, PG-13, 616
Fairy Tale challenge. I took the more traditional telling of Beauty and the Beast, added a dash of steampunk, and gave Steve two brothers.

Fairytale fic- elspethdixon PG-13/R, AU, 616
Snow queen au.

Waking the Dragon - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 72K
Tags: Marvel 616, Fantasy, Action, Bottom!Steve
Since humanity first started spreading across the land, pushing dragons back by sheer numbers, tensions have been high between the species. War is nearly endless, and Prince Tony, the half-human heir of the dragons, is sick of it. When King Howard of the dragons is poisoned, the fate of everything sits in the balance. In desperation to save his own life and to prevent decades of fighting over the throne, Tony sets off to find a cure.
Down in the foothills, Legati Steven of the human army finds himself with a missing friend and assassin, a suspiciously cagy adviser to the ruler and a desperate need to be less interesting. In the interests of scuttling his own career, he starts on his own mission to find his answers. When he runs into Tony, they discover just how complicated things really are.

Breaker of Horses - Sineala PG-13, 52K, Series
Tags: marvel 616, Historical AU, Inter-species relationship
What do you do when the Roman Empire you were raised to love consigns you to the sands of the arena? Antonius is a prince of the Dacians, captured in war and sold as a gladiator. He yearns for his freedom. Stephanos -- the last living centaur -- is his fellow slave and trainer. Centuries old, disillusioned by a Rome that has become a shadow of itself, Stephanos has all but given up on life... until he meets Antonius, and both of their lives are forever changed.

All My Yesterdays - Penumbren PG-13, 52K
Tags: Series, Marvel 9810
On Earth-9810, Tony Stark is the Sorcerer Supreme.

Catch a Falling Star - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 42K
Tags: SciFi/Fantasy, Ultimates
When Tony was sixteen, he got to meet his hero, Captain Steve Rogers, the Empire's not-literally-golden boy from the Continuity Wars. When he was twenty-seven, the aforementioned Captain turned Pirate picked him up at the outer edges of space. It would have been a good time to appreciate the abundant nudity that came from spending too much time with space colonists, but Tony had bigger worries than even Rogers' amazing hip-to-shoulder ratio.Something was sending the star-encircling computers that power the galaxy into a tailspin, and it was going to take a lot more than luck and skill to clean the mess up.

The Emperor's Fury - valtyr NC-17, 39K
Tags: AU: historical, Marvel Ultimates, Bottom!Steve
Steve is an ex-gladiator. Tony wears a toga. Together, they litigate civil cases. Also a surprising amount of boating.

Kings Of Coney Island - Vespasiana R, 37K
Tags: WIP, Ultimates
In which Steve is a rising mafia don lacking in panache, Tony is an unethical businessman with a target on his back, and somehow a fake marriage will solve all their problems. Also murder. Murder solves a lot of problems, too.

Staring at the Sun - snoozingkitten NC-17, 36K
Tags: Marvel 616, AU
Steve is a man on the run from his past, unsure if he even wanted a future. Tony is a man with a dangerous secret. They meet like a train crash and then allbets are off; it’s all everyone can do to survive. Space AU. Western AU.

Confidence Trick - tsukinofaerii PG-13, 30K
Tags: Ultimates, AU, Pre-Slash
FBI Agent Steve Rogers and his partner Sam Wilson have spent the last couple of years just a few steps behind the high-end art thief and hacker known as Iron Man. When someone starts using Steve's connections to hack into the FBI mainframe, he knows there's only one person it could be. But the hacking is only the beginning, and the game Iron Man is playing promises to get them closer than ever before.

Constructs in Progress - Muccamukk NC-17, 29K
Tags: AU, Marvel 616, Threesome (Tony/Steve/Natasha)
In the seven territories built out of the ruins of New York City, no one has managed to match Tony Stark as either a technologist or a unicorn rider. But when Tony's secrets come back to haunt him, even Captain Rogers and his mysterious lover might not be able to save him, or the city.

The Billionaire Hooker's Deceived Artist - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 27K
Tags: AU, Bottom!Steve, College!AU, Identity Porn, Comics
During Tony's senior year at MIT, his partying habit finally hit the edge of his parents' patience. When Howard and Maria cut him off from his usual sources of money, he decides to turn to less conventional ones.

The Most Earnest Report Regarding Deliciously Deviant Devils, Acutely Admirable Americans and the Increasingly Inadvisable Intimacies Between Them - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 27K, Series
Tags: AU, Steampunk
When Anthony Stark, (the Affectionate Devil) bumps into a newcomer in the Neath, he absolutely has to know more about this particularly delicious soul.

Rules of Engagement - Kiyaar NC-17, 18K
Tags: AU, Time Travel, Pirates, WIP
Captain Anthony Stark is hired by one Baron Zemo to retrieve a priceless treasure somewhere off the coast of Newfoundland.(Steve wakes up from being frozen and finds out he somehow time traveled to the past where he meets Tony, a pirate)

Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines - captainshellhead, vibraniumstark NC-17, 16K
Tags: Western AU, Marvel Ultimates
As far as stupid decisions went, Tony was fairly certain that nothing would ever top sleeping with the sheriff. In his defense, he hadn’t known who the attractive blonde was at the time, and he wasn’t planning on staying long enough for the sheriff to find out who Tony was, either. It wasn't just the law Tony was running from, it was the past as well, and he couldn't afford to wait around for it to catch up to him. Now if only he could convince himself to leave.

Manhattan Double Bluff - Neverever R, 16k
Tags: AU, Marvel 616
In 1952, Tony Stark is at the top of his world and life couldn't be better. Then he crosses paths with Steve Rogers, a mysterious World War II vet, and events spiral out of his control.

Gold Rider - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 16K, Series
Tags: Fantasy AU, Marvel comics
When a childhood accident leaves Tony with a remarkable ability to hear dragons, he finds out that on Pern, the dragon chooses. Whether it comes to being a dragonrider or becoming Weyrwomanleader, he has a bumpy flight ahead.

Breathe and Release - exfatalist NC-17, 15K
Tags: Marvel 616, AU, Hurt!Steve
Since being honorably discharged from the Army after an injury sustained while deployed in Afghanistan, Steve Rogers has found a new center of balance as a yoga instructor at a small Manhattan gym. It just stands to figure that one day media crisis-plagued billionaire Tony Stark would come waltzing in and throw everything off. As he guides his controversial new student on the journey to inner peace, Steve learns to deal with some negative energy of his own, and finds something unexpected on the way. [ Non-Powered AU, Modern!Steve.)

Leviosa-verse - runningondreams PG-13, 8K, Series
Tags: Marvel 616, AU
Tony Stark and Steve Rogers attempt to found a School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the American Colonies. The rest of the staff just tries to stay out of the way of the flirting and arguments.

The Captain and the Prince - Penumbren PG, 8K
Tags: Fantasy, AU, MA:A
Steve has had a crush on Tony for years. Captain Rogers heads up the castle guard when Prince Anthony returns from his studies abroad. What's a poor captain of the guard to do when his past crashes into his present?

Problems in Relativity - Muccamukk NC-17, 7K
Tags: AU: Space, Marvel 616, Bottom!Steve
Steve Rogers, captain of the spacecraft America, resents playing Director Fury's errand boy, and that's before the mission to collect a mysterious package leads to more trouble than he ever wanted.

The Knight and the Tower - valtyr PG-13, 4K
Tags: Marvel 616, AU
The brave knight Sir Steven attempts to rescue a damsel in distress. Nothing goes according to plan.

it's been a long, long time - onebilliondollarman PG-13, 3K
Tags: AU, Marvel 616
Summary: Thirty years after graduating high school and never looking back, Tony finds himself at a high school reunion. As these things usually go, he reconnects with an old love.

Hazards of the Trade - cookinguptales NC-17, 3k
Tags: AU, MA:A, Fluff
You can't spend all your time in a bakery without gaining a few pounds. Tony is displeased.

The Road Through October Country - indigostohelit PG, 2K
Tags: Supernatural/Horror, AU, Sad, Marvel 616
It's a beautiful day in October, and Steve's hiding behind the library, his knee bleeding, when he sees the boy for the first time. Tony makes Steve laugh, and his hands are as cold as ice, and he doesn't leave footsteps in the mud. But in a cold graveyard after sunset, Tony asks Steve to make a choice that will change - or end - his life forever.
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Triskelion Crescent - seventymilestobabylon PG,13, 26K, AU, Fluff
Summary: Steve Rogers runs a flower shop. Tony Stark owns a real estate company (eh, and it probably does other stuff too, like it's got "Industries" in the title) that's sniffing around Steve's neighborhood of Triskelion Crescent with an eye to building new developments. Triskelion Crescent fights back.

The Scars of Your Love - blue_jack R, 5K, AU
Tags: Magic Realism
On the day Peggy moved out, Steve stood naked in front of the mirror and looked at all the ragged lines running over his torso. He felt like someone had taken a knife to him, slicing every inch open, and he didn’t understand how there wasn’t any blood. He traced one particularly thick scar on his stomach, gritting his teeth against the pain, the memory of the first time he’d brought Peggy over to meet his family and all the teasing that had accompanied it burning through his mind. He couldn’t imagine her marks ever disappearing, and in that moment, he didn’t want them to, didn’t want to ever expose himself to that much hurt again. Once in a lifetime was enough.

Come Here Often? - gilestel PG, Fanart, AU
In which best friends are endearingly stubborn and the VA waiting room is a happening place.

We're Just Young Gods - RayShippouUchiha PG-13, 9K+, WIP, Canon!AU
“You’re like some kind of little robot god,” Rhodey laughs at him when the bots circle his table in the workshop and build little pyramids out of his coffee and smoothie cups. “The Zeus of the mechanical masses.”

“Not Zeus,” Tony mutters absently as he watches his children play with a small smile. “That guy was a dick. I’m something new.”

Pint-Sized Revelations - ashes0909 PG-13, 4K, Canon!AU, Identity Porn
One revelation could change everything.

Post-Death Annuities and Insurance - Amuly NC-17, 98K
Tags: Bottom!Tony, Bottom!Steve, SciFi, Plotty, Wall!sex, Marvel 616
Welcome to Stark Solutions, your number one post-death annuities and insurance agency! Are you worried about outliving your income? Afraid your family won't have enough money after you die? Then put that dead body to work, and rest in peace knowing your loved ones are taken care of! Steve Rogers is a struggling artist in a world where unemployment rates are sky-high. Zombies are the number one source of blue-collar labor, meaning the baby boomers won't give up their day jobs even after they've died. Steve takes a job as a night guard at Stark Solutions as a way to get by. There, he meets an enigmatic and handsome lab rat named Tony, who works just about as odd hours as Steve. Only not everything is as it seems. There is a mystery surrounding Tony, surrounding Stark Solutions as a whole, and Steve is just unfortunate enough to get tangled up in it.

Out of Breath - Greychu NC-17, 36K+, WIP
Tags: Alpha/Omega, Bottom!Steve, Canon!AU
Wherein Steve Rogers tries to learn how to be an Omega in the twenty-first century.

She'll Be Apples - Veldeia PG-13, AU
angsty mining AU trilogy.

all the small things - Chapter 30 - shieldmaidenofrohan PG, AU
The one where... Steve’s a doctor

We Could Live Forever (If You've Got the Time) - ipanicdaily PG-13, 2k
Tags: AU, Vampires
Steve is a vampire, Tony wants to be, it takes place in the olden century when there were arranged marriages, and I don't even know. Someone lock me up, please.


She'll Be Apples - Veldeia PG-13, AU
angsty mining AU trilogy.

all the small things - Chapter 30 - shieldmaidenofrohan PG, AU
The one where... Steve’s a doctor

On My Way To Believing - pensversusswords PG-13, 11K+
Tags: AU, Series
Steve is tall, muscled, tattooed, pierced, and completely smitten with his private school boyfriend. Tony has more baggage than he likes to admit, but he’s learning to trust Steve, and learning what it’s like to be happy with someone who cares about him.

Plus, who doesn’t want to be whisked off into the sunset on the back of their boyfriend’s motorcycle?

Mother Knows Best - theappleppielifestyle PG, 9K
Tags: AU, High School, Future fic
A look through the years at Steve and Tony's developing relationship, as seen by Sarah Rogers.

Pumping Iron - Meatball42 PG, 1K
Tags: AU, Pre-Slash
Tony is determined to get back in shape after the injury that took over his life. He finds help when he least expects it.

Missing and Ravished - SailorChibi NC-17, 8K
Tags: AU
Officer Tony Stark really did not mean to fall in love with a serial killer.


Place Your Bets - RurouniHime R, 35K
Tags: AU, Identity Porn
Steve Rogers may or may not have just picked up a prostitute. This may or may not be Tony Stark’s fault.

The Seventh Dragon - forestgreen PG, 12K
Tags: AU, Fantasy, Dragons, GEN
Summary: Yes, Steve was tolerated, needed even, but he wasn't one of them.

Augmented Fifth - Arukou PG-13, 3K
Tags: AU, Skinny!Steve
Summary: The Pepper Pot has a new singer, and he and Tony have instant chemistry. Too bad that chemistry disappears a little on stage.

Secret Agent Man - Arukou PG-13, 2K
Tags: AU, Skinny!Steve
Summary: Digital worms inside the servers and unnecessary consultants knocking at his door. Tony's not having a great week.

Striking Matches - Arukou PG-13, 2K
Tags: AU
Summary: It's just introducing his fiance to his father. It'll be fine. Just. Fine.

Like Whiskey on Cold Mornings - silverfoxflower NC-17, <1K
Tags: AU, Bottom!Steve, Skinny!Steve, PWP
Tony/skinny!Steve porn.

The Case of the Senator's Son - celli PG-13, 3K
Tags: AU
Meet (very) Special Agents Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanova, and the rest. Together they do indeed fight crime.

Scales and Soldiers - LightsOut R, 2K
Tags: Canon!AU, Supernatural, Still Avengers Compliant, Bottom!Steve
Pepper has lived for many years thanks to Tony Stark but he still has the ability to surprise her.

Blue Star in the Window - Arukou PG-13, <1K
Tags: AU, Established Relationship
Tony's never liked airports.

Honey, I'm a Hot Mess - Arukou PG-13, 9K+, WIP
Tags: AU
Tony can't seem to get his shit together, but his hot neighbor seems like a responsible adult. Responsible enough to help Tony out of a fix, anyway.

Guns 'N' Roses - Arukou NC-17, 2K
Tags: Pre-Serum!Steve, AU
All Tony wanted was a tattoo that would make his dad mad. He wasn't really expecting a pretty tattoo artist and a brand new kink.

600-Grit Sandpaper - Arukou PG-13, 5K+, WIP
Tags: WIP, Pre-Serum!Steve, Kid!fic
Steve's recalcitrant landlord isn't charmed by much, but apparently Steve's daughter is one of those rare creatures who can get him to do just about anything with a dimpled smile and a big doe-eyed look.

Ironfries Art Prompts - copperbadge NC-17, 8k
Tags: Series, Collection
These are a series of fanfics written in collaboration with (sometimes in cheerful theft from) Ironfries on Tumblr.

Six Cold Feet - manic_intent NC-17, 8K
Tags: Canon!AU, Dom/Sub AU
Holiday fic prompt, for fictivore, Tony is a sub socialised as a dom, Steve is a dom, they imprint on (sort of) first sight. Tony does not take this well.

Automata - manic_intent PG-13, <1K
Tags: AU
“Hey,” Steve said softly behind Tony, and as always, Tony made a show of being surprised. It’s never convincing. Steve smiled wryly, skinny hands stuffed into big pockets that hang off painfully narrow hips. Even when specially tailored, the army uniform made Steve look like a badly built mannequin. “You’re up late.”

A Higher Form of War - sabrecmc NC-17, 292K
Tags: Historical AU, Royalty, Action, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Identity Porn, Misunderstandings
Tony is a King with a surprising number of people out to kill him. Steve and the rest of the Avengers are fighting for Pierce's rebellion and end up with Tony as their prisoner. Oops. Basically one of those bodice-ripping romance novels I don't read (ahem) but with far more gay.

Deep in the Heart of Me - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) NC-17, 257K
Tags: Kid!fic, AU, PTSD
Single dad Steve runs a tattoo shop. For his fortieth birthday, Pepper arranges for Tony to get that tattoo he always wanted, and he winds up with the mother of all crushes instead. Jumping out of airplanes is one thing, but falling in love is something else entirely. Steve struggles with the idea of actually letting someone into his life. Tony is left trying to keep his heart from being broken while Steve figures things out

❤❤Chasing the Moon - LoquitorLatinae NC-17, 391K, Series
Tags: A/B/O, Bottom!Steve, Bottom!Tony, Alpha!Steve, Alpha!Tony, Shifters, Hurt/Comfort, Action/Adventure, Romance, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Mating
Summary: With the recent slaughter of his pack, the Howling Commandos, alpha Wolf Steve Rogers finds a new purpose with the SHIELD organization and the possibility of a new life with his teammates and fellow Shifters Bruce, Natasha, Clint, and of course their human consultant, Tony Stark. AU.
Sequel: Tracking the Sun

Data is King - Amuly NC-17, 136K
Tags: SCIFI, Fantasy, Cyberpunk, Bottom!Steve
In a cyberpunk dystopia, all the wealth is concentrated in New Versailles and the majority live in impoverished ghettos outside. Prosthetics are strictly prohibited, though many of the poor have body modifications to help them live. Steve Rogers is an idealistic young man who raids the storerooms of New Versailles with his best friend Bucky Barnes, to bring food and medicine to the poor. But when tragedy strikes, Steve is inspired by Dr. Erskine to go seek out the notorious slumlord/black market trader Tony Stark. Rumor has it that Tony used to be a member of New Versailles, but left to make his fortune off the backs of the working man... or was he kicked out? Although they don't hit it off at first, Steve and Tony must work together.
They have some help. The Three Fates are women who control information. Steve's friends from his old life are good people on the fringes of society because of their prosthetic enhancements. And there's Tony's network of resources and connections, not to mention his brilliant engineering mind that helped him build his empire. But when Steve and Tony finally manage to put their differences aside and rise up against New Versailles... not everything is as simple as it seemed.

Go Ugly Early - just_another_tinker NC-17, WIP, 124K+
Tags: Mafia, Action, Identity porn
He’s The Captain? This was not good. This was so not good.
There were theories of course, of what The Captain would look like. Most followed the typical Hollywoodesque belief that he was some version of the Godfather, sitting in a dark room with a cigar, commanding his forces with a flick of his wrist. There were even some that even thought that The Captain was not one person, but a whole network of people with eyes and ears everywhere.

Craigslist 'Verse - fandomfrolics NC-17, 99K, Series, WIP
Tags: AU, Villains, Family of choice, Hurt!Tony
Steve discovers the magic of Craigslist (and Tony's inner voice never knows when to shut up).

Tiny Spy Assassin Steve - copperbadge PG-13 Overall, 89K+, Series
An AU in which Steve Rogers was born into the modern day and never received the Serum, but managed to make it into SHIELD as a handpicked protege of senior field agent Abraham Erskine. Along with Phil Coulson, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Peggy Carter, and eventually Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, Steve still tries to make a difference.

Particularly in the life of Tony Stark, who picked up what he thought was an art student in a bar, and ended up dating one of SHIELD's top agents...

Wolves in the World - ladyshadowdrake NC-17, 86K
Tags: AU: Steampunk, Hurt!Tony, Protective!Steve, Action/Adventure, Pining
In 1937, Tony Stark and the crew of The Iron Avenger fish Revolutionary War hero Captain America out of the icy waters off the coast of Greenland. With war brewing in Europe, the crew of The Iron Avenger will face magical hazards, cunning assassins, and more on their quest for a centuries-old magical artifact - which just so happens to be attached to Steve's best friend.

ceaselessly into the past - apollosjustice NC-17, 84K
Tags: Based on: Edge of Tomorrow, Time Loop, Bottom!Steve
Edge of Tomorrow/Live.Die.Repeat AU, following the movie. After earth is invaded by the Chitauri, Tony Stark is forcefully drafted into the military for a suicide mission. It ends up with him being inexplicably caught in a time loop that always seems to end with him dying horrifically. And, of course, the day was a Thursday- he had never gotten the hang of Thursdays.

Upon Waking - Winterstar NC-17, 80K
Tags: AU, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Protective!Avengers
A story of recovery. In a world without superheroes, Tony Stark, the disinherited son of a billionaire, goes to Afghanistan as an embedded media star, only to be held hostage for months until he’s rescued. During his recovery, his therapist Doctor Bruce Banner prescribes an unusual treatment; volunteer work at a rehab center. He meets an eclectic assembled group including a vet who thinks he’s Thor, a physical therapist who might be a spy, and an all American hero, Steve Rogers. It is Steve Rogers, the soldier in a coma, who captures his interest and, eventually, his heart.

Kapitan Amerika and the Iron Man - Amberdreams, Jay Tryfanstone (tryfanstone) NC-17, 59K
Tags: AU, Action, POV (Steve)
The Red Son reboot, in which Steve Rogers' childhood heroes were aviators and polar explorers, and Tony Stark grew up reading Captain America comics in Siberia

Statistically Significant - jennagrins, karengrins NC-17, 77K, Series
Tags: College AU
It starts with a Stats class... It doesn't end there.

Moss - antigrav_vector NC-17, 67K
Tags: Protective!Steve, Protective!Tony, AU, Identity Porn
Technomancers are considered mages, though they aren't, truly. True mages have weak, usually offensive, powers. Tony's only ever had technomagery at his fingertips, until after the misadventures that gave him Iron Man.
Seventy years ago, a big fight went down in northern Europe between Steve and Red Skull, getting more intense with each encounter. It caused a series of barren circles in the landscape: scars left upon the very ground by the conflict between the two highly skilled mages. Both of the combatants have become the stuff of legend, since neither body was ever found. And, frankly, with the force of the last explosion, there was no reasonable way they could have survived.
And that's where things get interesting; now, seventy years later, Tony develops the Iron Man armour and confronts his enemies with it. But strange things happen when he goes looking for some solitude in a remote region of the north sea, afterward, hovering high above the ice and waves. He starts hearing a voice whisper and seeing flickers of movement that resolve into thin air. And they get more frequent as he nears the source: a man frozen solid in a block of ice.

In Your Company - mrhd NC-17, 64K
Tags: Age Difference, Bottom!Steve, Bottom!Tony
They meet at a party. (MCU College AU)

Penumbrae - captainshellhead, vibraniumstark NC-17, 62K, Series
Tags: AU, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony
Tony is a prisoner in a Soviet gulag, and Steve is the soldier who rescues him. A Cold War AU inspired by the novel "A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

The Ghosts of War - scifigrl47 R, 60K
Tags: Fantasy!AU, Royalty!AU, Pining
Steven Rogers never wanted to be king, but he knows his duty, and he does it well. Lord Tony Stark, the king's appointed consort, does his duty as well, even though he'd enjoy his duty more if it actually involved sleeping with the king. As it doesn't, he's just resigned. The war that made Steve king and cost him nearly everything may be over, but a meeting of old enemies might stir up some ghosts none of them are prepared for.

Let the More Loving One be Me (Or: Aw, Crap) - willowswhiten NC-17, 52K
Tags: AU, Bottom!Steve, PTSD (Steve), Family
Captain Steven Rogers-Carter has just come back from Afghanistan, struggling with PTSD and memories that haunt him. When he's introduced to his adoptive mother's godson, engineer, mechanic and billionaire Tony Stark, there's a lot of yelling. Things are never entirely simple when two broken warriors realise exactly what they need to put themselves back together.

I've got you under my skin - sirona R, 51K, series
Tags: AU, Pining, Love/Hate
Five times Beijing 2008 Olympics Gold Medalist Tony Stark thinks it's going to be no more difficult a job to get ready for London 2012, than what he has just achieved. That is, of course, before Coach Fury comes to visit, and offers him a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a part of something much bigger than himself. Swimming AU.

Weighing of the Heart - scifigrl47 R, 46K
Tags: AU, Hurt/Comfort
Steve Rogers hasn't really had a particularly easy life. He's struggled along, he's proud of himself, he's self-sufficient and capable and he works damn hard. He has friends and a purpose and he's only a few semesters from graduating college. He's managed, but his life has been far from easy. That's mostly because of a slight filing error.
The last thing that Steve needed was someone to watch over him. The only thing that his Guardian Angel needs is a second chance to make a first impression.

Gift With Purchase Remix - sabrecmc NC-17, 43K+
Tags: AU, Bottom!Steve
Gift With Purchase Remix wherein Steve actually is a hooker. But for a Really Sympathetic Reason.

Free Me from the Light - Renai_chan NC-17, 40K
Tags: AU, Bottom!Steve, Sugar Daddy!Tony, Age Difference
Tony loves doting on Steve--LOVES it. Steve is just so sweet and honest and grateful and nice, and Tony can't help but proudly show him off to everyone and fawn over him with outrageous gifts and favors. The fact that he's hot, too, and that the sex is awesome doesn't even begin come in to play (though it certainly doesn't hurt).
But then, the media and the public in general isn't known to be kind to relationships between billionaire bachelors and struggling young art students. And you can imagine how well that goes over with Steve.

Free Floating In Space - vassalady NC-17, 40K
Tags: SCIFI, Bottom!Steve
Tony runs a small salvaging business in the backwater territory of Outer Centaurus. When scavenging a long abandoned space station leads to an unexpected find, it begins a long journey for Tony, Steve, and the rest of the Iron Bird crew as they stand on the edge of war.

Catechism - manic_intent NC-17, 40K
Tags: Fantasy/Supernatural, Possessive!Steve
Inspired by fanart seen on tumblr, this is an End of Days story, with all the Avengers as Archangels. Tony had always known that he was a special snowflake. He just hadn't realized exactly how special.

Brooklyn's Finest - kellebelle PG-13, 37K
Tags: Mafia AU, Age Difference, Sexual Tension
HYDRA gets Tony, then Steve gets Tony. Steve isn't sure how this became his life but he's fairly certain Tony Stark is going to be the death of him. Mafia AU.

Clueless, or: How I Learned to Stop Being a Selfish Prick and Love a Capsicle - withthepilot NC-17, 36K
Tags: Avengers Academy, Adaptation: Clueless, Age Difference, Captain America!Steve
Okay, so you're probably thinking, This guy seems like a total douche. You're half right.
But seriously, I'm a completely normal teenager. A normal genius-billionaire-philanthropist-playbo
y teenager. Who goes to a school for government agents and superheroes in training. Every morning, I get up, trim my goatee, take a shot of Jack Daniels (which Ke$ha totally stole from me, by the way), and pick out my school clothes.

Aquatic Love - Wordsplat PG-13, 36K
Tags: AU
Steve is a recently acquired merman on display in the Atlantis Marine World Aquarium, and Tony is absolutely smitten. What's a few late night break-ins in the name of true love, right?

A Second of Totality - ann2who NC-17, 35K
Tags: AU, Straight!Steve, Pining
Tony Stark is a lot of things: Sixteen. High school graduate. Child prodigy. Obsessed with solar eclipses. And also hopelessly in love with his ex-best friend Steve Rogers. At the end of high school, life sucks in a not very sexy way, and there’s only one thing Tony’s looking forward to: a road trip to witness the first solar eclipse on American mainland in four decades. Over a week of world-stopping kisses and holes in the sky, Tony finally gets a chance to tell Steve how he really feels. But can the one short week end in anything but goodbye?

Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do - copperbadge NC-17, 33K
Tags: AU: No Powers, AU: Historical, Gangster!Tony, Detective!Steve
The year is 1930, Prohibition and the Depression are both in full swing, and Chicago Police Detective Steve Rogers has his hands full. There's a dead body on the banks of Lake Michigan, the entire city's legal system is corrupt, and the king gangster of the North Side, Tony Stark, has taken more than a passing interest in him.

Beautiful and Deadly - reona32 NC-17, 32K+, WIP
Tags: AU
Manhattan is a vampire free city in a kingdom plagued by the feral, bloodthirsty monsters. Hunters roamed the York Plains, killing as many of the deadly and crazed creatures as they could. But one night the priest of a small parish finds a badly injured man collapsed on the altar steps while nightmarish hounds circle the church. Everything Steve Rogers knew about the vampires will be proven wrong and his actions of mercy and healing will throw him into a war he did not even know was happening. He knew that vampires were deadly but nobody had ever said they were... beautiful too.

