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XMFC: Erik/Charles: Modern Mutant!AU

Here are the ones that are Mutant!AUs

Updated: 11/15/2014

New Recs (2/15/2016)

table for three - pocky_slash (PG |Fluff |Mutant!AU)
Erik should have known to call ahead to the Chinese restaurant--it's Christmas Eve and he lives in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, after all. But before he can go home to mourn the loss of another one of his mother's yearly traditions, he's accosted by a teenage girl with a strange proposition--that he should stay and have dinner with her and her mother, instead.

spirit voices - pocky_slash (PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Supernatural)
It's out of character for Erik to stop and give a ride to a stranger on a lonely road, but the man is strikingly attractive and Erik doesn't have anywhere else to be. It's not a bother--at least not until the boxes of odd equipment start coming out at the house in the middle of nowhere that sets Erik's teeth on edge. At least not until the closest motel is long-shuttered and Erik finds himself driving back to the looming house in the middle of the night.

It's possible Erik is starting to wish he had driven right past...

And The Band Is (Somehow) Still Playing - cheezybananaz, septicwheelbarrow (NC-17 |Mutant!AU)
This is a story of boy meets boy. The boy, Erik Lehnsherr, believes that his marching band is the shite. The other boy, Charles Xavier, shares this belief, but without the three-letter article.

Erik meets Charles in November. He knows almost immediately he is an utter bastard who deserves a fist to the face. And, maybe, also who he has (not) been searching for.

Shovel Talks and Other Hazards - Unforgotten (PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Canon Disabled Character)
Charles needs a date for his sister's wedding, and he needs one fast. Thankfully, his neighbor Erik is willing to pretend to be his boyfriend for a weekend.

rooms/shares - pocky_slash (PG-13 |Mutant!AU)
Erik is single, working a cube job he hates, letting his master's degree in mutant studies collect dust, and living on his best friend's couch. When she kicks him out, he's forced to trawl Craigslist for the least-offensive rooming option within his meagre budget. He never expects a response from the persnickety, high maintenance ad he replies to as a joke, but it's possible this too-nice apartment and mysteriously absent roommate might be the answer to all four of his problems.

To Boldly Go - Unforgotten (R |Mutant!AU)
In the early days of Charles and Erik's relationship, there's still so much that's new.


Diner Dash - Ninjaninaiii {PG |Modern |Mutant!AU |Fluff}
Erik's eat and run adventure is hindered by a child who is abysmal at using a UFO catcher.

above, beneath, betwixt, between - pocky_slash (PG-13 |Modern!AU |Mutant!AU |Supernatural/Horror)
The giant house off the back road appeared to be the perfect place for Erik to pull over and wait out the storm, but the dark, untouched rooms inside seem to multiply as he wanders through them and the air is heavy with dread.

He doesn't believe in ghosts, but something wants him to leave just as strongly as something else wants him to stay.

Drifting Apart Without You - Krasimer (R |Adaptation: Just Like Heaven |Apartment!AU |Mutant!AU |Supernatural)
Erik Lehnsherr has been apartment hunting, trying to find that one amazing place. He needs it to be furnished, well lit, with a good view as an added bonus. He does find a place. Too bad that it's already got a tenant.

A ghost by the name of Charles.

Emissary Requiring Interplanetary Cooperation - Butterynutjob {NC-17 |Crack |Mutant!AU |SciFi |Crossover: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy |Alien!Erik}
Charles is drunkenly wandering home one night when he sees a bright light in a field. To his delight, the cause of the light is a gorgeous alien in the form of a man with the biggest dick he's ever seen.

nolita fairytale. - porcelainsimplicity {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Drunk Sex |Bartender!Erik}
Charles Xavier was a twenty-something heir to a massive fortune, a recent graduate of Columbia University, and the proud owner of a Masters in Art History that every single one of his friends told him was useless. Charles, however, disagreed, and despite the fact that every single one of his friends reminded him that he had enough money that he never needed to work a day in his life, he was not the type of person to just sit around the family's estate and order servants around like his mother did.

No, Charles was determined to actually do something with his life. And, unlike most of his friends, he knew exactly what he was going to do with his life.

Go the fuck to sleep - ximeria {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |OverProtective!Erik |Fluff}
Charles runs a his school and he's found a great partner in Erik Lehnsherr. A man he finds attractive but in the interest of keeping their working relationship as fantastic as it has been so far, he's kept it under wraps. That is, until the day Erik manages to annoy a potential student and ends up with ramped up worries regarding his own ability to keep their kind safe - or at least keeping Charles safe.

Masks and Capes - swoopswoop {NC-17 |Crack |Superheroes |Mutant!AU}
Erik has been the resident super villain for years and Charles has been the hero for just as many years. Over the years a sort of familiarity has overtaken the two of them.

Or Five times Charles was late back from a mission and the one time he didn't return alone.

Possibly, Maybe - betweenthebliss {PG |Mutant!AU |Coffee Shop AU}
Erik is just a normal twentysomething working as a barista, grumpily unwilling to flirt with the hot nerdy-looking guy who's become a regular over the past few weeks. His coworker Emma decides to do the work for him.

Bashert - AvengingAngel (NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Fluff/Angst |Virgin!Charles |WIP |Telepathy |Jeweler!Erik |Pervert!Shaw)
Erik and Charles meet and fall in love. I wanted to write a story where Erik had a huge family. Pretty fluffy (for me anyways). I suck at summaries.

Free-Range Flirting - endingthemes (PG |Mutant!AU)
Erik encounters a douchebag at the grocery store. An extremely attractive douchebag.

Time Flies - endingthemes (PG |Mutant!AU)
Erik's stuck at the airport, but the company of a friendly stranger just might make the waiting worth it.

Added 10/16/2014

Home Economics - ashdeniesreality  (PG-13 |Mutant!AU |High School fic |Child abuse |Humor)Admittedly putting off Home Economics until senior year wasn’t Erik’s brightest idea. To be fair, it also wasn’t his worst.

Office Discipline - fengirl88  (R |Mutant!AU |Office!AU)
Erik's imagination gets him into hot water at the office

Sorting Laundry - ximeria (NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Apartment!AU |Projecting |PWP)
Apparently Erik is a filthy pervert. Who knew?

Charles, recently moved into a flat in a larger building with mostly fellow mutants as tenants, is finally getting around to doing his laundry. As well as Raven's (mostly because she dumped it in with his). Thankfully, the laundry basement with its huge, rumbling industrial washing machines is empty late in the evening.

Or almost empty.

Gossip makes the workplace go 'round - ximeria (PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Fluff |Marriage Proposal)
Apparently if Erik is in a good mood, his employees have to ponder how that may have come to be. Their ideas are, however, wildly off the mark.

no talking - whenwherewhat (Unforgotten) (NC-17 |Mutant!AU |High School AU |Virgin!Erik |First time |Pining)
Things they don't want you doing in movie theaters.

Evening on the Ground - ikeracity, spicedpiano (NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Age Difference |College!AU |WIP |Stranger!sex)
After his nervous breakdown last year, Charles is only just starting to adjust to being back in academia. He's tenured, and he sees his psychologist regularly ... but he still can't manage to get off the serum which suppresses his telepathy, and sometimes he worries the only thing holding the anxiety at bay is a constant state of mild inebriation.

But he's managing.

Or, he was, before he met Erik, and an illicit relationship with a student threatened to destroy everything he'd worked so hard to reclaim.

Hold Me Tight - bluesyturtle (PG-13 |Fluff |Mutant!AU |Romantic)
In which Charles and Erik kiss a lot and are generally very into each other.

Erik Lehnsherr does not need a babysitter - ximeria (R |Mutant!AU |Bottom!Erik |Bodyguard!Charles)
Erik needs a bodyguard if you ask Logan and Fury. However, he goes through SHIELD agents at an alarming rate and if you ask Erik, he does not need a babysitter.

Erik Lehnsherr and the Rats of NIMH - winterhill (PG |GEN |Family of choice |Mutant!AU |Fluff)
Erik thought that life was good, in a dull sort of way, until Charles the talking rat showed up. Now he’s back in action and things don’t seem so simple: since when did he agree to work for the US government? What does the National Institute of Mental Health have to do with mutant rats? And who the hell managed to steal his work from the inside of a locked filing cabinet?

Newly Charted - Unforgotten (R |Mutant!AU |High School AU |Canon Disabled Character)
The first time Erik kisses him, Charles misses it. They quickly move on from there.

Birthday Boy - ikeracity, Pangea (NC-17 |Mutant!AU |PWP |Restaurant!sex)
Charles and Erik have dinner at a fancy restaurant for Charles' birthday. Erik has a surprise planned.

Zweiundachtzig - Dow (NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Fluff |Jeweler!Erik |Pining |Shy!Erik |Foreign Language |Canon Disabled Character)
Modern AU. Erik M. Lehnsherr is a private man, a jeweler that’s just looking for a studio to work in. But floorspace in New York is limited, so he ends up sharing a space with a beautiful mutant painter named Raven. Above them is a huge furry blue physicist, i.e. Mad scientist, and a glassblower that breaks half of what he makes when he starts laughing.

Untitled by ikeracity (PG |Mutant!AU)
Where Charles is sitting on a curb. Alone. Looking adorable. And very drunk. And someone stops.

For Better or For Worse (The Private Vows Remix) - pocky_slash (NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Wedding)
Charles takes a break from the unreasonable heat of the garden filled with wedding guests in order to cool off in the bathroom. Of all the things he expected to find inside, he can't say a panicking groom was necessarily on the list, but he can roll with the punches.

Late Bloomer by so-shhy (NC-17 |High School AU |Mutant!AU |Angst)
Summary: High school AU. Erik is a mutant jock with ISSUES. Charles is a geeky transfer student and totally human... (or is he?)

The Offshore Accounts - ikeracity, Pangea (R |WIP)
A collection of ficlets in The Associates 'verse, usually posted to tumblr first before being cleaned up and archived here. Will be updated as need be!

Metal over Mind - izzygone (NC-17 |Mutant!AU |College!AU |PWP)
Erik doesn’t know Charles is a telepath, so he thinks really dirty thoughts about him.

Agent X, you're British is showing - ximeria (PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Spies)
MI6 is once again under siege (it's getting tedious if you ask Erik). Lockdown finds Erik stuck in his lab with agent X, the biggest flirt of the agency.

Biting a Bullet - misura (PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Power Swap |Thief!Charles |Assassin!Erik)
Charles isn't quite sure how he goes from making a fairly decent living stealing cars to traveling around the globe with someone who thinks Charles's gift is just the thing to help him dodge bullets while chasing Nazis and other bad guys.

Two Dollar Movie Night - Sonamae (PG |Fluff |College!AU |Mutant!AU)
Charles and Erik met in the dark of a movie theater and found out they both loved the classics. Raven decides she's going to be a mother, and Janos is a worried and frustrated roommate.

Spy vs. Spy (The Power Play Remix) - significantowl (NC-17 |Dub-con |Mutant!AU |Spies )
Xavier is a legend in the field. He's known for his cultured charm, his unfailing competence, the power of his mind, and the sins of his body.

And he has information Erik wants.

(Or: in which Charles is basically James Bond, and Erik interrogates him with sex.)

An Alternative Approach - helens78 (NC-17 |Mutant!AU |PWP)
Charles is a little intimidated by the size of Erik's cock... it's not like he's done this before.

Detecting Sound - Unforgotten {R |Mutant!AU |PWP |Canon Disabled Character}
It takes Erik and Charles a few makeout sessions to actually get around to sex, but some things are pretty much inevitable when Erik figures out that Charles really likes having his ears front and center.

The Bawd and the John - toestastegood {R |Mutant!AU |Prostitute!AU |Politics}
The Manor is an exclusive brothel that has been run by the Xavier family for years. As the leader of the mutant world and a regular patron, Erik has found himself addicted to its delights - thanks in no small part to its mysterious and charming owner. When Erik finds out that Charles has more than a few secrets up his sleeve, it leads to paranoia, politics, and more than a little flailing.


