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XMFC: SciFi/Fantasy (Erik/Charles)

Fantasy, SciFi, Supernatural, Mermaids, Vampires/Werewolves, Apocalypse, Zombies, Androids, Space, etc

Last Updated: 7/15/2015

New Recs

The stars incline us, they do not bind us - ikeracity, Pangea (NC-17 |SCIFI)
Intergalactic Federation pilot Lieutenant Charles Xavier is assigned last-minute to a high profile mission: transporting over two thousand prison inmates from an old and overfilled prison complex to a newer, higher-capacity prison stronghold located on the outer reaches of the galaxy. Just as he's settling down for a long and uneventful ride, things take a turn for the worse after the inmates riot and stage a hostile takeover of the ship, leaving Charles to find himself at the complete mercy of cold-blooded killers and facing the chilling prospect that he might not ever make it back home alive.

To Rattle the Stars - GQD, Pangea (NC-17 |SCIFI/Fantasy |Based on: Treasure Planer)
All his life Charles has chafed at the bonds of gravity that hold him bound to tiny and backwater Montressor, more at home in the sky on his solar surfer than on the ground, where he's stuck working at his stepfather's inn. His heart and soul yearn for the stars, and it's his dream to one day be a spacer and sail across the cosmos on adventure.
The opportunity comes sooner than he ever imagined one night when a ship crash-lands on the inn's front doorstep, carrying a dying pirate with a mysterious map and a dire warning: beware the cyborg.

The Horseman of the Hollow - arcapelago (arcanewinter) (R |Human!AU |Fusion: Sleepy Hollow |Supernatural |Historical)
Charles Xavier hopes to start a quiet life of reason as schoolmaster of Sleepy Hollow, but a dangerous apparition turns that plan on its head.

spirit voices - pocky_slash (PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Supernatural)
It's out of character for Erik to stop and give a ride to a stranger on a lonely road, but the man is strikingly attractive and Erik doesn't have anywhere else to be. It's not a bother--at least not until the boxes of odd equipment start coming out at the house in the middle of nowhere that sets Erik's teeth on edge. At least not until the closest motel is long-shuttered and Erik finds himself driving back to the looming house in the middle of the night.
It's possible Erik is starting to wish he had driven right past...

the ember starts a fire - luninosity (PG-13 |Supernatural |Human (?))
In which Charles owns a magical Wandering Shop full of magical artifacts, and Erik comes back one day, many years later, to return a helmet.

labyrinth (erik/charles) - luninosity (PG |Adaptation: Labyrinth)
Charles, having won his way through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered to the palace beyond the Goblin City, stood in the Goblin King’s home, and said, feeling like the end of all things, “What now?”

The Prince in the Tower - Butterynutjob {R |Mutant!AU |Fantasy |Fairytale |Fluff |Royalty!AU}
Prince Erik was expecting to rescue a princess, but he wasn't disappointed to find a prince waiting for him instead.

Erlkönig's Labyrinth - Square_Pancake (R |Mutant!AU |Adaptation: Labyrinth |WIP |Fantasy)
When his sister Raven wishes herself away, Charles Xavier challenges Erik the Erlkönig and his Labyrinth.

Time was away and somewhere else - louisie (R |Adaptation: Edge of Tomorrow |SCIFI)
Edge of Tomorrow AU. Charles holds onto the memory and their repeated moments when only he can remember their shared days.

We Welcome Our New Sexbot Overlords - professor  (NC-17 |Series |SciFi |Androids)
Robot!Erik falls in love, takes over the world, and keeps Charles in a giant birdcage. And then, it gets complicated.

Rejectamentalist Rad - septicwheelbarrow (PG |Crossover: Guardians of the Galaxy |SCIFI)
Disgraced war veteran Charles Xavier just wants to waste the rest of his life away in Knowhere, really, peddling things in exchange for a couple of drinks. That's when Erik-asshole-Lehnsherr comes along, and guess what? He brings the fucking Mind Gem with him. Not really a Guardians of the Galaxy AU.

Emissary Requiring Interplanetary Cooperation - Butterynutjob {NC-17 |Crack |Mutant!AU |SciFi |Crossover: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy |Alien!Erik}
Charles is drunkenly wandering home one night when he sees a bright light in a field. To his delight, the cause of the light is a gorgeous alien in the form of a man with the biggest dick he's ever seen.

