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Thor Recs (Thor/Loki)

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Last Updated December 26 2013

Recs Journal: Bearecs@tumblr


*These are the ones that take place before the movie Thor
*where Thor and Loki were in Asgard.
* (Or ignores movie canon.)
*Chaptered/Oneshots that start with their time in Asgard but end in movie-canon

Strength {R |Strength!Kink}
So Loki might be kinda on the skinny side for an Asgardian, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t actually physically strong, especially since he is actually a frost giant.Basically I want the five times Loki’s super strength freaked people out and the one time it didn’t.

All They Ever Do Is Talk {NC-17 |Asgard}
...and lo, I discovered a deep and sudden kink for Thor playing with Loki's messed-up floppy frizzy hair.

Ignis Fatuus (Foolish Fire) {NC-17 |Asgard}
In which Thor’s attempt to spend some quality time with his younger brother on an expedition to collect various specimens and herbs for alchemical purpose goes Quite Awry Indeed.

I’m Your Man by Clarice Chiara Sorcha {NC-17 |Asgard}
An impending name day leads Thor to incite Loki to the hunt in order to fulfill one ritual of manhood. Loki in turn invokes another, as should always and ever be his right.

This Unavoidable Thing Between Us by Clarice Chiara Sorcha {NC-17 |Asgard}
Loki then slips between him as he might slip between worlds, a silent shadow that exists simply because the sun does: there can be never one without the other. A startled indrawn breath marks Thor’s only audible response, his eyes wide and as uncertain as the half-drawn fingers against his trembling palms. But it is not for his pleasure, it is for his own good.

A Desperate Dance - Syan {PG-13 |Pre-slash}
Loki and Thor grow up learning the many ways of dance that life can bring to them. From expansive golden halls and generous feasts to sparring rings and battle fields. So what do they do when they ‘dance’ on opposite sides?

a love like that {PG |Asgard}
Loki has a wide variety of talents. Dancing, as it turns out, is not one of them.

A Pleasant Little Trick - illwynd {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Asgard}
Loki and Thor have been lovers for a while, and Thor—naturally!—has always topped. Until one day Loki insinuates that he just couldn’t handle bottoming. Thor decides he simply has to prove himself. However, Loki is rather well endowed…
Alternate Link: Kink Meme A Pleasant Little Trick

Acta Non Verba by Clarice Chiara Sorcha (claireoujisama) {NC-17}
Summary: …and lo, I discovered a deep and sudden kink for Thor playing with Loki’s messed-up floppy frizzy hair. I REGRET NOTHING.

Ale to the King {NC-17 |Asgard |Drunken!sex}
Thor has never seen Loki drunk.

All Hands Against Our Own by stereobone {PG-13 |Asgard |Post-Avengers}
“Cut my hair, brother,” he says. “Like you used to.”

apples, wolf’s teeth, a weight against the fall by Isagel {NC-17}
Summary: The one thing in all the realms that his trickery cannot shift, around which his magic cannot maneuver.

As the Wind Said to the Trees - ester_inc {NC-17 |Asgard |Angst}
An old rumor reaches Thor’s ears; his confrontation with Loki has unforeseen consequences.

As We Ever Were by lc2l {PG-13 |Pre-movie |Post-Thor!AU}
They were believed to be brothers. So if they were a little too close on occasion, no one objected. After all, they were young.

Asgard’s Lay {NC-17 |Pre-movie}
Jealousy burns in Loki at all the women who adore Thor, and he takes it to his mind to take what his brother cannot: men. Since he is a shapeshifter, it is easy enough to become a woman and seduce men. The experiences there teach him how to well please a woman, and he soon gains a reputation as the best of lovers for anyone. Thor is not happy with his little brother slutting it up.

Better Than Ice Cream {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Asgard}
Loki was a thrice-cursed forked-tongue untrustworthy lying

Beyond Borders - mintleaf {R |Asgard}
This is what they are, what they do during the time they have when it’s just them, free in a way Asgard could never allow them to be.

Blindside - gothicdragon752 {R |Asgard |Jealous!Thor}
Thor takes up Loki’s suggestion to sample Midgardian nightlife. He was not aware it would be a life-changing decision.

Brotherly Love by AccursedSpatula, Moiraine {NC-17 |Asgard |Bottom!Thor |WIP Series}
A Loki/Thor series where there’s lots of sex. (And top!Loki >:D)

Craving by mybelovedcheshire {R |Pre-movie}
Loki has a strange habit and Thor can’t suppress his curiosity.

Divine Hammer {NC-17 |PWP |Asgard}
In which Loki is a devious little slut and the hammer is Thor’s penis. Literally

Don’t Leave Me the Way I Am - glayish {PG-13 |Thor!fic |Asgard |WIP}
He wished he could use Mjölnir as a blacksmith would, hammer himself out until he was shining and straight.  Thor discovers he is gay as he grows up but guiltily hides it until he falls for his brother.

Experimentation {NC-17 |Asgard |Bottom!Thor}
Loki talks Thor (oh! so subtly) into giving him a blowjob. All the while, Loki pets Thor hair. When it’s over, Loki gives Thor a “hand” and feeds him his own come. Or, or Thor comes just from sucking Loki’s cock.

Faceless {NC-17 |Asgard}
There is a special tavern in Asgard where, in complete anonymity, anyone can have their desire granted. Both Thor and Loki share the passion for what the tavern provides - it is only that they don't know it of each other.
Sequel: Unmasked

Fluidity {NC-17 |Genderswap |Asgard}
The first time Loki turns himself into a woman, it is by mistake. With the way Thor reacts, Loki learns not to mind making this particular mistake.

For You - illwynd {NC-17 |Submissive!Thor |Asgard |Avengers}
One day, Thor realizes that he likes it when Loki tells him what to do.

Forfeit - YIWT {NC-17 |Asgard |Bottom!Thor}
Thor loses a bet. Loki collects his winnings - all night long. Nggggh

Gobbledigook by mwildsides {PG |kid!fic }
Written for this prompt on norsekink. “Thor and Loki play the Asgardian equivalent to house.”

Golden Mouth - tyrotheterrible {NC-17 |Asgard |PWP}
In which Thor is a bit more clever with words than he lets on.

Hands off My Hammer! {PG |Asgard |Pre-slash}
Loki tries to steal Mjolnir

Hushaby, Hushaby - lazulisong {PG-13 |Asgard |Kid!fic |Sick!Loki}
when loki was small, he had bad fevers, and their mother would sing him a special lullaby. after a while, thor sings it for him instead.

I Was Never Sorry - boynamedjacket {R |Asgard}
Thor has been strong and brave since he was very young, but has difficulty facing his own shortcomings and doubts; Loki is a master of deception, but is best at deceiving himself. Despite their differences, one thing seems to hold their tumultuous relationship together. The majority of this fic takes place pre-films, when Thor and Loki are children/adolescents.

I’ll Be Yours {PG-13 |EPIC |Pre-movie |Avengers!AU}
Summary: Thor is one cocky bastard who loves Loki more than anything in the world, but doesn’t understand him. He is both ashamed of his desire for his brother, but in the dark, intense, wordless moments they share together also makes it clear that if he ever touched him he would fuck Loki senseless and be the best lay of his life - he doesn’t even need to say so, Loki already KNOWS. And Loki hates it, because that would mean Thor would have everything.

Imprint - fio {NC-17 |Asgard}
Loki rides Thor to mark him and make him his.

Insensate by undrockroll {NC-17 |Asgard |Hurt!Loki}
After a terrible skirmish in a neighboring realm, Loki is left completely broken and must go through a severely painful healing process. Thor vows to never let feel his brother feel pain again, and Loki vows to never feel at all.

It’s in the silence {NC-17 |Mpreg}
Thor fucks a very pregnant Loki.

Knocked Up {PG-13 |Mpreg |Bottom!Thor}
Loki is always getting himself knocked up: this time it’s Thor. Thor is freaking out. Not only does all of Asguard know that he let Loki ~take~ him, but now he can’t go three minutes without throwing up, falling over or bursting into tears. Loki thinks it’s hilarious until Mjolnir comes flying at his head.

Like Rolling Thunder {NC-17 |Pre-movie}
Summary: Loki may be the one who is able to weave words together, but everyone likes listening to Thor.

Lite Me Ablaze - thanatopis {NC-17 |Asgard |Kid!Thor (Magic yo)
“Demanding little boy you are.”

No Remedy for Memory by ashintuku {PG-13}
Summary: When it came to the feasts of Asgard, Thor had always been interested in the stories warriors told of great battles and fallen enemies. Loki had always preferred the dancing.

Permission and Sequel (With Urgency) {NC-17 |Asgard |PWP}
Thor fucks Loki bareback, then uses a butt plug to keep his come inside Loki. Bonus if he does this in the movieverse right before his (interrupted) crowning ceremony.

Please {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |PWP |Asgard}
Thor begs Loki to fuck him. PWP.

Princess of the Realm - thanatopis {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Genderswap |Asgard}
Loki, for shits and giggles turns Thor into Lady Thor, and of course, it leads to sex. “Milady, you look good enough to eat.”

Right For You - ofamaranthlie {NC-17 |Asgard |Avengers |Possessive!Thor}
Thor has always been very possessive of Loki. Deanoning from this prompt from norsekink: “The five times Thor scared away one of Loki’s potential suitors and the one time Loki didn’t mind.”

Say You’re Mine (Even If You Have To Lie) {NC-17 |Asgard |PWP}
Loki blacked out during a sex time with Thor because you know how the mighty god of thunder is ;D…. and the beginning of the prompt would be when Loki wakes up from his black out while Thor is still, well…taking him.

Sensitive {NC-17 |Asgard}
Prompt: Loki has very sensitive nipples and Thor can make him come in his trousers by just coming up behind him and rubbing them through his tunic, can make him come over and over until he’s a sweaty, panting, whining mess by licking and sucking them.

Shackled by Lightning {NC-17 |Asgard |Angry!sex}
Thor shocking Loki leading to and during sex. Do it for great justice!

Sleeping Beauty {NC-17 |Asgard |Bottom!Thor}
Sometimes Loki comes to Thor’s bedroom at night when Thor is sleeping.

Smitten by BarbwireRose {PG-13}
Summary: Five times an outsider witnessed the effect of Loki’s silver tongue on Thor, and the one time they managed to keep it to themselves.

Sometimes It’s Best Not to Question {PG-13 *So Far* |Asgard |WIP |Mpreg |Bottom!Thor}
Summary: More or less a movie AU wherein instead of showing up on Jotunheim to punch all the jotnar, Thor, Loki, and companions go to steal back Mjolnir from the giants a la myth. There’s cross-dressing and also future mpreg. :D

Somewhere Between Your Heart and Mine by BarbwireRose {PG-13 |Asgard |Post-Thor}
Summary: Five times Thor used flowers to mistakenly give Loki the wrong impression, and the one time he got it right.
Bea’s comment: I had this recced but linked to the kink meme. New link!

Split me Wide Open by brodinsons {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor}
Thor gives Loki a blowjob. Loki is possessive and dominant. Love it.

Spring Suffering by allourheroes {PG-13 |Hurt/Comfort |Pre-movie}
Summary: Thor and Loki, mighty gods, are overcome by the most pathetic of afflictions: allergies.

Steadfast {NC-17 |Asgard |Size!kink} AO3 Link: Steadfast - ofamaranthlie
Loki is wildly turned on by how much physically stronger Thor is. ex. - how easily Thor can carry/lift him - how easily Thor can keep him pinned - Thor’s firm grip Bonus if Thor notices and is greatly pleased by the effect even his most casual demonstrations of strength have on Loki.

scheherazade {Hard R |Asgard |Future!fic |Character Death |Hurt!Thor}
“Tell me a story,” Thor says, and coughs up blood. Loki presses his hands to Thor’s chest and he looks panicked but Thor doesn’t understand why—he caused the wound, after all.

Stimuli {NC-17 |Asgard}
Prompt: Loki has very sensitive nipples and Thor can make him come in his trousers by just coming up behind him and rubbing them through his tunic.

Such Fickle Yearning by blood_songs90{NC-17 |Asgard |Post-Thor}
Prompt: “5 times Thor fell for Loki’s illusions, and one time he didn’t.”

Sweeties not as sweet as candy {PG-13 |Asgard |Pre-Slash}
Loki has an awful sweet tooth for cakes, cream pastries and all those kinds of deserts. He even loves to create mischief by constantly stealing them from Asgard’s royal kitchens. Thor finds out and uses it to his advantage.

The Beat {R |Mpreg |Short |Canon!AU |Asgard}
Loki is a master of deceit. When, therefore, he tells Thor that he is pregnant Thor laughs in his face.

The Contingency Plan (but not the Best Plan) {PG |Fluff |Humor |Asgard |AU} AO3 Link: The Contingency Plan (but not the Best Plan)
Wedding shenanigans where something goes wrong and The W3+Sif+Avengers try to fix it without Thor and Loki finding out?

The Fools We Are As Men by (claireoujisama) {NC-17 |WIP |Warning: Noncon |ANGST |Mpreg}
Summary: When they divide you to lead you to the fall, only by coming together will you rise again. And if that makes you a fool, then wisdom is obviously hardly worth the trouble.
Sequel: What The Thunder Said

The Games We Play - Captain_Loki {NC-17 |Genderswap |Asgard}
Before Loki has a full grasp on the magic he wields he often finds himself gender swapped, and two boys and their budding sexuality begin something that starts as a simple exploration and develops. But Loki is unsure just what he means to Thor.

