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 Misc Fandoms (Percy Jackson * Lord of the Rings * Twilight*)

Percy Jackson

how logan lerman learned to stop worrying etc etc. by lastling {NC-17}
Fandom: Percy Jackson RPS
Pairing: Logan/Jake
Summary: how logan lerman learned to stop worrying and love jake abel's XXX rated thoughts (logan/jake)

your love is my drug by lastling {NC-17}
Pairing: Percy/Luke
Rating: NC-17
Summary: SPOILERS FOR THE LAST OLYMPIAN: percy stares, annabeth has dirty shirts thrown at her, and luke isn't really that evil anymore.  

Lord of the Rings

Bond of Honor by Tirinwe {NC-17}
Pairing: Haldir/Eomer
Summary: After the night-long battle, the hall of healing in Helm's Deep overflowed with a catastrophic number of injured men and elves waiting to be helped.

Greenleaf and Imladris by Eresse {NC-17}
Pairing: Elrohir/Legolas
Summary: A multistory series chronicling the millennia spanning relationship of Legolas and Elrohir from the moment they meet beneath the eaves of Greenwood the Great to the years of the War of the Ring and beyond.

Sacred Bond by Eresse{NC-17}
Pairing: Elrohir/Legolas
Summary: Most bonds evolve with time. But a precious few begin at birth. Features Elrohir and Legolas.
Sequel: Hallowed Fate {NC-17 | Elladan/Imrahil}
Summary: When the paths of an Elvenlord and a Prince of Men cross, life as they knew it changes. The sequel to Sacred Bond. Features Elladan and Imrahil of Dol Amroth.

The Captain's Guerdon by Eresse {NC-17}
Pairing: Glorfindel/Elladan; Elrohir/Legolas
Summary: Desire and fate seem to conspire against a legendary warrior when he catches the attention of one relentless soldier prince. Includes the Chance Met Trilogy. Features Elladan & Elrohir, Glorfindel and Legolas.

The Gleaming Road - melblue {NC-17}
When Denethor orders Faramir to seduce Eomer it highlights some cultural differences between Gondor and Rohan, and leads to a moment of self-discovery for Faramir.

An Ounce of Kindness Redux by Eresse {NC-17}
Pairing: Elrohir/Legolas; Elladan/OMC
Summary: One never knows where an act of kindness will lead. This is the expanded version of the short story "An Ounce of Kindness".


Author: newssodark
Pairing: Edward/Jacob (some Edward/Bella but that won't last long)
Rating: R; eventual NC17
Summary: Jacob and Edward don't get along, but when something terrible happens to Jacob, a common enemy may bring them closer together than they've ever dreamed...whether they want it or not.
Bea's comment: One of my favorites, still WiP which is a shame :( But I'm hoping it gets updated more often.

Waxing Gibbous by ladyshadowdrake/Lady Shadow
Pairing(s): EdwardJacob (EdwardBella)
Rating: NC-17
Summary : Edward and Jacob are both left at loose ends in the aftermath of Bella's transformation.
Bea's comment: Okay, so I pretty much hate Twilight but I ran out of things to read so I thought to myself 'what the fuck! I'm bored and there must be at least a couple of decent fic in this fandom'. And I'm all about the slash and the love/hate thing, so Edward/Jacob is a pretty obvious pairing for me to dwell into. This is the first fic I read from this fandom, and I think I won't be able to read more fic without comparing it to this one because it is actually awesome, well-written and the plot was beautifully executed. I really fell in love with how she wrote Edward and Jacob (I love Jacob the most! He likes to act tough and hates the situation he's in, and yet he can't help it) everyone else. The way she handled Bella was well-thought and plausible... And the sex, when it finally happens, is intense, hot and passionate, not fluffy/romantic...Just the way I envisioned it.

The actors from Twilight are not how envisioned the characters, so whenever I read this fic, I pictured the Edward and Jacob from the Japanese Manga Illustrations from the books. :D Plus, I don't think the author had the actors in mind when she wrote this either, since Jacob is around 6 inches taller than Edward in the fic, just like the book and unlike the movie XD
Even if you hate Twilight, I definitely recommend this fic. A+++++.