Book Thief - traumschwinge (NC-17 Overall |Series |Supernatural |Demon!Erik |WIP)
Charles was a monk in a medieval monastery until a demon tempted him into stealing an old tome. Part one is the beginning and end, everything else takes place in between.

Does not ebb - StarkMad (NC-17 |Adaptation: Rise of the Lycans |Major Character Death |Vampire!Charles |Werewolf!Erik |Angst)
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Charles as Sonja's character and Erik as Lucian.

Not Quite a Knight by mia6363 (PG-13 |Supernatural |Hurt!Charles |Virgin!Charles)
Inspired a little by Hellsing. Erik’s still not human. He’s been a part of the Xavier legacy for centuries.

Here In The Black - Cesare (PG |Adaptation: Firefly |GEN)
X-Men: First Class crashes into a scene from Firefly, shared because of these sketches from keire_ke.

above, beneath, betwixt, between - pocky_slash (PG-13 |Modern!AU |Mutant!AU |Supernatural/Horror)
The giant house off the back road appeared to be the perfect place for Erik to pull over and wait out the storm, but the dark, untouched rooms inside seem to multiply as he wanders through them and the air is heavy with dread.

He doesn't believe in ghosts, but something wants him to leave just as strongly as something else wants him to stay.

Drifting Apart Without You - Krasimer (R |Adaptation: Just Like Heaven |Apartment!AU |Mutant!AU |Supernatural)
Erik Lehnsherr has been apartment hunting, trying to find that one amazing place. He needs it to be furnished, well lit, with a good view as an added bonus. He does find a place. Too bad that it's already got a tenant.

A ghost by the name of Charles.


900 Squids Under the Sea (And A Kraken) - velvetcadence (PG |Fairytale |Fantasy |Crack |Historical |Human!AU |Marriage)
Kurt Marko wrote to all the lands that there was none so fair as his stepson Charles. Only the bravest and cleverest who could pay with 900 squids could win his hand.

Erik's going to do even better—a kraken costs /at least/ 9000 squid, right?

so this is love (The Hopeful Serving Boy Remix) - Nostalgic_Kitty (PG |Drabble |Fairytale |Fantasy |Mutant!AU)
Charles plans to attend a ball and change his life forever. There, he finds true love.


A Road to Safety or Ruin - keire_ke (R |Fantasy |Pirates |Non-powered)
Erik should feel only anger when he thinks of the sky-pirates, of their exploits and disregard for laws. By rights he should be glad when one is caught committing a crime on Genoshan land, as it should give him some satisfaction to sentence the man to death. Shouldn't he?

Angel of Cities - euphorbic {R |Series |Fantasy!AU |Powered!AU}
In a post-apocalyptic timeline, controversial figures called Angels, or Powers, enforce whatever work or law their sentient city-states command. Charles is a well-known and respected telepath and researcher in Bashan, the city in which the temporal Power, Erik, has recently been Manifested.

As Dark Longs For Day - Yahtzee {R |AU |Fantasy |Based on: Ladyhawke}
A daring young thief escapes from the wicked bishop's dungeons, thinking herself free -- until she encounters a rider with a black horse, a tame hawk and a dark secret. And who is this mysterious young man who only appears at night, accompanied by a protective wolf?

Because Nothing Ever Ends - professor, SharpestScalpel {NC-17 |Fantasy!AU |Humor |Virgin!Charles}
Charles is a virgin. King Shaw uses him as bait to capture unicorns. Prince Erik is in love with Charles, but they can't do it because, you know, unicorns. And because Charles doesn't want Shaw using Raven instead. But eventually they do it anyway (good job, guys) and Charles gets thrown in prison and Erik gets cast out of the kingdom.

Birds of a Feather - ximeria {PG |Fantasy!AU |Historical |Mutant!AU}
In a world where huge mutated war birds are highly valued, a young brilliant Keeper and trainer of those war birds has a knack with the birds that extends to their riders. Or well, to one rider at least.

Buried a Second Time - Black_Betty {NC-17 |Fantasy |Mythology |God!Erik}
Charles returns to the underworld for the first time since he ate the pomegranate seeds that pulled him back to Olympus. He is more than a little eager to see Erik again.