The Kings - theherocomplex {NC-17 |WIP |Asgard |Canon!AU}
Loki was a fool to believe, even for an instant, that things could be anything other than what they are. Whatever Thor thinks, Loki belongs to nothing now but the throne. This one is hot. AKA the one where Thor gives up the throne to Loki in exchange for sex and Thor getting to fuck Loki wherever/whenever he wants. Yep. LOCKED but I happen to have a copy saved.

The Last Days of Magic and Glory - tzzzz {Mpreg| NC-17 |Asgard |WIP |Bottom!Thor}
The tale of Thor, Loki, a magical horse, and abandoning youth in favor of wisdom. Or the story of how Loki gave birth to Sleipnir and how Thor learned how to be king.

the only thing - kiyala {PG |First Kiss |Asgard}
Thor, in his teens, knows exactly why he wants to spend so much time with his brother. It might be a bad idea, but that doesn’t stop him.

The Planet’s Last Dance - BeesKnees {NC-17 |Asgard}
Loki agrees to cast a spell to save Asgard. Loki and Thor must seal that spell with sex. Written for norsekink.

The Scourge of Odin {PG-13 |Canon!AU |WIP |GEN}
Prompt: Loki is the Scourge of Odin and the most powerful sorcerer in the Nine Realms. When someone truly angers him, Odin sends Loki to met out punishment. The position has given Loki great power, but he hates it. It isn’t the magic he dreamed of performing for Asgard when he started learning spells. Odin also commanded him to secrecy (a misguided attempt to prevent Loki being feared by the Asgardians).

The Trade {NC-17 |Pre-movie}
Summary: Thor has something Loki wants and Loki is willing to pay anything to get it.

tin hearts - kiyala {PG-13 |Asgard}
Feelings are a weakness Thor cannot afford.

Turn by kiyala {NC-17 |Asgard}
Summary: Thor walks in on his brother riding one of the guards like a woman. He means to yell at him for demeaning the name of their family with his whore-like actions, but somehow the words never leave his lips and he is stood watching his younger brother expose a side of himself Thor has never seen before. — and then continued by request.

Unwelcome. - kiyala {PG |Asgard}
After a run-in with enemy spell-casters, Thor’s soul is pushed into Loki’s body and they are forced to share more space than Loki was ever willing to.

Vices by Asidian {NC-17 |Asgard}
What he needed was a long soak and a few minutes away from his own thoughts. What he needed was a little time to let himself stop worrying. What he needed, more than anything, was a few moments of peace away from his brother.

Typically, he had no sooner allowed himself to acknowledge it than he heard the sound of Thor’s voice, brash and high-spirited, booming down the corridor outside. “Brother!” The door to the bathhouse flew open with the force of a storm wind, banged loud against the stone of the interior wall. “There you are!”

we’re halfway to complete - kiyala {NC-17 |Asgard}
After watching Thor getting rough and dirty in the training yard, Loki helps him relax in the royal baths.

Won’t Be Held Down by Who I Used to Be by dreamlittleyo {Asgard |NC-17}
Summary: Thor gives Mjölnir to Loki in order to level the playing field. Loki doesn’t react the way he expects.

worse than I’ve ever been {R |Asgard}
Loki is afraid of a lot of things. At the top of that list is losing Thor, being cast aside by him, for whatever reason.

Yank {PG-13 |Asgard |Avengers!AU |Bottom!Thor}
Loki accidentally discovers that Thor likes having his hair pulled. Loki proceeds to use it against him, of course.


loki/thor, frottage/lap-sitting {NC-17 |Asgard}
Thor, sitting or lounging in a chair of some sort, with Loki in his lap rubbing and squirming like a cat. Heated, teasing frottage ensues. I’d love it if Loki straddled one of his thighs at some point.

Mini-fill!: Top!Loki/Bottom!Thor (movie verse) {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |PWP}
Loki loves pulling Thor’s hair back when they’re f****** doggy style. Extra love if Loki likes to tease Thor about his long hair.

Mini Fill {NC-17 |PWP}
‘I want to come on your face.’ Once that thought enters Thor’s mind, he can’t stop thinking about it, can’t stop thinking about Loki sucking his cock then pulling him away so he can come on Loki’s face. yep. this is my kink. also, possessiveness.

Ridiculous porn that doesn’t have a name {NC-17 |Pre-movie |PWP}
Thor fucks Loki so long and so hard that Loki can’t even speak or think straight, all he can do is moan like a bitch and every part of his body nearly goes limp except for his dick. Bonus points if Thor uses dirty-talk. Double bonus points if Thor completely LOSES himself in the pleasure. Triple bonus points if the only word Loki can actually form is ‘brother’.

Untitled Fill {PG |Asgard}
There is a myth where a dwarf dwarf sews shut Loki’s mouth. It happens, but Thor is not in Asgard. When he returns, he finds out what happened.

Untitled by anon {R |Pre-movie |Avengers!AU? |Post-Thor}
Prompt: So Loki might be kinda on the skinny side for an Asgardian, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t actually physically strong, especially since he is actually a frost giant. Basically I want the five times Loki’s super strength freaked people out and the one time it didn’t. Pairings of any sort are optional.

Untitled {NC-17 |Pre-Thor}
It has become habit for Thor to seek his brother out after combat, to sate his battle-heightened lusts on his accommodating sibling.

Untitled Fill: Loki/Thor [Bottom!Thor] {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Asgard}
Thor begging Loki to fuck him. Could be first time, or not, just give me needy bottom!Thor.

Untitled Loki rims Thor FILLED {NC-17 |Rimming |PWP |Bottom!Thor}
What says on the subject line.

Untitled Thor/Loki rimming {NC-17 |Rimming |PWP}
Loki doesn’t quite understand why Thor is so fixated on wanting to do that to him, but he indulges him from time to time.

Untitled Loki/Thor, rimming pwp {NC-17 |Rimming |PWP}
Thor eats out Loki like he’s a fucking gourmet meal. All Loki can do is push down on Thor’s face until Thor’s nose is buried right under his ballsack.

Untitled Fill {R |Thor!AU}
Prompt: Loki(/Thor hints), As he got older people showed him less and less physical affection (hugs and such). He also didn’t have any friends that weren’t Thor’s friends first. Over time Loki took this to mean that no one loved him. So when Thor first reaction to seeing him alive is to give him a giant hug, Loki is confused and overwhelmed. Basically Loki craves physical affection.

Movie: Thor

*Takes place during or after the events of Thor.
*Canon!AUs for Thor (i.e. The events from Thor happened, however, ignores Avengers movie canon)

The Sound of Letting Go - Velvedere {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Post-Thor AU}
He was going to do it. Thor knew he was going to do it.He had seen that look before.That look echoed across a childhood of stolen nights and broken trespasses. Of dangers fought, revisited, and conquered.It was the look in Loki’s eyes when he’d made up his mind.
Bea’s comment: This is an EXCELLENT AU at the end of Thor, where Thor jumps after Loki and they both end up in Alfheim and work out their problems (and it takes a lot of work). Mix in some action with both Thor and Loki fighting together against a monster, stubborn!Thor, worried!Loki (eventhough he won’t admit it), secrets and revelations that will come to light makes this a wonderful, long story that I really enjoyed to read. NOW GO READ IT.

what i became (because of you) {NC-17 |WIP |Canon!AU}
A what if story, featuring the death of Odin. Odin dies trying to explain to Loki about the deception of his birth. Loki, suddenly the King of Asgard, must learn to be something he isn't. Thor must learn to be human, without ever knowing what is it to be a hero. (Starts off in Thor, and spans Iron Man 2 and the Avengers with some seriously dramatic plot differences).
Bea's comment: This has an interesting premise, though it got on my nerves a little bit how Thor keeps calling Coulson "Son of Coul"; I'm pretty sure even Thor is smart enough to realize that's not his name by listening to other people talk.

Adrift {R |Post-Thor}
Just what it says on the tin. Horrific nightmares, lighthearted and surreal, naughty wet dreams, anything goes.

Balancing - astolat {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Asgard |Canon!AU}
“He’s dead, you see,” Loki said, “so it’s the nearest thing I can have to revenge.”

Bedding the Wolf by leonidaslion {NC-17 |Post-Thor |Warning: Noncon}
Summary: If Sif thinks she’s going to get away with wedding Loki’s idiot brother, then she’s sorely mistaken… OR Thor is smarter than Loki thinks he is…

Blue on Bronze {NC-17 |Jotun!Loki |PWP |Canon!AU}
Thor wants to see Loki in his Jotun form.

brontophilia. - black_nata {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Canon!AU |Evil!Loki |Asgard}
He feels like they’ve died and been reborn. AKA the one where Loki kills everyone

Chaos War by astolat {NC-17 |Warning: Dubcon sort of}
Summary: It was never easy to find Loki when he wanted to hide, but he wasn’t doing a particularly good job of it at the moment. Probably he didn’t think anyone from Asgard would be wasting their time hunting for him while the shining ones churned their way steadily through all the realm.

Ciders in Spring - black_nata {Thor!AU |NC-17}
He plans on telling him to never return to Midgard again, to never defy Father’s orders and risk his own banishment by visiting his ostracized brother, to stay away and live his immortal life as if Thor never existed; and this is what Thor tells him on a Saturday morning.

Cumulonimbus {PG-13 |Thor!AU |Reincarnation |WIP}
The assault on Jotun failed miserably and Thor dies and Loki winds up ruling because of Odin not being able to handle his heir dying, falls into the Odinsleep, and maybe Loki sees Thor some earth years later, or at least the Midgardian version of him.

Curl {PG-13 |Avengers}
The way Thor kept getting really close and touching the back of Loki’s neck while trying to reason with him seemed very intimate. The prompt is that that’s a habit formed while they were/are lovers, Thor usually does it to comfort Loki and show his affection and protection.

Degenerate Matter - (claireoujisama) {NC-17 |Canon!AU }
AU fic in which Loki changes his mind during their conversation at the SHIELD compound, and brings Thor home to Asgard.

Deja Vu in the Worst Way {PG-13 |Post-Avengers |Asgard}
Prompt: Loki is hanging over the edge of the Bifrost, and Thor manages to catch hold of his hand. Both are slipping, and Loki decides to let go so that he won’t pull his brother down. Before he lets go, he tries to console Thor by telling him that he loves him.

Dominion - astolat {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Asgard |Canon!AU}
Loki had imagined the pleasure of this moment a thousand times: the throne his, Asgard his, the Aesir at his feet and his brother kneeling before him.

Ephemeral by xirucem {PG-13 |WIP}
Summary: It’s when the thunder of the hooves reaches his ears that he takes a form.

Extinction - black_nata {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Asgard |Non-Con}
Thor thinks that perhaps his father would have appreciated it much more if he had broken this oath instead of keeping it.

He Dreams by nightmare_kisser {PG-13 |Thor ending!AU}
“Your brother lives,” Heimdall informs quietly.
Okay so I’m pretty sure everyone has seen this gif set by black-nata right? if not, click! someone wrote fic! and i need a sequel so bad :(

here is the deepest secret nobody knows by calciseptine {NC-17 |Asgard |Future!fic |Lady Loki}
Summary: There is a pond, dark and deep, hidden in the gardens. Loki helps Thor find it.

Hide Me Away Plus Sequel {PG-13 |Post-Thor |Canon!AU |Mpreg}
Prompt: Loki’s pregnant and giving birth. Nothing supernatural (such as cutting his stomach open and/or non-humanoid babies), just him giving birth. AO3 Link: Hide Me Away and Find Me Again

In Plain Sight by dreamlittleyo {NC-17 |Post-Thor |non-con}
Summary: Loki may not want to be found, but that won’t stop Thor from searching.

In the Arms of Unconsciousness - black_nata {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Jotun!Loki |Post-Thor |Canon!AU}
He assumes this must be a dream. There’s no other explanation as to why his brother would be looming over his bed in the middle of the night. On Midgard. In the form of a Jotun, nonetheless.

Pinning {R |Crack |Canon!AU}
Instead of pinning Loki to the bifrost with Mjolnir, Thor pins him with his body. And fucks him. Happy ending, please. Heimdall is not amused.

Shatter by Aria {NC-17 |Thor!AU |What if? |Long}
Summary: “Loki,” Odin says, heavy with disappointment and regret for all he has to raise his voice, “Odinson. I cast you out.”

Skin Deep {NC-17 |Post-Thor |Jotun!Loki} AO3 Link
Summary: Thor does not like fighting with his brother.

Stillness {NC-17 |PWP |Bottom!Thor |Post-Thor}
Prompt: Loki is topping for the first time, but as a Jotun, his instincts are to get in there and then just stay like that for hours, barely moving. Meanwhile his partner is going crazy waiting for him to do something!

Tastes Like Power - JeanSouth {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Canon!AU}
Loki is the king of Asgard, and Thor is his.

the end is a beginning {PG-13 |Future!fic |Ragnarok}
At Ragnarok (or any similar apocalypse), Loki and Thor are both fatally wounded and know it, and die in each other’s arms. Whether they’re responsible for each other’s deaths is up to the author, but I’d like them to be at peace with each other before they die.

Vikings Weren’t Into Metal by hannibalisms {PG-13 |Post-Thor |Reunion}
Summary: Thor finds Loki in a wholly unexpected place.


Takes place directly after Avengers, deals with Loki’s punishment, etc.

A Wished-For Song - cavaleira {NC-17 |Post-Dark World |Thor/Loki}
In which Thor is forced to become king and Loki returns from parts unknown.

My Love Is Like To Ice, And I To Fire {NC-17 |Jotun!Loki |Post-Avengers |Heat/Mating Cycle |Mpreg}
Post-Avengers, Thor brings Loki to face Odin’s decree: he is stripped of his magic and confined to the palace but his true punishment is to be disowned and forced into his jotun form. Thor begins the slow process of trying to repair his relationship with Loki, and along the way discovers five new things about the jotun and one about himself.

