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Anime: Hetalia

Hetalia Recs

Last Updated: June 2016

New Recs

Coffee and Cigarettes - stardropdream R, Series
Two character introspections in regards to his feelings, his thoughts, his insecurities, and his determinations.

La Patisserie de la Rose R
AU. Accountant Matthew Williams is used to being unnoticed, ignored, and forgotten. That is until pastry chef Francis Bonnefoy appears like a burst of colour in his dull, grey life. Gift fic for TCTBS.

Libelle Hall PG-13
Modern AU. When Roderich Edelstein – student, musician, and reluctant activist – attempts to save a local music hall from destruction, he is not prepared for the conflicting emotions evoked in him by arrogant demolition worker Gilbert Beilschmidt.

We'll Meet Again R
WW2 AU. London pub owner Arthur Kirkland is driven to distraction by loud, brash American fighter pilot Alfred Jones. Unable to stop it, Arthur finds himself falling for Alfred's charms... just as the pilot is preparing to leave for war.

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart R, AU
WW2 AU. Feliciano Vargas is a passionate, if slightly scared, Italian resistance member. Falling in love with a German fighter pilot was the last thing he expected... and it will test his national loyalty, and his heart, to their limits.


Oblivion - ChampagneSly (PG |Spain/Romano)
Winter, 1935---Spain on the precipice of Civil War, Europe in the midst of growing discontent and the rise of totalitarian governments, with Italy under the dictatorship of Mussolini.

Romano believes he knows the despair to come; Spain refuses to believe in anything but their ability to survive.

Surrender - ChampagneSly (PG-13 |AU |Spain/Romano)
In the midst of the Spanish Civil War, Romano makes his way to Spain's door to make amends.

The Daily Grind & When the Day is Done - ChampagneSly (NC-17 |Spain/Romano)
A companion piece to some lovely fanart. Mornings with Spain and Romano, followed by evenings with Spain and Romano.

Tomatoes, Capiche? (PG-13)
While on a job for the Mafia, Romano ends up waiting outside a very familiar tomato farm on the east coast of Spain. Romano/Spain.

So Good the Pope Weeps for Days (NC-17)
And headcanon, “ I like to think that Spain and Romano are so dirty when they dance together that it makes the Pope cry for weeks,” for inspiration.

Seduction at Il Carnevale (PG-13)
Challenged to prove his God-given Italian seduction skills, Romano takes advantage of the mystery and romance of Venice's Carnival celebration to take said skills for a test run with Spain as the target. (Kink Meme De-Anon)

My Heart is Drenched in Wine (NC-17)
[AU] Wine and romance. More importantly, when you cut through my wine!fangirling, this is a story about Lovino and Antonio and how they find their way back together (in spite of the past and occasionally the present) as they attempt to make wine and sometimes love, Like Pasta, is Thicker Than Water by anonymous (R)
Category: AU
Summary:  After their successful getaway, they are double crossed by the least likely one of their own. The remaining thieves managed to survive the double crossing and are now a man short in order to go and recapture their lost earnings. What they don't know is that their new skillful recruit is none other than Lovino Vargas in disguise, big brother of the man they originally stole from, and big-time mafioso out to regain what was stolen from his stupid little brother.
Bea's comment: I loved this plot, Antonio is so adorable and stalker-ish, and Romano kicks so much ass! (And Rome and the mafia lmao) Morosa (NC-17)
Category: AU
Summary/Prompt: Lovino is a prostitute (preferably from a brothel) and Antonio becomes a regular customer. It starts off all physical, but it eventually develops into love. Time (PG-13)
Prompt: Five ways Romano unintentionally made Spain blush and one way he did it on purpose.

The Bull that he is by anon (PG-13)
Prompt: Rome does not approve that his Lovino is being courted by a certain Spaniard. Ways About It by rex-dart (NC-17)
Pairing: Spain/Romano, America/England at the end, mentions of Greece/Japan
Summary: Very belatedly for the kink meme. Request was Spain taking Romano up on his offer re: marriage proposal. Part one of the original strip is here and part two is here.


Away Team Advantage (PG-13 |USUK)
In which two slightly drunk Nations test out that theory about the English accent. UKUS

Amsterdam - Miaou Jones (miaoujones) (NC-17 |USUK)
Arthur could have Alfred's brilliance and warmth in his life—if only he could let himself.
Sequel: The Pureness of That Desire

A History of Valentine's - Skeptikitten (PG |USUK)
Six old traditions of Valentine's Day, six specific dates in time. America and England as seen by the holiday of lovers. Originally for a contest on Deviant Art.