'tis a far far better thing doing stuff for other people - whichisgolden {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Based on: Clueless |Pining |Awesome |High School!AU |Pining}
The X-Men: First Class Clueless AU that you didn't know you always wanted. Charles is a spoiled Beverly Hills telepath, Erik is his pretentious ex-step-brother, Emma is his best friend because they both know what it feels like for people to be jealous of them, etc

A Fabulous First Meeting - helens78 {NC-17 |Human!AU |bottom!Erik |College!AU}
Erik Lehnsherr meets an incredibly gorgeous college student named Charles Xavier, and ends up straddling his lap, making out with him.

A Fabulous First Meeting (Tight Spaces Remix) - Unforgotten {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |College!AU |Canon Disabled Character |PWP}
Charles doesn't know how he ended up making out in a broom closet with a guy he just met, but it seems highly promising.

A Friend in Need - ximeria {PG |Mutant!AU |Pre-slash |Kid!fic |Professor!Charles}
Erik prides himself of being a good father. When Pietro's powers manifest, it goes, if not smoothly, then without too much trouble. When Wanda manifests, he can tell he's in over his head. And although he's not fond of the idea of asking the 'hippie' for help, he can't do this on his own.

A Man of Light Virtue - cygnaut {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Mutant!AU |Prostitute!Charles}
In which Charles is a prostitute, Erik is a nazi hunter, and there is a lot of sex and violence.

A Matter of Convenience - dedkake, luna2k {R |Mutant!AU |Convenience Store/Retail}
Erik manages the small store his late parents left behind and his days bleed together in a tiresome monotony until he touches the hand of loyal customer Charles Xavier. They tip-toe around each other as they struggle with mutant rights and the resurgence of gang violence in the neighborhood.

A Place to Fall - ikeracity {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Crossover: Avengers |Mutant Rights |Agent!Erik |Superheroes}
While being tasked to protect Charles Xavier, the annoyingly charming CEO of Xavier Pharmaceuticals, SHIELD agent Erik receives further orders to use Charles as a source of information to find and capture Professor X, the elusive leader of the renegade band of mutants called the X-Men. Of course, that's a rather difficult proposition, given that the man he's hunting is the same as the one he's trying to protect. And the fact that Erik's starting to find Charles more than a little attractive complicates everything.

A Telepath Walks Into a Bar - ximeria {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Bar Owner/Bartender!Erik |Bar Fight |Hurt!Charles |Fighter!Charles}
Erik hates it when drunk idiots interrupt his flirting.

A yoga fic - aesc {R |Mutant!AU |WIP |Awesome |Mutant Rights |}
Following his shooting and near-paralysis at the hands of an angry human, psychiatrist and mutant-rights advocate Charles Xavier has to put himself, and his life, back together. As his body heals, though, his mind continues to fracture, broken apart by anger and the fear that the ideals he's held all his life are nothing but self-delusion. With his assailant's trial date approaching and his telepathy almost out of control, Charles's therapist gives him a choice: get help or she'll get it for him.

all it takes is a little faith and a lot of heart - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Marriage Proposal |Fluff/Angst |Canon Disabled Character}
Erik lives in a world of right and wrong, yes and no. He really wasn't prepared for Charles to respond to his marriage proposal with a third answer.

Assassination (It's Not For Everyone) - silverdawn89 {NC-17 |Assassin!AU |Mutant!AU |Humor |Action |UST>RST |Pining |Action}
In which there are guns, mayhem, cold-blooded torture, more guns, explosions, girls (and boys) in leather, even more guns, knives, chess, and just for a change, a fuckload of guns. Or to put it another way: assassin AU!
Sequel: But it Beats Getting a Real Job {WIP}
Bea's comment: I just found this fic and want the sequel to be updated so bad. Charles and Erik are BAMF assassins, and they're kind of crazy but kick ass. Dude, Charles wears a mask to cover his face, and everyone is crazyyy.

Building Bridges - ximeria {R | Crossover: Avengers |Mutant!AU |Series |Engineer!Erik}
When Erik met Charles, it wasn't love at first sight. It wasn't love at second sight either. Actually, it takes a hell of a lot of looking before Erik is ready to admit that maybe, just maybe, the guy's alright.
Bea's comment: Where Erik works for Tony Stark. :D

Charles' Killer - luchia {NC-17 |AU |Detective!Charles |Vigilante!Erik |Hurt/Comfort |Protective!Erik |Possessive!Erik |Jealous!Erik |Kidnapped!Charles}
When detective Charles Xavier finds himself hunting down a vendetta-driven serial killer, it doesn't take long for him to realize he's in over his head. It only takes a little longer for him to realize his killer is, too.

Chrome and Steel - ximeria {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Mechanic!Erik}
The garage has a new customer and he might be trying to drive Erik out of his mind with his damned vintage cars. Not to mention cute ass and cute smile.

Daycare 'Verse - brilligspoons, pocky_slash {PG-13/R Overall |WIP |AMAZING |EPIC |BB!MUTANTS |HURT/COMFORT |PARENTING |MUTANT!AU |CROSSOVER: AVENGERS}
A modern AU in which Charles runs a mutant daycare and Erik is his long-suffering engineer boyfriend.

Everything you know is wrong - aesc, pocky_slash {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Modern!AU |Professor!Charles |Brotherhood |Humans vs Mutants |Charles' Unhappy Childhood |Protective!Erik |Nick Fury}
When Charles Xavier was five years old, he worshiped his father. When he was eleven, he learned to loathe his abusive stepfather. When he was sixteen, he gave up any claim on the family fortune just to escape. At twenty-four, he's moved away from home into a crappy, standard-issue graduate student house, and gone through his degree program with his best friend, Moira, by his side.

He's adjusted. He knows who he is and where he comes from and what his future holds. At least, until a stranger in a bathrobe shows up in his living room, having used his shower, eaten his lunch and, oh yes, broken in uninvited. Suddenly, everything Charles knows to be true about himself may turn out to be wrong, and his future and past both may be more dangerous than he ever could have imagined.

First Dates by chiasmus {Mutant!AU |PG-13 |Blind Date |Series}
Summary: Modern AU, still-powered. Erik and Emma are setup on a blind date. This is how Erik meets Charles.

First Meeting In Paradise - helens78 {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Wheelchair!sex |Canon Disabled Character}
Erik meets a stranger while on a vacation to a mutant-friendly resort in Kauai. When Erik thinks "Your place or mine?", the stranger says, "Mine."

Fork in the Road - ximeria {PG |Pre-Slash |Series |WIP}
Erik needs to lay low for a while and an ad in the newspaper leads him to a school in need of a handyman. And maybe they can offer something Erik needs as well. He just needs to figure out what that is.

From Westminster With Love - thehoyden {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Crossover: Sherlock |Military/Spies}
NATO intelligence says there’s an omega-class telepath who sleeps under Westminster. Major Erik Lehnsherr is about to find out the truth for himself.

Frosted hearts - aesc, palalife {R |Mutant!AU |Romantic comedy |Crossover: Avengers |Blind Dates}
Emma Frost has 99 problems, but a date ain't one. Specifically, she has no time to play the dating game--which is fine with her, because she'd much rather run it instead. From a set of sleek, silver and white offices on Fifth Avenue and with her trusty, stylish, and silent partner Janos Quested, Emma has built Frosted Hearts into New York City's premiere dating service, built on the principle that money, and a sufficiently rigorous psionic scan, can, in fact, buy you love.

Somewhere in Frosted Hearts's server is one Charles Xavier, genius and geneticist, with the kind of nicely-starched good looks that sell well on brochures for New England prep schools. He's also a telepath who's decided to give up pursuing serious relationships and instead spend his thirties doing what he should have done as a teenager: have a lot of sex with random people. Fortunately for him, Erik Lehnsherr, metallokinetic and engineering executive, has absolutely no time in his heart or his schedule for anything more serious than... well, absolutely nothing romantic at all.

Given enough coffee, I could rule the world - ximeria {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Hospital!AU |Canon!AU |Canon Disabled Character }
A modern day AU in which Erik is an orderly at a hospital, comes across Charles and has his nice, quiet life turned upside down.

Good manners (will get you far) - ximeria {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Humor |Mutant Rights |Opera Singer!Erik}
Charles had been looking forward to the performance at the Met for ages. Little did he know, things would not go according to plan.

Hellfire (AU) - Cesare, helens78 {NC-17 |Slave!AU |bottom!erik |cerebro |S&M |Dystopia!AU |Freedom Fighter!Charles |Protective!Raven |WIP}
A modern dystopia in which mutants are slaves.

Erik Lehnsherr has been searching for Sebastian Shaw for close to a decade, and the trail's led him to an exclusive club that rents enslaved and collared mutants to wealthy humans for a variety of sexual uses. Posing there, he meets one of the club's patrons, Charles Xavier, who isn't what the club thinks he is, either. Is Charles going to be an ally, or is he going to stand in Erik's way?

How Not To Meet Your Future Boyfriend - ikeracity {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Hurt!Charles |Humor}
Erik punches Charles in the face the first time they meet. There isn't anywhere their relationship can go from there but up.
Bea's comment: Erik has rage issues and Charles is a darling.

I'll see your heart (and I'll raise you mine) - sirona {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Action/Adventure |Detective!Erik}
For Kriminalhauptkommissar Erik Lehnsherr, this case will change everything.

i guess i should say thanks or some shit - zarathuse {NC-17 |Mutant!AU}
believe it or not, charles has a well-thought-out moral philosophy. he doesn’t follow it. but he has thought it out.

alternatively: charles and erik douche it up in amsterdam.

Immovable Objects Meeting Unstoppable Forces - SharpestScalpel {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Crossover: Sherlock |Hurt!Erik |Spies}
Charles Xavier and his newly recruited cohort Erik Lensherr work for MI-6; in fact, Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr work for Mycroft Holmes.

An injury takes Erik to Baker Street, to the due and dutiful care of one John Watson.

And then what happens?

In absence which could not be more there - aesc {R |Mutant!AU |Angst |Happy Ending}
He prepared to shift another half-step over to the Current Events section (which would, of course, enrage him) when the teaser positioned by the model's left elbow caught his eye: DATING WHILE TELEPATHIC: WHY I DON'T DO IT.

In Shadow and Silence - Yahtzee {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Government vs Mutants |Reference to torture}
Blind Erik, mute Charles, the love.

In the Bleak Midwinter - keire_ke {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Best Friends Falling in Love |Kid!fic |Fluff |Romcom}
It is not easy to find out, well into the second decade of the twenty-first century, that your mother arranged a marriage for you. It is even less easy to convince her that you have no interest in the very fertile Magda, she of the wide hips and lustrous auburn hair. Fortunately, with a good friend at his side over the holiday weekend, Erik is sure he will prevail.

Incy Wincy Spider - Tawabids {R |Detective!AU |Married |Kidnapped!Charles |Hurt!Charles |Suspense}
Erik Lehnsherr is a renowned homicide detective, with his husband Charles at home and his partner on the job, Moira MacTaggert. When a twisted serial killer starts targeting mutants, Erik and Moira are the perfect team for the job, especially since Erik himself is the mutant poster-boy of an NYPD trying to improve their image.

But what they don't yet know is that the serial killer is an old soul out of Erik's past, and his next move is to pull Charles into his web.

irreconcilable differences (make for surprisingly good bedfellows) - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Mutant AU |Politics |Mutant Rights}
Tonight on The Evening Report with Malcolm Stevens, noted geneticist and mutant equality proponent Dr. Charles Xavier faces off with the infamous mutant rights activist Magneto in a live televised debate over the Genetic Nondiscrimination Act.

(At least, if they can stop flirting long enough to stay on topic.)

It takes a heap o' livin' - Etharei {NC-17 |Mutant rights |Superheroes |Bottom!Erik}
They have their day jobs. And then, they have this. Modern!AU in which they are the superheroes of mutantkind.

Let It Snow - ikeracity {R |Mutant!AU |Romantic Comedy}
Old high school enemies Charles and Erik bump into each other on the street during a freak snowstorm. After taking shelter at Charles' place, they spend the evening catching up and eventually figuring out they actually had a thing for each other back in school.

Actually, they might still have a thing for each other.

Actually, they definitely still have a thing for each other.