(aka Erik is Hades, Charles is Persephone, and it turns out that "Hell" is being separated from one another...)

Burn Your Kingdom Down - spicedpiano {NC-17 |Viking!AU |Fantasy |Dub-con |Bottom!Erik |Bottom!Charles |Hurt!Erik}
Erik’s people were brutally massacred when the Crusaders took Jerusalem. The sole survivor, Erik fled to northern Europe, only then to be captured as a thrall by Viking raiders. Since that day he has fought his way up to leading a group of Vikings on an invasion of the Christian mainland, killing every Crusader he can find. But when he captures a thrall of his own, a young witch who gives his name only as Charles, he discovers that there is a darker magic than his at work - and the fate of the known world may rest in his hands.

Faerie AU - pearl_o {NC-17 |Fantasy!AU |WIP}
There's a war between humans and the Fae, and Erik's gift makes him a unique and powerful weapon. Of course, Charles makes everything more complicated.

Gain Your Freedom - Synekdokee {PG |Fantasy!AU |Hurt!Erik}
“Why are you so concerned,” the king asked, voice strained. “You are here against your will. You were gifted to me against your consent. When I die, you shall gain your freedom.”

Kindle (the Burn as Blue Remix) - spicedpiano {PG |Fantasy}
When Erik fled a fate as King's consort, he knew he might be killed by dragons. He didn't expect to fall in love with one.

No Other Eyes Like Yours - MonstrousRegiment {NC-17 |Fantasy}
At the center of the round chamber lay a shattered table, a massive slab of polished black stone broken in six different great shards that had toppled towards the center. Once upon a time, this had been a great, revered castle. Now it was nothing but cold ruins and distant whispered legends. It made the hair on the back of his neck and along his arms stand on end. This place was reeking with power just waiting to be unleashed—some sort of crawling creeping magic that tasted by ozone and burnt sugar on his tongue.

Charles was very still at his side, eyes half-lidded and dark as he let the waves of magic crash against him, like tall angry waves against a rock.

Sacrifice - rebooting [NC-17 |Bottom!Erik |Priest!Charles |Seeex}
Erik is a wandering swordsman captured to be a sacrifice to the local god of sex, Charles is the high priest, they have a marathon ritual sex session on the altar.

Show Us the Sky - Pangea {NC-17 |Dragon riders |AU}
Erik has been away on duty for five months, protecting the realm as a dragon rider. Now he's finally on leave and he has a special present for Charles, who waits for him back in their home village.

The Affairs of Dragons - palalife, Takmarierah {NC-17 |WIP |Fantasy |Dragon!Erik |Modern!AU}
When Charles sees the dragon on his balcony, he suspects that he's losing his mind. When he starts hearing voices, he's certain of it, and the realization that magic is real is little comfort when these newfound abilities threaten to destroy his life. He has no choice but to accept his enigmatic neighbor's offer of training in exchange for a promise - that he will repay that favor, when asked to.
Like many promises in the world of magic, however, this turns out to have unexpected consequences.

Mermaids AUs

Drink the Wild Air - isabeau {PG-13 |Canon!AU |Merman!Charles |Fantasy |Based on: Little Mermaid}
Charles is the last of the mer-kin, but his life changes forever when he discovers that the powers of the People of the Sea are turning up in humans. An impulsive decision to save the life of one such human has far more effect on both of them than they could have expected...

the fisher king's son - spikeface {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Canon!AU |Mermaid!Charles |Angst |Unhappy Ending}
charles is a merman. au, references to trauma.

The Fisherman's Mermaid - harenai {PG-13 |Merman!AU}
Erik's rescued by a merman when the fishing boat he was on burst into flames. Now he goes back to the ocean to try and find the merman again.

The Line Between the Earth and the Sky - Kairin16 {PG-13 |WIP |Mermaids}
Charles meets an old acquaintance, but they're not as friendly as he remembers.

This Story Sounds Fishy - Alaceron {PG-13 |Merman!AU |WIP |Fantasy}
Erik doesn't believe in mermaids. And then he meets Charles.

