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XMFC: Alpha/Omega

Erik/Charles Themes: Alpha/Omega


New Recs

Fortress Under Siege - liselle (NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |Powered!AU |Historical |Royalty!AU |Arranged Marriage |Underage Sex |Age Difference}
Charles once dreamed of deposing his stepfather and claiming his rightful place on the throne once Raven reaches the age of majority and is set free.

Erik's invasion of Westchester and his public claiming of Charles changes everything.

these ties, how fast they break - ikeracity (R |Alpha/Omega |Historical AU |Angst |Pining |WIP)
When Brian Xavier died, he left behind his widow and three children: Emma, Charles, and Raven. But having only omega-heirs, Brian's estate is entailed away to a distant relative, Kurt Marko and his son Cain. Emma was supposed to provide for them by marrying the very wealthy Erik Lernsherr, but two days after the engagement was announced, Emma elopes with her lover Sebastian Shaw. Left penniless and their family's reputation in shambles, the suitors stop courting and society shuns them. Charles is forced to seek employment as a governess (or the omega equivalent) to support his sister and mother.

Surprisingly, the only one willing to hire Charles is actually Emma's jilted fiancee, who recently gained custody of his deceased sister and brother-in-law's daughter, Anya. Erik wants the best for his niece, and recalls Charles to be a clever and accomplished gentleman, though he by no means lets Charles forget that he's there at his charity, and one wrong move and Charles will be out on the streets.

Charles bonds with Anya, eventually bonding with Erik and then feelings happen until the Markos arrive to claim their inheritance, when Cain falls deeply in lust with Charles. Despite Cain being boorish, crude, and having no respect for social mores, Charles accepts Cain's proposal. Now he has to deal with jealous!Erik and the humiliation of a fiancee who loudly discusses the scent of his heat in public and privately threatens to fuck him 'til he bleeds so he can't even walk without remembering to whom Charles belongs.


Dancing in the Rain - Pangea, velvetcadence  {NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |Werewolf!Erik}
Werewolf alpha Erik found a human pup Charles alone in the forest and took him back to his lair. Erik protected and cared for the boy, though he was barely a mature wolf himself.

A few years passed, Charles grew up so pretty, and Erik was afraid he would miss his kind and go back to them, leaving Erik to be alone again - but Charles stayed and chose to be Erik’s mate.

fill - Red  {NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |Dubcon | Canon-verse}
Or, "Untitled Mating Fic: Finally Edited and Still Rather Embarrassing for Everyone Involved." Charles is an omega. The usual mating thing happens. It is pretty sketchily consensual, in the way that breeding fics are, but somehow seems like EXTRA so by the end of the story so mind the triggers as far as that goes.

Be it Fahrenheit or Centigrade - twelve_pastels {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Bottom!Erik |Alpha/Omega Dynamics}
There are very few things for which Erik is grateful. His life, his powers, the will and ability to see Shaw dead. A night in the sea with a voice in his head, and blue eyes at the surface of the water, and the words You are not alone.

Primarily, however, he is deeply and profoundly grateful for not going through his first heat until he was out of the camps.

Hold Your Own, Stack Your Stones - primetime {R |Mutant!AU |Based on: Mulan |Alpha/Omega Dynamics |Historical!AU}
Erik cleared his throat, still refusing to look down. He started over. “Charles Francis Xavier, you have been charged by Her Majesty’s will and under her seal with the crimes of identity theft, falsification of orientation, and illegal and fraudulent entry into Her Majesty’s service.” Mulan AU.

Into the Fray - miss_aphelion {NC-17 |Based on: Hunger Games |Amazing |Action |Hurt/Comfort |Protective!Erik |Protective!Charles |Alpha/Omega Dynamics |Virgin!Charles |Virgin!Erik}
Every year, two alphas are chosen from each district for a fight to death, and every year, a single omega is chosen to join them in the arena as the prize.

Erik Lehnsherr's name has been drawn to compete as an alpha tribute and he is set solely on survival, but he hadn't exactly counted on Charles, the mysterious omega tribute that isn't playing by any of the rules. Hunger Games AU.

put your hands on me, in my skin tight jeans {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Canon!AU |Alpha/Omega |Mating |Possessive!Erik}
It hits Raven like a clue-bat. Erik is going to fuck Charles right here, staking his claim like some kind of cave man. Or the one where Charles goes into heat and attracts all sorts of attention. Understandably, Erik is jealous as fuck.