Limited Release - rageprufrock {R |Mutant!AU |Based on: White Collar |Detective!Erik |Canon Disabled Character}
When Alex Summers broke out of supermax to rescue his stupid kid brother, he had no idea it was going to be so fucking complicated.

Linger - waldorph {NC-17 |Modern!AU |Mutant!AU |Hurt!Charles |Detective!Erik |Kidnapped!Charles}
Erik had been warned, to be fair. The realtor was very explicit that the last seventeen tenants had run from the premises screaming about the Exorcist or The Ring or some other terrible horror show.

Love Runs Out - ikeracity {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Fluff |Writer!Erik |Neighbors |Canon Disabled Character}
Hammer Bay, one of the most mutant-friendly apartment buildings in all of Manhattan and affectionately nicknamed the Hub by its residents, is home to an eclectic mix of families, broke college students, scientists, artists, and high school dropouts. Charles Xavier, new arrival to apartment 3K, catches the attention of everyone on the third floor but he only has eyes for one: cranky author Erik Lehnsherr who lives directly across the hall in 3B.

Mercy of the Fallen (the AirDrop Security Update 2.0) - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Modern!AU |Canon Disabled Character |Coffee Shop |Fluff}
Erik Lehnsherr feels defined by his past sins and after years of acting against his own moral compass, he's finally struck out on his own. He's his own boss now, and determined to work hard to help the mutant community and make up for years of doing someone else's dirty work.

Complicating this is Charles Xavier, mutant advocate, genetics professor, unfairly attractive telepath, and owner of the coffee shop below Erik's office. Erik may not think he deserves to be a part of the community he's thrown himself into helping, but Charles has other ideas on the matter, and he's determined to do everything in his power to make Erik see himself as a force for good.

Metamorphosis - rusting_roses {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Circus!AU}
When Charles Xavier first shows up at Erik Lensherr's carnival sideshow, the last thing he's expecting is someone like him. Charles is more than just the a spectator, however - he's the leader of the legendary Butterfly Circus, and he's about to change Erik's life.

Mr. Xavier's Neighborhood - SharpestScalpel {PG-13 |Series |Mutant!AU |Kid!fic |Pining!Erik |WIP}
Mr. Xavier's Neighborhood - teaching kids to be proud of their mutations thanks to their sponsors and viewers like you! And viewers like Erik Lensherr, who possibly maybe has an inappropriate crush on his children's favorite television personality. Songs, puppets, American literature, and geek references abound.

Mutant School AU - ximeria {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Humor |Sexual Tension |Miss-understandings |X-over: Avengers |Fighter!Charles |BAMF!Charles |Bottom!Erik |Training}
As teachers and role models for the rest of the school, Charles and Erik fail pretty spectacularly. However, in their own, slightly dysfunctional way, they work.

Modern day setting with a school run jointly by Brotherhood and X-men members, with Charles' father as the leader of one side, Logan the leader of the other, and Charles and Erik, who should be old enough to act maturely, just tend to... not

My Knight in Shining Armor - ximeria {PG-13 |Mutant AU |Superheroes |Crossover: Avengers}
On an average ordinary day, Erik gets more action than he'd bargained for. News of a job interview, robots wreaking havoc in New York, Azazel's brand of humor - and not to mention; the most amazing man in a suit of armor. And no, Erik's pretty damned sure Tony Stark doesn't speak with a British accent.

Nation Building and other Diplomatic Negotiations - Pookaseraph {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |D/s |bottom!Erik |Genosha |Royalty}
With the recent passage of a submissive registration law in the United Kingdom, there are now only two industrialized nation with a relatively stable government to have neither a mutant nor a submissive registration law. Erik Lehnsherr, the newly minted King of Genosha, and his Prime Minister Emma Frost intend to take advantage of this turn of events to bring the Xavier Institute to the island nation of Genosha. They both know bringing Charles Xavier, the noted activist of mutant and submissive rights, to the island will necessarily politicize the man, and create all manner of complications. With a constitution not yet finalized and external threats to Genoshan security all around them, Erik, Emma, and Charles will fight for what they believe in to shape Genosha into what it should be.

A Genosha AU with moderate D/s elements.

Never Take Biology for Granite - ikeracity, Pangea {NC-17 |Established Relationship |Humor |Mutant |Biologist!Charles |Geologist!Erik |Internet}
Charles is an internet celebrity who garners his fame from posting educational, in-depth videos about a different animal every week, though for some reason his viewers are always more interested in his sex life with his geologist husband, Erik, who happens to frown heavily upon all living things.

Except for Charles, of course, whom he's missed these past couple days while attending a geologic convention--though considering the subject material of Charles' newest video, he's wishing he would've stayed away longer.

New Beautiful Things Come - Raven (singlecrow) {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Romance/Comedy |Canon Disabled Character |Bakery!AU}
Erik runs a kosher bakery. Charles comes in for baked goods. They play chess, eat meringues, people drop other people's keys down the toilet, and there's mutant performance art.

No Capes - dedkake {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Supervillain!Erik |Superhero!Charles |Humor/Comedy}
OR Five Times the Cape Almost Killed Magneto and One Time It Almost Ruined His Life (Or Did It?) Professor X really thinks that Magneto should rethink his supervillain fashion if he wants to be taken seriously.

Not Without Their Charms - toestastegood {PG-13 |Modern |Post-XMFC |Mental Hospital |Memories Alteration |Mutant}
For his research into patient well-being, Charles begins regular interviews with the patients of a local psychiatric hospital. As well as reminding him of his own time there, he begins to experience snippets of memories and thoughts that aren't his own.

Okay, I Feel Better Now - Harleydoll {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Charles |Hurt!Erik |Protective!Erik |Mental Health Issues |Suspense |Hospital}
The AU in which Erik is sent to a mental health facility after being convicted for Shaw's murder and pleads insanity, and Charles is his paranoid schizophrenic of a roommate. Powers, Hellfire conspiracies, protective!Erik, and of course the inevitable angst.

Omega - apokteino {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Genosha |Powerful!Charles |Kidnapped!Charles |Govt vs Mutants}
Wherein the world decides to deal with mutants with utter segregation. All mutants are placed on Genosha, and all children are tested at birth for the mutant gene, and sent to Genosha if they have it, to be adopted by other mutants. Years later, Charles Xavier's parents bribe officials to keep their child, and he grows up utterly alone in a human world. But all that changes.

Order Up - ikeracity {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Comedy |Pizzeria!AU}
Charles has a terrible habit of multitasking, and that is probably why he absentmindedly tells the pizza man that he loves him when hanging up.

Then the pizza man says it back. And Charles is pretty much smitten from there.

our hearts won't rust - liketheroad {R |Canon!AU}
He wants to hold the face of the man whose thoughts he is even now struggling to keep separate from his own, wants to share with him the greatest truth and cruelest lie Charles knows - that he isn’t alone, that neither of them are, not if they don’t want to be. AU. Charles meets Erik during a summer abroad when he is 17.

Politico - cygnaut {NC-17 |Politics!AU |Online Dating |Genosha!AU |Mutant Rights}
Modern Genosha Politics AU. In which Erik is l'enfant terrible of the mutant National Assembly, and his staff just wants to get him laid.

Professor X's Guide to Zombie Survival - groovyphilia {PG-13 |Mutant AU |Humor |Zombies |WIP}
Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr had been living content and very separate lives. Charles didn't ask to become Professor X, Zombie Expert and Researcher. Erik didn't ask to become Magneto, Zombie Hunter Extraordinaire. It goes without saying that neither of them asked for a zombie apocalypse.

Still, what better place for romance than a groaning, shambling, undead world?

Roses Are Red - ikeracity {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Mob-boss!Erik |Mafia |Car!sex |Mob!AU}
Being a mob boss' associate has its ups and downs. Having sex in the back of a limo on Valentine's Day is definitely one of the ups.
Sequel: A Private Affair - Pangea / A Pertinent Reminder - ikeracity, Pangea | Pup Flup - ikeracity

Rulebook - pearl_o {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Age Difference |Teacher/Student}
Charles manages to wait a full five days after graduation before he shows up at Mr. Lehnsherr's door.

Rumor has it... - ximeria {PG |Mutant!AU |Flirting |Mutant rights}
Because apparently New York can't have two mutant rights representatives without wanting to either pit them against each other or imagine them in bed together.
Sequels: Domestic Warfare | For Your Eyes Only | Swedish L-Space | Please excuse my partner (he's a demented shark, but I love him){PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Marriage Proposal |Fluff}

Runs In The Family - Anonysquirrel (chibirisuchan) {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Fluff |Series |Crossover: Avengers |Mpreg |Humor |Adorable!Charles}
Alex knew his own reputation. Hell, he'd started some of his own reputation, because it kept some of the smarter thugs off his back. Everyone knew Alex's reputation. There was no way Hank didn't know his reputation, but he'd brought Alex into a house with some really expensive things and a lot of innocent little kids and his too-friendly, too-harmless dad.

But clearly Hank hadn't told his family anything about Alex, just like he hadn't told Alex anything about his family. At least, not about the brain-breaking parts of his family.
Bea's comment: This series is heartwarming and adorable and all sorts of cute things. Charles is pregnant and adorable and and self-conscious and such a good parent eventhough he's in his late twenties (I think?), Erik is awesome and dangerous but still romantic and soft when it comes to Charles, Logan is the badass uncle, Hank is adorkable and Alex is pining/in love with Hank and everyone is crazy. Then Tony Stark shows up. More crazyness.

Seven Days in the Life of Charles Xavier - ali_inthejungle {NC-17 |A/O |Mutant!AU |Omega!Charles |Alpha/Omega Dynamics |Mutant!AU}
Charles wakes up, according to the suddenly too-bright clock on Hank’s nightstand, at 4:26 on Monday morning. For half a second he’s confused – he almost always slumbers straight through the night – and then it registers: his skin is prickling, flushed and sweating, just this side of uncomfortable.

Or, the one where Charles is in heat and Eric is really distracted by his scent.

Shadows of the Past - pseudoneems, ximeria {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Genosha |Secret Identities |Politics}
Charles and Erik meet at a hotel in Genosha. Erik hiding that he is Magneto, one of the founders of the mutant nation. Charles running from his past, not to mention his gift.

Smoke and Mirrors - papercutperfect {R |Mutant!AU |Angst |Canon Disabled Character |Projection}
When newly paralysed Charles meets Erik in a coffee shop, a fit of nerves prompts him to project himself standing without need of his wheelchair. It all backfires when Erik asks him out on a date, forcing Charles to deepen his lies and, ultimately, face his fears.

Snowed In - dedkake {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Mutant Rights |Stranger!sex |Rebound sex |Snowed In}
Charles and Erik have a one night stand, but a blizzard traps them in Erik's apartment afterward.

Some Such Place (The Big Screen Classics Remix) - pocky_slash {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Sex turns into love |pining}
Erik's spent the last eighteen months having lengthy socio-political conversations and casual sex with Charles Xavier after seeing Monday matinees at a dingy little independent movie theatre in the Village. That doesn't mean they're friends. Or that Erik should have any say in what Charles is going to do with his future.

(At least, that's what Erik keeps telling himself.)

Sprich Mit Mir | Talk To Me - papercutperfect {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Romance |}
When Charles meets Erik on a midnight train to London, it’s like all of his Christmases and birthdays have come at once – until Erik opens his mouth, and reveals he cannot speak a word of English.

It isn’t easy to pursue a relationship with someone you need to play Pictionary with just to chat to, but with a little help from Charles’ telepathy, the two language-barrier lovers are determined to make it work.

surely shifted my way by Traincat {PG-13 |No Divorce |Wedding!fic | Fluff}
Summary: The one where Erik and Charles get engaged, Raven is an x-treme wedding planner and the kids get way too involved. Oh, and there are doves everywhere. Modern slightly!AU, where everyone is together and alive and happy because it's weddingfic and weddingfic is allowed to do that.
Bea's comment: This fic put a big smile on my face! It's basically an AU in modern!era (they have celphones! Bridezilla lol), but it's just so adorable (especially the kids!)

the masked man (who has everything) by traincat {R |Batman |Mutant!AU |Rescue |Superheroes}
Summary: The one where Erik is Batman, and Charles is kidnapped roughly once a week.

