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XMFC: Erik/Charles Canon!verse Recs

Last Updated: 11/15/2014

Canon-verse recs. Post-XMFC is in another post. These are all canon!verse recs falling under these categories: Coast Guard Boat/Miami/Division X, Recruiting, Mansion!fic

New Recs (2/15/2016)

The Itchy and Scratchy Show - sabinelagrande (NC-17 |Sex-Pollen |Mansion!fic)
Hank's been doing unnatural things to plants, and Erik just might kill him for it.

Show Us Yours - Lenore (NC-17 |Sex-pollen |Bottom!Erik |Recruiting)
Charles and Erik go to Detroit to track down a mutant. This mutant has sex powers.

Know you've been wrong, but it won't be long - Strange_radio (PG-13 |Locked |Mansion!fic |Chess)
For the first time in his life, Charles Xavier finds himself in circumstances in which his studiously trained tolerance for alcohol is a hindrance in a game of strategy.

Hide and Seek - ClearlyOdd (PG |Pre-slash |Fluff |Mansion!fic |Training}
Erik can't find anyone, no one else can find Charles, and telepaths have an unfair advantage at hide and seek.

A Place to Rest - ClearlyOdd (PG |Pre-Slash |Protective!Erik |Recruiting}
“Don’t fall asleep.” Erik warned Charles.

“’m not going to fall asleep.” Charles replied in a way that could only be labeled as petulant. “I am simply… relaxing.”

Pale Blue Eyes - sutoribenda (PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Fluff |Dancing)
Charles doesn't want anyone to make a big deal out of his birthday, but Raven insists and everyone in the mansion seems to be enjoying themselves with the celebrations. And if Erik is acting a little warmer than usual, well, Charles isn't complaining.

Falling Is Like This - madneto (NC-17 |Canon!AU: No Divorce |Bond |Hurt/Comfort |Mansion!fic |Nightmares |Telepathy)
What might have happened if Erik and Charles had actually acted on their feelings for one another.

Balance - scalphunter (PG |Cerebro |Mansion!fic |Pining |UST)
Charles leans into Erik's touch. He's tired; it's been a long day and he's sleepy.

Training Sessions - fanfoolishness (LoonyLupin) (R |Mansion!fic |First time |Pining |Telepathy |Training |Mindfuck |Bottom!Erik)
Charles finds training Erik -- and dealing with the other man's growing feelings -- to be a worthy challenge.

Nevermore - amarriageoftrueminds (PG |Jealous!Raven |Mansion!fic |Voyeurism |Missing Scene |Sexual Tension)
[Missing scene] This is what should have happened after Raven and Charles' contretemps in the kitchen.

Freezing - amarriageoftrueminds (PG |GEN |Recruiting |Telepathy |Trust Issues)
imagine Charles and Erik recruiting a new mutant and them being all like, 'woah you're a telepath!? cool man! well feel free to rummage around in my head, I won't stop ya - gotta be true to your mutant self, right??'

And Charles being really touched by this and going 'really? gosh… you know, you're the only person who’s ever said that to me!’

-and Erik and Raven just freeze.

Up Here, My Dear - Jessi0129 (PG |Mansion!fic |Charles' Unhappy Childhood)
This house for him holds cloudy memories, but maybe one day looking back on his life, the memory of this night on top of it's roof under the sky, won't be so starless.

detours - whenwherewhat (Unforgotten) (NC-17 |Recruiting |Car!sex |PWP)
It's raining, it's pouring, and Charles and Erik might just be a tiny bit lost, so they pull off the road to wait for the rain to die down. While they're there, they may as well entertain themselves somehow...

Are You Really Listening - helens78 (NC-17 |PWP |Telepathy |Recruiting |Pining)
Charles did promise not to read Erik's mind, but it's awfully hard when Erik's thinking so many very loud, lewd thoughts at him.

could i have been blinder? (the friendship is thicker than blood remix) - pocky_slash (PG |Recruiting |GEN |Pining |UST)
More than anything, Charles just wants Erik to be his friend.

bedlam of sleep - glorious_spoon (R |Recruiting |Charles' Unhappy Childhood |Hurt!Charles |Hurt/Comfort |Nightmares)
Erik is used to nightmares, but this one is not his.


5 Times Someone Realized Charles Had Tickets To The Gun Show - SharpestScalpel {R |Division X |BAMF!Charles |Physical Training |Mansion!fic |Fluff}
Charles gets physical - five times other people appreciate Charles for his body rather than his mind.

A Hundred Visions and Revisions - kaydeefalls {R |Division X |Crossover: Doctor Who |First Time |Telepathy |Angry Kissing |Sexual Tension |Recruiting| Cerebro}
In which the CIA and FBI indulge in some inter-agency snooping, Erik hates Cerebro, a new mutant is found, and Charles is very distracting.

A Measure of Peace - arcapelago (arcanewinter) {NC-17 |Recruiting |Nightmares |Denial!Charles}
Prompt: Erik's nightmares are formidable, and Charles' proximity is the only apparent cure. Bonus for sleepy encounters.
Sequel: It Goes Unsaid {NC-17 |Recruiting - Mansion!fic |Nightmares |Denial!Charles}
A past night in Chicago fragments Charles' and Erik's relationship into two lives Charles can't reconcile: one he cannot face and another he won't turn from.
Sequel: The Absence in His Wake {NC-17 |Airplane!sex |DOFP |Angst}
When Charles and Erik first met, Erik's frequent nightmares could only be calmed by Charles' closeness, and it led to a habitual intimacy Charles couldn't acknowledge until the end. Ten years later, reunited on the plane to Paris, Charles feels ashamed for his inaction--and shame only reminds him of what used to come with it.

A Particular Nuance - pearl_o {NC-17 |Fluff |PWP |Mansion!fic}
It takes Charles a long time to figure out why the sex is so good.

Aches and Pains by i-know-its-0ver {PG-13 |Setting: Mansion |Hurt/Comfort |Headache |Hurt!Charles |Pre-Slash |Telepathy/Cerebro}
Summary: Constantly using his powers gives Charles a debilitating headache.

Achtung, Baby - Persephone {NC-17 |Recruiting |Pining |Sexual Tension |Drunk!Charles |Bar |Virgin!Charles |Telepathy}
Charles and Erik on the hunt for mutants. It seems the perfect time to test boundaries.

Acquired Tastes - Argyle {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Domestic!fic |Fluff |Cooking}
The way to a man's heart isn't only through his stomach, and other discoveries.

Admiring the View (Open Mouth Remix) - pearl_o (R |Miami |Recruiting |Mansion!fic |Romance |Fluff |Bottom!Erik)
Charles doesn't love Erik for his appearance; it's just a very nice bonus.

Ain't Born Typical (We Are a Fever) - cymbalism {NC-17 |Recruiting |Division X |Mansion!fic |PWP |Telepathic Sex |First Time |Training}
Five times Charles uses his mutant power to make Erik come and one time Erik turns the tables.

All The Fears You Left Behind by londondrowning {R |Mansion!fic |Gun Scene |Training}
Summary: "Erik has had one goal. He’s spent his life in relentless pursuit of it and has given almost no thought to what would come after he achieves it."

and this gives life to thee. - isabeau {PG-13 |Drabble |Mansion!fic |Fluff/Romance}
Poetry, Charles Xavier style.

Any Day Now - entanglednow {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |First Time |Angry Sex |PWP |Crossdressing |Telepathy |Wall!sex}
Raven's smiling so hard her face has to hurt, and he can feel the wash of her amusement. It's mildly humiliating.

Apple Seeds - pprfaith {R |Angst |Introspective |Miami |Mansion!fic |Cuba |Hurt!Charles |Gun Scene |Suicidal Thoughts |Trust Issues}
Charles, Erik, apple seeds and Shakespearean love affairs.

As Good as Anywhere - arcapelago (arcanewinter) {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Table!sex |PWP}
Charles can't sleep, and finds Erik already in the kitchen. There's a table.

At the Edge of Dawn - Anonymous {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Playing Chess |Sexual Tension |Neck!kink |Bottom!Erik (First time) |Biting!kink |Library!sex)
Charles can be very persuasive.

Awakenings - fanfoolishness (LoonyLupin) {NC-17 |Recruiting |Pining!Erik |First time |Training (Erik) |Sexual Tension |Drunk |Ethics/Telepathy |Mind meld |Oral Sex}
Erik and Charles discover new insights into each other's abilities, even as Erik tries to hide his attraction to Charles. Charles doesn't make it easy for him.

Baby, It's Just a State of Mind - confusedkayt {NC-17 |Recruiting |Sexual Tension |Flirting |Telepathy Problems |Hurt/Comfort |Drugged!Charles}
There's an awful lot going on in these United States in the swinging sixties, even apart from the wide world of mutations Charles is itching to explore. Add in a fascinating travel companion with the grooviest of mutations and it's a road trip to remember.

Bacchanalia - appleseed {NC-17 |PWP |First time |Mansion!fic |Sex Dreams |Fluff/Romance}
When dreams become reality.

before that, and colder - pearl_o {R |Mansion!fic |Charles' Unhappy Childhood |Fluff/Romance}
The first night in the mansion, Erik and Charles go to bed in Charles's childhood room.

Between Rage and Serenity by oceansex {NC-17 |Playing chess |Missing Scene} AO3 Link
Summary: “I saw me, worming my way into a place you don’t think I belong.”

Between Rage and Serenity by papercutperfect {NC-17 |Physical Training |Mansion!fic |BAMF!Charles |Sexual Tension |PWP}
Prompt: The gang gets the idea that it would be good to get some training in hand-to-hand combat without the use of their powers, and since Erik has spent a good portion of his life kicking ass he's the obvious choice for their teacher. Charles, naturally, needs some one-on-one training that involves lots of sweaty body contact and ends in a battle for dominance between Erik and Charles.

Build a Bridge and Get Over It - Jaylee {R |Mansion!fic |Post-XMFC |Protective!Erik |Government vs Mutants |Time Skip |Erik comes back}
"In truth, Erik found their increasingly frequent debates…. invigorating."

By Any Other Name (Multilingual Loving) - celli_inkblots {NC-17 |Miami |Division X |Mansion |Angst |Recruiting |Time Skip |Language Kink}
Erik speaks endearments to Charles in every language he knows, but it's not enough to keep them together.

Care and Feeding - SpiritsFlame {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Sick!Erik |Hurt/Comfort |Fluff |Protective!Charles |Adorable}
Ever since his time with Shaw, Erik has been afraid of getting sick. Charles shows him there is nothing to worry about.

Celestial Navigation - kaydeefalls {PG-13 |Recruiting |Pining!Charles |Telepathy |Sexual Tension}
Not everything has to be life or death. Sometimes it snows in September, just because a little girl wills it so.

Cerebro - illogicallyinlove {PG-13 |Division X |Cerebro |Hurt!Charles |Protective!Erik |Fluff}
Charles spends just a little too long in Cerebro, and overextends himself. Luckily, Erik is there to take care of him.

Charles & Raven's Drunk Kitchen - Cesare {PG-13 |Division X |Crack/Humor |Drunk Siblings |Baking |Pining}
At the CIA compound, Charles and Raven get into the kitchen, and the gin, and then eventually some pants, perhaps even some other than their own.

Circles on the Grass - pearl_o {PG-13 |Recruiting |Kid!fic |Erik is good with kids |Fluff}
While on their mutant recruitment trip, Erik and Charles find an abandoned baby.

Climate Control - LolaFeist {NC-17 |PWP |Recruiting |Telepathy}
Charles needs a little help winding down after they discover Angel.

