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Avengers Recs: WinterIron and WinterHawk Recs

WinterIron (Bucky/Tony), and WinterHawk (Bucky/Clint) Recs

Bucky/Tony Recs


who will be there (to take my place) - SailorChibi PG-13, Bucky/Tony
Steve's not listening, slipping out from under Bucky's hand and shoving the door open. Through the glass, Tony watches as Peggy and Howard turn around. He can't help wondering if it hurts Bucky when Steve bounds forward and hauls Peggy into a big hug as much as it hurts Tony to see Bucky and Steve together on a regular basis.

The Looking Glass Self - syriala PG-13, Bucky/Tony
James was having problems with understanding where exactly he stood with the team, Tony and especially Steve. He thinks he has finally found some kind of equilibrium with them, when a portal from another dimension makes him question his own worth.

Incentive - SleepsWithCoyotes PG-13, 1K
Tags: WinterIron
If it's possible for this situation to get any more awkward, Bucky would rather not have proof.

Uninvited - SleepsWithCoyotes PG-13, 1K
Tags: WinterIron
Call it a hunch, but Tony's pretty sure Barnes doesn't agree that things could be worse.

Re-armed - antigrav_vector R, 15K
Tags: AU, WinterIron
Steve thinks he's so funny, playing matchmaker. It's driving Bucky up the wall.


Damaged - Arukou PG-13, 2K
Tags: CATWS, Hurt!Tony, Pre-Slash
Alone in the hospital, Tony receives an unexpected visitor.

Retrofitting - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) R, 3K
No one expected them to get along. They didn’t come right out and say it, didn’t have to. Leaving it unspoken was telling in and of itself. Even with a head full of shredded memories, the parts of him that are Bucky Barnes can read the tension in Steve’s jaw, picks up on the way he positions himself between Stark and what is left of his best friend.
Steve Rogers expects to be disappointed.

An Excuse for Watching - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 2K
Tags: Canon!AU, Identity Porn
Watching Tony just becomes a thing he does. Curiosity at first, and then… admiration? Bucky isn’t sure why Tony is so fascinating, and has no interest in wasting time being introspective. Tony is simply worth watching, and so Bucky watches, and watches, and happily allows himself to be swept up in a Tony-centric worldview.

The Setback - AvocadoLove PG-13, <1K
Without warning, the Winter Soldier takes over.

Aegis - Blaithin PG, 3K
Prompt: Imagine Tony & Bucky are dating, but Bucky doesn't talk about his feelings much. One day Bucky is cursed/drinks a truth serum and has to say everything he thinks about out loud. Bucky starts saying “I love you” and other super cheesy shit to Tony every five minutes. Tony loves it.

Love and Family (out of order) - AvocadoLove PG-13, 7K
Tags: Canon!AU, Alpha/Omega, MPREG
Summary: When Steve brings Bucky home shortly after the fall of SHIELD, it's obvious he's keeping a few secrets to himself. Tony knows the truth because he can smell it: Bucky's pregnant, and the baby is Tony's. Except, that shouldn't be possible. Tony has never met Bucky Barnes—or the Winter Soldier—before.
Bea's comment: I liked this very much because...well...Omega!Bucky. :D

Winteriron Prompt Fills - 2016 - 27dragons NC-17, 15K, Collection
Short (under 3000 word) prompt fills originally written for the imaginetonyandbucky blog during 2016. (Prompt fills over 3000 words will be posted as standalone fics; everything is listed in the Imagine Tony and Bucky collection.)
Bea's comment: Lots of goodies here.

Avenge the 'Verse - 27dragons PG-13, 5K
Tags: AU
Firefly au: Steve is captain, Nat is #2, Tony mechanic, Bruce doc, JARVIS runs ship, Clint pilot when evasive flying needed, Thor muscle, Loki Companion. Rescue injured Bucky from Reavers. Tony builds arm, flirt, fall in love and bunk together :) -kaci1ynn

Black and Blue; Red and Gold - withasideofangst PG, 3K
Tags: GEN, Friendship, Protective!Bucky
"I really want a fic where Bucky finds out that Tony is Iron Man, maybe while he's the Winter Soldier, and he forgets about it, but then when he moves into the tower he's always lurking around and sees Tony trying to hide the injuries he sustained in battle cos helloooo ~spy perspective~ and then he starts following Stark around, trying to catch him in the act, but Stark is Too Damn Good."