The Most Perilous Performance Devised by Man - baehj2915 {R |Circus!AU}
In which they're part of Shaw's Traveling Circus of Extra-ordinarie.
Sequel: Troupe of Remarkable Trained Pigs

the mystery which binds me still - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Hurt!Charles |Pining |Amnesia |Experiments |Charles' Unhappy Childhood |Reunion |Protective!Erik}
It's been seventeen years since Charles lived at the house in North Salem. It's big and imposing and filled with memories he thinks he's repressed for a reason. But after a strange man breaks in during a storm, demanding to see people Charles is sure died years ago, Charles finds himself investigating his past for the first time, venturing into the burnt out catacombs that hold the secret to the childhood he doesn't remember.

The Reluctant Hero - Ezzy {PG |UST |Mutant!AU}
It's not that Charles has anything against a Mutant Cause, it's just that he's meant to be studying genetics, not starting it. And he certainly has no intention of leading it, thank you very much. The Cause appears to have other ideas.

The School for Scandal; or, The Patron - aesc, palalife {R |Mutant!AU |Genosha |Royalty |Secret identities}
The Graymalkin Institute, a run-down, forgotten school in a forgotten corner of Genosha, is run by Charles Xavier, the forgotten and dispossessed heir of a disgraced and once-noble House. Years ago, he entered into an agreement with Emma Frost of the Massachusetts Academy to prevent the government from shutting down the Institute, and now she's calling in her debt. The terms of the agreement: find blackmail material on the Duke of Genosha himself, Erik Lehnsherr.

Three Kinds of Learning - luchia {R |Mutant!AU |Brotherhood}
Erik intends to recruit Raven's supposedly amazing, all-powerful older brother. Instead, he finds himself dealing with Charles Xavier, a weak, tweed-addled professor who seems to think powers don't matter nearly as much as personality. Erik's misconceptions are blown apart when Raven goes missing.
Sequel: The Stuff National Anthems Are Made Of

This Family comes with Batteries - Fishwrites, lynneh {PG-13 |Avengers |Kid!fic |Tony fails at being a father, but he's doing his best |WIP}
A recently orphaned Charles Xavier goes to live with his Godfather, Mister Anthony Stark. This story is a tale of what would have happened to the events of Iron Man, if Tony was raising a six year old telepath in Stark Tower. There is also the matter of Charles' robot AI manny/bodyguard/tutor/only-friend, named David.

Through His Eyes - TeamHPForever {NC-17 |College AU |Mutant |Blind!Charles |Marriage Proposal}
Charles Xavier was born blind. When he was young, he would catch glimpses of the world from the minds of others but he didn't want to be intrusive. Not until Erik finds out and offers to be his eyes.

Tough little baby telepath - aesc, pearl_o {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Age Difference |Hurt/Comfort |BB!Charles |Suspense |EPIC Series |Detective!Erik |Charles' Unhappy Childhood}
Teenage telepath Charles Xavier takes a job as a consultant, working with prickly police detective Erik Lehnsherr. Charles is used to being on his own and taking care of himself; he has no reason to think that his relationship with this stern, icy man is going to change any of that. (Also known as: Tough Little Baby Telepath.)

Warning: Emergency Pull Tab - ikeracity {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Humor |Convenience Store/Retail}
Knocking a guy over with an inflatable pool and nearly giving him a concussion is probably not the best flirting technique in the world, but if there's anyone who can pull it off, it's Charles.

we'll all be gone for the summer - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Married Couple |Kid!fic |Domestic!fic |Canon Disabled Character}
Charles and Erik's usual family beach vacation gets a little bigger when they agree to watch Erik's teenaged twins for the summer. Charles is looking forward to a chance to bond with his step-children. Erik is terrified of screwing them up even more.

Westchester High School - TurtleTotem {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |High School |Hurt!Charles | Bad boy!Erik |Nerdy!Charles |Pining}
Charles is a science nerd. He has no shot with a glamorous bad-boy like Erik Lehnsherr, even if they are both mutants.

Words and Pictures - pocky_slash {PG |Mutant!AU |Kid!fic |Fluff}
When Lorna's powers manifest early, Charles Xavier's mutant picture books are the perfect teaching tool. Erik just hadn't expected the author to be so young. Or attractive. Or available.

you follow and i'll lead - pearl_o, pocky_slash {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |High School |Best Friends |Pining |Angst/Fluff |Friends with Benefits}
When Charles discovers how frustrated and self-conscious his best friend Erik is about his ignorance about sex, he's eager to volunteer to help teach him and practice. Charles might not have any more direct experience than Erik, but he does have a telepath's mind full of accidentally picked-up fantasies and memories, as well as knowledge of a few dirty books - and more importantly, he's been madly in love with Erik for years. This seems like a brilliant, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that he can't pass up.

Now he just needs to manage to keep his feelings in check, and not ruin their friendship forever.

Others that I also liked

You Won't Need a Hero - Pangea {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Human!Charles |Supervillain!Erik |Creepy!Erik |Obsessive!Erik}
Charles is just a regular, boring guy with regular, boring problems—like having a very unfortunate crush on his boss. As it turns out, his boss isn't quite who he appears to be.

Meant For Each Other (For Certain) - a_q (R |Alpha/Omega |Mutant!AU |Bottom!Erik)
The night Erik gets a lead that could get him back on Shaw's track, he runs into Charles, gets claimed and tries everything he can to stay on top of things.

The night Charles goes out to have a drink, he ends up foiling one kidnap attempt, gets his sister kidnapped, finds his mate and gets courting advice from a demon. The night Emma Frost tried to play Erik, she ends up teaming with Charles to save her mate. The night Raven goes to a bar with her brother, she meets a demon, gets duct taped to a chair and watches her brother go out of his mind.

Frayed - dedkake (PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Bonding |Angst |Govt vs Mutants |Kidnapped!Charles |Reunion |Genosha)
The war against mutants the world over has come to an end and Genosha, a former prison camp, becomes the first nation of mutants. Charles and Erik meet again after fifteen years.

Frontseat 'verse - tahariel (NC-17 |Mutant!AU |D/s |Arranged Marriage |Bottom!Erik |Series)
It's hard enough waiting a year to meet the man you're engaged to, but harder still when that man doesn't even want to stay bonded to you. Charles is determined, however, not to let Erik get away.

United We Stand, Divided They Fall - ximeria (PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Bottom!Erik |Bar!fic)
The prompt was "the only two people at a bar rooting for the same football team au". And that's more or less what it is.

Whisk Until Smooth and Creamy - keire_ke (PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Chef)
Erik is one of the three chefs hired to judge Mutant Chef, a reality show where people get to showcase their sub-par cooking skills and get yelled at for failing. The second chef is Charles. The third is the problem.

Haunted Heart (Ghost Story Remix) - treasuredleisure (PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Angst |Ghosts )
Erik's insane because his best friend is dead, but he can still see him, still hear him, and still treasure his company. Erik's insane, but eventually realises he wouldn't have it any other way.

Lend Me Your Ears - winterhill {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Theater!AU |Fluff/Humor}
Theater AU

Utility Belts & Elbow Patches - captainkoirk {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Assassins |Thief!Charles |Crack/Humor}
Erik wishes being a hit man was half as glamourous as it's cracked up to be.

Maybe then he wouldn't be stuck crawling through a ventilation system at fuck o' clock in the morning on a Sunday, breathing recycled air and missing the tail end of that Criminal Minds marathon.

Erik makes a mental note to get a fucking TiVo. What kind of assassin doesn't have TiVo?

Another coffee shop - madneto {PG |Mutant!AU |Fluff |Coffee Shop!AU}
Prompt: Charles and Erik in yet another coffee shop au

Trust - ximeria {NC-17 |PWP |Mutant!AU}
One thing is knowing your gender preferences, it's another to actually act on it. And while research is always a good idea, Erik learns the hard way that there is such a thing as too much lube. It's a good thing Charles has all the patience in the world.

#occupyblanket - lazulisong {PG |Mutant!AU |Kid!fic |Fluff}
Someone holds, or threatens to hold, a protest where they occupy their own (or someone else's!) bed and refuse to move. Can be serious on their part or joking."

A Bit of Fun - Sunless_Garden {PG-13 |Modern!AU |Human!Charles |Mutant!AU}
Charles is Erik's forever - the man he wants to spend the rest of his life with and can't imagine his future without. So why is he saying that Charles is nothing more that his temporary bit of fun?

A dream of trains - ninemoons42 {College Professors |PG-13 |Fluff}
It all starts the day after the midterm exams have been checked and graded and tabulated: Erik looks up from the pen he’s spinning mindlessly on his desk, from annotating a block of computer code, to find Charles humming happily under his breath as he runs his fingers over a particular group of books on their shelves in their shared study.

A Finer Pair of Damsels in Distress were Never Seen - ximeria {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Mutant Rights |Spy!Charles |Rescue}
In a timeline where mutants are known and often taken by the government with little or no reason given, a different Charles Xavier meets a different Erik Lehnsherr, both aiming for the same goal (more or less) and neither sure they can trust the other.

a hundred thousand times over - pocky_slash {PG |Mutant!AU |Fluff |Writer!Erik |Canon Disabled Character}
Charles has a bath. Erik joins him. Everything's about to change, but for the moment, they've both happy where they are.

A Meeting of Minds - ximeria {NC-17 |Bottom!Erik |Mutant!AU |Mutant Rights}
Even though Erik swears he won't ever agree with professor Xavier, an offer is made that he really doesn't want to turn down. Possibly he's not in his right mind, or possibly he's just a lot easier to convince when he's being pounded through the mattress.

A Practice In Futility - zimothy (orphan_account) {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Hospital!fic |Alpha/Omega |Age Difference |Bottom!Erik |WIP}
At age 29, Erik had long ago accepted that he would never find his Alpha…. until 16 year old Charles Xavier is admitted into ER one night during a double-shift that Erik wasn’t even supposed to work.More in: Part 2 on the Kink Meme

All The Worlds In Between - manic_intent {NC-17 |AU |Dark!Charles}
an AU where Erik is the idealistic, peace-loving one and Charles is the cynical, realistic one when it comes to mutant-human relations." CIA!Wild Child!jaded!Charles x idealistic!Erik AU.

Always be Wary of Boredom - ximeria {R |Mutant!AU |Humor |Mutant rights}
Always be wary of Boredom; he's no good; he'll lead you astray. Or in other words: Be wary of a bored Erik Lehnsherr at a fundraiser (not to mention an eavesdropping Charles Xavier).

An Exercise in Frustration - ikeracity {R |Mutant!AU |Comedy |Actor!Erik}
Erik Lehnsherr's latest critically-acclaimed film Shame features a full-frontal nudity scene. His long-suffering husband Charles is really very peeved about it.

And That's The Way You Do It - professor {R |Mutant!AU |Fluff |Established Relationship}
Charles is having a terrible birthday, but then it gets a lot better.

April Showers - ikeracity {PG |Mutant!AU |College!AU |Mutant Rights}
Walking home in the dark in a rainstorm is not Charles' idea of a pleasant night. Of course, the stranger with the umbrella who offers to walk him home makes the experience infinitely more agreeable.

Attracted To Your Magnetism - ebonytavern {R |Mutant!AU |Mutant Rights |Superheroes |Rivals/Enemies}
Feared villain Magneto has been wooing Charles for months now but has never succeeded in his attempts. Trying to get on Charles' good side isn't an easy task when one is often destroying buildings and spewing death threats to the human population of Manhattan.

Finally, Erik does something right. He sends Charles a bouquet of red roses and Charles turns up at his doorstep, kissing him so hard Erik forgets how to breathe.

They kiss, they hug, they have sex, and then they both fall deeply in love.

