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Steve/Tony Recs: Marvel Noir

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Recs (Last Updated: 5/14/2017

Tony Stark and the Artifact of the Hawai'ian Archipelago - antrigrav_vector  NC-17, 18K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Merman!Steve, Bonding
Tony's on a solo flight, scouting out the area around the atolls in the mid Pacific on a mission from Fury to try to find an artifact that no one can describe. Hell, there's not even really a consensus on what it can do. But Fury wants to get his hands on it if he can. Tony manages to get there, but then his plane sinks. Yes, sinks. He'd anchored it off the island's shoreline, since the island itself had no room for a runway, being rather too tiny. And now he's stranded.

Luckily he no longer needs to recharge the repulsor pump every few days.

Giving in to the need, Tony scouts the island. He finds very little that will help him. There are no animals here but small songbirds, so he'll have to find a way to catch fish to eat until Pepper and Jarvis can come get him...
Bea's comment: Merman!Steve is adorable.

Sometimes Even Heroes Need Saving (The Tony Stark Adventures Anniversary Edition) - navaan PG, 3K, Marvel Noir
Summary: The first time he meets Captain America, the man saves him. Between heroes of a certain ilk that is never the end of the story.

Say It (Movietone News remix) - a_sparrows_fall PG, 3K, Noir
Steve and the other Invaders are stationed at headquarters just outside of London, where they run into Tony Stark—the Tony Stark of Marvels magazine. Steve struggles to express how he feels.

Love's old song will be new - gottalovev PG-13, 5K, Noir
Tony's plan for the evening was to have a drink with Rhodes before starting a new adventure. He wasn't counting on a gorgeous soldier catching his eye.

Pulse, Beat, and Measure - Sineala NC-17, 134K, Series
Tags: Marvel Noir, One Night Stand, Reunion, Multiverse, Crossover: Noir x 616, Civil War, Fix-it)Two men. Two worlds. Life during wartime.

Indelible - Penumbren NC-17, 104K, Series
Tags: Multiverse, Marvel 616+IM Noir Crossover, Angst, Happy Ending, Post Civil WarWhen an experiment goes awry, Tony thinks he may have found an answer to his problems and Steve faces something he's been avoiding for a very long time.

Tony Stark and the Hidden Hercules: A Marvels War Book - navaan PG-13, 76k
Tags: Iron Man Noir, Action/AdventureThe story where Bucky needs Tony Stark to save Steve, although Bucky is not the one who is crazy about Marvels and the man whose adventures made the magazine great, and Tony comes because he has a score to settle. Or at least that’s what he keeps telling himself right until he’s swept up by the mystery of it all.

Here Be Dragons - MemoryDragon PG-13, 67K
Tags: Fantasy, Marvel Noir, Dragons, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt!Tony, Protective!Steve
Tony Stark has come far from his adventures with Marvels, fighting the long War with no end in sight. When he's shot from the sky, he finds himself in an underground utopia and a city of dragons. One dragon in particular reminds Tony of what it's like to live again, but can he save the city from the monsters that lurk below and above?

You'd Be So Nice (To Come Home To) - Wordsplat NC-17, 57K
Tags: AU, Marvel Noir, Virgin!Steve, Canon!AU
Steve is a stripper, Tony is the Stark Adventures poster boy, and they fall madly in love in the 1940's.

The Tower of Yesterday - manic_intent NC-17, 49K
Tags: Marvel Noir
Tony is the WWII hero waking up in the future. Iron Man Noir.

Marvels: The Bloodstone Odyssey - teaberryblue PG-13, 35K
Tags: Pre-Serum SteveThe year is 1940. In the middle of the Blitz, Tony Stark and Pepper Potts set out to London to recover Howard Stark's lost work. But it turns out that they're not the only ones hunting for it. Tony finds himself contending with Nazis, crooks, and perhaps his most formidable adversary yet: a scrawny, asthmatic, bullheaded kid named Steve Rogers.