Between the Lines - xtwilightzx (blackidyll) (PG-13 |USUK)
Sparked by a comment from Francis and prompted by how current world events have strained his and Alfred’s relationship, Arthur decides to step away from his feelings for Alfred. Francis meddles, Alfred remains oblivious, and Matthew watches it all, waiting for something to give.

Bottle it Up - stardropdream (PG-13 |USUK)
Arthur thinks to himself that at this point he should be used to war, used to the loss of his men. But he is not, and after two ambushes in one day, he is forced to realize that Alfred, too, is in many ways much too young for war.

How sweet it is, to die for one's country.

Bullseye (PG-13 |AU)
Arthur Kirkland, the United Kingdom's finest archer, hoped to take home a medal from the 2012 London Olympics. He never expected he would take home a boyfriend as well. USUK. Olympics AU. Mutual one-sided fluff with a happy ending.

Infinite Drum Beat - snowyfoxpaws (PG-13 |Hurt/Comfort)
By no means a weak nation, even England finds himself brought to his knees by the ailments of mankind. Luckily someone is there to help soothe the pain.

Jealousy Will Get You Everywhere - Alizon, Kahani (PG-13)
England has taken up with Prussia. It's up to America to save him from that Commie-Nazi's evil wiles with the power of true love. And shouting. And public humiliation.

Last Caravan - stardropdream (NC-17)
Alfred does something reckless, as always, and, as always, Arthur gets mad. Alfred thinks of ways to apologize without actually having to say the word "Sorry."

Misplaced Soil - stardropdream (NC-17)
An argument leaves England and America to reassess and redefine their "special" relationship, all the while England is stuck in a country he doesn't fully understand despite his best efforts.

Point Taken - ChampagneSly (USUK |NC-17)
Pointless canon-verse porn in a broom closet.

Send Out the Wrecking Crew - stardropdream (NC-17)
America decides to make up for all the lost nights.

Guilty Parties Must Take Responsibility (PG-13)
America was, for lack of better words, exhausted.

The Book of Hoyle Act 1 (PG-13 |AU)
In the world of Hoyle there are many tales, but none as strange as the Kingdom of Spades. Multiple pairings aside from USUK.

The Sea Between You And Me - Deminos (NC-17 |USUK |AU)
AU. UsUk. A pirate who saw nothing but the future, a naval captain who felt nothing but resentment.The only thing the two have in common was the bittersweet childhood in which they shared. Years later, Alfred is finally able to exact his revenge.

Write Me When You Get There (R |AU |USUK)
World War II AU - Human names used. Arthur Kirkland is a Red Cross medic stationed in Normandy. He meets wounded soldier Alfred F. Jones. This is their story. M for language and suggestive themes.

Writing's On the Wall - stardropdream (NC-17 |USUK)
It'd been months since they'd seen each other. Needless to say, their reunion is very eventful, even if they don't make it past the foyer.

You Can't Take the Sky from Me (PG-13 |WIP |AU)
Ace pilot America is on a mission for the World Military when a chance encounter with a group of sky-pirates leads him to team up with their captain, England, against a malevolent group that wants to fill the sky with zeppelins. USxUK- Steampunk AU

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road (R |Established Relationship)
USUK. "And yet," Arthur replies, "I was bewitched for so long." Arthur loses his virginity to Alfred and giving up the ability to see his fairies and unicorns was the price he had to pay for choosing a different kind of love.

Two Hundred Years Coming (PG-13)
"Over two hundred years!" He shouted, his blue eyes flashing. "It's been over two hundred years, and you still let it…" He paused, and England could have sworn he heard a hitch in his voice. "You still let it stand between us."

Four for Dinner (PG)
He almost had to laugh at the pair across the table from them, so clearly together but trying so hard to deny it. Then again, Germany thought as Italy nudged him, perhaps dealing with Italy just jaded him to constant affection. US/UK, Germany/Italy.

Finding Arcadia: December 24, 1941 (PG-13 |Hurt/Comfort)
England inwardly berated himself for not realizing it sooner. He'd just been so caught up with his own problems in the war... By God, it had only been seventeen days since the attack; no wonder America wasn't acting like himself. England/America.