Loki and Thor - peppermintquartz {NC-17 Overall)
Loki is brought back to Asgard after the events on Earth. He is sentenced by Odin, but not in the manner he thought and definitely not what most believe Loki deserves. Through it all, Thor keeps a close eye on Loki. (Where Odin curses Loki to have his mouth sewn shut whenever he lies)

You Are The Wilderness - Clarice Chiara Sorcha {NC-17 |Post-Avengers |Thor 2}
Something about Loki’s dishevelment is just grating on Thor’s nerves. Loki’s rather pleased when he decides to do something about it.

When Gods Make War (Men Take Cover) - peachchild {R |Post-Avengers |Crossover: Greek Mythology}
If he is perfectly honest with himself, and Loki is only ever really truly honest with himself, he couldn’t have predicted how perfectly it would all go. He only meant to start a little quarrel, not an entire war.

Dream It by Hella {PG-13 |Thor 2}
Sometimes, Thor played make-believe.

(forget me) Say You Won’t - alpha_hydra {PG-13 |Pre-Slash |Post-Avengers)
Because his brother could bring about Ragnarok and still Thor would try to save him.

Disown me, brother by thefirstwhokneels {PG-13 |Asgard |Post-Avengers}
Summary: Three times Thor aggravates Loki with calling him brother, and one time he denies him.

A Place In My Heart {PG-13 |Post-Avengers}
Thor wants what he used to have.

A Trick, A Trap , A Treat {NC-17 |Post-Avengers}
He had gone to find his brother. He ended up with more than he had bargained for.

all the blankets in the world couldn’t help - thegroovygatsby {PG-13 |Post-Avengers}
No one can help Loki with this. Not even Thor. Light Thorki and slight post-movie AU.

all the shattered ones - ofamaranthlie {PG-13 |Post-Avengers}
Loki is released from Asgard’s prison, and he struggles not only with fitting in with Asgardian society, but also with who he is.

Always and Completely Forgiven by idlyby {PG |Post-Avengers}
Thor and Loki make one final stop before returning to Asgard.

And I Will Try {PG-13 |Post-Avengers |Sleipnir}
Thor gives something to Loki that he’d lost long ago. Post-Avengers

Before Thee Alone by peridium {PG-13 |Post-Avengers}
So Loki screams. He thrashes. He spits poison and curses at the implacable ceiling of his prison, but the pain never fades. And for the first time in centuries, Thor sneaks up on him.

Broken Hearts, Broken Bones {PG-13 |Hurt/Comfort |Post-Avengers}
Thor tries his best to pick up the pieces

by light of a dying star {R |Post-Avengers}
He thinks, at first, that it is seiðr magick that draws him behind the somber iron bars of the silvertongue’s careful cage, seiðr that drives him into the arms of the one he once called brother. They spend the passing of moons entwined like Yggdrasil’s great roots, seeping the silent fate of Urðr’s dark waters with their lips and their tongues and their fingers and their perfect, yielding flesh.

Caged - rainfall {NC-17 |WIP |Post-Avengers}
Post-The Avengers, Loki is in Asgard and in chains. Everything has changed, except for the love of his brother — and that is one thing he simply cannot abide.

dreams of you still wash ashore {Post-Avengers}
Thor does not want to give up on his brother.

Eleven Minutes by kalelle {Post-Avengers |Spoilers}
Summary: Loki is chained and muzzled and ready to be shipped back to Asgard for his punishment, and Thor has eleven minutes alone with him to make him understand how frustrated he is with him.

Enduring Atlas {NC-17 |Warning: Non-con |Evil!Odin |Hurt!Thor |Post-Avengers |Hurt/Comfort |WIP}
Prompt: So Thor stood up for Loki a lot…and Odin punished him for it. It all comes out when it is discovered that during the Avengers Loki was being mind controlled and Odin wants to have Loki punished in a fashion that may kill him. Naturally Thor stands against this. Only this time Heimdall tips Frigga and Loki off they arrive just in time to see Thor’s latest punishment…Odin has him bound and gangraped by guards.

Exsanguination by Lise {PG-13 |GEN |Hurt!Loki}
Summary: exsanguination /ex·san·gui·na·tion/ v.intr. To be drained of blood. (And all the rest.)
Bea’s comment: The Chitauri (and Thanos) torture Loki then turn him over to Asgard as a sign of Peace. Lots of hurt!Loki and Angry/Worried!Thor.

❤Fire and Hemlock - anno_Hreog {PG-13 |Canon!AU |WIP}
Balder falls into Asgard, Loki is cursed, and Thor is just looking for his brother.
Or, how to break a spell with dragons in it. Post-Avengers. For norsekink: Balder+Loki Spirited Away AU. Ended up being Loki/Thor because.

For Old Time’s Sake {NC-17 |Avengers!AU |Bottom!Thor |D/s}
A private moment between brothers amidst the chaos of war. A give-and-take, a fight for dominance and a plea for the truth. Except Thor will always lose, and Loki will never admit to anything.

Good Inside - glayish {NC-17 |Post-Avengers |Kink: Object Insertion}
“Is this supposed to shame me, Thor? I thought you could do better. But I should have known.” Loki bares his teeth and when he speaks into Thor’s ear he makes sure his words bite.

“There’s not enough good in you to take the bad out of me.” I need a bucket for my drooling. This hit all of my kinks.

Intervention by Asidian {PG-13 |Post-Avengers |WIP}
A sneaking suspicion began to form in the back of Tony’s mind. It settled there like the snake coiled up above them, just as poisonous. “You’re telling me this is an official punishment?” He said the words slowly, as though tasting them; if they’d had a flavor, it would have been bitter.

“What other? Your eyes bore witness, much as mine did.” Thor looked up at last, and his gaze did not waver, filled with hurt but not resentment. “This is what my brother has reaped for his crimes against Midgard.”

post-movie thor/loki kiss by kiyala {PG |Post-Avengers}
Summary: thor/loki kiss

Lies {R |Post-Avengers}
Summary: Thor has rarely understood him, but he has always loved him.

Lineage {PG |WIP? I NEED MORE} (Thor/Loki, Coulson/Clint)
Loki is the mother of one of the Avengers. Thor’s their father.

Lock the Kids Up Safe Tonight by ladyblahblah {PG-13 |Post-Avengers |WIP |Bonding}
“Your love for him blinds you.” Odin stares out of his one good eye, seeming as ever to peer straight through to Thor’s soul. “Of all of us, you have always been the one most easily led astray by his deceptions. He will attempt to use you for his own advantage.” All Thor has ever really wanted is to understand his brother.

Loki is Sorry Cakes {PG-13 |Crack/Humor |OOC-ness}
Summary: Years later, as penance for leading the Chitauri to attack New York City, Loki bakes cupcakes. Coffeeshop/bakery AU, without the AU, and mostly an excuse for fluffy crack.

Look at me {PG-13 |Post-Avengers |Spoilers}
Summary: “Look at me” (fic, minor spoilers for The Avengers) *LOCKED*

No Such Liberty by Xparrot {PG-13 |GEN |Hurt!Loki |Post-Avengers |Thanos |Hurt/Comfort |Action/Adventure |Brotherly bonding}
Summary: Thor takes Loki back to Asgard in chains, but this does not mean that the god of mischief’s schemes are ended, or that Thor has or ever will give up on his brother. But when Thanos threatens the realm to claim his lost prizes, on which side will Loki fall?

Bea’s comment: THIS is the fic I wanted to read after watching the Avengers. No romance, just glorious angst and there are so many feelings and Odin is not a douche and Loki is clever and devious and yet so damaged and Thor!feels unf. Lovely and gorgeous characterization. (Also, the rest of the Avengers show up later on to help fight against Thanos. EPIC)

On my deathbed (I will pray) by et2brute {PG-13 |Post-Avengers}
Loki is imprisoned on Asgard, awaiting his punishment. Thor visits him every day. Until he doesn’t.

This is part of a larger series where Loki joins the Avengers. Eagerly awaiting the next installment.

On My Knees (Fighting You to My Dying Breath) by OneWhoSitsWithTurtles {NC-17 |Post-Avengers |Romance}
Thor and Loki return to Asgard, where Thor binds his life to Loki’s to save his brother from imprisonment or worse. Loki fights him with every breath until Loki realizes that Thor might mean more to him than he ever expected.

On the Eagle’s Wings {PG-13 |Post-Avengers}
After Loki’s fall from the Bifrost, Thor writes him a letter every day. One day after Loki has been brought back to Asgard, he finds the letters.

Poetry for the Poisoned {NC-17 |Post-Avengers |Angst |Loki-feels |Happy Ending}
In the aftermath of his failure to conquer Earth, Loki is returned to Asgard whole in body but disturbed in mind. Thor must reclaim his brother from madness; but at what cost to Thor?
Sequel: ♥Falling Like the Fahrenheit {NC-17 |Action|Adventure |EPIC |Bottom!Thor |Loki/Other |Post-Thor}

In “Poetry for the Poisoned” Thor did battle against the damages Thanos wrought upon his younger brother, with unexpected and permanent consequences for the bond between them. Now lovers, the rekindled bond between them does not change that the Tesseract rests in the vaults of Asgard. Thanos approaches. For Asgard and for Earth, there is no choice but war.
Bea’s comment: This is a wonderful, epic masterpiece. Definitely one of my favorites.
Poisoned with Child by madwriter223 {PG-13 |Post-Avengers |Mpreg}
When Thor brought Loki back to Asgard, he had not expected what they would discover.

Quicksand by brodinsons {R |Post-Avengers}
Thor’s fingers tighten in his not-brother’s hair, forcing Loki to bend his head in order to ease the pressure, thereby baring his throat to the thunderer’s ravenous mouth.

Rend Mine Skin - Salmon_Pink {NC-17 |Post-Avengers}
There’s a dark energy clinging to Thor’s skin. A darkness that Loki means to exploit, a darkness he will see Thor succumb to. A darkness he will see turned on himself, as he coaxes at that which he has long since desired. (Spoilers for The Avengers.)

Res Judicata {NC-17 |Avengers Spoilers |Post-Avengers}
Summary: In which Thor doesn’t want to hurt Loki. Except when he really, really does.

Shadow Plays - dreamlittleyo {NC-17 |Post-Avengers |WIP |Non-con}
In which Thor lives a single day more times than he can count, and Loki doesn’t know how to fix it.

Silvertongue by Epiphanyx7 {R |Post-Avengers |Loki is BAMF |Long |Character Death :(}
Pairings: Thor/Jane, Thor/Loki *Unrequited*, Sif/Loki (one-sided), Coulson/Clint
Summary: [[Post-Avengers. Loki’s plan had gone perfectly, now he needs only to see it to it’s natural conclusion.]] No Asgardian cell can hold him. Loki’s magic is bound, but his mind is not — and the Aesir were always fools, to think that Loki’s mind was anything than his most dangerous asset.

skin and bone by lmeden {PG-13 |Bottom!Thor |Post-Avengers}
Prompt: Loki promises to behave from now on… for a price. Dominant!Loki.

Small Things {NC-17 |Post-Avengers |Jotun!Loki}
As punishment for bringing war to Midgard, Loki is bound to Valaskjálf… and to his Jotun form. Now he haunts the rooms of Odin’s hall as a ghost, making malice and misery for all who dwell within. When Odin refuses to act, Thor seeks the council of his mother, who tells him of her original plans for raising their resident Jotun foundling: not as Thor’s brother, but his betrothed…

Systolic pending {NC-17 |Post-Avengers}
“On your death,” Loki promises him, almost tenderly.

The Bitter Taste of Hope by riventhorn {NC-17 |Post-Avengers |Dubcon}
Gagged and imprisoned, Loki can only wait for his brother to come to him

The Dream of the Apples {NC-17 |Post-Avengers |WIP |Redeemed!Loki |OOC}
Loki cannot escape his cell in Asgard, but when he sleeps he can be at Thor’s side, and perhaps those fleeting visits are all that he has left to cherish.

The only thing that matters - vulpineways {PG-13 |Post-movie}
After escaping the Asgardian prison, Loki finds a way to carry out his vendetta. Everything goes as expected — except for Thor’s reaction.

The Penitence of the Trickster {PG-13 |Post-Avengers |WIP |GEN *so far*}
The Other comes for Loki.

The Tragedy Begins (When Silence is Not Understood) by relevant_elephant {R |Post-Avengers | Punishment |WIP}
A dire punishment, a broken hearted brother and a vow that could bring them together.

Tiger {NC-17 |Post-Avengers |Bottom!Thor}
Post-Avengers, Loki is imprisoned in Asgard. He isn’t very cooperative.

Trajectories {NC-17 |Post-Avengers}
Locked in Asgard, Loki awaits his fate. He has failed. They will come for him, he thinks. But he is wrong, they come for Thor. “Unimaginable pain,” It said. And it was right.

Weary and Wary {PG-13 |Pre-slash |Post-Avengers}
More than anything else, Loki is tired.

Fill: Loki/Thor, BDSM + Jotunn mistaken for Alpha/Omega {NC-17 |Post-Avengers |Alpha/Omega |D/s}
The Aesir always had a hard time of understanding the Jotunn, and this led to rumours and theories amongst the Aesir that the Jotunn were actually more what we’d know as an Alpha/Omega structured society.

Loki is Punished to be mortal

All the ghouls come out to play - scribblscrabbl {R |Post-Avengers |Mortal!Loki}
“I let you go once, brother, and it is a mistake I will not repeat.”