Look here, look back, look ahead - marinarusalka PG-13, 33K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Hurt!Tony, Protective!Steve, Identity Porn
September, 1941: Returning from a mission as Iron Man, Tony Stark crash-lands in the Carpathian Mountains and is rescued by Captain America. The two heroes team up to investigate Nazi activity at a mysterious castle. But Captain America is keeping secrets that could destroy their new partnership before it has a chance to begin.

Tony Stark and the Sentinel of Liberty: A Marvels Adventure - Sineala PG-13, 28K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Sentinels and Guides AU, Skinny!Steve, Post-Serum!Steve, Action/Adventure, Pining!Steve
When Project Rebirth fails, leaving the super-soldier serum inert in his veins, Steve Rogers is forced to bid goodbye to his dream of defending his country -- at least, in the way he'd always envisioned it. But his prospects in that regard aren't entirely bleak: he takes a job as chronicler for Tony Stark, the former Marvels adventurer who now serves his country in his typical unorthodox style, hunting down mystical relics before the Nazis can find them. At Tony's side in the jungles of Peru, Steve discovers that the serum works after all -- but it works in ways he could never have imagined.

the best man in his world and a good enough man for any world - thyrza NC-17, 24K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Bottom!Steve, Mission fic, Hurt!Tony
Tony Stark disappeared without a word at the close of World War II, and hasn't been seen or heard from since. When Commander Steve Rogers, newly retired from the mantle of Captain America, arrives in Madripoor to investigate the presence of a Hydra cell, he is reunited with his former lover. But Tony is keeping secrets of his own ... and Steve soon finds out he isn't the only person interested in Tony Stark's missing years.
Sequel: ❤a man of honor, by instinct, by inevitability, without thought of it - thyrza (PG-13 |Marvel Noir |WIP)

For Two Months Rest - wisia PG-13, 23k
Tags: Iron Man Noir
When Nicholas Fury calls, Tony Stark of Marvel believes he’s getting a fine deal for once. Two months of rest in exchange for finding a cube is nothing compared to his many dangerous adventures. However, it is never quite as simple as that, and the addition of Steve Rogers only complicates the matter. Both in task and heart.

Armistice (The Nothing Else Matters Remix) - Sineala PG-13, 20K
Tags: Multiverse, Crossover: Marvel 616 (Steve)/Noir, Civil War, Fix-it
It's 1944. Captain America lies dreaming, trapped in his own mind, and only Tony Stark can save him. But this is no mere Marvels adventure, as Tony finds when he enters Steve's dreams. Tony is confronted with dreams of superheroes, an imagined future fantastic and terrifying in equal parts, and a Steve Rogers who knows both too much and nothing at all about him. But they're just dreams. The war is what's real... isn't it?

Kiss the Canvas - captainshellhead, vibraniumstark PG-13, 19K
Tags: Marvel Noir, WIP
When Steve meets Tony at a charity boxing match, they don't exactly part on the best of terms. But then, there's a war on, he's fighting Nazis and chasing magic artifacts, and Steve has more important things to focus on.

The Heart of the Temple - captainshellhead, vibraniumstark PG-13, 18K
Tags: Marvel Noir, AU, Protective!Steve
After an expedition to find an ancient relic goes awry, Tony finds himself magically bound to a Roman soldier who has spent the last two thousand years guarding the temple, and who is now bound to protect him from harm. Stranger things have certainly happened, but Tony is having a hard time coming up with them now.

War at Home (A Tony Stark Adventure Featuring Iron Man & Pepper) - navaan R, 16K
Tags: Iron Man Noir, Action/Adventure
The war is on, but Europe is far away. Nazi spies have found their way to New York City and are making trouble. Most of all though they are after their sworn enemy, Tony Stark. Pepper is going through some special training at a secret army training camp, so they'll finally be allowed to join the action. Meanwhile Tony is playing a dangerous game, to draw out his enemies. But his enemies aren't the only ones watching.

Treasure, Explosions and Romance - runningondreams PG-13, 13K
Tags: Marvel Noir
There are three main ingredients to a good adventure. The fighting for your life and running away parts are just added fun.

A Window in the Sky - manic_intent NC-17, 10K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Bottom!Steve
Steve hits on a total stranger in Port-Lyautey, much to Bucky's astonishment.

