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Older Erik/Charles

Because those two growing old and in love is <3 .

Date Updated: 7/1/2015


To Those Who Wait - Unforgotten (PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Old dudes in love)
In the late 1990s, Erik falls off the radar. When he finally bothers to get back in touch, Charles is astonished to learn he's been living in the suburbs with a dog, a cat, and a granddaughter who visits on weekends.

The Knack of Easing Scruples - Unforgotten (NC-17 |DeAged |Age Difference)
While he and Erik are away from it all, seventy-year-old Charles gets de-aged to his much younger body. Erik's pretty reluctant to take advantage of the situation, despite Charles' opinion that yes, they should fuck, right now, get with it already, Erik.

The Trouble With Trilbies - Obstinatrix (NC-17 |Old dudes in love |DOFP)
Despite his egregious taste in supervillain costumes, Erik's always cut a fine figure in a suit. Naturally, this is the only reason their "business meetings" tend to end in the bedroom. It has nothing at all to do with the fact that Charles and Erik have been in love for over twenty years, and that doesn't look like changing any time soon.

Wake Me Up When We Get There - Unforgotten (PG-13 |DOFP |Old dudes in love)
Two moments from two journeys in two different lifetimes: no matter how much has changed, some things remain the same.

Objections - Unforgotten (PG |Old dudes in love)
Erik doesn't see why it's necessary for he and Charles to have a wedding reception. Charles convinces him otherwise. (Sort of.)

Magneto's Cat - Unforgotten (PG |Post-DOFP |Fluff |Old dudes in love)
Magneto gets a cat, for some reason.

Setting the Date - Unforgotten (PG |Future-fic |Post-DOFP |Marriage Proposal |Old dudes in love |Sequel)
There are plenty of things from their alternate future Charles and Erik would never want...but there's at least one thing they can look forward to.

Public Displays of Affection - launt (PG |Post-DOFP |Future!fic |Old dudes in love)
"Even though they are still madly in love and married, Erik still tries his damnedest to impress Charles, while the rest of the world wishes they could tone down the PDA, they are setting the bar way too high for grand romantic gestures. (Not everyone can build their lover a giant metal statue in three days or get the UN to hand a country over to them.)"

Still Excited - Unforgotten (PG-13 |Old dudes in love |Future-fic)
Charles and Erik got married two years ago, but Charles is still excited

Survival - Lefaym (PG-13 |Post-X3 |Old dudes in love |Angst)
After everything, Erik still survives.

Proceed With Caution - Unforgotten {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |PTSD |Older!Cherik}
Erik is a former soldier who has a service dog for his PTSD. Charles is this nosy guy in a wheelchair he meets in the park.


All My Precious Secrets - tomato_greens {PG |Fix-it}
Five times Professor X's students were oblivious, and also one other time.

Castles Are Overrated (Room Enough for Two Remix) - Unforgotten {PG |Future-fic |Old dudes in love}
Although they've already more or less eloped, Erik isn't ready to propose to Charles quite yet, and it might be a while before that changes.

Everything About It Is a Love Song - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Future-fic |Happy Ending |Old dudes in love}
Erik's spent fifty years being a figurehead and he's ready to leave that behind. Luckily, so is Charles.(aka Old Retired Dudes in Love)

FDA Approval (Not) Pending - firstlightofeos {PG-13 |Future-fic |Old dudes in love |Domestic!fic}
Charles likes blue M&M's, he does, but he just wishes Erik would explain why he keeps leaving them on Charles's pillow—and why there are never any other colors.

For Answers in the Pages - littledust {PG |Canon!AU |Domestic!fic}
When the Museum of Mutant History opens, Erik coordinates a field trip. The day does not go as planned.

Fossils - Unforgotten {PG |Post-XMFC |Future-fic |Old dudes in love |Married}
Fifty years after they parted on a beach in Cuba, newly-married Charles and Erik visit a different beach.

fossils (the something old, something new remix) - pearl_o {PG-13}
Their honeymoon is more low-key than not, which makes a change from the majority of their relationship to date. Charles appreciates the change.