Flesh Wounds {R |Amnesia |Post-Avengers}
It was decided that as punishment, Loki’s punishment would include wiping his memories and exiling him to Midgard. When the memory-erasing spell goes awry, Loki not only loses his memories, but also loses the ability to make any new ones. Fearful that his enemies would take advantage of this, Thor puts him into the Avengers’ care until a cure to his condition is found. And so time goes on, but Loki lives each day as a loop, never able to recall anything that happened in the previous day.

Fragments {PG-13 |Post-Avengers |Amnesia |WIP}
Deciding that the punishment should fit one of the many crimes, Odin takes away Loki’s powers AND his memories. Loki is now an (apparently) mild-mannered physics professor on Midgard who is completely overwhelmed by the sad, attractive blonde named Thor (of all names!) who keeps following him around and insisting that he reminds him of his brother.

Lightning Strikes on Command by Chocohol_iz {PG-13 |Post-Avengers |Mortal!Loki as punishment |WIP}
When the very last thin wisp leaves his body, Loki sags against the bonds. The guards remove the chains and he nearly collapses on the floor; he’s harmless now. Mortal. Loki spares a moment’s glance upward at Odin, summoning the last of his strength into a glare so vitriol and poisonous – green demanding the return of that which was just stolen, millennia of magic that was his by royal birthright all taken for Odin’s own purposes in an instant. Nothing but a thief and a liar.

Someone you once knew {NC-17 |Post-Avengers |Human!Loki}
For his chaos on Midgard, Loki’s memory has been wiped clean, he has been stripped of his powers and sent to live as a mortal. Thor aches for him.


*Fics that take place in the near future after the Avengers; Thor is an Avenger.

Entanglements - astolat {NC-17 |Sex Pollen |Voyeurism}
Huh, was Tony's first thought when the spell broke and all of a sudden his brain came back online.
Bea's comment: Hot.

Turn A Corner In The Night - eyeus {NC-17 |Post-Avengers |Happy Ending |Thanos}
“I will be Loki’s champion,” says Thor. His voice rings through the great hall, regal and bold, every inch a king in bearing. Every inch a fool.
Bea's comment: Protective!Thor. Guh.

Lay down, lay down your pain - umakoo {PG-13 |Spoilers |TDW}
Post-Thor: The Dark World fic. Thor's grief drives him into berserker rage. Only one person can bring him back from the brink of such violent madness.

Wishing Well - astolat {PG-13 |Dubcon (Loki gets enchanted |Humor)}
Thor had been staring the whole time. Now he flung himself off the table and across the room. He seized Loki by the shoulders. "Brother!" he said, ecstatically. "Has the spell — the spell has worked!"

Loki stared back at him. "What spell?" he spat. And added, choked off, "...dear brother."
Bea's comment: In which Loki gets enchanted to be nice.

If You Built Yourself a Myth - cavaleira {NC-17 |Hurt!Thor |Protective!Loki}
A magical artifact causes Thor’s elemental powers to backfire and overload him, leaving him comatose and barely holding on as the power consumes him. Loki is the only one who can stop it, by going inside Thor’s mind and helping him master the power once more. Loki must find his way through Thor’s memories in a desperate bid to find the real Thor amongst the chaos before it’s too late.

Power and Control {NC-17 |Avengers |Hurt!Thor |Hurt/Comfort |Warning: Rape/Non-con |Dub-con |Bottom!Thor |Possessive!Loki |Protective!Loki}
The Purple Man, a villain with mind-control powers, takes over the Avengers on his way to taking over the world. When Loki returns from a little vacation in Latveria, though, he goes looking for his brother…

Had we but world enough, and time {NC-17 |Future-fic |Pining/Angst |Happy Ending}
Summary: Hate and love are two sides of the same coin, and only require time for one to turn to the other. And what do gods have, if not time?

Or, a story in three parts, of the past, present and future: how Lævatein was forged, taken and returned, how a relationship can be cracked, shattered and remade, and how Thor lost and found Loki time and time again.

drink the storm - black_nata {NC-17 |Post-Avengers |Bottom!Thor}
Because Thor would never agree to this, no— not big, strong, dominant Thor, with the throne ripe for his taking and a thousand willing warriors ready to lay waste to the trickster if they ever knew what Loki asked of their future king.

Sharp - MissNefer {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Future!fic}
Loki makes his way through the Nine Realms for decades before he decides to sneak into Asgard. He doesn’t find things the way he expected them to and his help is needed.

The Pros and Cons of Being a God (and weighing like 500 pounds) - zimriya {NC-17 |Avengers}
The problem with being the God of Mischief (and weighing like 500 pounds) is that no one else does. This becomes particularly problematic when beds are involved.
Or that fic where Loki keeps killing all of his bed partners.
Sequel: The Pros and Cons of Being a God (and fucking your brother)

a history of things unsaid by circa1220bce {NC-17 |Post-Thor |Avengers!AU |Long}
Summary: The Kings and Princes of Jötunheimr gain immortality and a ruthlessness unmatched by any other by having their hearts consigned to the Casket of Ancient Winters. Odin, thanks to the Well of Mímir, knew such a ceremony would leave the Casket vulnerable for the taking. Odin brought the forces of Asgard to Jötunheimr on the day Loki’s heart was to be sealed away, disrupting the ceremony half way through. When Loki learns that he has only ever lived with half of a heart, he sets to finish what was begun. But events don’t proceed quite as he plans…

Alignment - asyndese {PG-13 |Post-Avengers |Future-fic}
Thor finally understands that in order to have his brother back at his side, it’s not Loki who needs to change but him.
And All The Towers Come Down by entanglednow {PG-13 |Avengers!AU)
Summary: Thor cannot leave him there.

Athelas - astolat {NC-17 |Avengers |Adventure |Bottom!Thor}
There was a sharp and bitter edge crept into the words, a reminder that not all was well: that Thor still had a brother, but not a friend.

Being Adopted Runs in the Family {PG |Mpreg}
where Steve is Thor and Loki’s son.

Big in Japan by gunboots {PG-13 |Avengers!AU}
Pairings: Thor/Loki {Thor/Jane, Steve Rogers/Bucky}
Summary: Steve hesitantly reaches out and takes the object in Tony’s arms to survey it. It, being an almost frighteningly accurately illustrated pillow of Loki, their on-and-off again nemesis. “I don’t—how did you even get this? Who would MAKE this?” Clearly Steve doesn’t find the attention-to-detail on Loki’s costume as hilarious as Tony does, which whatever. Like he said. Killjoy.

Blessings from Sins {PG-13 |Mpreg |Post-Avengers |WIP}
So Loki is pregnant during the Avengers, he either be just a little while along (not far along to show) or covering it up with his magic. Thor realizes this while he and Loki are fighting on Stark Tower, yes, *that* scene. I’d like a major freakout from Thor and a meltdown from Loki.

Breath Of Life {PG-13 |Mpreg}
Where Loki is giving birth with Natasha’s help.

But a sword by copacetic {NC-17 |Avengers!AU}
Thor must have been a fool to think Loki wouldn’t be able to find him, even in Midgard.

Calling Truces {NC-17}
The prompt was 5 times Thor and Loki called a truce, and one time they didn’t need to.

Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore {PG-13 |WIP }
Thor gets himself a doll that looks like Loki. Thing is, whatever he does with it, Loki can feel.

Candied by drusche {PG-13 |Humor}
Loki has recently discovered the existence of lollipops and he is obsessed with them to the extent of starting to obscenely lick and suck on them during battles with the Avengers. Thor cannot find it in himself to object when Loki is trailing the red candy up his pale sinewy belly.

Childhood of Rebellion {GEN |Avengers |Amnesia}
After Thor tries to introduce Jane to Odin and Frigga as his future wife, he is banished, stripped of his powers, and de-aged as punishment. At the same time, Frigga is pregnant with Baldr, leaving Thor with little chance to return. Loki comes looking for his brother.

Come Back and Take You Home {PG-13 |Character Death |Future!fic |Ragnarok}
Summary: “It’s strange,” Loki muses, rubbing a hand over his lips as though puzzling out a difficult spell. “I thought we really would live forever.”

Doomed to Repeat It {PG-13 |Post-Avengers |Time Travel |WIP |GEN}
A storm in Asgard brings Thor face to face with a fifteen-year-old Loki and his arrogant, entitled past self. Thor has to wrestle with whether or not he should try to correct old mistakes… and figure out WHY they’ve been transported a thousand years into the future.

Drawing Circles {NC-17 |Future-fic |Hurt!Thor}
There are a lot of prompts where Loki is hurt and Thor comes to the rescue (or abused!Loki etc). What I want to read is this time, Thor is the one hurt and Loki comes to the rescue. I would prefer it to be post-avengers where they’re still enemies. Thor thinks Loki hates him but Loki is just really good at hiding his emotions. Not so much when someone else tries to kill Thor, who he considers his. Possessiveness is a bonus.

Eight Months of a Century - stereobone {NC-17 |Asgard |Mpreg}
“Six weeks ago,” Loki says, when Thor remains silent. “Surely you remember.” A couple of grammar mistakes and needs polishing, but enjoyable all the same.

Everything is broken {PG-13}
Thor has always been prone to berserker rage, losing himself in bloodlust. In and around Asgard this was usually fine, because the one thing that could calm him down was Loki, and Loki was always around when he was needed.

On Earth it’s been pretty much fine as well - he may not have Loki on his side, but nothing in Midgard is challenging enough to kick off his bloodlust. Until one day it is and the only thing that can stop him from slaughtering all his human friends is if Loki can put aside their differences for fifteen minutes. Which he does without hesitation because it’s always been his job, to calm down Thor.

Family Affair - miikkaa_xx {NC-17 |Avengers}
Five times Loki tries to kill Thor, and the one time Loki saves him.

Funeral Games - Clarice Chiara Sorcha (claireoujisama) {R |Avengers |WIP}
There are many ways in which to honour your dead. In many respects, however, it helps considerably if they kindly stay that way while you do so.
(A triptych of three semi-related drabbles about the grieved and grieving.)

Gagging {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Avengers}
Loki steps back to admire his handiwork, and summons witchlights to play golden light over Thor’s body as he retreats to his bed across the room, reflecting off the golden bindings, off the shining metal of the gag.

Hallowed Fields {NC-17 |WIP |Parallel Universes |EPIC |Warning: Non-con}
Summary/Prompt: Two parallel universes. One light, one dark. Whatever flying piece of plot the author wishes, the Lokis are interchanged. Thor has his brother back - but broken, horribly abused (maybe wearing a collar to suppress his magic IDK). He and the avengers work to carefully nurse and bring this Loki back to health. The dark universe, on the other hand, finds out that their favourite fucktoy and whipping boy has been replaced with a bug-fuck insane, unbroken, unafraid, unrestrained and powerful Loki.

Happiness Deserved {PG-13 |Mpreg}
Loki giving birth to Thor’s child (with Tony freaking out and helping with the delivery). Fluffy and adorable.

His idea of punishment by blood_songs90 {NC-17 |Tentacle!fic |Dubcon |Avengers}
Summary: Thor/tentacles[/Loki

Hug Therapy by astolat {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Post-Avengers}
“I am hugging you,” Thor explained. “That you may know I love you, despite your madness.”

if i were good (and could love you back) {NC-17 |WIP |Non-con |Pining!Thor |Avengers!AU}
Thor knows what it is to fall so deeply in love you can no longer breathe.

Kiss Kiss by anon {NC-17 |Avengers!AU}
So, we all know that Loki pisses off a lot of people. It’s only a matter of time before someone curses him. So, a spellcaster curses Loki and he can’t get it off. He’s stuck in Jotunn!form and there’s only one cure-True Love’s First Kiss. (Cliche, huh?) But Loki’s not going to sit around and wait for his true love to come to him, if there even is such a thing, no, he’s going to run around and kiss everybody he can get his hands on. Asgardians, the Avengers, random people on the street… It’s the perfect prank while trying to get the curse taken off of him.

Kisses That Bring Thunder {PG-13 |comic-verse}
4 times Loki kissed OTHER avengers and 1 time kissed Thor

Kjetter by Beezy {NC-17 |Avengers!AU |Hurt!Thor |EPIC}
Summary: In which an unknown assailant attacks Los Angeles, a wounded god performs an unexpected act, and the Avengers struggle in the aftermath.

Lightning Strikes (The Pages Keep On Turning) by black_nat {NC-17 |Hurt!Thor |Angst}
Summary: “We are brothers, we’re meant to care for each other.”

Loki Found the Whole Thing Hilarious by seiaa {PG-13 |Hurt!Loki}
Summary: It was funny, Loki thought as he teleported into the chaos, that after all these years and all of the battles, he was still protecting Thor from his own heroic stupidity. Just as he had when they were inexperienced children on reckless adventures

Lost {R |Dub-con |Thor+Loki}
Thor and Loki get captured, and this person plans to rape Thor. Loki doesn’t want Thor to be broken like that, so he gets them to take him instead.

Morning After Dark - miikkaa_xx {NC-17 |Post- Avengers |Pining!Thor}
Thor has lived most of his life secretly loving his brother, and while they’re not related by blood, he still feels guilty. Sometime after The Avengers, enter an injured and unconscious Loki on his doorstep, who wakes up needy, begging, and drugged out of his mind - wanting nothing more than for Thor to just give in.

Murder to Excellence by miikkaa_xx {NC-17 |Avengers!AU}
Thor kills two men and takes the third as a prize. Spoilers for The Avengers.

Pressure by perpetuallycaffeinated {R |Avengers |Erotic Asphyxiation}
Summary: Loki and Thor being themselves and randomly finding themselves just up on a rooftop accidentally erotic asphyxiation. As they do.