August - Red {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Mpreg |Bottom!Erik |Canon Disabled Character}
For the XMFC kinkmeme, in response to a prompt asking for an mpreg story with some genetics thrown in the mix. While non-mutant couples may be able to conceive a mutant or a non-mutant child, for a couple with two mutants, there's a twenty-five percent chance of a third option: a fatal presentation of the mutant gene. Erik found out years ago that he was one of a number of (relatively cisgendered? this is an odd thing for me to be typing) mutant guys who have the secondary mutation of A Uterus. He'd also been told--years ago, but less so than the last statement--that he was infertile. He and Charles have been on the waiting list for adopting a mutant kid, but when morning sickness sets in, Erik can't exactly celebrate his sudden ability to get pregnant until he's ruled out that twenty-five percent chance.

Authority kink - aesc, Subtilior {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |College!AU |Teacher/Student |D/s |Age Difference |Bottom!Erik}
Erik, a proud and surly graduate student, keeps his deepest, darkest desires under tight control. Charles, his genetics professor, keeps handcuffs on his copy of the university handbook. You can see where this is going.

Bass Frequencies - Petronia {PG-13 |Mutant!AU}
“You’re looking for someone,” says the boy (his voice coming through as clear as a line of typeface appearing in Erik’s brain, entirely bypassing air and ear), “but he’s not here. So, if you like, you can look for me instead... after your set. And buy me a beer. How about that?”

Battlefield New York - The Woes of a Mayor - ximeria {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Humor |Superheroes}
Moira MacTaggart, mayor of New York, has to deal with budgets, budget cuts, destruction of property - most of these things tying into the Brotherhood and the X-men. Surely someone can talk some sense into the two group leaders. They are, after all, both of then, adults...

Be So Good - significantowl {NC-17 |Hurt!Charles |Worried!Erik |Hurt/Comfort}
For an prompt in which Charles has a pre-existing injury that flares up during sex with Erik. Being Erik and Charles, this leads to Issues (and a fair dose of hurt/comfort, too)

Best Friends AU - chiasmus {PG |Mutant!AU |Adorable}
Modern AU in which Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr are best friends since childhood, and eventually more.

Black Star - levitatethis {R |Mutant!AU |Assassins}
Erik and Charles are independently employed contract killers who keep crossing paths on various jobs. While they begin as resigned acquaintances a friendship is formed that eventually, inevitably, becomes something more. It's the consequences that trip them up.

Bookshop - aesc {R |Mutant!AU |Humor| Bookstore!AU}
"If he'd been around when Emma Lazarus had written that bit about giving her your tired and your poor, Sebastian Shaw would have added "and I will put them to work for as cheap as possible," instead of the part about the lamp and the golden door and liberty and everything." [Or, the one where Shaw is the tyrannical owner of an independent bookstore, Erik is one of the several employees who hates him, and Charles is far too determined for Erik's good.]

burning up - ninemoons42] {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |PWP}
Charles is stuck at home during a heat wave, but he's neither bored nor dying from the heat nor alone for long.

But The Cat Came Back - twelve_pastels {PG-13 |Crossover: Sherlock |Spies |Transformation |Cat!Charles}
“Oh, look! It’s Charles, and he’s been transformed into a cat by a malevolent government program! I wonder how I can change him back and thereby secure his love forever and ever, amen?”

Butter and Honey - pearl_o {PG-13 |Kid!fic |Modern!AU |Series |WIP}
In which relationships are hard work, and Charles is not a wicked stepmother. kid!fic

Changed - cygnaut {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |College!AU |Apocalypse}
They said it was the end of the world.

Civilised Nature - Tawabids {PG-13 |Alpha/Omega |Politics |Genosha |Dub-con |Shaw/Charles}
Genosha fights for its independence. Sebastian Shaw rules the burgeoning nation in all but name. Erik is an alpha politician second and a servant of the people first. And then he sees Charles, omega to the ruthless Shaw, and all his priorities change.

Coffee Date - Pangea {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Crossover: Avengers |Superheroes}
The Avengers have once again saved the world from an alien invasion. Go figure, right? But even superheroes need a coffee break every now and then, and Tony Stark knows just how to organize one. Naturally, Erik is the only one not amused.

Connected - dedkake {PG-13 |Age Difference |Mutant!AU}
A chance encounter on the bus leaves Charles miserable heading into the new year.

Conspiracy of Kisses - Alaceron {PG |Kid!fic |Fluff |Mutant!AU}
Seven-year-old Erik needs to keep his telepathic best friend Charles from finding out that he wants to kiss him. But that's okay, because he has a plan - he'll put on a tinfoil hat.

Continue firm and constant - aesc {PG-13 |Crossover: Avengers |Spies!AU |Kid!fic |Domestic!fic}
Moira hasn't seen her old partner in saving the world from threats human and intergalactic, Erik Lehnsherr, for a few years. When she finally does see him again, she finds a man different from the one who's been with her down in the dark and the dirt and the blood... or maybe he isn't so different after all.

Cooking with Garlic - Red {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Bottom!Erik |PWP |Cooking}
Charles isn't the world's best chef, but he at least makes clean-up reasonably interesting.

Couch Potato - tahariel {PG |Mutant!AU |Fluff}
Erik is moving his furniture into Charles' place. Charles is only interested in what's in his drawers.

Crosswalk - velvetcadence {PG |Mutant!AU |Humor/Fluff |First meeting}
Erik accidentally French dips a perfect stranger in public. Things go as you might expect it to.

Das Salz des Vergnügens - melonbutterfly {R |Canon!AU |Age Difference |Mpreg |Series}
Set in an AU world wherein Charles and Raven were born roughly fifty years later than they actually were, but Erik was not. Instead, Erik and Emma killed Shaw and then Emma used Erik for her fight towards making mutants accepted within the human world. Twenty years after he has freed himself from her telepathic influence, Erik - an omega-level mutant who doesn't age - meets Charles, a telepath famous for standing up in school and fighting for a fellow mutant's rights. All Charles wants is to ask Erik what he thinks about his great plan to build a school exclusively for mutants, and possibly convince him to become a teacher; what he gets instead is, eventually, a boyfriend.
This story is set two years later, when, in the middle of planning the school, Charles finds out about his secondary mutation.

Delicate Measure - Landen {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Artist!Erik |Age Difference |Unhappy Ending}
Charles, finding himself desperately poor after a misunderstanding with his step-father, readily takes a job offer to be a nude model for the eccentric artist Erik.

Despicably Yours - Cesare, veryorangecat {PG |Romantic Comedy |Fluff |Based on: Despicable Me |OOC |Superheroes/Supervillains}
Erik Lehnsherr, AKA Magneto, is a supervillain without equal... except maybe one: Charles Xavier, AKA Professor X, AKA Erik's next door neighbor. When their competition heats up, Erik decides the only way to get ahead is to adopt four mutant orphans to infiltrate Charles's mansion.

Things don't go as planned.

Devil's Own Luck - pearl_o {PG-13 |Western!AU |Mutant!AU}
Charles never knows when Erik's travels will bring him round to the school again, but Erik always finds his way back eventually - though not always in one piece.

Dirtier Wtih Clothes On - averzierlia {R |Dancing}
Charles can't dance, so Erik teaches him. And then they dance together.

Do you have any other skills? (Like typing?) - cm (mumblemutter) {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Humor |Prostitute!AU}
Charles and Erik make a good team, it turns out. It just takes them a while to get there.

Do you require any assistance? - kageillusionz {NC-17 |Undercover/Spies |Mutant!AU |Flirty!Charles}
Charles Xavier has been working undercover at the Hellfire Club gathering information about the going ons of the Club. To pass along the information, the Agency Charles works for has sent Erik Lehnsherr as Max Eisenhardt in, posing as one of Charles’ regular clients to get it. What was meant to be a simple in and out job turns a little more heated than either had expected things to go, with hints of repeat performances in the future.

Dog and Tiger - Cesare {PG-13 |Series |Mutant!AU |Kid!fic |Age Difference |Fluff |Reunion}
teen!Erik and wee!Charles.

Dog Days - dedkake {R |Mutant!AU |Long Distance Relationship |Jealous!Erik |Fluff}
Erik doesn’t realize that the puppy he gets Charles for their one year anniversary will grow up to be a bear.

Don't Judge a Book by its Cover - ximeria {PG |Comedy |Mutant!AU |Mutant Rights}
Modern day setting: Charles Xavier is a vocal mutant rights fighter - Erik Lehnsherr is the media darling, who is much beloved by the mutant rights groups for his dry wit and his charm. During a boring TV show where they are both invited, Charles realizes he shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

Dress Your Family in Plaid and Skinny Jeans - cygnaut {R |Mutant!AU |Kid!fic}
Erik and Charles meet at the mutant playgroup/parenting support circle and they instantly hit it off. And so do their kids, Lorna and David.

Erik and the Earl - listerinezero {PG |Mutant!AU |Time Travel |Adorable}
Erik has a time-traveling 19th century earl staying in his apartment and he's not sure what's more frustrating: Charles' habit of taking apart his appliances or the fact that he's not Erik's boyfriend. A Kate and Leopold AU.

Everyday Love in Stockholm - tahariel {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Dubcon |Captive!Charles |Human!Charles}
Prompt: Magneto is the ruler of the posthuman world. His only secret? Charles Xavier, the human he's kept locked in his bedroom ever since his right-hand woman, Mystique, came to him pleading for mercy for her stepbrother, who accepted her mutant form and protected her as a child. The human he started fucking after Mystique was killed in battle, despite the guilt he feels at contaminating even this last promise to the woman who was integral to his life's work and happiness.

Extended Jam 'Verse - aesc {R |Mutant!AU |Pining |College!AU |Mutant Rights |Pining}
Charles and Erik are graduate students about to begin their fifth year of studies at MIT. But it's the summer of 1969, and dissertations take a back seat to more important things.

Fake Foil Valentine To The Rescue - helens78 {PG |Kid!fic |Fluff |Mutant!AU}
It's Valentine's Day, and Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr have to hand out Valentine's Day cards to everyone in their sixth-grade class.

Family Business - Black_Betty {PG |Mutant!AU |Pre-slash}
Charles & Raven, BAMF siblings: BAMF shapeshifter Raven Darkholme and her adopted baby brother, telepath Charles Xavier.

Father Charles - Yahtzee {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Priest!Charles |Pining |Hurt!Charles |War |Virgin!Charles}
And for the few years he's been a priest, he's been a good one. He coordinates volunteering and assistance for several charities in New York City, where his parish is, and doesn't mind the life of poverty he leads (though his sister Raven sometimes comes in from upstate to ask him if he doesn't miss champagne at all.)

Then he comes up with the idea of partnering with a Jewish organization that helps the poor, which meets with some resistance from the Catholic brass -- but Charles is firm that all children are God's children and they should do what's right.

Then he meets Erik Lehnsherr, the devout Jew and Holocaust survivor who runs that other charity, who is so fiercely protective of his charges that it moves Charles' heart -- and the first time their eyes meet, Charles has to confront the greatest temptation he'll ever know, and the church's teachings about what love is."

Father of the Bride AU - Unforgotten {NC-17 |Series |Mutant AU |Bottom!Erik |Pregnant!Erik |Married Couple}
A powered, modern era AU with mpreg.
Side stories: We Were Like Two Imbeciles - Unforgotten

Feast of Fools - Black_Betty {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Genosha |Theater/Acting}
He hasn’t been to see a play…there is a chance he’s never been to see a play. His life before Genosha had been consumed with hardship and a nail-breaking, clawing, struggle for survival. He hasn’t had time for frivolities, for useless and impractical time wasting endeavors like music, or dance or the theatre. He sits back in his chair now, chin propped on one hand, one long leg crossed over the other, and prepares himself to endure.

Field Trip - helens78, reena_jenkins {PG |Mutant!AU |Museum |Pre-slash |Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters |Kid!fic}
The American Museum of Natural History is the best museum in the world.

Finding a New Way - Pookaseraph {PG |Canon!AU |WIP |Series |Kid!fic |Parent!Charles}
A series of smaller fics that have David Haller - Charles Xavier's son - bring Erik and Charles together far earlier than they met in the movie.

First Impressions - Black_Betty {PG |Mutant!AU |Pre-slash}
Charles Xavier, youngest CEO in Xavier Corp history, society darling and playboy philanthropist drops a bombshell when he comes out. Now he just wants to be left alone.