A Taste of One's Own Medicine (PG-13)
For some reason, America really didn't want England to see him that day. But that doesn't stop England from coming over to see what the problem is. UK/US.

In Defense of Beauty (PG)
America voices his opinion on beauty when France and England start insulting each other's appearances. America/England.

Mother Knows Best (PG)
America had always been fond of his First Lady, but she did have a dark side. Namely a love of sticking her nose into his business. Especially when it involved England. USUK, Presidential Family Fun!

Someone is Checking You Out! (PG)
Stupid frog...England was NOT lonely. And he CERTAINLY didn't need to join a bloody online dating website.

Thanks for the Pranks (PG-13)
Due to the overwhelming maturity of both nations, America and England find themselves in a different kind of war than they are used to...A prank war! Who will get the last laugh? "Mark my words, old man, this is war." "Bring it on, brat. Bring it on."

New Horizons (R/NC-17 |Dub-con)
America finds England to be just a bit...boring. When he finds a pocket watch that takes him back in time, however, a glimpse of the man England once was may change that. Pirate!EnglandxAmerica

Cold December Night (PG-13)
All England wanted was one kiss from America, and if wearing a -not ugly at all, thank you very much- sweater and wallpapering his penthouse with mistletoe was how it was going to happen- so be it.

At Daybreak (PG)
A story of how relationships and communication change over time. Canonverse; WWI and WWII.

Bell'Italiano (R/NC-17)
England is still dressed up as an Italian, and an oblivious America runs into him and doesn't realize who he is. Cue England wooing him the Italian way as he remains under cover in Italy.

Quartering Acts (R/NC-17)
It's mid-August of 1774, the Quartering Acts have been re-established and one colonial blacksmith is forced to take in a British soldier. How will these two destined enemies live together under one roof? What of the war soon to come? USUK

Fools Fall (R)
-UK/US/UK- 'But since he managed to admit to England that he'd like for them to be "special", too, America has made it a point to notice every little thing about England.'

The Allure of Bedhead (R)
He was wearing flannel, had hair sticking up, and was even drooling a little - but damn if England wasn't a pretty sight to wake up to in the morning.

You're Cute When You're Happy (PG-13)
England is acting unusually affectionate. America decides he's totally down with this.

Chiaroscuro (PG-13)
Alfred is exhausted and weary from carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders and Arthur is there to give him some TLC and build him back up.

Promises, Promises (PG-13)
..."Has it ever occurred to you that we now act exactly like a married couple?" USUK.

International Response (PG |Hurt/Comfort)
America's never been hurt like this before. England reacts.

Define me the Year, Darling (PG-13)
So they ring in the New Year as does the rest of America, their eyes on Times Square and their minds on the past, lest it should slip away the moment the ball drops. USUK, canon.

Home for Christmas (R |Hurt/Comfort)
Christmas, 1946, will teach them three things: how to waste not and want not, how to be together without the war, and that love tastes a little bit like oranges

Henceforth (R |Hurt/Comfort)
Three-shot. We are never too old to lose our identities - America stumbles, Alfred aches, and Arthur understands the fall of empire all too well - so we find them again. Post-modern day. Canon.

The Victory Kiss (PG-13)
England was going to kiss America, and nothing, save the King himself, was going to stop him. Victory in Europe Day, 1945-

Sweating in the Winter (NC-17)
"But America had a look of such careful concentration on his face, perspiration beading on his forehead and matting his hair, that England felt so desperately in love with him that he thought he'd burst." England wants America to not hold back his strength when they have sex. America complies.

Highway Cloudbusting  (NC-17)
Sick of politics and business as usual, England decides to indulge a rare moment of spontaneity and go on a roadtrip. He should have known that America would want to tag along. And they both should have known that the trip would set them down a path they couldn't turn away from.

Here's to the Daylight  (PG-13)
England's relationship with mornings. Four vignettes (colonial times, revolutionary times, world war two time, and current time).

What Little There is (R)
Things like this are not very intimate anymore. It's as easily thrown away as a promise between nations, used as nothing more than leverage for alliances.

The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore (PG-13)
With the signing of the Treaty of Ghent, the War of 1812 came to its conclusion, but there are still things left unsaid.