Clothes Maketh The Man - Beckymonster {PG-13 |Jealous!Charles |Jealous!Erik |Recruiting |Smell kink |Time Skip |Canon!AU: No Divorce |Fluff |Playing Chess}
Late night chess, laundry and falling in love.

Construct - entanglednow {NC-17 |Recruiting |Missing Scene |Dream Sex |Cross-dressing |Pining!Charles |PWP |Bottom!Erik}
There were downsides to being one of the strongest telepaths in the world.

Cotton Walls - toestastegood {NC-17 |Recruiting |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Charles |Telepathy |Loss of control)
In large crowds, Charles finds it difficult to control his telepathy. While they're on their recruitment road trip, Erik tries to help.

Date Night - smilebackwards {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Fluff |First Date}
Erik thinks he would be more touched at the children's obvious investment in his and Charles' relationship if it didn't imply such a lack of confidence in his abilities.

Dearheart - elistaire {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Post-XMFC |Supernatural |Hurt!Charles |Time Skips |Happy Ending |Kidnapped!Charles |Charles' Unhappy Childhood}
The Xavier Mansion holds a secret. Twice already the bogeyman has tried to take away the occupants, but the door against it is barred from the least until it is opened again, much much later.

Diamagnetism - cherryfeather {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Training |Worried!Charles |Fluff |Humor}
Erik discovers a new power during a training accident. Charles is really only mildly hysterical, honestly.

Erik's Hands, Battered and Bloody - Yahtzee (PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Erik |Worried!Charles |Training)
So before dawn, Erik gets up. In his T-shirt and sweats, he goes to work out -- not in the Danger Room, but in the regular gym, where a full-body punching bag hangs from a chain.

Every Angle - helens78 {NC-17 |Division X| Fluff |Recruiting |Pining!Charles |Oblivious!Erik |Telepathy |Sexual Tension}
Charles is certain there's something between him and Erik, but Erik's not so easily caught.

Fear Death by Water - sutlers {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Sex Pollen |PWP}
Things don't really start to go to hell until the next morning.

Five Lessons Charles Taught (and One He Learned) - kaydeefalls {PG-13 |GEN |Division X |Cerebro |Training |Mansion!fic |Domestic!fic}
Charles was in Teacher!Mode.

Five Times Erik and Charles Were 'Interrupted' - blkkskknhed {R |Recruiting |Humor |Fluff}
Exactly what it says on the tin.

For A Rainy Day - toestastegood {R |Mansion!fic |Naked!Erik |Drabble}
From the window, Charles watches as Erik walks in the rain. Naked.

For that which is not in me - baehj2915 {NC-17 |Recruiting |Telepathy |Angst |(Virgin!Charles) First time |Training}
Charles and Erik are exploring the limits of their abilities and the limits of what they're willing to do for each other. No problems solved.

Four Times Erik Tried To Make Charles Lose Control, and One Time He Had a Small Measure of Qualified Success - belmanoir {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Training |Post-XMFC |Angst |Fix-it |Telepathy |Seduction |Sexual Tension |Time Skip}
Read the title.

From the waters and the wild - linaerys {R |Miami |First time |PWP |Telepathy}
After the rescue, Charles and Erik have a moment alone.

Generosity of Spirit - pearl_o {PG-13 |Sexual Tension |Recruiting |Oral Sex |Humor}
Charles has a proposition for Erik. Erik takes more time to consider it than he really needs to.

given back, but not to keep by Etharei {NC-17 |Telepathy |Training}
It starts one morning when, walking down a hallway during a lull between lessons, Erik comments casually to Charles, "Don't forget to train yourself too."

Gods Among Men - Brenda {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Sexual Tension |Archery}
One day, the world will tremble and kneel before us. One day, you won't need to hide who you truly are.

Golden - JPlash {R |Charles' Unhappy Childhood |Mansion!fic}
Erik had known Charles almost five days when they set out across the country together. They’d been on the road a week when Charles asked if he was attracted to men, already knowing the answer. It had been a week and a half on the road, ten days, when they’d started playing chess, an ugly plastic set Charles had bought in a store in a one store town.

It was more days than Erik was still counting when his senses stumbled over a glowing metal anomaly out near the walls of the Westchester estate; more days than it should have taken to realise that he was not the only one with long-buried secrets.

Good Intentions - entanglednow {R |Mansion!fic |PWP |Leather!kink}
The suits are...not what Charles is expecting.

Handle With Care - melo {PG |Hurt!Erik |Mansion!fic |Charles' Unhappy Childhood |Hurt/Comfort}
Erik is used to pain. What he's not used to is someone caring about it.

Hearth - finangler {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Astral Projection |Sick!Charles |Hypothermia |Angst |Charles x Raven |Training |Asshole!Erik}
They may not always have each other, but they'll always have this. (Written for prompt: Charles has been out in the cold all day. Erik warms him up with soup, cocoa, a bath, and...other creative ways.)

Heatstroke - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Recruiting |Pining |Sexual Tension}
It's over a hundred degrees and the air conditioner in their motel room is broken. Charles tests out the motel pool. Erik tests out his self-control.

How Deep the Bullet Lies - littledust {Recruiting |Mansion!fic |Post-XMFC |PG-13 |Angst |Time Skip}
"This is drowning, their first meeting all over again, the natural conclusion of the moment Charles felt Erik in the water, fevered with anguish and history." Charles, from the beginning to the end.

How Much I've Been Touching You - sinuous_curve {NC-17 |Recruiting |Established Relationship |Oral Sex |Smell kink}
The problem with America, as Erik sees it, is that it’s such a damned big country that being told there’s a place to stay, “in the next town over,” can mean a journey of anywhere from ten minutes to two hours. And since he and Charles are forever forgetting to ask for clarification along with directions, it becomes a game of Interstate Highway Roulette as to how long they’ll be on the road before the next small town rises up out of the flat Midwestern nothing.

i can't leave him - sasha_b {PG-13 |Missing Scene |Telepathy (Loss of control) |Hurt!Charles}
The plane ride back from Russia.

i don't want to wake up on my own anymore - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Miami |Recruiting |Cerebro |Telepathy |Fluff}
Erik thinks it's disturbing how easily Charles lets his guard down. (Or, four times Charles fell asleep on Erik and one time Erik fell asleep on Charles.)

If This Isn't A Kingdom - jeeps {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Dancing}
The ballroom is located in the east wing of the house.

Ignore the Implications by lolafesit {R |Hurt/Comfort |Division X |Hurt!Charles |Cerebro}
Summary: Cerebro gives Charles a headache. Raven gives Charles some painkillers. Charles gives Erik a boner.

In Plain Sight - arcapelago {NC-17 |Miami |Mansion!fic |Fluff |Happy Ending |Invisible!sex :D |Humor}
A story where Charles and Erik have basically been together from the first time they met. The others don't know and try to bring the two 'oblivious' guys together.

In The Sky Tonight by luninosity {NC-17 |Sex Pollen |Happy Ending |Recruiting |Protective!Erik |Adorable!Charles}
Recruitment road-trips, mutants with interesting abilities, sex with complicated emotions, protective Erik, boys figuring out that they’re in love.

Inevitable Things - madcap_allie  {NC-17 |Missing Scenes |Division X |First meeting |Recruiting |Hurt!Charles |Hurt!Erik |Hurt/Comfort |Sexual Tension |Sparring |Telepathy |Cerebro |Playing Chess}
Missing scenes hurt/comfort. In between the nightmares, allusions to self-harm, rough-housing that goes too far, experiments that go awry, and (what we would now recognize as) risky sexual behavior, Charles has to get a handle on his issues before the inevitable happens.

Innervation - fourfreedoms (dark_reaction) {R |Mansion!fic |Dancing |Sexual Tension}
Inspired by that scene in Atonement where Robbie is writing the letter to Cecelia and he stretches his leg out and perfectly wraps his hand around his foot. Suddenly, all I could think of was Charles as a dancer. And apparently Erik as an amateur masseur?

Iolaus - fengirl88 {R |Mansion!fic |Character study |Virgin!Charles |Chess}
He calls Erik my friend and the words resonate with a meaning only Charles can hear. There's a dangerous pleasure in it, that hidden meaning he longs to be able to share with Erik. Maybe one day, or one night, he'll find a way to tell him. But time is running out and he hasn't done it yet.

Lifelong Service - Pookaseraph {PG-13 |GEN |Bamf!Charles |Physical Training}
Erik thinks he should be the one to teach their recruits hand-to-hand combat; Charles makes a persuasive argument to the contrary.

Limitations by Rainsaber {PG-13 |Setting: Mansion |Telepathy |Training |Hurt/Comfort |Cerebro |Hurt!Charles |Time Skip |Missing Scene |Cerebro |Division X}
Summary: Five flaws in the character of Charles Xavier, brought to light by his dearest friend, almost lover, and greatest enemy. First Class era. Charles/Erik pairing.
Bea's comment: i LOVED THIS ONE.

living, we cover vast territories - minarchy {NC-17| Recruiting |PWP |Headache |Car!sex}
He slid his hands around Erik's waist, fingers catching loosely on the cotton as Erik pushed his thumbs into Charles' temples and circled, slowly.

Master Bedroom by richiexcore {PG-13 |Domestic!fic |Setting: mansion |Fluff}
Prompt: For Charles, moving into the master bedroom is symbolic. You can only leave your childhood bedroom when you've settled down. The same day Erik complains about his feet hanging off Charles' kiddie bed, they move into his parent's old bedroom.

Miscommunication and Character Assassination - pocky_slash {NC-17 |Miss-understandings |Jealous!Erik |Recruiting |Charles/OMC |Avoidance}
In which Charles and Erik are angry about the same thing for different reasons, Charles drinks too much wine, and Erik uses insults as a form of affection.

Mutant-to-Mutant Contact - Tawabids {PG-13 |Recruiting |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Charles |Worried!Erik |Trope: Hypothermia}
During their search for a powerful psychic mutant, Erik finds himself trapped in cabin in the middle of snowy nowhere, trying to keep the cold from killing Charles.

never too late to be who you might have been - acetamide {R |Time Travel |Fix-it |X-2 related |Awesome |BAMF!Charles}
Erik wakes suddenly and takes a deep breath, and realises that there is nothing.

New Way Home by luninosity {PG-13 |Fluff |Holidays |Protective!Erik |Baking |Hurt/Comfort |Charles' Unhappy Childhood |Mansion!fic |Domestic!fic}
Christmas at the mansion (written November 2011). All the festive holiday fluffiness in the world; protective Erik; tiny bit of emotional h/c near the end; realizations of love.

Nothing I've Ever Known by thegarrison {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |First-time |PWP}
Summary: Inevitable | in-ev-i-ta-ble | adj. | certain to happen

OCA2 (or You're Groovy, Let's Screw) by nevoreiel {NC-17 |Setting: Mansion |Flirting!Charles |Pickup lines}
Summary: Charles thinks he's suave. He's not. Erik wants him anyway.

Ouroboros - Argyle {R |Mansion!fic |Power Dynamics}
Erik has come upon -- and conquered -- more than a few unstoppable forces in his life. What could love possibly have on any of the rest?

Oxford Style - Amuly (NC-17 |PWP |Recruiting |Hotel!sex)
Intercrural sex.

Pace is the Trick - significantowl {NC-17 |Recruiting |Closet!sex |PWP}
Charles and Erik are stuck in a small enclosed space together, (air duct? broom closet? locker? etc.) "Bad guys" have just entered their general vicinity and Erik clamps a hand down over Charles' mouth. It's not safe to move/let alone breathe, (the "bad guys" are just settling in), and with Charles' back pressed tight against his front, Erik's body can't help but react.

