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Steve/Tony Recs: Marvel Adventures: Avengers

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Last Updated: 5/14/2017

Your Knight in Shiny Armor - magicasen PG, 4K
Steve gets hit with a memory spell, and now everyone's worried over him. Mostly over the fact that no one can figure out just what he forgot.

It Might Almost Be Worth It - nightwalker PG-13, 7K
Tags: Sex-Pollen, Asexual!Steve
Summary: Tony couldn’t decide if this was more humiliating or frustrating, but either way it was easily the worst thing that had happened all week.

A Match Made in...France? - Woad PG, 3K
An alternate take on the issue where Batroc forced most of the guys to go out on dates to promote his matchmaking site. Now with more Tony.

Things You Never Knew - nightwalker PG-13, 4K
Summary: Tony needs to stop assuming the worst of his friends. Steve needs to get better at this emotional stuff. Clint... Clint needs to stop talking before he's had his coffee.


Stuck on You - Sineala PG, 1K
Tags: Fluff, MA:A
Life tip: Don't kiss Iron Man outdoors in winter.

Tentacular Spectacular - Sineala NC-17, 9K
Tags: Tentacle!sex, MA:A
Summary: When Amora the Enchantress lays a peculiar curse on Tony, its effects are not at all obvious... until Tony gets home and sees what's happened to Steve. And as for breaking the curse -- well, that happens to be Tony's number one fantasy. (Or: Tony never turns down a good tentacle. Or several.)

Some Assembly Required - valtyr NC-17, 57K
Tags: Genderswap, Identity Porn, MA:A
Tony Stark is trying to set up a new superhero team when he's given a sex change, courtesy of Victor von Doom. He copes with that about as well as you'd expect.

Sex Lies and Newsprint by nightwalker NC-17, 52K, WIP
Tags: MA:A, Bottom!Steve, Bottom!Tony, Dating
A year of Cap/Tony romance as told by the tabloids.

Saving Bucky Bear - magicasen PG, 27K
Tags: MA:A, Multi-verse, Baby!Cap
No man left behind - not between play dates, nor across universes, and Steve will do whatever it takes to bring Bucky Bear back home.
Or: the Avengers are not babysitters, especially not when said baby is an irate, alternate-universe, two-year-old Steve Rogers.

Engaging the Enemy - tsukinofaerii PG-13, 22K
Tags: MA:A, Canon!AU, Villain!Iron Man, Identity Porn
Iron Man is one of the more persistent villains that the Ultimates face, with a special fondness for one Captain America. As Steve starts to find out more and more about him, the lines between hero and villain begin to blur. Sometimes, you don't have to be on the right side of the law to be in the right.

A Very Fluffy Apocalypse - tsukinofaerii R, 16K
Tags: Humor, MA:A
It started small, with one little incident that was only one of the first steps in what would be the total collapse of the human race, and only the Avengers able to stop it. It started... with a kitten.

The Engagement - nightwalker PG-13, 13K, Series
Tags: MA:A, Marriage Proposal
Good news spreads fast - possibly faster than Tony intended. Pepper's gonna be mad.

Extinction - valtyr PG-13, 12K
Tags: MA:A, Canon!AU, Sort of like Night at the Museum, Flirting
The first time Tony met Captain America, he was riding a dinosaur. After that, things got weird.

The Beauty Asleep In The Workshop OR Sleeping Tony - cookinguptales PG-13, 12K
Tags: MA:A, Pining
In which Tony mouths off to a witch, catches up on his beauty sleep, and learns that True Love might not be such a crock after all. (His status as a princess, however, is still debatable.)

Holiday Love Story and Other Disasters - Neverever PG-13, 9K
Tags: MA:A, Identity Porn, Protective!Steve, AIM
Despite the fact that his identity as Iron Man is a closely held secret, Tony invites Steve to accompany him as his bodyguard on a holiday business trip to Vienna. He really should have checked the hotel website first.

The Jar - Sineala PG-13, 9K
Tags:MA:A, Pining, Humor
The Avengers are ridiculously competitive people, and what starts out as a silly late-night team discussion quickly becomes a contest: their names. Not the code names -- the nicknames. Who can go the longest without using them? They pledge to spend a week not nicknaming each other, and they'll pay up every time they mess up. This hits Tony the hardest, and not just financially. Tony's got a lot of nicknames for everyone, but most of all for Steve -- and when Tony can't use the names he's already got, the names he uses reveal feelings he had no idea he had.

All Wrapped Up - Sineala PG-13, 1K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, MA:A, Team
It takes being captured by a tentacle monster for Tony Stark to learn some very important lessons about the people in his life.