Get Out of Town (On the Road Again Remix) - Unforgotten {NC-17 |Old dudes in love |Post-XMFC |Future-fic |Marriage Proposal}
When Erik finally returns to Charles fifty years after the beach, it's a lot more awkward than either of them would have anticipated, and it takes a trip away for them to figure things out.

Get Out of Town - firstlightofeos {NC-17 |Fluff/Angst |Vacation}
Frustrated with Charles and Erik’s inability to act like rational adults even in their seventies, Mystique sends them on a vacation to figure out their feelings.

(Alternately: Old dudes in mangsty schmoopy love).

Green Door (The One Suitcase Remix) - pocky_slash {PG |Future-fic |Old dudes in love |Retirement}
It's been a long time. Retirement isn't such a bad idea.

Hairswag - Storyteller {PG-13 |Post-XMFC |Future-fic |Old dudes in love}
“You have such groovy hair, Erik,” Charles nearly chirped, his cheeks flushed from the alcohol. “It’s so… so… full of swag.”

Is It Too Much to Ask - Unforgotten {R |Post-XMFC |Old dudes :P |Humor |Pining |In Denial!Charles}
As often as Erik has kidnapped Charles over the past few years, and as many glorious opportunities as have presented themselves, it is both surprising and appalling that they still haven’t fucked yet.Or: five times Charles and Erik didn’t have sex, plus one time they did.

Necessary Downtime - Unforgotten {PG-13}
Things at the school have gone to hell in a handbasket lately, leaving Charles overworked and sleep-deprived. This isn't really the best time for Erik to show up for a quickie...

Never Alone - RavenXavier {PG |Future-fic |Old dudes in love |Marriage Proposal |Fluff}
“You're going to make me ask the question, aren't you ?” Erik asks.

No Love Song Finer - leiascully {PG}
Charles and Erik and waffles and a bright new day.

Proposal(s) - cm (mumblemutter) {PG |Fluff |Marriage Proposal |Old dudes in love}
"Never too late." "To let go."

Provincetown (The All I Ever Wanted Remix) - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Domestic!fic |Fluff}
Four places Charles and Erik didn't go on vacation and one place they did.

Simulacrum - perryvic, Zaganthi (Caffiends) {NC-17 |Comic-verse}
He supposed it was telling that Erik kept trying to build things, from small gadgets right up to mutant civilizations.

Something Elemental - firstlightofeos {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Future!fic |Five times |Old dudes in love}
Of all the things Charles had thought Erik might find arousing, the way he smelled wasn't one of them. It's...often inconvenient (and always groovy).

Or: Five times Charles smells amazing, and one time he doesn't (but Erik thinks he does anyway).

the king doesn't like to wait (the q & a remix) - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Future-fic |Old dudes in love |Sex tape}
Charles wasn't lying when he told Erik he wasn't bothered by the sex tape. He's not, intellectually. However, being confronted with an entire lecture hall of students thinking about his sex life in graphic detail is another matter altogether.

The Life They Live There (The Love Grows Best in Little Houses Remix) - Unforgotten {PG |Future!fic |Old dudes in love |Domestic!fic}
Eight months ago, Erik came for Charles with a ring and an offer. Their life together hasn't been anything like Charles always imagined it would be, and now that he has it, he wouldn't trade it for anything else.

The O(l)dd Couple - winterhill {PG-13 |Future-fic |Canon!AU |Genosha |Old dudes in love}
Futurefic, fixit, fluff. In public, Erik and Charles are immensely powerful and charismatic world leaders. In private, they're a pair of stubborn old men. Originally for a kinkmeme prompt found here.

