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Steve/Tony Recs: MCU Canon <10K

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Less than 10K words


every dong has its day - zrt R, 7K
Tags: Humor  Summary: it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean. -ancient chinese proverb (aka that time zara wrote 8k worth of dick jokes.)

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - missbecky PG-13, 4K
Tags: Holiday fic, Fluff, Established Relationship
Tony has never been fond of December and Christmas. So he's not exactly pleased when he comes home one night from a long day at work to discover that there's a Christmas party happening at Avengers Tower. But that's not the biggest surprise Steve has for him -- and suddenly Christmas doesn't seem so bad after all.

Helping Hands - FestiveFerret NC-17, 8K
Tony was fucked.

It's the little things - dapperanachronism PG-13, 1K
He turns to stare at Tony, his gaze razor sharp and intent. Tony matches the intensity of it, refusing to budge even as Steve says, “Thank you, Tony,” in a voice that’s a little tight.

help me help you - theappleppielifestyle PG, 7K
Tony offers to help Steve woo the mysterious person he's apparently in love with.

Sex on the Beach - antigrav_vector R, <1K
Tags: POV (Tony), Established Relationship, PWP
Tony takes Steve to Malibu with the intent to actually get some R&R. It doesn't quite go as planned.

Small Comfort - 27dragons PG-13, 2K
“I invented a new element, Steve, I think I can manage to make hot chocolate.”
“See, you’d think the whole genius thing would be in your favor, but I have seen you in the kitchen, honey, and I have doubts.”

take me out (and let me hold you tight) - MusicalLuna PG-13, 3K
Steve daydreams about holding Tony's hand, and Halloween might just be the best chance he's got for making dreams reality.

Blink - kaesaria NC-17, 6K
Tags: PWP, Gay Chicken/ D/s, Bottom!Steve, Oral Sex
The one where Steve learns that you should never bet against Tony—not unless you’re ready to face the dirty dire consequences of losing. Or... maybe it’s the other way around?

Morning Glory - ipanicdaily PG, 1K
Tags: Fluff
a.k.a. The Four Times Steve Woke Up to Tony In His Bed (And the One Time Tony Noticed Steve Awake)
Asleep, Tony wasn’t putting on a charming act for a camera, or stressing over upgrades for Clint’s bow and his own suit. Asleep, Tony was merely Tony; vulnerable and exposed.

The one where... Tony gets in the way - shieldmaidenofrohan PG, <1K
Tags: Hurt!Tony
March Prompt #29: “It never gets any easier.”

Just Those Little Things - Kermits_Soft_Kitty  PG, Series
Tags: Fluff
It's the little things that they love about each other that makes their relationship so much more worthwhile.

Anti-Virus - marinarusalka PG, 4K, Pre-Slash
tags: Hurt/Comfort
Steve didn't think he could get sick any more. He was wrong. Tony didn't think of himself as the caretaking type. He was wrong too.

Get me through December - marinarusalka PG, 4K+
Tags: Holiday (Christmas)
Steve is in Washington. Tony is in New York. Somehow, they still manage to make a connection, which comes in handy when Steve gets depressed around Christmas.

all the small things - Chapter 34 - shieldmaidenofrohan PG
The one where... Steve’s not here for Tony-bashing

Latverian Interlude - marinarusalka PG-13, 5K
In which Steve is grumpy, Victor von Doom may or may not be kinky, and Tony Stark makes bad decisions when he's not wearing pants.

An Ounce of Prevention - antigrav_vector PG-13, 1K
Tags: Hug and Fly, CATWS
Some aerial practice maneuvers lead to a Conversation...

Baby, It's Cold Outside - ipanicdaily PG, 2K
Tags: Pre-Slash, Holiday: Christmas, Post-Avengers, Fluff
In which Steve figures he'll be spending his first Christmas alone, until there's a knock at his door in the middle of the night, and a drunk Tony waiting on the other side.

Blown Away - missbecky PG-13, 4K
Tags: GEN, Pre-Slash, Post-Avengers, Tony's Unhappy Childhood
The Stark family mansion is destroyed in the Chitauri attack. Days later, Tony visits the site. Fortunately for him, Steve ends up there, too.

Kiss the Dusk Goodnight - DirectorShellhead (i_sanguinity) NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP
This is exactly as the tags promise--slow, sleepy morning sex, completely uncluttered by anything even remotely resembling a plot. Posted in fulfillment of the Avengerkink prompt: "Steve loves to make love to Tony in the morning when Tony is too sleepy, too drowsy to do anything more than just lie there and take anything Steve gives him."


For All the Things My Hands Have Held (the Best By Far Is You) - windscryer PG-13, 3K
Tags: Different Meeting, Canon!AU, Hurt!Tony, Steve to the rescue!
Tony and Steve didn't meet on the Helicarrier under the influence of Loki's Stick of Destiny. It still could have gone better.

That Magic Moment - windscryer PG-13, 3K
Tags: Wedding/Marriage, Established Relationship, Fluff
Tony doesn't have cold feet. He just thinks that Steve probably should if he's got any sense. Steve doesn't mind reassuring Tony he's an idiot.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart - windscryer PG-13, 3K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Arc Reactor, Rescue, Kidnapping, Villains
It's not that he couldn't rescue himself (see: Afghanistan, inventing an entirely new element in his basement, Tennessee, etc., etc.), but sometimes it was nice that he didn't have to.

I Accidentally Jobbed - Renai_chan PG, 2K
Steve gets a job at Stark Industries... accidentally.

Sit Tight and Hold On - windscryer PG-13, 2K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, POV (Steve), Hurt!Steve
Another mission gone wrong, another cold bare cell to wait in for rescue. At least he’s not waiting alone.

Sundae - Arukou NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP
If it weren't for Clint and Not Another Teen Movie Tony never would've developed this stupid fixation. He's pretty sure. Probably. Maybe.

Tehran: Reprise - RC_McLachlan PG, 2K
Tags: Jealous!Steve, POV (Steve)
Diplomacy is a tough game, and the men and women who dedicate their lives to the softening of borders and the forging of partnerships are as heroic and deserving of praise as anyone in costume. There probably won't be any friendship bracelet exchanges if Steve socks the Asgardian ambassador to Earth in the jaw, though.

Lose Yourself - Veldeia PG-13, 2K
Tags: Vampires
After the curse that turned Steve into a vampire, everything around him feels dull and meaningless—everything except the life coursing through the veins of living humans. And no matter how hard he tries to resist its lure, all it takes is one visit too many from Tony for Steve to lose control.

Apple and Cinnamon - DancingForRain PG, 2K
Tags: Pre-Slash, Domestic Avengers, Team!fic
Summary: As a kid, Tony discovers the therapy of baking. As an Avenger, he shares this method with his team.

Thank You for Your Consideration - windscryer PG-13, 1K
Tags: Established Relationship, POV (Tony), Jealous!Steve
Sometimes Tony likes to handle his more forward fans on his own, but sometimes? Sometimes it’s better to sit back and just enjoy the show.

Song and Dance - Arukou PG, <1K
Tags: Pre-Slash, Ty Stone
Summary: Tony hasn't been feeling the schmoozing lately, especially not when Ty Stone blows in from the West Coast.

Este é Ocupada - windscryer R, <1K
Tags: Established Relationship, Humor
Summary: "Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.”

Five Times Steve Played Dumb, and One Time He Didn't - antigrav_vector PG-13, 1K
Summary: Steve's absolutely hopeless with electronics. He can break anything.

Moderate to Severe - reona32 PG, 7K
Tags: Sick!Tony, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Jarvis just thinks Sir would rest better in his own bed. It goes downhill from there.

Five Times Steve Knit Something, and One Time He Refused To - Kaitou PG-13, 4K
Tags: Fluff
Five times Steve knit something, and one time he refused to.