Looking for Heaven - foxxcub NC-17, 31K
Tags: Historical AU, Bottom!Steve
When young Lord Anthony Stark learns Steven Rogers has enlisted in the army, he thinks he's seen the last of his tiny, headstrong, haughty stable boy. But four years later, Lord Stark gets an unexpected visit from Steve, whose mother has fallen gravely ill and into financial ruin. Even more unexpected, Steve agrees to a shocking proposal: they will marry, giving Steve the necessary funds to save his mother, and Tony the much-needed reprieve from harassing would-be suitors. It is a business arrangement, nothing more. But as time goes on and circumstances arise, Tony begins to learn that keeping his heart away from his husband is easier said than done.

The Man with the Clockwork Heart - indigostohelit NC-17, 30K
Tags: Steampunk
His village destroyed by the northern Empire, Steve Rogers is sold as a slave to Lord Tony Stark, a man with no heart but a ticking clockwork machine inside his chest. He's been told that Lord Stark takes pleasure slaves, and bitter, grieving, and terrified, he expects nothing more of a northerner. But months pass, and Stark does nothing. In a rapidly unfolding chaos of scheming politics and a clockwork world, Steve begins to wonder what sort of man Stark is-- and whether he'd mind being a pleasure slave at all.

Vivian Ward: Eat Your Heart Out - blacktofade NC-17, 30K, Series
Tags: Escort!Tony
AU: Tony is an escort hired by Bucky for Steve's birthday.

Brooklyn Cats - SushiOwl NC-17, 29K
Tags: AU, PTSD (Steve)
Steve Rogers is an art student who is comfortable being depressed and alone. Tony Stark comes along and messes that all up.

Happy Ending - Robin_tCJ NC-17, 28K,
Tags: AU
Steve is a mobile massage therapist, and Tony is a stressed billionaire. What could go wrong?

You Never Forget Your First - cvsossong NC-17, 28K,
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Bottom!Tony, AU, Friends with Benefits, Pining
Three years ago, Steve had an unforgettable first night with his long- time crush, Tony Stark. Expecting to never see him again, Steve joins the Army, buffs up, and heads off to college to finish his education. Unfortunately, things get turned around when Steve finds himself a part of Tony's group after their friends start hooking up. Even more unfortunate is that Tony seems to have no memory of their night together.
And all this before they become fuck buddies. Steve's life is really a mess.

Take Another Little Piece of My Heart Now, Baby - blue_jack NC-17, 27K
Tags: AU, Best Friends, Fake Relationship, Pining!Steve, Bottom!Steve
“I think we should get married,” Tony announced as he let himself into Steve’s apartment, plopping next to him on the couch.

I wanna hold your hand - sirona NC-17, 27K
Tags: AU
No one understands what it's like growing up rich and yet more alone than anyone should be able to stand - except for people who grew up just like you, that is. In which Tony Stark goes to Oxford University and meets people and makes enemies and makes friends and changes people's minds and falls in love - amongst other tales of mishap and adventure.

and he looks up - theappleppielifestyle R, 25K
Tags: AU, Based on: Titanic, HAPPY ENDING
the steve/tony Titanic!AU with a happy ending for the Avengers.

Ad Astra per Aspera - MonstrousRegiment, Pangea NC-17, 23K
Tags: Space AU
It’s safe to say most people get off on the wrong foot with Tony Stark, but it’s also safe to say Steve Rogers makes a conscious effort to get along with everyone, and people might think one tendency compensates the other one and equilibrium is achieved. A neutral ground. That’s not what happens. Or, the story of how Tony Stark and Steve Rogers met and fell in love. A space opera with a lot of cursing, a lot of drinking, and a little bit of singing.
Bea's comment: Side story to another series from the x-men fandom.

blue heart, bright eyes - scarletbluebird NC-17, 22K
Tags: AU, Based on: Tangled
Steve is the long lost prince locked in the tower (minus the long hair). Tony is the thief who steals a priceless artifact from the castle (a shield).

Come Ride with Me - Veldeia NC-17, 22K, Series
Tags: Space Western, Bottom!Steve
Summary: Tony’s had a long and rough week, and when he touches down at Eden Landing, he just wants a hot shower, a proper meal and ten hours of sleep—but when he steps out of his battered little ship and spots Steve, he finds himself perfectly willing to rethink his priorities.
Sequel: When Fools Can Be Kings (PG-13 |Hurt!Tony |Protective!Steve)Summary: Steve’s perfectly ordinary day at Eden Landing police station takes an unexpected nosedive when Justin Hammer brings in an offender he’s caught trespassing on his territory: Tony Stark, who’s looking a little worse for wear.

No Pain, No Gain - Robin_tCJ NC-17, 22K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Friends with benefits, Developing Relationship, Artist!Steve
Tony Stark, a kickboxing instructor at Fury's Gym, doesn't do BOYFRIENDS. He doesn't even hook up with the same person twice. But for Adonis-slash-artist Steve Rogers, he'll make an exception.

The Foodieverse - copperbadge PG-13, 21K+
Tags: Chef AU
Steve Rogers just wanted to sell good, nourishing, cheap food from his food truck. Now the crazy fusion chefs from TOBRU are calling him a hipster, the avant garde restaurant "Shield" across the street has declared war on chains, and...well, then there's Thor, who thinks Steve's habit of licking food is weird.

Into the Breach - Wordsplat PG-13, 21K
Tags: AU: Pacific Rim, Mutual Pining
The world is coming to an end fast and Steve needs a co-pilot, but can’t find anyone he can’t knock off their feet in a flat second. He’s also reluctant to get back in his old Jaeger, but that’s a bridge he’ll cross when he comes to it—for the moment, it’d just be nice if he could learn to talk to certain attractive kaiju scientists without sounding like he has a brain injury.

this is just one of the ways it went (tell me another) - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 21K
Tags: Multi-verse, Canon AU, WIP, High School, Soulmates
She says, “Anyone who says the hero was born in a dank cave in Afghanistan is a fool.” Tony tells her he has no idea what she’s talking about. Or, the Avengers accidentally form a few years before they were supposed to.

Stark Industries (The Office Verse) - orbingarrow PG-13, 20K, Series
Tags: AU
Summary: The Security Admin Department at Stark Industries has a point system in place to pass the time.
+10 points for tagging management with a "Kick Me" post it note
+10 points for paging a punny fake name over the office intercom without getting caught
+10 points for stealing any office supplies off Clint's desk and returning it in jello
+20 points for making Steve swear
It's a good thing productivity isn't in the job description.

Bulletproof - foxxcub NC-17, 20K
Tags: College!AU, Bottom!Steve, Fuck-buddies, Pining!Steve
At age fifteen, Steve Rogers had been in love with Tony Stark. By age twenty, he’d (mostly) gotten over it. And then he promptly became Tony Stark's fuck buddy.

The Little Glass Screwdriver - ann2who PG-13, 19K
Tags: AU, Cinderella
When Prince Steven is forced to find himself a bride, true love gets in the way. As the night of the grand ball unfolds, the prince meets a mysterious knight who might just change his entire life in a way he could have never imagined.

Float like a butterfly (sting like a bee) - gottalovev PG-13, 19K
Tags: AU, Boxing AU, Pining
Steve Rogers is looking for a new Team and signs with Nick Fury in his quest to climb back in the professional boxing ranks after a 5 years break. When he realizes Fury's gym is owned by Tony Stark, billionaire-playboy-entrepreneur and up-and-coming boxer, sparks fly and not in a good way. At least at first.

Dangerous Kitchen Tools - ladyshadowdrake NC-17, 18K
Tags: AU, Fluff, Chef!Tony
Engineering prodigy, billionaire, and heir to the Stark Industries empire, Tony Stark turned the business world on its head by opening a restuarant and burying himself in the kitchen. Years later, he covers an informal evening cooking class for his friend and fellow molecular gastronomist, Bruce Banner, where he meets famously camera-shy comic artist Steve Rogers.

How Not To Be Nothing - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 18K
Tags: College!AU, Unhappy Childhood, Angst, POV (Tony)
Summary: Tony's still Tony Stark: genius, billionaire, playboy, depressed alcoholic, semi-suicidal- wait, that's not how it's supposed to go. Bruce is his college roommate and the guy who picks him up when he's wasted, Peter is his sort-of-not-really nephew who hangs around too much and neither of them really mind. Then there's Steve, and he's... he's, uh. He's Steve, and he's sort of a welcome surprise. He comes with Natasha, the gorgeous yet fucking terrifying business major, Clint, the undecided, and Thor, the guy who no-one's really sure about who cleans out everyone's supplies of poptarts.
Somewhere along the way, they sort of become a family.

just another (drop in the ocean) - lincesque pg-13, 17K
Tags: historical au
Captain Steven Rogers of the Imperial Navy had one mission: to locate the notorious pirate ship, the Ironheart, and capture her mysterious captain, a man known only as ‘Tony’.

with a decent happiness - torigates R, 16K
Tags: AU, Teacher!Steve
Tony Stark is Iron Man. Steve Rogers isn't, and never was Captain America. Or, the one where everything is the same except Steve is a kindergarten teacher.

Ghost Stories - moonix R, 16K
Tags: AU, Crossover; Harry Potter
Steve Rogers, star student and Head Boy of Hogwarts, disappears under mysterious circumstances in 1940 during a battle with dark wizard The Red Skull. Seventy years later, lonely genius Tony Stark accidentally brings him back to life – sort of. Because Steve is still fading in and out of existence, catching glimpses of Tony’s life and finally managing to make contact. With the help of fellow Ravenclaw Bruce Banner, who is hiding a dark secret, Slytherins Natasha Romanov and Clint Barton, as well as Gryffindor Thor Odinson, will they succeed in lifting the enchantment that keeps Steve trapped between worlds? And what will happen if they do?

undead daffodils - leatherandlightning (floatawaysomedays) PG-13, 16K
Tags: AU: Bakery, Identity Porn, Fluff, Feel Good fic
"It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood, for starters." Tony is gripping his hand, his eyes are sad underneath the shades. He looks a little lost. "You're just the embodiment of the American Dream, Mr. Rogers. I bet you puke sunshine and wear sweater vests unironically." "Are things that easy where you come from?" "You make it sound like I drive a UFO." Steve nods seriously. "You're definitely from another planet."

Teacher!Tony AU - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 15K, WIP
Tags: AU
In order to keep it from their mother, Steve's kid brother drags him to a parent-teacher meeting. Steve goes in grudgingly and comes out with a crush.

Turn Around (Three Times Before Lying Down) - kellifer_fic R, 15K
Tags: Werewolf fic
Everyone knows that Tony Stark is a playboy, billionaire philanthropist, but what they don’t know is that he’s also a werewolf. When a government agency known as SHIELD finds out, they use this information to force Tony’s hand and bring him into a new elite lycan field team, codename The Avengers Initiative. Suddenly Tony finds himself playing host to a bunch of lycans, a misplaced God of Thunder and an experimental supersoldier that isn’t as dead as everyone assumed. Can his week get any worse?

Food for the Heart - LagLemon PG-13, 14K
Tags: AU
After being introduced to a gourmet food on a budget blog by Pepper (a gift for her elderly, cheapskate mother) Tony starts cooking again. The recipies are good, but the blog owner is even better. Still, Tony isn't so sure Captain America, the guy who runs the blog, can compete with Hot Bagboy, the gorgeous blond who works at the grocery store.

When Darkness Sleeps Beside You - rufflefeather NC-17, 14K
Tags: AU, Hooker!Steve
Steve meets Tony Stark at a party while he's there escorting another woman. He's not opposed to making a quick buck but things don't go as planned.

Avengers at Hogwarts and Other Misadventures - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 14K, Series
Tags: Crossover: Harry Potter, Mutual Pining
The Avengers are students in Hogwarts, Bruce is a werewolf, and Steve/Tony are pining.

Family (Or Something Like It) - biscuitlevitation PG-13, 14K, WIP
Tags: Kid!fic, AU, Fluff
Pretty Woman, if Julia Roberts was male, a vet, and a foster parent, and if Richard Gere had spectacular facial hair and a thing for blonds. So it's really nothing like Pretty Woman at all.

❤❤Steve and Tony Make a Porno - uraneia NC-17, 14K, Series
Tags: AU, Virgin!Steve, Porn video, Bottom!Steve
Steve needs to make some quick cash to cover his mom's TB treatment and hospital stay. Bucky convinces him to try porn. Steve's not sure he'll be able to go through with it... until he meets Tony, the guy he's supposed to do his screen test with.
Sequel: Kiss and Tell - uraneia

going on a ride - theappleppielifestyle R, 14K, Series
Tags: High School AU, Fluff, Angst, Biker Gang!Steve, Tony's Unhappy Childhood
"You want to take me for a ride on your motorcycle," Tony repeats, slow so he can process it as he’s saying it, "because you think my glasses are cute."

we pick ourselves undone - laramara pg-13, 13k
It might appear that award-winning surgeon Tony Stark, the head of neurosurgery at Shield Hospital, well and truly has his life together. Now if he could only figure out how to tell people that his father, world class neurosurgeon Howard Stark, is locked away in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s, devise a way to get Chief Fury off his back for good, and work out what the hell he’s going to do about the weird on-again-off-again thing he has going with the head of cardio, he’d finally have everything sorted.

It's Just a Spark (But It's Enough) - Insomniact PG-13, 12K
Tags: AU, Humor
Steve works at Stark Industries as a graphic designer. He meets Tony Stark, and unsurprisingly, his seduction techniques could use some work.

How To Be a Truly Terrible Wingman - Wordsplat NC-17, 11K
Tags: Hate sex
Prompt: "We were both playing wingman for our friends who have now decided to go home together, and after five minutes of conversation we fucking hate each other. Let’s bang it out."

Avengers: High School's Mightiest Heroes - Settiai PG-13, 11k+, Series
Tags: High School AU, Comics
Starting at a new school in the middle of the year is hard enough for Steve Rogers. Then he meets Tony Stark, and his life really starts to get complicated.

Brooklyn Bella - mia_a03 NC-17, 11K, Series
Tags: Skinny!Steve, AU
Steve's been working long hours at the paint shop, and Tony knows just how to get him to relax - by hook or by crook.

Ice Ice Baby (Too Cold) - orbingarrow PG, 11K
Tags: AU
Tony Stark is a star center, sidelined by a slip in sobriety. Steve Rogers is a goalie, suspended for a punch thrown off the ice.
When the two meet, they're trying to get their lives back on track, both off and on the ice. It turns out, the saying is true: A burden shared is a burdened halved. At least until Howard Stark gets involved.

Apartment 5A - toraten NC-17, 11K
Tags: AU
An AU in which Steve Rogers edits comic books and Tony Stark is Tony Stark.

in the line of fire - colourexplosion R, 11K
Tags: AU, Angst
The important ones always come back. OR A non-powered AU in which Tony and Steve are friends from a very young age and grow up together.

If At First - kellifer_fic R, 10K
Tags: College AU
Where Tony is stupid and Steve has been waiting for a long time.

The Forever-Nighter - Wordsplat PG-13, 10K
Tags: Fluff, Gym!AU
When Rhodey decides that Tony's been slacking lately and drags him along to the gym, Tony's fully prepared to duck right back out the door the first time Rhodey turns around. Then he sees Hot Blond Guy.

Issues - so_shhy PG-13, 10K
Tags: Humor, College!AU
In which Steve has a crippling crush on Tony Stark, Tony is oblivious and obnoxious, and Bucky expresses his disapproval via passive-aggressive comics.

99 problems (and the dice ain't one) - kellifer_fic PG-13, 10K
Tags: AU, Pining!Tony
Tony's life is almost perfect. He lives in a converted warehouse full of friends (and one frenemy), has a job that leaves him plenty of time to think about other things and a regular Friday night campaign. If his best friend, Steve Rogers, hadn't moved away to New York and left him behind, then perfection would've been achieved.
Tony can roll with the punches though and he's almost all the way over that little bump in the road (shut up Bruce, he totally is) when Steve moves back, looking taller and broader and more confident than ever and Tony's left with a converted warehouse full of friends (and one frenemy), a job that leaves him plenty of time to think about other things, a regular Friday night campaign and the uncomfortable realization that maybe he's in love with his best friend and has been since he was sixteen.

A Thief Like Tony Stark - someonelsesheart PG-13, 10K
Tags: AU
Tony is a high ranking criminal, known for his talent to disappear. Steve is a disillusioned soldier who needs some cash. And some people will always be heroes, no matter what they do for a living.

Baby, We'll Be Stars (destined to crash and burn) - Saral_Hylor R, 10K
Tags: AU, Bottom!Steve
Tony Stark was a big name when it came to cross country rally racing. He was at the top of the game, and despite pushing forty and the multiple broken bones he'd had over the years, he didn't think that there was anything in the world for him other than the bikes and the open spaces of desert racing. Steve Rogers was an up and coming, a kid who'd fought tooth and nail to get sponsorship to race. He had a natural talent that made him go up the ranks quicker than most. At first he'd been a rival and Tony had resented him. Then he'd started to admire him. Eventually he'd loved Steve. But the sand was deceptive. And now he was on the verge of losing him.

What if I Were To - blue_jack PG-13, 9K
Tags: AU, Pre-Serum!Steve, Mutant!Steve, Protective!Steve, Pining!Tony
“I know I said you could pick my next PA, but this is ridiculous.”

Elastic Heart - starspangledsprocket PG-13, 9K
Tags: AU, PTSD (Steve), Bar Owner!Steve
Steve just wants to find love. Tony just wants to catch a break. Natasha just wants Steve to pick his damn underpants up off their apartment floor.

these little earthquakes - singalellaby PG-13, 9K
Tags:AU: Military, Kidnapped!Tony
“Well,” Carol says brightly, “hopefully when we give them Howard Stark’s son back without them having to hand over the best weapon prospects the US has, they’ll forgive us for a little bit of rule-bending.”
“So long as we get Tony back, I don’t care about their forgiveness,” Steve says, and means it.

Some Dragons Are Famous Dragons - Eudoxia PG-13, 9K
Tags: Skinny!Steve, Fantasy
Bucky's not surprised when Steve beings home stray cats, dogs, and even a raccoon once, but a dragon? Really, Steve? A dragon? A dragon that likes to steal tools and watch the news about missing persons, too.

A Present After All - ann2who NC-17, 9K
Christmas Eve. For the first time in years, Tony wouldn’t spend this day alone. And okay, there might be a little millennia-snowstorm involved, which had ruined everyone’s plans to spend Christmas at home with their families, but that were just details. Tony would take what life threw at him, and this, well… it was safe to say that life, in all of Tony’s short but extreme experience living it, had never been better.
He only needed to survive the evening without making a complete fool of himself by doing something like grabbing Steve's Ugly Christmas Sweater and just kiss the guy.

For You, Sir, Always (The Fairy Godfather Remix) - Veldeia PG, 9K
Tags: AU
Unable to find a replacement for the toxic palladium core of his arc reactor, Sir has gone into cryostasis to wait for a day when science has advanced enough to provide a solution. While he is indisposed, it is my all-important task to decide when that time has arrived, and to select the person who shall bring him back to life.

irresistible force; immovable object - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 9K
Tags: Based on: Supernatural, Fantasy
Steve, who put Tony before God, and fuck if that doesn’t scare Tony shitless. (Or, Steve is a certain celestial being, Tony is his emotionally fucked up charge with a drinking problem, and this is their story.)

If I could conjure worth a damn (I wouldn't have friends like these) - lyra_wing PG-13, 8K
Tags: AU: Hogwarts
The Avengers are at Hogwarts. Tony's building non-regulation broomsticks, Steve's dealing with a mysterious Time Turner accident, Loki's sneering at the Muggles, Thor's wielding a Beater's bat, Darcy's commentating at Quidditch matches, Fury's teaching DADA, everyone loves a drink at the Three Broomsticks, and Bruce has a secret.

(Not for) Public Consumption - Poose NC-17, 8K
Tags: AU, Bottom!Steve, PWP
Steve and Tony make a sex tape. Exactly as sophisticated as it sounds.

fire pit and the forge - psikeval NC-17, 8K
Tags: AU, PTSD, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, IM-compliant
Forty-three hours before the convoy was attacked, Tony Stark met Captain Rogers on the Bagram Airfield tarmac.

Lost In A Sigh - orphan_account PG-13, 8K
When Steve Rogers left the Army, he swapped his captain's bars for an NYPD detective's badge. A chance meeting in the early months of 1947 brings back some old memories, as well as new opportunities.

Thunderstruck - kuro PG-13, 8K
Tags: High School AU
Yet another High School AU. Tony is a geek. Steve is a jock. Both of them might have a major crush on each other. Luckily, they have some very, very good friends. Friends that might sometimes be a real life-saver.

A Dozen Roses and A Peony - starkpad PG, 8K
Tags: AU
In which Steve is the owner of The Howling Commandoes Café & Florist, Tony is the guy who buys flowers from the shop only to give it back as a gift to the owner, and Bucky wants the title of "Best Wingman" by searching for articles on 'Cute Date Ideas'

a guy walks into a bank - starkravingcap PG, 8K
Tags: AU
Okay, so this looks bad. Like, really bad. Tony knows this, he has eyes, and ears, and he’s really very intelligent and all, so he knows just how bad this whole situation is. But—look, it’s not his fault this time. Or; the one where Rhodey tries to domesticate Tony, and it all goes horribly wrong.

Drifting Ain't so Bad - MountainRose PG-13, 8K
Tags: Pirate AU, Historical
Something washes up on the beach of Tony's pirate stronghold, fortunately, he knows exactly how to handle this particular piece of flotsam. Indeed, they've washed up together before; at least this time one of them starts off dry.

out on the lake - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 8K
Tags: AU: Summer Camp
A month into the summer, Steve and Tony find out that the biggest drama the kids are talking about is whether or not Leader Stark and Leader Rogers will ‘get their heads out of their butts and kiss already.’It’s a pretty big deal, apparently.

Full Disclosure - MemoryDragon PG-13, 8K
Tags: AU, Identity Porn, Mutual Pining, Hurt!Steve, Modern!AU, Soldier!Steve
Steve Rogers wants to know more about his best friend online, but Iron doesn't believe in full disclosure when it comes to his own weak points.

Watching you, watching me - Comedia R, 8K
Tags: AU
There's a scrawny artist sitting on a bench by Stark Tower, and once Tony has noticed him he can't takes his eyes off the guy.

Effort Expended - elise_509 R, 8K
Steve and Tony like each other way too much to keep their Hipster cred.

the family you choose - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 7K
Tags: AU: High School
“Just who exactly was my son making out with in a closet?”
“Tony Stark.”
“You might know him,” Fury continues, and Sarah nods, furiously biting at her cheek so she doesn’t do something awful, like giggle.

Steve Rogers' Life Is Not A Romance Movie (He Wouldn't Get The References, Anyway) - someonelsesheart PG-13, 7K
Tags: High School AU, Pining!Steve, POV: Steve
Steve hasn't always had this ridiculous crush on Tony Stark.(Or, the one where Steve is his polite old self and doesn't really hate Tony Stark (unfortunately), Tony is a child progidy and apparently a cab driver now, too, and high school is still high school, even when you are the son of a billionaire.)

Down On The Farm - tellxmebby NC-17, 7K
Tags: AU, Bottom!Steve, Mechanic!Steve
Tony laughs, throwing an old rag at the blond man, who bats it away in the air. "Fuck you."
"Mm," Steve rolls back under the car with a newly fitted socket, "maybe later."Steve grins up at the chrome above him at the lack of response. It must take Tony a minute to recover, but when he does Steve hears him huff.

light of a dark black night - kellifer_fic PG-13, 7K
Tags: Supernatural, Pre-Slash
You said that I was a good man," Tony says. It seemed a little odd at the time. Tony had been apologizing for hovering because most people were unsettled by the presence of Angels, fearing they were always on official business. "What else?" "I would say, of course I'm good, I'm a chosen representative of the Corporation." "And?" "And, you would say, someday I would know the difference between what you said and what I thought it meant."

Coffee and Company, or Fate - kimsey313 NC-17, 7K
Tags: AU, Canon!AU, (Steve was born during modern times)
Tony ditches his New Year's party and stops for coffee, makes a friend, and thinks maybe he wants to take him home, just this once.

in ecstatic motion - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 7K
Tony accidentally steals a stranger's shopping cart, and they start a conversation that turns into something more.

Thunderbolt City - sirona PG-13, 6K
Tags: AU, No Powers, SP: Rhodey/Bucky
It's completely unfair that the one time the whole thunder-from-the-sky thing happens to Tony, it has to be for someone completely out of his league, who takes one look at him and decides he wants none of it, thanks.

I Know in My Heart - often_adamanta R, 6K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Doctor Steve
Dr. Rogers finds himself with a famous and notoriously difficult patient - Tony Stark

Picture This - imafriendlydalek PG-13, 6K+, Series
Tony and Happy are having lunch when a camera shutter clicks behind him. The photographer behind the lens might be hundred-ish pounds of attitude balled up in a feisty blond package that only goes up to Tony’s chin, but there's something about that defiant look that Tony finds intriguing.

Tech Support - megyal PG-13, 6K
Tags: AU
(Kind of AU in which Stark Industries doesn't exist (anymore) and S.H.I.E.L.D. is akin to MI6); Pre-slash Tony Stark's day job is resident genius. Since he has an entire computer system into himself as a remote operating system, his other day job is running S.H.I.E.L.D.'s R&D with Dr. Banner (BROS 4EVA), trying to make Director Fury cry (close, but no cigar) and flirting with All the Agents, All the Time. Agent Iceberg (AKA Super-perfect Super-soldier Double-Oh-Awesome Agent Rogers) is immune to many things, apparently, and Tony is one of them.

The First Time I Went Dancing Sober - schemingreader NC-17, 5K
Tags: AU
Steve Rogers is a great physical therapist who works with sick kids. Tony Stark is a damaged biotech engineering genius who really wants to be one of the good guys.

1-900-SOULMATE - SailorChibi R, 5K
Tags: AU, Soulmates
Later, Tony would maintain that it wasn’t his fault. He was drunk and bored (lonely) and it just… happened. Pepper would look at him and, in the driest tone that Tony had ever heard, remark that he was the only person in the history of the world who would stumble across their soulmate while drunk dialing a phone sex line.

Say You'll Be Mine - IAmNotLost PG-13, 5K
Tags: High School, Fluff, Skinny!Steve
The four times Tony tried to subtly woo Steve, and the one time he was painfully clear.

we should just kiss like real people do - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 5K
Tags: AU, Skinny Steve
Hoodie-guy stops in front of Steve just as he snaps, “FINE, I want to bang Tony Stark like a screen door in a hurricane, could we drop it now?”
“UM,” Sam says, loud enough that they both turn to look at him. He’s wide-eyed as he jerks his head meaningfully, gestures getting looser and more pointed as they continue not to get it.
Steve stares at him. This is why Sam is never picked for a partner when they all play Charades.
There’s a tap on his shoulder, and Steve turns to see Hoodie-guy smiling. Steve opens his mouth to say do you need something when he realizes why the man’s face is so familiar.
“Hi,” says Tony Stark.
Steve blurts the first thing he thinks. “Fuck.”

There Should be a Potion for This - Lampsprite PG-13, 5K
Tags: Adaptation: Harry Potter, Pining
The first time Tony sees Steve Rogers, his palms are sweaty and his mind is running through equations in order to distract himself from the very real, gut-twisting possibility that he’s about to disappoint his father again. He only has enough brain cells free to think, “damn, that kid’s small” and “probably a Hufflepuff”, before the Sorting Hat falls over the kid’s eyes and bellows, “Gryffindor!” at the top of its metaphorical lungs.

sweeter than heaven - asexualfenris PG-13, 5K
Tags: Bookstore AU
All you need to know is that there is feelings and books and copious amounts of coffee because this is a college!AU; or that one where Steve is polite and Tony is ridiculous. Also most of this takes place in a bookshop.

percolating - Zekkass PG-13, 5K
Tags: Skinny!Steve
Steve's a barista working at Hawkeye's, the world's tackiest bird-themed cafe. Tony's the vigilante who crash landed on the pavement outside. It's not love at first sight, but it's pretty close.

And Then There's You - someonelsesheart PG-13, 5K
Tags: High School AU, Best Friends
And it’s funny that they’re like this, isn't it, because there's Tony, too-clever and too-fast, always having to be moving, selfish and desperate and cruel, and then there’s Steve with his kindness, his slow smile and his patience, selfless and calm and kind to everything and everyone. They’re fire and ice, good and bad, and somehow, somehow, it works. Or, Steve Rogers teaches Tony Stark how to love, one year at a time.

