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Erik/Charles: Days of Future Past Recs

Here are fics that take place during/after Days of Future Past so spoilers.

Updated: 11/15/2014

New fics (2/15/2016)

it doesn't end, it just wears away - pocky_slash (PG-13 |DOFP |Reconciliation |Fluff)
Every year, Charles takes a three week vacation from running his school and every year, Erik joins him until it's time for Charles to return.

This year, Charles hopes he's not returning alone.

The Knack of Easing Scruples - Unforgotten (NC-17 |DeAged |Age Difference |DOFP)
While he and Erik are away from it all, seventy-year-old Charles gets de-aged to his much younger body. Erik's pretty reluctant to take advantage of the situation, despite Charles' opinion that yes, they should fuck, right now, get with it already, Erik.

Two Lonely Souls in a Fish Bowl - blarfkey (PG-13 |Post-DOFP)
There are tons of fun activities in Peter’s new life at Westchester. You know, like the never ending cleaning and dusting of all four floors of that gigantic mansion, trying to arrange Charles’ old clothes into outfits that wouldn’t get Peter’s ass kicked in a theoretical high school, getting home-schooled by a genius telepath who always knows when Peter cheats, and Peter’s favorite: midnight visits from his crazy terrorist father who may not be as awful or crazy as Peter thought.

Teen Movie Magic - littledust (PG |Canon Disabled Character |Mutant!AU)
Before the accident, Charles would have asked Erik out within the first three days of school. Now Raven is pressuring Charles to at least ask him to prom.

The Trouble With Trilbies - Obstinatrix (NC-17 |Old dudes in love |DOFP)
Despite his egregious taste in supervillain costumes, Erik's always cut a fine figure in a suit. Naturally, this is the only reason their "business meetings" tend to end in the bedroom. It has nothing at all to do with the fact that Charles and Erik have been in love for over twenty years, and that doesn't look like changing any time soon.

Small pictures - aesc (PG |Post-DOFP)
After Watergate and Vietnam, the world moves on and mutants aren't threats or scapegoats anymore. Erik, exhausted after years of fighting a war that doesn't want to be fought, tries to find a new mission. Charles presents himself as a possibility.

Faculty/Staff Meeting Minutes: August 3, 1979 - pocky_slash (PG |DOFP |Humor)
H. McCoy expresses, for the record, his opposition to the hiring of M. Eisenhardt.

Wake Me Up When We Get There - Unforgotten (PG-13 |DOFP |Old dudes in love)
Two moments from two journeys in two different lifetimes: no matter how much has changed, some things remain the same.

Time Off for Good Behavior - Unforgotten (PG-13 |Canon!AU |DOFP)
The bullet bent. That's all Charles needs to know. Really.

As Needed - Unforgotten (PG-13 |Post-DOFP)
Erik's main function, these days, involves dragging Charles to bed when he stays up too late worrying about things that could be better accomplished after he's had some sleep.

And Do This Work of Living - significantowl (PG-13 |Post-DOFP)
There is much that needs mending at the Xavier property.

Remembered Tomorrows - Lefaym (PG-13 |Post-DOFP)
Charles gives Erik a glimpse of a future that no longer exists.

Nothing Like Stodgy - Red (R |Post-DOFP)
It's 1978 and it's about time Charles gave in and admitted it: he's going bald.

Erik's more than pleased to help him get rid of the combover.

The Iron Bell - riventhorn (PG |Angst |Post-DOFP |GEN)
Fleeing from the authorities, Erik seeks sanctuary. Set post-DOFP.


These Cindered Bones - swoopswoop {NC-17 |Post-DOFP |Hurt!Erik |Protective!Charles |Hurt/Comfort}
Erik gets attacked by something unknown and when his health starts to decline, has no choice but turn to the x-men for help after seven years of separation.

Crush - scalphunter (PG-13 |Post-DOFP)
Peter, after moving into the Xavier Mansion, develops a crush on Alex (who's returned with a gang to the school after Vietnam) because the guy is ten years older than him, capable and just awesome.

Raven thinks it's sweet, Erik is quietly approving, and Charles worries because he knows what happens when happy-go-lucky boys get crushes on mysterious and vulnerable soldier boys from broken homes.