Whoever Holds This Hammer If He Be Worthy (Shall Be Sneaky About It and Use It To Play Tricks Goddammit) - Pandemic PG-13, 1K
Tags: Humor, Team!fic
In which Tony has a toilet that speaks Japanese, Clint eats Lucky Charms, Thor is the face of L'Oreal and Steve is a sneaky bastard. (And Mjolnir is tired of this bullshit and just wants to be used in some DIY gardener's shed for god's sake)

Tony Finds a List - Neverever PG-13, <1K
Tags: Fluff
Summary: Tony finds a list that Steve doesn't want him to read.

Safe - ipanicdaily PG, <1k
Tags: Insecure!Tony, PTSD (Tony), Established Relationship
Tony doesn't sleep, because sleep isn't safe.

The Proper Care and Feeding of Mad Scientists - somanyopentabs PG, 1K
Tags: Bruce/Clint, Steve/Tony
Dating someone so attached to their lab experiments/Iron Man suit isn't always easy. (AKA The fluffiest Steve-and-Clint-take-care-of-their-boyfr
iends fic that I will ever write.)

To The Core (Under My Skin) - windscryer PG-13, 1K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Frozen!Steve, Rescue
Hydra has Steve stashed in the freezer like a pint of Ben & Jerry’s when Tony finds him. They’ll pay for that, of course, but first he has something much more important to take care of.

New Traditions - nightwalker PG-13, 9k
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, Pre-Slash, Team!fic, Action, Protective!Steve, Alcoholism, POV (Tony)
Tony's starting to think that tackling the whole teamwork thing, the sobriety thing and the holidays thing all at once might have been overly ambitious. AKA: Steve and Tony throw the first Annual Avengers Non-Denominational Winter Holiday Party.

Flag On The Play - copperbadge PG-13, 9K
Tags: GEN, Hurt/Comfort, PTSD (Steve), Touch Starved!Steve, Cuddling, POV (Steve), Reckless!Steve, Man out of Time, Age Difference, Angst
Steve is haunted by a phantom pain he can't explain, and isn't sure how to ask for help. Fortunately, Tony is pretty sure he knows what's wrong, and how to sell the Avengers on fixing it.

Thanks For the Memories - Wordsplat PG-13, 9k
Tags: Time Travel, Pre-Serum!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Comics fusion, POV (Steve), POV (Tony)
When Tony is sent crashing-all too literally-into the 1940's by an alternate-universe Loki's spell, neither Tony nor Steve are prepared for the consequences.

As Long As You're Mine - orphan_account NC-17, 9K
Tags: Jealous!Steve, Friends with Benefits, PWP, POV (Tony), Established Relationship, Hurt!Tony
Tony goes to a bar, meets a girl and gets a person thrown at his head, none of which is his fault. Then he comes home and talks to Steve. The couch will never be the same.

Lay in the Wake of Destruction - sara_holmes NC-17, 9K
Tags: Angst, Bottom!Steve, Canon!AU, Vigilante!Steve, POV (Tony)
- In which Steve temporarily loses the plot and goes AWOL, Tony deals with everyone’s shit and neglects to mention to SHIELD that Steve is actually possibly in his bed, AIM soldiers get discombobulated in various nasty ways, Bucky is a good captain and Clint is adamant that he’ll only shoot Steve in the face if Tony tells him to.

The Christmas Market - reona32 PG, 9k
Tags: Fluff, Holiday: Christmas, Established Relationship, POV (Tony), Mission, Team!fic
Steve and Tony visit the Christmas Market in Bryant Park.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place - starspangledsprocket NC-17, 9k
Tags: Time Travel, Angst, Happy Ending, POV (Steve), tony's unhappy childhood, Mission, Protective!Steve
"Doom had sent him back in time with that laser – he had to have; it was the only reasonable explanation for Rhodey looking so young, and the fact it was now New Years Eve."

Two Out of Three (Ain't Bad) PG-13, 9K
Tags: Fluff, Humor, Pining, Rhodey, Palladium Poisoning, Stealth Dating, Team!fic, POV (Tony)
It blindsides him one morning in the middle of his customary third cup of coffee; Steve walks through the door in loose cotton pants, shirt pulled up to wipe the sweat off his face from his usual morning workout, and Tony thinks: adorable.

Just For Today - missbecky R, 9k
Tags: POV (Steve), Hurt/Comfort, Established Relationship, Hurt!Steve, PTSD (steve), romance, Mission, Drowning
After Steve nearly dies beneath New York Harbor during a battle, Tony shares his own fears of drowning with him. Determined to find a way to put the fear behind them, Steve comes up with an idea. Just for today, they aren't going to be Iron Man and Captain America. Just for today, they aren't even going to be Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Today, they are just going to be Tony and Steve.

Harlem Shake (I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me) - theladyingrey42 NC-17, 8k
Tags: Angst, POV (Steve), Virgin!Steve, PTSD (Steve), Man Out of Time, Dancing, Punching Bags, Pining
It's only by chance that Steve happens to head down to Tony's workshop on the day they're filming the video.

Tony Stark and the Super Sleeper, or actually, Soldier - RurouniHime PG-13, 8k
Tags: Cuddling, Team!fic, PTSD, Pining, Fluff, Reckless!Tony, Protective!Steve, POV (Tony)
The one where Steve keeps falling asleep on Tony.

When I Think (Oh, it Terrifies Me) by celli NC-17, 8K
Tags: Telepathy, Pining, POV (Tony), Humor, Touch, PTSD (Tony)
Summary: Look, some mornings you wake up and little green men are invading New York City; some mornings you wake up and you can hear Captain America's voice in your head. Tony has been an Avenger long enough that he saves his freakout for important things.

Drunk a Lot of Drink Me - Cluegirl NC-17, 8K
Tags: Genderswap: Girl!Steve, Pining, Magic, POV (Steve), PWP
First there was the party, with Valkyries and Tony dancing on the table, and Asgardian liquor that was a lot stronger than it seemed, and maybe Steve was a bit tipsy talking to the pretty lady who brought the apple-tasting stuff, but exactly how he woke up here, and looking like this is still mortifyingly unclear... As is what he's going to do about it.

Therapeutic Guidelines - kellifer_fic PG-13, 8K
Tags: Team!fic, Hurt/Comfort, Villains, Mission fic, POV (Tony)
Are you suggesting I get a bunch of bunk beds in here and squeeze us all into one room?" Tony scoffs and the woman just looks at him. "No, wait-"

Reasons Why (Whether They're Real Or Not) - infinite_wonders PG-13, 8K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Mission, Hospital, Insecure!Tony, Angst, Near Death Experiences, POV (Tony)
Tony is slow, has very little self-worth, and thinks that the universe hates him as much as he hates himself. Everyone else is long-suffering, especially Steve, because disproving that notion could take a while.

Supersoldier Superserum Superspunk or Why SHIELD Can't Have Nice Things - tourdefierce NC-17, 8k
Tags: POV (Tony), SHIELD Experimentation, Bottom!Steve, Bottom!Tony, Sexpollen, Established Relationship, PWP
Summary: There were lots of things that really pissed Tony off about Fury's precious SHIELD but most of them had to do with their epic incompetency and how they always, always found a way to steal Tony's favorite toys and break them.

Captain !@#$*%& America - Wordsplat PG-13, 8K
Tags: Humor, POV (Tony), Mission, Team!fic, Post-Avengers
The first time Tony hears Steve swear, he's pretty sure it's a dream. The second time is a lot harder to dismiss, considering it's the middle of the afternoon and they're both clearly awake. After that, what else can Tony do but use science to get to the bottom of it?