Seven Days in the Life of Charles Xavier - ali_inthejungle {NC-17 |A/O |Mutant!AU |Omega!Charles |Alpha/Omega Dynamics |Mutant!AU}
Charles wakes up, according to the suddenly too-bright clock on Hank’s nightstand, at 4:26 on Monday morning. For half a second he’s confused – he almost always slumbers straight through the night – and then it registers: his skin is prickling, flushed and sweating, just this side of uncomfortable.

Or, the one where Charles is in heat and Eric is really distracted by his scent.

White Nights - spicedpiano, tahariel {NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |Historical!AU |Fantasy!AU |Mpreg |Powered!AU |Age Difference |Arranged Marriage |Virgin!Charles}
Duke Erik Lehnsherr of Ironhold needs an omega to carry on his line, and Earl Charles Xavier of Salem needs an alpha to give him the political leverage he needs in order to make his sister Queen. An arranged marriage brings them together, but Erik's lust for war and Charles' hidden agenda threaten to tear them apart. In the frozen Northlands of Ironhold life is hard and cold, and both Charles and Erik must give up their pretense and see each other as they really are: perfect for each other, if only they'll acknowledge it., Biology - Unforgotten {R |Alpha/Omega |Mutant!AU |College!AU |Fluff}
Charles may be in heat, but that doesn't mean he's in the mood for any of this imprinting nonsense

The Key to All Heaven - Kairin16, the_me09 (PG-13 |Alpha/Omega |Based on: Cinderella |Marriage)
The house stood on one of the hills, overlooking a beautiful lake and a rose garden that the alpha of the house took special pride in. They weren't rich, but neither were they poor and they lived a calm, content life, satisfied with what they had. They didn't even realize that something was missing from their lives until one day the woman realized a new life was growing inside her. Their happiness knew no bounds and they waited with impatience for the day when their young would look up at them with bright eyes.

So begins the story of Charles, nicknamed 'Cinderella' by the cruel step-brothers and step-father that took over the house when Charles' parents died. Despite their best efforts, Charles kept his belief in dreams and happy endings. Nursing one final flower from his father's now decrepit garden, Charles works as a servant to his step-family. When the opportunity to go to a ball arrives, Charles seizes it with both hands, with some help from his mouse friends Raven and Thor as well as his fairy godmother.

You know how it ends, right?

A Cramp in the Plans (Or the Gut, as it were.) - Greggles_Lestrade, LadyFayte  {R |Canon-verse |Alpha/Omega |Bottom!Erik}
Erik's been hiding the fact that he's an Omega for a long time. Meeting Charles hasn't changed that, but facing Shaw for the last time might. His heat always starts with cramps, and they get worse the longer he holds out, courtesy of Shaw and his experiments. It changes everything he'd planned, and Charles is the only one he might trust enough to get close in his state.

Build you up, Break you apart - ebonytavern {NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |Bottom!Erik |Non-con |Mutant!AU |Modern}
Charles makes quick work of rolling them over again so that he is once more on top of Erik. This time when Erik reels back to throw a punch, he finds himself immobile. With outstretched fingers, he reaches for the familiar sensation of metal particles but nothing comes to him and Erik’s pupils dilate, a frightening thought waking in its place. No one’s coming to rescue me.

In which Erik is an omega who takes heat suppressants despite the fact that they don't really work well. And on that one day he decides to stay over at Charles' place, his heat cycle starts.

Expectations - motleypatches (furius) {PG-13 |Regency/Historical |Alpha/Omega |Mpreg |Unhappy Ending |Mpreg}
Conservative-minded alpha Erik is in love with omega cad Charles. While Erik is expecting a lifetime commitment, Charles is less than amused at the prospect. And of course, everyone else has an opinion on the matter as well.  A Regency AU that's less drawing room romance than a bedroom aftermath.

Something Primal - zimothy {NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |College!AU}
Charles struggled to get out of his seat, hurrying to stand when the reality of the situation hit him. Erik Lehnsherr was his Alpha. Erik Lehnsherr was here to claim him. Erik Lehnsherr was going to do it in the middle of the classroom full of his peers.

The Red Cloak - pandabomb {NC-17 |Werewolf!Erik |Alpha/Omega |Non-con}
Young Charles Xavier, unbound omega and devoted brother, is determined to go see his newly-bound omega sister, even if it means passing through a dangerous forest filled with big bad wolves. a/o werewolf verse.

Perturbation Theory - Sylvia {NC-17 |WIP |Mutant!AU |Alpha/Omega}
Renowned omega scientist Professor Charles Xavier wants to uncover the secret of the metahuman genome. Bitter alpha engineering student Erik Lehnsherr just wants to live his life the way he chooses – and change the world along the way.