Who is the Mechanic? - Akira_of_the_Twilight PG-13, 2K+
Tags: Canon!AU
The Asset watched as his handlers brought in a stranger—a man with a metal object stuck to his chest that was hooked to a car battery. The handlers shoved the man onto the stool where many who had operated on the Asset’s arm in the past had sat before. “Asset,” one handler said, “meet the Mechanic. He will be responsible for the upkeep of your arm. Should anything malfunction, kill him.”

The Asset eyed the Mechanic. The Mechanic was glassy-eyed and unresponsive. He’d probably be dead in a week.

Change You Like A Remix - ficlicious NC-17, 10K
Tags: Genderswap, Soulmates
No one ever said Avenging would be easy, but Bucky could have really used a memo about the weeks where the hits just didn’t stop coming. He’d probably still have signed his soul away to the gods of spandex and paperwork, but a heads up woulda been nice before he nodded and smiled and took up residence in the house sanity fled when the Avengers moved in.
Soulmates, misunderstandings, snark, genderswap and sleep-deprived Avengers abound. Tony's a woman. Must be Friday.

Reed Richards: Accidental Matchmaker - Potrix R, 3K
Kids don’t normally fall out of holes in the sky, not even in New York City, but if they do it is, as Tony’s been informing everyone for the last fifteen minutes, entirely Reed Richards’ fault.

Finding a Balance - Amonae PG-13, 7K+
Tags: AU, Identity Porn
He didn’t speak to the man in the suit any of the times he showed up in the following weeks, always between five thirty and six thirty in the morning, usually on a weekday. Not that Bucky was keeping track. From the corner. Behind the ficus he had given Stevie on his birthday several years ago, which had since outgrown the apartment they once shared.

The Winter Tabby - LagLemon R, 185K
Tags: WIP, Post-CATWS
When Tony is handed a cat carrier by a bloody and battered Steve, he thinks Steve wants him to simply take the cat to the vet and babysit it. That should be a simple task, after all - this is Steve's cat, and Tony loves cats - he'd do anything to keep one safe and sound. He hadn't thought he would have another cat living with him after his old cat, Peggs, died of old age. Tony knows cats. This should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately for Tony, the cat isn't exactly a cat - it's Bucky Barnes.

дезинформация - Chronological Order - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) NC-17, 162K, WIP
Tags: Bucky/Tony, Post-CATWS
Bucky had only known Anthony Edward Stark for a few hours before he found himself compelled to share a secret that had been eating him alive since he began to once again reclaim the right to his own thoughts and feelings. Post-Winter Soldier, Bucky is living with the Avengers, attempting to cope with his past, and falls in love with Tony Stark in the process of finding his way back to himself.
Bea's comment: This is one of my favorites Bucky/Tony Canon-verse fics. I loved how their friendship progresses and turns into a romance...and also the friendships between Steve with Tony and Bucky was nice to read. There's a story in this series where Steve gets turned into a kid which is pretty adorable and a little heartbreaking. Reaaad.

Autonomy - Amethystina R, 112K
Tags: AU, Space Opera, SCIFI, Bucky/Tony
After spending years under HYDRA's control the last thing Bucky wants is to return to their ranks. He does so only because his situation provides an invaluable opportunity to infiltrate the most impenetrable army in the galaxy — his own discomfort is a small price to pay for the lives he might save in the future.

Three months is all he can take before he decides to throw his cover and find his way back to Steve, HYDRA hot on his heels. With him, Bucky has a memory drive of stolen information and a second personality sharing his body, courtesy of HYDRA’s brainwashing.

All Bucky wants is to deliver the information to Steve and the Alliance and finally return home, but when his ship is damaged he has no choice but to stop for emergency repairs. He's directed to 'The Mechanic,' who can supposedly help, but Bucky isn't exactly comforted when he meets the man in question. But with HYDRA breathing down his neck Bucky doesn't have a choice — he's going to have to trust this Tony whether he likes it or not.
Bea's comment: Wow, this was a pretty awesome and original story. SciFi!!! Space Opera! Action! Identity Porn! Pining! It has it all. Love it.

Murderers and Thieves - 27dragons NC-17, 91K
Tags: Series, Bucky/Tony
(Post-CA:TWS) Steve and Sam have found Bucky, but they're going to need some help to bring him back to himself. A story about friendship, love, and the family you choose.

The Silver Age - copperbadge NC-17 Overall, 87K, Series
Tags: Canon!AU, Bucky/Tony
An alternate universe in which Tony Stark was born in 1950 and the Winter Soldier was recovered in 1967, after a failed attempt to assassinate Howard and Maria Stark.