Can't We Have Just One Normal Day Around Here? - missbecky PG-13, 7K
Tags: Body swap, Magic, POV (Tony), Arc Reactor, Post-Avengers
"Try to keep up," Tony said. He pointed at Loki's scepter. "That thing turned green. It shot a laser beam at us. And now it's Freaky Friday. I'm in Cap's body, he's in mine, and can we just skip to the part where we figure out how to fix this? - lupinus PG-13, 7K
Tags: Humor, POV (Steve), Team!fic, Press, Coming Out
The one where the Internet is stalking Steve’s day to day life, but that might be okay, because it just keeps bringing him closer to Tony. Or, in which Clint Barton uses the Internet to mock Steve.

Selfless - Silverlace_Vine PG-13, 7K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hypothermia, Arc Reactor, POV (Steve), Pre-Slash, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Mission
Summary: Tony and Steve are stranded in the Alps, and are dedicated to helping each other at cost to themselves.

Haste - Veldeia PG-13, 7K
Tags: Action, Established Relationship, Mission fic, Team!fic, Villains, Hurt!Steve, POV (Steve), POV (Tony), Kidnapping
Summary: With Captain America seriously injured and a bomb attached to the Quinjet, set to go off at any change in speed or altitude, this is not the best flight the Avengers have ever had.

This Wasn't What the Brochure Promised by kahn PG-13, 7k
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Caved in, mission!fic, team!fic, POV (Tony)
Summary: Tony, Steve, Clint and Bruce spend quality time together in a cave. Tony does not build another arc reactor (even if he sort of needs one). Steve is all Protective Leader. Clint is terrifyingly good with a knife. Bruce bleeds and snarks. There is banter and embarassing amounts of schmoop and the boys get very touchy-feely.

Shock and Raw - EClairedeLoon NC-17, 7k
Tags: Established Relationship, Hurt!Tony, Hospital, Allergies, Team!fic, POV (Tony), Fluff
It may come as a surprise to some (none) that Tony was a picky eater, had been since birth. His parents had catered to him shamelessly, never forcing him to eat something that made him wrinkle his nose or voice a protest as soon as he was able to formulate how to verbalize his displeasure. It just figures that the one time he goes out on a limb he ends up in the hospital.

The Tchotchke Cha Cha - Arukou PG-13, 7K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Sick!Tony, Mutual Pining, Fluff, Protective!Steve, POV (Tony), POV (Steve), Jealous!Steve, Holiday: Christmas
What started off as one impulse buy souvenir snowballs into a constant flow of knickknacks from all over the world, and Steve is starting to wonder if it's more than just Tony being nice.

That Damn Tank Top - inukagome15 NC-17, 7K
Tags: PWP, Humor, POV (Steve), Team!fic, Pining
Steve sees Tony in his tank top when he's in his workshop and likes it. A lot.

The Viral Code - Winterstar PG-13, 7K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, POV (Steve), POV (Tony), Near Death Experience
Steve is infected by an alien virus that the serum cannot protect him against. The cure might kill both Steve and Tony in the process.

Long Lost Pal - cat_77 PG-13, 7k
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Assassination Attempt, Protective!Avengers, Team!fic, POV (Steve), established relationship
An injured Tony feels no need to change his routine. His team begs to differ.

A High and Lonesome Sound - misslucyjane R, 6K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, PTSD (Steve), POV (Steve), Man Out of Time, Past Bucky/Steve, Insomnia
Some nights, Steve still has trouble breathing.

Dressed to Impress - radiophile NC-17, 6K
Tags: D/s, PWP, Established Relationship, POV (Tony), Posessive!Tony
Tony Stark is not at all prepared for the sight of Steve Rogers in vintage military dress.

light up the world - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 6k
Tags: PTSD, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, POV (Both), drowning, Team!fic
Steve falls into the Atlantic on a mission and gets mild hypothermia. Tony warms him up.

Tony Stark Falls In Love With A Cat - shellhead R, 6k
Tags: Fluff, Getting to know each other, POV (Steve), post-avengers, POV (Tony)
When Steve goes missing, Tony ends up finding him at an animal shelter. Volunteering.

Puppy Love - EClairedeLoon nc-17, 6k
Tags: Fluff, Romance, POV (Steve), Tony's unhappy childhood
"How have you never had a pet?" he asked in disbelief. Tony Stark: The Man Who Has It All apparently hasn't had it all.
Tony rolled his eyes and stirred his coffee quickly, spoon tapping against the ceramic loudly. "I've had pets," he drawled. "I've made pets."

Some Kind of Madness - blue_jack NC-17, 6k
Tags: POV (Steve), Bottom!Steve, Pining, PWP
“Mmm, Steve, I love your tits.”

Take Care, I’m Easily Broken - blue_jack NC-17, 6K
Tags: Angst, Happy Ending, Pining!Tony, Straight!Steve, Jealous!Steve, Mansion, POV (Tony)
Tony isn't the type of person to pine quietly.

it's the little things - ohmyloki PG-13, 6k
Tags: Established Relationship, Hurt!Steve, Mission, POV (Tony), Near Death Experience
Steve is injured and he's not healing the way he should. It's up to the team to figure out why and it's time for Tony to face a few demons.

Steve Rogers' Guide to Recognizing Your Saints - Amuly R, 6k
Tags: Developing Relationship, Angst, Steve-centric, Pining!Steve, POV (Steve), Man Out of Time, Holiday: Christmas
Mary was for mothers. Christopher was for travelers. Michael was for soldiers. Steve carried his saints with him from his life to this new, shining future.

Lighter Than Air - 51stCenturyFox R, 6K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Kidnapping, Hurt!Steve, Kidnapping, Hurt/Comfort, Bottom!Steve, POV (Tony)
Tony and Steve take an international trip and wind up in the middle of an international incident. Or: two guys, a personal jet, and a fun weekend away. What could possibly go wrong?

You Know How to Give - brandnewfashion PG-13, 6K
Tags: Charity Gala, Domestic, Insomnia, Post-Avengers, POV (Steve), Villains, Team!fic, Hurt!Steve
Steve was one of very few people who knew that the real Tony Stark was thoughtful and selfless, and genuinely cared about others.The problem? The man was absolute shit at showing it.

Stony Going - Cluegirl NC-17, 6K
Tags: PWP, Humor, Steve reads fanfic
Steve Rogers makes an awkward discovery on the internet. This does not work out at all the way Tony Stark expects it will.

3 Rounds and a Sound - fandomfrolics PG-13, 6K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Happy Ending, Near Death Experience, POV (Tony), Established Relationship
It's a pretty typical day at an AIM base for the Avengers - agents in beekeeper suits, doomsday devices counting down, the whole shebang - until Steve takes a hit for Tony and goes down.
And doesn't get back up.

Till Human Voices Wake Us, and We Drown - SakuraTsukikage PG-13, 5K
Tags: PTSD (Tony), Nightmares, POV (Tony), Established Relationship
Tony still has nightmares, and it drives him crazy, because he should be done with this, it should be over, but it's not, and he can't control how they make him feel. Luckily, Steve understands a little bit about how that goes. Established relationship.

Namesake - missbecky PG-13, 5K
Tags: POV (Steve), Pre-Slash
An innocent question leads Steve to look up Edwin Jarvis, the former Stark family butler who gave JARVIS his name, and bring him back to New York to see Tony one last time.

Took All the Trees (And Put ’em in a Tree Museum) - orbingarrow PG-13, 5K
Tags: PTSD (Tony), Post-Avengers, Artist Steve, Bickering, POV (Steve), Panic Attacks, Tony’s unhappy childhood,
Steve's homesick for the past and Tony can't cope with the present. Moving on is easier when you aren't doing it alone.
Featuring: Steve's super-secret weakness, the best cheeseburgers in America, and an awful lot of elevator scenes for a one-shot!

Better Halves - Kiyaar PG-13, 5K
Tags: Kidnapped!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Tony, POV (Steve), POV (Tony), Established Relationship, Secret Relationship, Torture
Tony gets kidnapped. Steve does his best to get him back.