It's 7th Grade Stuff - nextraordinaire {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Alpha/Omega |Bottom!Erik |Marriage Proposal}
"The music from the scratchy radio is interrupted by a commercial and Charles slips a tendril of his awareness into Erik’s mind, browsing through the newspaper on the table. As the rain patters against the window, he lets the feeling of home, warmth and comfort lull him into a sense of calm. They do say third time’s a charm, after all."  or, in which Charles tries to propose, but forgets one crucial detail.

A Practice In Futility - zimothy (orphan_account)  {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Hospital!fic |Alpha/Omega |Age Difference |Bottom!Erik |WIP}
At age 29, Erik had long ago accepted that he would never find his Alpha…. until 16 year old Charles Xavier is admitted into ER one night during a double-shift that Erik wasn’t even supposed to work.More in: Part 2 on the Kink Meme

All the King's Man - Pookaseraph {NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |Mpreg |OOC |Royalty |Historical!AU}
In an effort to get out from under the thumb of his step-father, Charles chooses to become a courtesan for several minor nobles in King Erik's court. It is not long before he attracts the eye of the young king, and the Cardinal who holds the young king's ear. Charles spends months working to secure his place as King Erik's favorite and to regain his father's title of Merchant Prince. Charles hopes to disprove the old adage that once you enter the king's bed, you have nowhere to go but down. A historical AU with alpha/omega dynamics (no heat).

Civilised Nature - Tawabids {PG-13 |Alpha/Omega |Politics |Genosha |Dub-con |Shaw/Charles}
Genosha fights for its independence. Sebastian Shaw rules the burgeoning nation in all but name. Erik is an alpha politician second and a servant of the people first. And then he sees Charles, omega to the ruthless Shaw, and all his priorities change.

Daddy or Papa? - Pillow_Bee {PG |Alpha/Omega |Mpreg |Fluff |Kid!fic |Internet}
A video goes viral in the month of January – it is that of a blue-eyed, dark-haired boy, two years old at most, who is being filmed by his Papa while his Daddy jokingly asks him to choose, “Who do you like most, darling, Daddy or Papa?”

After being asked the question several times and failing to give an answer that satisfies both his parents, the two-year-old bursts into tears (naturally).

High Tide - velvetcadence {NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |Tentacle sex |Beach!sex}
"Teen Charles is on holiday on a remote island his family owns and has been enjoying being on his own.

He’s having fun, reading books, playing in the sea but, more and more often, when he’s in the water, he feels touches, light strokes against his feet, his shins. And they get bolder with time, though never threatening, so Charles is intrigued, and not afraid.

One night, he can’t sleep and goes on the pier to cool off, not realizing he’s going into his first heat. Except he’s not alone, and someone intends to help him go through it. –insert tentacles porn here-. And Charles enjoys it, very much."

Maturity - spicedpiano {NC-17 |AU |Alpha/Omega |PrepSchool!AU}
Erik never really thinks about it, that he and Charles might be growing close in a way the other boys at school are not.
(AKA: That fic where Erik and Charles are freshmen at prep school, and everything is A/O and nothing hurts.)

Omega Online - miss_aphelion {PG-13 |Alpha/Omega Dynamics |Humor |Romantic Comedy}
Newly imprinted Charles is having trouble dealing with his overly protective alpha—so in desperation he seeks advice in an omega chat room. Emma Frost is more than happy to help, Raven isn't helping at all, and Erik can't stand to be out of touch with Charles for more than five minutes at a time.

Path - a_q {NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |Mpreg |Historical!AU |Still have Powers}
Charles is a devout server of the omega Goddess Adit, and one act of kindness leads him in the middle of a complicated situation.
Bea's comment: Could use a bit of polishing but it was an enjoyable read. Also, the sex. UNF.

Spotlight On Me (Kiss Me Through The Glass) - jasminetea {NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |UST}
Erik is an omega performer at Hellfire who thinks it's all just biology. Charles is an alpha who'd rather be reading a biology monograph. Neither's prepared for the attraction they feel for one another.

stranger than love or loss - afrocurl {NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |Class Difference |Bottom!Erik |Mpreg |High School AU}
Charles just wants to get through the weeks of Spring heat. Only life has other plans, especially with he meets a poor omega who can't find anyone else around.

What comes next is a story of highs and lows as well as some self-actualization.

The Omegaist Mystique - Pookaseraph {PG-13 |Alpha/Omega |Kid!fic}
Erik meets Charles at a local Omegaist chapter and slowly gets to know the man; they discuss Omegaist philosophy, single parenthood, and life. Erik slowly finds himself falling for the unassuming beta, and wishing they could have more.