Xavier's School For Exceptional Mers - helens78 {PG |Mermaids}
When Erik Lehnsherr sends his twins to Xavier's School For Exceptional Mers, he's expecting them to get a quality education. But he's not expecting to enjoy his conversations with the schoolmaster quite so much... and he certainly isn't expecting his beautiful merchildren to encounter any humans.

Vampires and werewolves

Dancing in the Rain - Pangea, velvetcadence {NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |Werewolf!Erik}
Werewolf alpha Erik found a human pup Charles alone in the forest and took him back to his lair. Erik protected and cared for the boy, though he was barely a mature wolf himself.

A few years passed, Charles grew up so pretty, and Erik was afraid he would miss his kind and go back to them, leaving Erik to be alone again - but Charles stayed and chose to be Erik’s mate.

The Red Cloak - pandabomb {NC-17 |Werewolf!Erik |Alpha/Omega |Non-con}
Young Charles Xavier, unbound omega and devoted brother, is determined to go see his newly-bound omega sister, even if it means passing through a dangerous forest filled with big bad wolves. a/o werewolf verse.

A Boy Like That Will Give You Sorrow (The Lions and Lambs Remix) - A (mumblemutter) {NC-17 |Based on: Twilight |Supernatural |Hurt!Erik |Creepy!Charles |Humor}
In which Charles is 200 years old and Erik is Bella, Jacob and a Shark all at the same time.

An Accident of Circumstance - manic_intent {NC-17 |Vampire!AU |Virgin!Charles}
As part of a reward for his successes in border skirmishes, Sebastian Shaw allows Erik discretion to create a childe of his own, within reason. Erik rebels.

And the Gunslinger Followed - musical_emjay {NC-17 |Human!AU |Vampire!AU |Scifi |Hunter!Erik |Vampire!Charles}
Erik Lehnsherr hunts the things that go bump in the night.

He’s done so since he was a child, since the first time his mother put a knife in his hand and told him how to use it, told him why he should.

But ten years alone on the road has caught up to him, left him wrung out and longing for a place to rest, recharge, get his head back on straight. Though nowhere has ever truly felt like home, he heads straight for New York City, a place that’s always had more to offer him by way of warmth and comfort than any other. What he finds when he gets there, however, is several miles south of anything approaching restful. Old acquaintances, old memories, and a mysterious stranger who has him forgetting all his rules — Erik soon realizes there are decisions he needs to make, before circumstances intervene and make them for him. Otherwise, he might not like the result.

B-Negative - manic_intent {PG}
Written for the 5 Acts thing on livejournal, for toestastegood's 'Vampire AU' Act.

Bloody Feet on Hallowed Ground - WingedWolf121 {PG-13 |Vampire!Erik |Unhappy Ending}
It was prophesied 300 years ago that Erik Lehnsherr would be killed by an Englishman. So upon receiving a letter from an eager young Professor of Oxford, who wishes to visit Erik's estate for research purposes, the only logical course of action is to invite him there as a guest.

Dear Neighbour Mine - issabella {R |Supernatural |Werewolf!Charles |Vampire!Erik |Love/Hate}
Charles is a telepathic werewolf living next door to a vampire who favours severe black turtlenecks and metal coffins. Of course they have to annoy each other first, before dangerous circumstances bring them together.

On the Scent - dedkake {NC-17 |Supernatural |Werewolves/Vampires |Sub!Erik}
The full moon is nearing and Charles decides to visit his neighbor.

Old Metal (Blood, Memory and Rubber Ducks) - pprfaith {PG-13 |WIP |Based on: True Blood |Vampire!Erik}
Erik is a vampire. Sookie, err, Charles is a telepath. Any questions?

Open Season - Caradee {PG-13 |Werewolf!AU}
Charles is a adorable omega wolf who has no sense for pack dynamics and wanders on his own. Erik is the exhausted Alpha of the pack who is unfortunately smitten with him. Its hunting season, nothing can go wrong. Right?

Skin Deep - manic_intent {NC-17 |Werewolf!AU |Mpreg (in the sequel}
Written for the kmeme, Everyone-is-a-werewolf AU. Erik happens upon a seemingly abandoned mansion in Westchester during a full moon and finds an insanely clueless werewolf living in isolation.
Sequel: In Escrow

The Vampires Who Drink Tea - keire_ke (PG-13 |Based on: Buffy the Vampire Slayer |Watcher!Charles |Vampire!Erik}
An obligatory Buffy AU.