Red Sweater {PG |Fluff}
Sometimes Loki likes to break into the Avengers HQ when no one’s home and wear Thor’s clothes and amuse himself (you can take that as sexually explicit or as just plain dorky as you want). At some point Steve/Coulson/whoever you’d please walks in and catches him.

Refracted by BeesKnees {PG-13 |Mirror-verse |Avengers!AU |Spoilers}
Loki is about to be killed when he’s saved - by Thor. But it’s a Thor who has traveled from a different universe - one where he and Loki lived and ruled together until Loki was killed by the Chitauri. Once Mirror!Thor sees how Loki has been treated, he decides to take Loki back with him.

Revelations by astolat {NC-17 |WIP |Hurt!Thor |Deathfic |Avengers!AU |Long}
Summary: When Thor fell, everything trembled.

Romulus {R |Post-canon |Character Death}
Because neither can live while the other survives.

Secret Admirer by griseldajane {PG-13 |Hurt!Thor}
A young man approaches Loki with horrifying gift to show his obsessive admiration for the God of Mischief.

Silvertongue - Leareth {R |WIP |Avengers |Hurt!Loki}
“So Loki God of Lies Silvertongue has had his tongue cut out. I fail to see how this is a bad thing.”

Smitten by BarbwireRose {PG-13}
Summary: Five times an outsider witnessed the effect of Loki’s silver tongue on Thor, and the one time they managed to keep it to themselves.

Sonnet by elfinmouse {PG-13 |WIP | Mpreg}
Prompt: So, when Loki arrives at that SHIELD complex he’s sweating, he’s seemingly in pain, that agent helps him when he stumbles and he’s guided into the back of the truck. He’s in labour. Loki’s been hiding it/the pregnancy until he arrived on Midgard. He just needs these idiots to get the fuck out of his way so he can get somewhere safe to deliver.

Silent War plus a mini-fill {PG-13 |Avengers!AU |Mpreg |WIP}
At the end of the battle between Thor and Loki on the Bifrost, Loki falls into the Void. During the fall through the Void is captured by the Chitauri, who discover an interesting fact about Loki, he’s pregnant.

As the Chitauri wait for SHIELD to open a portal from Earth to their part of space, Loki’s pregnancy progresses and he eventually gives birth to a baby that clearly resembles Thor.

Stolen Fruit is Sweetest {PG-13 |Future-fic |Hurt!Thor}
It wasn’t a terrible fight or anything, it was just that Thor had taken the brunt of the attack. You really could hurt a god if you hit it enough, Tony guessed.

Take the Long Way Home {R |Post-Avengers}
Thor strikes a deal with Loki: each month, he will trade half of his golden apple for one day spent together in a temporary truce. Both brothers find themselves getting more than they bargained for.

The Begonia Incident - illwynd {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Avengers}
Thor gets whacked in the face with a ball of mutant flower pollen. Who else to turn to for help but his villainous brother?

The Hope Only Of Empty Men by Clarice Chiara Sorcha (claireoujisama) {NC-17 |Mpreg |Angst like whoa |EPIC}
Summary: In order to do the right thing, sometimes you must take the wrong and twist it around to make it seem like it never was anything of the sort.But in the end, the road to Hell always has been paved with the best of intentions.
Sequel: In This Last Of Meeting Places

The Oncoming Storm by (claireoujisama) {PG-13 |Avengers!AU}
Summary: Sometimes, waiting for the storm to break is almost as satisfying as the pleasure of when it truly does.
Bea’s comment: Where Loki has been captured by SHIELD.

Telephone by anon {PG-13 |Thor+Loki hints| Friendship}
Summary: Wherein Captain America and Loki become phone buddies, much to Captain America’s (and the Avengers) confusion.

the days were bright red by paxlux {PG-13 |Avengers!AU}
Summary: This is how much I’ve missed you. This is how much it costs to keep you.

The Demons Came Rushing Out - stereobone {NC-17 |Avengers movie AU}
Loki finds him first. Thor comes pouring down from the sky like an angry rain, hand outstretched to grab him, but Loki gets him first.

The One Where Sex Ruins Loki’s Life Forever {R |Avengers |WIP |Virgin!Loki |Humor}
Tony throws a party in the stark tower after another victory over loki. loki sneaks in, disguised as a woman. Thor gets drunk and they end up having sex, and Thor didn’t recognize Loki. What Loki didn’t know is, that Jotnar are actually very faithfull and imprint on the one they have sex with the first time and thor just happened to take loki’s virginity.

The Shadow by ladylapislazuli {PG-13 |WIP |Avengers}
Summary: Loki is tired of everything and opts for a suicide but, Loki being Loki, he wants it to be by the hand of Thor, the person he loved and hated the most. The problem is, the magic had gone wrong and instead of crossing over to the land of the dead, Loki is stuck in this world, but- incorporeal.

There May Be Better Brothers (But You’re the Only One That’s Mine) {PG-13 |Hurt!Thor |Avengers}
Loki believed that at its most simplistic, there were two choices in any given situation: the smart choice, and the Thor choice. Very seldom did the two overlap. Very, very seldom. Or: Thor gets himself into trouble. Loki gets him out of it. This is embarrassing.

Too Late - griseldajane {PG-13 |Hurt!Thor |Protective!Loki}
Loki kneels over him, placing his palms on his shoulders.

“Be still,” he commands, his voice tight.

“Loki…” Thor says and he tastes blood.

“Do not move,” Loki hisses. His eyes leave Thor’s, flitting to the wound that has split him open, spilling his insides across the dirt.

Unbridled by griseldajane {R |Berserker rage}
“No matter what happens, do not intervene until Thor has released Mjölnir,” Loki says, his eyes unwavering. “Not a second sooner.” Thor has always been prone to berserker rage, losing himself in bloodlust… the one thing that could calm him down was Loki.

Unforeseen Side Effects {R |Avengers |Sex Pollen}
{In a quick effort to make Loki docile, the Tony Stark releases an experimental drug that only effects Asgardians. It gets Thor too, but hey, he had no choice. It works a little too well. Loki goes from trying to destroy the world to braiding Thor’s hair as well as other things. Steve helpfully sticks around and clutches his pearls while Tony waits for the drug to wear off.

we can’t breathe when we come around - lazulisong {PG-13 |Avengers |Vampires |Blood kink}
Loki leaned forward, steepling his hands. “Allow me to clarify, Captain,” he said. “You have allowed my brother, a prince of Asgard, to be … infected … by a creature not unlike your Midgardian leech, and he now requires the blood of others to survive?” I need more of this, possibly with hot sex. Please.

What You’ve Become - BeesKnees {NC-17 |Time Travel |Avengers}
Loki travels through time as a teenager and meets up with Thor; post-movie.

When the Centuries Unwind, We Will Still Be Here by dreamlittleyo
Summary: Thor will always come for Loki.

Whisper Sweet Lies in My Ear One by WhoSitsWithTurtles {PG_13 |During movie}
Summary: Before they meet in battle, two brothers meet alone in a field, a hammer and betrayal between them.

Loki/Thor, Coulson+other members of SHIELD, (5 times) {R |Canon!AU}
Coulson/Nick Fury/other SHIELD agents have figured out that trying to explain to Thor and Loki that being on different teams means they can’t be lovers is a lost cause. Really. And they wouldn’t mind it so much (because it keeps them somewhat mellow…er) if they didn’t have sex fucking everywhere. Honestly, you’d think they were trying to be walked in on the amount of times and places they’ve been caught.

Loki gets a baby shower plus sequel {PG |Humor}
Loki is pregnant and Thor is going to throw him a baby shower.


*They met under different circumstances, but Thor is still from Asgard and Loki is a Jotun.
*Arranged Marriage.

The Prince - astolat {Bottom!Thor |Mpreg |Protective!Loki |Manipulative!Loki |Jotun!Loki |Arranged Marriage |NC-17}
“So, er,” Volstagg said, after several moments of silence. “Is — is — er, he — pretty?”

“He’s a frost giant!” Thor shouted.

“Is that a no?” Volstagg asked.

(Like Us) Lightning Risked It All - cm (mumblemutter) {NC-17 |Arranged Marriage |AU |Jotun!Loki |Girl!Thor}
That one," Thor says, her voice ringing clear across the hall. "I choose that one."

Or: Thor and Loki get married, have sex, and fall in love.
Bea's comment: I love Thor's characterization.

a cellar, a wishing well, a war - cm (mumblemutter) {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Incest |Age Difference |Young!Thor |Uncle!Loki |Dubcon}
Thor's father warned him not to visit the prisoner.

Fortune's Fool - trotthefox {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Uncle!Loki |Underage |Age Difference}
“My Uncle?” Thor repeated moving to his mother’s side and placing his hands on her lap, frowning petulantly as he looked the man’s lithe frame over and mumbled under his breath, “another one?”

“Oh my,” Loki muttered lightly, white teeth peeking through his lips, “how flattering.”

Happiness in Slavery - Hanna {R |Canon!AU}
Laufey wins the war against Asgard and takes Thor in order to raise him to be loyal to one day take Asgard’s throne, and makes him a royal, well treated slave. He gifts him to Loki, and when one of the Aesir go to the Chitauri to get revenge on the Jotun, he sends his son and his bodyguard to Midgard to recover the Tesseract before the Aesir can, where the pair get tangled up in the Avengers.

A Backwards Courtship by Kay {NC-17 |Series |AU: Canon}
If Thor wants to become King of Asgard, he must first take a frost giant to be his queen. No one is happy with this. And yet, somehow, happiness is found. Takes place in an alternate universe where Loki is rescued as a baby by another frost giant, Angrboda, instead of by Odin.

At times we tie our own leash by thefirstwhokneels {NC-17 |AU: Canon |Warning: Non-con |Bottom!Thor}
Summary: AU, in which the Jötnar attack Asgard and along with the Casket, they take Odin’s most cherished treasure.

Arrangements (PG-13 |Canon!AU |Jotun!Loki |Arranged Marriage)
Thor is married to a young Jotun. Thor comes to see the trembling child that stood next to him at their wedding as a younger brother, and tries desperately to ignore that they must become something else once this child has grown.

Thunder and Other Things by illwynd {NC-17 |AU: Canon |Jotun!Loki |Mpreg | Body modification |Dubcon}
Summary: To keep the peace, Thor, prince of Asgard, and Loki, prince of Jotunheim, are to be wed. While originally hesitant, Thor quickly becomes pleased with this arrangement when he gets to know his betrothed. Loki, however, has other ideas.

Child’s Play by anno_Hreog {NC-17 |Noncon |AU: Canon |WIP}
Summary: Jotunheim is in ascendance, and Asgard has lost. After a botched attempt at stealing the Casket of Ancient Winters, Thor is bartered for peace and promised to be wed to Loki, the youngest son of Laufey.

Silent Lies by CsillaRising {R |AU: Canon |WIP}
Summary: The realm of Asgard has been forbidden to all of Jotunheim for eons. Unfortunately this doesn’t stop Loki, armed with his powerful magic and even more powerful curiosity, from going there. But the Prince Regent of Asgard is nothing like Loki expected, and soon he is wrapped up in a whirlwind of quests and adventures that he never asked for. Chaos ensues.

Had We But World Enough by Smuttysmutwriter {NC-17 |AU: Canon |Avengers |Mpreg |Arranged Marriage}
Summary: The Allfather has conquered Jotunheim and has bought Laufey’s youngest, Loki, to live in Asgard to be raised as Thor’s future wife and also to ensure Laufey’s continued obedience to Asgard. However, their marriage hasn’t been consumated yet. Things come to a head when Thor arrives on Earth, and Loki is sent with him in order for them to consumate their marriage and have a child, otherwise the truce between Asgard and Jotunheim is in danger of being ended.
Prequel: The Interludes

And If You Go - Chocohol_iz {PG-13 |WIP | AU |Jotun!Loki}
When exactly had winter overtaken the other seasons? An eye blink and years had passed – suddenly an eternity of snow is all he clearly remembers.

Blóð ok Íss: a Fairy Tale by stereobone {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Jotun!Loki}
Pairing: Thor/Loki
Summary: His father warned him never to go Jotunheim, for there were monsters there, terrible monsters of ice and magic. But Thor took that only as a challenge. Fairy Tale AU.

Blue {R |AU: Canon |Jotun!Loki |Mpreg}
Thor and Loki are trying for a baby, but Loki has to be in Jotun form to conceive.

death-spells and their other - circa1220bce {PG |Jotun!Loki}
Slowly, one foot deliberately placed in front of the other, Loki circles the strange, gold-spun warrior fallen in the snow.

Eidolon by Llanval {R |AU |Jotun!Loki |WIP |Arranged Marriage |Long/Epic}
Summary: The Treasure of Jotunheim, that is what father calls him; the jewel of the House of Laufey.

Empty Pursuit - anno_Hreog {NC-17 |Jotun!Loki |Arranged Marriage |Incest}
Loki is a jotunn bastard and can’t marry a prince. Thor won’t settle for anything less than what he wants. Jotunheim schemes and Asgard throws a royal wedding.
Sequel: All the King’s Horses

False Love and Affection - gunboots {NC-17 |Lady Loki |Canon!AU |Marriage}
Loki’s no stranger to the tales of the many wenches and shield-maidens that have seen Thor’s chambers before her. She has vowed to herself already that she will not become some new dishrag for him to rut into before tossing away.

Or alternatively, If Thor thinks that Loki will simply play the part of pretty, demure queen then he’s got another thing coming.

Free Flight into the Wordless {PG-13 *So Far* |Canon!AU |Bottom!Thor |WIP |Jotun!Loki}
So we’ve had many many Loki as Thor’s consort so how about a reverse? Could be that Aesir felled to Jotunheim during the great war and Thor was captured as a slave and bought by Prince Loki and made his unwilling consort or Odin agreed to bound Thor to Loki to prevent a war etc.