Scaled - Arukou R, 5K, WIP
Steve's lost his ship, his crew, and very shortly, without food or water, he'll lose his life.

Gift With Purchase - sabrecmc PG-13, 5K
Tags: AU
“Just…” and Tony could practically hear Pepper attempting to rub the tension out of her temples. “Just so we are clear,” Pepper began, trying to sound business-like, as if this were just any other phone call about stocks or production or whatever it was Pepper was usually blathering on about, “At the gala event for the Wounded Warriors Foundation, of which Stark Industries is a major donor, you met one Steven G. Rogers, Captain, U.S. Army Special Forces, one of the most decorated soldiers in all the armed forces, one of the handful of living Medal of Honor recipients, the man People Magazine dubbed “Captain America” in their front page story about his battlefield heroics that saved multiple lives, which went on to detail how his spare time is devoted to, and I’m quoting here, “providing art therapy to troubled and disadvantaged youth from the Brooklyn, New York area where Capt. Rogers grew up,” and you mistook him for a high-priced hooker and then proceeded to proposition him.”
Tony paused, breathing in deeply. “Well, when you say it like that, it just sounds bad.”

Caffeine, Otherwise Known as the Key to Tony Stark's Heart - sol-nox (parasoling) PG-13, 5K
Tags: AU: Coffee Shop, Pining, Flirting, Oblivious!Steve
A new coffee shop opens across the street from Stark Tower. Steve is the hot, sweet and predictably clueless owner. Tony tries to do what he does best.

Too Close to the Sun - pensversusswords R, 4K
Tags: College!AU
Tony's always been able to fly. All Steve had to do was remind him. Or, where they sleep together, and then Tony lets Steve paint on him.

Coffee Shop Love - inukagome15 PG, 4K
Tags: AU: Coffee Shop
Tony Stark did not like coffee shops, but he could make an exception for the one with the cute barista who had smiles that were to die for. If only Steve wasn't so unattainable...

From the Depths - starkspangly PG, 4K
Tags: AU, Mermaids, Based on: Little Mermaid
Anthony Stark is fascinated by the world above the surface. Prince Steven is waiting to be found.

my love has concrete feet - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 4K
Tags: AU, Apocalypse
The sky is gone, now- no blues, or blacks, or greys, or oranges, or anything that Tony now misses like a damn phantom limb, but when Steve finally looks back up at him his eyes make him think back- the old ocean, the old sky, the old worn jacket that he used to wear as a kid. Tony smiles back tightly, and looks away so he doesn’t lean in towards that damn mouth.

Field Medicine - kellifer_fic PG-13, 4K
Tags: AU
Tony Stark is a terrible patient, which is surprising to no one.
Bea's comment: Steve is an emergency respondent. Tony has a lot of accidents.

Merman!Steve - Amuly PG-13/NC-17, 4K, Series
Tags: AU
Tony is a sailor who is injured one night defending his ship. Something saved him. Now Tony is out to find out what... or who? (Steve. Steve the Merman saved him.)

head over heels; six feet under - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 4K
Tags: AU, Protective!Steve
“Have you ever noticed,” Sam says, a little too cautious for Steve’s liking, “When something bad happens and Tony gets caught in the crossfire, you get a little… intense?”

I'm Not Old (You Are) - starspangledsprocket PG-13, 4K
Tags: AU
Steve moves into a Stark Retirement Village and meets Tony Stark. He makes as good a first impression as is to be expected.

The Lost and the Wretched: The First Day - Veldeia PG-13, 4K
Tags: AU, Supernatural
Summary: After his reanimation, Tony has yet to find a reason to continue his existence that isn’t hatred or bitterness. After decades of captivity in Arcadia, Steve doesn’t know if he even has a soul anymore. When the vampires of the Covenant of the Shield organize a mission to rescue Steve, it is a new beginning for both of them.

Of Accountants and Billionaires - starspangledsprocket PG-13, 4K
Tags: AU, Fantasy, Whimsical
Accountant Tony Stark is sent to the infamous Rogers Mansion to deal with some business. He gets more than one shock along the way.

all on his mouth like liquor - theappleppielifestyle NC-17, 4K
Tags: Bottom!Steve
Tony is a stripper on weekends. Steve paints him like one of his French girls. Things happen.
(It's sex. Sex happens.)

if it ain't broke, you ain't doing it right - SomethingSimple PG-13, 4K
“I’ve been breaking my phone on purpose just because you work at the help desk” AU.
Everything is going well. Until Bucky catches Steve throwing his phone down the stairs.

you are my canvas - theappleppielifestyle R, 4K
Tags: love confessions, reckless!tony
“Took you long enough,” Tony Stark says, with that goddamn grin that could make people crash cars in broad daylight. “Never forget a pretty face, right?”
Nine years and he can still make Steve blush like that, Jesus Christ.

a god to a non-believer - calciseptine R, 4K
Tags: AU, Apocalypse
After the world ends, Steve finds happiness.

Come On In - starspangledsprocket PG-13, 4K
Tags: AU, Humor
The last thing Tony expected when he moved into his new apartment was to repeatedly catch his neighbour in various stages of undress, and yet here he was.

He Came In (Through The Bedroom Window) - pensversusswords R, 4K, WIP
It was an accident when Tony got drunk, climbed in through a stranger's dorm room window and went to sleep in his roommate's bed. That being said, Tony wasn't so sure that it was an accident that the stranger happened to be Steve. If it was an accident, it was a pretty good one.

I'd Dream of You - someonelsesheart R, 4K
Tags: AU, Pining, Holiday fic, Hurt/Comfort
“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing, Rogers. You’ve got that look that you get when you find a wounded animal that you want to bring home. You think you can fix him. Listen to me now, Steve. Nobody can fix Tony Stark.”

tell me when you're gonna let me in - someonelsesheart PG-13, 3K
Tags: AU, POV: Tony
Steve is a bartender. Tony is Tony.

Some People Scrapbook - josighah PG-13, 3K
Tags: AU, Skinny!Steve
Some people did crosswords, ran marathons, or collected stamps. Tony Stark fucked. And then Steve Rogers is an asshole and Tony stops fucking around.

My Waiter in Shining Armor - Akira_of_the_Twilight PG-13, 3K
Tags: AU, Protective!Steve
Tony was going to murder his father—not for the years the man spent switching between ignoring Tony to being damn right verbally abusive with his criticisms, but for forcing Tony on another date with one Tiberius Stone. Howard didn’t even like Ty.
“Are you designing another one of those useless robots?” Ty scrunched his nose and sipped his water.
Tony paused in his rough sketch of what would be his next AI. The drawing was far more detailed than he had planned, but the cute, blond waiter (Steve) had given Tony extra napkins just in case, and Tony felt compelled to use all the napkins just to show his appreciation.
He might also have a small crush on Steve.

Neanderthals In Tights (Also Known As a Football Game) - Wordsplat PG-13, 3K
In which Tony supports Steve at his first big football game, with guest appearances by an exasperated Pepper and an embarrassed Bruce, because yeah, okay, maybe Tony's not really one hundred percent clear on the rules of this game. Why, exactly, are a bunch of neanderthals tackling his boyfriend again?

Hello From the Sin Cave - avengersincamphalfbloodstardis PG, 3k+
Tags: AU, Humor
Summary: Tony was coming off a three day bender in his workshop, running on coffee and gasoline when he saw a very hot guy in the apartment across from his. Obviously, putting a strange, vaguely sexual note in his window was the way to go. Right?

Burn - orbingarrow PG, 3K
Tags: AU
When Steve Rogers burns his dinner and sets off the sprinklers in the ROTC building, Tony Stark saves the day. Except this Tony Stark isn't the famous son of a billionaire, he's just a college Freshman on night maintenance for Work Study.
Or is he?

you really got me (and you shook me all night long) - shieldmaidenofrohan PG-13, 3K
Tags: AU
The one where... Tony and Steve are classroom neighbors, and the whole school ships it.

you've got me head over heels (on gasoline) - shieldmaidenofrohan PG-13, 3K
Tags: Mafia
The one where... a kidnapped Tony Stark meets the Captain, and deals are made in... unusual ways.

Art in the Park - Neverever PG-13, 3K
Tags: AU
The Cute Guy with the Goatee gives advice to Steve about selling his art at a sidewalk art show. Maybe he is selling something else.

Sleeping With The Enemy - ElectricityLingerss R, 3K+
Tags: WIP
Steve is a newly qualified FBI agent, Tony is a highly sought after defence attorney. Their paths cross and sparks fly.

Unplanned Courses - royal_chandler PG-13, 3K,
Tags: AU, High School
When he and Tony began, Steve was told to be careful. Steve had never paid much mind though, too caught up in feeling alive. But eventually a spring that turns into summer cools into autumn and then freezes, and Steve’s never done well with the cold.

there still might be a place for us somewhere - theappleppielifestyle PG, 3K
Ten years after high school ends, Tony stumbles on a stranger who looks strangely a hell of a lot like the guy he was in love with as a teenager.

Your Barista Is... - PaxieAmor PG-13, 3K
Steve Rogers walks into a coffee shop. It's nothing that he expects, but everything he needs.

The Giant Pumpkin And The Garden Guy - Neverever PG-13, 3K
Tags: AU, Fluff
Tony decides to grow giant pumpkins for a competition and clashes with the community garden manager Steve.

even death - starkravingcap NC-17, 3K,
Tags: Angst, Serial Killer!Steve
“You should turn on your lights,” Steve advises him, as though there isn’t fire and need bubbling under his skin, “You’re beautiful when they catch your eyes.”
Tony is standing in front of Steve, between the couch and the beat up coffee table, in the ‘v’ formed by his legs.
“You don’t like the light,” Tony reminds him, and he reaches out to touch Steve’s face. His skin is warm and smooth under his palm, “You always say you work better in the dark.”

The Beginning - princelytonystark (Prince_Moriarty) NC-17, 3K
Tags: AU: High School
Steve Rogers is Principal Fury's office aide, and one day he gets sent on an errand to the engineering classroom. There, he meets a strange young man elbow-deep in machinery that looks way more advanced than anything Mr. Hammer would assign his students.

The Five Times Tony Stark Doesn’t Like Steve’s Coffee... - capirony PG, 3K
...and the One Time He Admits to Something He Should Have Admitted to in the Beginning

When the billionaire Tony Stark saunters into Steve's cozy little coffee shop, he's determined to make sure the man knows how good of a coffee he can make. But when Tony acts in a completely different manner to how Steve had hoped, he takes it as a challenge.
Tony Stark will know the wrath of Steve's perfectly amazing coffee, and Steve will make sure of it.

Coffee After - rispacooper PG-13, 3K
Tags: Skinny!SteveTony couldn't be blamed for the slight omission of facts. The first day they'd met, when he had impulsively walked into the property Pepper kept hounding him about and, okay somewhat loudly, expressed his dismay at what a dump of a library it was, he had found himself pinned by a stare that by all rights belonged on an old man and not a twenty-something assistant librarian who wore slacks and a button down, and who blushed whenever Tony got too close. Standing there in the Stark Public Library, Steve had demanded to know who the hell Tony thought he was to insult such a fine institution, and, yeah, normally Tony would have delighted in dropping his name to shut someone up, except this time he'd stopped long enough to wonder what would happen if he did, and curiosity had gotten the better of him.

even 'hello' sounds like 'come here.' - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 2K
Tags: AU, Hooker!Steve
"We’re not having sex," Tony says as Steve buckles his seatbelt.
Steve shrugs. “Sure.”
"We’re not.".
"I’m taking you to get patched up."
"Whatever you say." Steve wets his lips again, licking blood away as Tony pulls out into the road. "You’re not gonna pay me for getting patched up, though. If you ain’t gonna pay me, I’d rather just get out and lick my wounds myself, thanks."

Go With It - shrill_fangirl_screaming PG, 2K
Tags: AU
Tony has been stood up and is shredding napkins looking pitifully alone in an Olive Garden. This is something by which Steve cannot abide.

The Boundless Deep - captainshellhead, vibraniumstark PG-13, 2K
Tags: AU
They found Steve half-drowned on the beach, the wreckage of the plane torn apart and sunk to the bottom of the sea, and insisted that he must have saved himself. After all, mermen didn’t save humans from drowning—that was just absurd.

there's something about you (that makes me feel alive) - shieldmaidenofrohan PG, 2K
Tags: AU
The one where... Pepper and Bucky are best friends, and Steve's definitely in trouble.

Inception of the Marvelous Mind - someidiothasice PG, 2K
Tags: Based on: Inception, Pining, Coma Patient!Steve, SP: Thor/Loki
Clint came running around a corner, Bruce hot on his heels, and it was almost comical how they skidded to a stop right in front of the mangled SUV. Natasha looked back over her shoulder from across the street, strands of her hair loose from her ponytail and flying about her face. Tony, back in his own body and his favorite pinstripe, paused in hefting a bazooka over his shoulder.
They all turned their faces up to see Coulson standing on the ledge of the roof. He tugged on the bottom of one sleeve, straightening the line of his jacket, then he touched his ear."What would you kids do without me? Honestly."

Tony, No - kellebelle PG-13, 2K
Steve + drunk texting = enthusiastic billionaire
Or how Steve found himself possibly engaged to a man named Tony he's never met.

Falling (Blow up the Phone Remix) - Neverever PG-13, 2K
Summary: Tony isn't friends with Steve; Steve is just a friend of a friend. But then Tony develops a crush on Steve and decides to show Steve how much he cares.

The Unspecificity of Fears (As Shown By Boggarts) - TheCityLightShow PG, 2K
Tags: Fluff, Crossover: Harry Potter
Summary: Tony hated boggarts with a passion. They were a nuisance and had no regard for people's personal thoughts. At least when the mirror delved into his head, it only showed him the findings

You're In My Blood (Like Holy Wine) - royal_chandler NC-17, 2K
Being with a hooker was supposed to be easy but Tony gets more than he bargained for.

System's Down, Call MIS (or everybody knows that Customer Service really runs the show) - someidiothasice PG-13, 2K
Tags: AU: Retail, Humor
The one where Tony is The Boss.

I FELL 4 U - AngeNoir PG-13, 2K
Tags: AU
Summary: Tony Stark does not do romance. No really, he doesn't.

I am The Music Man - starspangledsprocket PG, 2K
Steve is the choreographer for the school musical, and is doing perfectly well until Tony Stark gets cast in the lead role.

it takes a village (or so the saying goes) - soniclipstick (veriscence) PG-13, 1K
Tags: AU
“Did… did you just hit on my mother and me at the same time?” Steve doesn’t know whether to be embarrassed or flattered. By the way his ears are burning, the latter seems more likely.
“Yeah. Increases my chances of getting a date, don’t you think?” Tony replies with a conspiratorial wink.

measure of protection - ohmyloki PG-13, 1K
Steve has been Tony’s bodyguard for five weeks now. It’s a record amount of time since Happy, most of his new bodyguards averaging around four days before finally quitting.

Running - kuro PG, 1K
Steve as a rich and famous artist & Tony as a poor mechanic AU. Or something like that.

he that speaks much - keptein PG-13, 1K
Tags: High School AU
There was a hottie waiting with Tony. Seriously. Tony prided himself on being a connoisseur of people’s looks, even though his standards weren’t very high, but damn. This guy was smoking, and provided a very good distraction from the otherwise crippling boredom of waiting outside the lacrosse locker rooms for Rhodey. Tony was leaning against the wall, the static cold of brick leeching its way under his jacket and making him shift a bit. The guy, cleverly avoiding the cold brick, was sitting on a bench facing Tony, his pen scribbling in a notebook.

Iced Americano - firelord_zutara PG, 1K
Tags: AU
Based on the prompt from tumblr user jonahryan: "I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU

The Captain - arianapeterson19 PG-13, 1K
Tags: AU
The one where Steve really should have told his boyfriend he was a mob boss BEFORE he was kidnapped

Fighting Ghosts - copperbadge PG-13, 1k+
Tags: AU
Tony Stark is a Seer, someone vulnerable to phantasms, malevolent spirits of the dead. He's meant to have a bonded Fighter, someone who can defend him -- or attack on his command. So far he's had no luck finding a bond, but that's about to change...

Lace Your Skates - captainshellhead PG, 1K
Tags: AU
Tony is a professional ice skater, and Steve works at the rink where Tony practices. Tony learns that Steve doesn't know how to skate, so he offers to teach him.

Interrogation Makes the Best Foreplay - fandomfrolics PG-13, 1k
Written for the prompt "Good cop/bad cop police AU, no powers"

Steve Rogers & the Iron Man Statue - wisia PG, 1K
Tags: AU
It’s the future, and Steve is seriously dressing like Indiana Jones because it’s practical. It also happens to fit with his career as an archaeologist descending down into a tunnel. Hello, Iron Man figurine.

you should've said nice to meet you (i'm your other half) - shieldmaidenofrohan PG, 1K
Tags: AU
The one where... Tony might be a little crazy, but he's not actually all that cynical.

Bruised Ribs With A Side Of Flirting - pensversusswords PG, 1K
Tags: AU, Pre-serum!Steve
Prompt via anon: "We got in separate bar fights downtown and now we're waiting in the ER comparing stories."
AKA two beat up dweebs make starry eyes at each other.

Genuflect - blue_jack R, 1K+, WIP
Tags: AU, Bottom!Steve
“You called for me, Your Majesty,” Steve said, leather creaking as he adjusted his sword and shield in order to go down to one knee. He waited for Tony’s permission to rise.

An Invite for Coffee - someidiothasice PG, <1K,
Tags: AU
"Right. So, the way I see it, the next time I try to go out with someone, you've got to be there. Of course you do, it's what I'm paying you for after all. And what happens if I'm having a really good time, and I get an invite to come inside for coffee, you know? Are you gonna come up with me, maybe get your voyeur on?"
Steve nodded again, a little absently. There was a bit of a blind spot on the east side of the house. You could just see inside the foyer from— wait, what?

There Is What I Believe (And Then There Is You) - Pandemic PG-13, 1K
Tags: Soulmates, High School AU
Tony knows, when he’s beaten and bloody on the locker room floor watching Steve through the eye not crusted over with blood, that he will never love anyone as fiercely as he does Steve Rogers.

Greek God - Pearl_Unplanned PG, 1K
Tags: AU
Tony's friends don't believe him that his boyfriend looks like a Greek God. He proves them otherwise. College AU

Texts of Art - Akira_of_the_Twilight PG-13, 1K
Tags: AU, Secretly Dating, Howard is a good dad
It wouldn’t look good if I hid in the bathroom, would it? Steve typed as he peered around one of the art gallery’s pillars.
I’m sure you could sell it. Say you were helping someone hold back their hair as they puked in the toilets, Tony texted.
That sounds very believable.
Do I detect sass in that last text? Oh, Steve, you are not going to make it through the night if the sass is already out.

Rogers' Secret Sauce - starspangledsprocket PG, 1K
Tags: Chef AU
Tony owns a classy Italian restaurant. When some guy opens a dive bar across the street that seems to be taking all his customers, he decides to scope the place out.

Your Subtlety Needs Work (I Can Help You With That) - Pandemic PG-13, 1K
Prompt: "My friend recognised you and thought you were hot so he tried to take a picture of you to brag to his mates about and his flash went off but when you looked our way he shoved his phone into my hands and nOW YOU THINK IT’S ME AND OH GOD PLS DON’T BE MAD".
Also known as Sam Wilson: Professional Little Shit.

artistic integrity - ohmyloki PG-13, 1K
Steve is an artist. Tony owns an art gallery.

call me, maybe - ohmyloki PG-13, 1K
There's a hot guy in a hot car and Steve loses control of his body.

Fire Alarm PG, 1K
The fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night. Tony is 'saved' by an attractive neighbour in underwear. Also featuring a very grumpy little robot.

My Heart, A Drum of Water [Remix] - Kiyaar NC-17, 4K
Tags: Angst, Dark!Steve, AU, Sick!Tony
Yeah," Tony says. "So I have this heart thing."

Short Stories - Chapter 1 - blue_jack PG-13, <1K
Tags: AU, Identity Porn
Every month, Tony pays an exorbitant fee to an extremely discrete company that makes sure he is never without companionship when he wants it.

Mechanic AU - ironfries (machinate), Vespasiana PG, ART
Tags:Fancomic, AU
What it says on the tin. Tony is a mechanic and Steve is the guy who brings him small home appliances to fix.
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MCU Phase Two
Compliants with either of these (or all)
-Iron Man 3 (IM3), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (CATWS), Avengers: Age of Ultron (AoU)

Last Updated: 5/14/2017

Stick With Me, Baby, I’m the Fella You Came in With - Annie D (scaramouche) NC-17, 10K
Tags: Post-AoU, Humor, Pining
Summary: During the final battle with Ultron, Tony kisses Steve for the first time. Afterward, he makes it clear to Steve that he was just running on adrenaline and not thinking clearly. Steve seems to accept it, but the kiss nudges open a door of possibilities, and the situation escalates.

On My Honor, I Will Try - ChibiSquirt  NC-17, 11K
Tags: Supernatural, Bottom!Steve/Sub!Steve, Post IM3
Steve never knew of his mixed heritage until Strange told him, and he didn't know what to think when he found out. But it did sort of explain some things...
Bea's comment: Where Steve is part "house elf" (Tony's words!) Lovely. Also, sub!Steve, my favorite. *_*

Burn it All - meangreenlimabean PG-13, 1K
Tags: GEN, AoU
Age of Ultron coda. Steve heads to the roof of Stark Tower after everyone is asleep. Well, not everyone.

My Heart Belongs to Another - veldeia  PG-13, 17K
Tags: Team!fic, Crossover: Once Upon a Time, Hurt!Tony, PostIM3 Compliant
Long ago, young, drunk and desperate, Tony made a deal with a fairy tale creature: his heart for someone else's life. When said creature shows up to collect his prize years later, things turn out more complicated than either of them expects, and unless Tony's true love can find the arc reactor that's now his heart, he won't have long to live. 


Reboot - a_sparrows_fall R, 15K, WIP, Post-AoU, Dr. Doom, Extremis
For the prompt: “Tony's giving Steve a ride to or from a situation - Sudden lightning storm zaps 'em and down they go... you take it from there (happy ending preferred).”
After an incident on Avengers duty, Steve acquires some new powers. Tony has some reactions.
Or, as the Poet once said:
I’ve got some news for you: Steve-bots have feelings, too.

The Last to Know - galwednesday 18K, NC-17, Series, Humor, Post-CATWS, Friends with Benefits
Tony and Steve's ongoing adventures in romantic obliviousness, dramatic grand gestures, and Mr. Darcy cosplay. Jokes and goofiness with occasional outbreaks of Feelings.

Tied To You - ann2who NC-17, 10K
Tags: Post-AoU
What does it take for Steve and Tony to get over their insecurities and denial? Being kidnapped and tied up together. Naked. Obviously.

A Very Normal Christmas - manic_intent R, 2K
Summary: “I give up,” Tony complained, from the vicinity of Steve’s lap. “I don’t know what you want for Christmas. So. How about you give me an itemised list of three to five things? Another motorcycle? Stronger hair gel? A nicer costume in black and orange?” Steve frowned down at him, his lips pressed thin, a clear sign that Tony had, yet again, Put His Foot In It. “That’s not how Christmas works.” “Well it should work that way,” Tony said defensively. “It’s more efficient. Saves everyone a lot of time. Remember when you freaked the fuck out after I tried to give you a house?” “Anyone would have ‘freaked out’.” “Google told me otherwise,” Tony said sadly. Google tended to lie so much recently.

even if the brain has forgotten, perhaps the teeth remember (or the fingers) - theappleppielifestyle PG, 8K, Bucky
Tony gets temporary amnesia. Some things are clearer without his preconceptions dragging him down.

So Close Together (So Far Apart) - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 13K, CATWS, Friends with Benefits
Steve and Tony become Friends With Benefits. It backfires on them both.


Someone to Watch Over Me - windscryer PG-13, 5K
Tags: Friendship, PTSD (Steve), Hurt/Comfort, CATWS, Capture,
Tony has a strict no pet policy in the tower. Which of course means the place is going to become a zoo.  Dammit, Romanoff.

Leader Of The Free World - copperbadge PG-13, 7K
Tags: Steve/Tony, Clint/Bucky
Summary: Clint Barton's presidential campaign started as a joke. It didn't end that way, except for Steve.

How Not To Declare Your Love - reona32 NC-17, 10K
Tags: Holiday: Valentine's day, IM3, established relationship
Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day and Steve wants to do some big gesture to declare his love to Tony. He decides to buy him a giant, 6 foot teddy bear. It doesn’t work the way he expects it to but it still ends with them as a couple. He’ll take what he can get...

On the Rocks - Arukou PG-13, 3K
Tags: Post-CATWS
Summary: Looking for leads in all the wrong places, Tony and Steve wind up in Madripoor.

At Fault - Arukou PG-13, 2K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Bucky
Summary: No one will ever be safe from him. It would've been better if they'd just locked him up from the start.

Rebuild - theappleppielifestyle  PG-13, 10K
Tags: IM3, PTSD (Steve), PTSD (Tony), Hurt/Comfort
The first time Tony really notices that something’s up with Steve is- okay, to be honest it’s five seconds after seeing the guy again, come on, Tony has spent the latter of his life being the dictionary definition of hot mess, he recognizes a kindred spirit. Or, the one where Tony is, for the first time in his life, one of the least screwed up members of the team. (Massive spoilers for Iron Man 3, don't read if you haven't seen it.)

Nowhere to Hide - archwrites (Arch) NC-17, 26K
Tags: IM3, Post-Avengers, Bottom!Steve, PTSD (Steve), POV (Steve), Threesome (Tony/Steve/Pepper), Telepathy
In the wake of the Battle of New York, Steve dreams of caves and portals and a world he doesn't understand. Then he meets up with Tony and Pepper in California and discovers he's not the only one living someone else's life in his dreams.

The Avengers Vacation Rotation - Arukou PG-13, 2K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Fluff
Everyone in the Avengers is entitled to regular vacation time. Except for Steve, who seems never to do anything but work, work, work. Well, Nat's not having any more of that.

Figure Studies - Arukou PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-AoU, Pining, POV (Steve), Artist!Steve
Steve draws the parts, but never the whole.

And Done a Thousand Things I’ve Never Done Before - windscryer PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-CATWS
The Avengers get roped into a charity dance competition, but one thing hasn't changed in 70 years: Steve still doesn't know how to dance. Tony takes that as a personal challenge. Steve's just surprised by how challenging it isn't with the right partner.

do i wanna know - JenTheSweetie NC-17, 10K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Bottom!Steve, Friends with Benefits, Realizations, Pining, POV (Steve)
Summary: When Steve Rogers woke up, they told him a lot of things. They told him they’d fixed things been wrong back before, and that the world was better now. They told him that SHIELD was where he belonged, that they took only the best and the brightest and the bravest. They told him that with his help, they were going to save the world. They also told him Tony Stark was dangerous. But Steve Rogers once jumped on top of a grenade, so really, it’s all relative.

Distantly - navaan PG, 1K
Tags: Post-AoU
Summary: Steve realizes that Tony was right all along and he missed him.

Earth-1796 - rainproof, teaberryblue R, 619K, Series
Tags: EPIC, Age Difference, Post-IM3, Domestic, BruceTasha, AMAZING, Hurt/Comfort, Misunderstandings, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony
Captain America respectfully requests that all complaints be addressed to him in writing. On paper, the nice old-fashioned way, because the computer screen hurts his eyes. Put your phone down, Tony.

Road to War - JayEz PG-13, 177k+, Series, WIP
Tags: Post-AOU, Protective!Steve, Team!fic, Rhodey, Pining, PTSD, Angst, POV (Both)
Tony rebuilds, modifies. Takes fragments and gives them new order. He does not create. He can’t, not anymore. Not after this. Or: After the events of Ultron, Tony rebuilds the tower by himself and shuts everything out to the point that Pepper takes desperate measures and asks Steve to come and help.

Draining Life - LagLemon NC-17, 120K
Tags: Post-IM3, PTSD (Tony), Bottom!Steve, Virgin!Steve, Vampire!Tony, Happy Ending, Action/Adventure, POV (Tony), Mystery
Post-IM3 where Tony is working on Extremis and moves to the mansion. Where a vampire is buried. Creepy and awesome.