Wants And Needs (Or: Please Let Me Fuck You) - infinite_wonders NC-17, 5K
Tags: PWP, Sex Pollen, Pining, POV (Steve), Humor, Mission
In which there is sex pollen, Tony is needy and horny, and Steve is more than happy to be ridden like a fucking bronco. Except, it takes a while because Steve’s got Morals and Scruples.

falling for you - ohmyloki NC-17, 5K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Pining, Mission!fic, Hurt!Tony, Developing Relationship, Post-Avengers, Flying Together, Near Death Experience, POV (Steve)
He’s falling. He’s falling and his first thought is Tony will catch me before he remembers that Tony’s gone. Tony’s gone and Steve sent Thor away and there’s no way he’ll make it back in time. Time slows down. Steve closes his eyes.

let's get lost in your ferrari - attice NC-17, 5K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, PWP, Drunken!sex, Car!sex, Virgin!Steve
“Show me,” Steve says, pressing his hip against the cool metal. "Is it as fast as it looks?”

Things Learned When Incidentally Shot - Winterstar PG-13, 5K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Tony, Hurt!Steve, Kidnapping, Assassination Attempt, Hospital, Near Death Experience
Tony gets shot a few times, and then he learns things, especially about Steve.

Job Description - laylabinx PG-13, 5k
Tags: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Steve, Protective!tony, POV (Steve)
Steve is injured. Tony helps clean him up. They have a heart-to-heart in an empty lab.

Doubt the Stars - someidiothasice R, 5k,
Tags: POV (Steve), Angst, Bottom!Steve, Denial!Steve, Pining, Pressumed!Dead Tony, Happy Ending, Near Death Experience, Bucky, Mission
"Tell Pepper and Rhodey... tell them I couldn't have done it without them. Can you do that for me?"
Steve blinked and the feed went clear again. He felt something hot run down his face.
"And Steve? What should I tell him?" Clint asked quietly. There was a short intake of breath, but Steve couldn't tell who it was from.
"Tell Steve--" Tony's voice got strangled for a moment before he cleared his throat, "nothing. Don't tell him anything. There's nothing I could say that he would want to hear, anyway."

Be No Stranger (All Your Saints and Soldiers Remix) by jibrailis PG-13, 5k
Tags: POV (Tony), Mission, Time travel, Tony's Unhappy Childhood
Summary: That's the twenty-first century love song, baby. Glitz and glamour and every one of us is a liar.

Sleep Protocol - 51stCenturyFox PG-13, 5k
Tags: POV (Tony), Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Protective!Tony, Pre-slash, Insomnia, Cuddling, PTSD (Steve), Fluff
You might assume that Steve Rogers, a super soldier, wouldn’t have any sleep-related problems, since he is an optimal physical specimen in the bloom of health. You would be wrong. But you know, there are certain conditions.

Who's Scruffy Looking? - JenTheSweetie PG-13, 5k
Tags: POV (Steve), Fluff, Pining, Humor, Team!fic
“I don’t know,” Steve said, after Tony finished a six-minute ode to The Dude’s beard. “I mean, I’m not really a fan of beards.”

Stark As You Mean To Go On - Pandemic NC-17, 5k
Tags: Humor, POV (Tony), mission, pining, team!fic
Because Tony never does things by half, why would wooing Captain America be any exception? In which Tony's determined, Steve oblivious, Bruce confused, Thor emotional and Natasha 100% done.

In a New York Minute - missbecky PG-13, 5k
Tags: Established Relationship, romance, angst, coming out, Valentine's Day, POV (Both)
Shortly before Valentine's Day, Steve and Tony are accidentally outed to the world. Already uncertain of where they stand, now they have an additional worry to contend with.

To Strike A Match - 51stCenturyFox PG-13, 5k
Tags: Soulmates, One Night Stand, POV (Tony), POV (Steve), Drunk!Steve, World Building
The marks that appeared on nearly every human one day weren’t very obvious -- a pattern resembling the whorl of a fingerprint and almost as unique, on the inner wrist, tinted the color of coal-black ink. Almost as unique, because everyone was supposed to have a match somewhere on earth, and when the match was found, with a solid press of bared wrist to wrist, mark to mark, the pattern disappeared.

Tony Stark Takes a Liberty and the Universe Thanks Him - RurouniHime PG-13, 5k+, Series
Tags: Fluff, Homophobia, Political Campaigns, Humor, Team!fic, POV (Tony), Coming Out
In which people think they are entitled to Steve Roger's face (aka, because tomorrow is coming, and I hold out hope, Supreme Court.)
Sequel: Bruce Banner Takes a Break and Clint Interrupts Him * Steve Rogers Takes Offense and the World Gets Schooled * The Avengers Take a Stand and Everyone is Supportive

Falling to Earth - entanglednow PG-13, 5k
Tags: Cuddling for warmth, Hurt/Comfort, Snowed-in, hypothermia, pre-slash, mission, POV (Tony), Near Death Experience, Hurt!Tony
Snow is the beginner's substance of choice for all cave-ins and trapped-in-the-wilderness scenarios. Why couldn't it have been snow

Lines and Shadow - justanotherStonyfan PG, 5k
Tags: Pre-slash, Friendship, Artist!Steve, PTSD (Steve), POV (Tony), Team!fic, Domestic Avengers
Steve loses his sketchbook. Tony finds it.

Paperwork - justanotherStonyfan NC-17, 5K
Tags: PWP, Established Relationship, POV (Tony)
Tony's working at an actual desk with actual papers and actual pens. He set to work on the papers he's supposed to sign and then got sidetracked. But he got back to the papers eventually. He was trying really hard to be good tonight

déjà vu - lokitty11 PG-13, 5K
Tags: Amnesia, Established Relationship, Angst, Happy Ending, POV (Steve)
"I'm sorry, soldier, but you've got the wrong man," Steve says.

When you're on a golden sea - lyra_wing PG, 5K
Tags: Team!fic, Hurt!Steve, GEN, POV (Bruce)
Bruce decides to escape to a tropical island. And of course, the Avengers follow.

Bleeding Faith (in small doses) - MarvelousMenagerie (HiddenOne) PG-13, 4K+
Steve is temporarily turned into a vampire which bothers absolutely no one on the Avengers but himself. Dr. Strange seems confident in his ability to turn him back, anyway, and Steve has enough self-control not to go attacking people.

But Tony Stark, as always, has to prove himself the exception.

Touch Me, I Wanna Be Dirty - blue_jack NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Bottom!Tony, Humor, Established Relationship, POV (Tony)
Tony’s not going to deny that he’s ridiculously excited. Steve. In his bed. Naked. Everything is rainbows and nothing hurts.

Come on Closer - Epiphanyx7 NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Established Relationship, Inexperienced!Steve, POV (Steve)
Or, the one where Steve wants to talk to Tony about something important.

Flyboy - autoschediastic NC-17, 4K
Tags: Costume Kink, PWP, POV (Steve), Flying together, Established Relationship
"With wild and crazy abandon," Tony said, and grabbed him around the waist to yank him close like a black and white picture hero. "Hold on tight."

That Huge Damn Jacuzzi - ann2who NC-17, 4k
Tags: PWP, Established Relationship, POV (Steve)
It stood in the very center of the room, large enough to host at least three people, raised a good three feet off the ground with stairs leading up and into the tub on each of the sides. Behind the Jacuzzi was another wall that separated the room; it spanned a good ten feet in length, also hosting mirrors.
It was… well, to be honest, the damn Jacuzzi was giving Steve a bit of a headache.

(dreaming of places) where lovers have wings - morphosyntactic PG, 4k
Tags: Wingfic, Fluff, POV (Steve), Team!fic, Flying
Steve waking up to find two wings sprouting out of his back isn’t even the strangest thing that’s happened over the past few weeks. It’s high up there, though.

Anti-Virus - marinarusalka PG, 4k
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Sick!Steve, Caring!Tony, Pre-Slash, Holiday: Christmas, POV (Tony)
Steve didn't think he could get sick any more. He was wrong. Tony didn't think of himself as the caretaking type. He was wrong too.

