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Queer as Folk Recs (Brian/Justin)

Brian/Justin has been my favorite pairing ever since I watched the show years ago. Recently, I've re-watched it again and so I've gone to hunt fics. Sadly, a lot of the ones I read years ago have been deleted since the show has been off the air for a while. Onwards!

Newest Ones on top.

Last Updated: June 2016


Glowing Rooms - ohmyjetsabel  R
An AU/What-If fic. Brian got the job in New York and left at the end of Season 1, but Justin was still attacked that night at prom.

Inescapable {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Different Meeting |Season 5}
Brian/Justin, rated NC-17. Serious AU, based around the episode 510. (Where they meet during the bombing in Babylon.) Long, epic, and satisfying. *_*

Brian Like Me by mlefay and eleveninches. {PG-13}
Category: Post-Series
Summary: Brian learns he has a destiny. He promptly rejects it. Brian/Justin, post-series.

Busy Week on the Fridge by Julad {PG}
Bea's comment: This is not really a fic, it's more of a picture? But they leave notes to each other and it says something about how domestic they are, but not in a cute way. XD

Charmed Life by eleveninches {PG-13}
Summary: After Stockwell's defeat, Brian has to vanquish evil, survive mysterious hardships, and sort out his love life. It's like Brian Kinney, Vampire Slayer, only without the vampires or the cool superpowers. Alternate Season Four Timeline.
Bea's comment: hahaha omg Brian gets cursed! Hunter is a warlock! Zombies! IT'S HILARIOUS.

Cross-Reference by laciudad {NC-17}
Category: Mid-Season 2 AU
Summary: Qaf. Justin's sure about one thing, learning to speak fluent Kinney-ese takes a lot of cross-referencing.
Bea's comment: Loved this one, definitely one of my favorites.

divergence {NC-17}
Justin turns twenty-one in California and decides to make Los Angeles his permanent home

International Brian Kinney Day by eleveninches {PG-13}
Category: Season 4 AU
Summary: The wedding fic. Brian/Justin, Alternate Season Four Timeline. "So we're setting aside a day to revolve around Lord Kinney again. How is this news?"
Bea's comment: LOL funny and crackish in the best way.

No More Ugly Naked Guy by darksylvia {PG-13}
Category: Crossover: Friends
Summary: The first time they noticed the absence of Ugly Naked Guy, Monica and Rachel were watching Bridget Jones' Diary together (thus driving the men out), and so were in the dark when the lights in Ugly Naked Guy's apartment went on.
Bea's comment: This fic is hilarious! Chandler's voice is spot-on, and it's hilarious how the gang starts spying on Brian/Justin sexy-times.

Subject to Change by themagichour {R}
Category: AU of S1E21
Summary: AU where Brian moved to NYC in episode 121. Brian and Justin meet there, 3-4 years later.
Bea's comment: This has become my favorite Brian/Justin. I love how they become sort of best friends, and how this time it's Brian who's waiting for Justin, but in a total Brian-way. I've already re-read it three times in 24 hours.

Type 1 by Suz {NC-17}
Summary: "Jennifer," he interrupted, seriously not in the mood for this, "there was no fruit involved anywhere. Believe me, I know all about Justin's allergies, and shared that information with the paramedics on the way here. It was completely normal, non-kinky, vanilla sex." He decided not to mention the butt plug. Justin probably wouldn't appreciate that.
Sequel: Please Be Aware
Sequel: Two Months, Five Days
Bea's comment: This whole series is hilarious. AKA the one where Justin is allergic to latex. XD The third story is my favorite, and I liked everyone's reaction to Brian and Justin being monogamous, especially because we know just how Brian feels about the M word.