Iron Man: Director of S.W.O.R.D. - Pookaseraph R, 74K
Tags:Post-CATWS, Action, Missions, Side: Bucky/Natasha, POV (Both),
In the wake of the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Avengers need to pick up the pieces, and figure out where to go from here. Tony had a plan, at least he thought he had a plan, but Steve Rogers seems to have blown most of those out of the water.

For the Wheel's Still in Spin - Arukou NC-17, 57K
Tags: Pre-Avengers, Post-Avengers, Iron Man 3, Post-CATWS, Slow-build, Missing scenes, Hurt!Steve, Steve-centric, Team!fic, Bottom!Steve, POV (Steve)
Steve Rogers is a man of action, but in this brave new century, there's no action to be had. A man without a mission, all he has to linger on are the people he let down and the lives he failed to save, and he is so very alone. Nights eat at him and days pass in a blur, and Tony Stark is the only person who seems to notice just how badly the Captain is suffering.

Crucible - Arukou NC-17, 56K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Pre-Serum!Steve, Hurt!Steve, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, POV (Both)
Held in the clutches of Hydra for five weeks, the Steve that the Avengers finally rescue is not the Steve they were expecting.

The Road to the Grail is Paved with Hermits - Lenalena NC-17, 55K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Action/Adventure, Crossover: Legend of Arthur, Time Travel, Protective!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Arc Reactor, Virgin!Steve, POV (Both)
Steve has gotten himself stuck in the Middle Ages and he is desperately waiting to be rescued. After more than a year, he hears about a red and gold flying demon that has dared all of King Arthur's knights to come challenge it. He hopes this means that Iron Man has come for him, so that all he needs to do is find Tony and get out of this place. Simple, right?

Tony didn't even know where he would end up, when he went after Steve. It's not been an easy adjustment for him, to put it mildly.

Toasted Buns - copperbadge, scifigrl47 NC-17, 47K
Tags: Bottom!Steve (Switch), Post-CATWS, Virgin!Steve, Mutual Pining, Sexual Tension, Misunderstandings, POV (Both)
After seeing Tony naked and tanned -- all over -- in a decontamination shower, Steve realizes he may be in trouble. Tony, meanwhile, is definitely in trouble over those tabloid pictures of him sunbathing nude. The solution is clearly a tropical island getaway.

My Lost City - elise_509 R, 42K
Tags: CATWS, POV (Both), Post-IM3, Angst, Jealous!Tony, One-sided Steve/Bucky, Team!fic
Both Steve and Tony return to Manhattan after their separate missions. While Steve searches for shadows of the New York he knew, Tony tries to overcome his anxiety and re-claim the place that was once his home. As they both attempt to remember how to love their city, they might also learn how to love each other.

All the Time in the World - missbecky R, 38K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Friends with benefits, POV (Steve)
When his search for Bucky leads nowhere, Steve reluctantly accepts Tony's invitation to come to New York and join the newly-remade Avengers. He's not exactly sure if he even likes Tony Stark, so no one is more surprised than he is when he finds himself falling into bed with Tony almost right away. Just as one part of his life is coming together, though, another falls apart. Someone out there is not happy about Steve's new relationship with the infamous Tony Stark - and will do anything to destroy it.

Laying Down on the Wire - just_another_tinker NC-17, 34k
Tags: Post-AoU, Mission, Action, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Teamfic, pov (both)
Things have been going great. The New Avengers are called to a mission where they need to rely on an old friend. Until things go wrong.

Dreams of War, Dreams of Liars - teaberryblue PG-13, 34K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Tiberius Stone, Crossover: Marvel 616, POV (Tony)
When Steve succumbs to a malevolent attack that puts him permanently to sleep, the only way to wake him up is to unearth a technology that hasn't been used in twenty years. Welcome back to Dreamvision, Tony Stark.

Rebuilding from the Ashes - enigmaticblue PG-13, 33K, Series
Tags: Post-CATWS, GEN, Friendship
They all deal with the fallout in their own way.

A Fistful of Steves: This Town Ain't Big Enough - Raikishi, teaberryblue PG-13, 30K
Tags: Post-AoU, Multi-verse, MCU/Marvel 616/Ultimates/etc, Action/Adventure, POV (Tony)
When Tony Stark takes a bullet intended for Steve Rogers, he wakes up in a world entirely peopled by alternate incarnations of everyone's favorite Star-Spangled Man.

Hole in My Heart (That Goes All the Way to China) - MemoryDragon PG-13, 29k
Tags: Post-IM3, Pre-Slash Hydra, Hurt/Comfort, Tony’s Unhappy Childhood, Mission, POV (Steve)
In which Steve is in stubborn denial and wants to shake some sense into Tony, Tony has a broken heart and wants to cheer Steve up, and pandas are cute and want bamboo.

Project Flag Bearer - ann2who NC-17, 27K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Post-CATWS, Hurt!Steve, Protective!Tony, Team!fic, POV (Tony), Mission, Pining, Holiday: Christmas
When signs of an uprising robot-army appear, Tony finds himself in a crisis of faith; the better angels of his conscience battling with his decision to resign from the superhero business once and for all. And the fact that Steve was taking the whole ‘Living American Flag’ metaphor a bit too serious, letting the Avengers carry him around battlefield like some goddamn battle standard, wasn’t exactly helping Tony’s dilemma, either. He hated seeing Steve in danger—hated that it wasn’t him holding the super soldier in his arms. The initiation of ‘Project Flag-Bearer’ had been a safety measure, but in hindsight, Tony might as well have called it a declaration of love.

Any Other Way of Loving - brandnewfashion NC-17, 27k
Tags: Bottom!Tony, Bottom!Steve, Romantic Comedy, Hurt!Steve, Misunderstandings, CATWS, Pining, POV (Both), Protective!Tony, Stealth Dating, Wedding (Pepper/Other), Friendship
Summary: In which Steve is bad at dating, Tony isn’t, and neither of them are as subtle as they think. (Tony teaches Steve how to date.)

Fixer-Upper - imafriendlydalek R, 27K
Tags: Post-AoU, Fluff
“This place is a dump.”

450 Feet Under - Veldeia PG-13, 23K
Tags: Post-IM3, Hurt!Tony, Team!fic, Rescue Mission, POV (Both)
Or, cave rescue, Avengers style. Takes place at some non-specific point in time after Iron Man 3 and before Age of Ultron. Established Steve/Tony, though it's mostly in the background.
Sequel: ❤Mile Deep Club - Veldeia NC-17, 3K
Summary: Sex in a cave is, overall, not the best idea in the world. And if one of you is genuinely terrified of caves, probably even less so.

Of Whiskey and Whiskers - MemoryDragon PG-13, 24k
Tags: POV (Tony), Pre-slash, Post-IM3, Hurt/Comfort, Tony's Unhappy Childhood, Tony/Pepper breakup
As if breaking up with Pepper wasn't bad enough, AIM is back and Tony has been made team leader. Not to mention Steve has been turned into a cat. Tony needs way more alcohol before he can deal with this.

Die Hard (But Only If No Other Options Are Readily Available) - JenTheSweetie PG-13, 23k
Tags: Post-AoU, Canon!AU, Team!fic, Action, Angst, pov (tony)
Tony hadn’t written off the Avengers when he ended up on the Raft. What he absolutely hadn’t expected was for them to show up to break him out.

An Act of Faith Against the Night - Cluegirl R, 23K
Tags: Post-CATWS, WIP
When Steve finally winds up back in DC, Tony meets him at his new condominium with a housewarming gift, a job offer, and a proposition. But as usual when Tony Stark's involved, things can't stay that simple for long.

More Than Gravity - JenTheSweetie PG-13, 20k
Tags: Time Travel, Post-AOU, Holiday: Christmas, POV (Tony)
On Christmas Eve, Tony came unstuck in time.

Christmas Holiday - scifigrl47 PG-13, 19k
Tags: Fluff, Holiday: Christmas, Established Relationship, Marriage Proposal, Wedding, Fluff, CATWS
It's a Christmas wedding, and a Christmas honeymoon. Even if it's a little more complicated than that.

Wonderful, Complicated - kimsey313 PG-13, 19k
Tags: CATWS, IM3, Hurt!Tony, Mission, Protective!Steve, Pining, POV (Both), Missing scene)
"He almost lost Tony today. Tony almost died because he wasn’t fast enough, wasn’t smart enough, couldn’t come up with a better plan, was incompetent as a leader. It's like Bucky all over again, and isn't that absolutely terrifying, that Tony is as important to him as Bucky? Tony, the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist he’s known for only a couple of years, who he’s really only gotten to know recently, has squeezed his way into Steve’s heart, right next to his oldest friend. And wouldn't that be the stuff of nightmares, if Steve failed to save him, too."

Run Program: {x} - Amuly R, 19K, Series
Tags: Second in the series is AoU Compliant
Taking care of Tony is a lot of work. Especially when you’ve only got one arm. And your code dates back to the 1980s.

Hey Stranger (Dear Mystery Writer) - AetherSprite (AranthianPrincess) NC-17, 18k
Tags: CATWS, Post-Avengers
After Pepper breaks up with Tony he starts writing a journal that somehow turns into finding an anonymous pen pal. Meanwhile, Steve finds himself homeless and standing on Tony Stark's doorstep. After that, they both need all the help they can get.

(Hurt!Steve + Stuck in a Cabin) - sabrecmc R , 17k (total)
Tags: Post-AoU, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Mission!fic
This is for a request for an injured Steve who was hiding his injury and another request for the boys stuck in Ye Old Convenient Cabin.
Sequel: ❤Hurt!Steve + Stuck in a Cabin (Tony's POV) - sabrecmc R
Tags: Post-AoU, Hurt!Steve
Tony's POV from Chapter 7 after he realizes what happened with Steve.

Lift It From The Ashes - hitlikehammers R, 17K
Tags: Canon!AU, Post-Age of Ultron, PTSD (Steve)
In which the serum fixed how blind Steve was, but not in this. Not to this.

If You Want Blood - Mytay PG-13, 17K
Tags: Gen, Friendship, Post-CATWS
All of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s secrets are out, and Tony Stark knows. Tony knows that the car crash that killed his parents was no accident. Tony has names. He's going to find those names. The good Captain was welcome along for the ride, but Tony knew how he expected this to end – and Steve Rogers could either lend a hand, or stand aside.

Oversight - ShyOwl NC-17, 16K, Series
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Alpha/Omega
It really wasn’t Steve’s fault that no one knew he was an omega.

The Ransom of Tony Stark - antigrav_vector R, 16K
Tags: Post-IM3, Hurt!Tony, Kidnapping, Pining, Rescue
As tends to be the case with anything involving the Avengers, the day starts out routine, and rapidly goes sideways. This day is no different; What was supposed to be a routine recon mission suddenly turns into a rescue...

Interim - Del_Rion NC-17, 16k
Tags: IM3 Compliant, Ghosts, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Virgin!Steve, POV (Tony)
An explosive incident leaves Steve and Tony believing that they are dead. However, there seems to be something holding them on Earth, instead of allowing them to move on, and until they figure out what that is – at least in Steve’s case, because Tony doesn’t think he deserves anything better – they’ll have to work together. They also discover they may have been oblivious to each others’ feelings while they were still alive.

Modern Love - fictionforlife, Neverever R, 15K
Tags: Post-AoU, Friends to lovers, Friends with Benefits, Pining, Jealous!Steve
Tony drifts into a relationship with Steve after a one night stand. He thinks that Steve is modern and well adjusted to the 21st century but finds that Steve is old-fashioned in unexpected ways.

Hashtag Finally - Wordsplat PG-13, 15K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Domestic Avengers, Team!fic, POV (Tony)
Tony doesn't ever actually ask the Avengers to move into his house, steal his wifi, eat all his food, and become the best family he's ever known. They do it anyway.

Words Do Not Deeds Make - Arukou NC-17, 14K, Series
Tags: Series, WIP, Post-CATWS, Hurt!Steve, POV (Tony)
The relationship between Tony and Steve is still so new that Tony's not exactly sure what will happen when Bucky Barnes comes roaring back into the picture.

Formerly Known As... - Winterstar pg-13, 14k
Tags: CATWS, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Hypothermia, Post-IM3
Tony, injured, feverish, and possibly dying after a plane crash, holds up in a cave waiting out a snow storm with Steve. Will they both survive, or is one of them not real? A story about identity and crisis.

Two Roads Diverged - RurouniHime PG-13, 13k, Series
Tags: Post-AoU, Pining, POV (Steve), Virgin!Steve
His eyes haven’t adjusted and it’s too dark to see Steve’s expression. In which there is a farm, a porch at night, and two kinds of grief.

Carry Me - LadyCailin R, 13k
Tags: CATWS, Pining!Tony, POV (Tony), Humor
Steve carries Tony to bed one night and sets off a chain reaction in Tony's brain. Or Tony's emotional walls have walls, and possibly sharks with lasers patrolling the moats.

Fever, gettin' higher - RurouniHime R, 10K total
Tags: Post-CATWS, Sexual Tension, Flirting, Pining, POV (Tony)
Yeah, okay, Steve Rogers knows what sexual harassment is. Despite his out-of-fashion upbringing, he’s not some backwater Neanderthal, thank you, he gets why it’s bad. He’ll go to bat for anyone who determines they’re the victim of unwelcome advances in the workplace. He’s not devaluing its impact, for god’s sake. But the key word here, as he sees it, is ‘unwelcome.’ And that… might not be what this is.
Sequel/Side story: ❤Freedoms I wanted - RurouniHime NC-17
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Post-CATWS)
By the time Tony tips him down onto the bed, Steve has all but lost his mind. (i.e., that missing scene from Fever, gettin' higher)

Like the Old Man Said - ConjureUpaSmile R, 12K
Tags: Series, AoU
Tony can't sleep. It seems like Cap can't either, so they become insomniacs together. That is, until they find a solution to their problem. Tony has to figure out what it all means and what he wants, but he never can seem to keep from getting in his own way.

Off the Mark - brandnewfashion PG-13, 12K
Tags: CATWS, IM3, Series, Age Difference, Holiday, Hurt!Steve, Jealous!Tony, Series, Unhappy Childhood, New Yorker!Steve
In which Tony makes assumptions, and Steve disproves every single one of them. Aka a "five times Steve surprised Tony, and one time Tony surprised Steve" story.

There is No Place Like Home for the Holidays - Lenalena PG-13, 12k
Tags: Holiday Fic, Post-CATWS, Humor
Steve is the first to come home to the tower after S.H.I.E.L.D. goes down. Then Natasha and Clint arrive. Tony doesn't mind, really, he's got the space. Except it's December and they insist on doing Christmassy shit. Who the hell has time for that?!?
Christmas 5 - Tony 0

can't help it if it's true - allourheroes NC-17, 11K
Tags: CATWS, Pining!Tony, SP: Sam/Bucky
Tony thinks he's finally caught on to the big secret of Steve and Bucky, but he might not be the genius he's always thought himself to be. In fact, he might be the biggest idiot in the tower if the way Steve eyes him--which just so happens to be the same way Bucky and Sam eye each other--is anything to go by.

When I think about you - sirona NC-17, 11K
Tags: IM3/CATWS, Humor
Five times someone saw Steve sass the hell out of Tony and one time Tony finally bought a clue. Also known as the story of Captain Sasspants more than handling his own with Tony Stark at his most devious..

Old Time Romance for the New Millenium - tzzzz PG-13, 10k
Tags: Post-IM3, Humor, Steve is a troll, Pining, POV (Tony)
Steve writes letters (among other things), Tony gets over his breakup with Pepper, JARVIS keeps secrets and Gary Busey does not appreciate living down the road from Tony Stark.

The Bucky Barnes guide on how to deal with crazy superheroes. - 27dragons, sara_holmes 10K, PG-13, Series
Tags: Bucky/Clint, Steve/Tony, Fluff
Ever since Bucky arrived at Avengers' Tower, Steve has been insisting that he do things, apparently for his own good. Bucky’s pretty sure Steve is crazy, and that this latest idea is his stupidest one yet.

From The Ground Up - thatsweetmysteryoflife PG-13, 10k
Tags: Post-CATWS, Team!fic, Pining!Steve, Getting to know each other, POV (Steve), Tony/Pepper
The first time Steve had seen Tony Stark since SHIELD had fallen, he was on TV. Or, how a team became a family, and friendship became love.

Imperfect Mirrors - Sineala PG-13, 9k
Tags: Crossover: MCUxMarvel 616, Post-AoU, Dimension Travel, Multiverse, Incursions
Two months since Ultron. Two hours since the mindwipe. Things haven't been going well for Tony Stark lately, in two different universes. But they just might be able to help each other out.

The Better Part of What I Never Had - lyra_wing R, 9k
Tags: Post-AOU, Protective!Tony, Angst, Pining, POV (Steve), Hurt!Steve
Tony worries from afar – or, it sometimes takes a hex or two to help folks figure out what they really want. This is an immediate sequel to the events in Age of Ultron, so there are spoilers for the whole movie in here, obviously. You have been forewarned.
Bea’s comment: This is the fic I wanted to read immediately post-AOU. <3

Manage with caution - Charlie_Bb NC-17, 9k
Tags: AOU: Missing Scene, Bottom!Steve, pov (tony)
“And the kiss?” Steve asked with something new in his voice, something Tony had never heard before. “Did you mean that or was it just collateral damage that made you run?”
Tony sighed. For a moment he tried to think of something, something he could tell Steve to explain how things really were, but fear blocked his voice as if there was something heavy stuck in his throat; his guts turned into stones, and Tony took a deep breath and counted to ten before saying anything.
“I meant that,” he said slowly. “Maybe I didn’t mean it to happen the way it did, but I meant that.”

A Living Faith - RurouniHime PG-13, 9k, Series
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Post-CATWS, Hurt!Steve, Cuddling for warmth, POV (Both)
It's raining in the middle of nowhere, and one of them is bleeding.
Sequels: In Twin Rivers - RurouniHime ; We Did Some Good, You and I - RurouniHime

Presenteeism - Veldeia PG-13, 9k
Tags: Post-CATWS, Sick!Tony, Mission fic, Established Relationship, Hurt/Comfort, POV (Both)
Tony thinks piloting the armor remotely while letting the others believe he’s wearing it is a good plan, until he realizes he’s not hung over, but actually quite ill.
Steve thinks something’s off with Tony today, but he has no clue what that might be, and since Tony says he’s good to go, they’ll proceed with the mission anyway. (Basically, that trope where Tony is sick but is too stubborn to admit it, with a slight twist. Fill for my Stony bingo prompt “armor”.)

Sweet Child O' Mine - starspangledsprocket PG, 9K
Tags:Kid!fic, Post-CATWS, Fluff, Kid Avengers, Get together, POV (Tony)
After just their second outing as the Avengers, everyone except for Steve and Tony are turned into toddlers. Madness ensues.

Yesterday is Gone - ConjureUpaSmile PG-13, 9K
Tags: Amnesia, CATWS, Pretend BF, Misunderstandings
Steve gets injured on a mission only to find that many memories are gone when he wakes up. His boyfriend is acting weird. His teammates are coddling him. He keeps finding out painful things that he almost wishes would stay forgotten. Could things possibly get any worse?

De-Aged Steve Rogers - sabrecmc PG-13, 8k
Tags: DeAged, Post-AOU, Pre-Slash, GEN, POV (Tony)
Steve gets de-aged and clings to Tony

Adventures in Team Bonding -or- Steve Rogers' Guide to Flirting - Arukou PG-13, 8K
Tags: Get together, Team bonding, Humor, Post-CATWS
In a fit of loneliness and poor judgment, Tony Stark agrees to try and bring his team closer together. He just never realized how impossible the task might be. At least Captain America's there to offer advice. If only he weren't so distractingly pretty.

Wash It All Away - ann2who NC-17, 8k
Tags: AoU, Canon!AU: Alternate Scene, Pining, Sexual Tension, POV (Tony)
Steve hummed, looking up at him. “All right. Strip.”
Tony blinked at him. “Excuse me?”“Can’t very well wash your clothes while you wear ‘em,” he said and held out a hand expectantly...

Gold Standard - hailtherandom NC-17, 8k
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Drunk!Steve, Humor, Post-IM3, Established Relationship, Team!fic, POV (Tony)
Thor brings home some Asgardian mead as a present to the Avengers. Steve discovers that its magical properties allow him to get drunk. Everyone, especially Tony, is a fan of this.
Bea's comment: Adorable Steve is adorable.

off with my overcoat, off with my glove - royal_chandler PG-13, 8k
Tags: CATWS, Holiday: Christmas, PTSD (Steve), POV (Steve), team!fic, romance, mission!fic
Big snows set the scene for New York's winter, transforming the city into a beautiful wool-white. Unfortunately, Steve can't find it in himself to enjoy it.
(Better yet, the four times Steve was invited to play outdoors and said no, and the one time he said yes.)

Like Sunlight - sara_holmes R, 8K
Tags: Soulmates, Bottom!Steve, Kidnapped!Tony, post-CATWS, Hurt!Tony, PTSD, Steve Feels, Nightmares, POV (Steve)
Steve is used to the way it feels by now; a strange but gentle tugging connection under his sternum, warm tingles in his skin whenever they touch. That is, until Tony gets himself kidnapped. Then it kinda feels more like someone is trying to wrench his heart out through his ribcage.

Inbox - kayura_sanada PG-13, 8K
Tags: Post-AoU, Worried!Steve, Worried!Tony
Steve asks Tony to keep in touch with him after they defeat Ultron. Tony has issues actually putting in such deliberate effort.

Finding Warmth in the Darkness - syriala PG, 8K
Tags: CATWS, Hurt/Comfort, Hypothermia, Pining, PTSD (Steve), PTSD (Tony), POV (Tony)
When Tony and Steve are stranded on a snow covered mountain they have to find shelter in a cave. Tony is not the only one deeply affected by that.

Warmth, Light and Vibrations - toraten PG-13, 8K
Tags: Age Difference, CATWS, Humor, Hurt!Steve, Pining, POV (Tony)
“No, Tony. You can’t just give me this pile of information and gloss over it. So, Steve – Captain America – is getting harassed by your… ball of love? Is that – ball of feelings? Ball of – ”

“Let’s call it a sphere. A sphere of… affection. A sphere of warmth, maybe. I don’t know, I’m not the space alien who came up with this shit."

Saved My Heart For You - pensversusswords PG-13, 8K
Tags: CATWS, Holiday, Fluff
Tony had been trying to propose for months, but it turned out that post-battle on Christmas Eve was the best time to pop the question.

Anachronism - Pandemic R, 7k
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Jealous!Tony, Mission, Pining, CATWS (Canon!AU), Protective!Steve, Protective!Tony, POV (Tony), quirks (tony being handed things), Steve/Other
Tony only remembers waking in hospital, and refusing to ask about Steve. It was impossible, Steve had no choice but to be alive. He would not grace the alternative with a whisper of thought."

I'll Be The One You Won't Forget - JenTheSweetie PG-13, 7k
Tags: Post-AoU, Humor, Team!fic
“Explain to me how all of this - “ and here Clint waved a hand in the air, presumably trying to indicate the empty pizza boxes, the smashed bottles, the toppled tower of red cups, the arrows sticking out of the wall, the rabbits - oh, fuck, the rabbits - and Steve, passed out with his head in Tony’s lap, which was really weird for a number of reasons, the most pressing of which was that Tony really needed to pee, “ - is my fault.”

what is (or what could be) - fandomfrolics PG-13, 7K
Tags: Soulmates, CATWS
They've all got initials somewhere, marking their skin. But what do they mean, exactly? And just why the hell can't Steve get Tony out of his head? Set a short while after the events of Winter Soldier, this is a soulmates AU that's not quite.

Blueberry Waffles and Fireworks - MangoMartini NC-17, 7K
Tags: Post-CATWS
"New plan," Tony declares, spreading his arms wide. "We're going to woo the Capsicle."

If You Never Say Your Name Out Loud To Anyone - theladyingrey42 PG-13, 7K
Tags: Post-IM3, PTSD
Sometimes, Steve has panic attacks.Or at least he used to. Nowadays, he mostly just has conversations with Tony Stark.

In His Image - nightwalker PG-13, 7K
Tags: Post-CATWS
Later, after a lot of yelling, Steve will admit that he was the one who put the idea in Tony's head.

Summertime Sadness - brandnewfashion, Valmasy NC-17, 7K
Tags: Angst, Series, AoU, Established Relationship
Look, Tony. I don’t… I’m not mad at you,” Steve said, suddenly sounding exhausted. He dragged a hand through his hair, shoulders tense. “I was, but I understand where you were coming from. I do. I don’t blame you for this mess. You just... overreached.”
“Is that why you left?” Tony found himself asking. “Because I overestimated my abilities?” He tried to laugh, but the sound was shaky to his own ears. “I mean, we both know you’re way out of my league after all. It’s a wonder we stayed together for as long as we did, really.”

Unprecedented Maneuvers - Lumelle PG, 7k
Tags: Post-CATWS, Mission, Pining, POV (Steve)
After the fall of SHIELD, Steve didn't expect to be part of a new team any time soon. However, when Natasha brings them to New York and Tony has an offer to make, he finds himself accepting. Now to figure out how much of his acceptance is due to Avengers and how much to Tony himself. Also, how to do this whole saving the world thing, that's important too.

Oblivious, In Love - pensversusswords R, 7k, WIP
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, Strength!Kink, CATWS, Pining, POV (Steve), Team!fic
Summary: Some of Steve's fondest memories of his childhood are of Christmas. To his dismay, Steve finds out that Tony never really had Christmases growing up. So, Steve decides to do something about it. Namely, he decides that the only thing he can do is give Tony a Christmas to make up for all the Christmases he missed out on. Unexpected feelings occur along the way and confusion ensues.
They figure it out. Eventually.

Tony Stark Does Not Deserve Anything Good - stormfirej PG, 7k
Tags: Post-AoU, Pining, Tony/Pepper Breakup, Canon!AU (Pietro lives), Mission
Tony Stark doesn't deserve anything good. That's his motto. How much crap has he done to people around the world? How many families have suffered? So of course, when he falls for Steve Rogers, he keeps it very quiet. He doesn't deserve him, after all. But Steve ain't having any of that shit.

The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time - MemoryDragon PG-13, 7K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Snowed in, Cuddling for warmth, Hurt/Comfort, Tony's Unhappy Childhood, POV (Tony)
After their plane went down, Steve and Tony only just barely managed to find a cave for shelter. If only it weren't always the wrong place and the wrong time for Tony. Yippie ki-yay.

From The Past - sara_holmes NC-17, 6k
Tags: Post-CATWS, Hurt!Steve, Pining, avoidance, one night stands, pov (tony)
"When Steve turns up at the tower late one night in December, looking gaunt and exhausted and like he could fall down right there in the lobby, Tony doesn’t say a word about how long it’s taken."

try and try - cablewires PG-13, 6K
Tags: Fluff, AoU
Summary: the one where Clint helps Steve flirt with Tony via Internet tips. Steve kind of screws it up, but that's what makes it work.

I'm Ready To Lose (Everything But You) - brandnewfashion PG-13, 6K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Sassy!Steve, Love Confessions, Hurt!Steve, Friends with Benefits, POV (Tony), Age Difference
“You can’t base what you have with him on anything but what’s happening here and now," Natasha says. "Whatever becomes of you and Steve is up to you two, and you two alone.”

Been to Hell and Back (and I Went with You) - last_illusions PG-13, 5k
Tags: Post-AoU, Fluff, Pining, POV (Steve)
“Well hey, James Bond,” Steve says in greeting, and Tony flashes him a broad grin.
Even while everyone's still reeling in Ultron's wake, Natasha is saddled with training the rookies (that bodes well for no one); Tony seems to be trying to fix the entire world (you can't compete with his guilt complex, so really, what did you expect); no one seems to know who's officially in charge (what else is new); Maria thinks she doesn't get paid enough for this (she doesn't); and Steve is really kind of oblivious, until he's not (even if he has to be whacked with a cluebat first).

Latverian Interlude - marinarusalka PG-13, 5k
Tags: Post-CATWS, PTSD, Hurt!Tony, Mission fic, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Pre-Slash, pov (steve)
In which Steve is grumpy, Victor von Doom may or may not be kinky, and Tony Stark makes bad decisions when he's not wearing pants.