First time. Painfully slow, desperate, lots of neck biting, telepathy, and Erik's hand never leaves Charles' mouth.

Placing Bets - i_know_its_0ver {PG-13 |Romance/Comedy |Mansion!fic |Pining |Fluff |Domestic!fic}
Raven knows her brother pretty well, and she´s sure that by the time he and Erik finally kiss he´ll lose a bit of control over his powers and project the scene to the whole mansion. Since they´ll know precisely when it will happen, the kids decide to make bets on how long it´ll take them. Cue them all trying to create or interrupt romantic moments between the two, each trying to make them kiss on the time the person bet on.

Powers Gone Awry - Yahtzee (NC-17 |Mansion!fic |PWP |Bottom!Erik |Loss of control)
Prompt: "While having sex, Erik gets carried away and ends up breaking, levitating and bending every metal item in the room/mansion."

Quick Study - mistyzeo {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Telepathy |Invisible!sex |PWP}
Midnight, and Charles can't sleep. Erik isn't waiting for him, exactly, but he's in the study all the same, drinking Charles's brandy and messing with Charles's ordered mind. Also he seems determined to test the limits of Charles's powers, especially when Raven is wandering the halls as well.

Resistance is Futile - gryvon {NC-17 |Recruiting |Pining!Erik |Humor |Missing Scene}
Erik wars with his growing attraction for Charles while road-tripping across the country with the oblivious telepath.
Bea's comment: Poor Erik, he thinks he can handle sleeping in close quarters with Charles.

Scars by blackash26 (R |Mansion!fic |Charles' Unhappy Childhood)
Summary: In the heat of the moment Erik discovers that he was mistaken about a few of his assumptions regarding Charles’ life.

Screw Loose - Amuly (NC-17 |PWP |Oral sex |Recruiting |Hotel!sex |Losing control)
Charles' blow-job giving abilities are apparently enough to make Erik lose control, and the men end up accidentally trashing a hotel room in the process.

Sex and Telepathy - Blind_Author {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Angst+Fluff |Misunderstandings |Telepathy}
Most people can’t pinpoint the moment when they first become aware of sex. Charles can. Just a quick look at Charles’ telepathy and how it might shape his attitude towards sex.

Sex on the Staircase - Yahtzee (NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Telepathy |Oral sex |Staircase!sex)
Charles gets up in the middle of the night in his boxers to get a glass of water and runs into fully dressed, turtleneck clad Erik while walking down the stairs. Sexual tension rises and hot kinky stair sex ensues.

Sharing - ikeracity {NC-17 |Bottom!Erik |Bottom!Charles |Recruiting |Virgin!Erik}
One night during the mutant road trip, Erik knocks on Charles's door and brusquely demands to be taken to bed. Charles, who has been very careful about staying out of Erik’s head, is disoriented by the haunted look in Erik’s eyes but is ultimately swayed by the fact that they’ve had this burgeoning tension between them since forever.

They then proceed to have The Saddest And Worst Sex Ever. Erik stalks off all humiliated and unhappy and Charles is confused until he works out that Erik was a virgin--at which point Charles feels equal parts guilty and furious that Erik's basically used him as an instrument of self-harm.

The next time it happens, Charles teaches Erik what it means to really make love.

Shave and Secure - verizonhorizon {NC-17 |Kink: Shaving |Training |Mansion!fic}
Charles tests the finer points of Erik's control by having Erik shave him – without using his hands.

So let’s take a ride and see what’s mine - oddegg {R |Mansion!Era |UST/RST |Pining}
Charles and Erik have to go somewhere in a car. It's a small car. Charles has to sit on Erik's lap. Erik gets a boner. Discuss.
Bea's comment: Ahahaha Erik, I feel sorry for you. XD

some sense of touch and a melody - pocky_slash {R |Mansion!fic |Romantic |Domestic!fic}
On a day when Charles, for once, finds himself saying the right thing to everyone he sees, he allows himself to be talked into a field trip to a local orchard. (AKA: Mutants in a Field)

Stitches - Amuly {PG-13 |Recruiting |Hurt!Erik |Fluff}
Set during the bromance recruiting montage, Erik gets injured and needs stitches. Charles patches him up.

Take It Slow - Magnetism_bind {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Virgin!Charles}
Intercrural sex. What it says on the tin.

The Beginning of Knowledge - cymbalism {NC-17 |Division X|First Time}
You know how it's abundantly clear Erik and Charles have slept together within, oh, 36 hours of knowing each other in the movie? This is my take on that deleted scene.

the deadliest things are found under microscopes - celli_inkblots {NC-17 |Recruiting |First time |Jealous!Erik |Possessive!Erik |Oblivious!Charles}
Charles and Erik end up in Oxford. Erik is accosted by biology students at the local bar, and Charles comes to his rescue - after a fashion.

The Element of Fire Is Quite Put Out - cymbalism {NC-17 |Recruiting |Dub-con |First time |Sex Pollen}
Mutant hormones made them do it.

The Evening Broadcast - Nellie {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Telepathy |Humor |PWP}
Sometimes, no matter how hard Charles is focusing his thoughts inwards, things still manage to get out. OR That one where Charles accidentally broadcasts his orgasm to the whole house.

The Far Side of Redemption - oxymoronic (PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Fluff | Erik + Charles' Unhappy Childhood |Pining)
Charles had a better or at least more secure childhood than Erik, but his mom was distant and didn't really care about him. So I'd just like the two of them exploring Erik's happy memories of his mother and Charles basking in their love and warmth because he never had that with his mom. Erik is bowled over that he can provide Charles with that.

the grammar of faith - pearl_o {NC-17 |Recruiting |Telepathy |Dominant!Charles |Trust Issues |Submissive!Erik}
"You need to stop fighting me," Charles says.

The Line in the Sand - ikeracity {PG-13 |Division X |Telepathy |Powerful!Charles |Hurt!Charles |Headache |Protective!Charles}
The CIA agents on the base are bullying the children, mocking them for their mutations. Charles will not tolerate it.Or: Charles has a line, and the agents cross it. Several times. And Erik discovers that perhaps Charles is not so much of a pacifistic pushover as he appears.

The One About The Turtleneck by zamwessell {NC-17 |Humor |Sexual tension |Mansion!fic}
Charles decides to borrow one of Erik's turtlenecks. Things quickly get out of hand.
Bea's comment: Charles' POV is hilarious.

the sea, the sea - disenchanted{NC-17 |Recruiting |First time}
The sea, and falling in love, and the beginning of the end.

A wave rose behind Erik, again, and their skin flecked with sea-foam, and Charles thought, Oh. And then he covered his mind, kept it all to himself, and he thought, Dear God. I've fallen. The wave fell; he thought, my heart, my heart, my heart.

The Whole World Wants What We're On - waketosleep {R |Recruiting |Sexual Tension |Sharing a bed |
"There's only one bed," he called after Erik, who'd dropped his suitcase and vanished into the bathroom.

"They were full except for this room," Erik returned over the noise of the sink. "It's large enough to share." He opened the door. "Or would you prefer to sleep on the floor?"

Charles actually looked between the floor and the bed to be sure of his choice. "Sharing is fine," he conceded.

Thrown - fengirl88 {R |Mansion!fic |Physical Training |UST |Wrestling}
“The Greeks used to wrestle naked,” Hank says helpfully. “That's where the word gymnasium comes from – ”

“Yes, thank you, Hank,” Charles says hastily. “I don't think we need to make this any more embarrassing than it already is.”

Thirty Pushes. Two Breaths. {PG |Hurt!Charles |CPR |Rescue} (AO3 Link: Thirty Pushes Two Breaths - MonstrousRegiment)
Summary: A somewhat nice afternoon out turns into a nightmare when the boys are attacked and Charles is dumped into an icy river in the Russian winter. Erik gets the chance to return Charles' reckless kindness, and then some.

This Crazy Game Called Life - chiasmus {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Domestic!fic |Comedy/Romance}
Raven declares game night in the mansion. Sean finds an elephant, Erik inherits one hundred unwanted cats, and Charles scars Hank for life with misdirected dirty thinking.

To see for the first time (opened up my eyes) - Skoll {PG-13 |Miami |Developing Relationship |Love at first sight |WIP |Telepathy |Recruiting}
Some problems, only telepaths ever have. - In which Charles falls in love with Erik whilst falling overboard, misreads Erik's mind once, and is far more respectful of Erik's mental privacy than anyone else realizes in the aftermath. (Or: In which months of sexual tension occur because the boys are idiots.)

Tongue-tied and Useless - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Canon-fic |Miami |Division X |Cerebro |Alternate Scene |Hurt!Charles |Recruiting |Mansion!fic}
Five times Erik and Charles kissed accidentally and one time they did it on purpose.

Transmutation - ximeria {NC-17 |Genderswap |F/F, M/F, M/M |Girl!Charles, Girl!Erik |PWP |Hot |Recruiting}
That whole road-trip recruitment thing that Charles and Erik embarked on in the movie? I'm sure there were more than a few encounters we didn't see.

tu m'a fait tourner la tête - strobelighted {NC-17 |Division X |Recruiting |Telepathy |Virgin!Erik}
first-time sex, with all attendant awkward sweetness, and the morning after, waking up together.

Uncompromised - dreamlittleyo {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Aggressor!Erik |Sexual Tension}
A missing scene fic, involving chess and some of my favorite clichés.
Bea's comment: UST becomes RST. Happy sexy times.

wait to watch the fire - imogenedisease {R |Mansion!fic |CIA Facility}
They are not the children of fairytales.

Waking up in all the wrong places - sourassin (scherryzade) {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Sleepwalking |Pining}
They keep waking up sprawled around each other. They don't even sleep in the same room.

welcoming back from the ocean - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Recruiting |Pining!Erik |Sexual Tension}
Charles is maddening for many reasons, but tonight he's mostly maddening because he forwent a jacket and insisted they take their drinks down to the water and he's just sitting here, pink-cheeked and windswept and rumpled.

What You've Really Been Chasing - helens78 {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Kink: D/s |Headspace}
Charles has been chasing after something for years, but he's never found it. Erik steps in to show him what he's been missing.

Wir Schützen Was Wir Lieben - Cylin {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Hurt!Erik |Protective!Charles |Protective!Everyone |Bottom!Erik}
Erik comes back to the mansion hurt. The kids try to help - they really try - but things escalate. What has happened to Erik affects all their relationships, but most severely Charles's and Erik's.

Wisteria - kay_cricketed {R |Mansion!fic |Denial!Erik |Persistent!Charles |Avoidance}
Erik hates that he can't hide how much he wants Charles. In the weeks before the Cuban Missile Crisis, he finds that his mind isn't the only thing that's betrayed him.

Within You - Magnetism_bind {NC-17 |PWP |Mansion!fic |Somnophilia}
So the boys get frisky one night and have sex, but being exhausted after a hard day's training, they fall asleep immediately afterwards in a warm, sticky, content heap
... and Erik wakes next morning to realize he's still inside Charles and they slept like that all night.

Xavier’s Variation - fengirl88 {R |Mansion!fic |Humor |Pining |Miss-understandings |Fluff |Drunk!Charles |Flirting}
I’ve been trying to seduce him, yes,” Charles says. “I think we can safely say it’s been a washout.

you are my center (when i spin away) - seditonem {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Backstory/Flashback |Hurt!Erik |Training}
It's a Monday night and Erik is going to die. This is sort of inconvenient, he thinks, spitting blood onto the dirt between his knees, because he has plans.