The Winter of Banked Fires - Yahtzee {NC-17 |Post-XMFC/X-3 |Het (Logan/Rogue) |Telepathic!sex |Old dudes in love}
Charles Xavier has returned from the dead -- but is lost within his own mind. Rogue has cast aside her own power and doesn't know where she fits in the world any longer. The production of synthetic Cure means mutantkind itself is newly at risk. And Magneto, turned human against his will, is in despair until the day he feels a familiar consciousness tugging at his own --Set after X-3 (with much desperate fix-it applied), during XMFC, and every time in between.

Winter Song - ikeracity {R |Future-fic |Old dudes in love}
They manage to make time to be together on New Year's Eve 1999 into 2000.

You Ought To Give Me Wedding Rings - fengirl88 {R |Old dudes in love |Marriage Proposal}
It’s not exactly a well-kept secret, after fifty years. The way Erik looks at anyone who looks at Charles is a louder statement than any wedding ring could ever be. But if there are going to be rings, then of course Erik wants to make them himself.


a little tomorrow (can make up for a whole lot of yesterday) - acetamide {PG-13 |Post-DOFP}
The first time that Logan sees Magneto in the new future, he is so startled that he walks into the wall.

Birthdays (Oldest We've Ever Been Remix) - Unforgotten {PG |Future-fic |Old dudes in love |Fluff |Post-DOFP |Future-fic}
On Charles' ninety-first birthday, he gets a glimpse of another birthday, one he never experienced. Naturally, he can't resist sharing it with Erik.

But Also The Sex Thing - zamwessell (greencarnation) {PG |Crack |Darker Timeline}
Professor X and Magneto have a few additional instructions for Logan, as long as, you know, he's going to be back in time.

Coda - helens78 {PG |Post-DOFP |Future}
Logan's just a little surprised by some of the teaching staff in his new future.

Even At The End Of The World - listerinezero {PG |Post-DOFP}
Erik's quiet morning is interrupted by a visitor from the past.

How It Should Be - jesslikesthebeatles {PG |Post-DOFP |Old dudes in love}
The mansion was more full than Logan had ever seen it and the love and affection that the school contained practically radiated from its walls. It wasn't the same as before, Logan realised - it was better.

However Brief - PRcrazy {PG-13 |Darker timeline |Old dudes in love}
Magneto's last moments at the Chinese temple. Maybe that was how one knows a wound is fatal, by how much it hurts.

Lessons Learned - Gerec {PG-13 |Darker timeline |Old dudes in love}
Their last moments in the temple.

Never of Any Use to Oneself (Older and Wiser Remix) - Unforgotten {PG |Darker Timeline |Humor |Canon!AU: Mid-DOFP |Old dudes in love}
Erik's about to have a conversation with his younger self. Charles preps him beforehand, to Erik's annoyance.

Pace is the Trick (The You Could Have Better Timing Remix) - Red {NC-17 |Darker Timeline |Old dudes in love |Telepathic sex |Humor}
After a half-century of nothing, one would hope Erik could manage the grace to rekindle their relationship someplace a touch more romantic than "trapped in a closet, hunted by Sentinels."

Past Imperfect - bethskink (PG-13 |DOFP |Darker Timeline |Old dudes in love)
The four of them lived like they were on one long damn road trip. Sharing food, and farts and beds. Logan could tell you exactly what time of night Magneto would let one off, or how tense Storm was by the tapping of her fingers. A jet is too small for privacy and when you're living on the run, you learn to make peace with people in strange ways. Logan, Magneto and Xavier share a rare, peaceful night in the dark future.

Playing Telephone - pocky_slash, Readbyanalise010 (PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Future!fic |Old dudes in love |Domestic!fic |Humor)
Charles hates voicemail. Therefore, waking up to three of them is not a great way to start his day, nor is finding himself at the center of an angry back and forth between his sister and his niece. All he wants to do is get through the next few days so he can leave on vacation with his husband, but he can already tell it's not going to be that easy.

Recommended for You - ienablu {PG |Future-fic |Post-DOFP |Old dudes in love}
Logan has more questions than can be answered before Charles has a class he needs to teach, and so Logan turns to searching the internet for answers. Which is how he finds himself, half an hour later, watching a video called "Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr Do Impressions of Each Other."