Feeding the Fire - ghostlands R, 5K
Tags: AoU
Look, there’s different types of crushes. Steve is no stranger to them. You get a crush on the barista because she makes your latte with a cute picture of a cat in the foam. You get a crush on the delivery guy because he drove all the way out in a storm with twenty boxes of takeout for the tower (he was also pretty cute). You get a crush on someone when they flawlessly fire off multiple, tiny missiles right against your shield, redirecting them towards their enemies. Crushes are supposed to be fun and fleeting, gone as quick as they come.

Lose Control; I'll Catch You - tarialdarion PG-13, 5k
Tags: CATWS, Hurt!Tony, Established Relationship, POV (Tony)
Constant head injuries don't lead to a healthy brain. OR Tony gets one too many concussions and loses everything to a seizure.

Don't Face These Nights Alone - navaan PG-13, 5K
Tags: Angst, Fluff, Nightmares, CATWS, Hurt/Comfort
Steve thinks he's developing a crush, but he's not yet ready to even consider any more than that, because he and Tony are such good friends now and he wants to cherish that friendship. A little vacation trip teaches him more about Tony – and perhaps that goes both ways.

The Haircut - nightwalker PG-13, 5K
Tags: Post-CATWS, PTSD
Steve's used to having it all together, so managing to blow it with both of his closest friends in one day is something of a record for him.

Fairy Godmother - Amuly PG-13, 5K
Tags: Tony's Unhappy Childhood
Auntie Peggy has been telling Tony stories about Captain America his whole life. Only problem is, the real thing just about measures up to the stories. Which means, of course, that Aunt Peg has to go to work, because an Aunt's work is never done.

Heat - gracerene NC-17, 5k+, Series
Tags: AoU, Bottom!Steve, PWP, pov (steve)
Steve and Tony share a bed and end up getting more than they'd bargained for.

Never Gonna Happen - Annehiggins R, 5k
Tags: Post-CATWS, Angst, Marriage, Misunderstandings, Happy Ending, Jealous!Tony, Worried!Steve, Established Relationship, POV (Tony)
Tony Stark never really believed Steve Rogers would actually marry him, but he'd never dreamed it would be because Bucky Barnes turned up alive on their wedding day.

No Suit, Big Problem - stormfirej PG, 5K
Tags: Post-CATWS
Tony and Steve get attacked- and Tony doesn't have his suit. In which there is minor hurt/comfort, Tony has a phobia of sleeping on his left side, and Steve Rogers spies on Tony, and Tony snoops around Steve's room.

This One's Different Because It's Us - allourheroes NC-17, 5k
Tags: Dating, Post-CATWS, POV (tony), Fluff
Despite the fact that they definitely have chemistry, Tony is certain Steve is fucking with him when he asks him out. He has to be, right?

All These Things I've Said - Amuly R, 5k
Tags: POV (Steve), Get-together, Pining, IM3, CATWS, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve
When Tony starts talking in a language Steve can't understand--the language of science--Steve figures he'll retaliate with a little foreign language knowledge of his own. Only once he starts speaking French around Tony, Steve finds that sometimes it's easier to say what he really wants to say to Tony in a language he can't understand.

Good thing Tony doesn't know French.

Drowning Out The Silence - ann2who NC-17, 5k
Tags: POV (Tony), Post-CATWS, Pining, Shower!sex
“Uncle?” Steve had asked, and grabbed for both of Tony’s wrists, pinning them above his head.

Tony had rolled his eyes. “Yeah, fine, whatever.”

But Steve hadn’t stood up like he usually did. He’d lingered, and after a few seconds, his thumb had brushed over Tony’s cheek and their eyes had locked with an undeniable intent.

And Tony remembered so clearly that Steve had been about to say something—something that might’ve changed everything—but the next second, JARVIS’ voice had alerted them to Bucky’s presence in the living room, and that had been it.They’d had a moment. And now it was gone.

The Sound Silence Makes - ladyshadowdrake PG-13, 5k
Tags: Post-CATWS, Hurt!Tony, Team!fic, Pining, Arc Reactor, Mission, POV Tony, POV (Steve)
He cast a glance back at the door, sealed shut behind him, and he didn’t foresee the cavalry charging through anytime soon with a generator and a bomb kit. Tony took a deep breath and asked, “How much reserve power does the suit have, J?”“The suit is currently running on the arc reactor, sir. You have approximately one hour of power remaining before the reactor reaches critical levels.”

Get me through December - marinarusalka PG, 4k
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, Post-IM3, PTSD (Steve), POV (Steve)
Steve is in Washington. Tony is in New York. Somehow, they still manage to make a connection, which comes in handy when Steve gets depressed around Christmas.

Going Under - Del_Rion PG-13, 4K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Extremis, Hurt!Tony, Mission, Captured
Questioning the wrong people rarely leads to the right answers. When their HYDRA captors fail to see that, Steve and Tony are left facing grim odds as the water keeps on rising and there is no way out.

Extreme Measures - Wordsplat PG-13, 4K
Tags: Post-IM3, Canon!AU
Steve wrestles with the idea of Tony injecting himself with Extremis.

Rationality - Wordsplat PG-13, 4K
In which Steve gets jealous, Tony gets ridiculous, and Bucky challenges Tony to a duel to prove his worthiness.

Across the Bridge - imafriendlydalek PG, 4k
Tags: Mission, Post-AoU, Pretend Relationship, pov (tony)
AIM is planning something in Venice, and Steve and Tony are there undercover to find out what it is. Steve learned an easy trick from Natasha to keep from being noticed - public displays of affection make people uncomfortable. Yes, Steve, they do.

i am seeing (as if by the light of a match) - wanderseeing PG-13, 4k+
Tags: POV (Tony), Tony's Unhappy Childhood, Hurt/Comfort, Protective!Steve, established relationship, post-im3, Time Travel
The day began with a board meeting. Tony didn't think it could get any worse. Thanks to his incredible luck, it did.

Team Building (The Texting In Reverse Remix) - navaan NC-17, 4k+
Tags: Post-CATWS, Secret Relationship, get together, pov (steve)
The team thinks Steve and Tony need to finally realize they're dating. The truth is they started this whole thing in reverse.

Iron Chef - MemoryDragon PG-13, 4k
Tags: Post-CATWS, Domestic, Pining, POV (Steve), Fluff
Natasha has a broken leg, Tony is in the kitchen cooking, and Steve has a crush he's not sulking about. Chicken soup must be good for the soul, right?

Mark Sixty-Nine - Amuly NC-17, 4k
Tags: Established Relationship, Post-CATWS, PWP, Bottom!Steve, POV (Steve), Possessive!Tony
Tony is irritated that Steve's first hug-and-fly wasn't with him. As the source of many of Steve's other "firsts", Tony has a brilliant idea of how he could take one more. Specifically, Steve's first time being fucked by a machine.

Dark Side - SailorChibi R, 4K
Tags: Post-AoU, Angst, Fix-it
Tony makes it to the end of the street before he turns the car back around and goes to find Steve. Devastated by the loss of JARVIS, he tries to get Steve to punish him to make it hurt less. It doesn't go as planned.

retox (master file) - spiekiel R, 4k
Tags: Post-AoU, Hurt!Tony
“Right. I now have 3 hours or so until highly-probable death."

Language! - Raikishi PG-13, 4K
Tags: AoU
Wait a second. No one else is gonna deal with the fact that Cap just said ‘language’? In which Steve is a potty mouth and no one's letting him forget it.

A Narrow Way - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 4K
Tags: AoU
There was an old saying about letting something go if you love it, and then when it comes back, you know it was meant to be. And if it doesn’t, then letting go was probably for the best, right? Well, whatever idiot said that never met Tony Stark. He isn’t like normal people. No matter how much he wanted to, Tony wouldn’t come back. Steve learned the hard way that there is a secret, twisted language that Tony speaks with himself. To himself. He would have translated Steve’s acquiescence about his departure as, “I don’t want you here. You are not important.”

Sleeping With You - backpackbagel PG-13, 3k
Tags: CATWS, hurt!steve, Sharing a bed
On a routine mission, Tony and Steve have the pleasure of sharing a bed with each other.

Four Times Steve Said I Love You and One Time Tony Said It First - nightwalker PG-13, 3k
Tags: Fluff, CATWS, Protective!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Established Relationship, POV (Tony)
The words are easier for Steve to say, but that doesn't mean that Tony feels it any less.

Blackout - MemoryDragon PG-13, 3k
Tags: Post-CATWS, Hurt!Tony, Reconciliation
The power is out.

Boundaries - manic_intent NC-17, 3k
Tags: POV (Tony), Post-CATWS, Established Relationship, Jealous!Bucky
In many ways, Tony's maybe-kinda-almost-there thing with Steve is all about boundaries.
No waking Tony up before nine in the AM unless the world is ending. No making jokes about the Founding Fathers. No accidentally breaking the coffee machine - actually, no touching Tony's coffee machine at all in any way, thank you. No inappropriate posing in the Iron Man suit on historical memorials or in public... or anywhere... the list went on, ad infinitum, and it suited Tony, most days.

Weather This Storm - MusicalLuna PG-13, 3K
Tags: Fluff, Married, Post-CATWS
It's Steve and Tony's first anniversary and things don't go to plan thanks to a nasty winter storm. Still, they're determined to spend it together, even if it's not exactly the way they wanted to.

Keeping Company - quiet__tiger NC-17, 3k
Tags: AoU: Missing Scene, PTSD (Steve), Hurt/Comfort, pov (tony)
It was like Barton was punishing him by making him bunk with Steve. ...No, it was totally punishment. He'd have to thank him later, dammit.

Post-AoU Established Relationship Make-Up Sex - sabrecmc NC-17, 3k
Tags: Post-AoU, pov (steve)
Chapter 3: Post-AoU Established Relationship Make-Up Sex

The Absence of Time - Winterstar PG-13, 3K
Tags: Post-CATWS
Each of the team notice something a little heart breaking about Tony and Steve and they decide to do something about it.

You Moved Like Honey (In My Dream Last Night) - capsicleonyourleft NC-17, 3K
Summary: It's been a long month apart. Steve's pretty eager to show Tony how much he's missed him.

Unnecessary - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 3K
Tags: Holiday fic, Post-CATWS
“It’s a Christmas tree, Tony. People put them up in December.”

A Purrsonal Catastrophe - Wordsplat PG-13, 3K
Tags: Post-CATWS
What Tony finds most insulting is that no one notices. At all.

the best thing (is that it’s happening to you and me) - shieldmaidenofrohan PG-13, 3k
Tags: CATWS, Flirting, Pre-slash, Idiots in love, Hurt!Steve, Protective!Tony
Or, five times the team saw Steve Rogers and Tony Stark in love.

Broken Parts - navaan PG-13, 3k
Tags: Post-CATWS, Hurt!Steve, Hurt/Comfort, PTSD, POV (Steve)
After spending a few weeks as Hydra's prisoner, Steve deals with the aftermath. But maybe he doesn't have to deal with it alone.

Benefit-Cost Analysis - omphaloskepsist NC-17, 3k
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Post-IM3, Extremis, PWP, Flirting, POV (Tony)
Sometimes, Tony didn't think Extremis was worth it.

you jump so hard but I always catch your fall - theoddoodisnude PG, 3k
Tags: CATWS, Amnesia, POV (Tony), Team!fic, Established Relationship
Tony assumes that the guy already actually knows what went down, so he asks, instead, "We have a personal chef?" and looks the guy over. Thoroughly. There's something to be said about manbuns. And a mechanical arm, jesus christ. "Did I build him?" Somewhere in the background, it sounds like Mr Muscle is choking on air.

In the Early Dawn - starspangledsprocket R, 3K
Tags: AoU, Missing Scene
Steve and Tony have to share a bed. They use this as an opportunity to talk. Talking leads to more.

jealousy is all the fun you think they had - kellifer_fic PG, 3K
Tags: Canon!AU: Not CATWS Compliant, Jealous!Tony
Is it socially acceptable to be jealous of your boyfriend's ex-dead best friend?

Clint Barton Is Not a Traditional Matchmaker (but His Methods Are Foolproof) - Potrix PG, 3K
Tags: Post-AoU, Get-together, Fluff
“What the fuck just happened?” Tony manages eventually.
“That’s a bad word,” Girl Barton, Lila, says, arching an eyebrow.
Boy Barton, Cooper, shrugs. “We won’t tell if you won’t.”
“What did he mean no big explosions?” Steve croaks helplessly.
The baby burps, entirely unconcerned.

In the Early Dawn - starspangledsprocket R, 3K
Tags: AoU
Steve and Tony have to share a bed. They use this as an opportunity to talk. Talking leads to more.

the bruising of unfinished business - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 3K
Tags: Amnesia, Post-cATWS
"Close friend," Tony says, and Pepper looks older, so much older than those nine years that Tony’s lost.
"Maybe a little more than that," she says, and then allows: "Maybe a lot."
The room goes quiet, and over the beep of the machines, Tony can hear the muffled sounds of Steve breaking down in the hallway.

With a little help - Enmuse (Scifiroots) PG, 2k
Tags: Fluff, Post-CATWS, Hurt!Steve, Pre-Slash, POV (Steve)
Summary: Steve gets a visitor after his encounter with the Winter Soldier and the fall of the helicarriers.

5 Times Steve in Uniform Blows Tony's Mind - MusicalLuna PG-13, 2.9k+
Tags: Post-CATWS, POV (Tony), Fluff
The title says it all really. Steve wears his uniform and Tony gets flustered.

(How Do You) Keep Surprising Me - Pandemic R, 2k,
Tags: POV (Tony), military suit, charity gala, Miss-understandings, Dating, CATWS
So, for whatever reason, Tony was the luckiest guy in the world. He meets Captain America before Fury has a chance to hide him away and somehow manages to bag Captain Fucking America as his boyfriend. The look on Fury’s face when Steve turned in the official paperwork to sign off on them dating was possibly the best moment in Tony’s life.

Casualty of War - nightwalker PG-13, 2K
Tags: Post-CATWS
It all would have made a lot more sense if Steve had had more than four hours of sleep in as many days.

Illusions of Heat and Cold - Winterstar NC-17, 2K
Tags: Post-IM3, PTSD (Steve), Hurt/Comfort
After a mission to Antarctica, Steve needs cuddles.

Rambo lied to me, ignoring the pain doesn't work - WhoCaresAboutANameAnyway PG-13, 2K
Tags:Hurt!Tony, Post-CATWS
The Avengers are a bunch of loud mother hens who won't leave Tony's bedside when he's injured in a mission. They also bet on their leaders love life.

These Little Things Define Us - missbecky PG, 2K
Tags: Multi-verses, Post-CATWS, Marvel 616, EMH, Ultimates, MA:A
Five universes, two men, one shared history, and a future shaped by a thousand little moments in time.

Favorable Winds - RurouniHime PG-13, 2K
Tags: Post-CATWS
Steve’s voice comes from behind, a sigh and a thump as his own pack hits the floor. “Sam. Meet Tony Stark.”

i know i had a lot but i want a little more - allourheroes PG, 2K
Tags: Holiday!fic, Post-CATWS
Tony wants the party to be perfect, if only because Steve is.

Lost and Found - juxtapose PG-13, 2k
Tags: Post-CATWS, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, Established Relationship, Angst
After the unraveling of SHIELD and the battle with the Winter Soldier, Steve is a little lost. And Tony can sense immediately—when Steve shows up at the newly-furnished Avengers tower and wraps his arms around him—that something’s off.

Sleepwalk This Way - cvsossong R, 2k
Tags: CATWS-Compliant, Fluff
Five times Tony sleepwalks into an Avenger's bed. And the one time he stays.

Hold On Let Go - gracerene NC-17, 2k
Tags: AoU, Bottom!Steve, Established Relationship, Secret Relationship, pov (tony)
The barn smells of stale hay, and some kind of warm wood, and Tony knows that most people would find the scent comforting, but it just makes his skin prickle.

Catching Up - brandnewfashion PG-13, 2K
Tags: Established Relationship, Post-CATWS
“How is it physically possible for anyone to look that good while jogging?

you don't need me (but you won't leave me) - brandnewfashion PG, 2K
Tags: Established Relationship, CATWS
It was a gradual thing.
There was no shock of lightning, no epiphany or choir of angels.
There was no particular moment where Tony was struck with the realization that he was in love with Steve Rogers.

Learning Curve - navaan PG-13, 2k
Tags: Post-AoU, Pining!Steve, pov (steve)
Steve is in an irritable mood and his team knows why that is. Now they only need to help Steve figure it out, too.

You Keep a Lot of Secrets - capsicleonyourleft PG-13, 2k,
Tags: AoU, Missing Scene, Fix-it, established relationship, pov (steve)
Tony doesn't always know how to ask for what he needs. Steve doesn't always know how to listen.

The Love Song of a Pair of Awkward Weirdos - MusicalLuna PG-13, 2.2k
Tags: Dating , POV (Tony), Team!fic, Humor, Post-CATWS
Tony flirts with Steve and then the strangest possible thing happens: Steve starts to flirt back.

The Other Side of the Story - missbecky PG, 2.7K
Tags: CATWS, POV (Steve)
Steve goes to visit Peggy one day, and discovers he isn't the only Avenger who's been coming to see her.

the one where Tony's never really alone - PoseidonsUnderpants PG-13, 2K
Tags: Humor, Post-AoU
Most people assumed that Tony Stark had lost all of his family when Howard and Maria died when he was only a sarcastic, moody, genius teenager. They're wrong - but nobody knows that. Yet.

Everyday, With Someone New - thecursingviolinist NC-17, 2K
Tags: AoU
Summary: Tony takes care of Steve the only way he knows how. AKA what happened the night they spent at Clint's safehouse...

Caesura - Ylixia PG-13, 2K
Tags: Age of Ultron Missing Scene, Established Relationship
Tony's gotten maybe twelve hours of sleep in the past four days, and he's been carrying the deaths of everyone that matters to him like a rock in his gut.

Blank Wrist - Neverever PG-13, 2K
Tags: AoU Compliant, Soulmates
Steve thinks he doesn’t have a soulmate but fate has something else in mind for him.

Shower Rocks - Amuly PG-13, 1.2k
Tags: Established Relationship, Fluff, Post-CATWS
Steve decides it's time to stock his shower up with some of Tony's bathing supplies. Even if one of those supplies is a strange, scratchy rock.

The Do-Over Proposal - nightwalker PG-13, 1.2k
Tags: Romance, Marriage proposal, Post-CATWS, Humor, POV (Other)
Steve wants to go on a journey, Tony doesn't think it's a good time, and Bucky needs to beat some sense into both these idiots.

Spend a night - MystikSpiral NC-17, 1k
Tags: AoU, PWP
Tony and Steve have to bunk together, both of them need a way to sleep.

Splintered - JenTheSweetie PG-13, 1k
Tags: Based on: AoU Trailer
t's Clint who finds the last piece.

Again and Again - brandnewfashion PG-13, 1K
Tags: AoU, Domestic Avengers
The first time Tony kisses Steve is on their first official date.

Before the Storm - pensversusswords PG-13, 1K
Tags: Age of Ultron, Fluff/Angst, Established Relationship
In which they get assigned the same room at Clint's farm. Cuddling and feelings ensue.

I'll Do Better - brandnewfashion PG, 1K
Tags: AOU
“You didn’t trust me." Tony looks down at his hands. “It’s not that simple.”

Star-Spangled Butt - Amuly NC-17, 1k
Tags: AoU, Established Relationship, PWP
Tony and Steve are sharing a room in the old MacBarton farm. Which would be fine, except Tony forgot that he was wearing a particularly inspirational pair of underwear this morning (patriotically inspiring underwear).

Rush Over Me - MusicalLuna PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Pining!Steve
Steve falls in love, which is a terrible thing to do.

Safe and Warm - missbecky PG-13, 1K
At the end of a long, stressful day, Steve receives an unexpected visitor.

Make It Rain - copperbadge PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Fluff
Steve Rogers is SO DONE with global warming.

Rabbit Redux - theladyingrey42 PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-IM3
Oh, God. It was the giant freaking rabbit incident all over again.

The Ajax Bandit - thyrza NC-17, 1K
Tags: PWP, Post-CATWS
Steve has to do his laundry sometime. He just doesn't expect to get interrupted by Tony in the process.

very close talking - starkravingcap PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-AoU
Ultron leaves them with enough bitterness and fear for a lifetime. Tony has had enough of feeling guilty. Or; Tony apologizes, and Steve learns the art of Very Close Talking.

(Don't Think Me Unkind) If Words Are Hard to Find - missbecky PG, 1K
Tags: GEN, PTSD, IM3
Tony works. He creates. And he tries to remember how to breathe. Then one night he gets an unexpected call from New York. Set between The Avengers and Iron Man 3. Contains spoilers for Iron Man 3 and Captain America 2.

Falcon Mark I - ceruleansky PG, 1K
Tony sees Sam's Falcon wings and knows he can do better.

Just Want You For My Own - royal_chandler PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-CATWS
Steve and Tony share a moment in the wee hours of the twenty-fifth.

If You Like Piña Coladas - missbecky PG, 1K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Fluff, Flirting
Flirting with Tony Stark isn't getting him anywhere, much to Steve's disappointment. Then one day he finds a personal ad and decides to answer it. The results aren't quite what he expected.

All I Need - fandomfrolics PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-CATWS
For the prompt "In which Tony stays up all night trying to figure out ways to make Steve feel adjusted in the new century but fails.

Captain America Has No Time for Your Dumbassery - RurouniHime PG, <1K
Tags: Humor, GEN, Post-CATWS
No, seriously, stop calling.

Home is Where the Heart is - inukagome15 PG, <1K
Tags: Fluff, Post-CATWS
Steve's been gone on a mission for two months, and all he wants is a warm bath or shower and to cuddle with Tony. Especially the cuddling.

Hammer Talk - ohmyloki R, <1K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Post-AoU
Steve and Tony talk about worthiness and Thor's hammer.

all i ever want to be is somebody to you - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, <1k
Tags: Post-CATWS, Fluff, POV (Steve), Humor
It's not like Steve went out of his way to be stupidly, pathetically, embarrassingly in love with Tony. It just- it turned out impossible to not be, after a while..
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Favorite Fics that are more than 10k in words


Crash Into You - FestiveFerret  R, 15K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Hurt!Tony, mission!fic, Stranded Together
Tony was pretty used to crashing.

It seemed like these days more often than not his return to earth in the Iron Man suit was at least somewhat out of control. He couldn't count the number of times he'd used a helpfully situated building, a local landmark, or, hey, even a teammate to slow a wild descent. And he'd be damned if he'd admit it to Pepper, but on more than one occasion he hadn't even been conscious when he'd hit the ground.

So crashing wasn't really a new experience. He would get banged up a bit, maybe put a scratch in the suit somewhere, but bruised ribs healed and there was no better way to work off the post-battle high than smoothing dents out of his most prized possession.

He had a feeling crashing in the Quinjet, without his armour, was going to be a bit different.
Bea's comment: They get stranded together. It's awesome.

A Long Parting - plingo_kat PG-13, 17K
Tags: WIP, Awesome, Pre-Serum!Steve
In which everybody loses their powers, Tony goes a little bit crazy, Natalie: Super PA! makes a reappearance, Clint shows off his super ninja spy skills, Thor fucks off back to Asgard, Steve is a tactical genius, Coulson not-so-secretly loves terrible television shows, nobody should ever be allowed to name anything ever, and there is an evil magical cult.

The Long Balls Trilogy-verse - juniperhoot 54K, Series, Humor, Bottom!Steve
Tony Stark: genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, man of voracious sexual appetite. Tony has never been shy about initiating things with anyone, at least til now, but... Steve Rogers is different. He’s freakin’ Captain America, for starters. He’s wholesome and sincere and patriotic and virtuous and honorable, and everything cynical asshole Tony Stark is not.
Plus, there's that little matter of Tony's old man balls.

Reboot - a_sparrows_fall R, 15K, WIP, Post-AoU, Dr. Doom, Extremis
For the prompt: “Tony's giving Steve a ride to or from a situation - Sudden lightning storm zaps 'em and down they go... you take it from there (happy ending preferred).”
After an incident on Avengers duty, Steve acquires some new powers. Tony has some reactions.
Or, as the Poet once said:
I’ve got some news for you: Steve-bots have feelings, too.

The Last to Know - galwednesday 18K, NC-17, Series, Humor, Post-CATWS, Friends with Benefits
Tony and Steve's ongoing adventures in romantic obliviousness, dramatic grand gestures, and Mr. Darcy cosplay. Jokes and goofiness with occasional outbreaks of Feelings.

should be a dream but I'm not sleepy - seventymilestobabylon 4K, R, Telepathy, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve
Steve and Tony get hit with a telepathy spell and a magical blizzard, and they have to take shelter in a cabin with fresh milk but no working electricity. Even when they can sort of read each other's minds, they are still terrible at communicating.

Looking After America - copperbadge 2K, PG-13, Hurt!Steve, Hurt/Comfort
Steve tries to shake off a bullet, but Tony takes charge.

The Highest Form of Friendship - ChibiSquirt NC-17, 5K, Age Difference, Car!Sex, Man Out of Time, Humor
“Imagine if I’d met you back in my hellion days,” Tony says, and Steve groans out loud.

There’s a mental image, here. Well, Steve’s a visual kind of guy; mental images are how he operates.

The mental image is of a baby Tony - okay, not baby; Heyday Tony, let’s call him - and Heyday Tony has dark eyes and a wide mouth, and the little pin-scratch frown that Nowadays Tony wears all the time these days has been magically retrotransformed into a confident smirk. Heyday Tony has the same lean strength that Nowadays Tony has, but he looks taller because he bears himself more aggressively, more straight-backed. Heyday Tony has poofy hair and a tendency to look all the way down, and all the way back up, at a person - regardless of gender - before meeting their eyes.

Steve knows: he’s seen the videos.

Has maybe studied the videos. Has maybe spent more time on that activity than strictly appropriate...

“Can we not?” he pleads. “It didn’t happen that way, and it did happen this way, and that’s how it is.”

Avengers Journal of Unpublishable Science - ChibiSquirt PG-13, 5K, Bottom!Steve, Hurt!Steve, Suicide Attempt, Protective!Tony, Get together
Distribution of GFP fluorolabel indicated wound patterns which were subsequently confirmed via verbal history of Cpt. Rogers.

Stars Fading, but I Linger On, Dear - ChibiSquirt NC-17, 53K, Soulmates, Canon!AU, Dream Sharing
A Soulmate AU where people meet their soulmate in their dreams. Of course, not even that solves all the world's problems, especially if one or more of the soulmates has a secret identity...

The Heavens Tumble, Darling, and I'm— - ChibiSquirt NC-17, 8K, Bottom!Steve, Soulmates, Humor
For most of Steve’s life, he’d been certain he was going to meet his soulmate by pissing him off. (Almost certainly a him, although the occasion of the WACs did cause Steve’s heart to stutter for more reasons than just the look of a girl in uniform.) He was sure that the conversation would go something like—
“Something something (probably something sassy), Mr. Soulmate.”
“Captain,” Capt. Soulmate would correct him.
Because that was all it said: Just “CAPTAIN”, all caps, no punctuation, in dark block letters that looked simultaneously angry and precise. So he could probably be forgiven for assuming that it was a correction for a misapplied form of address; after all, it couldn’t be someone addressing him as Captain, could it?
Life was very funny

It's Not the Size of the Boat (It's the Motion of the Ocean) - someidiothasice PG-13, 23K
Tags: Pre-Serum!Steve
"This isn't a bad thing." Steve gaped at Tony. He deliberately looked down at his once-again scrawny body and back up at him. "Look at me. Loki turned me back into a weakling. With asthma. There is no way that Fury will ever let me be Captain America again. Not like this. And that was the last thing from my past that I had to hold onto. How can this possibly not be a bad thing?"

In a Different Light - marinarusalka R, 20K,
Tags: Hurt!Tony, MCU Canon!AU
After an unexpected attack, Tony has trouble dealing with his injuries and Steve has trouble dealing with Tony.

not so different, you and i - theappleppielifestyle PG, 15K
Three years ago, the idea that Tony Stark being one of her best friends would have been something she’d laugh at.
Not even laugh- she’d have given whoever suggested it a dry look and changed the subject.