Other fics that I liked

5 times Charles didn't understand by richiexcore {PG-13 |Kink: Language |Mansion!fic |Domestic!fic |Fluff}
Erik discovers Charles doesn't understand, or even try, when he speaks in German so he takes some... liberties

5 Times Charles Tried to Kiss Erik and 1 Time Erik Kissed Charles - i_know_its_0ver {PG |Miami |Time Skip |Mansion!fic |Recruiting |Cuba |Angst}
Exactly what it says in the title.

A Farewell to Old Lives - nekosmuse {NC-17 |PWP |Bottom!Erik |Virgin!Erik |Mansion!fic |Angst}
Erik is a virgin trope.

A Good Idea at the Time - chiasmus {PG-13 |Domestic!fic |Fluff |Mansion!fic |Humor |Drunken Shenanigans}
Erik and Charles make a snack (fruit salad) at midnight.

Abduction Seduction - luninosity, TurtleTotem {NC-17 |Recruiting |Pining |Aliens-made-them-do-it |Angst |Happy Ending |Drugged!Charles |Dub-con |Fluff}
"Seriously," Charles said, and stared at the alien. "Seriously. No."

"A successful mating demonstration will earn you food," the alien reminded them helpfully, from the other side of the clear glowing door.

Accept Surrender - Synekdokee {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Post-Cuba |Shower!sex |Fluff |Erik comes back}
Two decisions made, before and after.

Admiring the View - isabeau {PG-13 |Drabble |Mansion!fic |Shirtless!Erik}
It's not usually Erik that's in the kitchen, and he's not usually shirtless.

Alchemy of Alcohol and Pain by anon {NC-17 |Recruiting |First Time |Livejournal Kink Meme}
Prompt: Charles and Erik traveled all over, looking for mutants. Did they hook up then? Were they already hooking up? Did they ever have threesomes?

All The Way - toestastegood {NC-17 |PWP |Drabble |Oral Sex}
Charles wants to take Erik as deeply as he can.

An Hour, More or Less - helens78 {NC-17 |PWP |Recruiting |Closet!sex}
Charles loses an hour; Erik finds it and puts it to good use.

And Come Undone - Aeshna {NC-17 |Recruiting |Oral Sex |PWP |Drabble}
Charles watches, dry-mouthed, as Erik drops gracefully to his knees at the foot of the motel bed, sinking down between spread thighs as if he belongs there.

And miles to go before I sleep - cupiscent {PG-13 |Pre-slash |Cerebro |Sexual Tension |Recruiting}
The beginning of journeys and the deeper truths of getting to know you.

And Serenity by anon {PG |Division X |Telepathy |Headaches |Hurt!Charles |Drabble |Cerebro}
Prompt: Using the prototype Cerebro everyday on their mutant hunt has to be exhausting on telepathy - so much so that Charles starts getting headaches each night and they usually end up in the library with his head in Erik's lap and Erik playing with his hair as he naps.

Armado by richiexcore {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |PWP |Size Kink |Sexual Tension |First Time}
Charles wants Erik. Erik wants Charles. Erik solves this issue by wearing nothing but his sweatpants.

ashes to ashes, but always the ocean - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Miami |Post-XMFC |Time Skips |Angst)
It takes Charles a matter of seconds to realize that no one is going after the man in the water. Or, how Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr come together, break apart, and then slowly learn to pick up the pieces.

At point blank range - pearl_o {R |Mansion!fic |Telepathy |PWP)
"What could you make me do, I wonder," Erik muses out loud. Erik pushes; Charles pulls.
Sequel: i tell you it still will come

Backseat Driver - Cesare {NC-17 |Recruiting |Car!sex |PWP}
"I've always heard about backseat makeouts," Charles says. "A fine old American pastime, by all accounts. Some fun, a bit of action. I want to try it. Don't you?"

Balancing Act - luninosity {R Overall |Hurt/Comfort |Mansion!fic |Protective!Erik |Series |Hurt!Charles |Rape Recovery |Angst}
In the aftermath, Charles isn't holding anything together, not really, not even himself. And pretending only gets you so far.

Be We in Paris or in Lansing - stripedpetunia (waketosleep) {PG |Mansion!fic |UST |Dancing |Drabble}
Erik doesn't know how to dance, but Charles is a willing teacher.

Beautiful, Darling - fengirl88 {R |Recruiting |PWP |Drabble}
They're a little bit drunk on the strip-club champagne, and Charles is still giggling at some private joke he had with the girl, Angel.

Bell Curve - Argyle {PG-13 |Division X |Hurt!Charles |Headache |Telepathy |Drug Use |Sexual Tension |Pre-slash}
Erik doesn't have to be a doctor, nor a scientist, to see that working with Cerebro takes the stuffing out of Charles. It's little wonder that Charles has begun self-medicating. (Or: Erik lends an ear while Charles smokes a bowl and waxes philosophical.)

Bent Over A Motel Bed - helens78 {NC-17 |Recruiting |Hotel sex |Possessive!Erik |PWP}
Erik's spent the whole day wanting Charles, and now they're both getting what they want.

Black Tie Affair - citizenjess (givehimonemore) {R |Recruiting |PWP}
Erik gets bored at a stuffy party and pulls Charles into the bathroom for a quick reprieve.

Blueberry jam this morning - zombieboyband {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Dominant!Charles |PWP |First time |Fluff}
Erik does not understand sex relationships. Charles is bossy. Power, pleasure, equality.

break a silver lining - littledust {PG-13 |Fluff |Recruiting |Drabble}
The one with a rainy day, a disappointment, and kissing on a motel bed.

Brief as the Lightning - pearl_o {PG |Mansion!fic |GEN |Siblings |Charles' Unhappy Childhood}
Raven reacts to the storm the same way she and Charles always have before. Charles doesn't.

Catch me when I fall - isabeau {PG-13 |GEN |Hurt!Charles |Cerebro |Worried!Erik |Division X |Mind control |Hurt/Comfort}
Charles overdoes it on Cerebro, and doesn't learn his lesson, but Erik is there for him.

Cerebro - illogicallyinlove {PG-13 |Division X |Cerebro |Hurt!Charles |Protective!Erik |Fluff}
Charles spends just a little too long in Cerebro, and overextends himself. Luckily, Erik is there to take care of him.

Charles Xavier: Criminal Mastermind (or Criminally Drunk) - averzierlia {R |Recruiting |Drunk!Charles |Drabble}
Charles is a handsy drunk.

Chessmen by zamwessel {NC-17 |Division X |Cerebro |Recruiting |Telepathic sex |In Denial Charles |Sexual Tension}
Erik Lehnsherr’s mind was a castle, he thought, then dismissed the thought as silly and somehow over-dramatized. But he could not come up with anything better – castle indeed, with the dark corners, the sudden turnings, the hidden treasure-rooms with their guardian dragons. Perhaps the metaphor was less inapt than he had thought. He wanted to roam those corridors for hours, learn the twists and turns, find the minotaurs in that labyrinth and know them too.

Childhood - ximeria (PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Charles' Unhappy Childhood)
Charles grew up in a big house with a wealthy family, his childhood was by no means a bed of roses

Childish Things - fengirl88 {R |Mansion!fic |Hand Kink |Ticklish!Charles}
Everyone has a weakness somewhere, but he'd never have imagined Charles's could be something so simple. So childish.

Close - fengirl88 {R |Shaving!kink |Training |Drabble}
“I hope you know what you're doing,” Charles says, eyeing the razor hovering level with his face.

Close Enough to Start a War - lapetitesinge {NC-17 |Time Skips |Angst |Unhappy Ending |Canon!AU |Non-linear}
"One mutant Erik and Charles encounter is a precog--a weak precog, in that she can get a vague idea of the future, but not much more. She declines to go with them, but warns Charles that Erik will hurt him in a way that nobody ever has before, that Charles won't be able to feel afterwards. What she's talking about is Charles being shot in the spine, of course, but Charles is so wrapped up in his newly-found desire for Erik that he assumes she's talking about an emotional betrayal, and gets paranoid..."

Clubs to Your Diamonds - sabrina_il (marina) {NC-17 |Recruiting |Crack |Drugged sex |Piercings |PWP}
It's the 60s. Erik and Charles do some recreational drugs, talk philosophy, shotgun and have stoned sex."

Cold Day In The Sun by luninosity {R |Charles' Unhappy Childhood |Holiday |Hurt/Comfort |Protective!Erik |Domestic!fic |Fluff |Mansion!fic}
Father's Day (written April 2012); some discussion of abuse during Charles’s childhood, some not-very-explicit sex, the possibility (doesn’t actually happen, or only in discussion) of dark!Charles, protective Erik again, redecoration and renovation.

Come Alive - luninosity {PG |Mansion!fic |Headaches |Protective!Erik |Hurt!Charles |Hurt/Comfort |Fluff}
Charles, after trying to write a paper all morning, has a dreadful headache. Erik worries. And then first kisses happen.

Come, Sleep - fengirl88 {NC-17 |Recruiting |Sharing bed |Hotel}
“Got nothing left but the one double,” the desk clerk says apologetically./ Erik's about to say they'll try somewhere else when Charles says “We'll take it.”

Creature Comforts - Argyle {PG |Recruiting |GEN |Pining!Charles |Hangover}
Charles discovers that Erik may in fact have a tertiary mutant ability. Thankfully, he's hungover enough to appreciate it.

Cum On, Feel the Noize - Magnetism_bind {NC-17 |PWP |Mansion!fic}
Erik is actually really, really loud in bed. But for some reason - maybe the whole "must not show weakness, must stay strong/stoic/cold" thing - he desperately tries to stay as quiet as possible during sex. Charles notices and does his best to encourage him to gasp, moan, speak and/or scream in bed. I bet Charles would use cheap, dirty tricks to accomplish this. And lots of adoration and trust.

Curvature of the Field - Argyle {R |Recruiting |Mansion!fic |Time Skips |Backstory}
Four times Erik thought the view might be worth the journey, and one time he knew it was.

Dance Me Away (into a dream) - ikeracity {PG |Mansion!fic |ANGST}
The night before the beach, Charles already knows he's lost Erik. A final dance.

Dark With a Sense of Coming Doom - pocky_slash {R |Horror |Recruiting |Possession |Hurt!Charles |Supernatural |Angst |Dub-con}
When a storm makes driving impossible, Erik and Charles put the recruitment roadtrip on hold to shelter for the night in an abandoned house. Despite the empty rooms, something's set Charles on edge and Erik may live to regret asking what it is.

Discussing Role Reversals - gelfling {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |PWP |Bottom!Charles (First time)}
A Charles Xavier character study during sex, though not really about sex. Also, Erik gets to do indulge himself thoroughly and blame it all on "team building".

Disassemble - honeypuffed {Mansion!fic |Fluff |R |Telepathy}
Erik is beginning to get it.

dissolve (in the heat of your charm) - pearl_o {NC-17 |PWP |Mansion!fic |Oral Sex |Romance}
Erik gives his first blowjob. As always, he and Charles have a lot of emotions.

Does It Feel Like This When - helens78 {NC-17 |Jealous!Erik |Possessive!Erik |Charles/OMC |Recruiting}
Erik keeps everything -- body, mind -- under wraps, leaving Charles no choice but to find other outlets for his desires. When those desires cut a little too close to home, though, everything comes out into the open.

Don't Let Go by tresa_cho {PG |Hurt/Comfort |Division X |Hurt!Charles |Headache |Cerebro |Drabble}
The first time using Cerebro doesn't happen as smoothly as it does in the film, it hurts.

Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite - Pillow_Bee {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Nightmares |Charles' Unhappy Childhood |Angst}
Charles goes around the mansion that first night he brought the mutants there to tuck them to sleep while trying his best to hold back a bitter childhood memory.

Dream Boat by richiexcore {NC-17 |Recruiting |Sharing bed |Nightmares |Telepathy}
While recruiting mutants, Charles immediately learns that Erik has horrible nightmares and surmises that the best cure is sharing a bed. Unfortunately there are some added consequences.

Dreaming Aloud - luninosity {PG-13 |Recruiting |Hurt!Charles |Hurt/Comfort}
“Erik and Charles, on their road trip, are in a bar. Someone gives Charles mind-altering substances. This is a Bad Thing to do to a telepath.

Drowned and Glimmering Colour - pearl_o {NC-17 |Somnophilia |Size Kink |PWP |Mansion!fic |Possessive!Erik}
Seeing Charles sleeping like this, it's easy to forget how much power he holds.

Drowning Men - Yahtzee {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Rape/Noncon Reference |Emotional Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Erik |Rape recovery |Angst}
'Very quietly, Charles says, “Can you show me?”
“No.” Erik looks at him again, then, his expression as steely as Charles has ever seen it. His resolve is even stronger than his pain. “To show you this would be to make you share it, and I would never do that to you. Never.”'

Erupt - sasha_b {PG-13 |Erik's Unhappy Childhood |Mansion!fic |Worried!Charles}
Charles and Erik and control.

Eternal summer shall not fade - appleseed {PG-13 |Pining!Erik |Miami |Fluff |Recruiting |Mansion!fic}
Erik has never given much thought to love and the like. After all, it was his love for his mother that made him Schmidt's pawn, and consequently he has spent most of the years since quelling his somewhat unruly heart's desire for affection and companionship. There is no-one he cares about, and no-one to care about him, and Erik is fine with that.

That is until a short, tweed-wearing, professor of genetics throws himself off a US military boat in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and begs him not to drown.

even more of exactly the same - imogenedisease {PG-13 |First Time |Playing Chess |Mansion!fic}
“Why are you afraid?” Charles asks, and Erik laughs, mirthless.

“You’re terrifying,” he says, and it’s the most honest he’s ever been to a man who can dive into the worst corners of his mind and come out unscathed.

Every Time We Touch - sky_reid {PG-13 |Miami |Division X |Recruiting |Fluff}
Erik is not a very tactile person. But Charles is. And Erik finds he really doesn't mind at all.

Exist Only in Reflection - BlackEyedGirl  (R |Post-Russia |Kink: Projection!sex |Training |Telepathy |Missing Scene)
Erik thinks that Charles should be training too - he proposes a test of Charles's abilities. But he can't quite keep his own mind off what he knows will have to happen soon. [Projection!sex; set during the movie.]

Feel Like This (Count Your Blessings Remix) - pearl_o {NC-17 |Recruiting |Jealous!Erik |Charles/OMC |PWP}
There are other ways Charles can deal with his lust. There's always alcohol. And when it gets truly desperate - well, that's when he finds someone else to distract him for a few hours.

fever pitch - distantfridays {R |Mansion!fic |Drabble |Telepathy}
It's ridiculous how much planning Erik puts into seducing him.

Five times Erik and Charles nearly get caught and one time they actually did get caught - seratonation {R |Mansion!fic |Humor |PWP |Fluff}
Charles and Erik have decided to fuck in every room in the mansion. They get (nearly) caught, several times even, but that doesn't stop them.

Five Times Erik and Charles Were 'Interrupted' - blkkskknhed  {R |Recruiting |Humor}
Exactly what it says on the tin.

flirtations - luninosity  (PG-13 |Recruiting |Pining |Flirt!Charles)
Old-fashioned mutant road trip first-kiss fluff. Charles flirting with Erik, and how that goes.

For The Cause by aaido {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Kidnapping |Hurt!Charles |Warning: Non-con/Torture |Shaw/Charles}
Shaw manages to capture Charles and soon makes it clear that he's interested in more than just his powers.

Four Times Charles and Erik Almost Kissed, and One Time They Finally Did - alishatorn {PG-13  |Cerebro |Mansion!fic |Training |Cuba |Post-XMFC |Time Skips |Angst}
4 times they almost kissed, plus one time they finally did.

Game of the century - aesc {R |Mansion!fic |Humor |Pining |Playing Chess |Fluff}
"Well, obviously Erik isn't 'just anyone,'" Charles said dryly. "He's a valuable ally – somewhat unstable, admittedly, but it just means we need to work harder to keep him happy and keep him from kiting off on some insane, revenge-related activity."

Get A Long Little Doggie - citizenjess {PG-13 |Mansion!fic}
Life at the Xavier mansion during Training Week gets even more complicated with the arrival of a surly weiner dog.

Glasses by grim_lupine {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |PWP}
Charles blinks at him bemusedly, but Erik barely notices because Charles is wearing glasses— wire-rimmed, and Erik can feel the metal humming, traces without touch the way they follow the curve of Charles’s nose and rest behind his ears.

Grasp - sasha_b {PG-13 |Miami |Mansion!fic |Post-Cuba |Missing Scene: Hospital |Angst |Time Skip}
Five times Charles reached for Erik's hand, and one time Erik reached for his.

Hammurabi's Method - Phlogistics {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Crack/Humor |Cock-blocking}
Raven won't let the death of her private life go unavenged. Charles and Hank get caught in the crossfire.

Handle Me - helens78 {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Hands!kink |Telepathy |PWP}
Erik's hands make Charles weak with wanting. But Erik's the one who finally acts on his desires.

Hands On (A Miracle) - luninosity {PG-13 |Miami |Protective!Erik |Cuddling |Missing Scene |Fluff}
Written for a request involving Erik/Charles, huddling for warmth/survival leading to *feelings*.

Have It All - luninosity {PG |Mutant Road Trip |Fluff |Sick!Charles |Recruiting}
Road-trip fic in which Charles is a terrible sick person, Erik is a terrible nurse, and someone says I love you for the first time.

He Kisses Charles - sasha_b {R |Mansion!fic |Missing Scene |Playing Chess}
Charles worries; Erik distracts.

Hearts and Minds - Argyle {R |Recruiting}
Erik and Charles hit the open road in search of mutant recruits. This is how they pass the time.

Heated From The Inside - helens78 {NC-17 |Established relationship |Mansion!fic |Kink |Training |PWP}
Hank's suggestion for ways to experiment with his magnetism gives Erik some very naughty thoughts indeed. Who better to try them out on than Charles?

Heights, Uncharted - honeypuffed {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Kitchen!sex |PWP}
The kitchen is the greatest place for sex.

Hide What You Want Hidden - pearl_o {PG-13 |Morning After |Recruiting |Drabble}
Charles wakes up, the morning after he and Erik first sleep together.

Hold 'em Like They Do in Texas Please - sutlers {R |Mansion!fic |Humor/Crack}
Moira MacTaggert is an exceptional woman.
Bea's comment: In which Moira ships Erik/Charles.

Horizon To Horizon - sasha_b {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Angst |Picnic}
A picnic and possibility. Erik, Charles, outside.

i couldn't get the boy to kill me - imogenedisease {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Post-XMFC |Angst}
Charles dies on a beach. That isn’t precisely true. Charles was always prone to hyperbole. But it’s true enough.

I stand and I wait for the touch of your hand by anon {PG-13 |Setting: Mansion |Fluff |Romance}
Prompt: Dancing.

I Want You To Hold Me Back - helens78 {NC-17 |PWP |Bottom!Erik |Telepathy |Mansion!fic |Established Relationship}
It started with a dare; Charles lifting an eyebrow and saying, "I could stop you going over, you know."

I'll be your water - Jenwryn {PG-13 |Recruiting |Drabble}
Early morning roadtrip fic; somewhere between here and there and here again.

I'm All Aglow and Now I Know - madneto {PG-13 |Fluff |Morning After |Recruiting}
During the recruitment road trip, Erik and Charles finally act on their feelings for one another. In the morning after, Charles realizes he's beginning to see Erik in a new light, literally and figuratively.

I'm all the fishes in the sea - pearl_o {R |Recruiting |Genderswap |Girl!Erik}
When his body is transformed, Erik is not pleased. Charles sees possibilities.

Ignition - Argyle {NC-17 |PWP |Car!sex |Mansion!fic}
"These things are rare for a reason. You do realize they just slapped a pseudo-Ferrari body on Fiat components? Style over substance." Charles gives Erik's knee an encouraging pat. "So just once round the block, yeah?"

Or: Erik and Charles take another drive.

Imperfect Symmetry - pearl_o {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Blowjob}
Charles wasn't expecting Erik to go down on his knees. He wasn't expecting to feel this much, either.

In Fire and Blood - enthroned {R |Drabble |Mansion!fic}
In which Erik is not in love with Charles. Except he actually is.

Incendiary - sasha_b {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Training |Hurt!Charles |Protective!Erik}
A training mishap and Erik's rage.

Inception - zelempa {R |Recruiting |Picnic |Fluff}
“You’re trying to plant happy memories on me.”

Indulgence - fengirl88 {R |Mansion!fic |Fluff |Cuddling}
Erik tells himself he shouldn't give in to this sort of thing, that it's dangerous to relax when you're in the middle of a war. But despite his best intentions, it's become a habit.

Inertia - nekare {R |Recruiting |Mansion!fic |Future!fic}
They call to each other, partly because they're both attracted to power, and partly in a way that becomes obvious in those soft brushes against each other, all those touches and glances and the way they keep on surprising each other. How they could never be bored by one another.

Interlude - strobelighted {R |PWP |Recruiting}
For the prompt: Charles surprises Erik by pinning him against a wall and going down on him.

Is Always, And Is Near - spuffyduds {R |Cerebro |Recruiting}
Using the helmet is a trip that Charles finds it hard to come back from.

It Starts with Strawberries - euphorbic {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Naughty!Charles |PWP}
It starts with strawberries and ends with oral sex.

It's a Disaster (But That's All Right) - chiasmus {NC-17 |Romance/Comedy |PWP |Mansion!fic |Kitchen!sex |Domestic!fic}
Charles attempts to help Erik improve his cooking. Nothing quite goes as planned.

Je n'ai jamais promis un jardin de roses - chezvous {PG |Character Study |Charles' Unhappy Childhood |Mansion!fic}
Charles had wanted a puppy for his tenth birthday. (Or: Charles takes care of roses to make up for the fact that he was not loved quite enough during his childhood.)

Kicking and Screaming by tresa_cho {PG-13 |Hurt/Comfort |Setting: Mansion |Hurt!Charles |Training |Protective!Erik}
Prompt: Charles runs himself ragged trying to train the kids, trying to convince Erik he's worth of trust and friendship, trying to keep up with the CIA plans and just, everything, really. Erik notices. Erik doesn't like it. Erik takes things into his own hands.

Knickerbocker Glory - fengirl88 {NC-17 |PWP |Mansion!fic |Telepathic sex}
Knickerbocker Glory: (a) British variation on the ice-cream sundae, traditionally served in a tall glass. This confection definitely involves ice-cream, fruit and cream; may contain other things. (b) Inappropriate behaviour by Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr in a Westchester ice-cream parlour.

knit up the ravelled sleeve of care - coffeesuperhero {PG-13 |Fluff |Hurt/Comfort |Mansion!fic |Sick!Erik}
Erik has the flu.