You're My Only Home (The Letting Go Remix) - listerinezero (PG |Post-DOFP |Old dudes in love |GEN |Domestic)
Four times Ororo hugged Erik and one time Erik hugged Ororo.

A Less-than-Subtle Knife - Red (PG |GEN |Time travel |Canon!AU |DOFP)
Blink and Shadowcat have a good thing going with this weekly save-the-universe gig. It's just that some universes are a little more... interesting... than others. AKA: the HDM crossover I was putting off for four years, and blame DOFP.


Past Imperfect - bethskink (PG-13 |DOFP |Darker Timeline |Old dudes in love)
The four of them lived like they were on one long damn road trip. Sharing food, and farts and beds. Logan could tell you exactly what time of night Magneto would let one off, or how tense Storm was by the tapping of her fingers. A jet is too small for privacy and when you're living on the run, you learn to make peace with people in strange ways. Logan, Magneto and Xavier share a rare, peaceful night in the dark future.

A Force of Nature Just Won't Be Denied - CarniVulcan {NC-17 |DOFP |bottom!Erik |Angst |Airplane!sex}
Erik was on edge. Ten years of waiting, ten years of expectation of eventual release. When it finally came, all the scenarios went out the window with a solid punch to the face by a walking Charles Xavier.

Now, here they were. In a thin metal tube, soaring through the air, on the way to stop a woman he hadn’t seen in over a decade. On top of it all, he was stuck in this pressurized hell hole with three men he either didn’t like or didn’t trust or both.

A Sip - convolutedConcussion {R |DOFP |Airplane!sex}
This is not working it out.

could you believe yourself? - afrocurl {R |DOFP Mid-movie?}
Eleven years makes a vast difference in what he wants from Charles after all these years.

Eleven years later (is too long without you) - BrightDream {NC-17 |DOFP |Airplane!sex}
My own (and quite porn-y) take on Erik and Charles' Days of Future Past missing scene.

Empty, Filled - sasha_b {PG-13 |Pre-DOFP}
Five times Charles rejects a mind.

Familiarity Never Dies - porcelainsimplicity, Scarlett_Phoenix {NC-17 |Mid-movie}
It's been a decade, but that hasn't diminished their need or familiarity with one another.

Far to Fall - justkatherinetheokay {PG-13 |Airplane |Post-XMFC |Hospital}
A chess game on a plane, and the potential--soon to be dashed, of course--for a turnaround. Not really intended as a sequel to Where Were You When You Heard?, but I guess it sort of is unofficially since those events are mentioned.

Fragments - aisle_one {PG |Mid-movie |Airplane}
Short (and possibly longer) bits inspired by X-Men DOFP.
1) Making Amends
2) Conversations - The first time Charles tells anyone, he chooses to tell Erik.

I can cut you into pieces when my heart is broken - BrightDream {NC-17 |Mid-DOFP |Jealous!Erik |Angst}
Soon after being freed from the Pentagon, Erik realizes how Charles and Hank seem to be closer than ever. Predictably, he doesn't like this at all, and ends up confronting Charles about it in his apartment in Paris. Cue to some rough and possessive sex and a lot of feelings on both sides.

In Solitude - Red {NC-17 |Mid-movie}
In all their time on the road, of course they'd slept together. They'd been close as lovers, but never--despite Charles's best efforts--had they been sexual.

Why now, in a tiny Paris hotel, Charles doesn't know. He can't even look to see, but it's not like he's about to deny Erik after all this time.

Nights Forgotten - sinnerman {R |Mid-movie |Airplane!sex}
On a private jet, Logan attempts to sleep but no one knows about his enhanced hearing.

Precious Few - sasha_b {PG-13 |Mid-movie}
After so many wasted years fighting, Erik gets his precious few moments.

Ten Years Is a Long Time - dedkake {R |Angry!sex |Mid-movie |Airplane!sex}
Charles and Erik try to pick things up where they left off only to find that they are very different men.

you got the world but baby at what price - mystiqves (cat_tier) {PG-13 |Mid-movie |Post-DOFP}
A lot can happen in ten years.

Except, thought Erik, nothing did.