Gilded - BeesKnees {NC-17 |Wedding!fic |Jotun!Loki |Canon!AU}
It’s a Jotun custom to shine on one’s wedding night.

Gilded Cages {PG-13 |Canon!AU |Mpreg |Jotun!Loki} AO3 Link
Laufey is VERY over-protective towards his beloved son Loki. He is so extreme about it that he forces him to wear a chastity belt during mating season. Loki manages to get rid of the belt and goes to Asgard to seduce a male and finally get laid (Thor). Problem : he gets pregnant with the son of Odin, and his father is definitely NOT happy about it.

i know that goodbye means nothing at all by Altrutix {PG-13 |Arranged Marriage |AU |Jotun!Loki}
Summary: Apparently, the universe thought it would be marvelous to watch Helblindi and Balder desperately try to get out of the wedding while their elder brothers ran around making eyes at one another and flirting outrageously. The irony of all this was that originally, it had been Thor and Loki that were to be wedded. || Norsekink!Fill

It’s An Institute You Can’t Disparage by Coneycat {Thor!AU |NC-17 |Arranged Marriage |Jotun!Loki}
Summary: “Let’s say that Loki is Laufey’s youngest, a useless runt except for how his small stature, shifting abilities and royal blood makes him perfect for a political marriage with Asgard.”

Look to the Future {PG-13 |Canon!AU |Jotun!Loki |Pre-movie}
Summary: Loki’s worked out why Odin brought him here. (An AU set in the growing-up-in-Asgard era.)

magic, lost and found - circa1220bce {NC-17 |WIP |Jotun!Loki |Canon!AU}
Magic is for children and cruel, cowardly adults. This is what Thor and all Asgardians are taught and know is true.

Mirror, Mirror - jane_potter {NC-17 |Canon!AU}
“Thor, they called him in voices edging on sneers, god of empty thunder. God of meaningless noise, god only of men who cower like children at storms.” It began with Odin and Frigga’s decision not to discourage Thor from learning magic as a child. The oldest son of Odin would become a trickster and a sorcerer, befriended only by three warriors in all of Asgard; the second son would be raised to know the truth of his heritage, and rise to fill the gap of his brother’s irresponsibility by taking up the hammer Mjolnir and fighting his very nature in order to become a warrior— and they would become gods unlike anyone’s previous imagining.

Monstrous Terrain by rayemars {R |Canon!AU |Jotun!Thor}
Summary: At the conclusion of the war between the Aesir and the Jotnar, Laufey not only takes his choice of spoils from Odin’s treasury, but also claims his eldest son as a hostage. Concealing his parentage from Thor would be easier were it not that an Aesir can’t bear a jotun’s touch—at least not a full-blooded one’s.

Nobody’s Perfect - asyndese {R |Jotun!Loki |AU}
Forget a lover’s heartfelt token to gain the favor of the maiden. Forget dangerous, desperate promises that could bring down an empire. Nope, not Thor. He simply ran into Jotunheim after a few, well-timed chance encounters with Loki, madly in love with the idea of stealing a poor girl back from the frost giants.

All of Loki’s effort and secrecy and lies - for naught. Just because Thor was an idiot.

Norse of a different color Series by Khaleesian {NC-17 |Alternate Reality |What if? |Jotun!Loki |WIP |Bottom!Loki}
Given an infinite number of worlds…on one of them it might have happened like this. (Where Thor and company go to Jotunheim to steal the casket of Ancient winter, and find Loki guarding it)

O Gentle Sleep - mintleaf {R |Jotun!Loki |AU}
The silver tongued king shines so brightly, Thor sees why Jotunheim needs no sun.

Once Upon a Jotun {PG-13 |Fairy-tale |Loki raised in Jotunheim |Jotun!Loki} AO3 Link
When Thor was very little, he made a wish. He wished for someone just for him, someone to always be by his side and to love him and be loved in return. That night a child with green eyes was born in the land of snow who has since then been searching for someone he was meant to find, for the one who wished for him.

Peculiarity - junes_discotheque {NC-17 |Submissive!Thor |Alpha/Omega}
Loki’s a dominant Omega. When he goes into heat, he decides his submissive Alpha, Thor, is just the thing he needs to take care of it. (Or, Loki screws with standard Alpha-Omega dynamics and gets what he wants: Thor’s knot.)

Piper {R |AU |Jotun!Loki |Dub-con}
Various plagues assail Asgard. A small Jotun arrives to solve Odin’s problems… for a price.

Pledge {NC-17 |Canon!AU |WIP |Jotun!Loki}
Summary/Prompt: Loki was found in Jotunheim as a baby and taken to Asgard specifically for Thor’s, er, use, when they both get older. Thor thinks of him more as a brother until they both come of age and Thor starts to take an interest in sex.

Rise by Sin {PG-13 *so far* |WIP |Based on: Merlin}
Prompt: Loki saves Thor’s life, so Odin makes him Thor’s manservant. At first they can’t stand each other, but over time their feelings develop into something much stronger than friendship or brotherhood, and eventually sexy-times ensue.

Serpent {Mature |AU}
AU. You can send frost away, if you give it form. (Thank you anon, for reccing this one!)

Spoils of War - Fickle_Obsessions {NC-17 |Jotun!Loki |Dub-con}
A Jotunheim born-and-raised Loki becomes Thor’s prize after a war with the frost giants. Thor is thoroughly smitten, which unfortunately means he’s not too keen to take the slow route. No, the path Thor take has a lot more hair pulling and it’s Loki doing the pulling.

Spoils of War {NC-17 |Jotun!Loki |Warning: Noncon |Woobie!Loki}
Summary: Odin never found that tiny baby at the temple in Jotunheim. His only son Thor is now a young, arrogant King. Loki Laufeyson was better off being raised by wolves, really grew up despised in his father’s court. And then Thor invaded Jotunheim.

stay with me, baby (i’m the fella you came in with) {NC-17 |Asgard |Avengers |Marriage |Canon!AU}
It was Thor’s idea to join the Avengers. That doesn’t mean Loki’s got to like it.

That Silver and Gold May Come Down and Cover Me {PG |AU: Canon |Cinderella!fusion |WIP?}
Summary: Going to Asgard has always been an impossible dream for Loki, but with some skillful magic and some not insignificant courage, he dares to disguise his form and visit the world of the Aesir for one night. But only one night — because his magic will not hold forever.
Sequel: No Blood in the Shoe

The Boys I Mean Are Not Refined (Norsekink link Sonnet ) {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Jotun!Loki |WIP}
Okay. So I want something where Loki is basically the Ursula of Asgard. Everyone goes to him for whatever they need/want (like if they wanted someone to fall in love with them, knowledge, wealth, whatever). And being… well Loki, they have to give him something in return.

The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul by PadawanBrittany {PG-13 |Canon!AU |Crossdressing! |Arranged Marriage |Jotun!Loki}
Summary: Prince Loki wants to attend the Prince Thor’s mighty feast, but cannot go looking as the Jötunn prince that he is. At the same time, Thor makes a startling revelation.

The Symbols Series - bellacatbee {NC-17 |AU: Canon |Jotun!Loki |Series |WIP |Mpreg}
Loki is the symbol of peace. He will be ravished by Thor in place of his kingdom. Only Loki does not want to be a symbol. An Alternate Universe where Loki is given to Thor to keep the peace between their homelands.

The Unwinding of Loki {PG-13 |WIP |Canon!AU |Runaway bride Loki |Arranged Marriage |Long}
Prompt: With Loki’s long history of ditching lovers at the first signs of true commitment/marriage it was - in retrospect - a very bad idea to schedule his wedding to Thor immediately after Thor’s coronation.

This is My Idea {PG-13 |Jotun!Loki |Arranged Marriage}
And then there’s being Thor Odinson and Loki Laufeyson, who are heirs to the kingdoms of Asgard and Jotunheim, respectively, and everyone expects them to wed. Except, they kind of hate each other. Maybe.

Through Coldest Storm by Rebecca Hb {NC-17 |AU: Role Reversal}
Summary: Getting caught in a spring storm on Jotunheim is bad enough. A young giant finding their camp makes it worse.

Transaction - EliraWinter {NC-17 |Jotun!Loki |Canon!AU |WIP}
AU - The young Jotun Prince, Loki, is given to Asgard as a bride for Thor in exchange for peace.

Two Princes / Learning How to Crawl - Sans_Souci {NC-17 |Jotun!Loki |Arranged Marriage |Canon!AU}
Fish-out-of-water story. AU. Banished to Midgard for ages, Thor and Loki are not happy campers. Or even happily married for that matter. But they still hold true to their oaths.

Where We’ve Come {PG-13|Jotun!Loki |Arranged Marriage}
Summary: Loki is the second son of Laufey, betrothed to Thor, the first son of Odin. It takes a while for things to work out between them. Thor/Loki AU

Winter and Spring {NC-17 |AU |WIP |Based on: Game of Thrones |Long |Arranged Marriage |Jotun!Loki}
Summary/Prompt. Loki as Daenerys and Thor as Drogo. I don’t know… Loki is given to Thor by his greedy brother in order to gain Asgard’s alliance. Loki’s all angst and unhappy about it since he’s nothing more then a thing to be sold and Thor’s kind of a boar upon first impression. Thor turns out to be a great and protective husband though and Loki gains confidence and becomes a great and beloved and powerful leader in Asgard.This fic is fantastic. *_* There are a couple of minor misspellings but that doesn’t take the enjoyment out of reading a wonderful fic. Guh I love arranged marriage fics.

Winter’s Service {NC-17 |Jotun!Loki |Canon!AU |NC-17 |Non-con/Dub-con}
Laufey’s heir is clever… and ambitious. He’s not content merely to trap the son of Odin and extract a ransom from his powerful father. He wants to have all that strength, all that power, all that glory — submit to his will.

What better way to show the realms that Loki is a force to be reckoned with than by forcing golden Thor to be his champion?

Two Different Fills {PG-13 |Character Death |AU}
The prompt is this: When Loki and Thor are still kids, possibly around the time we see them at the start of the movie, Laufey somehow shows up secretly in Asgard. He goes to Odin and demands the return of either the Casket or his son—possibly he expects that Odin and Frigga will have grown too attached and he’ll actually get the Casket back this way. But Odin can’t possibly risk what the Frost Giants would do with that again, so, reluctantly, they return Loki. Loki hastily learns the truth of his origins while being prepared to go back to Jotunheim, and he’s as happy about this as you’d expect. And Frigga gives him some little token to remember them by, something that he can hide from Laufey and keep with him all the time.

Untitled Cinderella AU by anon {PG-13 | Canon!AU |Different meeting |Jotun!Loki}
Summary/Prompt: Soo Loki is a disappointment for the ice giants and is set to do all the work the others do not want to do, then one day he goes to a feast in Asgard disguised as an asgarian (the form in the movie, duh) and he runs into Thor and anon decides from there :P as long as it is Cinderellaish I’m happy.


Where they're not Gods, just regular humans.

spring, summer, fall, winter… and spring - thefirstwhokneels {NC-17 |Human!AU} Thor/Loki
When Thor was still a child, and after a stormy night the next morning he found a high hat trapped among the thorns of their rosebush, his mother said the Northern winds brought the most unusual things.
Many years later, they carry something unexpected again.

Thor lives his mundane life until one day change knocks on his door, literally.

Cavemen Thor and Loki - Icemaidenstory {NC-17 |Cavemen!AU |Non-con |Hurt/Comfort |Possessive!Thor |Hurt!Thor |Hurt!Loki}
prehistoric AU where Thor’s tribe kills Loki’s tribe, and Thor takes Loki as his captive (but it’s more than that)

Bea’s comment: Read the prompt description, it’s better than my summary. First, I have a pet peeve. I don’t like reading first person POV. This is written in Loki’s POV, first person, so I was going to skip it. But I wanted to read something long, and this had lots of bookmarks so what the heck. AND I AM SO GLAD I DID. This is a wonderful, 60K+ and I loved every single chapter. I couldn’t stop reading once I started. Their lives are dangerous and there’s rape and Loki doing everything he can to stay alive (hunting, picking up crops etc. Loki is AWESOME. He doesn’t stay put and do nothing, he does everything and is damn good at it), but then it becomes so loving and sweet. Also, Odin and Frigga. I am with Loki on this one, they should compose a ballad on their epic love. So yes. This is a fic that I will re-read again and again.

we shed these rags of bloody skin - ohfreckle {NC-17 |Mob!AU |Bottom!Thor}
Trained assassins and the sons of a mobster boss, Thor and Loki live hard and fast.

Everything goes to hell after Thor’s confession that he feels more than brotherly love and Loki can’t deal with it. They sort things out eventually with a little help from a friend, but then a new job comes around and things get even worse.

Already Home - miikkaa_xx {NC-17 |AU |Bottom!Thor}
AU. Thor goes off suppressants for a while and attracts the unwanted attentions of various alphas and betas in the vicinity. Loki is the least bit pleased. Sequel to Candy Shop. (filthy PWP!fic)

Mistakes and Accidents {AU |Bottom!Thor |NC-17 |Series |Mortal!AU}
They’re twins. Fraternal, obviously. Thor is nine minutes older. In kindergarten everyone assumes they’re cousins. Thor instantly corrects them, loudly asserting, “He’s my brother.” High School (and beyond) AU.

You Breathe Infinity into my World - milky_haven {R |AU |WIP}
Loki is betrothed to Lady Sigyn. Then he meets her drunkard cousin, His Royal Highness – Prince Thor and is instantly captivated by his strange beauty and unequivocal behaviour. This love for Thor, like the fragile buds of spring, so delicate and beautiful, has an air of sinisterness, doomed to conclude into something precious and poignant which will leave Loki austerely hollow.

