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Steve/Tony Recs: Comics (AU)

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Updated 12/28/2016

Fairytale fic- elspethdixon PG-13/R, AU, 616
Snow queen au.

The Iron Beast - kijikun AU, PG-13, 616
Fairy Tale challenge. I took the more traditional telling of Beauty and the Beast, added a dash of steampunk, and gave Steve two brothers.

Fairytale fic- elspethdixon PG-13/R, AU, 616
Snow queen au.

Waking the Dragon - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 72K
Tags: Marvel 616, Fantasy, Action, Bottom!Steve
Since humanity first started spreading across the land, pushing dragons back by sheer numbers, tensions have been high between the species. War is nearly endless, and Prince Tony, the half-human heir of the dragons, is sick of it. When King Howard of the dragons is poisoned, the fate of everything sits in the balance. In desperation to save his own life and to prevent decades of fighting over the throne, Tony sets off to find a cure.
Down in the foothills, Legati Steven of the human army finds himself with a missing friend and assassin, a suspiciously cagy adviser to the ruler and a desperate need to be less interesting. In the interests of scuttling his own career, he starts on his own mission to find his answers. When he runs into Tony, they discover just how complicated things really are.

Breaker of Horses - Sineala PG-13, 52K, Series
Tags: marvel 616, Historical AU, Inter-species relationship
What do you do when the Roman Empire you were raised to love consigns you to the sands of the arena? Antonius is a prince of the Dacians, captured in war and sold as a gladiator. He yearns for his freedom. Stephanos -- the last living centaur -- is his fellow slave and trainer. Centuries old, disillusioned by a Rome that has become a shadow of itself, Stephanos has all but given up on life... until he meets Antonius, and both of their lives are forever changed.

All My Yesterdays - Penumbren PG-13, 52K
Tags: Series, Marvel 9810
On Earth-9810, Tony Stark is the Sorcerer Supreme.

Catch a Falling Star - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 42K
Tags: SciFi/Fantasy, Ultimates
When Tony was sixteen, he got to meet his hero, Captain Steve Rogers, the Empire's not-literally-golden boy from the Continuity Wars. When he was twenty-seven, the aforementioned Captain turned Pirate picked him up at the outer edges of space. It would have been a good time to appreciate the abundant nudity that came from spending too much time with space colonists, but Tony had bigger worries than even Rogers' amazing hip-to-shoulder ratio.Something was sending the star-encircling computers that power the galaxy into a tailspin, and it was going to take a lot more than luck and skill to clean the mess up.

The Emperor's Fury - valtyr NC-17, 39K
Tags: AU: historical, Marvel Ultimates, Bottom!Steve
Steve is an ex-gladiator. Tony wears a toga. Together, they litigate civil cases. Also a surprising amount of boating.

Kings Of Coney Island - Vespasiana R, 37K
Tags: WIP, Ultimates
In which Steve is a rising mafia don lacking in panache, Tony is an unethical businessman with a target on his back, and somehow a fake marriage will solve all their problems. Also murder. Murder solves a lot of problems, too.

Staring at the Sun - snoozingkitten NC-17, 36K
Tags: Marvel 616, AU
Steve is a man on the run from his past, unsure if he even wanted a future. Tony is a man with a dangerous secret. They meet like a train crash and then allbets are off; it’s all everyone can do to survive. Space AU. Western AU.

Confidence Trick - tsukinofaerii PG-13, 30K
Tags: Ultimates, AU, Pre-Slash
FBI Agent Steve Rogers and his partner Sam Wilson have spent the last couple of years just a few steps behind the high-end art thief and hacker known as Iron Man. When someone starts using Steve's connections to hack into the FBI mainframe, he knows there's only one person it could be. But the hacking is only the beginning, and the game Iron Man is playing promises to get them closer than ever before.

Constructs in Progress - Muccamukk NC-17, 29K
Tags: AU, Marvel 616, Threesome (Tony/Steve/Natasha)
In the seven territories built out of the ruins of New York City, no one has managed to match Tony Stark as either a technologist or a unicorn rider. But when Tony's secrets come back to haunt him, even Captain Rogers and his mysterious lover might not be able to save him, or the city.

The Billionaire Hooker's Deceived Artist - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 27K
Tags: AU, Bottom!Steve, College!AU, Identity Porn, Comics
During Tony's senior year at MIT, his partying habit finally hit the edge of his parents' patience. When Howard and Maria cut him off from his usual sources of money, he decides to turn to less conventional ones.