Missing Scenes

A More Constructive Conversation - helens78 {PG |DOFP |Airplane-scene |Canon Divergent}
Someone has to bend in order to get communication started again. Even if Erik were made of steel, he of all people knows that steel can bend.

Adjournment - spicedpiano {NC-17 |Angst |Missing Scene |DOFP}
adjournment, n. - a chess term referring to the suspension of a chess game with the intention to finish it later.

Or, what happened during the chess game, on the way to Paris.

Allometry - soniclipstick (veriscence) {NC-17 |DOFP}
Allometry: In evolution, relative growth of a part in relation to an entire organism or to a standard.

They'd grown and stretched in each others' absence, but without the other to guide them, the pieces no longer fit together the way they once did.

(My take on what really happened on the plane.)

Armistice - spicedpiano {NC-17 |Missing Scene}
Charles, Erik, Hank and Logan stay at a hotel the night before the confrontation with Trask and Raven. Erik points out, with some dark amusement, that Hank and Logan are dogging his every step to make certain he's never alone with Charles, now that Charles is defenseless without his powers.

Charles's pride is piqued by that, and he insists Hank and Logan take the other room, and shares his own with Erik.

He probably should've listened to Hank and Logan.

Deflection - kageillusionz {NC-17 |Missing scene}
It is cathartic feeling his knuckles make contact against the jaw. Where both sides seek release, answers, and then some.

Takes place-post plane ride after they land in Paris. Spoilers for DOFP.

Highly Inadvisable - Unforgotten {NC-17 |DOFP}
Charles is fully aware that having sex with Erik on the plane is a bad idea. He does it anyway.

hope for the future - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Missing Scene |Post-DOFP |Hurt!Erik}
The future may be full of fear and desolation, but in his brief moments connecting to his older self, Charles can see that love survives as well.

Hypodermic - gloomsday {NC-17| Airplane Scene |Bathroom!sex |Serum |Angst |Bottom!Erik |Bottom!Charles}
He presses his fingers to his temples and rubs. The sharp but slow revival of his powers have a Pavlovian effect on his body: the underside of his arm thrums with anticipation of a syringe punching through his skin and the serum coursing through his veins. He draws in a quick breath and prepares to stand—to slink back into the passenger cabin; somehow stamp out the impossible brightness of his fellow mutants’ minds without losing his own; administer his treatment three times over; and shut his eyes as the voices fade into whispers and then into sweet, sweet radio silence—but the intensity of Hank’s thoughts stun him into a paralysis of sorts.

(i.e., My take on the “missing plane scene” that everyone has been so keen on writing, except this takes place before the chess scene, just after Erik and Charles quarrel.)

Kiss me hard before you go - Elsian {NC-17 |Airplane!sex |Angry!sex}
The tension between Charles and Erik on the plane comes to its obvious conclusion.

Mile High - cygnaut {NC-17 |DOFP |Airplane!sex}
There's only so much time you can spend sublimating your emotions into chess.

Mini Fill {PG |DOFP |Jealous!Erik}
i want a fic written from erik's POV about how charles and logan are so close with each other. from the first time they prison-break him and maybe something like how much logan cares about charles? idk i just want a jealous erik here so. yeah.

mistaken for strangers - interstellars {PG-13 |Missing scne}
An interlude between the times when Charles frees Erik from the Pentagon, and when they set out to change the future.

Erik tries to understand, Charles is trying to not let himself be so easily read.

Sitting in a tin can - jekyll_inside {PG-13 |Missing scene}
A tiny one-shot scene from the plane ride to Washington, in which Erik realises Charles really isn't the same.

The Absence in His Wake - arcapelago (arcanewinter) {NC-17 |Airplane!sex}
When Charles and Erik first met, Erik's frequent nightmares could only be calmed by Charles' closeness, and it led to a habitual intimacy Charles couldn't acknowledge until the end. Ten years later, reunited on the plane to Paris, Charles feels ashamed for his inaction--and shame only reminds him of what used to come with it.

there's a darkness upon me that's flooded with light - pearl_o {R |Missing scene}
"It's awkward. It's been so long, of course it's awkward. Everything about it is awkward."