You Gotta be the First to Run - zimriya {NC-17 |AU}
How it started was like this: Thor was nursing a cup of hot chocolate in the hospital waiting room, half reading a magazine and half scrolling lazily through the pages of the New York Times on his iPhone. One minute he was snorting at the latest celebrity gossip, and the next Loki was making a startled noise in the back of his throat.
They fucked in a broom closet near the elevator in the pediatrics ward. It’s not Thor’s proudest moment. A No Strings Attached AU

Deep roots are not touched by the frost - zimriya {R |AU |WIP |Amazing |Fusion: LOTR}
Featuring Thor Odinson, heir to the throne of Asgard, and his sometimes brother but mostly lover, Elven Prince Loki of Jotunheim, and their quest to destroy the ring of power and save the 9 realms.

A Rime out of Rhythm {NC-17 |Mortal!AU |WIP |Adopted Brothers |Bottom!Thor}
Glimpses of the lives of Thor and Loki Odinson, sons of the rich and well respected Odin, as they continue an illict affair that has both negative and positive aspects.

And You Save Me {PG-13 |AU: Modern |WIP}
Ikol was sitting on a shelf, giving Loki a look. “He was being rude. And I don’t like the way he looks at me.” Ikol tilted his head slightly. “What do you know, you’re a cat.” He walked to the kitchen, and began preparing his coffee, since there was no use in trying to go to sleep again.

as the sounds swell by faorism {NC-17 |Modern!AU |PWP}
Thor is a porn star. Loki is his fluffer. Somehow, they make it work.

Balance - JeanSouth {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Mobster!AU}
Loki/Thor mobster AU. Loki tops. Also, guns.

Boy Scout’s Holiday {NC-17 |Human!AU |Cars! Cars!}
When old man Odinson dies he leaves his sons two things: A thriving auto tuning shop and a lot of baggage. The latter mostly belongs to Loki who is sick of driving in Thor’s slipstream. Time for a change in leadership. What ensues is a plan that gets resurrected often enough to start the zombie apocalypse all on its own, explosions, dealings with overly invested reporters, epiphanies about heritage, a generous amount of illegal street racing, and the fact that what you get isn’t always what you wanted but might very well be what you needed. Candy Shop - miikkaa_xx {NC-17 |Alpha/Omega Dynamics |Bottom!Thor |AU |PWP}
AU. Thor, a cop, having forgotten to take his suppressants, has his heat hit just when he’s done interrogating a suspect and Loki, a lawyer, happens to still be in the room. (filthy PWP!fic)

Feed the flame {NC-17 |Human!AU |WIP}
I’m dying to see something in which Thor is just starving for Loki, who is completely aware of how badly his brother wants him and uses it mercilessly to tease and torment him (despite wanting him just as much.)

Firestarter - MonstrousRegiment {NC-17 |Human!AU}
Much to Thor’s amusement, Fandral discovered the directions to this bar by the simple action of asking the appropriate people. It wasn’t that homosexual activity was illegal or even obscure in Jotunheim, just as it was not on Asgard, but this particular bar was, apparently, rather exclusive. An invitation by paper or the knowledge of the name of a member were seemingly necessary to gain entrance. Thor promises Fandral that he’s willing to be convinced that men can be erotic. Loki… convinces him.

for queen and country - versy {NC-17 |Human!AU}
Loki lies back and thinks of England.

Here’s where he meets Prince Charming plus sequel {PG-13 |AU |Based on: Beauty and the Beast}
Beauty and the Beast au where Loki is Belle and Thor is Gaston. Thor is just really insistent that they should marry and Loki refuses but still sort of wants to fuck Thor and in the end gives in to Thor’s proposal out of pure sexual frustration/in a lustful daze.I loved this fill!

His scarlet ibis by Canute {NC-17 |AU: Human |Underage |High School}
He remembers when Loki was first brought home: a wailing, shrieking bundle tucked into his mother’s arms. His parents had gazed at the infant with such awe, obviously smitten no matter how loud Loki cried, how much he scratched at the hands that reached for him. Thor disliked his baby brother instantly.

How I Met Your Father - beingevil {R |Human!AU |WIP |Kid!fic}
Thor Odinson is an up and coming barrister who becomes entangled in the messy divorce proceedings of one Loki Laufeyson and his custody battle for his four children. Their relationship becomes increasingly unprofessional. Very OOC and could use some polishing in terms of grammar, but I find the whole premise cute, and Loki’s kids are adorable. <3

Hurricane {PG-13 |Human!AU}
I want a mushy, powerful, romantic, moving, heart opening love confession in the rain from both of them.

In Disguises No One Knows {PG-13 |Human!AU |High School!AU |Series WIP |OOC}
“Look I know you two are like super awesome bff’s and you don’t think anybody else understands that but I do, and I care about Loki too. You don’t get to pine silently for him for years and then turn around and act all pouty when someone else actually has the balls to ask Loki out.”

Invocation for Beginners {Human!AU |WIP |PG-13} LJ Link
Had they been poor, Loki thought, people would think they were crazy, but because they had money, they were eccentric. OR: Thor’s mother is remarrying and he spends the ten days leading up to the wedding at her summer house in the countryside, getting himself acquainted with his future stepbrothers.

Learning at Sea - bloodsongs {R |Pirates!AU |WIP}
They are like storms and fury, the captain and his captive, as they clash on the cruel seas.

New York New York - KillTheDirector {PG-13 |Human!AU}
Passing out on someone’s fire escape really isn’t a good first impression.

Offering that someone who had passed out on your fire escape breakfast is a tad odd.

That person’s scary younger-big brother threatening you isn’t really cool, but if you get a chance to make out with the person who passed out on your fire escape, then I guess you can deal.

Of Barbarians and Scholars by pastelfeathers {NC-17 |AU |WIP}
Prompt: Give me Thor as the victorious raiding Viking lord and Loki as his cultured spoil of war.

Pleasured Words from a Silver Tongue - riventhorn {NC-17 |Human!AU |D/s}
An AU where Dom!Loki owns a sex club and the tall, blond security guard is exactly what he’s looking for in a sub.

Remember My Name - Thescratchman {PG-13 |Fame!AU |WIP |School!AU}
Pairings: Steve/Tony, Thor/Loki, Bruce/Clint
Dream it -Earn it -Live it.

shall we take a spin again (no witnesses) {NC-17 |Human!AU |Complete |Bottom!Thor}
When Thor is need of money to help a friend, he turns to a less-than-legal source. However, what should have been a simple borrow-and-pay-back arrangement gets turned upside down when loanshark!Loki decides he wants something more than simply money in return. In only a matter of days, Loki draws Thor into a dark, violent underworld, and it soon becomes clear that he has no intention of letting go.

shifting your shape to my shells by hannibalisms {NC-17 |WIP |College!AU}
They’re college roommates. It’s WIP, but the author updates regularly (and I like how the author posts links to gifs on certain scenes. eyecandy. :D)

symbiotic {PG-13 |Human!AU |WIP}
Thor and Loki are flatmates

The Art of Drawing Without an Eraser by Ice {NC-17 |Bottom!Thor |Mortal!AU}
Loki guesses something is wrong the moment his mother gets he and Thor plane tickets and asks them to hurry back home. He’s suspected, for a while, that there’s something going on between Frigga and Odin. But nothing prepares him for this. And the summer has barely started. Deleted but I have a copy :)

The Flood {NC-17 |Mortal!AU}
Thor is the government’s top black ops operative, specializing in retrieving wayward criminals. Loki is one of the most gifted hackers in the world, and will sell information to anyone for the right price. He’s also Thor’s newest assignment.

They’re Playing Our Song {PG-13 |High School AU}
AU: Loki is a painfully shy, anti-social nerd who is constantly bullied at school. Thor is a popular, “straight” jock with a secret…

Thorki Noodles {NC-17 |Human!AU}
Opening a ramen noodle bar when you have zero business experience is more than just something trust fund kids do when the money runs out - For Loki Odinson, it’s his dream!

We Spent Our Darkest Days Howling at the Moon - stereobone {NC-17 |Human!AU}
“I’m at the train station,” Loki says. His voice is static over the phone. Hipster AU.

Wergeld - rayemars {NC-17 |WIP |Noncon |Viking!AU}
It was springtime, and Thor had taken his men war-faring to seek goods for themselves; but raiding a foreign temple brought him far more than he'd ever imagined--in either goods or trouble.

when all is said and done - scribblscrabbl {R |AU |WIP}
Loki’s a criminal and a wanted man, and still all Thor can see is his brother.

White Carnations - Canute {R |Human!AU |High School AU |Non-con}
Maybe Thor never really realized how much he had until now, when it’s walking away from him. To be fair, maybe Loki never really did, either.

Yolare - cm (mumblemutter) (NC-17 |AU: High School |Series}
Thor and Loki grow up, just a little

mini!fill, highschool AU {R |High School AU}
Ok guys. You know those intense, emotion-filled stares that Thor and Loki are always giving each other? I want them to do that, across a dance floor. I just want them to be separated, possibly one or both are slow dancing with another person, but they can’t concentrate on the unimportant partner, the only thing they see is each other.


a hundred millions suns and stars (i’d cross them all for just a short glimpse of you) {PG-13 |Human!AU |Crossover: HP |WIP}
Thor is chosen as Hogwarts’ champion.

It’s poison, it’s blood by mornmeril {NC-17 |Werewolf!AU}
Red Riding Hood!AU: Their village lay on the edge of a dark forest, few even knew its name, but many knew that terrible things had been happening there on the night of the full moon for several generations now. Everyone was wary of strangers here in Asgard, and if any should come by, they would quickly leave once more. No one lingered here, except for the ones who had lived there their whole lives.

Kingdom by the Sea - Pakeha {NC-17 Overall |Series |WIP}
Thor, a human prince, and Loki, his half-octopus friend, have a conversation. The situation is unconventional at best, but they make it work.

Promises {PG-13 |Human!AU}
Fairytale AU for the kink meme, pre-slash. Thor keeps his promises, even from the beginning.

the dread lord’s throne {NC-17 |AU}
A satanic Thor worships the wrong horned god.

The Fault is Not in Our Stars - MonstrousRegiment {NC-17 |Troy!AU |WIP}
After a long and wretched campaign, Asgard has conquered Jotunheim. To ensure King Laufey’s cooperation and later friendship between the kingdoms, Asgard takes home the apparent heir to the throne, Loki Laufeyson. Loki is, unfortunately, anything but complacent.

❤❤The Northern Sea by soltian {NC-17 |Merman!Thor |AU |WIP}
Summary: Lost and freezing in the middle of the ocean, Loki encounters an intriguing and dangerous stranger that seems more likely to make things worse rather than better.

The Beast and the Beast {PG-13 |WIP |Based on: Beauty and the Beast}
Beauty and the Beast AU with Thor as the beast and Loki as Belle. Sif and the Warriors Three make cameos as various household objects who try desperately to get them to fall in love to break the beast’s spell. WIP and it hasn’t been updated in months :( But I hope the author returns and keeps writing this amazing fill.

The Scent of Sunshine {NC-17 |AU |Wereworlf/Vampires}
Thor, only son of Odin, leader of werewolves, has a run-in with Loki, only son of Laufey, king of vampires. Their two clans have been at war for centuries and any interaction between the two races is expressly forbidden. Their first encounter is a bit of a rough-and-tumble but then they discover that friendship – and maybe even more – can sometimes be found in the most unlikely places.
Bea’s comment: This one was too sappy for me, but I still liked it.

Wicked Blood {PG-13 *So far* |SWATH AU |WIP}
Where Loki is the wicked King who got dethroned by Odin and now is on the run. Asgardian King Odin orders Thor, also known as the Huntsman, to track him down.

Untitled (King!Loki and Huntsman!Thor) by brodinsons. Short and sexy. *_*

Untitled Huntsman GIF sets series by black-nata Part 1 * Part 2 black-nata is great with gifs. I think I’m in love. *__*

The one where they're cursed to become mortal with no memories of each other.

the only place that I call home - kiyala {NC-17 |Amnesia | Canon!au}
Loki has always seen Thor at his regular bar every Friday night after work. But once they start talking, everything begins to change and soon, Loki begins questioning everything that he thought he knew about himself.

falling like a flip of a coin by paxlux {NC-17 |Long |Canon!AU |Amnesia}
where both Thor and Loki are reborn as mortals who fall in love; they do not remember their days on Asgard but feel some sort of connection.

A necklace of songs thefirstwhokneels {NC-17 |Asgard |Modern!AU |Reincarnation |Amnesia}
Summary: I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times… In life after life, in age after age, forever. Of a punishment that shakes everything apart. And of a love, wonderful and awful, throughout the ages, defying everything. But maybe, maybe it should not..

Tales of Asgard

Mine {NC-17 |Tales of Asgard |Underage |Jealous!Thor}
Tales of Asgard: after Amora leaves when Thor interrupts her and Loki, Thor claims his younger brother by the window.

care and feeding by soltian {Tales of Asgard}
Summary: Loki notices Thor needs a bit of help with his hair.

The Hand of Surtur by animehime20 {PG-13}
Summary: Half a year after the events of Tales of Asgard, Thor is still not worthy enough to wield Mjolnir. He’s tried everything—vanquishing monsters, rescuing those in need, being nice…and nothing’s working. And Loki is still a bit distant after he murdered Algrim in cold blood and trying to get over it. But things take a turn for the worst when Surtur, the very demon their father Odin destroyed decades ago, returns to Asgard and seeks a temporary body to control while he recreates his own body: specifically Loki’s body. Now Asgard is on the verge of becoming the new Muspellheim, and Thor must rise against his little brother before he manages to use his tainted magic to summon a new body for Surtur.