Winteriron Prompt Fills - 2015 - 27dragons 76K, Collection
Summary: Short (under 3000 word) prompt fills originally written for the imaginetonyandbucky blog during 2015. (Prompt fills over 3000 words will be posted as standalone fics.)

Last Toast - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) NC-17, 68K
Tags: AU, Spies, Bucky/Tony
Summary: (Cold War AU) To Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark used to be just a handsome face, a name associated with sex scandals, shiny new toys, and weapons manufacturing, until Stark’s controversial press conference puts him at the top of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s watch list, and at the center of Bucky’s world. What starts as an assignment soon tips over into obsession, and all too soon Bucky finds himself risking everything to help the one person he’s felt a connection to since being a prisoner of the KGB. The only problem is, Tony Stark doesn’t even know he exists yet.

Meet Me Again, Time After Time - syriala PG, 58K
Tags: Series, Canon!AU
Also known as: The meetings between Tony and The Soldier throughout their lives.

Walls of Jericho - antigrav_vector R, 54K
Tags: Post-CATWS
After the events of CATWS, Tony discovers something in the leaked SHIELD data that catches everyone's attention. A list of HYDRA research bases. When the team starts taking them out, however, things go sideways in ways they didn't expect. Director Fury pulls his support, the HYDRA bases are not what they seem, and a certain ghost is testing the edges of their mission parameters... And through it all, Tony can't seem to help but dig until he gets to the bottom of things.

Full Disclosure - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) NC-17, 33K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Pretend Relationship, Falling in love
Summary: Prompt: Our asshole mutual friends set us up on a blind date and didn’t tell us it was a blind date, so instead of getting to know each other we spent the entire ‘date’ scheming against them and decided an awesome way to get back at them would be to pretend to date and then have a horrendous breakup but now that we’re two months into this charade we’re not sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore. In which Bucky and Tony forget that sex and love are not a game. A game is something you can win.

Tempest in a Teapot - AvocadoLove PG-13, 30K
Tags: Canon!AU
how Bucky watches his best friend die in his place, wakes seventy years in the future, takes up Captain America's shield, joins a group of super heroes, and finally begins the process of forgiving himself.

Scars - Arvensis5 PG, 26K
Tags: Canon!AU, Post-CATWS
When Tony tried to urge the homeless guy sleeping on the steps of the Tower’s loading dock to move, he never expected that he'd found Hydra’s pet assassin—James "Bucky" Barnes. Now, after months of keeping his presence a secret from the Avengers and helping Barnes learn to cope with both his returning memories and the modern world, Hydra is back for their favorite toy and Tony must call in old friends to save the life of the man he just might have come to care for a little too much.

You Only Live Twice - Amethystina PG-13, 23K
Tags: Canon!AU
When Tony meets Sergeant James Barnes, he knows his life will never be the same again. Falling in love is dangerous while in the middle of a war, especially when society refuses to accept love between two men, but they're helplessly drawn to each other. Every second they share is precious beyond words, even more so because Tony knows that Bucky might not return to him one day. Tony isn't sure if he'll survive losing Bucky.

When Bucky falls, Tony feels like he dies with him. What point is there to keep on living when Bucky isn't there? But, despite the loss and grief, Tony does survive. He's not sure why he soldiers on, year after year, considering how pointless it feels. He knows he'll never get to see Bucky again.

Until one day, seventy years into the future, he does.

Ancient Warrior Bucky - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) R, 23K, Series
Tags: AU, Bucky/Tony
Tony held the lantern higher, grinning wildly to himself as it cast crazy shadows on the walls around him. The hieroglyphics seemed to watch him from under their layers of dust and decay, Anubis giving him the thumbs up, while Ammit shrugged, seemingly bored by the intrusion into their domain.

The Roommate Situation - 27dragons R, 21K
Tags: AU
At loose ends after his release from the Army, Bucky finds himself with a crappy job at Hydra Securities and an even crappier living situation, sharing a studio apartment with a roommate who thinks a tacked-up sheet creates sufficient privacy to engage in BDSM while Bucky's trying to sleep. Bucky is counting down the days until the end of the lease and spending as much time as he can at Steve's already-overcrowded apartment... Until one night he overhears his roommate ignoring a clear "no" from his latest one-night stand and decides to intervene.