Know That It's True - luninosity {PG-13 |Division X |Cerebro |Hurt!Charles |Worried!Erik}
Using Cerebro gives Charles headaches. Erik is not happy to discover this fact.

Language Barrier - polaris_86 {R |Mansion!fic |Language kink}
When Erik's aroused, he sometimes slips into his mother tongue.

Last Night of the World - GabrielVincent {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Missing Scene}
The night of the presidential address, Charles starts worrying about whether they're going to be able to withstand all the nuclear bombs and stuff. He's just being dramatic.

Late Summer's Wailing - Krystalicekitsu {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Humor |PWP}
On a really hot day, Erik exchanges his turtleneck for a white polo shirt. Charles has some trouble.

Laughter as an Aphrodisiac - Unforgotten {R |Established relationship |Humor |Fluff}
Erik teases Charles in bed (because he is a troll); hilarity ensues.

leave all worries behind you - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Dream Sharing |Recruiting}
After a fraught day, Erik falls into a calming dream. The problem is, it's not his.

Leitmotiv - Zetaori {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Romance/Angst |Introspective}
What Charles is for Erik, has become and will always be for him, he can't describe with words.

Let Me - TheWomanInGreen {R |PWP |Recruiting |Telepathy}
It's as they leave the strip club that Charles hears a voice inside his head. It seems Erik has found other uses for his telepathy.

Lightning in a Metal Conductor - cytheriafalas {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Charles' Unhappy Childhood}
Erik thinks something is wrong with Charles and he goes to find out what it is.

Like Lightning in the Night Sky - lielabell {NC-17 |Recruiting |Hotel!sex |Jealous!Erik |Telepathy |Flirty!Charles}
Terribly sorry, Charles thinks with enough humor to let Erik know that the opposite is true, but my mouth is rather occupied at the moment. And then he does something with his tongue that has Erik’s hair standing on end.

Lines - Unforgotten {R |Recruiting |Pick up lines |Flirty!Charles}
Erik's a little more impressed with Charles' pick-up lines than anyone should be.

Little White Horsies - heyjupiter {PG |Mansion!fic |Humor |Concussion |Hurt/Comfort}
After receiving head injuries during a training accident, Raven watches Erik and Charles play an addled game of chess.

Logic About Bones - pearl_o {R |Recruiting |Established Relationship}
Erik has worked hard, over the last several years, to accustom himself to luxuries and fine things, to move in those worlds unnoticed alongside those who've known them from the cradle. He does not want to take any of it for granted, either, though, and it is a fine line to walk.

Long Way Down - ninemoons42 {PG-13 |Beach |Airplane Scene}
notes: Plays very fast and very loose with one of the big action sequences in the movie: the confrontation at the blockade line. Already half an AU.

Looking Through You - sasha_b {PG-13 |Mansion!fic}
Erik ruminates on Charles, and what the other mutant can actually do for him.

Look This Life in the Eye - MonstrousRegiment (PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Hurt!Charles |Charles' Unhappy Childhood)
There's a locked door in Xavier Hall to which no one has access. In making inquiries, Erik realizes he's built his opinion on Charles on the wrong foundations.

Love At 20,000 Feet - helens78 {NC-17 |PWP |Recruiting |Telepathy |Mile High Club}
Erik and Charles have to split up to recruit mutants on different continents, which inspires Charles to see how far he can be from Erik and still have a connection to Erik's mind. The answer is: quite far.

Moderation - entanglednow {PG-13 |Recruiting |Drunk!Charles}
There is something to be said for drinking in moderation.

More Than I Can Stand - fengirl88 {NC-17 |Recruiting |Jealous!Charles |Possessive!Charles}
"He wanted you," Charles says, low and furious.

Motel - Magnetism_bind {NC-17 |PWP |Recruiting}
I think some of what drives Erik is that he wasn't able to "save people." So during the bromance tour with Charles, when they go out and find other mutants, I want them to hook up because there's someone they might not be able to recruit, and what that does to them. And by "what it does to them," I mean "they have broody sex in a shitty motel."

Much, Much More - helens78 {NC-17 |Established Relationship |PWP |Bottom!Erik |Bottom!Charles |Mansion!fic}
Charles would really like to try it from the bottom for a change. Erik is more than happy to oblige.

Mutants Do It Better by xamwessell {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |PWP}
Summary: Erik believes that mutants are better in bed. Charles disagrees. Only one way to prove this hypothesis. Inspired by "I think that Charles is just horny, and just trying to get laid. Throughout the film. He’s like ‘human beings are cool, give them a chance’ because he just wants to have human being sex. He doesn’t want to have mutant sex. Whereas Eric really gets off on mutant sex." -Fassbender, natch.

My light is electric - spillednotes {PWP |Mansion!fic |Bottom!Erik}
In which there is a sex marathon, rimming, and Charles tops the hell out of Erik.

Never at All - anoyo {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Flirt!Charles |Jealous!Erik}
It only takes twenty-four hours of the relative tranquility of Charles’ Westchester estate to bring Erik to the edge of his patience.

Never Enough - helens78 {NC-17 |PWP |bottom!Erik |Telepathy}
Erik loves it when Charles fucks him; he could never get enough.

Never Need to Make You - Pookaseraph {R |Canon!AU |Miami |Dom/Sub |Bottom!Erik}
Erik had always been alone, and he never expected to find a Dom that would suit him. He certainly never expected Charles Xavier to claim him just minutes after he failed to kill Schmidt in Miami, his mind in turmoil. He hated it, but at the same time he couldn't deny that Charles seemed to know exactly what he needed. Takes place in a D/s alternate universe.

Nickel Content - Unforgotten {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Angst |Drunk!Erik |Unhappy Childhood}
In which Erik is talky/depressive when drunk, and somewhat obsessive over the coin he carries in his pocket.

Night Time Friends by anon {PG-13 |Setting: Mansion |Telepathy |Headache |Hurt/Comfort}
Prompt: Using the prototype Cerebro everyday on their mutant hunt has to be exhausting on telepathy - so much so that Charles starts getting headaches each night and they usually end up in the library with his head in Erik's lap and Erik playing with his hair as he naps.

No Deeper World - Argyle {PG-13 |Recruiting |Pool}
They aren't supposed to take care of each other, or care deeply; that isn't how this works. But sometimes things have a way of rising to the surface.

None So Blind - ximeria {R |Mansion!fic |Pining!Erik |Humor |Playing Chess}
Erik is so busy making sure that Charles doesn't notice that he's looking, that he completely misses the fact that he's being pretty damned obvious.

Not a Deep Breath - SharpestScalpel {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Training |Crack}
Erik is a troll. Charles enjoys acting. Moira will never attempt to teach CPR again.

Not About Elephants by zamwessell {NC-17| PWP |Drunk!Charles}
“Try not to think about elephants,” Charles had said, kissing him between the shoulder blades as he got up and slipped down the hall to wake up the students. “It’s good mental exercise.”

Not Just An Oral Fixation - helens78 {NC-17 |PWP}
Charles isn't the first man Erik's ever fucked who still had a foreskin, but that doesn't make it any less novel.

Not Quite Motherhenning, At All - PippinPips {PG |Hurt/Comfort |Mansion!fic |Sick!Erik}
When Erik is sick it falls on Charles to take care of him.

Nourish - sasha_b {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Hurt/Comfort?}
Everyone needs to be touched sometimes.

Nowhere Man - Brenda {R |Recruiting |The Beatles |Bar/Club}
Originally written in July of 2011 for kaydeefalls and for zarah5, who both wanted Erik and Charles meeting a young, angry John Lennon.

Of Chess and Wine - StarRose {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Sexual Tension |Chess}
Over one of their many games of chess, Erik ponders what exactly it is about Charles that makes him want to never leave his side. Set some-when during them finding mutants.

One Night Only - helens78 {NC-17 |Recruiting |Angst |Bottom!Erik}
Charles and Erik have one fantastic night together. Which seems to be all Erik wants.

Only Sleeping - Aramley {PG-13 |Recruiting |Sleepy!Charles |Adorable!Charles |Fluff |Humor}
Five times Charles was sleepy and rumpled and Erik did not find it adorable at all.

Only When You Sleep - ninemoons42 {PG |Mansion!fic |Unhappy Childhood}
Charles is so good at keeping his secrets. His missing father. The stepbrother who had bullied and abandoned him. His mother, quietly fading away under a medicated stupor.

Open You Up - Magnetism_bind {NC-17 |D/s |Wall!sex |Table!sex |PWP |Mansion!fic}
I want smutty sex against the wall, on the table, wherever exciting, and I want submissive!Charles. And maybe some filthy oral sex..

Overdue - Black_Betty {NC-17 |Library!sex |Mansion!fic |Pornstar!Charles}
Back during Erik's Nazi hunting days, he had to take care of his own needs since he was traveling around all the time. On one of his travels, he picked up an erotic mag (college boys edition), and more often than not, he found himself fapping to his hands-down favorite: the sexy librarian. Guess who pulls him out of the water.

Parallax - Argyle {NC-17 |Telepathy |Mind games |Missing Scene: Russia}
After the mission at the Russian Military Retreat, Erik wonders how much Charles' powers mirror those of Shaw's telepath, Emma Frost. Charles is just wound-up and jet lagged enough to show him.

Parallels - sasha_b {PG-13 |Erik and Charles' Unhappy Childhoods |Mansion!fic |Future!fic (XM1)
Erik and Charles, the beginning to the end.

Parsnips and Parsimony - verilyvexed {R |PWP |Mansion!fic}
Charles is awfully fond of Erik, but he isn't sure about pursuing a physical relationship. That's where the produce comes in.

Part of the path to joy - sirona {PG-13 |Recruiting |UST |Missing scene}
Erik lets himself live in the moment, for once.

Peace and Trust - i_know_its_0ver {NC-17 |PWP |Mansion!fic |Romance}
Erik seems to be a pretty passionate and violent man. I'd really like to see him be super careful and tender with Charles when they make love.

Perfection - AndreaLyn {PG-13 |Recruiting |Jealous!Erik}
Erik is beginning to lose patience when it comes to Charles' adoration of lesser mutations.

Perfection. - orange_crushed {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Character Study |Nightmares}
Erik has been trying to read for the last forty-five minutes, in defiance of the periodic screaming coming from the roof. Erik, Charles, literature and existence. But really: obligatory will-they-won't-they mansion fic

Permanent - Sway (PG-13 |Division X |Nightmares |Hurt/Comfort}
The scream he hears that first night at the CIA facility is unlike anything he has ever heard.

Pin - Argyle - X-Men: First Class ( {NC-17 |Mansion!fic}
Charles thinks they're really getting somewhere.

Playing The Hopeful Move - Icarus {PG-13 |Pre-slash |Recruiting |UST}
I'm not omnipotent enough to lie.

Pleased To Meet You, Take My Hand by luninosity {PG |Holidays |Charles' Unhappy Childhood |Hurt/Comfort |Protective!Erik |Domestic!fic}
Thanksgiving at the mansion (written December 2011). More holiday fluff; some more tidbits of emotional hurt/comfort; protective Erik, first kisses; Charles smiles often, but he doesn't laugh all that frequently, Erik realizes.

Poor Little Rich Boy - rhenia_ra {PG-13 |Angst |Hurt!Charles |Cerebro |Post-XMFC |Time Skip |Telepathy |Introspective}
The frequency by which he partook in the ritual was not great, and lessened as time went on. It was not often that Charles Xavier wanted to be alone.