All Roads Lead (PG-13)
It’s WWII, and England is a prisoner in a German POW camp. America’s mission it to rescue him before the Germans discover who he really is.

Lying in that Sound, Tonight (PG-13)
Before the victory of the allies, before the United States of America joined the war, before Lend-Lease, before everything — there were just two nations, two men, who just refused to meet halfway until it was forced upon them.

The Real Reason Why Americans Eat Freedom Fries  (R)
When Francis reminisces about some rather too intimate old times with Arthur, Alfred gets very annoyed.

Born on the Fourth of July (PG-13 |Hurt/Comfort)
It’s America’s Bicentennial and the celebration is going to be epic. Despite England’s bouts of ill health he suffers during this time of the year, he knows his duty, and his duty is to attend the festivities and play his part. But this celebration doesn’t turn out as either America or England thought it would. (Set during America’s Bi-Centennial, 1976)

The Silken Rose (NC-17)
It is said that the red string of fate ties you to your soul mate. England's thread leads to America, therefore it must be wrong.


Order (Try Me)  (NC-17)
Alfred's the hottest bartender in town. Arthur likes what he has on order. Flirtation, libations, fornication.

Above, Over, and Beyond the System (PG)
MIB AU- Agent A has had a crush on Arthur, the cute air traffic controller, for three years now, and he's pretty sure he likes him back. The only problem? Every single time A and Arthur had ever worked together had been completely wiped from Arthur's memory. USUK with a touch of GerIta

I Show Not Your Face (PG-13)
Pottertalia AU. Arthur shook his head, stepping forward and standing up on his tip toes to read the inscription etched into the frame. "Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi," he expertly read. "I show not your face but your heart's desire. The Mirror of Erised..."

Reconstruction (PG-13)
In the traditions of the Kingdom of Spades, the Crown Prince is to be married on his twentieth birthday to whichever young lady he wants. Unfortunately, Prince Alfred is having a little trouble with that. Cards AU. USUK.

Ask Me Anything (PG-13)
Alfred starts to follow Arthur on tumblr. It's not long until they become friends... and possibly more.

Keep Dreaming, America (R)
AU – Director Francis Bonnefoy and screenwriter Arthur Kirkland scour Hollywood looking to cast America's boy-next-door. Actor Alfred F. Jones fits the criteria. Perhaps too well: Arthur finds his cynicism challenged by something new entirely. COMPLETE

Pointblank (R)
WWII AU: Arthur is a gifted volunteer doctor. Alfred is a bomber pilot. Love strikes us pointblank, right between the eyes, in the most inconvenient of places. The battlefield is no exception.

Cuckoo in the Nest (R)
Human AU. Arthur is a famous novelist in hiding from the paparazzi after he is publicly humiliated when he is left standing at the altar. Alfred is the very competent personal assistant hired by Arthur’s agent to keep him hidden and safe while he completes his newest novel, the novel that just might change all their lives. [Previous Spain/England relationship.]


A is For by RobinRocks (R)
Summary: Alfie. Which Arthur totally called him last night. And thus begins Alfred's quest to get him to say it again. Correct by Hazel-Beka (R)
Summary: Alfred wants to know which places in England the different parts of Arthur's body represent. Arthur wants to know whether this sudden interest is just a really weird kink. PWP, established USUK. me Why by anon (NC-17)
Summary: UK/US, sex with US in a kimono, UK topping. & Jackass by Rirri (PG-13)
Summary: This entire visit, compulsory though it may be, was designed to improve their relations, but England is positive his boss didn't for a minute imagine it would improve in this particular direction... US/UK UST by VIII of XIII (NC-17)
Summary: America is completely serious at a world conference. England finds this unexpectedly arousing.

Croatan by anonymous (NC-17)
Prompt: According to that, the only time America can see fairies is on Halloween. So on Halloween, America is almost seduced and taken away by a fairy until England comes to save him. This should be a "oh no, you didn't just try to take my man, do you have any idea who I am *ass kick*" badass magic wielding Arthur. Um, more seriously than I just stated it though, lol. But the fight shouldn't be easy for him. by TechnoRanma (PG)
Summary: On the verge of bankruptcy, the British Empire is falling. At the same time, the USA finds out what it's like to fall in an entirely different way. Hitting rock bottom only means you have to fess up to what's at the bottom of your heart. to Lumina 1-9b by anon (PG-13)
Status: WiP
Prompt: England becomes blind. Accidents by Abarero (PG-13)
Summary: After injuring himself in the most ridiculous of ways, America is laid up in the hospital during WWII. While there, he's visited by the other allies and a rather reluctant England.