While You Were Sleeping - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 21K
Tags: AU
Prompt: While You Were Sleeping au? Imagine Tony having a huge crush on Steve, saving his life but Steve falls into a coma. Hospital staff thinks Tony is Steve's fiancé and tells Steve's family. Tony goes along with it so he can stay and make sure Steve is okay, but he ends up falling in love with Steve's brother, Bucky (who also falls in love back).
Bea's comment: Ahahaha Tony fails like for real and Bucky too, they deserve each other XD

Holding On - Potrix NC-17, 18K, Series
It’s a matter of finding someone whose baggage goes with yours. Or; how Tony and Bucky became Tony and Bucky.

Hard Promises - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) NC-17, 16K
Tags: Series, AU, Bucky/Tony
Prompt: Imagine Bucky as the high school punk with tattoos and piercings and long hair (but secretly a sweetheart who saves kittens and helps old ladies cross the street) and tony as a preppy private school kid.

Our Sins - AvocadoLove PG-13, 15K, Series
Tags: Canon!AU: CATWS, Pre-Slash (Bucky/Tony)
Tony's practically become an old hat at being taken hostage, but something's fishier than usual this time around: his captor looks twenty-eight but claims to know Howard Stark, the NYPD negotiator is a SHIELD plant, and what's this about a fleet of helicarriers set to launch? (TWS AU.)
Bea's comment: I want a sequel for this so bad :(

Even Darkness Must Pass - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) R, 15K
Tags: Bucky/Tony, Post-CATWS, Deaged
Someone requested a story where Tony has a shy/withdrawn child that had trouble warming up to the other Avengers, but likes Bucky right away. Their friendship helps Bucky heal post Winter Soldier. Combined with a prompt asking for nerd love, where Bucky had read the Hobbit back in the day, and Tony introduces him to Lord of the Rings.

probabilities - nysscientia PG-13, 11K, Series
Tags: Post-CATWS
Barnes finds him, pins him to a wall and slides a knife under his chin. Tony, responsible with his emotions as always, allows his panic to manifest as an incredulous snort. Then the knife blade tightens against Tony’s neck, and he manages a suitably alarmed silence.
“How did you find me?” Barnes snaps.
“Be a lot harder to tell you if I bleed out in this alley,” Tony replies irritably. The way Bucky’s got him pinned is making his shoulder stiff.
Barnes allows the knife to nip into Tony’s skin. “A lot harder for you to tell anyone else how to find me, too.”

Talk Warmth into Me - InsaneJuliann PG-13, 9K
He's not Bucky, but he's not the Winter Soldier. Stuck somewhere in between, he struggles with all left behind from his time with HYDRA, the fear and the memories, but receives help from Tony. Slowly, he gets better, and the two of them get closer.

Branches of Pine - 27dragons PG-13, 8K
Tags: Bucky/Tony
It's Bucky's first holiday season with the Avengers, and he's determined to enjoy it, from the big Thanksgiving parade to the New Year's countdown. He's still dealing with his PTSD, but his new friends are there to help him with that. He's also dealing with a crush the size of those giant parade balloons, but his new friends are going to help him with that, too... whether he wants them to or not!

Conflict of Interest by Amethystina PG-13, 8K
Tags: Canon!AU
Imagine Bucky as the Winter Soldier during Iron Man I, being called in to assassinate Tony Stark by Obadiah Stane. Tony built the arch reactor after being a hostage, and Obadiah wants that and the suit designs, so Obadiah hires the WS as both bodyguard and killer. WS views his instructions as contradictary, and decides to observe before acting, then regains sense of self: protective urges and attraction to Tony. Bonus scene: Avenger WS,angry/protective Bucky vs Steve during helicarrier argument.

A sky full of ghosts - fakesheep-luna (octavaluna) PG-13, 8K
Tags: Soulmates, Post-CATWS
Growing up Tony knew a soul-bonded pair. No, not his parents. Jarvis and Ana were everything to each other. One soul in two bodies, unable to stay apart for long, unable to hurt each other, always loving, always in perfect harmony... That's the gift that only two people among hundreds receive. A fairytale in real life.

Tony never imagined that he would ever get the privilege to see the universe in another person's eyes. Much less that said person would be the long lost, broken shell of a man obsessed with revenge that they've been looking for for months.

Stranger Things Have Happened - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 7K
As Christmas approaches, for whatever reason, no matter how hard he tried, Bucky couldn't seem to shake his invasive Tony Stark thoughts. It isn't even like they've spent much time together outside of the workshop, so, all things considered, there was no reason why he should be standing in the living room, staring at the elevator, debating whether or not he should go after Tony and make sure he was okay.