Charles and Erik on the plane, during their chess game and after.

watch, act - pearl_o {PG-13 |Missing Scene}
"I hope you're ready to fly, Hank," Charles says, spitting out the words like they taste bitter. "We're going home."

"What?" Hank says, blinking. "Don't we - shouldn't we do something?"

"Like what?" Charles retorts, and Hank doesn't have any answer.

when all of our flaws are counted - allourheroes {NC-17 |Missing scene}
Chess can be a metaphor for many things, especially when it comes to them.

[Missing scene from the plane ride/chess game in Days of Future Past.]


A Bedroom, Late At Night - helens78 (PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Cuddling)
Maybe Erik thought he could come back without anyone noticing. But Charles is up a few times a night, anyway, and it's hard to sneak much past a telepath

A Fair Fight - sasha_b {PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Domestic!fic}
Charles is having a day. Erik helps. Several years post DOFP.

Afterlife - Anna Green (arctic_grey) (NC-17 |Post-DOFP |Hurt!Charles |Hurt/Comfort |Kidnapped!Charles |Soulbond)
A year after Washington, Erik wakes up in excruciating pain as sudden awareness washes over him: Charles is dead. Erik has to adjust to yet another future: no extinction, just a world without Charles. But the death of his former friend leaves Erik weak and his powers drained. His quest for answers leads him back to Westchester, where Erik has to face his past with Charles and put together the puzzle pieces of what happened to the man he once cared for.

All our past times - aesc {PG |Post-DOFP}
In 1976, three years after D.C. and Trask, Erik returns to Charles's estate for the first time. What he's looking for, he doesn't entirely know, and doesn't know if he wants to find it.

Always Have A Home - sasha_b {PG-13 |Post-DOFP}
Raven can't leave Charles alone for too long. Neither can Erik.

Another season - pearl_o {PG |Post-DOFP}
The next time Charles sees Erik, Erik is walking up to his doorstep.

beautiful pain. - porcelainsimplicity {NC-17 |Post-DOFP}
a painful reminder of why

beyond all rivers tides the sea - JPlash {NC-17 |Post-DOFP}
Sometimes, they are so angry at one another that Charles struggles to keep his fury contained and Erik knows the world is as cruel as it has ever been.

That is the flow of the river perhaps, the pull of the tide, whichever way go the ripples; or perhaps something simpler, a byproduct of the the tiny clotting fears that accumulate in the cracks and then on the skin of the world.

Sometimes, they still can't leave each other behind.

(i.e. Charles and Erik catch up on the years before Erik went to prison, then make up for lost time)

Burning Up - Magnolia822 {NC-17 |Angst |Post-DOFP}
Months after the action in DoFP, Erik stops by for a visit with a request for Charles’ help. Charles knows he shouldn't give in, but old habits die hard. What happens next is more than either of them expects.

Call of the Erinyes - noclue_noidea {PG-13 |Post-DOFP}
Set after X-Men: Days of Future Past. Charles and Erik have unfinished business.

Coming Home - ourgirlfriday {PG |Post-DOFP}
Erik returns to Westchester post DOFP to have a talk with Charles. Charles is less enthused about this.

fathers and sons - M_Leigh {PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Comedy}
“I have an – interest – in Peter Maximoff,” Erik said, somewhat grudgingly, glaring. “A – familial – interest –”

Everybody stared at him.

“In that – mutantkind is one – large – family –” Erik said valiantly, if pathetically.

“Oh, shit,” Alex said. “No way. No way.”

Five-Part Plan - ShowMeAHero {PG |Post-DOFP |Crack}
It didn’t take long for Pietro to pick up on Charles and Erik’s tension and stiff distance from one another, which led to his approaching Hank about their relationship, which brings us to now, where Pietro is robbing Charles Xavier, for a good cause.

Frühjahrsputz - acetamide {PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Fix-it | Telepathy}
The first thing that Erik notices is the way that the light catches the dust as it hangs in the air, thick and swirling and restrictive, coating all of the surfaces that he can see.

The second thing that he notices is the smell.

Hope - daymarket {PG-13 |Post-DOFP}
A near-decade of hatred can't be wiped out with a single summer, no matter how eventful that summer might be. When Erik shows up uninvited at the mansion, Charles is just barely civil enough to not throw him out, but that doesn't mean he'll let him stay.