Counterpart - sara_holmes R, 217K
Tags: Kid!fic, SP: Bucky/Clint, Protective!Steve, Protective!Tony, Protective!Bucky, POV (Both), Superfamily
Just because Hydra used the DNA of a Captain America from another dimension to create a lab-grown, six-year-old super-soldier, it doesn't mean that said six-year old super-soldier is biologically Steve's, right?
Bea's comment: This is a really fun, engaging story to read and to be honest, Clint and Bucky's relationship was awesome and fun to read :P 

Scatterlings and Orphans - Cluegirl NC-17, 210K, Series
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Crossover: X-Men/Fantastic 4, Telepathy, Pining, FEELS, Humor, Post-Avengers, Mission, Action, POV (Tony)
It's really got to say something about a guy when you can defeat Doombots, AIM, Interdimentional Yeti, SHIELD's systemic obfuscation, Asgardian Gods, Fox News, and also kick some serious Alien ass with a guy, and still want to punch him in the head over dinner, hasn't it? Tony's sure that means something.

But in Battalions - Lillian_Shepherd NC-17, 183K+, Series, WIP
Tags: Canon!AU, Post-Avengers, Mystery, Plot
After the Battle of Manhattan, with their enemies defeated, the Avengers have scattered. Only Tony Stark remains in New York, playing his own part in dealing with the consequences. Steve Rogers has been searching for an America that no longer exists. His return to the East Coast will also have unexpected consequences. But formidable forces are moving to use or destroy members of the Avengers, and Tony's plans for his technology have panicked industry, government and other, more secretive, players.
Bea's comment: This one is long and has plot but unfortunately, it hasn't been updated in months :( However, what has been written is really though out and I love how it's progressing (seriously, the plot is really interesting) and the action is really well written. It takes place post-Avengers, so if you're looking for a fic where Steve and Tony's relationship progresses slowly this is a good fic to read.

Not About Superheroes (A Private Little War) - AnnaFugazzi NC-17, 157K, Series
Tags: Steve-centric, Hurt/Comfort, Depression, Action, Bottom!Steve, Protective!Tony, Protective!Avengers, Slow burn, Angst, PTSD, Homophobia, Hurt!Steve, Post-Avengers, POV (Both),
In less than a year, Steve has been brought back from the dead, adapted to a whole new world, plunged right back into battle again, and moved in with a bunch of superheroes. He's handling everything remarkably well. Except when he's not.
Bea's comment: Yeah I'm pretty sure everyone should read this one. It's so long and it hurts and I just want to hug Steve *hugs*

It's All in the Mind - inukagome15 PG-13, 332k+, Series
Tags: Crossover: X-men, Team!fic, Hurt!Tony, Extremis, Canon!AU, Post-Avengers, Comics fusion, Mansion
The adventures of Tony as a mutant; how he learned to accept himself and his subsequent growth into his own. Hijinks ensue.

Stone - et2brute NC-17, 105k, Series
Tags: POV (Both), Post-Avengers, Infidelity, Angst, Happy Ending, SP: Thor/Loki, Crossover: X-Men
In which a disillusioned Steve is trying to find a place for himself in the twenty-first century; Tony tries to build a family while being appallingly unfaithful to Pepper; SHIELD toes the line of villainy for the greater good; and Loki returns to Earth, joins the Avengers, and does not quite seek redemption or absolution.
Bea's comment: Infidelity, so if you don't like it don't read it because that's what happens in most of the fic.

Even the Light is an Illusion - Mizzy PG-13, 102K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Hurt!Tony, Protective!Steve, POV (Both), Mystery
Death threats are an unfortunate side-effect of being Tony Stark, so he’s learned to ignore them. To save Steve, the Avengers, and the general public, Tony has to die. Of course, death isn’t always the end, and Tony does what any other self-disrespecting scientist would do: he finds a way to fake his death and avenge his own murder.

I wanted to fix this (but couldn't stop from tearing it down) - missbecky NC-17, 50K, Series
Tags: Multi-verse, Civil War, Angst, Established Relationship, Secret Relationship, Hurt!Tony, Protective!Tony, Protective!Steve, POV (Both)
A visit from a Reed Richards from a parallel world convinces Tony and Steve that they must do whatever they can to prevent their world from falling into Civil War. They can save the world…but at what cost to themselves?
Sequel: ❤And Show You the Stars - missbecky R, 40K

Like Coming Home - missbecky R, 75K
Tags: Crossover: Marvel 616+MCU, MCU!Steve/616!Tony, Angst, Happy Ending, Hurt!Tony, Torture, Action, POV (Both)
After a tragic accident, Steve is given a chance to go back in time and deliver a warning to Tony in the hope of avoiding their fate. Something's gone wrong, though, because this is not his world he's ended up in. And that is definitely not his Tony who's planning to delete his own brain. Sometimes your second chance isn't at all what you were expecting.

In the Stillness of Remembering - elise_509 NC-17, 70K
Tags: Angst, Denial!Tony, Pining, Road trip, Hurt!Steve, Jealous!Tony, Post-Avengers, Canon!AU (Winter Soldier), POV (Both),
Steve Rogers is a reminder of a past that Tony Stark would rather forget. But when Steve’s own ghosts suddenly become the present, Tony finds he and Steve need each other to face the future.

Bits and Pieces - Wordsplat PG-13, 70K
Tags: Collection
Summary: Various things I've written and posted on tumblr. Each piece is complete on its own and separate from the others. Each chapter will have whatever warnings might be applicable in the chapter summary.

Sarah-verse - RurouniHime NC-17, 68k, Series
Tags: Kid!fic, Hurt/Comfort, Kidnapping, Action/Adventure, Domestic Avengers, Protective Avengers, Team!fic, Established Relationship
It’s just another Sunday, until it isn’t, and Tony’s own life becomes the very last thing he’s concerned about.

Stay With Me (home is where your mind is.) - sara_holmes R, 67K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Civil War, Crossover: Multiverse, Pining!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Protective!Tony, POV (Both)
Where Steve doesn’t quite die, ends up stranded in the multiverse and would quite like to know how the hell so many versions of himself ended up sleeping with Tony Stark. Well, that’s going to make things a tad awkward when he gets home.

Bond Has It Covered - sara_holmes NC-17, 66K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Pining, Team!fic, PTSD, Protective!Tony, Bottom!Steve, POV (Tony), Punching Bags, Slowburn
Tony thought they had trouble getting along when they were dealing with a major global crisis. Apparently that had nothing on how they fell apart when they weren't distracted by smashing aliens.
Bea's comment: Another favorite of mine from sara_holmes. Better yet, read all of her fics, they're awesome.

Ready, Fire, Aim 'Verse - gyzym NC-17, 63k, Series
Tags: Humor, Team!fic, Canon!AU: Non Avengers Compliant, Mission, POV (Tony))
There's no "I" in "Avenger."

Anthropos Polytropos - MemoryDragon PG-13, 60K
Tags: Team!fic, Amnesia, GEN, Hurt!Steve, PTSD, Tony's Unhappy Childhood, Protective!Steve, POV (Tony),
He doesn't remember much from before he woke up, but he does know two things. He doesn't like being called Tony Stark, and he hates Captain America.

A Very, Very, Very Fine House - wanttobeatree PG-13, 59K+, WIP, Series
Tags: Pre-Slash, Post-Avengers, Friendship, POV (Steve)
The Avengers take initiative. Or, the story of how a group of remarkable people came together to drink cocktails, eat ice-cream and wait for Fury's call. Post-movie.
Sequel: The Only Living Boys in New York - wanttobeatree (WIP)

The Man Who Can't Be Moved - SimplyEllie NC-17, 58K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, Sick!Steve, POV (Both), Post-Avengers, Action, Team!fic, Pining, Hypothermia, Virgin!Steve, Tony/Pepper *breakup*)
There's only so much a leader can take before he finally breaks. But it takes more than a strong leader for a team to be great, individuals who are willing to give a little without expecting anything in return. The Battle of Manhattan proved that the Avengers can properly assemble, but what of on a personal level? And can some problems truly be fixed or do we live in a world where being "super" isn't enough?

Still Right Here - navaan NC-17, 58k+, WIP
Tags: Crossover: MCU/Marvel 616
Steve Rogers tries to fit into this new day and age he woke up to. At the very least he has friends and a purpose again, but that doesn't mean his path is clear now. In another world Tony Stark is trying to make things work with Steve finally and things seem to be going better than expected – until things get complicated.

Even Heroes Have the Right to Bleed - sidium PG-13 Overall, 56K, Series, WIP
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Protective!Tony, Steve needs a hug, Hurt!Steve, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, POV (Both)
Steve's a part of the future, now; but first he has to let go of the past.

The Mission - missbecky PG-13, 55K, Series
Tags:Pining!Steve, Holiday: Christmas, Team!fic, Protective!Steve, PTSD, POV (Steve)
Steve discovers a new mission for himself: protect and watch over Tony Stark.

If We Never Got This Second Chance - Pookaseraph R, 50K
Tags: Crossover: The Losers, Kid!fic, Time Travel, Pining
When Tony and Steve’s son from the future, Jake Jensen, arrives at Avenger’s Tower, the two of them are forced to confront some hard truths: Tony that he might not actually become a horrible father, and Steve that he might not be able to set aside his discomfort with sharing a child with another man. When they both get a second chance at a first try at fatherhood, it’s up to the two of them to learn from their own future's past.

The Art of Kissing - inukagome15 NC-17/Various, WIP, 49K+
Tags: Collection
Short stories about kisses shared between Steve and Tony.

As Sharp As Any Thorn - RurouniHime NC-17, 47K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Bottom!Steve, Hurt!Steve, Protective!Steve, Protective!Tony, Villains, Angst, Established Relationship, POV (Tony)
Summary: It’s four days to Christmas, there’s a city in shambles, and the nation is in mourning because of the actions of a single man.
Sequel: Salt of the Earth - RurouniHime PG, 5KKeep the Earth Below My Feet - RurouniHime

No Black or White in the Blue - MemoryDragon PG-13, 50K
Tags: PTSD (Tony), Crossover MCUxUltimates, Hurt!Tony, Extremis, POV (Tony)
Anthony Stark just wants to drink and contemplate his failures in peace. Unfortunately, Antonio Stark chose just that moment to appear. Now Tony has to deal with an alternate version of himself, the tension between him and Steve, and the differences between the dimensions on top of everything else.

But the biggest monster maybe too much for even two Tonys to stop...

Dreaming Electric by jukeboxhound NC-17, 47K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Extremis, Science Bros!, POV (Both), Hurt!Tony
New York City is still rebuilding in the wake of the Chitauri army when the biotech virus Extremis is released, upgrading a lone domestic terrorist into a posthuman threat. Tony would’ve been happy to keep going on playing with alien tech in his lab, saving average citizens as Iron Man, and pretending not to notice these other people moving into his tower, but sometimes a person just can’t have nice things.

Recalibration - malfaisant NC-17, 46k
Tags: Canon!AU, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Protective!Steve, Reckless!Tony, POV (Both), Post-Avengers
A long, rambling what-if of Loki's scepter working the first time around, a string of bad nights when the nightmares were too close, and a second go at a relationship that might work if they just tried, and if they weren't both so good at self-sabotage.

History Lessons - MemoryDragon PG-13, 44K, Series
Tags: GEN/Pre-slash, Hurt!Steve, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Unhappy Childhood, POV (Steve), PTSD
Steve hates modern television shows and history. Tony is determined to remedy both of those, provided they can survive each other.
Sequel: Waterloo

If Through a Door - jibrailis NC-17, 44K
Tags: Pretend Relationship, Fake Marriage, Mystery, Wall!sex (Elevator!Sex), Bottom!Tony, Bottom!Steve, Pining, POV (Steve)
Tony is accused of murder on an alien planet; Steve marries him to bring him home.

Twenty Five Days, and We Had Christmas - pensversusswords R, 44K
Tags: Collection, Holiday fic
25 days of Christmas drabbles filled with holiday cheer and sickening fluff. One uploaded a day, from now until Christmas Day.

Out of Many Waters - Arukou PG-13, 43k+
Tags: Action/Adventure, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Asgard
A freak accident sends Tony and Steve hurtling onto an alien planet. They've only each other for survival, and both have an unfortunate tendency towards monumentally stupid self-sacrifice.

The Last Love Song of Anthony E. Stark - jibrailis R, 42K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Amnesia, Angst, Pining, SP: Loki/Sif, Action, POV (Tony), Jealous!Tony, Mutual Pining, Hurt!Tony, Protective!Steve
After contracting an Asgardian virus, Tony starts forgetting things. And people. And Steve.

many names in history, none of them are ours - aubkae NC-17, 42K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Bottom!Tony, Coming Out, Team!fic, Slow-build, Virgin!Steve, Pining, Press, Dating, Fluff, PTSD, Nightmares, Costume Kink, Natasha+Tony Friendship, Post-Avengers, POV (Both)
The Avengers live in a world that both glorifies and fears them, but they know each other now behind the scenes.
Bea's comment: The one where they both pine for each other and they are friends. No antagonism. Feel good fic

Semaphore - DevilDoll NC-17, 40K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Post-Avengers, Team!fic, POV (Tony)
"I’m trying to like you, Tony. You’re just making it very hard."

File Down the Broken Edges - forthegreatergood NC-17, 39K
Tags: Sex Pollen, Bottom!Steve, Missunderstandings, Angst, Happy Ending, POV (Both)
Tony trips one of Doom’s new bioweapons and winds up with a lungful of sex pollen. The cure? Sex with Steve.
The problem? They don’t get along, have problems using their words, and are in no way prepared to deal with having sex with each other. And that’s on a good day.

What Lies Beneath - asktheravens NC-17, 38K
Tags: Mission, Horror, Team!fic, POV (Tony)
Summary: All Tony wants is to make amends after a thoughtless reaction leaves him in danger of losing Steve, but a mission intervenes. The Avengers travel to a laboratory in a remote part of Appalachia expecting a routine job, but an ancient evil slumbers within Old Crow Mountain that will test much more than their relationship.

The King and the Dragon - MemoryDragon PG-13, 36K
Tags: Fantasy, Pining, POV (Tony)
After a big fight with Tony, Steve has gone missing. The last thing Tony needs when he should be looking for the leader of the Avengers is to be transported into a dark fairy tale to fight a dragon with a kingly version of Steve. But there are things that the King isn't telling him, and the dragon's eye is a familiar shade of blue…

To Break a Dream - Wordsplat R, 34K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, Pining, Team!Fic, Protective!Tony, Kidnapping, Torture, POV (Steve and Tony)
Steve is kidnapped and tortured to prove a point to the American people at large.

(There'll Be Bluebirds Over) the Highway to Hell - what_alchemy NC-17, 34K
Tags: Pre-Serum!Steve, Bottom!Steve, Science/Magic, POV (Both)
Summary: Steve Rogers never expected to find himself back in his original body. He also never expected Tony Stark.

10 Things I Hate About You - thesecretmichan NC-17, 33k+
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Bottom!Tony, Hate!sex, Friends with Benefits, Clint/Tony, Clint/Natasha, Rebound
It's amazing how Steve and Tony could screw up something as simple as hate-sex. Alternatively: Love and hate may be two sides of the same coin, but moving from one to the other is far more complex than we really give people credit for.

Childhood is the Kingdom Where Nobody Dies - MemoryDragon PG-13, 31K
Tags: GEN, De!Aged, Team!fic, Protective!Avengers, Tony's Unhappy Childhood, POV (Tony)
Seven-year-old Tony Stark wakes up on a Hydra base, lost, afraid, and alone. He has to overcome his fears before it's too late for the Avengers and Captain America.

Spellbound - missbecky NC-17, 31K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Magic, Action/Adventure, Hurt!Tony, Hurt!Steve, POV (Both)
After their alien hosts witness yet another heated argument between Steve and Tony, they are hit with a powerful magic spell in order to teach them a lesson. Now they are stranded and alone on a hostile planet. One of them can't see and the other can't hear, and the only way back to safety is on foot. And the Forest is full of dangers…

through chaos as it swirls - juxtapose PG-13, 30K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Action/Adventure, Pining, Kidnapped!Tony, POV (Both), Villains, Mission
Anthony Edward Stark is dead. The country mourns a hero; The Avengers mourn a friend and ally, and Steve Rogers mourns the one person he thought he could love. Meanwhile, one of the realms of Asgard is now home to a new face.

Physical Therapy - Misswhy NC-17, 30k
Tags: Virgin!Steve, POV (Tony), PWP, Bottom!Steve, Bottom!Tony, Friends with Benefits, Mission, Hurt!Steve
And you were their golden Captain America, of course you couldn't risk that. And you tried to not want it, you tried to make it go away, but it just... didn't.”
Tony speaks directly in Steve's ear and his voice comes out lower and huskier than intended. He can hear Steve's breath become irregular, his own breath ghosting on Steve's skin, making him shudder and without his permission Tony's hands start kneading Steve's tense shoulders, his nails scraping lightly down Steve's neck.

Catch Me Through the Looking-Glass - Ylixia NC-17, 29K
Tags: Crossover: MCU+Marvel 616, Multiverse, Established Relationship (Stony MCU), Angry!Steve, Protective!Steve, POV (Steve), Angst
It's like a recurring nightmare: Steve Rogers, trapped in a world that is not his own, new love left behind, and nothing to keep him going but questions.

Short Stories - blue_jack NC-17, 27k
Tags: Collection/Series, AU and Canon
A collection of short fics for my Cap_Ironman Bingo and Avengers_Tables cards.

A Relative to Truth - eeyore9990, tripperfunster R , 27K
Tags: Amnesia, Hurt!Tony, Established Relationship
The last thing Tony Stark remembers is being tortured in a cave in Afganistan. When he wakes up in a cave with Captain America he has no recollection of the past six years. The Iron Man suit, the Avengers and his long term relationship with the handsome American Icon are all things that he will have to re-discover.

A Cabin in the Woods - nightwalker NC-17, 26K+
Tags: Action/Adventure, Established Relationship
It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation, a chance for them to spend some time as a couple and work out some of the kinks in their relationship. That was before everything got weird.

Love among the Hydrothermal Vents - DevilDoll NC-17, 26K
Tags: MCU, Canon!AU, Comic crossover, Pretend Relationship, Pining!Steve, Humor, Misunderstandings, POV (Steve)
In which Namor has a thing for Steve, an octopus has a thing for Tony, and Steve and Tony eventually have a thing for each other.

Containment - D (come_feed_the_rain) NC-17, 26k
Tags:PTSD, Flashbacks, Hurt!Tony, Team!fic, Protective Avengers, POV (Both)
After Tony ends up severely injured from a surprise attack, triggering a flashback and putting him in the hospital for emergency surgery, the Avengers come together in worry for their friend and teammate and are disquieted by the intensity of Tony’s reaction.

Let Daylight Enter In - Elenothar PG-13, 25k
Tags: Post-Avengers, Hurt!Tony, Kidnapping, Arc Reactor, Protective!Steve, A.I.M., POV (Both)
Tony had figured that his life would go back to normal, or what passes as normal in Tony Stark's life, after the Chitauri Invasion - he was sadly mistaken.

But Loving Him Is Red - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 25K
Tags: Soulmates, pov tony, multiverse
"It is- it is not just destined, Steve Rogers. It will reach through the decades, through entire universes if it has to. It will scour the galaxies without rest until the two of you are standing next to each other. Migardians-Migardians call them soulmates, I believe."

Faults, Rifts, and Other Gaps in the Firmament - reona32 PG, 25K+
Tags: Get together, Action/Adventure, Hurt!Tony, Team!fic, Protective!Steve, POV (Steve)
Things are disappearing around the helicarrier and the Avengers discover something lurking in the shadows.
Bea's comment: One of my favorites; I love how the author writes Tony! Also, protective!team, Hurt!Tony, Protective!Steve...yesssss

the Restoration verse - ShadowsLament R, 25K+, Series
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Bottom!Tony, Pining, Possessive!Tony, Team!fic
The morning (and afternoon and night) after.

Take Two - Wordsplat PG-13, 24K
Tags: Amnesia
Steve loses his memory, but he gets the feeling he's lost a lot more. Who exactly is Tony Stark to him, and why won't he come out of the basement?

By Laws of Time and Space Decay - captainshellhead, vibraniumstark PG-13, 24K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Pining, Angst, Temporary character death, Mission fic, POV (Both), Ghosts, Post-Avengers
After a mission in South Africa goes horribly wrong, Tony is presumed dead, and Steve embarks on a mission to find the man who killed him and the cosmic cube that he took with him.

Of course they're Avengers, and nothing--not revenge, not even death--is ever that simple.

Take Note - 27dragons, scribblywobblytimeylimey, tisfan PG-13, 23k+, WIP, Series
Tags: Flirting, Post-Avengers
Steve’s an old-fashioned, pen-and-paper, take-accountability-for-what-you’ve-done sort of guy. So when he writes to Tony to apologize for the situation on the helicarrier, and insists on writing his every reply in ink on parchment, Steve ends up doing what he does best: forging a new tradition. What follows is definitely not a series of love letters - until it definitely is.

Let Daylight Enter In - Elenothar PG-13, 25k
Tags: Post-Avengers, Hurt!Tony, Kidnapping, Arc Reactor, Protective!Steve, A.I.M., POV (Both)
Tony had figured that his life would go back to normal, or what passes as normal in Tony Stark's life, after the Chitauri Invasion - he was sadly mistaken.

The Sexual Education of Steve Rogers. - rufflefeather NC-17, 23k, Series
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Coming Out, Virgin!Steve, Seduction, Post-Avengers, POV (Steve)
They have overcome the Chitauri and New York slowly recovers. Steve feels a little lost and has trouble accepting his own sexuality, Tony carefully begins to show him how.

And Nowhere to Go - Nonymos NC-17, 23K+
Tags: Dark, Non-con, Kinky, Bottom!Steve, Hate!sex, No Love, Hurt!Steve, Sex NO LOVE, Dubious Consent, Tony is EVIL GUYS,
Tony wants to find out about Steve's limits. Steve never knew how to back down from a fight.

But the Heart - kahn PG-13, 23K
Tags: Kid!fic, Superfamily, Kidnapping
Steve and Tony (and The Avengers!) from the movie!cast + child!Peter Parker with a very AU backstory involving genetic experimentation aboard an abandoned space station (but that doesn't--strangely enough--feature all that heavily).

Routine - Wordsplat PG-13, 22k
Tags: POV (Steve), Hurt!Steve, Hurt/Comfort, PTSD, OCD, Post-Avengers
Since waking from the ice, Steve has developed an increasingly difficult case of OCD. Not wanting to be a burden, he doesn't tell anyone of his troubles and always keeps his teammates at a safe distance, not getting too close to any of them. He's struggling just to keep his head above water when Tony catches him in one of his compulsions, and refuses to be pushed away.

It Only Hurts (When I Breathe) - Ocean_Born_Mary PG-13, 22K, Series
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Team!fic, Pre-slash, Hurt/Comfort, Protective!Avengers, POV (Tony)
Tony could see the mass of scar tissue built up around the reactor, could see the little pieces of shrapnel in his lungs, and he wondered, even now, how he was able to Not-Breathe so well with his heart and his ribs and his lungs all squished out of place.
Sequel: Hold My Breath (To Forget) * My Dreams Only Die (When I'm Dreaming) - Ocean_Born_Mary (Steve/Tony)

The Best Policy - cylobaby27 R, 22k
Tags: Truth Spell, Post-Avengers, POV (Tony), team!fic, romance
Tony Stark breezes through life on bluster and bullshit. When he gets hit by a truth spell, he locks himself away in his workshop so he can find a way to reverse it without anyone finding out. So why can't he say no when Steve keeps asking to spend time with him?

How to Fail at Kidnapping Tony Stark - reona32 PG, 21K
Tags: Team!fic, Protective!team, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Protective!Tony, Kidnapping, Dancing, Flirting, Team!fic, Sharing food, POV (Steve)
Really, you’d think people would know better by now. Or. Steve really should learn to do what Pepper tells him to.

A Solid Connection - MemoryDragon PG-13, 21K
Tags: Pre-slash
Tony sets up team bonding night with dance lessons. If only Steve didn't have so many issues with dancing...

the reason you ruminate the shadowy past by Mizzy PG-13, 20K
Tags: Pining
Summary So, Captain America effectively manages to cockblock Tony for a year. It's not Steve's fault. Well, actually, it is. But he was just proving a point - that if a superhero is gay, how can it be wrong? Steve just picked the wrong superhero to make the point with. Now America will think they're dating - and Tony's not going to be the guy to break Captain America's heart. There's only one way out. To save face, Steve and Tony have to become fake boyfriends. Steve thinks the "boyfriends" bit will be the hardest to act... but maybe it's the "fake" part that will be the hardest act of all...

I Walked A Thousand Miles Just To Slip This Skin - IamShadow21 R, 20K+, Series
Tags: Genderswap, Angst, POV (Tony)
He's become so used to being Iron Man and an Avenger, to battling Doombots and aliens and evil scientists trying to take over the world, that he'd forgotten that sometimes people want to do harm to you, personally, when you've just snuck out of the Tower to get mid-afternoon doughnuts.

In a Different Light - marinarusalka R, 20k
Tags: Not Avengers Compliant, Post-IM1, Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, POV (Steve), pining
After an unexpected attack, Tony has trouble dealing with his injuries and Steve has trouble dealing with Tony.

Just A Broken Lullaby - ratherastory pg, 20k,
Tags: Deaged!tony, kid!fic, Pre-slash/Gen, POV (Steve), team!fic)
When a mission goes wrong, the Avengers find themselves the unlikely guardians of a six-year-old Tony Stark.

It Will Probably Accelerate - northatlantic (breakthecitysky) NC-17, 20K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Mission!fic, Team!fic, Pining, Protective!Tony, PTSD, Virgin!Steve, Post-Avengers, POV (Steve)
So the working title of this was variously 'mixtape,' 'how steve rogers got his groove back' and 'oh my god quit thinking of things to add.' Steve's perspective of the assembly of the Avengers after the dust has settled and the rebuilding begins.

For Want of a Hero - reona32 PG, 19k
Tags: Hurt!Tony, established relationship, kidnapping, team!fic, protective avengers
It had started as a fairly normal day and went quickly down hill with the sound of crunching metal and squealing tires in Steve's ear.

All It Does Is Rain - theladyingrey42 NC-17, 19k, Series
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Virgin!Steve, POV (Steve), POV (Tony), Mutual Pining
In which the Avengers rebuild their home, superheroes are more than just the things that made them super, and communication is hard.

Sleep verse by ashinan PG-13/NC-17, 19k+, series
Tags: Protective!Steve, POV (Both)
Summary: As the months progress, Steve takes note of Tony's complete disregard of sleep. And when Tony does sleep, it is usually on the couch in the living room. What started as a means of getting Tony to acknowledge his body's demands, evolved into a complex array of mathematical equations and Pavlovian conditioning. Figuring out how to get Tony to sleep is the easy part. Everything else are unaccounted variables.

Lessons on how to be Worthwhile - pensversusswords R, 19k
Tags: Tony's Unhappy Childhood, Protective!Steve, Hurt/Comfort, PTSD (Tony), Fluff, Angst, Team!fic, POV (Both)
The one where Steve thinks Tony is amazing, and Tony thinks Steve is amazing, but Tony doesn't think Tony is amazing.

(pre)historical - antigrav_vector R, 19K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Protective!Steve, Mission!fic, Kidnapping, Team!fic
The Avengers start out the day fighting dinosaurs, and then their day gets weirder. Tony's hurt, Steve's worried, and the others are trying not to laugh at the two of them.

Star Spangled Spider - Red_City R, 18K
Tags: RomCom, Hurt!Steve, Jealous!Tony, Steve+Natasha Friendship, Jealous!Steve, SP: ClintNat
Steve and Natasha are bros. Steve likes Tony, Tony likes Steve. Natasha likes Clint, Clint likes Natasha. Too bad Tony and Clint think Steve and Natasha are dating.

The Last to Know - galwednesday R, 18K, Series
Tags: PWP, Fluff
Tony and Steve's ongoing adventures in romantic obliviousness, dramatic grand gestures, and Mr. Darcy cosplay. Jokes and goofiness with occasional outbreaks of Feelings.

Northwest to Nowhere - Veldeia PG-13, 17K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Protective!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Getting to know each other, Angst, POV (Both), Wilderness
Summary: Steve and Tony are lost in the wilderness, with barely any gear but plenty of midges and a magnificent midnight sun—and only each other for company.

Met the Dodgers - Amuly R, 17k
Tags: Canon!au, POV (Tony), Mansion, Fluff, Bottom!Steve, romance
Tony decides that, with his reputation, there's only one best way to show Steve he's serious about their budding relationship. Buy the Dodgers and move them back to Brooklyn for him.