For the Cause - ximeria {PG |Pre-slash |Mutant!AU}
You know what they say about making assumptions. In which Erik suffers from foot-in-mouth syndrome and manages to piss off Charles.

Fuck the End of the World - spicedpiano {NC-17 |Mutant!AU}
It’s the end of the world, and Charles and Erik want to go out with a bang.

Get Back Up - TerresDeBrume {R |Mutant!AU |Series |Hurt!Charles |Human vs mutants |High School Professors}
Tell me not how many times you fell, but rather how you got back up.

Or, the story of Charles' many falls and how his friends and the sexiest shark in creation helped him to get up again, stronger than before.

Get out while you can - ximeria {PG-13 |Modern!AU |Mutant!AU |Charles' Unhappy Childhood |Abuse}
Life at the Xavier mansion is shiny but cold, adding Kurt Marko to the mix makes it even worse. And Charles will eventually have to leave for his own good. This is not the abuse, this is Charles getting up and leaving.

Hips Don't Lie - TehChou {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |PWP |Stripper!Charles |Bar/Club}
So in the 21st century Charles is kind of a hooker, definitely a stripper and Erik is looking for mutants to expand his growing empire.

Hit You Up - Caradee {R |Mob!AU |Mutant}
Charles Xavier is the head boss of one of the world's biggest Mafias. Erik Lehnsherr is his right hand man and lover.

This is their life both past and present.

Hold Back the Rain (front!strict mashup) - euphorbic {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |D/s |Bottom!Erik}
Charles Xavier; society darling, powerful political activist, well-known professor, and Dominant. Erik Lehnsherr; anti-social, international motorcycle racer, and defiant submissive.

Erik is at Sepang in Malaysia for the fourteenth leg of the International World Championship. After doing poorly in qualifying, he's furious to find he has to take another VIP around the track instead of meeting Charles at the KL airport.

Homo Sacer - unveiled {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Detective!AU |Circus}
In a not too distant future, Detective Erik Lehnsherr meets Charles Xavier: street magician, former academician, and telepath.

Hook, Line and Sinker - Tawabids {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Fisherman!Erik |Amnesia |Government vs Mutants}
"Erik is a grumpy fisherman who lives in a cosy cottage near the beach and Charles is the man he finds in his net one day with a bump on his head and a too cheerful demeanour."

And Charles is getting hunted by evil government agents, but all that is just an excuse to ensure Erik fishes Charles out of the sea.

hospital beds - afrocurl {R |Series |Mutant!AU |Hospital |Doctor Charles |Dadneto}
where they met as kids in the hospital and meet again years later when Charles is Anya's doctor.

How to Train Your Magneto - Unforgotten {PG-13 |Crossover: Pokemon |Humor}
Magnetos are a rare and elusive Pokemon species. Charles has never seen one, and, despite Erik's insistence that he'll get his Magnus to evolve one of these days, he never expects to.

He's about to be proven wrong. And as it turns out, Magnetos are rare for a reason....

Humane Society - smilebackwards {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Transformation |Human!Charles}
Once Erik finally allows himself to decide that Charles is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread, he spends the next week being incredibly bitter that he's Charles' cat and not his boyfriend.
Sequel: Something Blue - smilebackwards {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Transformation}
"Think of it as a wedding gift," Charles says, taking Erik's hand and looking at him beseechingly with his damnably blue eyes.

I can see clearly now (...the rain has gone) - TechniColor Edition - ximeria {PG-13 |Assassin!AU Soulmate!AU}
In a world where you can not see color until you meet your soulmate, a hitman takes aim at his target.

I Get Hot And Cold All Over - ShowMeAHero {PG-13 |Mutant AU |Fluff |Kid!fic |Established Relationship}
Let it be known that Erik Lehnsherr is more of a child when he's sick than the actual children.

If You Say the Word, I Could Stay with You - Black_Betty {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Fluff |Marriage Proposal}
Erik has a well thought out plan of attack when it comes to marriage proposals. Of course, the best-laid plans...

Ignition - helens78 {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Car Thieves}
Charles and Erik are car thieves who have been known each other for a while. After their first successful theft, Erik pushes their relationship to a whole new level.

Imaginary Life Journey - heyjupiter {PG-13 |Post-XMFC |Recruiting |Modern AU |Bartender!Erik |Mutant}
Erik and Raven attempt to recruit Kurt Wagner for the Hellfire Club; Erik and Charles attempt to recruit Kurt Wagner for Xavier's School for the Gifted.

Immovable Object Meets Irresistible Force - ximeria {PG-13 |Mutant!AU}
Erik is woefully unprepared for Raven's brother, who returns to the States for her 25th birthday party.

Imprint - PoorMedea {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Human!Charles |Imprinting/Bonding}
The moment of imprinting: overpowering, irresistible, and most importantly, uncontrollable. As Charles and Erik are about to find out.

Impulse Decisions - listerinezero {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Accidental Marriage |Romcom |OOC |Adorable!Erik |Asshole!Charles}
Erik wakes up in Las Vegas with a hell of a hangover, a telepath in his bed, and a ring on his finger. Now what?

In The Boardroom - xsilverdreamsx {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |PWP}
Charles was, for lack of a better word, bored and reading the surface thoughts of his colleagues during a boardroom meeting. Until Erik Lehnsherr stepped into the room.

In Which Erik is Slightly Protective of his Cape. - zimothy {PG |Mutant!AU |Humor |Kid!fic |Domestic!fic}
Erik attempts to mend his cape when Charles comes home with the children.

interdisciplinary studies - outboxed (fallencrest) {R |College!AU |Mutant!AU |Teacher!AU |Age Difference}
When Charles Xavier signed up to be a TA at the beginning of his graduate studies, he’d expected to be assigned to help his favourite professor from undergrad, Moira MacTaggart, with Biology 101. Instead he finds he’s been requested by Professor Lehnsherr, a man he’s never met and who teaches a subject Charles has never studied. Charles doesn’t know why Lehnsherr picked him but, it turns out, he has his reasons.

Into The Dark - sunryder {R |Supernatural |Mutant!AU |Pining |Protective!Erik |Canon!AU}
There was a certain amount of job satisfaction to be derived from being an Angel of Death. And Erik Lehnsherr truly loved his job. However, that satisfaction meant nothing when stacked against a young telepath that Erik just couldn't seem to let go.

Into Your Tar, Honey - tomato_greens {PG-13 |Mutant rights |Professor!Charles}
Really, Alex doesn’t know why he’s in the damn class. (Or, the one in which Charles teaches an online Introduction to Biology course, and Alex reads more than he expected to.)

It Takes A Village - kellifer_fic {R |Mutant!AU |Based on: The Village}
The inhabitants of a small, isolated countryside village live in fear that those outside will find them, that monsters called The Sentinels will sense their Afflictions and come looking for them. A village full of children live a suspended existence, their only protection three mysterious Elders that rule over them in all things. Erik and Charles, barely adults themselves, manage as best they can in a place full of secrets and whispers, nightmares and the ever-present threat of discovery.

it was a red scarf semester - ikeracity {NC-17 |College!AU |Mutant!AU |Asshole!Erik |Mutant Rights}
When Erik makes a bet that he can get into Charles Xavier's pants before the semester ends, he doesn't expect Charles to resist quite so much. And he doesn't expect Charles to change everything he thought he knew about mutants, friendship, and love.
Sequel: it was a yellow umbrella spring {R |Reunion/Reconciliation}
Three years after Charles left for Oxford, Erik discovers that Charles is coming back to New York. Second chances are wonderful things.

It's 7th Grade Stuff - nextraordinaire {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Alpha/Omega |Bottom!Erik |Marriage Proposal |Series}
"The music from the scratchy radio is interrupted by a commercial and Charles slips a tendril of his awareness into Erik’s mind, browsing through the newspaper on the table. As the rain patters against the window, he lets the feeling of home, warmth and comfort lull him into a sense of calm. They do say third time’s a charm, after all." or, in which Charles tries to propose, but forgets one crucial detail.

It's a Semi-Charmed Life - The Stephanois (ballantine) {PG |Mutant AU |Middle School AU |Pining}
A couple months back, Erik started wearing this baseball hat around everywhere, and Charles hasn't seen him without it since.

It's The Family Business (The Pseudo-Mob 'Verse) - pallorsomnium {R |Mob!AU |Mutant!AU |Hurt/Comfort |Possessive!Charles}
Erik was a mob boss. Erik also hated people. He didn’t stop in the middle of the sidewalk to talk to anyone, stranger or not.
He would soon find out that Charles Xavier would always be the exception—to everything.

Kochen - Stockholmsyndrom {PG |Mutant!AU |Cooking |Fluff}
XMFC modern powered AU - Charles cooks Erik's favourite dish for the first time.

Lay to Rest a Treasure Box - tomato_greens {PG |Mutant!AU |Hospital |Hurt!Charles |Established Relationship}
Marla Velasquez met Charles Xavier her second week at Mercy-St. John's, when she pitched into the room by accident, fourteen hours into an unexpected double shift and hazy-eyed with exhaustion.

left with a heart exhausted - Coshledak {NC-17 |D/s |Mutant!AU |Teacher!AU |D/s Universe}
Erik is exhausted after a long day of training and Charles takes it upon himself to help his Dom properly relax.

let it out (you're doing all right) - pearl_o {NC-17 |Series |Mutant!AU |College!AU}
Charles doesn't pay much attention to most of the students in class, the older kids with their friendships and in-jokes, but there's one boy who fascinates him. [Still-powered AU]

Like Music At Night - fengirl88 {NC-17 |Age Difference |Prostitute!AU |Hurt!Charles |Protective!Erik | Impersonation |Mutant!AU}
Charles Xavier, handsome, clever, rich and a telepath, seems to have everything going for him. He's eighteen years old and just graduated from college, with a brilliant future ahead of him. But his curiosity about Emma Frost's escort agency, La Reine Blanche, leads to an encounter that turns his life upside down.

Lima Syndrome - Yahtzee {PG-13 |Canon!AU |Mutant Rights |Brotherhood |Enemies?}
Written in response to this prompt: "AU! where Erik is already the leader of the Brotherhood of mutants, out to wage war on humans for all mutantkind. Shaw can be around or not (maybe Erik is his general or protege or something). Erik hears about this up and coming band of mutants lead by one Charles Xavier who advocate peace. Seeing him as a potential threat based on how fast his influence is growing, Erik kidnaps Charles in hopes of either recruiting the X-men or getting them to join the Brotherhood.

Charles is not what Erik expects from the opposing side, and Erik unexpectedly finds himself respecting/sympathizing with Charles."

Also set in the early 1960s, but otherwise completely different canon from XMFC. Additionally operates as my fill for the HC Bingo prompt "Isolation."

Living Arrangements - misura {PG |Crossover: White Collar |Mutant!AU |UST |Detective!Charles}
Erik is a famous art thief. Charles is the FBI agent who catches him. Raven is not sure yet whether to be amused or horrified. (fusion with White Collar)

MAD - KaeKae {R |Modern!AU |Mutant!AU |Based on: RED |WIP |Spies}
After an incident forced him into retirement, ex-CIA agent Charles Xavier has been living as a college genetics professor.

Now the government he served wants him dead and he’ll need to return to the life he’d moved on from to find out why.

Magneto vs. The Magical X-Men - aesc {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Comedy |Brotherhood |Canon Disabled Character}
Technically, Magical X-Men was something Magneto knew he should hate with every fiber of his being not devoted to hating ignorant humans. It was animated for one. For two, it featured an unbelievably optimistic protagonist whose adventures were, in addition to being flagrantly unrealistic, a method of inculcating wrong-headed lessons about how everyone could love each other and protect the earth and make the world a better place. Finally, it exercised an unreasonable attraction that turned every fan of the Magical X-Men into simpering, squealing teenagers. Only Magneto seemed immune.

Making perfect - aesc {PG-13 |Kid!fic |Mutant!AU}
As is the case with most trials in Erik's life, this one starts with Charles gazing beseechingly at him and asking him for a favor. Not that their going-on-three years relationship is a trial, even though it started with Charles giving Erik the full benefit of sad blue eyes and asking him if he wouldn't mind opening his car door since he'd locked his keys inside, but still.