Hope in a Canister (The Soup Remix) - Lefaym {PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Sick!Charles |Hurt/Comfort |Fluff}
The Professor is sick, and Magneto breaks into the school. What dastardly scheme is afoot?

i’ve had a lullaby to sing (for it was too quiet once you were gone, to sleep again) - lechatnoir {PG |Post-DOFP}
Something like the recollections before and after a war's been dealt with and a family needs to be re-made; or, Charles and Erik through the years between the events of Cuba and the 1970s. In short, a fix-it fic in a sort of ways, with a bit of stumbling and anger inbetween the patchwork quilts.

In Ten Years Time - Daerrii {PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Hurt/Comfort}
10 years is a long time to spent apart.

Five times Charles had Erik on his mind and one time that Erik let Charles into his.

It's Too Late - sasha_b {PG-13 |Post-DOFP}
Erik comes back to Charles.

Jail Break - blarfkey (PG |GEN |Post-DOFP |Father/Son bonding |Humor)
It's totally normal in Suburban America for the dad to pick up his rebellious teenager from jail, right? Even when it's the Pentagon instead of the local police station police station, and your dad is a Mutant Supremacist Assassin and America's Most Wanted who didn't post bail so much as murdered all the guards?

Whatever. Peter will take what he can get at this point, even if it means the most painfully awkward road trip in the history of the universe.

Kiss and Tell - pearl_o {PG |Post-DOFP}
It's been a long time since Charles and Raven were able to sit down and really talk to each other, but the awkwardness of the occasion is lessened by a lot of red wine and comparing notes on something they have in common - namely, what Erik was like in bed.

Knot The Tie - helens78 (PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Domestic!fic)
Charles refuses to put effort into his neckties. Erik's fiddling is really covering another worry.

Looking For Hope - helens78 {PG-13 |Post-DOFP}
Erik finds a visitor in his hotel room in Barcelona. Charles has a proposal for him.

Love Makes a Family - ximeria {PG |GEN |Post-DOFP}
Kurt stands before the big oak door, knowing that when he steps through, his life will be changed for good. He may only be six years old, but he's not stupid.

Mailbox 1973-75 - pearl_o {PG-13 |Post-DOFP}
Sometimes - not very often - Charles will receive a piece of mail, no signature and no return address.

Mailbox 1973 - 1975 (The Letters to Nowhere Remix) - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Angst |Pining}
Sometimes - not very often - Charles sends a letter, a postcard, a small gift to a post office box in Chicago.

Marking What's Yours - Madelinesticks {R |Post-DOFP |Possessive!Charles |Domestic!fic}
Written for a prompt on the X-Men kink meme. Charles/Erik, on the subject of bite marks; post-DoFP.

Mini-fill {PG |Post-DOFP}
Erik leaves his helmet behind at the end of the film. Why?

Mom Knew a Man - TheGreatCatsby {PG |Post-DOFP |GEN |Series}
There were a lot of things Charles was expecting as fallout from the Washington DC incident. One of them was not finding Pietro Maximoff lounging on his desk, looking through his books.

My Mom Once Knew a Man - TheGreatCatsby {G |Gen |Quicksilver}
There were a lot of things Charles was expecting as fallout from the Washington DC incident. One of them was not finding Pietro Maximoff lounging on his desk, looking through his books.

Not This Time But Some Day Soon - listerinezero {PG |Post-DOFP}
A few years after Wolverine's visit from the future, Charles finally tells Erik about his glimpse of their future selves.

Old Men's Heads - Unforgotten {PG |Future-fic}
Charles' reluctance to shave his head is more than just vanity.

One Quotable Phrase - ShowMeAHero {PG |Post-DOFP |Angst |Hurt/Comfort |Telepathy}
Charles had felt pain before, of course he had. Between his stepfather, and his stepbrother, and the stupid fights he had been getting into his whole life, of course he has felt pain before. But none of that pain was equal to this.

our love is like the border between Greece and Albania (trucks loaded down with weapons) - Quietbang {PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Withdrawal Symptoms |Hurt!Charles |Hurt/Comfort}
He doesn’t break immediately. He thinks that should be made very clear.