What You Don't Know - Sineala NC-17, 9K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Identity Porn, Virgin!Steve, Mission, Action
In 1941, two strangers meet in a bar. And then Captain America meets Iron Man. And then Steve Rogers meets Tony Stark. They get it right. Eventually. And also they fall out of an airplane.

A Job for Captain America (The Three Times Remix) - navaan PG-13, 6K
It all starts with Erskine and the supersoldier serum and then it's just him and Captain America returning the favor of saving each other. Or perhaps it isn't just that.

Wartime Secrets (In Time of War Remix) - Neverever PG-13, 4K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Identity Porn
Summary: During WWII, Tony Stark fights as Iron Man, wonders about the mysterious Captain America, and falls for Private Steve Rogers.

of superheroes & swan kings: a rousing tale of action and adventure as only marvels can deliver! - thyrza PG-13, 4K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Identity Porn, Genderswap
Steve Rogers dreamed of going treasure hunting with Iron Man since long before he was Captain America. Now, on an assignment alone with his idol in the Bavarian Alps, he's gotten his wish ... but the person behind the Iron Man isn't quite what he was expecting.

Miles to Go - captainshellhead, vibraniumstark PG-13, 3K
Tags: Marvel Noir
Tony came to the arctic circle to meet their guide, find an artifact, and sell more issues of Marvels. But when their guide doesn’t show and a blizzard forces him to seek unexpected shelter, Tony hadn’t been prepared for what—or in this case, who—he might find.

15 Minutes, 35 Days (The Off-Piste in Rjukan Remix) - Veldeia PG-13, 3K
Tags: Arc Reactor, Hurt!Steve, Hurt!Tony, Marvel Noir
A failed attempt to sabotage a HYDRA research facility leaves Steve and Tony at the mercy of the enemy. Will they survive to see another day together?

Behind Bars (Triptych) PG-13, 3K
Tags: Noir
Summary: Two times Steve and Tony met with one or the other in a cell, and one time when they ended up under lock and key together.

Serendipity - laireshi PG-13, 3K
Tags: Multiverse, Crossover: Marvel 616 x Marvel Noir
Steve's looking for weapons, tools of destruction to keep out of Nazi hands. What he finds is entirely unexpected.

In Time of War - navaan PG, 2K
Tags: Identity Porn, Marvel Noir
Iron Man meets Captain America on the battle field. But there's a war on and a smile isn't much to go on.

Middle Eight (the Beats Per Minute Remix) - magicasen PG-13, 2K
Tags: Marvel Noir
Their first argument is far too long in coming.

Ain't Nothing Black and White - Pookaseraph PG, 2K
Tags: Skinny Steve, Marvel Noir
Steve hadn't signed up to be a war correspondent with Bucky because he wanted to meet famous people, but he couldn't quite help the pure joy in his heart when he saw the Tony Stark, leaning against one of his armors, chatting with a trim and neatly-dressed woman who could only be Miss Pepper Potts, Mr. Stark's dame.

Cover Artist - navaan PG-13, 2K
Tags: Marvel Noir
There is a folder on his desk with art for Marvels. Pepper hasn't said anything about it, but the one she has sorted to lie on top is probably the best thing he has seen in years. The name attached to it is “Steve Rogers” and it's not the last time that he comes across that name.

Right Out of Marvels - navaan PG-13, 1K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Action/Adventure
Fury has a mission for Captain Rogers. Steve knows he doesn't have all the facts, but he's still surprised by the outcome of this one. Not that he's complaining.

Metal and Glass (The April in Paris Remix) - Veldeia PG, 1K
On days like this, he could constantly feel the cold metal sitting heavily in his breast, a chill radiating outwards from it, turning into a bone-deep ache.

Safe and Warm - navaan PG-13, 1K
Tags: Marvel Noir, Pre-Serum!Steve, Pre-Slash
Steve Rogers meets Tony Stark - and it's not exactly like he's dreamed it up before, but it's still the best day of his life.

A Beginning - Neverever PG-13, <1K
Tags: Noir
Steve Rogers receives an offer from the famous explorer Tony Stark.

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