Seismology - Seadragon PG-13, 6K, WIP
Tony Stark has been writing messages to his soulmate on his left arm for years, with no reply; clearly his soulmate wants nothing to do with him, so he stops. Meeting one of Rhodey's fellow AFROTC cadets, who just so happens to be an amputee, makes it clear that Tony, for a genius, is really very stupid.

The Talk - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) R, 6K
Prompt: How about a fic where Bucky says 'we need to talk' without knowing that those words have such a strong impact on people (he just wanted to ask something simple, not related to the relationship) and Tony freaking out because he thinks Bucky wants to break up with him.

The Prince and the Privateer - 27dragons PG-13, 6K
Tags: AU, Bucky/Tony
Summary: Imagine Pirate Captain Steve Rogers kidnapping King/crown prince Tony Stark for ransom or kingly pardon or something, but finds it really hard to be intimidating when his first mate Bucky can't seem to stop flirting with the prince.

Hips Don't Lie - syriala PG, 5K
Bucky didn’t listen, even though both Steve and Jarvis told him to stay out of the gym. Now he is stuck with the mental image of Tony and his sinful hip movements. Bucky isn’t quite sure if he can deal with that and no one is of any help.

Paths Are Made by Walking - Potrix PG-13, 4K
The road to recovery is long, winding and a different one for every person walking it. Bucky chooses to help himself the only way he knows how; by doing what he does best. Or, alternatively; the one in which Tony is a mess and accidentally kick-starts Bucky’s protective mother hen instincts.

December 19, 1991 - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 4K
Tags: Canon Compliant
Prompt: AU idea where Bucky and Tony meet in dreams occasionally and have done since Tony's parents died. Tony thinks it's just his subconscious trying to cope with the grief and Bucky doesn't remember any of it as the Winter Soldier, but then Steve brings him to the tower, and they recognize each other.

I'll Be Your Bodyguard (If You'll Be My Security Blanket) - NarutoRox PG-13, 4K
Tags: Deaged!Bucky
When one of Loki's pranks gone wrong leaves the team with a young Winter Soldier in their care, they know they're going to have their hands full. Especially since this newer, tinier version of Bucky seems to have a bodyguard complex - and a particular attachment to Tony.

Amalgam - AvocadoLove NC-17, 3K
Tags: Bucky/Tony, Soulmates
Summary: When the mind wipes become less effective, HYDRA realize their Asset must have a living soulmate.

Disasster - esama PG-13, 3K
Tags: Canon!AU, |Humor
In which Tony welcomes his (begrudging) AI overlord and Bucky somehow gets caught in the middle.

The Funvee - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) R, 3K
Prompt: AU where Bucky was one of the soldiers in the humvee with Tony in the beginning of Iron Man. He survives the fight, but loses his arm, and when Tony finds out Bucky is alive after the events in IM, he desperately tries to win Bucky's forgiveness while Bucky (initially) wants nothing to do with him.

Shameless - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) R, 2K
Tags: Bucky/Tony
Tony isn’t actually sure which of them starts it—he’d like to take credit, but if he’s learned anything it’s that Barnes is by no means a wilting flower. Besides, the start doesn’t matter as much as figuring out who’s going to actually finish it.

Strange Bedfellows - jaxxOnasty NC-17, 2K
Tags: Bucky/Tony, Post-CACW
“I heard you were a good teacher.”
Barnes looked skeptical, but eventually just downed the rest of his water and shrugged. “What do you wanna learn?”
“Teach me how to kill you, soldier,” Tony said. “With my bare hands.”

Patching You Up - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 2K
Tags: Bucky/Tony, AU
It had seemed safe enough making an offhand remark to Clint about the “hot detective” with the messy brown hair, and puppy dog eyes. Looking back, he realized that it’d been the first time in five years of working with Clint that he’d said anything about anyone being attractive, so really, it was his own fault. Clint had scented blood in the water, and that was that.

First Date - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 1K
Imagine Bucky and Tony getting caught in a collapsed building during a battle. Bucky's bionic arm is pinned under some rubble, he's sure he can get it out, but when he looks over to where Tony is to ask if he's ok he stops cold when he sees a piece of rebar (or some other metal thing) jutting out of Tony's abdomen, the rebar having gone through the already battered Iron Man suit.

The List - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 1K
Imagine bucky being really wary of tony before he realises "oh he's a nice jerk and he's kinda cute too"

Dead Man's Switch - AvocadoLove NC-17, 1K
Tags: PWP
While working on Bucky's arm, Tony accidentally activates a booby trap intended to make the Winter Soldier kill. Luckily, Bucky knows how to distract himself from his order.