Masquerade - Black_Betty {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Genosha |Secret Identity |Mutant Rights |Pining |Rivals}
Erik, a long time admirer and acquaintance of Charles, goes to a masquerade ball with no expectations of having fun. But when he sees Charles (How could he not recognize Charles, what with those amazing eyes and lips?) standing idly by the punch bowl, he isn't able to resist one night of romantic fantasy. He dances with Charles all night and as the night comes to an end, he leaves without revealing his identity.

MCIS: First Case - Pookaseraph {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Detective!AU}
Erik Lehnsherr considers himself a great MCIS agent, and he puts up with a lot from his boss - Moira MacTaggart - in the name of solving crimes against mutants, but he's not so sure about this new empath, Charles Xavier. Their first case together will test Erik's patience, but doubtless be the beginning of a brilliant friendship.

Men Of Steel - Caradee {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Series |Arch-enemies |Secret Identities |Superheroes}
In which New York’s greatest super hero “X” has been fighting the evil Magneto for years, but Charles and Erik are meeting for the first time.

Mr Blue Sky - fengirl88 {R |Neighbors |Mutant!AU}
Erik slams out of his apartment and thunders down the stairs to pound on the door labelled Pembroke. The sight that greets him when the door opens is not what he expected at all.

My Love's a Revolver - unveiled {R |Assassin!AU |Mutant!AU}
The assassin who never misses and the mercenary who never gives up make natural partners.
Prequel: My Finger's on the Trigger

No Sooner Met - Black_Betty {PG-13 |Kid!fic |Series |WIP |Coffee shop!AU}
Charles is a grad student attempting to get work done in the local Starbucks. Erik is more than distracting....

Not Another Dick Pic Fic - firstlightofeos {R |Mutant!AU |Modern!AU |Romcom |Sexual Tension}
In which there is courtship/wooing, frustration, Raven, and—because no fic is complete without it—an anonymous dick pic on tumblr.

Nothing Hurts Like Your Mouth - kageillusionz {R |PWP |Mutant!AU |Friends with benefits}
They are men who prefer to use a straight razor to shave -- the old way, the traditional way -- and maintain any easy friendship with benefits. That is until feelings get in the way.

Nothing's so bad it's not good for something - ximeria {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Crossover: Avengers}
New York is used to being the target for attacks by giant robots/aliens/supernatural being etc. On one of those days, Erik Lehnsherr finds himself cooped up in a coffee shop, unable to leave (as all citizens are told to stay in door until the threat is dealt with). Unfortunately he's got little to do with his time until the attack is over.

Now You Know You Know It Now - luninosity {PG |Mutant!AU |Teenagers |Middle School!AU}
Erik’s not sure why he keeps glancing at the other boy. Not as if Erik likes other kids, or other people in general, for that matter. But still—he finds himself looking. Again.

Of Baskets and Baked Goods - brilligspoons {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Kid!fic |Teacher!Erik}
in which Charles finds a baby on his front step and gets the guy in the end.

On Hearts and the Finding of Lost Treasures (The Tombs and the Raiding Thereof Remix) - luninosity {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Adaptation: Tomb Raider}
The first time he met Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr was—reluctantly, angrily, and decidedly against his will—impressed. This may’ve had something to do with the fact that Charles had just given him a sunny smile and somersaulted a foot over his head.

On ne joue pas impunément - tomato_greens {PG-13 |Royalty |Based on: Princess Diary |Genosha |Series |Mutant AU}
It feels not like a defeat but a strategy––she’s mazed him in his own motel room with her kitten-heeled pumps and her pencilled-on eyebrows. //Or, the one where Erik is a princess.

One Day, You'll Believe Me - ximeria {Hard R|Modern!AU |Mutant!AU}
When Erik returns to Charles, he has to spend time convincing him of his loyalty.

Out of Place - polaris_86 {PG-13 |Crossover: Avengers |Mutant!AU}
Tony Stark is interested in Charles. Erik is not amused.

Peaceful Co-existence (AKA Erik still thinks it sounds like arranged marriage if you ask him) - ximeria {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Arranged Marriage |Pre-slash |Flirting |Humor}
Emma claims it's not an arranged marriage, but if you ask Erik, her idea sure sounds like it.

Pool Party - Pangea {R |Mutant AU |Pool!sex |Established Relationship |Fluff |Cameo: Deadpool}
Charles creeps along the side of the wall slowly, weapon clutched tightly with both hands, trying not to make a single sound as he keeps his spine pressed tightly back against the brick. He’s practically holding his breath, straining to hear something, anything, because he knows his enemy is close.

Promises to Keep - marourin, ourgirlfriday {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Supernatural |Angst |Creepy}
As a child Charles unknowingly made a pact with an entity in the forest for protection against his abusive step father and brother. Ten years later the entity has returned.

protect and border and salute - ninemoons42 {G |Kid!fic}
There's a new boy in Erik's class, and everyone else is nervous around him. Not Erik.

Reflections in a lens - ximeria {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Mutant Rights |Pre-slash}
Sometimes the unlikely meeting is the one bearing the best fruit. or Charles goes exploring while waiting for Raven to finish a photo shoot for a pro-mutant calendar.
Bea's comment: Can we get a sequel for this please? *_* Although tbh, I would like sequels to every fic written by ximeria.

Reignited - helens78 {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Canon Disabled Character |Car Racing}
After five years' absence, Erik Lehnsherr is back in town. Charles has adjusted to life without him -- a very different life, since the accident that left him with an incomplete spinal injury -- but he couldn't really say he's happy about it. So what's Erik's return going to mean for both of them?

Room and Board - smilebackwards {R |Mutant!AU |Boarding School!AU |Hurt!Charles}
"How long had you been banging your head against the wall before I arrived?" Erik asks curiously after the resident nurse has lain Charles down on a cot and given him two ibuprofen to swallow and an icepack to hold against his head.

Second-grade Army - aesc {PG-13/NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Kid!fic |Teacher}
As is the case with most trials in Erik's life, this one starts with Charles gazing beseechingly at him and asking him for a favor. Not that their going-on-three years relationship is a trial, even though it started with Charles giving Erik the full benefit of sad blue eyes and asking him if he wouldn't mind opening his car door since he'd locked his keys inside, but still.

Secret Agent Man - ximeria {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Agent!Charles |Q!Erik |Spies |Crossover: Skyfall}
Erik Lehnsherr is a much feared Quartermaster at MI6. Apparently someone forgot to tell their newest agent this.

Seminar Series - ximeria {NC-17 |Mutant!AU}
Dirty fantasies should probably be kept to a minimum around telepaths. Then again, Erik might just be in for a bit of luck.

Six Lessons in Living in Sin - Penknife {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Established Relationship}
There are things you never know until you live with someone. Charles Xavier is finding that out.

Small Worlds - manic_intent {R |Mutant!AU |Zombies!}
Say what you like about Erik Lehnsherr, say that he's a madman, a ruthless hunter of grudges best forgotten, but the world's a small place now, growing smaller and quieter all the time in the abandoned wastelands outside of the Quarantine Zones, and in a small and quiet world, sometimes it helps to be cautious.

so we came to february - getting married- pocky_slash {PG |Canon Disabled Character |Detective!Erik |Marriage Proposal |Mutant}
Erik's known this was coming for a long time. He's scared, but that doesn't mean he's not looking forward to it.

Solid Ground - Synekdokee {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Detective!au |Protective!Erik}
“It’s not funny,” Erik snapped. He ran his hand through his hair, letting out a frustrated sigh. “You can’t just… talk people out of shooting you, Charles. You can’t put yourself in danger like that, and you can’t make me watch it.”

Some Assembly Required - manic_intent {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Humor}
For the kmeme: "Alex and Hank were two teenagers who frequently fight in school. One fight got so bad that the principal called in their fathers (as both came from single-parent families)/ guardians for a conference. This was how Charles and Erik meet.

Sometimes Life is What Happens When You're Not Looking - ximeria {PG-13 |Mutant AU |Mutant rights |Politics}
Erik's had a busy week and he's not at all happy about going to the fundraiser (even if it is important and pro-mutant). He's also more than a little worried that Mystique took care of his 'plus one'.

Spy Games - manic_intent {NC-17 |Fusion: Burn Notice |Spy!AU}
Prompt: Burn Notice AU, with Erik Lehnsherr as the spy and Charles as the trigger-happy ex boyfriend. Erik is burned for unknown reasons in Mexico and wakes up in New York City. Somehow, he needs to raise $500,000, in order to find out -why-.

Strictly Business - professor {NC-17 |Genosha |Royalty |Series |Mpreg |Bottom!Erik |Modern AU}
Strictly Business is a series where in a modern powered AU, Erik, the King of Genosha, asks CEO Charles Xavier to father his child in a business arrangement to secure the Genoshan succession. Expect lots of Harlequin tropes, fluff, feels, boys being idiots, and general ridiculousness.

Student/Teacher Relations - PoorMedea {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Kid!fic |Age Difference |Teacher/Student |Mutant rights |Adorable/Fluff}
As a TA, Charles knows he can't get involved in all his students' lives. He needs to keep professional boundaries, to make sure that he's an authority figure. But when he accidentally finds out how complicated Erik Lehnsherr's home life is, he suddenly finds that distance hard to maintain.

Stupidity isn't contagious, is it? - ximeria {R |Humor/Comedy |Genosha |Mutant!AU}
Note to Erik Lehnsherr: Don't piss off the telepath that Emma wants you to recruit for the sake of Genosha's future. He'll get his own back, just wait and see. In which Erik Lehnsherr is his usual asshole self and Charles has a mean streak a mile wide.

Sugar and Spice (and Everything Nice) - subpardigans {R |Bakery!AU |Modern!AU |WIP |Mutant!AU}
Take one Erik and add an entire Charles. Mix on low setting until slowly blended and almost entirely fluff (with a dash of angst, to taste). Add sprinkles of humor (dry). Set to bake in a modern AU, with powers, for approximately six chapters (but, you know, AU temperatures may vary).

Or, in other words, Charles owns a bakery in New York City. Erik has moved to NYC to start anew and they cross paths. Charles pokes his nose where it's eventually wanted.

Thanks, Biology - Unforgotten {R |Alpha/Omega |Mutant!AU |College!AU |Fluff}
Charles may be in heat, but that doesn't mean he's in the mood for any of this imprinting nonsense.

That First Year - melonbutterfly {PG |Kid!fic |Teenagers |Pining}
Wherein Charles and Erik are teenagers and mutants and in love.

The Art of Escapism - ximeria {PG-13 |AU |Humans VS Mutants | Kidnapped by the government |Dream Sharing}
Erik Lehnsherr, better known as Magneto, master of magnetism, leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, wakes up in a strange house with an even stranger man.

The Assassin Nanny - ximeria {PG |Mutant!AU |Canon Disabled Character |Bodyguard!Erik |Humor |UST}
How (not to) endear yourself to your future employer by being a pain in the arse - (an ongoing chronicle by Erik Magnus Lehnsherr)

The Bell's Toll - MonstrousRegiment {NC-17 |Based on: Nikita |Dark!Charles |Hurt!Charles |Hurt!Erik |BAMF!Charles |Mutant!AU |Spy!AU}
A sort of fusion between Nikita, with a healthy (or not) dose of my own imagination. Charles Xavier goes to prison, and is recruited by a spy/assassin division of the government. Dismal a beginning as this might look, it unbelievably goes downhill. Erik, the necessary stoic ex-military man, gets sidled with him. Not a single person is amused.
Bea's comment: Charles is twisted in this, and his relationship with Erik is also twisted but I love this sfm.

The Beat that My Heart Skips - Black_Betty {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Pining |Jealous!Erik |Clubbing |Dancing}
Raven drags Erik out to the club, ostensibly for some work-related "team building." She also invites her stodgy academic brother along. Erik anticipates awkward dance moves and a night of second hand embarrassment. What he gets is something else entirely...

The Broken Owl and the Clockwork Boy - spicedpiano {PG |Mutant!AU |WIP |Kid!fic}
Erik doesn't make toys so much as he puts them up for adoption.

(The story of two boys, a train station, and a clockwork owl.)