And The Void Would Be Calling. - jadedoll NC-17, 17K
Tags: Time travel, Time Skip, Amnesia, Hurt!Tony, POV: Tony, Arc Reactor
Tony could be suffering from amnesia, a hitch-hiker from a parallel dimension, a ghost or maybe a time-traveller. He's sure he could work out the answer if Steve would just stop pretending he was Tony's boyfriend.

All the jagged lines and dotted i's - eonism R, 17K Overall
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Virgin!Steve, Angst, POV (Steve), Mission, Mutual Pining, Tony/Pepper (No infidelity), Sexual Tension, Post-Avengers, Age Difference
Summary: It was never supposed to be Steve Rogers. Then again, there was no version of this story that went according to plan.
Sequel: ❤Tiny like a white lie - eonism NC-17
Tags: Bottom!Steve, POV (Tony), PTSD, Nightmares, Mission, Hurt!Steve, Protective!Steve, Alcoholism
This was not a love story. Love stories had nice beginnings. This was a story told in reverse. (A sequel to All the jagged lines and dotted i's.)

we don't need a heart of gold, we need the heart of a lion - Zekkass NC-17, 16K
Tags: Canon AU, Multiple Identity, Protective!Tony, POV (Tony)
'You know what's an interesting plot bunny? And I'm sorry in advance. If Captain America was an alternate personality of Steve's or vice versa.'

Bodyswap! - Zekkass NC-17, 16k
Tags: Mission, Body Swap, POV (Tony)
Loki's helping. Really.

The Twice-Told Tale - arysteia NC-17, 15K
Tags: Time Travel, Howard+Tony Family Bonding, Canon!AU, POV (Tony), Hurt!Tony, Mansion, Mission
For someone he'd hero-worshipped for so long, Steve Rogers in the flesh is a pretty big disappointment. For one thing, he keeps looking at Tony as though he reminds him of someone else, and even if he never says anything, Tony's pretty sure it's his father. A lifetime of not measuring up to Howard's expectations is more than enough, thank you very much, and he's certainly not going to make an effort to live up to any of Steve's. Steve's pretty clearly failed to live up to his expectations, in any case, and that's not hypocritical at all.

Wednesdays Are Awful (Except When They're Great) - Wordsplat PG-13, 15k
Tags: Hate sex, Enemies to lovers to friends, Friends with Benefits, POV (Both)
Steve and Tony despise each other, so Nick's natural solution is to force them to spend one hour a week together in a mandatory bonding session no amount of shouting, swearing, or physical violence will get them out of-though they certainly try. Also known as that time Steve and Tony did everything as ass backwards as humanly possible.

These Promises Broken - missbecky R, 15K
Tags: Time travel, Howard Stark's A+ Parenting, Angst, Established Relationship, Possessive!Tony, Tony's Unhappy Childhood, POV (Both)
"Tony, even if you don't go talk to him, you have to face the fact that your father – or at least some version of him – is on this ship right now. This is happening. Whether you want it or not."

A Fire to be Kindled - keptein PG-13, 15K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Hurt/Comfort, Miss-understandings, POV (Tony)
It makes perfect sense, of course. The serum gave Steve the perfect body, so why wouldn’t it also give him the perfect mind? In the quietness of his own mind, Tony can admit he’s a little stung Steve didn’t tell him, but he’s not really surprised. (Or: the one where Steve is smarter than Tony, and neither of them deal well.)

Five Times Tony Stark Talked Himself Out Of Trouble (And One Time He Couldn't Quite Manage It) - rainproof PG-13, 15k
Tags: POV (Tony), Character Study, Hurt!Tony
"Trouble" might not be Tony Stark's middle name, but on most days it felt a hell of a lot more appropriate than "Edward".

Words - missbecky PG-13, 14k, Series
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Team fic, Protective!Steve, Established Relationship
A sudden accident leaves Tony unable to speak.

Must've Done Something Right (We should get jerseys, 'cause we make a good team) - juxtapose PG-13, 14k+, series
Tags: Post-Avengers, POV (Both), dancing, Protective!Steve, mission, team!fic, sexual tension, tony/pepper, mutual pining
Steve and Tony try to figure out what they feel for each other, and also figure out quite a bit about themselves along the way.

Haywired - Winterstar PG-13, 14k
Tags: Slow-build, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, POV (Steve)
After Steve gets wounded in battle and then recovers, things change and Tony has to find out why. Or the one where Steve goes blind and then really weird things happen.

With Words Other Than These - RurouniHime NC-17, 14k
Tags: Angst, Past Bucky/Steve, Hurt!Steve, Protective!Tony, Established Relationship, Insecure!Tony, pov (tony)
The way Steve’s beating that bag, though—Tony traces the cadence as well as the lines of Steve’s body, and wonders if he might not need to know about the mission after all. There’s a lot of tension knotted in Steve’s shoulders, a frenzy to each punch. The precision lacks. Maybe Steve’s just getting started, and if that’s the case, Tony could be here a long, long while.

paradoxical scar tissue - isawet R, 14K Overall
Tags: Time travel, Hurt!Steve, Skinny!Steve, Team!fic, Mission, Post-Avengers, POV (Steve)
Tony travels back in time to pre-serum Steve, where they spend time together and Steve becomes attached--until Tony disappears. Fast forward and Steve is reunited with Tony--who doesn't remember him at all.
Side story: carbon dating - isawet
Summary: The one where Natasha is emotionally stunted but still has a lot of Feelings, and Pepper is Pepper. (Natasha/Pepper)

Fast and Furious - onthewaters NC-17, 14K
Tags: POV (Steve), Homophobia, Pining, Post-Avengers
Summary: The world has changed and Steve has trouble dealing with it. Tony tries to help but there is that attraction thing...

A Partial Dictionary Of The 21st Century By Captain Steve Rogers, US Army - copperbadge NC-17, 13k
Tags: Virgin!Steve, Post-Avengers, Humor/Fluff, pov (steve), team!fic, Bottom!Steve, Man Out of Time
Steve is adapting well to the new millennium, and he has the dictionary to prove it.

Exact Measurements Required - trilliath NC-17, 13K
Tags: Humor, Flirting, Pining, Post-Avengers, Mission!fic, Villains, POV (Steve)
That time S.H.I.E.L.D. quartermasters accidentally put Steve's balls in a vise and it goes exactly as well as you'd expect it to. Tony promptly offers to help. Because he's helpful like that. Obviously.

How Tony Stark Ruins Everything - aslipperysloth NC-17, 13k
Tags: Angst, Miss-understandings, One night stand, not avengers compliant, canon!au, POV (Tony), Romance, Virgin!Steve
The story of how Tony Stark manages to ruin sex, dating, and friendship - in that order.

All I Want For Christmas - Wordsplat PG-13, 13k
Tags: POV (Both), Romance, Holiday: Christmas, Fluff, Mutual Pining, Protective!Tony, PTSD (Steve), Nightmares, Insomnia, Interview, Coming Out
There's only one thing Tony wants for Christmas, and he's got a plan to get it. Though he unfortunately seems doomed to failure from step one, unbeknownst to him, a better strategist than he has a plan of their own.

Kludged Together - Veldeia PG-13, 13k,
Tags: POV (Steve), Hurt!Tony, Arc Reactor, Protective!Steve, Mission!fic, gen
When he cut his morning jog short to join Tony Stark on a reconnaissance mission off the East Coast, Steve sure wasn’t expecting to end up stuck on a life raft in the middle of the ocean, his hand knuckle-deep in Stark's chest.

Jukebox Heroes - 51stCenturyFox NC-17, 13K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Virgin!Steve, Series, PWP, Tony/Pepper (Open relationship)
"Rock and's rebellion against the status quo. You kinda skipped the rebellious decades."
"Sounds angry," Steve almost shouts.
"One man's rage is another man's passion, Ripped Van Winkle."

Five Ways Tony Stark is Like His Father and One Way He Isn't - Pookaseraph PG-13, 13K
As much as Steve tries not to, it's hard not to notice all of the little ways that Tony is so much like his father. He knows Tony wouldn't much care for the idea, but that doesn't make it any less true. There is one way that the two men are completely different, though, and it makes being stuck in the future, away from everyone he ever knew, completely worth it.

Sardines - misslucyjane PG-13, 12K
Tags: Magic, Amnesia
Things are missing. Pieces are gone. And Tony can't remember why.

By The Numbers - JenTheSweetie NC-17, 12k
Tags: Pairings: Steve/Tony, Coulson/Clint (NC-17 bit), Bruce/Natasha, POV (Tony) and others
“I’m not certain that obtaining a larger vessel will assist him in vanquishing this most dangerous sea creature,” Thor said firmly. Or, five ways other than battles that the Avengers measured a year.

Homefront - copperbadge NC-17, 12k
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, PTSD, Bottom!Steve, Pov (tony), mansion
Steve Rogers is a capable leader, a kind and cheerful man, a good friend, a strong role model, and a loyal soldier. He's also teetering on the edge of suicide.

Chthonian Limericks - proser132 PG-13, 12K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, POV (Steve), Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Pining, Protective!Tony, PTSD (Steve), Reckless!Steve, Villains, Mission, Man Out of Time
Summary: All in all, Steve was just wading through life, not really seeing it. It would take several midnight encounters, a few roboticised villains, and a very persistent Tony Stark to make Steve realise that he didn't just belong in the 21st century.

Perhaps part of the 21st century belonged to /him/.

Hess v. Stark, et al. - Ellidfics PG-13, 12K+
Tags: Pining, Hurt!Steve, Flying, Feel Good fic, POV (Tony), Holiday: Christmas
Tony Stark inherited many things from his father: mechanical genius, a thriving company, piles of money, and a class action suit because dear ol' Dad never came through on that !#$@$!$! flying car. Little does he know that his current teammate and unacknowledged crush is one of the plaintiffs even though he was frozen in a plane crash at the time....
Bea's comment: The bit I liked the most was Steve singing in the shower and shaving with a razor. Naked. Unashamed of his nudity. Unf sexy.

In Exchange - Del_Rion NC-17, 12K
Tags: Hate!sex, Kink: D/s, Developing Relationship, PWP, POV (Tony)
It all began with an off-hand remark, and there shouldn’t have been any cause for it to escalate… until Tony keeps finding himself indebted to Steve – and Steve enjoys collecting his dues.

One Good Reason - circ_bamboo, feelslikefire PG-13, 12K
Tags: Fluff, Pining, Pretend Relationship, CATWS AU (Non Compliant),
When Tony asks Steve to accompany him to compete in an ice-skating competition for charity, they realize a little too late that it's a competition for strictly couples-only. One thing leads to another, and soon Captain America and Iron Man are "dating." But what will happen when latent feelings between the two of them finally get acted on?

To Dwell on Dreams - fandomfrolics R, 12K
Tags: AU, Dreamsharing
A series of increasingly vivid dreams prompt Tony Stark to move back to New York City after ten years, much to the excitement of the press. Steve Rogers, ex-soldier and popular political cartoonist, is not quite as thrilled. After he publishes an unflattering cartoon of the reclusive billionaire, he's granted exclusive access to do an in-depth piece on the person nobody's heard from in the last ten years.
Bea's comment: Wherein Steve and Tony don't know each other but share dreams...about being in the Avengers.

Falling 'Verse - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 11K, Series
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Hurt!Tony, PTSD (Tony), Marriage, time travel
Series of steve/tony fics, mostly hurt!tony

American Patrol - copperbadge NC-17, 11k
Tags: Steve/Bucky and Steve/Peggy, Virgin!Steve, Post-Avengers
Steve has had three great loves in his life. None of them are what you might call normal.

The Ballad of Captains America - JenTheSweetie NC-17, 11K
Tags: PWP, Steve/Tony/Steve, Humor
The thing I want you all to remember, when this is over,” Tony said to Steve Rogers, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, and Bruce Banner, and fuck, they really needed to find Thor, or possibly Thors, “is that I was planning to use this for good, not evil."

The (Not Really) Secret Origins of Movie Night - nightwalker PG-13, 11k
Tags: Team!fic, Get-together, Fluff, POV (Steve)
Somewhere along the line the Avengers have become a pretty good team. But Tony's still the odd man out, and Steve's determined to change that.

Like Gene Kelly in the Movies - lyra_wing R, 11k
Tags: POV (Steve), Mission, Post-Avengers, romance, pining, man out of time
Everything Tony Stark does is a dance. And it's super confusing for Steve.

Something Red, White and Blue by Traincat PG-13, 11k
Tags: Pining!Steve, Post-Avengers, team!fic, fluff, POV (Steve), mission, humor, weddings
Summary: Steve Rogers is always the groomsman and never the groom. Tony Stark hates feelings and ancient alien prophecies. Or, five weddings Captain America attended, and one he crashed. Not necessarily in that order.

Best Kept Secret - AlchemyAlice PG-13, 11K
Tags: Pining, Friendship (Tony+Natasha), Protective!Natasha
In which there is a secret friendship, and Tony can’t deal with feelings, so Natasha has to do it for him. These two features may or may not be related.

Put My Guns in the Ground (I Can't Shoot Them Anymore) - jukeboxhound PG-13, 11K
Tags: Series, PTSD, Team Dynamics, Hurt!Tony, Internalized Homophobia
There's no magic answer, no single moment of catharsis that will make it all go away, so all you can do is keep walking and make it work.

Christmas Eve Will Find Me - kahn PG-13, 11K
Tags: Fluff, Holiday: Christmas
Steve comes home.

Expressions - todisturbtheuniverse R, 11K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, PTSD, Mother hen!Steve, Team!fic, Arc Reactor, Post-Avengers, PTSD (Tony), POV (Tony), Gym
Tony thinks Steve is just humoring him, until a plague of Lokis is unleashed on New York.

By Its Cover - EClairedeLoon NC-17, 11K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Fluff, Pining, POV (Steve), Jealous!Steve, Tony/Others
In which Thor is wise, Steve is wrong, and Tony is more than he seems.

as they learned to see - often_adamanta PG-13, 11K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Hurt!Steve, Kidnapped!Steve, Protective!Avengers, POV (Tony)
Tony stayed silent through her terse explanation, anger growing. When Natasha was finished, he asked, “So you’re telling me that Steve’s been missing for almost two months, most likely kidnapped by an unknown organization, a force which employs two brilliant but completely crazy scientists that hate Stark Industries because they were refused jobs on the basis of their psych evals, and I’m only hearing about this now?”

Superbros! - AlchemyAlice PG-13, 11k, Series
Tags: Crossover: Justice League, Canon!AU, Mostly gen)
All you need to know is that Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne went to boarding school together. The rest is history. Messy, snarky, superheroic history, mainly documented via phone calls (drunken or otherwise).

cracks - starkravingcap PG-13, 11k
Tags: Pre-slash, Tony's Unhappy Childhood, Angst, Hurt/Comfort
They find Howard Stark's old workshop boarded up in the basement of the New York office during renovations.

let me be the one (who never leaves you all alone) - ohmyloki NC-17, 11k
Tags: First Date, Romance, Virgin!Steve, Training, Getting to know each other, Pining, Gym, POV (Both), Flirting, Romantic Comedy
Steve couldn’t pinpoint when it started, when he no longer saw Tony as just a teammate but a friend instead, nor when the warm glow of friendship started to shift and turn into something with a little more heat.

The Inherent Absence of Light - Riffir NC-17, 10K
Tags: POV (Tony), Established Relationship, angst, PTSD (Tony), team!fic
Tony Stark's a bit reliant on the arc reactor. In more ways than one.

I Will Stand Sentinel (At Your Grave) - Pandemic R, 10k+
Tags: Team!fic, Protective!Tony, PTSD (Steve), Reckless!Steve, Protective!Steve, Hurt!Steve, WIP, Mission!fic, POV (Steve)
"He fought for so long, and the world he died protecting no longer exists, replaced by one where technology is precedence over human contact, and instead of asking for a dames hand to dance boys will call them sluts and other names Steve can’t bear to pronounce. He watches the world around him, so full of lust and blood and speed, and it terrifies him that he is no longer sure whether he’d die tomorrow for it."

Keep Me Warm - Pheylan NC-17, 10k
Tags: PTSD (Steve), Virgin!Steve, Hurt/Comfort, Nightmares, POV (Steve)
Steve Rogers hates the cold. But he loves being an Avenger. And he likes Tony Stark more than he wants to admit.

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry - schemingreader NC-17, 10K
Tags: Series, Bottom!Steve, Virgin!Steve, Kidnapped!Tony, Post-Avengers, POV (Steve)
"They don't think I'm gay. They just think you're cute," Steve said. Tony grinned back at him. "No one is going to make a big deal about this, right? It's just like someone wrote graffiti about us or something." (The one where the Avengers find people photoshopping Steve/Tony and Steve is strangely okay with it).

Mr. July - jibrailis NC-17, 10k,
Tags: POV (Tony), Fluff, Humor, Mission!fic, Villains, Fluff, Pining, Romantic Comedy
Tony is the only one who can defend Steve's virtue. Tony hates his life.

World Acclimation - Del_Rion NC-17, 10k
Tags: A/B/O, Omega!Tony, Worldbuilding, Sex-Pollen sort of?, Dubious Consent, POV (Tony), Possessive!Steve
Summary: When an unexplained phenomenon washes over the entire planet, the Avengers are left to struggle along with the rest of the population. Chains of command, relationships and friendships alike are put to the test as new biological imperatives take hold, and only one thing is certain: the world will never be the same...

24 Hours - Wordsplat PG-13, 10k
Tags: Team!fic, De-Aged!Tony and De-aged!Steve, Protective!Avengers, POV (Other)
When one of Loki's spells turns their leaders pint-sized, the team is surprised by the behavior of the children in their care.

Bend and Break - missbecky GEN, 10k
Tags: Pre-slash, Post-Avengers, POV (Both), Mission
The first two times Tony invited him to stay in Stark Tower, Steve said no. But that was before he realized that sometimes even the great Tony Stark needed help.

Conflict Resolution - AshitaNewssnoopy R, 10K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Jealous!Tony, Sassy!Steve, Steve +Sharon friendship, PWP
the one in which Tony gets bitten by the green-eyed monster and Steve calls his bluff.

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Recs 5/14/2017

the map of my heart - laireshi PG, 1K
One day, Tony will take Sheriff Rogers flying.

A Man to Ride the River With - a_sparrows_fall PG,  4K
Tags: Canon!AU, Mermaids
Tony discovers something incredible at a sideshow passing through Timely. He never thought mermaids could be real; this changes everything.


Bingo - Western AU - antigrav_vector PG-13, 12K, Series, Marvel 1872/MCU crossover
Tony wakes up. This is not a particularly good thing. Leave it to Steve to fix that.

Marvel's 1872 - Amuly NC-17, 33K
Tags: Marvel Comics, Bottom!Steve, AU, Marvel 616
Based in Marvel's 1872 Western Universe, where Tony is a blacksmith and Steve is the town Sheriff. Blacksmith Tony hears Sheriff Steve's birth date is coming up, and decides to give him the present he deserves.

Somebody's Darling - laireshi PG-13, 12K
Tags: Marvel 1872, Pining, Awesome, Happy Ending
Steve wasn't always a sheriff, and Tony didn't always spend his days halfway down a bottle. They met long before Timely.

A Stake in This Ground - Woad NC-17, 9k
Tags: Marvel 1872
Granted, Tony gets off to a bumpy start in Timely, but he's still surprised when Rogers arrests him for drunk and disorderly behavior.

Staking Claim (The Ghosts Remix) - navaan R, 7k
Tags: 1872
Sheriff Rogers came to Timely to forget a part of himself and live without the burden of who he is, but things only worked out in part. He knows what it is to be haunted. And into town walks a man battling his own demons.

Go See the Elephant - runningondreams PG-13, 2K
Tags: Marvel 1872
The morning was going just fine until Wrecker and his boys tried to take over the casino.

In Between the Dark and the Light - Sineala PG-13, 1K
Tags: 1872, Fix-it
After Doom is defeated, the stars come back to the night skies over the town of Timely. And they're not the only thing that comes back. Howdy, Sheriff.

Close to the sun - laireshi PG-13, 1K
Tags: Established Relationship, Fluff, Marvel 1872
Summary: The summer is too hot in Timely. Tony comes up with a solution.

In Timely - navaan PG, 1K
Tags: 1872, Fix-it
sort of Fix-it for you know what.

the shadow of a dream - laireshi PG-13, 1K
Tags: Marvel 1872, Fix-it
Summary: Tony can't make it right again. Steve can.

Lay down your arms - laireshi PG-13, 1K
Tags: Marvel 1872
Tony picks up a gun again.
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Armored Adventures (Update, 2016)


Snow White and Sleeping Beauty - twill PG-13, 45K
Tags: Iron Man Adventures, Canon!AU
When SHIELD falls to the machinations of a power-hungry general, Team Iron Man must rescue and revive one frozen Super Soldier. What happens after that is an adventure all on its own.

All That Tomorrow Brings - YourFavoriteRobot R, 37k
Tags: Iron Man: Armored Adventures |AU
Captain America is a seventeen year old Tony Stark's idol. Steve Rogers is his art history teacher.

Living In The Future - Closer R, 36k
Tags: Crossover |Age Difference |Iron Man: Armored Adventures/Marvel Comics/Ultimate Spiderman |Hurt!Tony |Protective!Steve
Eighteen-year-old Tony Stark is the boy genius who woke Captain America, and now he's stuck with him. That's not a bad thing, but between Steve's wide-eyed wonder at the new world and Tony's little fanboy crush, the awkwardness just keeps happening.

Life Was Never Going to be Normal - Pookaseraph PG-13, 31k
Tags: Young Tony |Age Difference |Established Relationship |IM:Armored Adventures
Tony Stark is on top of the world, he's saved the Earth, he's got his dad back, and he's ready to start his future. Now that the Starks have been reunited, it's time for Stark Industries and Stark Solutions first corporate collaboration: defrost Captain America. Life probably would be a bit more normal for him without the inopportune crush on Captain America and the malfunctioning nanobots, though.

see a thing a thousand times - Mizzy PG-13, 26K
Tags: Canon!AU, High School, Identity Porn, IM:Armored Adventures
Whoever came up with the rule that SHIELD agents in modern times had to be a certain age should be shot. Obviously the solution is for Steve to travel back in time. (If only things were ever that easy.)

Just Give Me Your Jacket, Cap - MountainRose PG, 2K
Tags: Iron Man: Armored Adventures
Tony's young, he gets that they have 'legal responsibility' for him, but sometimes it means a bit more than keeping him on the right road.
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Recs (Last Updated: 5/14/2017

Tony Stark and the Artifact of the Hawai'ian Archipelago - antrigrav_vector  NC-17, 18K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Merman!Steve, Bonding
Tony's on a solo flight, scouting out the area around the atolls in the mid Pacific on a mission from Fury to try to find an artifact that no one can describe. Hell, there's not even really a consensus on what it can do. But Fury wants to get his hands on it if he can. Tony manages to get there, but then his plane sinks. Yes, sinks. He'd anchored it off the island's shoreline, since the island itself had no room for a runway, being rather too tiny. And now he's stranded.

Luckily he no longer needs to recharge the repulsor pump every few days.

Giving in to the need, Tony scouts the island. He finds very little that will help him. There are no animals here but small songbirds, so he'll have to find a way to catch fish to eat until Pepper and Jarvis can come get him...
Bea's comment: Merman!Steve is adorable.

Sometimes Even Heroes Need Saving (The Tony Stark Adventures Anniversary Edition) - navaan PG, 3K, Marvel Noir
Summary: The first time he meets Captain America, the man saves him. Between heroes of a certain ilk that is never the end of the story.

Say It (Movietone News remix) - a_sparrows_fall PG, 3K, Noir
Steve and the other Invaders are stationed at headquarters just outside of London, where they run into Tony Stark—the Tony Stark of Marvels magazine. Steve struggles to express how he feels.

Love's old song will be new - gottalovev PG-13, 5K, Noir
Tony's plan for the evening was to have a drink with Rhodes before starting a new adventure. He wasn't counting on a gorgeous soldier catching his eye.

Pulse, Beat, and Measure - Sineala NC-17, 134K, Series
Tags: Marvel Noir, One Night Stand, Reunion, Multiverse, Crossover: Noir x 616, Civil War, Fix-it)Two men. Two worlds. Life during wartime.

Indelible - Penumbren NC-17, 104K, Series
Tags: Multiverse, Marvel 616+IM Noir Crossover, Angst, Happy Ending, Post Civil WarWhen an experiment goes awry, Tony thinks he may have found an answer to his problems and Steve faces something he's been avoiding for a very long time.

Tony Stark and the Hidden Hercules: A Marvels War Book - navaan PG-13, 76k
Tags: Iron Man Noir, Action/AdventureThe story where Bucky needs Tony Stark to save Steve, although Bucky is not the one who is crazy about Marvels and the man whose adventures made the magazine great, and Tony comes because he has a score to settle. Or at least that’s what he keeps telling himself right until he’s swept up by the mystery of it all.

Here Be Dragons - MemoryDragon PG-13, 67K
Tags: Fantasy, Marvel Noir, Dragons, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Tony, Protective!Steve
Tony Stark has come far from his adventures with Marvels, fighting the long War with no end in sight. When he's shot from the sky, he finds himself in an underground utopia and a city of dragons. One dragon in particular reminds Tony of what it's like to live again, but can he save the city from the monsters that lurk below and above?

You'd Be So Nice (To Come Home To) - Wordsplat NC-17, 57K
Tags: AU, Marvel Noir, Virgin!Steve, Canon!AU
Steve is a stripper, Tony is the Stark Adventures poster boy, and they fall madly in love in the 1940's.

The Tower of Yesterday - manic_intent NC-17, 49K
Tags: Marvel Noir
Tony is the WWII hero waking up in the future. Iron Man Noir.

Marvels: The Bloodstone Odyssey - teaberryblue PG-13, 35K
Tags: Pre-Serum SteveThe year is 1940. In the middle of the Blitz, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts set out to London to recover Howard Stark's lost work. But it turns out that they're not the only ones hunting for it. Tony finds himself contending with Nazis, crooks, and perhaps his most formidable adversary yet: a scrawny, asthmatic, bullheaded kid named Steve Rogers.

Look here, look back, look ahead - marinarusalka PG-13, 33K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Hurt!Tony, Protective!Steve, Identity Porn
September, 1941: Returning from a mission as Iron Man, Tony Stark crash-lands in the Carpathian Mountains and is rescued by Captain America. The two heroes team up to investigate Nazi activity at a mysterious castle. But Captain America is keeping secrets that could destroy their new partnership before it has a chance to begin.

Tony Stark and the Sentinel of Liberty: A Marvels Adventure - Sineala PG-13, 28K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Sentinels and Guides AU, Skinny!Steve, Post-Serum!Steve, Action/Adventure, Pining!Steve
When Project Rebirth fails, leaving the super-soldier serum inert in his veins, Steve Rogers is forced to bid goodbye to his dream of defending his country -- at least, in the way he'd always envisioned it. But his prospects in that regard aren't entirely bleak: he takes a job as chronicler for Tony Stark, the former Marvels adventurer who now serves his country in his typical unorthodox style, hunting down mystical relics before the Nazis can find them. At Tony's side in the jungles of Peru, Steve discovers that the serum works after all -- but it works in ways he could never have imagined.

the best man in his world and a good enough man for any world - thyrza NC-17, 24K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Bottom!Steve, Mission fic, Hurt!Tony
Tony Stark disappeared without a word at the close of World War II, and hasn't been seen or heard from since. When Commander Steve Rogers, newly retired from the mantle of Captain America, arrives in Madripoor to investigate the presence of a Hydra cell, he is reunited with his former lover. But Tony is keeping secrets of his own ... and Steve soon finds out he isn't the only person interested in Tony Stark's missing years.
Sequel: ❤a man of honor, by instinct, by inevitability, without thought of it - thyrza (PG-13 |Marvel Noir |WIP)

For Two Months Rest - wisia PG-13, 23k
Tags: Iron Man Noir
When Nicholas Fury calls, Tony Stark of Marvel believes he’s getting a fine deal for once. Two months of rest in exchange for finding a cube is nothing compared to his many dangerous adventures. However, it is never quite as simple as that, and the addition of Steve Rogers only complicates the matter. Both in task and heart.