Practical Applications of Radioactive Material - Argyle {PG-13 |Recruiting |Crossover: Avengers/Fantastic 4}
It's a big world, but unusual people are everywhere.

Practice Makes Perfect - ximeria {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |PWP}
Erik accuses Charles of cheating at their game of chess.

Practice Makes Perfect - Sunless_Garden {NC-17 |Drunk!Charles |Recruiting |Flirty!Charles |Jealous!Erik |Bar}
Charles flirts, propositions, and gets propositioned. Erik is just there to make sure he gets back to the hotel safely. Really. Charles is lucky Erik is such a gentleman.

Possible Worlds {R |Time Travel |Fix-it}
Charles woke in a different bed, in a different room. He knew instantly it was different, because Erik was close by.

Projection - entanglednow {PG |Mansion!fic |Telepathy}
The mansion is making him soft.

Push the limits - magenta {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Training |Kink: Invisible!sex}
Erik wants Charles to push his limits, and Charles find maybe he doesn't want to reach the edge.

Read Your Lips - fengirl88 {PG-13 |Recruiting |First kiss}
Afterwards, Erik's not sure what to blame it on: one too many nights in shared motel rooms, one too many martinis in the bar where they've gone to meet a potential recruit, the frustration of being turned down yet again by a mutant too scared or too comfortable in their life of passing for human... All of those things had a part to play, and maybe one of them was what finally tipped the scale. Or maybe he just couldn't go on looking at Charles Xavier's mouth one minute longer.

Resources - telperion_15 {NC-17 |PWP |Mansion!fic |Wall!sex}
Erik has Charles exactly where he wants him.

Rosy - sasha_b {PG-13 |Miami |Fluff |Division X}
Five times Erik made Charles blush, and the one time Charles made Erik blush.

Quick Study - pearl_o {R |Recruiting |Division X |Mansion!fic}
It wasn't a brag or boast when Charles said he knew everything about Erik, so he's surprised by how much more there is to learn.

Reverse Polarity - smilebackwards {PG-13 |mansion!fic |Power-swap}
"It's not Hank's fault," Charles says, even though Erik can hear him thinking, maybe it's a little Hank's fault. Powerswap

Roses in December by blackash26 {PG-13 |Setting: Mansion |Hurt/Comfort |Missing Scene |Charles' Unhappy Childhood |Pre-slash |Friendship}
Summary: The night before the beach Charles is acting strangely. Erik tries to get to the bottom of things.

Rumination - grim_lupine {PG-13 |Telepathy |Character Study |Fluff |Mansion!fic}
Erik studies him for a moment – Charles Xavier, a fascinating contradiction of a man: he is unreservedly compassionate even when he has seen into the dregs of humanity, curiously arrogant and unaware of it; he looked at Erik from the start like he was promising him everything, but even now, when Erik puts his hands on him, he sometimes flushes all over like it’s the first time he’s ever been touched. It’s addictive, wonderful, frightening. Erik wants everything and doesn’t know what to do with what he has.

Safe - liandrin {PG |UST |Mansion!fic |Telepathy |Headache |Hurt!Charles |Loss of control}
Despite having impressive control over his telepathy, he still had many days like this. Days where the constant background murmur of voices, of lives, became too much. Days where the normal white noise of millions of minds began to overwhelm his sense of self, first in a slow trickling through his overburdened mental shields and slowly intensifying into a steady deluge.

Same Time Next Week - Argyle {PG |Fluff |Mansion!fic |Siblings}
Erik spends most nights wandering the mansion. It's only by chance that he comes across Charles and Raven as they partake in a weekly ritual: television therapy.

Sandpaper - Cesare {PG-13 |Humor |Facial Hair |Mansion!fic}
Erik's mouth on his ear is a lovely way to wake up, but Erik's morning-stubbled chin scraping his neck is not.

Scars - TurtleTotem {PG-13 |Charles' Unhappy Childhood |hurt!Charles}
Charles has burn scars from the fire that killed his stepfather. He doesn't want anyone to see them -- least of all Erik.

Scenes from a Love Affair - labingi {PG-13 |Recruiting}
Young and in love and recruiting in Mexico.

Sex and Telepathy - Blind_Author {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Angst |Telepathy}
Most people can’t pinpoint the moment when they first become aware of sex. Charles can. Just a quick look at Charles’ telepathy and how it might shape his attitude towards sex.

Shall We Dance by anon {PG-13 |Training |Mansion!fic |fluff}
Prompt: While he was on Argentina he learned to dance Tango. I want someone to finds out and ask him a demonstration/class/or whatever.

She Tucks His Hair Behind His Ear - sasha_b {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Missing Scene}
Erik hides in plain sight.

Sheathed - Unforgotten {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Domestic |No Divorce |Telepathy |Established Relationship}
Some days, Erik feels like a tiger in a pit, or a shark in a net. Other days, he feels like a sword, rusting unused in its scabbard. (In which Erik is a little lost and super needy, and Charles is the laziest lazy that ever lazied.)

Slivers of Infinity - amarriageoftrueminds (NC-17 |PWP |Mansion!fic |Telepathic!sex)
the obligatory telepathic-sex pwp!

Sleepless in Westchester - AnotherIcarus {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Chess |Fluff |HankAlex}
Maybe it was time to spread out everyone's rooms throughout the mansion.

Slow sex {NC-17 |PWP |Mansion!fic}
Charles goes to a special place when he's riding Erik,

Smitten by bagheera_san {PG-13 |Miami |Missing Scene |Recruiting}
Prompt: Charles is smitten with Erik. Erik thinks he can use this to his advantage.

Someone We'll Never Know - Schwoozie {PG |Mansion!fic |UST}
Erik has been missing dinner; Charles finally confronts him about it.

Spectacular Timing by taurenova {PG-13 |Parenting |Humor |Domestic!fic}
5 times Erik cock-blocks someone & 1 time the team cock-blocks him...

Stick to the Stipend - Helenish {PG |UST |Recruiting |Pre-slash}
“It’s not about the money,” Erik says. “Although I imagine you’d be more careful with your receipts if you planned on ever actually submitting them for reimbursement.”

Stolen Hours - ximeria {R |Slow Build |Mansion!fic |Romance}
It's a completely different side he sees of Erik, sometimes.

Student Curriculum by gelfling {NC-17 |Telepathy!Sex |Recruiting |Bottom!Erik |Training |PWP}
Summary: A nighttime lesson on resisting mental invasions by telepaths with questionable motives and a pathetic sense of humor. Pre-Everything Goes Wrong, during the time when Erik and Charles are roadtripping and recruiting students.

Sweet Tooth - ximeria {NC-17 |PWP |Humor |Mansion!fic}
Charles is a tease (and Erik is far too easy)

Sweetly forgiven - oddegg {R |Domestic!fic |Kitchen!sex |PWP}
sweet and domestic attempt at making breakfast for the kids turns into sex in the kitchen.

te amo, je t'aime, ti voglio bene, ich liebe dich (i love you) - averzierlia {R |Drabble |Language Kink |Mansion!fic |PWP}
Erik likes to talk a lot in bed. A lot. Bonus points if he switches languages with some frequency.

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot - sasha_b {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Nightmares |UST |Telepathy}
Innocence, love and tea.

Tea with the Vicar - ximeria {NC-17 |PWP |First Time |Recruiting |Aggressor!Erik}
For all that Erik finds Charles confusing, he can't deny his fascination either.

Tears - Romanec (PG-13 |Gen |Charles' Unhappy Childhood |Flashbacks |Mansion!fic)
Before the CIA and Erik and Shaw, there was just Charles on the edge of the roof and Raven pleading with him to step away.

That Mouth - liveonthesun {NC-17 |Missing scene |Jealous!Charles |Dominant!Charles}
Charles finds out about Erik kissing Raven. Sex ensues.

The Art Of Flirting - Clocks {NC-17 |Recruiting |Telepathy}
Inspired by the cab scene where Charles tells Darwin to "take them all the way" to Richmond and Erik tries not to facepalm.

The Art of Observation - thosearestrings {PG-13 |Fluff |Mansion!fic}
Erik borrows (steals) a camera from Hank and proceeds to put it to good use.

The Art of Training - Lenore {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Training |Telepathy |PWP}
Sun Tzu says to lead by example. Erik is happy to help Charles accomplish this.

The Beats Of My Heart That I Gave You - luninosity {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Charles |No Divorce |Fluff}
Early days at the mansion, fluff, hurt/comfort, Erik building bookshelves for Charles, first-time I-love-you moments, happy endings.

The Best Of You - luninosity {R |Recruiting |Hurt!Charles |Rape Recovery}
In the aftermath, Charles isn't holding anything together, not really, not even himself. And pretending only gets you so far. (The first of at least two stories inspired by interesting_gin's "Off Balance" series; more hope coming in the second one, I promise!)

The Better Man - Brenda {PG-13 |Division X |Cerebro |Protective!Erik}
Erik cannot - will not - forget the true reason he's here. Any distraction, however tempting, could prove his undoing.

The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco - fengirl88 {NC-17 |Recruiting |Miss-understandings |Pining |Jealousy |Humor}
Charles and Erik's recruiting trip leads them to San Francisco and the counter-culture of the Beat Generation. But who is the mysterious mutant they've come to find, and why is it proving so hard to track him down? The answer will change their relationship in ways neither of them had anticipated.

The Company You Keep - pearl_o {PG-13 |Pre-slash |Pining |Jealous!Charles |Recruiting}
Erik gets hit on, and Charles oversteps his bounds.

The Deeds That Define Us - withlightning {PG-13 |Miami |Time Skip |Future-fic |Fix-it}
It is vicious, this cycle they’re in. They keep rotating with each other, against each other, despite each other. Erik never wanted to tarnish Charles or his faith for humanity – but he isn’t going to apologise for the fact that he did.

The Dream Within - ninemoons42 {R |Recruiting |Car sex |Telepathy}
In the morning Angel Salvadore, the girl with the insect-type wings, will be joining the group at the CIA facility.

The Face of All the World Is Changed - Teacandles {PG-13 |Recruiting |Mansion!fic |Hurt!Charles |Telepathy |Loss of power |WIP |Headaches}
Something is wrong with Charles. His telepathy grows weaker and weaker as their meeting Shaw draws ever closer, and Erik must cope with the reality that his friend may not be as strong as he'd once thought.

The Feel-Good Drag - tahariel {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |PWP}
“You know, I’m still not convinced,” Charles says as Erik pushes him back onto the bed, wriggling up the mattress until his head is firmly propped on the small mountain of pillows he insists he needs, body lithe and comfortably naked on top of the coverlet. He looks up at Erik through his lashes like a peepshow of blue, a small coy curl to the corner of his mouth. “I mean, you’re good, darling, but I’m not convinced you’re that good. No offence.”

The First Law of Thermodynamics - Argyle {NC-17 |PWP |Missing Scene}
The supersonic jet needs breaking in. And Charles and Erik are just the men for the job.

The Heart does go on by anon {NC-17 |Recruting}
Prompt: car scene from titanic.

The King Of Second Chances - luninosity {PG |Recruiting |Fluff |Protectiveness}
Erik and Charles, while on their road trip, play chess, get caught in desert thunderstorms, rescue a kitten, and fall in love.

The Lake - Jena Bartley (jenab) {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Foreplay |Kissing |Swimming}
Erik wondered where Charles vanished to just before supper. One day he decides to follow.

the light is no mystery - littledust {PG |Domestic!fic |Mansion!fic}
The silence is what Erik enjoys most about the early morning, and this one proves no exception.