Remaking History - fengirl88 {R |Post-DOFP |Future-fic |Old dudes in love}
It’s a long time since Erik’s had this dream, though he used to dream it all the time in the months after the fiasco at the White House.

Rescue Me - Unforgotten {PG-13 |Darker timeline |Old dudes in love}
Against all hope, Charles and Erik reunite at the beginning of the Sentinel War.

Rest for the Weary - thedeadparrot {PG-13 |Old dudes in love |Darkest Timeline}
A quiet moment between Charles and Erik before they join up with Kitty in the darker future of Days of Future Past.

sing me to sleep - pocky_slash {PG-13 |DOFP: Darker Timeline}
Four evenings Charles and Erik managed to get some rest in the midst of dark times, and one morning they have all the time in the world.

Stolen Time - Kantayra {PG |Darker Timeline |Old dudes in love}
Erik had known that Charles was the love of his life for 52 years by the time their lips finally met. At the end of the world, here are a few of those moments they finally stole back.

Surviving - Phlogistics {PG-13 |Post-X3 |DOFP |Old dudes in love |Darkest Timeline}
Erik's life very nearly improved when the world ended.

The Calm - allourheroes {PG |Post-DOFP |Future}
And what became of Magneto?
Sequel: Looking Forwards (Backwards) - allourheroes {PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Future-fic |Old dudes in love}
The history of Erik and Charles that Logan has missed, as shown through Jean and old photographs.

the continuing search for hope - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Darker Timeline}
In the half-second between life and death, between Logan sleeping and waking, Charles and Erik get a glimpse of the timeline re-writing itself for the better.

The Sinking Ship (The Last Chance Remix) - listerinezero {PG |Darker Timeline |Old dudes in love |Sick!Charles |Protective!Erik |Fluff}
Charles gets sick while they're on the run from the Sentinels, but Erik is there to care for him.

The Sky is Falling (and through it all I hear your voice) - interrobangme {PG |Darker Timeline}
Based on a prompt from the kinkmeme: "Let's have the thing that everyone wanted but didn't get to see before the timeline ceased to exist: old Charles and Erik reconciling during the Sentinel war."

Ties - Unforgotten {PG |Old dudes in love |DOFP}
There are several very good reasons Erik doesn't get to give important speeches in the new timeline.

We Can Still Have Fun (The Annotated Edition) - pocky_slash {PG |Post-DOFP |Future!fic |Multimedia |Old dudes in love}
Xavier, Dr. Charles F. Children of the Atom: Mutants in the 1960s. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1994.

Lehnsherr, Erik. The Next Stage of Evolution: How Human Politics are Stifling Mutant Growth. New York: Posthuman Press, 2002.


Going to the Chapel - citizenjess (givehimonemore) {PG |XM Evolution |Wedding |Getting married |Fluff |Humor}
Charles and Erik get gay married, "X-Men: Evolution"-style! Takes place some time after the series finale.

Make Up For Lost Time - citizenjess {PG-13 |XM Evolution}
On the return trip to the mansion after seeing "Wicked," Charles and Magneto find that the play hits a little close to home.

Simulacrum - perryvic, Zaganthi (Caffiends)  {NC-17 |Comic-verse}
He supposed it was telling that Erik kept trying to build things, from small gadgets right up to mutant civilizations.

The Proper Care and Feeding of Professors - citizenjess {PG |XM Evolution |Sick!Charles}
Erik plays nursemaid to a flu-ridden Charles. Set post-"Evolution" in the (incredibly lazy) "Those Who Can't, Teach" and "Make Up For Lost Time" universe (i.e.: Erik and Charles are assumed to be in a committed relationship).

Wednesday - Red {NC-17 |Human!AU |Old dudes in love}
Getting confined to a nursing facility for a six-week course of iv antibiotics would have been dreadfully dull, had Charles not found a way to "occupy his time." In which Erik Lehnsherr, retired nazi hunter, becomes the latest victim of Charles Xavier's charms.