Armistice (The Nothing Else Matters Remix) - Sineala PG-13, 20K
Tags: Multiverse, Crossover: Marvel 616 (Steve)/Noir, Civil War, Fix-it
It's 1944. Captain America lies dreaming, trapped in his own mind, and only Tony Stark can save him. But this is no mere Marvels adventure, as Tony finds when he enters Steve's dreams. Tony is confronted with dreams of superheroes, an imagined future fantastic and terrifying in equal parts, and a Steve Rogers who knows both too much and nothing at all about him. But they're just dreams. The war is what's real... isn't it?

Kiss the Canvas - captainshellhead, vibraniumstark PG-13, 19K
Tags: Marvel Noir, WIP
When Steve meets Tony at a charity boxing match, they don't exactly part on the best of terms. But then, there's a war on, he's fighting Nazis and chasing magic artifacts, and Steve has more important things to focus on.

The Heart of the Temple - captainshellhead, vibraniumstark PG-13, 18K
Tags: Marvel Noir, AU, Protective!Steve
After an expedition to find an ancient relic goes awry, Tony finds himself magically bound to a Roman soldier who has spent the last two thousand years guarding the temple, and who is now bound to protect him from harm. Stranger things have certainly happened, but Tony is having a hard time coming up with them now.

War at Home (A Tony Stark Adventure Featuring Iron Man & Pepper) - navaan R, 16K
Tags: Iron Man Noir, Action/Adventure
The war is on, but Europe is far away. Nazi spies have found their way to New York City and are making trouble. Most of all though they are after their sworn enemy, Tony Stark. Pepper is going through some special training at a secret army training camp, so they'll finally be allowed to join the action. Meanwhile Tony is playing a dangerous game, to draw out his enemies. But his enemies aren't the only ones watching.

Treasure, Explosions and Romance - runningondreams PG-13, 13K
Tags: Marvel Noir
There are three main ingredients to a good adventure. The fighting for your life and running away parts are just added fun.

A Window in the Sky - manic_intent NC-17, 10K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Bottom!Steve
Steve hits on a total stranger in Port-Lyautey, much to Bucky's astonishment.

What You Don't Know - Sineala NC-17, 9K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Identity Porn, Virgin!Steve, Mission, Action
In 1941, two strangers meet in a bar. And then Captain America meets Iron Man. And then Steve Rogers meets Tony Stark. They get it right. Eventually. And also they fall out of an airplane.

A Job for Captain America (The Three Times Remix) - navaan PG-13, 6K
It all starts with Erskine and the supersoldier serum and then it's just him and Captain America returning the favor of saving each other. Or perhaps it isn't just that.

Wartime Secrets (In Time of War Remix) - Neverever PG-13, 4K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Identity Porn
Summary: During WWII, Tony Stark fights as Iron Man, wonders about the mysterious Captain America, and falls for Private Steve Rogers.

of superheroes & swan kings: a rousing tale of action and adventure as only marvels can deliver! - thyrza PG-13, 4K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Identity Porn, Genderswap
Steve Rogers dreamed of going treasure hunting with Iron Man since long before he was Captain America. Now, on an assignment alone with his idol in the Bavarian Alps, he's gotten his wish ... but the person behind the Iron Man isn't quite what he was expecting.

Miles to Go - captainshellhead, vibraniumstark PG-13, 3K
Tags: Marvel Noir
Tony came to the arctic circle to meet their guide, find an artifact, and sell more issues of Marvels. But when their guide doesn’t show and a blizzard forces him to seek unexpected shelter, Tony hadn’t been prepared for what—or in this case, who—he might find.

15 Minutes, 35 Days (The Off-Piste in Rjukan Remix) - Veldeia PG-13, 3K
Tags: Arc Reactor, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Marvel Noir
A failed attempt to sabotage a HYDRA research facility leaves Steve and Tony at the mercy of the enemy. Will they survive to see another day together?

Behind Bars (Triptych) PG-13, 3K
Tags: Noir
Summary: Two times Steve and Tony met with one or the other in a cell, and one time when they ended up under lock and key together.

Serendipity - laireshi PG-13, 3K
Tags: Multiverse, Crossover: Marvel 616 x Marvel Noir
Steve's looking for weapons, tools of destruction to keep out of Nazi hands. What he finds is entirely unexpected.

In Time of War - navaan PG, 2K
Tags: Identity Porn, Marvel Noir
Iron Man meets Captain America on the battle field. But there's a war on and a smile isn't much to go on.

Middle Eight (the Beats Per Minute Remix) - magicasen PG-13, 2K
Tags: Marvel Noir
Their first argument is far too long in coming.

Ain't Nothing Black and White - Pookaseraph PG, 2K
Tags: Skinny Steve, Marvel Noir
Steve hadn't signed up to be a war correspondent with Bucky because he wanted to meet famous people, but he couldn't quite help the pure joy in his heart when he saw the Tony Stark, leaning against one of his armors, chatting with a trim and neatly-dressed woman who could only be Miss Pepper Potts, Mr. Stark's dame.

Cover Artist - navaan PG-13, 2K
Tags: Marvel Noir
There is a folder on his desk with art for Marvels. Pepper hasn't said anything about it, but the one she has sorted to lie on top is probably the best thing he has seen in years. The name attached to it is “Steve Rogers” and it's not the last time that he comes across that name.

Right Out of Marvels - navaan PG-13, 1K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Action/Adventure
Fury has a mission for Captain Rogers. Steve knows he doesn't have all the facts, but he's still surprised by the outcome of this one. Not that he's complaining.

Metal and Glass (The April in Paris Remix) - Veldeia PG, 1K
On days like this, he could constantly feel the cold metal sitting heavily in his breast, a chill radiating outwards from it, turning into a bone-deep ache.

Safe and Warm - navaan PG-13, 1K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Pre-Serum!Steve, Pre-Slash
Steve Rogers meets Tony Stark - and it's not exactly like he's dreamed it up before, but it's still the best day of his life.

A Beginning - Neverever PG-13, <1K
Tags: Noir
Steve Rogers receives an offer from the famous explorer Tony Stark.
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Last Updated: 5/14/2017

Your Knight in Shiny Armor - magicasen PG, 4K
Steve gets hit with a memory spell, and now everyone's worried over him. Mostly over the fact that no one can figure out just what he forgot.

It Might Almost Be Worth It - nightwalker PG-13, 7K
Tags: Sex-Pollen, Asexual!Steve
Summary: Tony couldn’t decide if this was more humiliating or frustrating, but either way it was easily the worst thing that had happened all week.

A Match Made in...France? - Woad PG, 3K
An alternate take on the issue where Batroc forced most of the guys to go out on dates to promote his matchmaking site. Now with more Tony.

Things You Never Knew - nightwalker PG-13, 4K
Summary: Tony needs to stop assuming the worst of his friends. Steve needs to get better at this emotional stuff. Clint... Clint needs to stop talking before he's had his coffee.


Stuck on You - Sineala PG, 1K
Tags: Fluff, MA:A
Life tip: Don't kiss Iron Man outdoors in winter.

Tentacular Spectacular - Sineala NC-17, 9K
Tags: Tentacle!sex, MA:A
Summary: When Amora the Enchantress lays a peculiar curse on Tony, its effects are not at all obvious... until Tony gets home and sees what's happened to Steve. And as for breaking the curse -- well, that happens to be Tony's number one fantasy. (Or: Tony never turns down a good tentacle. Or several.)

Some Assembly Required - valtyr NC-17, 57K
Tags: Genderswap, Identity Porn, MA:A
Tony Stark is trying to set up a new superhero team when he's given a sex change, courtesy of Victor von Doom. He copes with that about as well as you'd expect.

Sex Lies and Newsprint by nightwalker NC-17, 52K, WIP
Tags: MA:A, Bottom!Steve, Bottom!Tony, Dating
A year of Cap/Tony romance as told by the tabloids.

Saving Bucky Bear - magicasen PG, 27K
Tags: MA:A, Multi-verse, Baby!Cap
No man left behind - not between play dates, nor across universes, and Steve will do whatever it takes to bring Bucky Bear back home.
Or: the Avengers are not babysitters, especially not when said baby is an irate, alternate-universe, two-year-old Steve Rogers.

Engaging the Enemy - tsukinofaerii PG-13, 22K
Tags: MA:A, Canon!AU, Villain!Iron Man, Identity Porn
Iron Man is one of the more persistent villains that the Ultimates face, with a special fondness for one Captain America. As Steve starts to find out more and more about him, the lines between hero and villain begin to blur. Sometimes, you don't have to be on the right side of the law to be in the right.

A Very Fluffy Apocalypse - tsukinofaerii R, 16K
Tags: Humor, MA:A
It started small, with one little incident that was only one of the first steps in what would be the total collapse of the human race, and only the Avengers able to stop it. It started... with a kitten.

The Engagement - nightwalker PG-13, 13K, Series
Tags: MA:A, Marriage Proposal
Good news spreads fast - possibly faster than Tony intended. Pepper's gonna be mad.

Extinction - valtyr PG-13, 12K
Tags: MA:A, Canon!AU, Sort of like Night at the Museum, Flirting
The first time Tony met Captain America, he was riding a dinosaur. After that, things got weird.

The Beauty Asleep In The Workshop OR Sleeping Tony - cookinguptales PG-13, 12K
Tags: MA:A, Pining
In which Tony mouths off to a witch, catches up on his beauty sleep, and learns that True Love might not be such a crock after all. (His status as a princess, however, is still debatable.)

Holiday Love Story and Other Disasters - Neverever PG-13, 9K
Tags: MA:A, Identity Porn, Protective!Steve, AIM
Despite the fact that his identity as Iron Man is a closely held secret, Tony invites Steve to accompany him as his bodyguard on a holiday business trip to Vienna. He really should have checked the hotel website first.

The Jar - Sineala PG-13, 9K
Tags:MA:A, Pining, Humor
The Avengers are ridiculously competitive people, and what starts out as a silly late-night team discussion quickly becomes a contest: their names. Not the code names -- the nicknames. Who can go the longest without using them? They pledge to spend a week not nicknaming each other, and they'll pay up every time they mess up. This hits Tony the hardest, and not just financially. Tony's got a lot of nicknames for everyone, but most of all for Steve -- and when Tony can't use the names he's already got, the names he uses reveal feelings he had no idea he had.

All Wrapped Up - Sineala PG-13, 1K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, MA:A, Team
It takes being captured by a tentacle monster for Tony Stark to learn some very important lessons about the people in his life.

Instant karma’s gonna get you - dorcas_gustine PG-13, 9K
Tags: MA:A, Misunderstandings, Mutual Pining, Bad luck, Hurt!Tony, Worried!Steve, Sparring
Cap is disappointed. Predictably things start to Go Very Bad for Tony.

Two Lines Meeting - Regndoft PG-13, 8K
Tags: Fluff, MA:A, Pining, Artist!Steve
Steve is unable to see the big picture, Tony pays attention to the details and croquis happens.

The Captain, Enchanted - LinneaKou NC-17, 7K
Tags: MA:A, Pining!Steve, Sex Pollen
When Steve accidentally eats a magic apple that's actually a fruit of... "desire"... it turns out that there's only one way to work off the effects

A peopled labyrinth of walls - dorcas_gustine NC-17, 7K
Tags: MA:A
It's New Year's Day and Steve and Tony get lost in Venice. Oh, and there is sex.

The Green Tie Affair - nerakrose, Traincat PG-13, 7K
Tags: Mission, Team fic, MA:A
A cult kidnaps the Hulk. Steve and Tony go undercover to get him back.

Forgive to Forget - Settiai PG, 6K
Tags: MA:A
Eventually someone was going to have to apologize, no matter whose fault it had been.

Assassin of Gods and Inhibitions - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 6K
Tags: MA:A, Bottom!Steve, Sex Pollen
Tony hangs a box of mistletoe around the mansion, hoping to get a kiss from Steve. However, Thor knows his old enemy and predicts Dire Consequences to come from the bedecking. Maybe Tony should have listened to Thor after all. Or maybe not.

The Tipping Point - nightwalker PG-13, 6K
Tags: MA:A
Tony has a few quirks. Steve's still trying to figure them all out.

Community Service - valtyr PG, 6K
Tags: MA:A
Matchmaking is harder than it looks

Matchmaker, Matchmaker (Or A.I.M. Tries Matchmaking) - inukagome15 PG-13, 6K
Tags: MA:A, Mutual Pining, Fluff, Humor
Fed up with the rampant destruction Iron Man wreaks on A.I.M. and the outrageous flirting between Iron Man and Captain America, M.O.D.O.C. decides that the only way to deal with them is to set them up in a romantic relationship. The plan is flawless, after all.

The More Things Change - cookinguptales PG, 5K
Tags: MA:A
Steve's not entirely sure how seduction works nowadays, but he's learned from the best.

Heart Burn - nightwalker PG-13, 5K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, MA:A, Mission Fic, Pining!Steve
There was a dragon and now Tony's mostly naked and it's all Reed Richards' fault.

Muscle Memory - captainshellhead, vibraniumstark PG, 4K
Tags: Amnesia, Fluff, MA:A, Pining, Misunderstandings
The heart remembers what the brain sometimes forgets.

Doctor's Note Required - valtyr NC-17, 4K
Tags: Amnesia, Humor, Flirting, MA:A
"Steve/Tony Marvel Adventures fic. They're on a mission together, and Tony gets hit on the head and gets temporary amnesia, and hits on Steve flagrantly cause he can't remember why not. Steve, knowing of Tony's myriad girlfriends and being slightly out of date with How Orientation Works, thinks Tony's head injury has made him gay, and struggles manfully to prevent himself taking advantage of Tony's altered state. Even when Tony gets his memory back."

Idle Rainbow - valtyr NC-17, 4K
Tags: MA:A, Bottom!Steve, PWP
Tony knows that worthwhile things take hard work and sacrifice. Steve's not so sure.

All's Fair In Love - xDinahQueenx PG-13, 4K
Tags: MA:A, Pining!Steve
“I’ll help you look for it, Tony... where did you have it last?”

The Baby-Sitter Experiment - nightwalker PG, 4K
Tags: MA:A
Steve and Tony volunteer to babysit. Fluff ensues.

Unwrapped - nightwalker NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP, Marriage Proposal, Established Relationship, MA:A
Tony and Steve each have a surprise for the other. Turns out they were thinking along similar lines.

Delurking - garrideb PG, 4K
Tags: MA:A
Some of the Avengers misinterpret Steve and Tony's actions, and assume they're dating. Meanwhile, aliens are visiting Earth.

Bereavement - nightwalker MA:A, 3K
Tags: PG-13, Established Relationship
She sets her clipboard down on her lap and folds her hands over it. “I am very sorry for your loss, Agent Rogers.”

Five Times Steve Hugged Tony and One Time Tony Returned the Favor - cookinguptales PG, 3K
Tags: MA:A
A relationship told through hugs.

A Kiss to Build a Dream On - xDinahQueenx PG, 3K
Tags: MA:A, Holiday, Pining, Fluff
It’s the perfect reason for Tony to get a kiss from Steve, without repercussions from just telling him- things don’t quite work out the way he’s expecting.

Trial and Error - valtyr PG-13, 2K
Tags: Pining!Steve, Dating, MA:A
Written for the prompt: "Steve/Tony, unrequited love/pining. Except this time, it's Steve with the crush and Tony who's oblivious. Bonus points if Tony isn't crushing on Steve at first because he honestly never even thought of it, but when he finds out he realizes that he approves. Enthusiastically." I focused rather heavily on the bonus points.

Put to Right - nightwalker PG-13, 2K
Tags: MA:A, Hurt/Comfort
Tony's had a rough day. Steve knows how to make things right again.

Spoonful of Sugar - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 2K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, PWP, MA:A, Hurt!Steve
Tony takes care of Steve when he's injured, but Steve makes for a terrible patient.

♥ - tsukinofaerii PG, 1K
Tags: Fluff, Humor, MA:A
Steve is >:[ when one of Tony's lab experiments disrupts his baking, but luckily, some \o/ comes out of it, along with a little ♥

The Onion Ring Proposal - nightwalker PG-13, 1K
Tags: MA:A, Fluff, Marriage Proposal
Now the entire restaurant was staring at her, but that was what happened when you tried to put a leash on Tony.

Bizarre Love Triangle - panickyintheuk PG-13, 1K
Tags: Identity Porn, MA:A
Once the idea was in his head, he’d started picking up on all kinds of things, like the way Stark talked about Iron Man with such affection, and seemed to share so many of his mannerisms, and was constantly working on ways of improving the suit. It was obvious.

Not Another Second - nightwalker PG-13, 1K
Tags: Marriage Proposal, MA:A
There's only a few minutes left until the new year. Tony has a minor revelation. Of sorts.

Keeping Warm - nightwalker PG-13, 1K
Tags: Fluff, MA:A
Steve and Tony are snowed in.

On The Record - valtyr PG, 1K
Tags: MA:A
Tony vs the tabloids is an ongoing battle. These headlines might be the winning shot.

Tradition - somehowunbroken PG, 1K
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, MA:A
There are a lot of things that are different about the future, but Steve still expects a few things to be the same.

'Twas the Bite Before Christmas - Settiai PG, 1K
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, MA:A
Just when Tony thought their lives couldn't get any stranger...

Family Tradition - kijikun PG-13, 1K
Tags: Established Relationship, Holiday: Christmas
Tony wants to continue a Christmas Eve family tradition with his new husband.

These days, they say 'making sandwiches' (or, Ooops!) - dorcas_gustine PG, 1K
Tags: Fluff
Cap and Tony are just giant saps. Mostly Cap.

Google this! - dorcas_gustine NC-17, 1K
Tags: MA:A
Ah, the wonders of the Internet!

Date Night Interrupted - Neverever PG-13, 1K
Tags: MA:A
Steve had plans for a romantic date, but a supervillain had different plans.

In A New York Minute - SakuraTsukikage PG, 1K
Tags: Pre-slash, Emotional Hurt/Comfort
Things change quickly in New York, but some corners of the city have missed the passage of time. Steve Rogers misses the city he used to know, and Tony Stark thinks about change.

The Naughty List - thyrza PG, 1K
Tags: MA:A
The Fantastic Four and most of the Avengers are spending the holidays elsewhere, leaving Captain America and Iron Man to defend New York against Victor von Doom's particular brand of festive cheer.

Missing a Control - tsukinofaerii R, 1K
Tags: MA:A
Tony kisses Steve and starts a train of curiosity and denial that somehow gets off its tracks.

Back to Before (All's Fair In Love and War) - Settiai PG-13, 1K
Tags: MA:A, Magic, Mission fic, Skinny!Steve
Magic. Why was it always magic?

Childhood Sweetheart - valtyr PG, <1K
Tags: MA:A, Marriage Proposal, Fluff
Written for the Cap-Ironman post celebrating the NY marriage same-sex marriage laws - MA Steve and Tony respond to the new laws.

We Have These Rules For A Reason - nightwalker PG, <1K
Tags: Fluff, Marriage Proposal, Domestic, MA:A
It actually is kind of Clint's fault.

Desperate Measures - Nix (CrimsonQuills) PG-13, <1K
Tags: Holiday, MA:A
Marvel Adventures 'verse. Jan has a plan. Actually, she has several, but this is the one she's been reduced to employing.

Company - nightwalker PG, <1K
Tags: MA:A
Steve just wants to be alone with his feelings. Thor doesn't approve. Tony is mostly along for the ride.

New News - tsukinofaerii PG, <1K
Tags: MA:A
Steve thought marriage was supposed to be gay. The modern world is full of mysteries.
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Public Declaration (The Always Yours Remix) - navaan NC-17, <1K
“Why are you surprised? I'll always stand at your side, as a friend, as Iron Man, as your adviser and as your first lady, if you'll have me. Always been true. Didn't you know, Mr. President?”

Want - cptxrogers R, 1K
Steve doesn't know what he's doing here, with Tony. He only knows that he wants.

A More Perfect Union - Sineala PG-13, <1K
Summary: Tony has a proposal for his president.

Same As It Ever Was (The Thought Bubbles Remix) - Sineala PG-13, 6K
Tags: Multiverse
Summary: Steve Rogers, leader of the Ultimates, has strange dreams. Dreams where he's a comic book artist. Dreams where it wasn't SHIELD who pulled him from the ice. Dreams where he's an Avenger, whatever that is. But they're definitely dreams, because in these dreams he has a whole lot of... feelings... for Tony Stark. And that can't possibly be real, right? Right.

Waiting Under the Mistletoe for You - Fluffypanda PG-13, 1K
Refusing a kiss while under mistletoe is bad luck.

5 Times Steve Enjoyed Television and 1 Time He'd Rather Not Talk About - onceuponadarkandstormyknight R, 2K
Steve discovers the wonders of modern television.

Ultimates Gay Romance - duc PG-13, 8K
Summary: Steve was going to kill Tony. And Betty Ross.

On the Yearning for War and War's Ending - theLiterator PG-13, 5K
Steve Rogers is moving on, and it hurts more than he'll ever admit.

Sotto Voce - Woad  NC-17, Ultimates
Tony's motto is better to give than to receive. With Steve, that's a must.


Dying for a Drink - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 62K
Tags: Marvel Ultimates, Vampire, Mission, Suspense, Hurt!Tony, Kidnapping, Temporary Character Death, Denial!Steve, Friends with Benefits, Pining!Tony
Tony takes up an offer that has tragic effects, and Steve is forced to handle the outcome. But Tony's business isn't done yet, and so Steve finds himself struggling with vampire politics and his own sexuality

A Gentle Lullaby - navaan NC-17, 44k
Tags: Ultimates, Kid!fic, Action, Mission
They, all of them, are mortal and sometimes their brushes with death bring them closer to it than other people ever get. Fighting is what they do. But fighting for other people's survival without a thought to your own safety is easy when you're not leaving someone behind. Good then, that they don't have any families left... Until Hydra drops a new bundle of responsibility right in their laps. But that might not even be their biggest problem.

A Matter of Extremes by ellyr_in_ink, ani_bester R, 37K
Tags: Ultimates
Summary: Steve and Tony have issues, and things between them get a little... rough; also, Ultron intervenes, as it's wont to do, and only complicates things further.

Got You Under My Skin - SakuraTsukikage NC-17, 26K
Tags: Marvel Ultimates, Bottom!Steve
Steve Rogers goes to Tony Stark's birthday party. Things progress from there, with a lot of flirtiness leading to propositions, and propositions leading to, well, what comes next, and Steve isn't even sure what he wants after that.

Crash Love - Saral_Hylor NC-17, 21K
Tags: Marvel Ultimates, Bottom!Steve, Virgin!Steve
It’s just sex. Just sex between two consenting adults who don’t have feelings for each other beyond the camaraderie that comes from being on the same team. It’s just sex. Until it isn’t. It’s not love. Until it is.

Rock Splits, Records Fall Down - valtyr NC-17, 18K
Tags: Dubcon, PWP, Bottom!Steve, Marvel Ultimates
AU at the end of Ultimates 2. Time passes. The Ultimates try to work out where they're going and what they're doing, with a moderate level of success.

Love Across the Multiverse - Sineala NC-17, 16K
Tags: Marvel Ultimates, Denial!Steve, Straight!Steve, Internalized Homophobia
Mojo presents: Love Across the Multiverse! In tonight's episode, a battle-hardened supersoldier finds himself drawn to his handsome, genius teammate! It's an agonizing duel between his long-held beliefs and the secret passions of his heart! Will true love conquer all? There's only one way to find out! Don't miss the highlight of the season!

Captain Planet - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 11K
Tags: Marvel Ultimates, Humor
After the Red Skull incident, Steve needs to get away from things for a while. Tony, being the caring and considerate person he is, makes arrangements. But the Steve that comes back might be a little more than the world can handle.

Oxidation - paxnirvana NC-17, 10K
Tags: Sex Pollen, Ultimates
Terrorists develop a riot-inducing spray that has unexpected effects on America's only Super Soldier.

For Sentimental Reasons - SakuraTsukikage R, 9K
Tags: D/s, Ultimates
Ultimates Steve and Tony have hard lives--and they end up relaxing together. It turns into a habit. Non-sexual submission with service top Steve and sub Tony.

Iron Men - copperbadge NC-17, 8K
Tags: Multiverse, Marvel 616 x Ultimates, Threesome, PWP
When a second Tony Stark slips through from an alternate universe, Steve suddenly finds his hands very full.

age is an irrational number - valtyr NC-17, 8K
Tags: Marvel Ultimates, Future fic, Happy Ending, Extremis
Steve and Tony grow old together.

Bros Before - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 8K
Tags: Marvel Ultimates, Bottom!Steve, Pining, Tony/Other, Jealous!Steve
For a year, Steve and Tony have had a bromance of epic proportions, bonding over cheesy movies and long, dateless nights where they reminisce over love lost. But now something threatens to interfere with their precious Thursday Night Movies: a woman. Dun dun duuuuun.

Silence is the sound of rest(lessness) - captainshellhead, vibraniumstark PG-13, 6K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Tony, Marvel Ultimates, Fix-it
The Howling Commandos find Tony alive in Reed's lab. Steve visits him at the hospital, and waits for him to wake. Fix-it for Ultimates #27-28.

How Not To Build A Jetpack - valtyr NC-17, 3K
Tags: Marvel Ultimates
The team play games. Tony and Steve exchange surprising truths.

Keep Your Gloves On - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 3K
Tags: Ultimates
Why do you keep making passes at me?" Steve tries to help Tony out and gets a bit more than he bargained for. Tony just likes the uniform.

Domestic Partnership - valtyr PG, 2K
Tags: Marvel Ultimates
In which Tony deals with stress poorly and Steve deals with Tony's stress efficiently.

Commit - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 2K
Tags: Ultimates
Steve refuses to be a temporary fling.

in a wasp's nest with a short shirt-tail - malfaisant NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP, Marvel Ultimates
"The point, Mr. President, is that in about ten seconds I'm going to get on my knees and suck your cock, unless you say no, which would break my heart, but I'm only up for it if you're up for it. Please be up for it?"
(Or in which Tony knows what he wants, and Steve should probably get out of politics.)

The Best of Intentions - Sineala PG-13, 2K
Tags: Crossover: Ultimates x Marvel 616, Pining!Steve
Steve Rogers, Earth-1610, attempts to warn Steve Rogers, Earth-616, away from Tony Stark. Events do not proceed as planned.

Last Night I Dreamt I Was In The Labyrinth - valtyr NC-17, 1K
Tags: Marvel Ultimates, PWP, Bottom!Steve
For my next trick: Ultimate fic with Steve bottoming. YOU WAIT.

The Survival of the Soul - SakuraTsukikage PG-13, 1K
Tags: Ultimates
Written for Project Happy Stark: Ultimates. Steve died fighting Galactus–but now he’s back. It’s just that Tony can’t quite bring himself to believe it at first.

Art of War - valtyr NC-17, 1K
Tags: PWP, Ultimates, Established Relationship, Marriage Proposal, Sneaky!Steve
Steve Rogers has a brilliant tactical mind, and he's not afraid to use it.

President CapWolf - tsukinofaerii PG, 1K
Tags: Ultimates, Werewolf!Steve
Steve thinks Tony smells amazing. Tony resigns himself to being kept trapped for a week or so.

Pillow Biter - valtyr R, 1K
Tags: PWP
Written for Avengers Kink, prompt: "Steve/Tony Vampire!Steve AU. Steve is out looking for a bite to eat, and Tony's just looking for a way out."

Mine - Raikishi PG, 1K
Tags: Ultimates
Don’t people learn? Steve’s kicked faces in for less.

White Rabbit - valtyr NC-17, 1K
Tags: Multiverse, Crossover: Ultimates x MA:A
Marvel Adventures Tony Stark meets Ultimate Steve Rogers

Simple Joys - thatsweetmysteryoflife PG, 1K
Tags: Ultimates, Fluff
Summary: Tony Stark might have been a self-proclaimed futurist (and certified genius, and superhero, and so many other things), but he could honestly say that what he had now wasn’t something he could have come up with even in his wildest dreams.

Force Majeure - valtyr R, 1K
Tags: Marvel Ultimates, Dub-con (Fury/Tony)
Steve finds out Tony has been making some shady deals with Fury. He doesn't approve. (references to coerced sex, non-explicit.)

Take Two And Call Me In The Morning - valtyr PG-13, <1k
Tags: Marvel Ultimates
Tony has a medical miracle. Steve is one up on Chuck Norris.

Tears Will Be Mandatory For This Event - valtyr PG, <1K
Tags: Marvel Ultimates
Written for the Cap-Ironman post celebrating the NY marriage same-sex marriage laws - Ultimate Steve and Tony respond to the new laws.
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