The Most Earnest Report Regarding Deliciously Deviant Devils, Acutely Admirable Americans and the Increasingly Inadvisable Intimacies Between Them - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 27K, Series
Tags: AU, Steampunk
When Anthony Stark, (the Affectionate Devil) bumps into a newcomer in the Neath, he absolutely has to know more about this particularly delicious soul.

Rules of Engagement - Kiyaar NC-17, 18K
Tags: AU, Time Travel, Pirates, WIP
Captain Anthony Stark is hired by one Baron Zemo to retrieve a priceless treasure somewhere off the coast of Newfoundland.(Steve wakes up from being frozen and finds out he somehow time traveled to the past where he meets Tony, a pirate)

Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines - captainshellhead, vibraniumstark NC-17, 16K
Tags: Western AU, Marvel Ultimates
As far as stupid decisions went, Tony was fairly certain that nothing would ever top sleeping with the sheriff. In his defense, he hadn’t known who the attractive blonde was at the time, and he wasn’t planning on staying long enough for the sheriff to find out who Tony was, either. It wasn't just the law Tony was running from, it was the past as well, and he couldn't afford to wait around for it to catch up to him. Now if only he could convince himself to leave.

Manhattan Double Bluff - Neverever R, 16k
Tags: AU, Marvel 616
In 1952, Tony Stark is at the top of his world and life couldn't be better. Then he crosses paths with Steve Rogers, a mysterious World War II vet, and events spiral out of his control.

Gold Rider - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 16K, Series
Tags: Fantasy AU, Marvel comics
When a childhood accident leaves Tony with a remarkable ability to hear dragons, he finds out that on Pern, the dragon chooses. Whether it comes to being a dragonrider or becoming Weyrwomanleader, he has a bumpy flight ahead.

Breathe and Release - exfatalist NC-17, 15K
Tags: Marvel 616, AU, Hurt!Steve
Since being honorably discharged from the Army after an injury sustained while deployed in Afghanistan, Steve Rogers has found a new center of balance as a yoga instructor at a small Manhattan gym. It just stands to figure that one day media crisis-plagued billionaire Tony Stark would come waltzing in and throw everything off. As he guides his controversial new student on the journey to inner peace, Steve learns to deal with some negative energy of his own, and finds something unexpected on the way. [ Non-Powered AU, Modern!Steve.)

Leviosa-verse - runningondreams PG-13, 8K, Series
Tags: Marvel 616, AU
Tony Stark and Steve Rogers attempt to found a School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the American Colonies. The rest of the staff just tries to stay out of the way of the flirting and arguments.

The Captain and the Prince - Penumbren PG, 8K
Tags: Fantasy, AU, MA:A
Steve has had a crush on Tony for years. Captain Rogers heads up the castle guard when Prince Anthony returns from his studies abroad. What's a poor captain of the guard to do when his past crashes into his present?

Problems in Relativity - Muccamukk NC-17, 7K
Tags: AU: Space, Marvel 616, Bottom!Steve
Steve Rogers, captain of the spacecraft America, resents playing Director Fury's errand boy, and that's before the mission to collect a mysterious package leads to more trouble than he ever wanted.

The Knight and the Tower - valtyr PG-13, 4K
Tags: Marvel 616, AU
The brave knight Sir Steven attempts to rescue a damsel in distress. Nothing goes according to plan.

it's been a long, long time - onebilliondollarman PG-13, 3K
Tags: AU, Marvel 616
Summary: Thirty years after graduating high school and never looking back, Tony finds himself at a high school reunion. As these things usually go, he reconnects with an old love.

Hazards of the Trade - cookinguptales NC-17, 3k
Tags: AU, MA:A, Fluff
You can't spend all your time in a bakery without gaining a few pounds. Tony is displeased.

The Road Through October Country - indigostohelit PG, 2K
Tags: Supernatural/Horror, AU, Sad, Marvel 616
It's a beautiful day in October, and Steve's hiding behind the library, his knee bleeding, when he sees the boy for the first time. Tony makes Steve laugh, and his hands are as cold as ice, and he doesn't leave footsteps in the mud. But in a cold graveyard after sunset, Tony asks Steve to make a choice that will change - or end - his life forever.