The mating habits of B. melodramatica rosea - aesc {PG |Mansion!fic |Humor}
The source of the commotion was a large reddish bird, its head (if possible) even redder than the rest of its body with, when the bird stopped bobbing long enough for Erik to see, dark purple markings on the cheeks and over its eyes. A long tail waved behind it, occasionally spreading as if to display itself. The bird cried horribly again, a series of shrieks and clacks that, considering it was a bird, came off as strangely aggravated and becoming more so. Every now and then it would launch itself into the air to float aggressively, its red-and-purple wings flapping to keep it aloft until it settled back down on its branch and clattering some more. Then it would repeat the process, occasionally turning somersaults or hovering so it could display the long, cape-like sweep of its tail again.

The Mechanics of Neuromolecular Medicine and Shared Beds - LolaFeist {NC-17 |Recruiting |Drunk!Charles |Blowjob-fic |PWP |Sharing a bed}
It turns out, Charles is a bit of a slag.

The Most Important Meal of the Day - heyjupiter {PG |Domestic!fic |Mansion!fic}
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Charles is trying his very best to feed everyone.

The One Hour Compromise - thesilverarrow {NC-17 |Recruiting |Hotel!sex |Drunk!Charles |Jealous!Erik}
As soon as he steps into the motel room, Erik shoves the door closed and shoves him back against it.

the pen(is) mightier - zarathuse {NC-17 |Recruiting |PWP}
And that would be bad enough, sitting across from Charles in this claustrophobic hotel room, stewing in frustrated lust over Charles’s stupidly attractive mouth, his perpetually flushed cheeks.

The Perks of Telepathy: How Mind Reading Will Save Your Sex Life - KateLouisaRose {NC-17 |bottom!erik |Domestic!fic |Canon!AU: No Shaw}
Being involved with a telepath has its perks. Erik is definitely in it for the perks.

The Right Way To Ask - helens78 {NC-17 |Recruiting |Jealous!Erik |Drunk!Charles}
Charles makes all kinds of offers when he's drunk, but somehow they don't appeal to Erik the way he'd like.

The Subtle Joys of Drowning -zamwessel (NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Cuddling |Nightmares |Sharing a bed |Bottom!Erik)
Summary: Erik has nightmares. Charles thinks getting into bed with him will help.

The Trouble with Telepaths - Calico {NC-17 |PWP |Humor}
The first eight times they fucked, Erik came first.

The wall sex fic by richiexcore {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |PWP |Wall!sex}
Summary: Erik comes in from a run and Charles comes out from a shower.

They Will Call Us Names - castles {PG-13 |Recruiting |Character Study |Ethnic slurs}
"Tell her that I'm a kike."

Three Times Erik Came Back (And Once He Almost Did) - zamwessell  (R |Division X |Post-XMFC |Future!fic |Old dudes in love)
Summary: Charles knows ways of making Erik stay.

Three Truths - pocky_slash {PG-13 |Recruiting |UST |Fluff |Romance}
In the first few weeks of their acquaintance, there are things Charles and Erik know undeniably about themselves and each other

Tides - Sulwen {R |Romance/Angst |Recruiting/Post-film}
Erik kisses him for the first time in the rain.

Times Like These - luninosity {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Fluff |Picnic}
Based on that picture of the boys in a field, that everyone loves. Charles wears impractical gloves, and Erik learns to appreciate picnics.

Tiny Dancer - sasha_b {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |UST |Dancing |Angst}
Erik might learn to love music, with a little help from Raven.

To Keep You This Way - helens78 {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |PWP |Telepathy |Wall!sex}
An idle thought in Erik's mind leads Charles to seduce him right in the middle of the hallway.

To Lose Everything, Just To Find You (or, Five Uses For Everyday Honey) - luninosity {R |Training |Post-XMFC |Fix-it!fic}
Falling in love, sweetness, heartbreak, hope, reconciliation, honey. In this first section, first kisses and sweetness and fluff.

To Meet Danger Plump: 5 Times Charles Enjoyed His Body - SharpestScalpel {PG-13 |Mansion!fic}
Charles is still physical - 5 times his body is perfect exactly as it is. (where charles is pudgy and likes his body)

To Meld - toestastegood {PWP |NC-17}
PWP. Erik wants to strip everything away from Charles, clothes, pride and control. He's beautiful like that.

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream - citizenjess {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Sex dreams}
In their first days (and nights) at the Xavier mansion together, both Charles and Erik develop some interesting habits.

Together - sasha_b {PG-13 |mansion!fic |Fluff}
Erik and Charles, one moment, happy.

Touching Deeper Than With Hands Alone - helens78 {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |PWP}
It's not just Erik's body that interests Charles, but he's certainly not going to pass up an opportunity to touch him.

Towne Hardware & Supply - helens78 {NC-17 |Mansion!fic |Telepathy |Wall!sex |D/s |PWP}
Charles takes Erik out on an errand to a hardware store. It's hard to be around shelf after shelf of metal tools and bits and bobs when you're all too aware that a couple buckets of ten-penny nails and a couple of sledgehammers, and you could probably rule the world.

Traction - Argyle {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Car!Sex}
It's been said that if a man can drive safely while kissing, he's not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. Fortunately for Erik and Charles, safety was never an option.

Triangles - zombieboyband {R |Angst |Recruiting |Nightmares |Internalized Homophobia}
It is a truth (almost) universally acknowledged that a single man sucking dick is more gay than a man getting his dick sucked. This is why Charles Xavier's knees are scuffing against cheap hotel carpet, why his palms are pressed against thin hotel wallpaper. It isn't the first time he's been in this position, and it isn't even his first time with Erik. It's never been the other way around, but here's the thing about Charles: he's willing to take one for the team.

Trip and Stumble - doctorcakeray {NC-17 |Recruiting |Sexual Tension |Drunk!Charles}
He was honestly surprised that Erik decided to stay. Taking a look at his mind didn’t mean he knew the man, and he’d carefully kept his thoughts to himself after their talk the night before, wondering as he went to bed what the next morning would bring.

Apparently it’s travelling across the country with an angry, dangerous, German metal-bender. Life is fascinating.

Trying Hard Not To Be Ashamed - citizenjess (givehimonemore) {PG-13 |Recruiting |Drunk!Charles |Flirty!Charles}
Erik has to ward off the advances of a drunken, handsy Charles, even though he doesn't really want to resist.

Turn Out the Lights - pearl_o {NC-17 |Recruiting |Angst |PWP |Consent Play}
Charles's smile fades slowly, replaced by a thoughtful expression. "If you need me to say no," Charles says, "I can do that, Erik."

Twelve Rounds - abbichicken {R |Training |Physical Training |Mansion!fic}
Physical training together before Cuba. Charles' combat experience is pretty much being shoved while drunk, so I imagine this would end with Erik pinning him to the floor and doing atrocious things to him.

Twist (and Shout) - Argyle {R |Recruiting |Beach!sex}
For once, Charles chooses the motel. The drive through Arizona is a long one, and even the sight of the hills surrounding Los Angeles can't tease him from weariness. There's only one thing for it: an ocean view.

Two Strangers On The Mend by luninosity {R |Holiday |Mansion!fic |Hurt/Comfort |Love Confessions |Charles' Unhappy Childhood}
Independence Day at the mansion. Fireworks, painful memories, beautiful first times, s’mores.

Unexpected Victories - zamwessell {NC-17 |Recruiting}
Showersex and European history

Until It Bleeds - withoutmaps {R |Mansion!fic |Playing Chess |Angst}
He'll need protection from this one.

Until You're Begging For It - ximeria {NC-17 |Bottom!Erik |PWP}
Charles is tired of being told that he's noisy when they have sex, so he sets out to prove that he can sex Erik out of his self control.

Untitled - sasha_b {PG-13 |Mansion!fic}
Everyone knows; Moira just wants to see.

Untitled Response by bagheera_san {R |Pining |Realizations |Oblivious!Charles |Recruiting}
Charles and Erik have to attend a black tie event (to spy on an evil dude, maybe) together. Before they leave, the others mention to Charles that Erik looks dapper as fuck, and Charles is all "mhmm didn't really notice," and the others are like, "uh-huh denial is not just a river in egypt" and he's all like "wut." But Erik's tux is tailored to his body, and throughout the night, Charles is unable to resist stealing glances.

Violets - ninemoons42 {PG |Mansion!fic |Flowers |Fluff |Drabble}
Except this morning. He staggers around the corner, stuffs most of his fist into his mouth to stifle his yawns - and there is a bedraggled nosegay hanging off the doorknob.

Waltz - toestastegood {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Dancing |Drabble}
Charles should never have accused Erik of being unable to dance.

Warming Up - helens78 {NC-17 |Recruiting}
On the Epic Bromance World Tour, Charles fumbles an opportunity, but he's not going to be left out in the rain forever.

Warmth and Roses - Telepathe {R |Mansion!fic |Fluff |Romance}
Prompt: After an orgasm Charles is basically reduced to a pile of happy mush. He is completely boneless and there's no way he would be able to sit up, let alone walk, so more often than not Erik ends up having to carry him back to their room after one of their more inappropriately located trysts...

way out in the water, see it swimming - pearl_o {R |Recruiting |Fake Relationship}
"We were about to lose her completely, and then suddenly she changed her mind and agreed to meet with us again tomorrow. Obviously the two of you were having some sort of conversation I wasn't privy to."

what is mine - kiyala {NC-17 |Jealous!Erik |Recruiting}
While relaxing at a bar, Charles is drunk and flirting with pretty girls while Erik is sitting at their table, looking bored. When the metal fixtures around them threaten to start melting, Charles realises that it's not boredom his friend feels, but jealousy.

What The Knife Wants - Cesare {PG-13 |Setting: Beach |Angst}
Erik and Charles each keep one thing secret from the other.

Whatever the Weather - Penknife {R |Recruiting}
They're probably safer in out of the storm.

we are praying i am the one to save you - imogenedisease {R |Mansion!fic |Recruiting |Angst |Character study}
He’s making it sound worse than it was.

we're on our way - pocky_slash {PG |Recruiting |UST |Pre-slash}
The recruitment trip has yet to be the road trip romance that Charles had been hoping for.

With Your Kindness - helens78 {R |Division X |Headache |Cerebro |Hurt!Charles |Caring!Erik |Hurt/Comfort}
Cerebro takes a lot out of Charles; a warm bath complete with washing his hair feels like the least Erik can do, but if it's all he can offer, he will.

Within the powers granted to me by anon {R |Mansion!fic |Dominant!Charles |Seduction}
Charles is the aggressor, both in courtship and in sex.

Without His Wings - pearl_o {PG-13 |Miami |Pre-slash |Siblings}
After Raven meets Erik, she has some questions for Charles.

Won't Find your Answers Here by tresa_cho {PG-13 |Canon!AU | |Cuba |Hurt!Erik |Drabble}
Prompt: Somehow, Erik knew if he deflected those bullets, something bad would happen to Charles. So instead of stopping it, he allows Moira to shoot him.

Words to Steal Your Heart Away - second_skin {PG-13 |Humor/Fluff |Division X |UST}
Erik and Charles have a new way to pass the time

Worthy of You - Rosawyn {PG-13 |Mansion!fic |Drabble |Chess}
"If you could have one wish, Erik, what would it be?"

"I'd wish the world were made of metal."

you fit into me - Penknife {R |Recruiting |Denial |Straight!Charles |Straight!Erik}
Erik has never believed in the future.

Zero to Sixty in Three Point Five - cm (mumblemutter) {NC-17 |PWP |Recruiting |Drunk!Charles}
Inebriation for beginners.