Heartbeat by anon (PG)
Summary/Prompt: I want one nation trying to recover from some emotional distress and being soothed by his lover's heartbeat. Want Him by TechnoRanma (PG)
Summary: If you've ever had to suffer through an awkward family dinner while trying to keep your relationship with another country a secret, this is that story. America and England have dinner with Uncle Sam and John Bull. you find me by anon (R |Hurt/Comfort |Noncon)
Prompt: Enemy forces (it doesn't matter who) has captured England, who is then brutally raped, tortured, etc. After hearing about the capture, a rescue team was formed (America is a given, but France also would preferred). The problem is that they weren't aware of just how far the damage was. They had came too late and had found England is completely broken.

Of course, although it seems hopeless, America won't give up, he makes it his job to help England. Slowly but surely, England recovers. Chance by ArixaBell (R)
Summary: It's twenty years after the devastating end of the third world war, when many countries were destroyed. The surviving nations are surprised to discover those that were lost, reborn as humans. Thousand Stitches Crossed (PG-13)
Summary: [Prompt: America ruining his clothes as an excuse to get England to sew them.] America does whatever it takes to get closer to England. His wardrobe is just a small sacrifice to make, that's all.
Bea's comment: It's f-locked on the hetalia community, so you have to join New World by anon (NC-17)
Prompt: US/UK, Shower Sex.

Other Pairings

Sick Day (PG)
Pairing: Germany/N. Italy
With anyone else, Germany would have suspected an elaborate staged sickness, but he never second guessed Italy's cold being genuine; the other country clearly feverish and utterly miserable by appearance alone. N.Italy/Germany

Frienemies (PG-13)
Pairings: France/Canada, America/England.
It's France's birthday party, which means there is lots of love in the air. But England's sulking, America's moody and Canada just hopes that the evening isn't ruined somehow.

Second To None (NC-17)
Pairing: Sweden/Finland
Sweden belongs to Finland. Not that he would want it any other way. Kink-meme fill.

Close Encounters (of the Personification of Nations Kind)  (PG |GEN)
Ten times the Avengers encountered Alfred F. Jones and his friends.

Dirty Pop (PG-13)
Pairing: Sweden/Finland
In attempt to promote Scandinavia (or least that's how mastermind Denmark tries to sell it!), the Nordics form a boy band! This is the story of their rise to European pop fame, as told by a Sweden who's got a fan club of hot guys as he tries to figure out just what the hell is going on with Finland!

Time and Time Again (NC-17)
Pairing: Sweden/Finland
In the here and now, wanting to feel a part of his new family, Sealand is infatuated with Sweden's history and begs for stories from the Nordics, all while trying to match-make his Papa and Finland because that's what sons do best.

A story about past and present, love and forgiveness, and family. Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes by anon (R)
Pairing: Denmark/Norway
Prompt from Kink meme: Has anyone else read the classic Superman story “For The Man Who Has Everything”? It’s an excellent tale about Superman being captured by the Black Mercy, a plant that slowly kills its captive by trapping them in a dream of their deepest heart’s desire that they will never want to wake up from. For Superman, his heart’s desire turns out to be living an ordinary life on Krypton with a wife and children. And it turns out that the only way to break free of the Black Mercy is to reject it or subconsciously warp the dream into a nightmare.

What I’d like to see is a nation, any nation, being unwittingly ensnared by that Black Mercy plant. What would their heart’s desire be? Would they dream about being an ordinary human, free of the responsibilities of being a nation? About being with that special someone?. Jones Paranormal Investigation Agency by Feux Follets (R)
Pairings: Francis/Matthew; Alfred/Arthur; Ivan/Yao
Summary: A candle-lit dinner with fresh roses on the side under moon light was the last thing Matthew had expected coming onto a trip meant for paranormal investigations. 
Bea's comment: This is one of my favorites! I mean, come on, Alfred owns a Paranormal Investigation Agency! Francis loves to flirt! Arthur is some sort of magician! (And lol Alfred/Arthur UST)

Untitled by anon (PG-13)
Prompt: France hitting on Canada..