The Heart Wants - inukagome15 PG-13, 4k
Tags: Mutual Pining, Demisexual!Steve, romance, holiday: Christmas, POV (Steve), Team!fic
Relationships and Steve were never exactly friends, and that wasn't because of the seventy years on ice. But it had everything to do with why people thought sex was great and went gaga over the littlest things. Steve had never quite understood why until he met Tony.

So, We Accidentally Summoned a Sex Demon - Crematosis Hard R, 4k
Tags: Sex-pollen, Mission fic, POV (Tony)
When the Avengers were called to stop a group of scientists summoning a tentacle monster through the power of sex, Tony didn't count on being part of that effort. Oops.

Save the First Dance - EClairedeLoon nc-17, 4k,
Tags: fluff, pining, POV (Steve), angst, man out of time, romance
In which Steve has his first dance and experiences another first as well.

why stop now - Zekkass NC-17, 4k
Tags: A/O Canon AU, Bottom!Tony, POV (Tony)
Tony's an alpha, Steve's an alpha, they shouldn't work.

Dazed and Confused - tsukinofaerii R, 4k
Tags: POV (Steve), Established Relationship, Virgin!Steve
Captain America has a great many duties that need careful attention. He has to... uh... That thing where... Wow, Tony's pants are awfully tight, aren't they?

Stepping Down - nightwalker PG-13, 4k,
Tags: POV (Tony), Established Relationship, Future-fic, Fluff
Tony Stark isn't sure how to tell his husband that it's time for Iron Man to retire.

Love in the Hearts - Lumelle PG-13, 4k
Tags: Fluff, Flirting, Pining, POV (Tony)
When Tony criticizes Steve's taste in imported candy, he finds himself at the receiving end of the wordiest silent treatment he's experienced to date. However, after overhearing a discussion between Steve and Fury, he starts to suspect there's more to the whole mess than just Steve being stubborn and refusing to admit that new tech always, always trumps everything. Who would have thought pieces of processed sugar could be so very useful?

A Fine Wine - goddamnhella PG-13, 4k
Tags: Locked, POV (Tony)
Through a short series of completely bullshit events, Tony cops an artificially-engineered dose of vampirism. While coming to grips with his bloodlust, the horrified look in Steve's eyes and the realisation that pop culture has lied to him, Tony struggles to handle himself in a manner befitting a superhero.

Worth It - AshitaNewssnoopy 4k, PG-13
Tags: fluff, dating, pov (tony), established relationship
When Steve said he wanted to court Tony, he assumed that he just meant that he wanted to take thing slow. And that was fine by Tony. No really, he could do this thing if that's what Steve needed (shut up, Pepper; he so could). Because Steve was worth the wait.
But then the gifts started coming and the letters popped up and there were chaste kisses and romance and...and what is even with this? Just when did his life turn into a romance novel?

The Proper Use of Nicknames - reona32 PG, 4k
Tags: Fluff, Hurt!Tony, POV (Steve)
Wherein there is abuse of candy and Steve fails at being a bro. Oh, and Steve is Prince Charming, Clint is a faithful knight, and Tony is a pretty, pretty princess. (Fury has no idea how these idiots keep getting on his helicarrier.)

The Fear of Consequences - kepteinen PG-13, 4k
Tags: Post-Avengers, POV (Tony)
It really isn't a problem. Then one day, Tony looks at Steve and thinks, shit. It might be mutual.

bang a gong (get it on) - Anonymous NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP, Heartbeat kink, Sexual tension
Steve Rogers' heartbeat was officially hotter than blowjobs.

Yeah. Marriage. - Wordsplat PG-13, 4K
Tags: Marriage Proposal
Steve proposes. Tony doesn't react at all like Steve was expecting, but then, he really should've learned to expect the unexpected by now.

Friday I'm In Love - missbecky PG, 4K
Tags: Established Relationship, Fluff
The thing was, Tony really did love Steve. With all his heart. Sometimes real life got in the way, like it had this week with its interminable obstacles and petty arguments, but in the end what mattered was that he loved Steve and Steve loved him. They maybe didn't always get to show it, but that didn't change the fact that it was still there.

New Found Land - valtyr NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve
Steve likes the television. Tony likes Steve.

Tony Stark On The Rocks - copperbadge PG-13, 4K
Tags: Posessive!Steve, Pining
Tony can't figure out why his dates keep bolting. It's okay, though, because Steve's always around to keep him entertained.

Better Off - 51stCenturyFox PG-13, 4K
Tags: UST, Pining!Tony
Tony wants to help Steve get everything he deserves. Steve deserves everything.

Gold "Member" - Amuly NC-17, 3K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, PWP, Humor
Tony realizes one night that the golden under-armor he pulls out of his skin with Extremis can be pulled out to cover only very specific parts of his anatomy. Namely, his penis. He decides he really needs to share this with Steve.

Afternoon Delight - silverfoxflower NC-17, 3K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, PWP, Roleplaying: Different Meeting, Desk!Sex
PWP with Roleplaying (tony interviewing steve for a job, having his wicked way with him etc)

Christmas Party Shenanigans - sharkie335 NC-17, 3k
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, Established Relationship, PWP, POV (Tony)
Director Fury requires the team to attend a holiday party. Steve and Tony get up to some things that are definitely not sanctioned.

Aw, Table - ohmyloki NC-17, 3k
Tags: POV (Other), Humor, Secret Relationship, Established Relationship
A day in the life of Clint Barton. Alternatively: How Clint found out Steve and Tony were 'dating'.

Heartbeats - Wordsplat PG-13, 3k
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Protective!Tony, Team!fic, Mission
When Steve is poisoned, Tony discovers he has a few things he'd like to say.

Until There's Nothing Left - blue_jack NC-17, 3k
Tags: D/s, PWP, Bottom!Steve, POV (Steve), Pining, Bondage
“I don’t know about this,” Steve says as Tony closes the manacle around his wrist, fingers twitching at the steely snick. It’s a long time before he can look away.

The Secret To Happiness Is Almost Dying - TheLadyZephyr PG-13, 3K
Tags: Post-Avengers, Team fic
Tony's first real near death experience gave him Iron Man. His second saved an entire city. His third? Well, if this is the kind of reward he gets for laying down on the wire, he may not cut it after all.

Glass Houses - Silverlace_Vine PG, 3k
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Pre-Slash, Post-Avengers, Protective!Tony
Tony spies on Steve's daily life, and realizes he was wrong.

Take A Number - 51stCenturyFox PG-13, 3K
So what if Tony Stark is sleeping with everybody else (except him)? Why would Steve care? He doesn’t even like Tony, and certainly not like that...

L☆VE - copperbadge R, 3K
Tags: Fluff
Steve's favorite shirt is at the center of a debate about masculinity, sexuality, and whether or not he did in fact steal it like a thief in the night from Tony.

Man on Top - Amuly NC-17, 3K
Tags: PWP, Flirting
Tony isn't as great at grappling as he thought. Thankfully, Steve knows how to soothe a man's ego. PWP

I Get a Kick Out of You - attice NC-17, 3K
Tags: PWP, Wall!sex, Bottom!Steve
He looks Steve over. He's flushed—red-faced, tousle-haired, and completely out of breath. Something is definitely wrong. Tony's first thought is this isn’t possible, quickly followed by how does this pick-up line go again?

Here, Beside You - pensversusswords R, 3K
Tags: Misunderstandings, Mutual Pining, Hate!sex, PWP, POV (Tony)
Neither of them have ever claimed to be good at emotions. It leads to a few misunderstandings.

the days are just packed - gdgdbaby R, 3K
Tags: Post Avengers, Steve/Tony, Natasha/Clint, Team!fic, Pre-slash
Of course, because the powers that be seem bent on making their lives a living hell, the city's entire power grid goes out the third day they've moved in.

hot blooded (check it and see) - starkravingcap PG-13, 3.5k
Tags: pre-slash, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Sick!Tony, POV (Tony)
He is a sweating, sick and arguably hot mess. And he is absolutely miserable, being confined to the box that is his room. There’s light streaming through the giant glass windows that cannot be blocked out by even the darkest of curtains (and believe him, he’s tried the blackout curtains).