In the immediate after, in the haze of medication and traction and surgery, of spinal fusion (there is metal inside of him and it seems so unfair, that his vulnerability should be inside of him too, steel and wire holding him together until it seems he will break apart) and of physiotherapy, he is numb.

Part of me - Lonelyfairy {PG |Post-DOFP |Angst}
Maybe that’s the thing, maybe that’s the problem between them after all, they think too much. All the war, the strategies, and the philosophies has filled their mind so much over the years that they barely know how to simply say what they want to say anymore. Maybe they are so used to planning several steps ahead, having back-up plans, and countermeasure, that they forget how things don’t always need to be complicated.

Playing Telephone - pocky_slash, Readbyanalise010  (PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Future!fic |Old dudes in love |Domestic!fic |Humor)
Charles hates voicemail. Therefore, waking up to three of them is not a great way to start his day, nor is finding himself at the center of an angry back and forth between his sister and his niece. All he wants to do is get through the next few days so he can leave on vacation with his husband, but he can already tell it's not going to be that easy.

Remembering Angel - fengirl88 {PG |Post-DOFP}
After the White House, Erik needs time to recover.

Road Trip - ncfan {PG-13 |Post-DOFP |GEN |WIP |Father-son Bonding}
He was just trying to figure out if the kid was his son. He didn't expect to end up heading out on a cross-country road trip to find Peter's runaway sister.

Or: Erik didn't discover fatherhood so much as he tripped over it.

Running for Cover - RemoCon {PG |Post-DOFP |Quicksilver}
Peter wasn't really looking for more family.

Setting the Date - Unforgotten {PG |Post-DOFP |Marriage Proposal}
There are plenty of things from their alternate future Charles and Erik would never want...but there's at least one thing they can look forward to.

Sever - sasha_b {R |Post-DOFP |Angst}
Charles can't forgive, and Erik won't come back. And yet.

Spring - ikeracity {PG |Post-DOFP}
A quick glance into Charles' thoughts the day after the fiasco at the White House. DOFP spoilers of course

Swimming Home - sasha_b {PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Hurt!Erik}
The mansion and Charles provide a safe haven for Erik. Post DOFP.

the faculties of the skull no longer admit - fallencrest {PG-13 |Post-DOFP}
It isn't easy keeping it together, having hope. Charles uses the serum to stop the voices, stop the dreams, but it doesn't make it easier. (Only makes it harder, really.) Erik notices. Erik acts.

That Which Defines Us - ActuallyGirl {PG-13 |Post-DOFP |WIP |GEN}
Xavier isn't exactly thrilled when Peter Maximoff calls to ask the professor to bail him out of jail, but he agrees to help. The circumstances of Peters arrest were suspicious and Xavier fears the worst - someone is targeting kids with physical mutations. If Erik finds out all hell will break loose.

The Serenity of Night - swoopswoop {PG-13 |Post-DOFP}
A moment they take for themselves.

This Darkness - TeddyTR {PG-13 |Post-DOFP}
Charles wants to put down the medicine that represses his powers. He plans to do it alone. His plans are ruined by a certain someone, who appears on his doorstep and refuses to leave...

To Keep Faith - Jennistar {PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Older Cherik}
Charles meets Old Erik. Old Erik has a request.

We Can Still Have Fun (The Annotated Edition) - pocky_slash {PG |Post-DOFP |Future!fic |Multimedia |Old dudes in love}
Xavier, Dr. Charles F. Children of the Atom: Mutants in the 1960s. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1994.

Lehnsherr, Erik. The Next Stage of Evolution: How Human Politics are Stifling Mutant Growth. New York: Posthuman Press, 2002.

Why Does It Have To Be Better With You - helens78 (R |Post-DOFP |Fluff |Reconciliation)
It is no end of frustration for Charles that the best sex of his life has always, always been with Erik Lehnsherr.

you're trying to save me (stop holding your breath) - dust_ice_fire {PG |Post-DOFP |Hurt!Erik}
Erik arrives at Westchester one night with a stolen government file labeled Xavier, C. and a bullet lodged in his side.