The First of Many - chiasmus {R |Modern!AU |Mutant!AU |Mutant rights |Holiday!fic}
Charles speaks of past Christmases with great enthusiasm, traditions he and Raven developed together in their largely insular childhood. He’s so undeniably excited that even if Erik won’t become an active participant in propagating Christmas cheer, he’s still glad to spend time with his ridiculous boyfriend.

the fisher king's son - spikeface {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Canon!AU |Mermaid!Charles |Angst |Unhappy Ending}
charles is a merman. au, references to trauma.

The Geometry of Chance - manic_intent {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Incubus!Charles |Needy!Erik}
Written for the kmeme prompt: Charles is an incubus who feeds off sexual energy. However, such feeding can lead to the death of his bed partner, so Charles is always careful not to go too far and picks people he is only moderately attracted to. Then comes Erik who drives Charles absolutely wild. Charles is afraid of losing control and starts starving himself of energy which leads to him being sweaty and squirmy with constantly blown pupils, red-bitten lips, wandering eyes and lingering hands. Erik in turn goes crazy and eventually catches Charles in an alley with some random guy.

The Good Guys - TurtleTotem {PG-13 |Assassins!AU}
Charles is an assassin for the CIA; Erik works, shall we say, freelance. The only thing they have in common is their target, Sebastian Shaw.

The Greendale Dazzlers - winterhill {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |UST |Humor |College!AU |Based on: Community}
If Erik really does kill the Dean on the Library steps, they’re probably going to have to disband the study group. Fusion with Community, for the prompt “Community AU, where they're all members of a mutant study group and hilarity ensues.”
Bea's comment: Crossover with Community. Funny!

The Island of Doctor Xavier - Quarender {PG-13 |Genosha!AU |Mutant!AU |Royalty |Jealous!Erik}
When Charles awakes after the shipwreck, he realizes two things: 1) this is most certainly not Madagascar, and 2) the king of Genosha is incredibly attractive.

The Jade Coin - ximeria {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |UST |Pining |Crossover: Avengers |Action/Adventure |Based on: Indiana Jones/Romancing the Stone}
A jade coin sets off a certain string of events and Erik and Charles end up chasing the legend of legends.

The Kids Are Alright - Taurenova (JenNova) {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Parent!Erik |WIP}
In the end it will be Charles Xavier who convinces Erik to trust again. (Single Parent AU that is "not as AU as you think")

The one where Charles is an alien - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel {PG |Mutant!AU |Alien!Charles |Cute}
Erik breaks into a secret research facility, believing that it is holding mutants. He finds an attractive blue-eyed alien instead.

The Holiday Lights Battle - so_shhy {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Humor}
Some people take their Christmas lights a little too seriously. Erik is one of those people.

So is his new neighbour, Sebastian Shaw.

The Punk and the Prepster - velvetcadence {PG-13 |High School |Mutant!AU |Established Relationship}
Erik and Charles switch clothes for the day. AKA, the Charles Goes UNF at Suspenders Fic

The Twelfth Day of Christmas - keire_ke {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Crossover: Iron Man |Hurt/Comfort |Canon Disabled Character |Pining |Hurt!Charles |Hurt!Erik}
Secret Santa is supposed to be easy. You are assigned the name of a person of whose existence you are aware, you buy them a gift that at least implies you know the person isn't a seven-headed dragon and you move on with your own gift of the same calibre. What to do, however, when the person for whom you are supposed to be shopping happens to be the man you have a thoroughly unmanly crush on?

Of course, because you are Erik Lehnsherr, it spirals downhill from there.

The Waste Land - nekosmuse {R |Mutant!AU |Royalty |Military}
The White Queen and her Shadow King sit on their throne, safe behind the psionic shields of the Walled City. The armies of Genosha batter uselessly at the gates, a war locked in stalemate. Magneto, camped in the frozen mud, receives word the Citadel intends to send a telepath to the front lines. The same telepath he met two years ago, who sat across a carved wooden chess set and offered Magneto the first friendly smile in a lifetime. The same telepath who still haunts his dreams.

This clumsy living - waxedpaperdoor (appleseed) {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Mutant Rights |Bookstore!AU |Detective!Erik |Protective!Raven}
Charles muses on the nature of mutation and his newly-established relationship with Erik.

Or; the one where Charles owns a bookshop and Erik is a detective.

this is life (and everything's all right) - pocky_slash {PG |Mutant!AU |Mutant Rights |Kid!fic}
Edie Lehnsherr came into Charles' life long before he ever heard Erik Lehnsherr's name, and her death left a gaping hole in the lives of everyone in Charles' family. As the first Purim without her approaches, he begins to get creative in his efforts to bring everyone out of their grief. Kitchen creativity, however, is not quite his strength...

This Is Not Comedy - baehj2915 {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Actor!Charles |Comedian!Erik |Cheating (Erik is married to Magda) |Happy Ending |Angst}
Written for amarriageoftrueminds' prompt for a Cherik version of Louis CK's tangent about the fuckability of Ewan McGregor. Naturally the similarities end there. I made this about Erik's full on public lust -filled gay revelation, and the chaos that spirals from there.

To Have and To Hold - ikeracity {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Wedding |Stranger!sex |Bottom!Erik}
The wedding hasn't even started and Charles is already bored. When he excuses himself to go to the bathroom, he doesn't expect to find a gorgeous, stern-faced man having a quiet freak out at his reflection. He doesn't expect said gorgeous, stern-faced man to turn around and start climbing him like a tree. And he certainly doesn't expect to discover only after they've got their clothes back on that the man he just had glorious sex with is the groom.

Tombs and the Raiding Thereof - professor {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |bottom!Erik |Rivals |Based on: Tomb Raider}
Charles turns the tables on his rival Erik. With sex.

Trakehner - Aelimir {R |Mutant!AU |Animal Transformation}
Erik is living a lonely and aimless life, unaware of his powers. One day, he gets turned into a Trakehner horse by a mutant with transfiguration skills. He is sold to the Markos, which is when he meets Charles.

Trust - ximeria {NC-17 |PWP |Mutant!AU}
One thing is knowing your gender preferences, it's another to actually act on it. And while research is always a good idea, Erik learns the hard way that there is such a thing as too much lube. It's a good thing Charles has all the patience in the world.

turn me criminal - Nilladriel {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Unhappy Childhood}
Charles isn't honest, and Erik is a bad influence.

Under The Suit (We Have To Work Together) - helens78 {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Crossover: Avengers |Superheroes}
In which Charles and Erik's X-Men team up with the Avengers, but Erik's distracted by the guy in the metal suit.

Pangea - untitled {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Kid!fic |Sick!Charles}
If it's not too much trouble, I'd love an au where Erik is playing baseball with a few friends around the neighborhood when he hits a home run and the ball crashes through someone’s window, so he goes to apologize and meets a paralyzed or terminally ill Charles confined to his bed. And cue the friendship that turns into more than just a friendship while Erik helps Charles with things he can’t do because of said disability/sickness

Watch Your Back - swoopswoop {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Politics |Mutant Rights |Bodyguard!Erik |Modern!AU}
Bodyguard AU where Erik is overly protective and things aren't as simple as they seem.

we were the only ones there - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Summer Camp}
Modern, still-powered AU: As if Erik's summer wasn't bad enough as it was, one misstep on a trail has found him trapped in a cave, fending off a panic-attack, with only one of the brats from the camp across the lake for company.

Wear Sunlight - etirabys {NC-17 |Friends with Benefits |Bottom!Erik |D/s |Writer!Erik |Mutant Rights}
D/s. Top!sub!Erik. Charles is a mutant activist in a world where defining mutation is no longer simple. Erik is a struggling writer who gave up on the movement years ago.

Charles lets Erik live in his summer villa in the south of France for free, under certain conditions.

(There is porn and talking.)

we'll be the sum - afrocurl, ninemoons42 {PG |Kid!fic |Puppy Love |Fluff}
In between bouts of blanket burrito-ing and vegging out on movies, Charles and Erik figure out how they currently feel about each other.

Of course, they're schoolboys and they're on a sleepover and also Edie dotes on them both excessively, so things work out just fine.

When something good falls into your lap... - ximeria {PG-13 |Mutant!AU}
Post date dinner chances are taken.

Whenever I'm Alone With You - velvetcadence {NC-17 |PWP |Blowjob |Marriage Proposal}
For the prompt from the kinkmeme: "I'd really just like Charles sitting at Erik's feet, with some hair stroking going on. If it then turns into a passionate blow job, moresothebetter."

Or, how to take care of your boyfriend when he's down in the dumps and get a blow job in the meantime.

Where The Heart Is - professor {PG |Sick!Charles |Hurt/Comfort |Holiday!fic}
It's Christmas, and Charles is sick, and alone. Until he's not.

Where the Stars Go Blue - jessa_anna {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |High School fic |Pining!Erik |RomCom}
Mutant Highschool where Erik has kind of the biggest crush on the British student who is sitting every Tuesday in the school library.

But there is also this big blue beast always besides Charles and Erik think Hank is Charles boyfriend. Misunderstanding are happening and Erik kinda gets an inferior complex because damn, why does his mutation doesn't look cool at all. He wish he would at least have a manly tail like Azazel. No, Raven, no, she doesn't get this feeling because she's blue and blue is apparently Charles' favourite colour. Blue is great. Blue is superior. And all grumpy!Erik can do is wearing blue turtlenecks.

What he doesn't know is that Charles thinks his mutation is reaally groovy.

Will you walk into my parlour? (said the Spider to the Fly) - ximeria {PG-13|Mutant!AU}
Erik is good at what he does, which is breaking and entering and not asking any questions about his jobs.

So he figures the night's job will be like any other. Rich person's place, safe that will be ridiculously easy to crack. In and out in no time.

With Abandon - sunryder {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Assassin!Erik |Genosha}
The best part about Charles' favorite bakery isn't the location, and it isn't the lovely smell, or even the Earl Grey cupcakes. It's the Baker.

Erik Lehnsherr is a beautiful specimen of a man, particularly when his fussing over Charles takes the form of pastry.

Such a pity Charles doesn't know Erik is an assassin.

Word Forward - afrocurl {NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Based on: West Wing/Newsroom |Mutant Rights |Journalist!Charles |Politics}
Impassioned Mutant Rights Advocate Erik Lehnsherr will not stand to watch William Stryker Jr ruin the United States as President. Little does Erik know that as he runs for President, he'll meet a newspaper reporter who will change his focus and desire.

Work It - firstlightofeos {R |Mutant!AU |Canon Disabled Character |College!AU}
From Texts From Last Night: Last thing I remember was you straddling a guy in a wheelchair on the dance floor.

X!Men: First Day - abbichicken {PG |Mutant!AU |Fashion/Models |Based on: The Devil Wears Prada |OOC}
An XM:FC AU, set slightly in the world of The Devil Wears Prada. Hopeful Charles Xavier leaves his job in London advertising to assist the eminent Emma Frost at X! - the most fashionable publication going. It's his first day, and he's so many people to meet, so many things to do. What could possibly go wrong?

Xavier’s Home For Imaginary Friends - ebonytavern, not_who_we_are {PG-13 |Mutant!AU |Mental Hospital |Mental Illness |ANGST |Unhappy Ending}
When Charles is paralyzed in a tragic accident, he’s tempted to believe his life is over. But with the support of his sister Raven, he finds the courage to build a new life and pursue unrealized dreams.

A second chance at life is something Charles is unwilling to waste. Xavier’s Home For Mutant Friends, a place for orphaned mutants to hone their powers, becomes his life and passion. He suddenly finds himself at the center of a growing family that is not without its struggles.

When Erik joins the staff of Xavier’s Home, Charles finds a friend, a confidant, and someone who is able to stir his passions once more.

But even as Charles works towards recovery, and his new life seems filled with possibility, things may not be as picture-perfect as they seem.

(The story changes depending on who's telling it.)

You Know My Name - dvs {R |Mutant!AU |Spy!AU}
Erik and Charles are spies with something in common.

you’re in my sky - ninemoons42 {PG |Kid!fic |Mutant!AU |Puppy Love}
Charles and Erik are in their early teens.