Steven G. Rogers - Raikishi R, 3K
Tags: Team!Fic, Fluff, Humor, POV (Steve)
In which Tony tries to figure out Steve's middle name

there is nothing for me (but to love you) - brandnewfashion R, 3k
Tags: Domestic, established relationship, Marriage Proposal, POV (Tony)
"Even now, as they’re standing in the middle of the dance floor, Tony is hyperaware of Steve’s hand in his, and he idly wonders what it would be like to brush his thumb over Steve’s finger and feel the smooth metal of a ring there."

Slap you on the back and say "Please" - scribblywobblytimeylimey NC-17, 3k
Tags: POV (Tony), Kissing, Pining, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, UST, Bottom!Steve, Straight!Tony
The attack comes unexpectedly, in the middle of a meeting and without his suit. He manages fine - he's not a child - and, alright, he had a bit of help. But then the roof decides to go and collapse on him. Good thing Steve was there to jump on top of him before the ceiling did.

Only thing is: now, they're kind of stuck. And while Steve is visibly displeased with the situation, certain parts of him disagree with that consensus.
It's almost impossible not to have a long, hard think about your sexuality when you've got an aroused super-soldier pinned on top of you for an indeterminate length of time. Especially if he's admitting his boner is not exactly coincidental.

Tell Me a Story - missbecky PG-13, 3k
Tags: PTSD, pre-slash, pov (tony), mission, Friendship
Tony is doing fine. Just fine. Until he's not. Steve notices.

(Dreaming) Someone Else's Dream - missbecky R, 3k
Tags: POV (Tony), Canon!AU, Hallucinations, Hurt!tony, angst
The Avengers were never real, only the product of a fevered delirium in a cave in Afghanistan. But some dreams are worth fighting for. Worth living for.

Five Times the Avengers Blew Up Headquarters... And One Time They Didn't - Amuly NC-17, 3k
Tags: Humor, Bottom!Steve, Friendship, team, secret relationship
Avengers Headquarters sees its fair share of explosions, and things that only sound like explosions…

a superhero and an idiot walk into a bar - eleadore PG-13, 3k
Tags: Humor, Team!fic, Pining, drunk kissing, pov (steve), team bonding
It’s not that he and Tony don’t get along. It’s more that Tony got so drunk on New Year’s Eve that he kissed Steve full on the mouth in front of everyone and called him Shirley and then laughed until he passed out.

subject to change - eleadore PG-13, 3k
Tags: Fluff, Team fic, Artist!Steve, POV (Steve)
Steve draws everyone but Tony. It’s nothing personal, really.

Have You Met Uncle Charles? - winterhill PG, 3k
Tags: Crossover: XMFC, Canon!AU, POV (Tony), fluff
Tony Stark has known Charles Xavier since Tony was eight and Xavier was his Uncle Charles. Now that Tony’s all grown up, Charles vets his dates. Well, most of them. Except for the ones where Charles brings someone who should really be in jail, not a fancy restaurant.

I'm A Grown-Ass Man - Not Applicable (not_applicable) R, 3k
Tags: Size Kink, Fluff, Protective!Steve, Humor, post-avengers, POV (Both), shower!sex
5 Times Steve Carried Tony and 1 Time Tony Didn't Mind. At all.

let it snow - starkravingcap PG-13, 3k
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, POV (Both), fluff, established relationship
“There is paper hanging from my ceiling,” Tony says, mostly because he doesn’t know what else to say.
“Wha—Oh,” Bruce looks confused for a moment, but then he smiles again, a nicer smile, a soft one that makes Tony think very briefly of his mother, “Right. They’re snowflakes.”

Five Times Steve Said 'I Love You', Plus One Time Tony Reciprocated - starspangledsprocket PG-13, 3k+
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Tony, Hurt!Steve, Fluff, Romance, Protective!Steve, Domestic, Established Relationship, POV (Tony)
In which Steve is a relatively normal, well put together human being, and Tony... is trying his best.

Not That I'm Complaining - scribblywobblytimeylimey NC-17, 3k
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Straight!Tony, Virgin!Steve, Mission, POV (Tony)
The next time they save the world, Steve sucks Tony off against the wall without a word of explanation. Tony’s pretty okay with it.

Darn Yankees - Amuly PG, 3K
Tags: Fluff
Steve goes to talk to Tony about his many female friends that he has over to the Avengers mansion night after night. After all, they pose a security risk. Which is the only reason they bother Steve. No other reason. Also: baseball.

Seasonal Requisites - MusicalLuna PG-13, 3K
Tags: GEN
It's a PR event.

Executive Party - copperbadge PG-13, 3K
Tags: Fluff, Holiday Christmas, CATWS
Tony's terrible December is suddenly looking up.

Yes, Tony Stark, There Is A Santa Claus - eleanor_lavish PG, 3K
Tags: Holiday Fic, Pining!Tony
Tony Stark doesn’t really give a shit about Christmas. I mean, sure, he’ll enjoy a glass of nog, and he’s always thought mistletoe was a great scam, but Christmas is about home and hearth and family and nostalgia and, let’s face it. The Starks had a lot of things, but not a lot for Tony to be nostalgic about. This year, however, nostalgia is the name of the game. This year, Tony’s throwing a motherfucking party.

Re(a)d All Over - brandnewfashion, MusicalLuna PG, 3K
Tags: Fluff, Flirting, CATWS Compliant, Pining
Contrary to popular belief, Tony Stark can blush. It just takes Steve getting drunk on some magical Asgardian mead for it to finally happen.

Sharp Dressed Man - copperbadge NC-17, 3K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve
There are a lot of things you can do with a personalized suit of armor and a naked super soldier.

Sir, Yes Sir - someidiothasice NC-17, 3K
Tags: PWP, Humor, Bottom!Steve
Steve had spent the better part of the night bending over in front of Tony, taking every opportunity to pick things up off the floor in the hopes of Tony getting an eyeful of his ass and ending up with ideas. But it seemed the only ideas in Tony's mind had to do with getting himself a piece of what was down the front of Steve's pants.

The Auction - Wordsplat PG-13, 3K
Tags: Pining, POV (Steve)
At the annual Maria Stark Auction, the Bachelor Auction goes a little differently than usual. Steve is nervous, Tony has a plan, and Clint gets a remote to the crotch but scores a bra.

please let me get what I want (this time) - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 3K
Tags: Magic, Pining
He wants to run a hand through his hair, bite down on his lip, rumple his shirt, mess him up a little and pull the Stark away until it’s just Tony, who doesn’t need to fake anything.
And there’s two minutes and fifty-three seconds left, according to the clock, and Steve hears it in his throat, and his heart is rattling around in his chest, and he feels like he’s going to overflow.He looks over at Tony, and it bursts: IwantIwantIwantIwant, over and over, beating a rhythm at the back of his eyes

Under Armor - trilliath PG13, 2k
Tags: hurt!tony, protective!steve
Tony's a little tiny bit entirely stuck in his suit. But who needs the jaws of life when you have a Super Soldier on hand?

Cinematic - 51stCenturyFox PG-13, 2K
Tags: POV (Steve)
Captain America made some films during the second World War, so it's not surprising when Hollywood comes calling again when he makes the news and develops a fanbase after the Avengers save New York. Tony is alternately skeptical, intrigued, envious, and...turned-on.

The One with the Teenage Hormones - cherryfeather R, 2K
Tags: De-Age, Humor
Steve is an incredibly attractive teenager this time around, Clint can't stop laughing, Thor can't stop apologizing, and Tony doesn't know how he ever made good decisions when he was younger. He certainly doesn't want to now.