                                                                                       Canon Divergent

Broken Crown - manic_intent {NC-17 |DOFP AU |Chess |Angst |Sharing dreams}
He remembers this. First class train carriage, on the trans-Canada route, the brass fittings and the casual luxury, the discreet, polite staff, Charles' red, pursed mouth as he surveys the wine list - his memory. There had only been disappointment waiting for them across the border, but the journey had been pleasant: Erik likes trains; loves the thrumming continuous sync of machine-work, the hydraulics, the metal on every side, under his palms, overhead, beneath his feet.

But Also The Sex Thing - zamwessell (greencarnation) {PG |Crack}
Professor X and Magneto have a few additional instructions for Logan, as long as, you know, he's going to be back in time.

Killing Me Softly - Nicolas_Mayfair {PG |Timetravel |DOFP Canon!AU}
Future Erik must make the trip back to help Charles find his path - and stop Raven from getting captured by Bolivar Trask.

Looking Forward (Looking Back) - infinite_wonders {PG-13 |DOFP |Time travel |WIP}
Erik dies and wakes up 60+ years ago.

Lover's Eyes - ikeracity {NC-17 |DOFP |Canon Divergent |WIP}
When Erik gets knocked unconscious in his attempt to kill Raven in Paris, Charles makes the executive decision to take him back to the mansion to keep him out of the hands of the human authorities. Charles and Erik aren't the same men they were eleven long years ago. But maybe there's enough of their old selves left to change the future for the better, and find their way back to each other along the way.

A source of knowledge, a source of hope - redaurorarora {PG-13 |Hurt!Charles |Canon!AU}
A giant chunk of stadium lighting falling on a person doesn't tend to leave them uninjured. Charles finds that out the hard way and Erik has some time to think.

Has some language (definitely no more than is in the movie) and obviously has spoilers.

a wonderful part of the mess that we made - acetamide {PG-13 |DOFP |Mid-movie AU |Fix-it}
In which Erik doesn't make such poor life choices.

Always Pass on Good Advice - cygnaut {PG-13 |Canon!AU: DOFP}
Charles realizes there’s only one person who can talk Erik out of his terrible plans: himself.

dissolvit ut glaciem - prandcocaine {NC-17 |Canon!AU: DOFP |Hurt!Charles |Telepathy |Loss of control}
"Charles wasn't disabled by the bullet, but he was captured by someone evil after he was left on the beach. He was tortured into insanity and winds up kind of like River from Firefly. So... powerful, dangerous, vulnerable, the whole shebang.

It's a shock for Erik to see him again in DoFP, with Charles as this powerful but completely insane mutant. Charles has been able to heal over the last few years, but there's still some damage.

Would love them to get together."

Divergence Day - manic_intent {NC-17 |DOFP Canon!AU |Hurt!Charles |Hurt/Comfort |Angst}
The room that Charles is held in is simple, and underground, a concrete bunker of a place hewn into a cube, with a simple white cot for a bed. There's a small black and white television set, plugged to the wall within hand's reach of the bed, and an ensuite bathroom attached to the chamber. They're somewhere in the Nevada desert, as far as Charles dimly remembers, one of Erik's many boltholes. There's no one else in the entire facility, and Erik's mind is closed to Charles from the helmet. The silence is both blissful and excruciating.

doomed to repeat ourselves - acetamide {PG |DOFP |Canon!AU Ending |Fix-it}
Erik doesn't mean to tell them everything; he doesn't mean to save mutantkind. He's just tired of it all.

From Yesterday - AzarDarkstar {PG-13 |Canon!AU: Erik time travels with Logan |Happy Ending |Fix-it}
He stands on the edge of tomorrow but always lives today.

lightning and thunder - afrocurl {PG-13}
Never had Erik expected to bond with someone else again - to feel the lightning strike - and clearly not with Charles - who had only heard thunderous roars.

Life had a funny way of working itself out.

Promise me, promise me - DrCHolmesLecter {PG-13 |Canon!AU: Mid-movie}
"Oh now I want fic where somehow Erik is there when the serum starts wearing off, and he panics because what’s happening to Charles, and he watches him break down, he finally understands."

Witnessing the family troubles - WendyShad {PG-13 |Canon!AU: DOFP crack}
Just a handful of reinterpretations of the film. Have fun.