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So it has happened! The original list got too large to keep adding to it, so I posted different entries that will be linked to this main masterlist. :)

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Theme is fics where the beach divorce didn't happen. and they lived happily ever after. Also,
Canon Divergent
* Different meeting
* Alpha/Omega
* Diverges from canon mid-movie

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Here are the ones that don't fall under a specific category. :) Like collection of ficlets, etc.

Last Updated: 5/30/2014


Where they're animals.

Caw Caw Motherfucker - groovyphilia {PG |Crow!Erik |Human}
Charles had only wanted to take out the trash. He didn't ask for a crow sitting smugly on his head. In which Erik is a possessive crow.

Hairy Conniption Fits (and other hazards of fatherhood) - Quietbang {PG |Kittens}
The one where they're all kittens. Yeah, I don't even know.

Little Birds - winterhill {PG-13 |Birds}
Bird AU. Erik is a lone kestrel on a mission to destroy the great golden eagle who killed his mother. Charles is an abandoned pet dove with no fear and a dream of making a place where the little birds can fly free. They don’t quite want the same thing, but together they’ll change the world.

Other Crabs Cannot Be Trusted - groovyphilia {PG |Animals |Crack}
Erik is a hermit crab and proud. He is also stalking a shore crab named Charles. In which everybody in XMFC is a crab.

Strays - Teacandles {PG}
Raven's handicapped corgi Charles has a bad habit of finding stray kittens and bringing them home with him. One day, instead of finding an adorable kitten, Charles befriends a rough-and-tumble alley cat. Hank is not amused.

Strange things out there in that deep blue sea - professor {R |Crack |Mpreg |Pregnant!Erik}
The ultimate crackfic of ultimate destiny: a.k.a. the one where tentacle!Charles knocks up wereshark!Erik with sharktopus babies. Erik is less than thrilled with being Octomom.

Tea for Two Teacups - baehj2915 (PG |Fluff |Inanimate Objects)
Charles and Erik are teacups. And they're adorable.

The Secret of Dragon Ranch - winterhill {PG}
MLP fusion for the XM Reverse Bang 2012. Ironhooves has been a prisoner on Dragon Ranch all his life when he finally escapes and goes searching for somepony special to help him defeat the evil dragons and save his Mama. Professor Oxford Blue might just be that special somepony. Lots of fluff and ponies pining after one another.

The Westchester Zoo Chronicles - cloudyjenn {PG |Pinguins |WIP}
When a new penguin comes to the zoo, Charles is convinced the humans have brought him a mate.

Worry Not, Sweet Prince - kageillusionz, ourgirlfriday  {PG}
A Very Drop Bear Prequel to The Hug-A-Drop Bear Program.  [Koala!Charles, Drop Bear!Erik AU]

Fic collections

A Collection of Kisses - significantowl (PG-13)
1) Charles/Erik forehead kiss, for Kageillusionz; late nights, headaches, and hurt-comfort

2) Charles/Erik nose kiss, for anon; sudden rainshowers, errant drops of water, and fluff

3) James/Michael eyelid kiss, for Capriccio; sleepless nights and comfort

4) James/Michael kiss, for Luninosity (meant to be a collarbone kiss, but it didn't quite work out that way!); dramatic sea views, meeting-the-parents angst, and comfort

Collected pieces - pearl_o  {NC-17 |Collection}
A collection of short-form fic, previously posted to tumblr and/or LJ, or anything that doesn't belong anywhere else. Content notes or warnings can be found on individual chapter headings.

Ficlets From the XMFC Kink Meme - Yahtzee {NC-17 |Collection |Various Pairings}
I wanted to archive some of my shorter ficlets here but didn't see the point of putting them up separately. Each chapter will have the prompt as notes at the beginning.

Happily Ever After - keire_ke  (PG-13)
Erik Lehnsherr the Disney Princess, everybody - a series of pictures with ficlets

History Repeating - winterhill {NC-17 |Collection}
From a kinkmeme prompt, this is a series of vignettes about Charles and Erik throughout the ages. Each chapter is written as a self-contained era.

Rimwars - The Harder, Longer Edition - afrocurl, Clocks, maimo, marourin, palalife, spicedpiano {NC-17 |Various}
In the X-Men Reverse Bang chat room, we had a rimming challenge. Artists had fifteen minutes to draw art of Charles/Erik rimming, and then authors had a timed challenge to write fic inspired by the art!

This is the product of that unholy union.

so we came to february - pocky_slash (PG-13)
A collection of Charles/Erik ficlets written daily during the first twenty-five days of February. - aesc {R |Collection |Crossovers |AUs |Amazing |WIP}
A collection of ficlets and snippets inspired by Tumblr and #xmentales chat.
Bea's comment: My favorite ones are the Wanted Crossover. There's also one that is Brandon/Wesley *_*

The Cookie Cutter Fic - Coshledak, furius, Subtilior, tahariel, Takmarierah, verilyvexed (NR)write a drabble, or a scene, in which Charles & Erik are using COOKIE CUTTERS. They can be together! or separate! Thinking of each other! Angsting, or giggling, or eating cookie dough (ALTHOUGH Tahariel you already had cake batter!)

The Random Collection of Rambling Tales - Black_Betty {NC-17 |Collection}
Various bits and pieces written on tumblr (and now hopefully the kink_meme too, if I can find them!) achieved here because I know eventually I'll lose them to the abyss known as my blog...

Thirty days - aesc {NC-17 overall |Collection}
In which there are Mad Mutants, medieval mutants, dirty letters, mutants in space, sexual frustration in inappropriate venues, Bookshop 'verse Mutant Pride Day, Charles looks for serenity with a hostile yoga instructor, Erik has strange dreams and Charles has a ruined planet, Erik's on a mission to find a mutant who can't be found, dragons, Charles shows Erik what telepathy is like, Erik is a food critic who can't stand Charles the vintner and his stupid wines, Erik dreams and lets Charles see it, reunion sex, Charles has to show Erik why telepathic ethics are important, and there are two amazing, ingenious devices that bring Erik and Charles together even as Shaw continues to be awful, Emma runs a dating service, and Erik and Charles are the world's most boring couple... until they're not anymore.

Tumblings - pocky_slash (PG-13)
A collection of ficlets I've posted on Tumblr. Mostly XMFC, mostly Charles/Erik with a sprinkling of other pairings and fandoms.

Unconnected V-Day Drabbles/ficlets - Pookaseraph (PG-13)
Unconnected drabbles and ficlets that were prompted on tumblr for Valentine's Day (some don't have a Valentine's Day theme, but some do!). Currently includes drabbles set in Mutually Beneficial Transactions, Mutant Criminal Investigations, All the King's Man, and Nation Building 'verses.

Various XMFC Ficlets - pocky_slash  (PG-13)
A collection of XMFC comment ficlets. Each chapter is its own complete story. Some are canon, some are AU, most are Charles/Erik, Alex/Darwin, or Raven/Angel.

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Canon-verse recs. Post-XMFC is in another post. These are all canon!verse recs falling under these categories: Coast Guard Boat/Miami/Division X, Recruiting, Mansion!fic

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Other Pairings (Hank/Alex, Sean/Alex, Hank/Alex/Sean, Michael/James RPS)

Erik/Charles Masterlist

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X-men Trilogy
(I love reading movie-verse fics! Bobby/St. John and Wolverine/Cyclops are the pairings I love the most)

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