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Last Updated: June 2016
New fics

call to me with words i never knew - forsanethaec NC-17, au, series
In which Mark learns how to make a friend, and then learns a little more. (AU)

Sympathy For The Devil - merisunshine36, thedeadparrot R, AU
Mafia au

A Seahorse Gilt in Gold (The Dear Mrs. Robinson Remix) - antistar_e (kaikamahine) R
The first reported fatal case is in May, and within two months, Eduardo learns how to shoot people in the face.

Heave Ho, Thieves and Beggars - antistar_e (kaikamahine) PG-13, AU
When you can't run, you crawl. When you can't crawl, you find someone to carry you. Or, when Wash's cousin contacts Serenity saying that the youngest, richest man in the universe wants to hire them for a job, an empty purse leaves Malcolm Reynolds hard-pressed to take the offer. The problem? Mark Zuckerberg needs their help to break a friend out of the Academy. And as it turns out, that's just the easy part.

The Twelve Labors of Sean Parker - antistar_e (kaikamahine) R, AU
Meet Sean Parker. He's 24 years old, he hates most condescending authority figures as much as they hate him, and he's just joined a crime syndicate called the Harvard Connection. This is going to go well. [AU].

The Things We Do For Love - grim_lupine R, AU
Mark leans forward. The orange washes out his already pale skin, and his head of curls is a mess; but there’s something so assured about Mark Zuckerberg that not even prison can take that from him. It’s as if he’s so convinced that he is the most brilliant person you will ever meet, he manages to convince everyone around him as well.

“Special Agent Hughes,” he says quietly, formally, and something like warning bells begins ringing distantly at the back of Chris’s head.

“I have a proposition for you."

Just Gonna Get My Feet Wet Until I Drown - justbreathe80 NC-17
Good thing he hadn’t tried too hard to picture Mark Z., because after Sean’s hyper, condescending reminder about how important this client was, he wouldn’t have imagined this guy staring him down, not blinking, for the world.

It Hurts To Become - myownremedy NC-17, Canon!AU
The one where Mark is blind and Eduardo loves him. Facebook happens along the way.

Buyer's Remorse - SilviaKundera PG-13
When Eduardo Saverin has a sudden vacancy for a best friend, no one on earth expects Sean Parker to fill it -- least of all Sean himself.

In which Sean Parker accidentally grows up, stumbles into a priorities readjustment, and helps Eduardo kick True Love's ass like a boss.

From Cover to Cover - abriata PG-13, AU
Mark is a famous novelist and Eduardo is his agent.

Share Function - BlackEyedGirl PG-13
Eduardo knows better now than to sign things without having them checked out by his lawyers first. So apparently what he needs are better lawyers. [Soulbonding fic]

a little joy tomorrow - BlackEyedGirl NC-17
Mark isn't sure what makes him look away from the screen. Canon-divergent for the prompt: at some point Mark actually looks up from his endless coding and Sean-worship and realises that Eduardo is unhappy and tries to do something about it.

forgiving what we cannot forget - BlackEyedGirl PG-13
'Because there's nothing like an open wound, Eduardo sends for the deposition statements. He doesn't recognise the people in these pages.' Amnesia-fic, for a prompt response.

Truths and Lies in Parallel - BlackEyedGirl R
It's not that they leave things out. The lawyers just don't ask all of the right questions, and anyway these parts only mattered/matter/will matter to the two of them.

Throw Your Back Into It - jibrailis NC-17
Sex is not the enemy. Except when it is. The one where Mark is a slut, Eduardo has performance anxiety, and there are cross-country booty calls.

Disentanglement - rageprufrock PG-13
After the abject shitshow of Palo Alto, Eduardo's plans are to stop proving his father right about all his life decisions, shut up, graduate, and keep abusing the slow-healing wound from Mark's knife in the back until all the scar tissue is numb from dead nerve endings.

You Could Dress This Wound - myownremedy {NC-17 |Depositions!Era |Hurt!Mark}
The one where Mark wakes up and discovers he can see other people’s pain as light.
Or, the Glowing AU.

There I Fixed It - lightgetsin {PG-13 |Post-Movie |Hurt!Mark |Humor}
“You need a fucking keeper,” Wardo rages. “Someone apparently needs to make you drink orange juice and stop you from blowing up your appliances and spray you down with a fire extinguisher every now and then, for the love of God. Why the fuck don’t you have people doing these things?”

Hoodie Strings (i want to chew your) - jeyhawk {NC-17 |AU}
College AU. Wardo is nineteen and a virgin cartoon animal, and Mark is a pervert.

Relationship Status: It was always about you - jeyhawk {NC-17 |AU}
College AU. The one where Eduardo works at the campus coffee shop and Mark doesn't understand the concept of love at first sight. Coffee, code, Facebook and love (not necessarily in that order).
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Mark/Eduardo Recs Masterlist

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