Lazy light of morning - quandong_crumble NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Domestic
Tony bends down and presses a quick kiss to his lips. "Something I have to check on in the workshop. I'll be back before you wake up again."
"Sundays are sleep-in days." Steve wants nothing more than to drag Tony back into bed and keep him there, but he lets go and settles back against the pillows. He tries to keep his eyes open long enough to watch his naked boyfriend wander around the room in search of yesterday's clothes, but his eyelids are heavy and sleep claims him again.

Thor Should Never Be Allowed Internet Access - Amuly NC-17, 2K
Tags: Humor, PWP, Bottom!Steve
Steve/Tony, Thor complains about the overly loud copulation of his shield brothers. A Thor without sleep is not a happy Thor.

Your Kind of Love - blue_jack NC-17, 2K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, PWP, Virgin!Steve
The first time they have sex, Tony isn’t really hoping for much.

Sing That Body Electric - royal_chandler NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP, Established Relationship
Tony comes back from a business trip to find Steve with a beard.

Truths, Lies and the Tipping Point - BlackEyedGirl PG-13, 2K
The news report seems more interested in the argument between the team during the fight than the way they eventually won. And then it gets worse.

Bespoke - thyrza NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP
Steve likes it when Tony leaves the suit on. No, not *that* suit.

Every inch and scar and scrap of metal - eonism NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP
“This is what keeps you alive?” Steve asks, although he already knows the answer. He already knows about roadside ambush and the shrapnel clawing its way into Tony’s heart and the three months spent in the cave. It doesn’t mean that seeing it up close isn’t just a little humbling, in the face of things.

Let's Face It, This is Not the Worst Thing You've Caught Me Doing - SakuraTsukikage NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP
Steve has never given anyone a blowjob before, but he's willing to give it a try. Steve/Tony, established relationship.

Of Frosting and Fireworks - Wordsplat PG-13, 2K
Tags: Fluff
It's Steve's birthday, but the last person he expects to remember that is Tony.

In the Heat of the Night - fandomfrolics PG-13, 2K
Tags: Fluff/Angst, Misunderstandings, established relationship
Tony wants to know, if they're together, just why the hell Steve's been sleeping on the couch this whole time.

later on, we'll conspire - ohmyloki PG-13, 2K
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, Fluff
There's something Tony's never done before. And Steve's going to be the one to show him what it's all about.

waking up to lights - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, 2K
Tags: PTSD (Steve), Nightmares
Summary: Tony is awake, he woke up sometime between Steve whimpering and Steve jerking out of his decade-old nightmares, and now he’s still, sitting up in bed, one hand resting on the bed in the space between them. “Steve,” Tony says, slow, calm, and Steve knows, yes, they’ve done this a thousand times, with each of them at the nightmare end.

Wrap It Up (I'll Take It) - 51stCenturyFox NC-17, 2k
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, POV (Tony)
Smart billionaires were almost required to be eccentric. So Tony Stark didn’t like to be handed things and he didn’t swap intimate fluids. At least he wasn’t scrubbing the labels off of canned goods or wearing Kleenex boxes for slippers like Howard Hughes.

Carried Away - zelda_zee PG-13, 2k
Tags: POV (Steve), Mission, First Kiss, Adrenaline, Protective!Tony
They're surrounded by mayhem & destruction, so of course it's the perfect moment for a first kiss.

User Interface by AlchemyAlice PG-13, 2k
Tags: Pre-Slash, POV (Steve)
Summary: Steve dares to stick his head into the workshop on a Tuesday which had so far been filled only with paperwork, and as soon as he actually comprehends what he's seeing, he kind of just wants to forget the filing and the G-33 forms and just stay down there forever.

Valentine’s Day - nightwalker NC-17, 2k
Tags: Secret Relationship, Insecure!Tony, Established Relationship, POV (tony)
Tony's made reservations, Steve's got reservations, and Natasha will never walk into a room without knocking again.

not without you - MusicalLuna PG-13, 2K
Tags: De Aged, Kid!fic, kid!steve, team, mission, POV (Tony)
Tony is a lot better at this than people give him credit for, and Steve was a lot more of a handful as a kid than anyone expected.

One Hell of a Wild Ride - missbecky NC-17, 2K
Tags: Mission, POV (Tony), Action, Car Chase, PWP
A recon mission turns into something a little more than Steve and Tony bargained for. Good thing Tony's got a fast car.

The Reconciliation - nightwalker NC-17, 2k
Tags: Established Relationship, Holiday: Christmas, Fluff/Angst, POV (Steve)
It was less than fifteen minutes to midnight on Christmas Eve, but Steve would be damned if he spent Christmas Day angry at the man he loved.

This Fool That You’ve Made of Me - blue_jack NC-17, 2K
Tags: Humor, One Night Stand, kink:feathers, POV (Tony)
Tony doesn’t believe in “happily ever after.”

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being a Capsicle - missbecky PG-13, 2K
Tags: POV (Steve), PTSD, romance, hurt/comfort
Someone at SHIELD freezes a Captain America action figure in ice, and Steve finds it. Good thing for him he's got Tony Stark on his side, because his day is about to get a whole lot better.

I Always Have to Steal My Kisses from You - blue_jack PG-13, 2K
Tags: Pov (Steve), Romantic Comedy
Okay, so Tony probably hadn’t realized what he was doing. He’d just had a near-death experience, and the kiss had been a way to . . . reaffirm his life. Deal with his emotions. Release some steam. Something like that. Nothing to be concerned about, and it’s doubtful that it’ll happen again. The fact that they risk their lives on a regular basis isn’t worrying at all.

From Russia With Love - missbecky PG-13, 2k
Tags: Cuddling, Domestic, Mission, POV (Tony)
Even the best laid plans sometimes involve spending a cold winter's night in Russia.

No Other Explanation - attice NC-17, 2K
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, Sexual tension, POV (Steve)
Tony Stark is always onstage. He plays different parts. Even in his mind, Steve knows—because there is no other explanation for the differences in his kisses.

Leave Your Marks Written Upon My Skin - blue_jack NC-17, 2K
Tags: Bottom!Steve, PWP, Kink: D/s
“I want you to keep your hands right here, alright?”

This Hand Is Your Hand - anoceanmonster NC-17, 2K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Realizations, POV (Tony), PWP
Summary: One of the most frustrating things about Steve Rogers is that for such a ‘hands on’ guy, he’s not being very hands on..

Just a Whisper - blue_jack NC-17, 2k
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, established, POV (Tony)
Tony’s always had a little voyeuristic streak in him.

coffee, pants, steve (or 66.6%) - preromantics PG-13, 2k
Tags: Morning After, POV (Tony), domestic, fluff
After accomplishing pants, both coffee and Steve come surprisingly easy, because both are in the kitchen. / In which Tony has feelings in a Tony way.

A Glimpse of a Butterfly - MemoryDragon PG-13, 2k
Tags: Fluff, POV (Steve)
After one of the guests at a charity event gets a little too handsy, Steve heads to the gardens to get a breath of fresh air. He's surprised by what he sees there.

Captain America Doesn’t Have A Crush - starsfell PG-13, 2K
Tags: Fluff, POV (Steve), CATWS, Pining
The first time Steve notices the way the light hits Tony’s face when the sun is just about to set on the New York horizon, he ignores the rush it gives him and decides to never think of it again.

Apple Bottom Jeans (And Other Love Songs) - gyzym PG-13, 2K
Tags: Canon!AU, Fluff, Pining
Or, how Steve Rogers--kind of--learns to dance.
Bea's comment: Where in they all move into the mansion and Tony has a good singing voice. Which Steve appreciates. a lot

Five things the Avengers taught Steve Rogers About the World, and One Thing He Taught Them. - samalander PG-13, 2K
Tags: Man out of time, Post-Avengers, POV (Steve)
Steve is new to this world, but he has some help navigating it. Then again, not all that much has changed.