Pangea Vampire AU {PG-13 |Mutant!Erik |Vampire!Charles |Neighbors}
Cherik vampire au where Charles is the sweet vamp and Erik is a grumpy human


Promises to Keep - marourin, ourgirlfriday {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Supernatural |Angst |Creepy}
As a child Charles unknowingly made a pact with an entity in the forest for protection against his abusive step father and brother. Ten years later the entity has returned.

A Game of Strategy - wallhaditcoming {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Scifi |Dark!Charles |Dark!Erik |Immortality}
In a world where Omega Class mutants are ageless, the only way to be rid of Emperor Magneto, who has ruled unopposed for centuries, is to kill him. The resistance, under the leadership of Charles Xavier, has taken up that task, but Xavier's motivations are not what they seem.

High Tide - velvetcadence {NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |Tentacle sex |Beach!sex}
"Teen Charles is on holiday on a remote island his family owns and has been enjoying being on his own.

He’s having fun, reading books, playing in the sea but, more and more often, when he’s in the water, he feels touches, light strokes against his feet, his shins. And they get bolder with time, though never threatening, so Charles is intrigued, and not afraid.

One night, he can’t sleep and goes on the pier to cool off, not realizing he’s going into his first heat. Except he’s not alone, and someone intends to help him go through it. –insert tentacles porn here-. And Charles enjoys it, very much."

I'm A Poor Man Walking Down The Road - gala_apples {NC-17 |Dystopian!AU |Mutant!AU |Class Difference}
In the span of a few hours Erik breaks up with his boyfriend, learns that the downside to having sketchy criminal friends is that they're completely unreliable, demolishes some rich asshole's mansion, and ends up playing chess as foreplay with said asshole.

Into The Dark - sunryder {R |Supernatural |Mutant!AU |Pining |Protective!Erik |Canon!AU}
There was a certain amount of job satisfaction to be derived from being an Angel of Death. And Erik Lehnsherr truly loved his job. However, that satisfaction meant nothing when stacked against a young telepath that Erik just couldn't seem to let go.

Let Me Occupy Your Mind - TehChou {NC-17 |Supernatural |Dubcon |Mind control |PWP}
Charles meets a stranger on a bus who has something new for him to listen to.

Ornithologies - tahariel {NC-17 |Supernatural |Angels & Demons}
“How are you?” Charles shifts again, and he must be looking at the wounds because he hisses, sharp and birdlike, and there is a loud flap of feathers in the air that makes Erik want to weep, because Charles is still an angel and Erik is… not.

“Human,” he says, and turns his face away into the rough fabric of the cloak he’s been using as a pillow.

The Geometry of Chance - manic_intent {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Incubus!Charles |Needy!Erik}
Written for the kmeme prompt: Charles is an incubus who feeds off sexual energy. However, such feeding can lead to the death of his bed partner, so Charles is always careful not to go too far and picks people he is only moderately attracted to. Then comes Erik who drives Charles absolutely wild. Charles is afraid of losing control and starts starving himself of energy which leads to him being sweaty and squirmy with constantly blown pupils, red-bitten lips, wandering eyes and lingering hands. Erik in turn goes crazy and eventually catches Charles in an alley with some random guy.

The one where Charles is an alien - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel {PG |Mutant!AU |Alien!Charles |Cute}
Erik breaks into a secret research facility, believing that it is holding mutants. He finds an attractive blue-eyed alien instead.

Urban Legend {NC-17 |AU |Supernatural: Demons |Mutant!AU}
They say that if you stand in front of a mirror and say his name three times Magneto will appear. Charles has never believed in urban legends and he's never been capable of turning down a dare.


The Courtship - dvs {NC-17 |Reincarnation |Mutant!AU |Arranged Marriage |Canon |Futuristic}
A story about a courtship that began five hundred years ago.
Bea's comment: This is an amazing waaaay into the future fic where humans and mutants co-exist, and Erik and Charles are reincarnations of ...u know, Professor X and Magneto. IT'S TRUE LOVE THAT TRANSCENDS TIME OKAY? READ IT. EVERYONE. NOW.