Grown Ass Man - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar) PG-13, 1K
Tags: Bucky/Tony
Tony Stark looks self-conscious, and it takes Bucky a stupid amount of time to figure out that’s even what he’s seeing on the guy’s face, because he’s never seen it there before. “Sorry, shoulda knocked.” Which, yeah, he should have, but he was used to rolling into the workshop whenever he felt like it. He certainly hadn’t expected to find a shirtless Tony Stark in the process of doing something with the arc reactor. And sure, he’s staring, has been staring this whole time, right from the moment he’d walked in, because this is the first he’s actually seeing the arc reactor.

Tony's Junk (and Other Things Sam and Steve Could Have Lived Without Seeing) - Potrix NC-17, 1K
Tony flails helplessly as he’s easily thrown over Bucky’s broad shoulder, hands eventually finding purchase on Bucky’s hips. “What the fuck? What are you doing?".

Bucky/Clint Recs

Updated: 12/28/2016

Welcome To Being a Fugitive - flawedamythyst  PG, 3K
Tags: Post-CACW, Soulmates
It took Clint a second to realise that meant that whatever he said next was inscribed somewhere on Barnes's body, and had been his whole life. Aw man, that was a lot of pressure.

Bucky says Clint's words as they escape from The Raft. Clint doesn't know what to say in return.

Paralysis - flawedamythyst  NC-17, 43K
Tags: Mission, Pining, BAMF!Everyone, SP: Steve/Tony
After Tony gets injured, he asks Clint, Natasha and Bucky on a simple mission to retrieve some Starktech from an international black market arms auction for him.

Simple, that is, until everyone brings along their own private agenda. Steve wants Tony to take it easy while he's recovering, Tony wants to spend as much time alone with Steve as he can while the others are away, Bucky wants to try and put some distance between him and Clint so that he can choke off his crush already and Clint just wants to work out why Bucky apparently hates him.

Then a guy from one of Clint's first missions with SHIELD turns up, and suddenly there's nothing simple about the mission at all.

Nights When You Have Time to Kill - dustyfluorescent  3K
Five Things Clint and Bucky Did to Kill Time on Sleepless Nights, and One Thing They Did Just Because.

Sunshine After The Rain - flawedamythyst  PG, 2K
Tags: Post CACW
Bucky takes Clint out for breakfast. Some asshole tries to ruin it, but fails.


Outnumbered - sara_holmes PG-13, 18K
Tags: AU
Bucky Barnes returns to Brooklyn ready to get back into the world, make friends and sleep with Steve's super hot neighbor. The fact that the guy turns out to be a single dad to two-year-old triplets who spend most of their time causing mischief, trouble and hell doesn't deter Bucky at all. Steve would like it on record that he thinks Bucky is insane.
Bea's comment: Pretty adorable AU, and Clint's triplets are adorable. Feel Good fic. :)

Synchronicity - AvaKelly R, 7K
the one where Clint falls asleep everywhere and James takes it upon himself to carry him to bed.

Nameless - AvaKelly R, Canon!AU, Post-CATWS, WIP
A gun is pointed at him before he can even move from his position, the Soldier's metal arm steady in its aim. Clint sighs.
"Nemo," Clint says. "It's tattooed on your wrist, right here," he lifts his right hand and taps his left index finger where his palm ends.
The Soldier's eyes widen. "How do you know this?"
"I put it there."

Kitty - AvaKelly NC-17, 72K
Tags: Series, Post-CATWS, Not Age of Ultron Compliant
Clint is wiping the blood off his hands when he hears a creak from the next room's floorboards, on his right. From where he's crouching, he can see the security monitors up ahead in the other room, and on them, the man in the file. He's seen the footage, he doesn't stand a chance in a close fight, not when Tasha'd barely escaped him.

Home and Other Unfamiliar Places - pariahsdream PG-13, 14K
Tags: Comic Book elements
Summary: In which Clint Barton, landlord, deals with leaky water heaters, mobsters trying to kill him and ghosts. The ghosts are the least of his problems.