Instant karma’s gonna get you - dorcas_gustine PG-13, 9K
Tags: MA:A, Misunderstandings, Mutual Pining, Bad luck, Hurt!Tony, Worried!Steve, Sparring
Cap is disappointed. Predictably things start to Go Very Bad for Tony.

Two Lines Meeting - Regndoft PG-13, 8K
Tags: Fluff, MA:A, Pining, Artist!Steve
Steve is unable to see the big picture, Tony pays attention to the details and croquis happens.

The Captain, Enchanted - LinneaKou NC-17, 7K
Tags: MA:A, Pining!Steve, Sex Pollen
When Steve accidentally eats a magic apple that's actually a fruit of... "desire"... it turns out that there's only one way to work off the effects

A peopled labyrinth of walls - dorcas_gustine NC-17, 7K
Tags: MA:A
It's New Year's Day and Steve and Tony get lost in Venice. Oh, and there is sex.

The Green Tie Affair - nerakrose, Traincat PG-13, 7K
Tags: Mission, Team fic, MA:A
A cult kidnaps the Hulk. Steve and Tony go undercover to get him back.

Forgive to Forget - Settiai PG, 6K
Tags: MA:A
Eventually someone was going to have to apologize, no matter whose fault it had been.

Assassin of Gods and Inhibitions - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 6K
Tags: MA:A, Bottom!Steve, Sex Pollen
Tony hangs a box of mistletoe around the mansion, hoping to get a kiss from Steve. However, Thor knows his old enemy and predicts Dire Consequences to come from the bedecking. Maybe Tony should have listened to Thor after all. Or maybe not.

The Tipping Point - nightwalker PG-13, 6K
Tags: MA:A
Tony has a few quirks. Steve's still trying to figure them all out.

Community Service - valtyr PG, 6K
Tags: MA:A
Matchmaking is harder than it looks

Matchmaker, Matchmaker (Or A.I.M. Tries Matchmaking) - inukagome15 PG-13, 6K
Tags: MA:A, Mutual Pining, Fluff, Humor
Fed up with the rampant destruction Iron Man wreaks on A.I.M. and the outrageous flirting between Iron Man and Captain America, M.O.D.O.C. decides that the only way to deal with them is to set them up in a romantic relationship. The plan is flawless, after all.

The More Things Change - cookinguptales PG, 5K
Tags: MA:A
Steve's not entirely sure how seduction works nowadays, but he's learned from the best.

Heart Burn - nightwalker PG-13, 5K
Tags: Hurt!Tony, MA:A, Mission Fic, Pining!Steve
There was a dragon and now Tony's mostly naked and it's all Reed Richards' fault.

Muscle Memory - captainshellhead, vibraniumstark PG, 4K
Tags: Amnesia, Fluff, MA:A, Pining, Misunderstandings
The heart remembers what the brain sometimes forgets.

Doctor's Note Required - valtyr NC-17, 4K
Tags: Amnesia, Humor, Flirting, MA:A
"Steve/Tony Marvel Adventures fic. They're on a mission together, and Tony gets hit on the head and gets temporary amnesia, and hits on Steve flagrantly cause he can't remember why not. Steve, knowing of Tony's myriad girlfriends and being slightly out of date with How Orientation Works, thinks Tony's head injury has made him gay, and struggles manfully to prevent himself taking advantage of Tony's altered state. Even when Tony gets his memory back."

Idle Rainbow - valtyr NC-17, 4K
Tags: MA:A, Bottom!Steve, PWP
Tony knows that worthwhile things take hard work and sacrifice. Steve's not so sure.

All's Fair In Love - xDinahQueenx PG-13, 4K
Tags: MA:A, Pining!Steve
“I’ll help you look for it, Tony... where did you have it last?”

The Baby-Sitter Experiment - nightwalker PG, 4K
Tags: MA:A
Steve and Tony volunteer to babysit. Fluff ensues.

Unwrapped - nightwalker NC-17, 4K
Tags: PWP, Marriage Proposal, Established Relationship, MA:A
Tony and Steve each have a surprise for the other. Turns out they were thinking along similar lines.

Delurking - garrideb PG, 4K
Tags: MA:A
Some of the Avengers misinterpret Steve and Tony's actions, and assume they're dating. Meanwhile, aliens are visiting Earth.

Bereavement - nightwalker MA:A, 3K
Tags: PG-13, Established Relationship
She sets her clipboard down on her lap and folds her hands over it. “I am very sorry for your loss, Agent Rogers.”

Five Times Steve Hugged Tony and One Time Tony Returned the Favor - cookinguptales PG, 3K
Tags: MA:A
A relationship told through hugs.

A Kiss to Build a Dream On - xDinahQueenx PG, 3K
Tags: MA:A, Holiday, Pining, Fluff
It’s the perfect reason for Tony to get a kiss from Steve, without repercussions from just telling him- things don’t quite work out the way he’s expecting.