The Waste Land - nekosmuse {R |Mutant!AU |Dystopian |Military |War |SciFi}
The White Queen and her Shadow King sit on their throne, safe behind the psionic shields of the Walled City. The armies of Genosha batter uselessly at the gates, a war locked in stalemate. Magneto, camped in the frozen mud, receives word the Citadel intends to send a telepath to the front lines. The same telepath he met two years ago, who sat across a carved wooden chess set and offered Magneto the first friendly smile in a lifetime. The same telepath who still haunts his dreams.

A Curious Carriage of Crystal and Cold by Etharei {NC-17 |EPIC |Scifi |Mutant!AU |R |Class Difference}
Summary: Charles, a miner from a poor village in the countryside, saves the life of Erik Lehnsherr, scion of a successful business family and the richest man on the planet Eisen. Charles is a telepath and somewhat anxious about it, while Erik abstains from relationships because the lights flicker and doors open and electronics vibrate when he gets too excited.

Ambassadorial Duties - ikeracity {NC-17 |WIP |Scifi!AU}
FSA captain and ambassador Charles Xavier lands on planet Duran to open negotiations. He's distracted by men in kilts - specifically, the man at the center of the arena in the magenta kilt that would make Charles laugh, if he weren't so busy drooling.

burn the land and boil the sea - kaydeefalls {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Based on: Firefly}
In which the Unification War begins, Erik leads the Browncoats' mutant faction, and Charles searches for something worth fighting for .

From Rim Space With Love - manic_intent {R |Mutant AU |SCIFI: Space}
"Captain Logan! Captain Logan!"

The skinny cadet skitters to a halt next to Logan in the rec room, red-faced and a little out of breath. Logan eyes him with a faint frown, sunk deep into a stimm couch, thumbing up the rim of his captain's hat. He's just come off a torturous fifteen-hour shift, and healing factor or not, Logan's starting to feel it. Warp space is hell on his nerves.

"Settle down, bub. What burned your tail... eh..." Logan concentrates briefly. "Cadet McCoy? Hey. Your blue's showing. Settle down."

McCoy takes in several deep breaths, and the blue fur starting to thread out of his skin sinks back in. "Sir, yes sir. Message from X-Command, sir."

Ghost in the Shell - MonstrousRegiment {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Based on: Firefly+Dollhouse |Crossover: Avengers |SCIFI}
Out in the black of space, where the only creatures whose company you can always count on are violence and death, making a living is a wager. Erik’s crew of mismatched social misfits scrapes by, toeing the line between law and crime. Normally, they prefer to stay out of the Alliance’s way, but when it comes to defending the very freedom they fought for a decade ago, they only follow one principle: when someone tries to kill you, you kill them right back.

I Promised You Life - Sperare {NC-17 |Fusion: Star Wars |Married Couple}
Jedi Knight Erik Lehnsherr comes home to his husband after a lengthy deployment to the Outer Rim.

Lightning in a Cloudless Sky by Regann {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Scifi |Space Opera}
When Charles Xavier risks his ship and his crew to save a fellow mutant from enslavement at the hands of one of the most feared clans in the Tri-Galaxy, the last thing he's expecting is to find himself embroiled in one man's decades-long vendetta. But Erik Lehnsherr, displaced Brotherhood alpha, is nothing if not persuasive, especially when the fate of the known galaxies might rest on his plans. Space AU, Powers, Alpha/omega-style social dynamics. First fic in the "Engine of Creation" series.
Sequel: Day of Fire and Sun

Neither Rhyme Nor Reason - unveiled {NC-17 |Crossover: Star Trek IX |Vulcan!Erik |Pon Farr}
Charles liked to tell people that the first time they met, Serik punched a kitten. (Or, the one where Erik is an angry Vulcan, Charles is still a telepath, and grief still shapes their lives.)

Some Forgotten Corner of the Universe - Black_Betty (PG-13 |Adaptation: Firefly |SciFi |Protective!Erik)
Erik remembers the boy he met on Osiris. Charles is no longer that boy, but that doesn't mean Erik loves him any less...