All of My Love is For You - blue_jack PG-13, 2K
The thing is, Tony totally knows that Steve’s interested.

Dance With Me - Wordsplat PG-13, 2K
Tags: Dancing
Steve doesn't know how to dance. Tony is not deterred.

Four Times The Avengers Cockblocked Tony Stark (and one time they didn't) - misspamela PG-13, 2K

Intent to Follow - MusicalLuna PG-13, 2K
Tags: Flirt!Tony
Steve notices Tony's started to look at him differently and he's not sure what to think.

Stop, Drop, and Cuddle - Amuly PG, 1.9k
Tags: Sick!Steve, Hurt/Comfort, POV (Tony), protective tony, pre-slash
Where Steve gets sick.

Still Here - ashinan NC-17, 1k
Tags: Hurt!Tony, POV (Steve), PWP, Established Relationship
Tony is curled up in the middle of the bed, pooled blankets of red and black cocooning his form. Steve can make out the large swatch that covers the damage he took to his shoulder. But Tony is still here.

Begin to Breathe - often_adamanta R, 1k
Tags: Domestic, Fluff, Established Relationship
It’s not until the glowing New York skyline is disappearing in the rearview mirror that all those pressures fade away.

Soul Bomb - copperbadge PG-13, 1.9k
Tags: Telepathy, Soulmates, Pov (Tony)
Suddenly everyone in Manhattan has someone else's voice in their head. Tony got Steve's, for his sins.

AT.410 - legete PG-13, 1.9k
Tags: Hurt!Steve, POV (Tony), hypothermia, team!fic
They discover the little narcolepsy problem when Tony Stark accidentally almost murders Captain America.

A Little Rough, A Little Burn - zams PG-13, 1.5k
Tags: fluff, established relationship
When Steve decides not to shave one morning, he finds out just how much Tony likes him with some scruff

Three Little Words (Mean So Much More) - capsicleironman pg-13, 1.6k
Tags: fluff, established relationship, pov (tony)
Summary: Steve says "I love you" for the first time (or the one where Tony freaks out).

Insatiable - blue_jack NC-17, 1k
Tags: PWP, Bottom!Steve, pov steve, masturbation, establiished relationship
He’d never known he could miss something so much, could want something . . . so much.

Tied and Twisted - 51stCenturyFox PG-13, 1.8k+
Tags: POV (Tony)
From a prompt from Thad: "Bondage! It can start with a little problem in the shop. Tony, or Steve, gets caught on something and needs help getting out..."

Snow - Neverever PG-13, 1k
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Hypothermia, PTSD (Steve), Hurt!Steve, POV (Steve), Mission
Steve miscalculates during a mission and ends up lost in the snow.

To You, I Whisper Words Of Love - zams PG-13, 1K
Tags: Fluff
When Tony said I love you for the first time, Steve wasn't expecting it. There was no build up and no grand romantic gesture, but it was still perfect.

Mad Mother Hen - MusicalLuna R, 1K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Protective!Steve
Tony gets hurt and Steve gets cranky. But he still takes care of him.

man on a mission (into steve's pants) - theappleppielifestyle R, 1K
Tags: Virgin!Steve
Tony sighs. "Do you, Steve Rogers, want to have sex with me, Tony Stark?"
"I think most people that are alive want to have sex with you," Steve says, and then looks like he wants the gym floor to open up under him and swallow him whole.

there's what i believe, and then there's you - theappleppielifestyle R, 1K
Tags: Hurt!Tony
Steve locks his jaw. They don't have time, and Tony's breathing is getting ragged behind him as the shrapnel creeps closer to his heart.
He feels all eyes on him as he takes ahold of the HYDRA agent's finger. "Give me the code, or I will break your finger."

Hot Wheels - copperbadge PG-13, 1K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Temp Character Death,
Steve thought Tony was dead. Tony thinks Steve is being dramatic.

Five Hours - goddamnhella PG, 1K
Tags: Pre-Slash
Naturally the one time Steve goes missing it's Tony who gets the call from Fury.

Before the Dawn - ashinan PG-13, 1K
Tags: PTSD (Steve), Hurt/Comfort)
There’s a strange place, between asleep and awake, that Steve has come to know quite well since he woke in the twenty-first century.

cherry wine - starkravingcap PG-13, 1K
Tags: Language kink
Steve likes lazy mornings and waking up to the man he loves. Tony likes to use his charms and wiles for good, mostly. Or; the one where Tony seduces Steve using the language of love.

if i were fearless - theappleppielifestyle PG-13, <1K
Tony asks Steve for advice on how to woo 'someone.'

Engine 3 - Del_Rion nc-17, 1k+
Tags: Post-Avengers, PWP, Apocalyptic future fic
As the years pass, the challenges grow and the stakes are raised ever higher, they’re both still drawn to the place where they first worked as a team. It was there, at Engine 3, that Steve pressed Tony against the wall and kissed him for the first time, and that is where they’ll find each other again when the world is coming to an end.

Everything You Said I Ever - blue_jack PG-13, 1k
Tags: POV (Steve), Fluff, Humor, Hurt!Tony
The first time Tony asks him out, Steve is . . . . well, appalled is as good a word as any

Quiet Worship - sidium PG-13, 1k
Tags: Established Relationship, Domestic, Romantic, POV (Tony)
He should let him sleep, really, he knows this. He should go back to sleep, or carefully get up, maybe make a cup of coffee, or a million other things that would allow Steve to stay in the position he’s in, peaceful and dreaming.

Losing It All - toestastegood NC-17, 1.9k+
Tags: Bottom!Steve, Pre-Serum!Steve, POV (Tony)
The Avengers all lose their abilities. Tony can't help but be distracted by Steve's small stature.

Good Game - 51stCenturyFox NC-17, 1.5k
Tags: Shower!Sex, Bottom!Steve, PWP, Kink: Spanking, POV (Tony)
Steve had an ass could make Tony write sonnets if he did that sort of thing, he was sure. Really bad ones, with phrases like "unyielding spheres of rapture," so it was a good thing he's no poet.

My Heart Keeps Beating - ashinan PG, 1K
Tags: Pre-Slash, Hurt!Tony, Arc Reactor, Mission fic, Team fic, pov (steve)
Steve likes to think Tony takes care of himself better now that Steve is around to help, that they’re all around to help. He likes to think Tony understands that ‘team’ means backup. He likes to think these things. But he’s usually let down.

5 Times Tony Gave Steve a Lift (and the One Time Steve Returned the Favor) - fandomfrolics PG-13, 1K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, Protective!Tony, Mission, Hug and Fly, Flying together, Rescue, POV (Tony)
Written for a prompt from SteveTonyFest on Tumblr.

Protect You - ashinan PG-13, <1K,
Tags: Pre-Slash, Protective!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Hurt/Comfort, Mission, POV (Steve)
Summary: It’s become ridiculous lately, how easily the villains have adapted to Tony’s brand of recklessness.

Tell Me The Things I Want To Hear - zams R, <1k
Tags: Humor, Marriage Proposal, Oral Sex, PWP, Shower Sex, Established Relationship, POV (Steve)
"Did you just ask me to marry you? Now? When I'm about to give you a blow job?"

Next of Kin - ficlicious PG, <1k
Tags: Hurt!Tony, POV (Steve), Secret Marriage, Established Relationship
“I’m sorry, Captain,” she says firmly. “I can only give out that information to family members or next of kin.” Her eyes soften a little. “Not even Captain America is exempt from that, I’m afraid.” Steve doesn’t even hesitate. “We’re married,” he says.

Silver Fox - Arukou PG, <1k
Tags:Romance, Age Difference, Future fic, POV (Steve), Established Relationship
Howard's motto was "Stark men are made of iron." Tony's is "Never let 'em see you bleed.

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