Journey into Mystery

Selling Promises and Potions - seawhim {NC-17 |Age Difference |Journey Into Mystery}
When he wakes one night to find Loki—little Loki, so young, not yet cold, not yet twisted—straddling his waist, he thinks it a dream at first.

A Twist in Perceptions - keelywolfe {NC-17 |Journey Into Mystery |Dubcon}
Later, Thor would blame himself. He was no magician, no sorcerer but still, he blamed himself because there was no one else to blame.

A Little Mischief {NC-17 |Underage |Kid!Loki}
The throne of Asgardia was sacred, the seat of Kings and more recently, Queens, and though the bloodline of Odin was no longer upon it, it remained a symbol of leadership. Of power. Sacred. Sure. What was a little mischief to one named Loki?

Selling Promises and Potions (NC-17 |JiM |Kid!Loki)
When he wakes one night to find Loki - little Loki, so young, not yet cold, not yet twisted – straddling his waist, he thinks it a dream at first.

Veni Vidi Vici - miikkaa_xx {NC-17 |Comics}
This is the tale of the slow, desperate, come-splattered and sweat-soaked seduction of one Loki Laufeyson for his older, wiser and totally future incestuous bedmate, Thor Odinson. (filthy, dirty PWP!fic)

Trial Run {NC-17 |Underage(Chan) |Journey into Mystery}
The thing is - Loki likes to try new things. (PWP!fic, smut coda to Veni Vidi Vici) .

GEN Recs

Fics that are about Thor and Loki’s brotherly bond. Or Loki GEN

Amateur Theatrics - galaxysoup {GEN |Post-Avengers |Kid!Loki}
In which Thor’s primary problem-solving method (a mighty blow from Mjolnir) fails to have the desired effect on a magical artifact, and his secondary method (a mightier blow from Mjolnir) proves to be actively disastrous.

And on a fine May morning by illwynd {PG-13 |Canon!AU |Asgard |GEN |ANGST OMG}
Summary: When Loki is still a child, Laufey comes to Asgard to demand the return of his son. Reluctantly, Odin and Frigga comply. Years later, the two brothers will meet again.


Blood Oath - nightmare_kisser {PG |GEN}
“I promise you, Thor, I will not let it come to that. I won’t hurt you. We shan’t be enemies. I swear a blood oath on our brotherhood.”

Bunny Slippers (for Lack of a Better Title) - katsu {PG |GEN}
Everyone said that Thor was Loki’s greatest enemy. These were all people that had watched far too much TV and probably enjoyed epic fantasies like Lord of the Rings and anything that involved elves. The actual truth was both sadder and more complicated: boredom was Loki’s greatest enemy

Childhood of Rebellion - BeesKnees {PG |GEN |Deaged!Thor}
After Thor tries to introduce Jane to Odin and Frigga as his future wife, he is banished, stripped of his powers, and de-aged as punishment. At the same time, Frigga is pregnant with Baldr, leaving Thor with little chance to return. Loki comes looking for his brother.

Exsanguination by Lise {PG-13 |GEN |Hurt!Loki}
Summary: exsanguination /ex·san·gui·na·tion/ v.intr. To be drained of blood. (And all the rest.)

Bea’s comment: The Chitauri (and Thanos) torture Loki then turn him over to Asgard as a sign of Peace. Lots of hurt!Loki and Angry/Worried!Thor.

Godchild by griseldajane {PG-13 |GEN |Kid!fic |Fluff}
Summary: When Loki finds a de-aged Thor wandering alone on the battlefield, Loki takes the five year old child in and resolves to figure out how Thor was transformed and why…

Hit the boy {PG-13 |GEN |Asgard}
One of Loki’s main battle strategies appears to be sending out projections of himself. Given the ways we’ve seen him use them, I’m guessing that Thor, Sif and the W3 must have long since become used to seeing Loki take deadly blows, flicker a little, and turn out to actually be somewhere else entirely. Put being used to Loki-projections and being confident in his battle prowess together, and something is bound to go wrong sooner or later.
Sequel: And maybe you think I’m not listening as you scream and scream

into something rich and strange - Lise {PG-13 |Post-Avengers |Hurt!Loki |Hurt/Comfort |Thor+Loki}
Change will come when the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of change, or so goes the saying. Sometimes that takes a lot of pain.

Know Your Meme {PG |Crack/Humor}
Crying!Thor. Crack.

Loki loses his heart {PG-13 |WIP |GEN *so far*}
So some time post Avengers, some dark force takes control of Asgard (maybe some evil creature or sorcerer is behind it) and it inflicts a mind-control magic on everyone in Asgard, bending them all to the creature/sorcerer’s evil will. Word also reaches Loki, who’s been lying low for a while. Knowing he has no knowledge over the creature doing this and no way to defeat it, he goes to the Well of Wisdom (where Odin traded his eye for knowledge). Except he is asked to trade his heart, and with his heart, all his love for his family, even buried under all the bitterness and rage. Seeing no other way, he does so and goes back to save Asgard and free everyone.

Lost and Never Seen by phoenixfawkes12 {PG-13 |GEN |Canon!AU}
Depressed, and of the impression failure means he’s going to die anyway, Loki lets the dwarves cut off his head. Asgard receives a casket with magnificent presents and a headless jotun corpse. Everyone thinks it’s the best tribute ever until Thor starts to notice that Frigga won’t stop crying and no one can find Loki.

Lullaby {PG-13 |Post-Avengers |GEN}
Following the Avenger’s movie, Loki is manacled and gagged to be returned to Asgard. He’s injured, hasn’t slept properly in days, and does not want anyone to see him as weak. He’s at his enemies’ mercy enough as is. I want to see the moment when Loki can’t help but succumb to exhaustion.

No Such Liberty by Xparrot {PG-13 |GEN |Hurt!Loki |Post-Avengers |Thanos |Hurt/Comfort |Action/Adventure |Brotherly bonding}
Summary: Thor takes Loki back to Asgard in chains, but this does not mean that the god of mischief’s schemes are ended, or that Thor has or ever will give up on his brother. But when Thanos threatens the realm to claim his lost prizes, on which side will Loki fall?

Bea’s comment: THIS is the fic I wanted to read after watching the Avengers. No romance, just glorious angst and there are so many feelings and Odin is not a douche and Loki is clever and devious and yet so damaged and Thor!feels unf. Lovely and gorgeous characterization. (Also, the rest of the Avengers show up later on to help fight against Thanos. EPIC)

Schaduw Wereld {PG-13 |Action/Adventure |GEN |Canon!AU |WIP}
AU in which Heimdall doesn’t open the Bifrost and Odin doesn’t show up to save the day. They escape Jotunheim by Loki opening a secret path and ushering everyone through it. While Loki is semi-catatonic everyone else starts to realize how ballsy, or just plain insane, Loki is because getting from point A to point B using his secret methods is a hell of a lot more dangerous than they ever suspected.

Tarnished {PG-13 |Character Death |Reincarnation |Kid!Loki}
Based on this page in the Journey to Mystery comics: where instead of Thor letting go, he squeezes too hard and kills Loki. Years pass and Loki is still gone, Thor has strained relations with the Avengers and is haunted by the memory of his brother. It isn’t till one day when someone literally walks into Loki’s reincarnation that they realize he’s alive again.

The Penitence of the Trickster {PG-13 |Post-Avengers |WIP |GEN *so far*}
The Other comes for Loki.

The Several Heirs of Loki Odinson, Prince of the Realm of Asgard {PG-13 |GEN}
Prompt: Loki’s greatest con is passing of random monsters as members of the royal family. The reason Odin keeps banishing them is because he’s totally on to him.

These Lessons That We’ve Learned Here by anon {PG-13 |GEN |Thor!AU}
Prompt: I know there are as few fics with the whole lip sewing incident and I’ve read them avidly but I’m not really looking for the quick trauma, I want to see the long term effect. Loki’s words are just so much a part of who and what he is, even more than his magic, that I’m interest in seeing how he would cope with out them. I mean, he’s called Loki Lie-Smith and Loki Silvertongue, but never Loki Sorcerer.

Triumph and sequel {PG |GEN |Deage |Kid!Thor}
Lets do toddler Thor, with no memories of the future, getting a second chance to be raised without the pressures and burdens of being the heir to the throne.

Truthfully {PG-13 |GEN |Avengers AU |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Thor |WIP |EPIC}
Summary: Loki had every intention of wreaking havoc upon Midgard the moment his suicide attempt had failed. Really. He’d planned on setting cities ablaze, smashing buildings, pillaging, all of that good stuff. Too bad he hadn’t planned on the place being so FUN. Destroying City Hall? Maybe if he can squeeze it in between ikebana and his Thai cooking classes.

Two Small Problems {PG-13 |Deaged |WIP |GEN}
Thor and Loki are turned into kids! Loki is this adorable tiny kid who calls natasha a wench! so cute.

Whispered like prayers by Silverlynxcat {PG-13 |Thor ending AU |GEN}
Summary: It had been a mere three days after the tragedy that a presence, unseen and unheard yet felt none the less, joined the solitary All-seer. Although, it remained unclear for many moons after if it was a lost son seeking home that lingered on the bridge, or a restless spirit come to seek closure.

Whispered Promises | PG-13 |GEN}
Prompt: There is another world way below the Bifrost. It is a world where time and matter bend and twist with no stability or pattern. It is the birthplace of both stars and black holes. Instead of rabbits or deer, wormholes litter the land by which the inhabitants use to travel to or even beyond the nine realms. It is place where only those who hold a tremendous amount of magic/energy can go; in fact, it is where the greatest and most powerful sorcerers of the past go when they die, for Valhalla is no paradise to them.

This very same world also has a king, a very lonely and bored one at that. One who craves an equal that can make the rest of eternity bearable. Then one day, he senses a strong but young power that enchants him. That someone is a young Loki.

Loki GEN

In Which an Unlikely Friendship Comes to Be by Asidian {PG |Crossover: Rise of the Guardians |WIP}
Summary: Loki recalls stories of frost giants, hideous monsters that bring the ice, as he takes in this creature of simple pleasure. He recalls that the people of Asgardia say he is just such a horror of winter – but here and now, watching this boy play upon the walls as though nothing else exists in the world, he does not see how it can possibly be a bad thing.

Loki and the Penguin Liberation Front - LulaMadison {PG |Humor |Loki!fic |Post-Avengers}
Penguins in zoos all over the world suddenly vanish. The Avengers are sent to investigate.

Agent Loki: International Man of Mayhem - Alis Dee (dee) {R Overall |Action |Loki!fic}
Post-Avengers "What If...?" based on the question: What if, instead of sending the defeated Loki back to Asgard, S.H.I.E.L.D. had kept him instead?

Loki Runway - Xparrot {PG |GEN |Humor/Crack |Crossover: Project Runway}
Loki hadn’t been observed with a new scepter, and there had yet to be another alien invasion, but he was still a supervillain. SHIELD was on high alert for three months.Which was when the new season of Project Runway started airing, and one of the designers strutting his stuff in the opening, boldly declaring, “I’ll show you mortals how to make it work,” set off every facial recognition program SHIELD had.

tehopheliac: (Default)

[personal profile] tehopheliac 2014-08-13 05:35 am (UTC)(link)
God, this list is massive (but that's a GOOD thing). Thank you so much to linking to so much. I have like 100 tabs open right now with all the fic I'm interested in (I had to scroll through all of the ♥'s first to prioritize what I want to read first *sheepish*).

Anyway, one two one of the fics I really really want to read is dead. I was hoping that you maybe had a copy of it? If you do, could you please send it to me? Email: LillithTheOddity @

Small Things {NC-17 |Post-Avengers |Jotun!Loki}
As punishment for bringing war to Midgard, Loki is bound to Valaskjálf… and to his Jotun form. Now he haunts the rooms of Odin’s hall as a ghost, making malice and misery for all who dwell within. When Odin refuses to act, Thor seeks the council of his mother, who tells him of her original plans for raising their resident Jotun foundling: not as Thor’s brother, but his betrothed…

Schaduw Wereld {PG-13 |Action/Adventure |GEN |Canon!AU |WIP}
AU in which Heimdall doesn’t open the Bifrost and Odin doesn’t show up to save the day. They escape Jotunheim by Loki opening a secret path and ushering everyone through it. While Loki is semi-catatonic everyone else starts to realize how ballsy, or just plain insane, Loki is because getting from point A to point B using his secret methods is a hell of a lot more dangerous than they ever suspected.
Edited (Apparently, the first link worked but I'd opened some other link instead that didn't work?) 2014-08-13 06:17 (UTC)
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Agent Loki

[personal profile] featherwizard 2015-01-19 02:01 am (UTC)(link)

Thanks for the rec list! I'm really enjoying these stories. I was just wondering if you have a copy of Agent Loki: International Agent? My links don't seem to work anymore and I'd really appreciate it if you could send me any of the fics.

Thank you!
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[personal profile] amalthia 2015-05-25 04:48 am (UTC)(link)

I loved your rec list! there were many stories on it that I had not come across. :)

[personal profile] quickwings 2015-12-28 09:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi, I don't know if you still check comments here? but I didn't think I should ask on tumblr even though I have perused your rec lists there and here more times than I can count lol. Your recs for black_nata's fics sounded so good (specifically for "Lightning Strikes" which became "as the waves breaks" but you made them all sound good, I've gotten so many recs from you it's crazy) but I think she took down all her fic except 3 for some reason. :/ wayback has a few but I was hoping maybe you'd saved any of them off ao3 and wouldn't mind pming them to me? idk if everyone is save crazy like I am tho, but ty either way. :)