Just Keep Trying 'til You Run Out of Cake - K_R_Closson R, 11K
Tags: Soulmate
Clint Barton sometimes has a name on his wrist. Sometimes he has a couple letters. Sometimes he doesn't have anything at all. By the time he's an adult and working for SHIELD, he figures his soulmate is a ghost. Figures he's never going to meet whoever it is. He's got it half right.

this sweet, sweet craving - dickcaptain (thestarsthesea) PG-13, 1K
based off the prompt: “It’s 2 am but you’re craving cake and we’re both up anyway so let’s bake in our underwear” AU

Out Of Order - copperbadge PG-13, <1K
Clint is unnerved by a broken elevator in space.

I Hate Running - copperbadge PG, <1K
Clint and Bucky go running. This was a potential mistake.

☆❤I'll Keep You Safe Here With Me. - sara_holmes R, 110K
Tags: Post-CATWS, Winterhawk, Hurt/Comfort, Protective!Bucky, Pining, Action, PTSD
Yes, Clint is avoiding the other Avengers. No, he does not want to go back to New York. But then again, he didn't exactly want to be kidnapped by the Winter Soldier either. Really, he just wants to go back to bed.
Bea’s comment: This is the fic that got me into Bucky/Clint. It is epic (100K+ of awesomeness! Bucky kidnaps Clint in order to find out more about Steve but then Hydra shows up, there are deep, emotional issues (they are both so fucked up) but then they become friends and gah, it’s so so so good. I couldn’t stop reading it! I love how sara writes Clint! And Bucky! So so good.

Complications - flawedamythyst NC-17, 84K
Tags: Post- Age of Ultron, Soulmates
Clint's got a plan to retire and go find himself a simple life at his family's old farm. Simple is good, right? Easy to remember. Simple is why he doesn't really mind that his soul-print has never activated, because a soulmate could only add another layer of complexity to his life. And then the Winter Soldier turns up at his archery range on the Avengers base, and simple slips through Clint's fingers.
Bea's comment: I loved this one and how their relationship progresses. Also, protective!bucky will never not be a turn on.

Clint Barton's Super Secret Snipers' Club - sara_holmes PG-13, 67K
Tags: Bucky/Clint, PTSD, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Side pairing: Tony/Steve
Clint Barton's Super Secret Snipers' Club. (Invitation and pending mental health evaluation required.) "When Steve brings Bucky back to the tower for the first time, Clint’s first thought is that Tony Stark’s pride and joy is quickly becoming a less of a very tall and expensive ‘fuck you’ in the faces of investors who don’t believe in self-sustaining energy, and more of a superhero rehabilitation center."
Bea’s comment: I am in love! Clint and Bucky’s friendship is awesome, and they both have issues which makes it easier for them to bond and become friends. Side pairing is Steve/Tony! <3

Leave the gun on the table by Traincat R, 59K, Series
Bucky Barnes wakes up in the future, joins the Avengers, reunites with Steve, makes some new friends and some old enemies, gets called Robocop and tries to figure out the future, himself, and Clint Barton’s middle name — all while being haunted by his past, the things he can’t remember and the creeping suspicion that Black Widow knows something he doesn’t.

What do you mean we Left Clint on Mars? - sara_holmes PG-13, 24K
Tags: Based on: The Martian
Pairing: Bucky/Clint, Steve/Tony
“What do you mean we left Clint on Mars?”
Cap’s incredulous voice cuts through the stunned silence of the cockpit, loud and shocked. He’s standing there with his cowl in hand, gaping at the holo-screen at the front of the jet. Next to him, Tony is standing with his hands on his head, mouth hanging open in a similar fashion. Over on the other side of the cockpit is Jane, who has both palms clapped across her mouth like she’s trying to hold back hysterical giggles.
For his part, Bucky is just staring at the screen like he can’t quite believe what’s going on.

The Tragic Ballad of an Under-Caffeinated Hawkeye - sara_holmes PG-13, 9K
Tags: Humor
Steve and Tony are idiots, Pepper and Phil are 110% done with everyone and Clint just wants a cup of damn coffee. And maybe someone to appreciate how awesome he clearly is. Also known as: you know you’re in trouble when Clint Barton is the one sane person left in the tower and Bucky Barnes is the only one who realizes this.
Bea's comment: Bucky and his sexy self, also Deadpool is hilarious.

The Immortal Hawkeye - copperbadge PG-13, 8K
Tags: Clint/Bucky, SP: Tony/Steve, Post-CATWS
Clint's a little older than he looks, and his DNA has a few surprises in store, too.

Lend An Ear - DustToDust PG-13, 7K
Sometimes all it takes is to be a willing ear.

Scarecrow - ladyshadowdrake PG-13, 6K, Series
Tags: Post-CATWS
Clint wakes up one morning to find that he has one more scarecrow than he went to bed with, and it appears to be actually attracting the crows.