Space Jam - Pangea {NC-17 |Scifi |Long |Humor/Crack |DEADPOOL LMAO |Hurt!Charles}
Prince Charles Xavier is Deputy Commander of the TEF Heartsteel and the newest mission they've been assigned starts out less than desirable and quickly goes downhill from there. It's alright, though, he'll cope.

It doesn't help, though, that he's in unrequited love with his best friend and Commander of the Heartsteel, War-Prince Erik Lehnsherr.

Stream of Stars - ninemoons42 {PG-13 |Crossover: Galactica |President!Erik}
galactica!au where Erik is Roslin and Charles is Adama

The Case of the Missing Dirigible, or A Romance of Chance Meetings - Bright_Elen (TigerDragon) {NC-17 |SCIFI: Space |Mutant!AU}
Erik needs an airship and a reason to trust.

The Starry Sky and the Deep Sea by spicedpiano {NC-17 |WIP |SCIFI |Space}
Once a star, Charles is forced into a human form following a crime of treason, cursed and exiled into a mortal life. Rescued by a crew of mutants led by Commander Erik Lehnsherr, he soon realizes that the voyage they are on is doomed.

...But how can he save the man he loves when, if he speaks, anyone who hears his voice will die?

You're Not a Sarlacc - Pangea {NC-17 |Scifi |Tentacle!sex |Crossover: Star Wars}
Charles is a bounty hunter on a mission that requires him to brave the harsh, unforgiving desert of Tatooine.

SciFI (Androids/Robots)

Take Me Home - ebonytavern (NC-17 |Crossover: Prometheus |Non-con/Dub-con |SciFi)
When Charles takes in his first conscious breath, David hovers into view. Charles realises then that he has woken up far too early while the rest of his crew is still asleep. Something's wrong.

(In which Android David drugs Charles' water and takes him to bed.)

Toy Soldier - professor {NC-17 |Steampunk |Androids |SciFi}
Charles is a toy maker who collects broken, unloved toys in order to repair them and find them loving homes. One winter's evening, he returns to his workshop to find a badly damaged metal man named Erik.

Drove Through Ghosts To Get Here by aeon_entwined {NC-17 |Crossover: Terminator Salvation |Human!AU |Scifi}
Terminator AU

Edge of Resonance - ikeracity, Pangea, Synekdokee {NC-17 |Crossover: Pacific Rim |WIP}
After an incident that forces his former co-pilot Charles to the sidelines, Erik doesn't believe he'll ever find another Drift-compatible partner that will allow him to pilot again. This changes when Shatterdome Marshall Sebastian Shaw brings back Alex Summers, an ex-Ranger who quit the program after a disastrous mission that cost him his best friend, and with him, Erik finds his way back into a Jaeger.

And not a moment too soon - Charles, now a member of the PPDC Research Division, is on the verge of making a breakthrough that may end the Kaiju threat once and for all, and they'll need every available Jaeger they have to finish the war that has been brought to their doorstep from the deep.

Leave Me To Lay But Touch Me Deep - Synekdokee {NC-17 |Crossover: Prometheus |Dubious Consent |David 8/Charles}
David pulls out a chair and sits down, facing Charles. He beckons with his hand, a gesture so subtle and efficient it seems calculated, measured.

Or programmed, whispers the voice in Charles's head, but it's too fleeting for Charles to grasp. So Charles obeys, goes to stand next to David, his body swaying lightly as he struggles to keep his eyes open.

"In my lap," instructs David, guiding Charles with his hands until Charles is straddling him.

Start A War - stewardess {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Scifi |Bottom!Erik |Hot/Awesome}
Somewhere between gratuitous sexbot porn and a thoughtful analysis of what it means to be human lies this story. Near-future AU. Mutants have full rights. Cyborgs have none. Featuring genetics expert and telepath Professor Charles Xavier, and Erik, a pleasure model cyborg with a mysterious past.
Bea's comment: This is so so good, I started reading it expecting something else and was pleasantly surprised by the plot and the hot amount of sex sex sex.

Synchronicity - manic_intent {R |Mutant!AU |Fusion: Pacific Rim |Scifi}
Erik waits with careful patience outside Marshall Fury's office, his shoulders pressed to the metal hull of Shatterdome Anchorage's corridor. He breathes in, slowly, and then out, and all in all, he doesn't exactly mean to eavesdrop, he tells himself, it's just that he's early, and Marshall Fury isn't exactly making an effort to be quiet.