Trial and Error - valtyr PG-13, 2K
Tags: Pining!Steve, Dating, MA:A
Written for the prompt: "Steve/Tony, unrequited love/pining. Except this time, it's Steve with the crush and Tony who's oblivious. Bonus points if Tony isn't crushing on Steve at first because he honestly never even thought of it, but when he finds out he realizes that he approves. Enthusiastically." I focused rather heavily on the bonus points.

Put to Right - nightwalker PG-13, 2K
Tags: MA:A, Hurt/Comfort
Tony's had a rough day. Steve knows how to make things right again.

Spoonful of Sugar - tsukinofaerii NC-17, 2K
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, PWP, MA:A, Hurt!Steve
Tony takes care of Steve when he's injured, but Steve makes for a terrible patient.

♥ - tsukinofaerii PG, 1K
Tags: Fluff, Humor, MA:A
Steve is >:[ when one of Tony's lab experiments disrupts his baking, but luckily, some \o/ comes out of it, along with a little ♥

The Onion Ring Proposal - nightwalker PG-13, 1K
Tags: MA:A, Fluff, Marriage Proposal
Now the entire restaurant was staring at her, but that was what happened when you tried to put a leash on Tony.

Bizarre Love Triangle - panickyintheuk PG-13, 1K
Tags: Identity Porn, MA:A
Once the idea was in his head, he’d started picking up on all kinds of things, like the way Stark talked about Iron Man with such affection, and seemed to share so many of his mannerisms, and was constantly working on ways of improving the suit. It was obvious.

Not Another Second - nightwalker PG-13, 1K
Tags: Marriage Proposal, MA:A
There's only a few minutes left until the new year. Tony has a minor revelation. Of sorts.

Keeping Warm - nightwalker PG-13, 1K
Tags: Fluff, MA:A
Steve and Tony are snowed in.

On The Record - valtyr PG, 1K
Tags: MA:A
Tony vs the tabloids is an ongoing battle. These headlines might be the winning shot.

Tradition - somehowunbroken PG, 1K
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, MA:A
There are a lot of things that are different about the future, but Steve still expects a few things to be the same.

'Twas the Bite Before Christmas - Settiai PG, 1K
Tags: Holiday: Christmas, MA:A
Just when Tony thought their lives couldn't get any stranger...

Family Tradition - kijikun PG-13, 1K
Tags: Established Relationship, Holiday: Christmas
Tony wants to continue a Christmas Eve family tradition with his new husband.

These days, they say 'making sandwiches' (or, Ooops!) - dorcas_gustine PG, 1K
Tags: Fluff
Cap and Tony are just giant saps. Mostly Cap.

Google this! - dorcas_gustine NC-17, 1K
Tags: MA:A
Ah, the wonders of the Internet!

Date Night Interrupted - Neverever PG-13, 1K
Tags: MA:A
Steve had plans for a romantic date, but a supervillain had different plans.

In A New York Minute - SakuraTsukikage PG, 1K
Tags: Pre-slash, Emotional Hurt/Comfort
Things change quickly in New York, but some corners of the city have missed the passage of time. Steve Rogers misses the city he used to know, and Tony Stark thinks about change.

The Naughty List - thyrza PG, 1K
Tags: MA:A
The Fantastic Four and most of the Avengers are spending the holidays elsewhere, leaving Captain America and Iron Man to defend New York against Victor von Doom's particular brand of festive cheer.

Missing a Control - tsukinofaerii R, 1K
Tags: MA:A
Tony kisses Steve and starts a train of curiosity and denial that somehow gets off its tracks.

Back to Before (All's Fair In Love and War) - Settiai PG-13, 1K
Tags: MA:A, Magic, Mission fic, Skinny!Steve
Magic. Why was it always magic?

Childhood Sweetheart - valtyr PG, <1K
Tags: MA:A, Marriage Proposal, Fluff
Written for the Cap-Ironman post celebrating the NY marriage same-sex marriage laws - MA Steve and Tony respond to the new laws.

We Have These Rules For A Reason - nightwalker PG, <1K
Tags: Fluff, Marriage Proposal, Domestic, MA:A
It actually is kind of Clint's fault.

Desperate Measures - Nix (CrimsonQuills) PG-13, <1K
Tags: Holiday, MA:A
Marvel Adventures 'verse. Jan has a plan. Actually, she has several, but this is the one she's been reduced to employing.

Company - nightwalker PG, <1K
Tags: MA:A
Steve just wants to be alone with his feelings. Thor doesn't approve. Tony is mostly along for the ride.

New News - tsukinofaerii PG, <1K
Tags: MA:A
Steve thought marriage was supposed to be gay. The modern world is full of mysteries.