Collected Fics and Ficlets - sara_holmes R, 5K, Collection
Collection of various Avengers drabbles and ficlets originally posted on Tumblr. Tags and pairings will be updated as I go.

Coffee Spoons - cakeisnotpie PG-13, 5K
Bucky Barnes might not remember who he is, but he knows what he likes. Or Clint Barton is a pretty good therapist among other things.

You As You Were - a_pious_cruelty NC-17, 5K
SHIELD partners Bucky with Clint.

One, Two, Step - incurableinsanity PG-13, 5K
Summary: Five dances Clint and Natasha learned through SHIELD and one dance taught to them by someone else.

How to Appreciate Quality Engineering - Chex (provetheworst) NC-17, 4K
Just because he doesn't know shit about engineering doesn't mean Clint can't appreciate Bucky's metal arm. It's a work of art, and maybe Clint has kind of a thing for it. And maybe he has a thing for Bucky in general. It's fine. Totally fine.

when you lose something you can't replace - bittereternity PG, 4K
He is awake and he must do as he's told.

The Firefighters Are On Speed Dial - incurableinsanity PG-13, 3K
Tags: AU
"Bucky doesn’t care who it is, he just wants it to stop. At this rate, he’ll be running on a maximum of two hours by the next time he heads into work. Of course, the fire alarm goes off again at three in the morning."
the 'sorry i set the fire alarm in our building off again for the forty-eighth time i was trying to cook’ AU

Not Less - sara_holmes (PG-13, 3K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort
“Why can’t I hear?!” Bucky is screaming. “Where the fuck is my arm?”
Clint feels the weight of the metal despite the fact it’s trussed up, held against his chest by something that’s part sling, part restraint. He can sense the cold of the plate embedded in his shoulder and feels like a thief.

Was It Worth It? - AcidArrow NC-17, 3K, WIP
Tags: Canon!AU, CACW, WInterHawk, Stony
Summary: At the climax of the internal civil war between the confidants and comrades of the Avengers Initiative, four broken men wage personal wars on their own emotions. What does it mean to deserve to be loved? A Stony/Winterhawk Captain America: Civil War adaptation, which follows the plot of the movie but diverts from canon toward the end to offer a different, happy ending.

every sigh and scream we make - somehowunbroken NC-17, 3K
Tags: WinterHawk
Bucky Barnes is not what Clint was expecting.

Maybe If You're Good - circ_bamboo NC-17, 3K, AU
"So, we share an ex." Bucky seriously thought about grabbing one of the knives on the counter and stabbing Clint for trying to talk to him before coffee, but he'd promised Steve he wouldn't do that and promised Tony that he wouldn't get any more blood on surfaces that didn't clean easily. (And then there is snark and wallsex.)

Bucky is Not a Disney Princess - CeliaEquus PG, 3K
After saving a young girl's life, Bucky finds himself with an unexpected fan base of little ladies. In which Bucky is puzzled, Darcy ships Winterhawk, and there's fluff and angst.

Charms - sara_holmes PG, 2K
Tags: Winterhawk
Bucky Barnes does not waste his time rescuing adorably tragic creatures that he doesn't even like. Not often, anyway.

Counterparts and Bleeding Hearts - snakesinthetardis PG-13, 2K
Clint can't sleep. Bucky can't sleep. They run into each other in the kitchen at two in the morning.

Hush, Bucky's Sleeping - avengersincamphalfbloodstardis PG, 1K
Tags: Winterhawk
What do you do when a super soldier assassin falls asleep on you?

What You See - incurableinsanity PG-13, 1K
Steve is starting to worry that one day he’ll wake up and Clint will be dead with a broken neck on the kitchen floor or Bucky will be pinned to wall with an arrow through the eye.

Aww, Dog. - josighah PG-13, 1K
Clint has a well-known soft spot for dogs, and sometimes it gets him in trouble. Sometimes it almost kills him. Like now, when he's chained to the wall and totally dying of kidney failure in a warehouse somewhere because his kidnappers are completely incompetent shits. Like, honestly, if you're going to do it, you need to commit and at least do it well. Fuckers.

L & Bucky - neverfinishe PG-13, 1K
There's a point where Clint realizes that the two most important individuals in his life have names that rhyme and end with -ucky.

Hush, Bucky's Sleeping - avengersincamphalfbloodstardis PG, 1K
Tags: Fluff
What do you do when a super soldier assassin falls asleep on you?.