The Mechanics of You - Pangea {PG |Scifi |Mutant!AU}
Erik’s always been aggressive, it’s in his very demeanor, and he refuses to back down, relying on his superior height to force Charles into spending more time defending than attacking back. Charles counters him, not without effort or flaw, but Erik can feel himself beginning to wear down as he tries to sneak his blade through Charles’ considerable defenses.

With Charles, he has found his polar opposite and his perfect fit.


Changed - cygnaut {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |College!AU |Apocalypse}
They said it was the end of the world.

Ashes, Ashes - winterhill {R |Ending!AU |Apocalypse |No Paralysis |Powerful!Charles}
Post-apocalyptic AU — When the bombs fall, and mutually assured destruction occurs, it turns out that Shaw was right and radiation does enhance mutant powers. Snapshots of the XMFC main ensemble in the time after the bombs: Erik decides to stay, Moira thinks she might be the only human left, Raven is having trouble sleeping, and Charles is losing his mind.

Fallout - gryvon {PG-13 |Post-XMFC |Apocalytic!fic |Ghost!Charles |Happy Ending |Hurt!Charles}
Erik and Charles stopped one nuclear war, but the humans were determined to start another one.

Fuck the End of the World - spicedpiano {NC-17 |Mutant!AU}
It’s the end of the world, and Charles and Erik want to go out with a bang.

just a day (just an ordinary day) - Coshledak {PG |Canon!AU |Shaw wins |Nuclear Apocalypse}
“And the only thing we know is things don't always go the way we planned” – The Lion King 2, “We Are One”

perhaps tomorrow - fealle {NC-17 |Apocalypse |Angst |Mutant!AU}
post-apocalyptic travels. charles asks a million questions. erik can only answer "no" or "maybe".

Rivers without Bridges - unveiled {R |Canon!AU |Apocalypse |Post-XMFC}
After the end, Erik searches for Charles.

Splinter - nekosmuse {PG-13 |Post-XMFC |Future!Fic |Apocalyse}
The world has been irrevocably changed, swept clean by war and disease. Charles and Erik meet on the abandoned island of Genosha to discuss twin futures: theirs and mutantkind's. Not all paths lead to salvation, but everyone deserves a second chance.

With a Whimper - Born_with_wings {PG-13 |Canon!AU |Apocalypse |Angst |Deathfic |WIP}
The bomb explodes and the world explodes with it. So much angst.


Hollow Minds and Dead Souls - helens78 {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Zombies |Recruiting}
When Charles and Erik take a portable version of Cerebro out to New Mexico as part of their mutant recruiting trip, they aren't expecting to find out the town's falling victim to an epidemic. But things are far worse than they seem, because this is no ordinary virus. Will Charles and Erik find their way home in time to help save the world... from zombies?

Inheritance - PragmaticHominid {AU |Mpreg |Zombies}
Erik and Charles attempt to survive and to keep their child safe in a world overrun by zombies.

Manhattan, New York City - keire_ke {PG-13 |Based on: World War Z |Zombies |Human}
A post-World War Z interview with Captain Erik Lehnsherr.

Marginally Futile - Cesare {PG-13 |Canon!AU |Zombies}
"Military personnel and law enforcement agencies have been working hard in an attempt to gain some kind of control of this situation, but most of their efforts have been marginally futile up to this particular time." -- Night of the Living Dead.

Professor X's Guide to Zombie Survival - groovyphilia {PG-13 |Mutant AU |Humor |Zombies |WIP}
Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr had been living content and very separate lives. Charles didn't ask to become Professor X, Zombie Expert and Researcher. Erik didn't ask to become Magneto, Zombie Hunter Extraordinaire. It goes without saying that neither of them asked for a zombie apocalypse.

Still, what better place for romance than a groaning, shambling, undead world?

Small Worlds - manic_intent {R |Mutant!AU |Zombies!}
Say what you like about Erik Lehnsherr, say that he's a madman, a ruthless hunter of grudges best forgotten, but the world's a small place now, growing smaller and quieter all the time in the abandoned wastelands outside of the Quarantine Zones, and in a small and quiet world, sometimes it helps to be cautious.