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Harry Potter: Various Pairings

Snape/Lupin, Other Pairings

Last Updated: May 2013

Snape/Lupin Face of Faith by mechaieh {PG}
Snape/Lupin. “In the months that followed Albus’s death and Severus’s disappearance, Remus Lupin resumed reciting
the prayers of his childhood, even though he hadn’t stepped inside a synagogue in years…”

A Season in Aberdaron by rufus  {PG-13}
The afterlife was colder than Severus had expected it would be, and quieter.

Dirty Rotten by Misty {NC-17}
Summary: There are many reasons to lie, and Remus Lupin is familiar with all of them

Forbidden Passion: A Soap Opera in Five Acts  {NC-17 |Humor |Long}
Summary: A retelling of PoA, in which Lupin is out and proud, Snape is a homophobic bastard, and the whole thing really belongs in the script of a soap opera. Oh, wait..

Four Christmas Eves Where Severus Snape and Remus Lupin Fail to Communicate and One Where They Succeed {PG-13}
Summary: In which ten points are taken from Gryffindor, and five from Slytherin. Is Where You Find It by Razzberry {NC-17}
They’re in the middle of a war, and neither of them is in a comfortable position. Rivals, with twenty-five years of the past between them, neither innocent in the game they’ve played since they were children. Two men, neither expecting to ever go down this unfamiliar road, certainly not with each other. No common ground to start from, nowhere to begin building anything except more hatred. They are, perhaps, among the most unlikely lovers on the planet.

I Have Never by kinky_kneazle  {NC-17}
Summary: During the first war there is very little that Remus has not been forced to do.

Male Bonding  {NC-17 |Dubcon}
Lupin and Snape are captured, and it's just prior to the full moon. Instead of simply killing them, Voldemort has them locked up together, knowing that when Lupin transforms he will tear Snape to shreds, and then probably go mad from guilt. Rescue seems unlikely, but Lupin knows there is one thing that could save Snape: a werewolf would never harm its mate. The trouble is, not only must they have sex, but becoming a werewolf's mate means you must stay with them for life. Will Snape think death is a better option? Unseen by McKay {NC-17}
Summary: After losing his sight during the Battle of Hogwarts, Remus struggles to adjust to his new circumstances; when depression threatens to overwhelm him, he receives unexpected assistance from an unknown source. Adventures of Remus J. Lupin, Aspiring Sex God by snegurochka {NC-17 |KINK |Remus/MULTIPLE PAIRINGS, Ends up Snape/Lupin}
Summary: Remus has been told he’s boring in bed. He sets out on a mission to spice things up. Read it for the sex, if nothing else. Hot damn, Remus has sex with A LOT OF PEOPLE. AND IT’S HOT. AND PWP.

The Inverse of Hormesis by woldy  {R}
Summary: An improbable meeting in a Muggle bookshop leads Snape and Lupin to re-evaluate one another.

The Persons We Were by hesychasm {NC-17 |SS/RL, RL/SB |Angst |Post OoTP}
“And suddenly life was different.”
Bea’s comment: Wow, I hold an Extreme dislike for Harry on this one. >:(

The Skull Beneath the Skin {NC-17}
Summary: The Dark Mark cuts deep. A werewolf understands. Response to the Virgin!Snape challenge.

Touch and Go by Arsenic  {NC-17}
Summary: Remus gets captured. Severus brews up new potions. Draco defects. It all comes together somehow.

Truth of the Heart by shadowycat {R}
The war is finally over and, to his surprise, Remus Lupin has survived, though questions about just what happened to him during the final battle haunt his dreams and his waking hours in equal measure. When he realizes that Severus Snape is also still alive, Remus knows he can’t rest until he finds him. Something deep within him whispers that Severus holds the answers he needs, and only when he’s face to face with him again will he be able to understand the true reason for his survival and find what’s been missing from his life for far too long 

Other Pairings


Back In Black by kalena {NC-17 |MPREG}
Sirius Black is back from the dead. He’s not alone. *_*


Vivify by lightgetsin {NC-17 |Post-war AU}
Sirius Black is alive, and Harry Potter is missing. (I love how the author wrote Sirius in this)


Stay by gypsyflame {NC-17 |Marriage |Virgin!Draco |Crossgen Relationship}
Summary: War is coming, and Narcissa is scared for Draco. So she turns to the only person she can think of – Sirius Black.