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The Social Network: Mark/Eduardo Recs Masterlist

Mark/Eduardo Recs

Harvard!Era * Palo Alto!Era * Deposition!Era * Post-deposition * Alternate Universe * Genderswap

Last Updated: June 2016
New fics

call to me with words i never knew - forsanethaec NC-17, au, series
In which Mark learns how to make a friend, and then learns a little more. (AU)

Sympathy For The Devil - merisunshine36, thedeadparrot R, AU
Mafia au

A Seahorse Gilt in Gold (The Dear Mrs. Robinson Remix) - antistar_e (kaikamahine) R
The first reported fatal case is in May, and within two months, Eduardo learns how to shoot people in the face.

Heave Ho, Thieves and Beggars - antistar_e (kaikamahine) PG-13, AU
When you can't run, you crawl. When you can't crawl, you find someone to carry you. Or, when Wash's cousin contacts Serenity saying that the youngest, richest man in the universe wants to hire them for a job, an empty purse leaves Malcolm Reynolds hard-pressed to take the offer. The problem? Mark Zuckerberg needs their help to break a friend out of the Academy. And as it turns out, that's just the easy part.

The Twelve Labors of Sean Parker - antistar_e (kaikamahine) R, AU
Meet Sean Parker. He's 24 years old, he hates most condescending authority figures as much as they hate him, and he's just joined a crime syndicate called the Harvard Connection. This is going to go well. [AU].

The Things We Do For Love - grim_lupine R, AU
Mark leans forward. The orange washes out his already pale skin, and his head of curls is a mess; but there’s something so assured about Mark Zuckerberg that not even prison can take that from him. It’s as if he’s so convinced that he is the most brilliant person you will ever meet, he manages to convince everyone around him as well.

“Special Agent Hughes,” he says quietly, formally, and something like warning bells begins ringing distantly at the back of Chris’s head.

“I have a proposition for you."

Just Gonna Get My Feet Wet Until I Drown - justbreathe80 NC-17
Good thing he hadn’t tried too hard to picture Mark Z., because after Sean’s hyper, condescending reminder about how important this client was, he wouldn’t have imagined this guy staring him down, not blinking, for the world.

It Hurts To Become - myownremedy NC-17, Canon!AU
The one where Mark is blind and Eduardo loves him. Facebook happens along the way.

Buyer's Remorse - SilviaKundera PG-13
When Eduardo Saverin has a sudden vacancy for a best friend, no one on earth expects Sean Parker to fill it -- least of all Sean himself.

In which Sean Parker accidentally grows up, stumbles into a priorities readjustment, and helps Eduardo kick True Love's ass like a boss.

From Cover to Cover - abriata PG-13, AU
Mark is a famous novelist and Eduardo is his agent.

Share Function - BlackEyedGirl PG-13
Eduardo knows better now than to sign things without having them checked out by his lawyers first. So apparently what he needs are better lawyers. [Soulbonding fic]

a little joy tomorrow - BlackEyedGirl NC-17
Mark isn't sure what makes him look away from the screen. Canon-divergent for the prompt: at some point Mark actually looks up from his endless coding and Sean-worship and realises that Eduardo is unhappy and tries to do something about it.

forgiving what we cannot forget - BlackEyedGirl PG-13
'Because there's nothing like an open wound, Eduardo sends for the deposition statements. He doesn't recognise the people in these pages.' Amnesia-fic, for a prompt response.

Truths and Lies in Parallel - BlackEyedGirl R
It's not that they leave things out. The lawyers just don't ask all of the right questions, and anyway these parts only mattered/matter/will matter to the two of them.

Throw Your Back Into It - jibrailis NC-17
Sex is not the enemy. Except when it is. The one where Mark is a slut, Eduardo has performance anxiety, and there are cross-country booty calls.

Disentanglement - rageprufrock PG-13
After the abject shitshow of Palo Alto, Eduardo's plans are to stop proving his father right about all his life decisions, shut up, graduate, and keep abusing the slow-healing wound from Mark's knife in the back until all the scar tissue is numb from dead nerve endings.

You Could Dress This Wound - myownremedy {NC-17 |Depositions!Era |Hurt!Mark}
The one where Mark wakes up and discovers he can see other people’s pain as light.
Or, the Glowing AU.

There I Fixed It - lightgetsin {PG-13 |Post-Movie |Hurt!Mark |Humor}
“You need a fucking keeper,” Wardo rages. “Someone apparently needs to make you drink orange juice and stop you from blowing up your appliances and spray you down with a fire extinguisher every now and then, for the love of God. Why the fuck don’t you have people doing these things?”

Hoodie Strings (i want to chew your) - jeyhawk {NC-17 |AU}
College AU. Wardo is nineteen and a virgin cartoon animal, and Mark is a pervert.

Relationship Status: It was always about you - jeyhawk {NC-17 |AU}
College AU. The one where Eduardo works at the campus coffee shop and Mark doesn't understand the concept of love at first sight. Coffee, code, Facebook and love (not necessarily in that order).

We Change, We Wait by banananonana {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Canon-AU}
Summary: “Eduardo Saverin’s an asshole. Do you think that’s because his family is filthy rich and well known, or because all Harvard guys are assholes? For the record, folks, he may look like he’s packing heat, but his underwear are two sizes too small. On a scale of one to ten, he’s a two, as in two-pump-chump. Disappointing.” AKA the one where Mark has been dating Eduardo instead of Erica.

Let me see you through (I'll stand by you) by anon {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Sick!Eduardo |WIP}
Prompt: Eduardo has a chronic illness, so all those phone calls to his father, that Mark thinks play out something like, "you should've got a high distinction instead of a distinction. son, I am disappoint." *sigh of disappointment*, actually go something like, "are you taking your meds? are you eating properly? are you getting enough sleep?" "I AM A GROWN UP, DAD! GOD." and all Eduardo wants to do is be a ~normal boy, and prove to his father that he doesn't need to be babied; and obviously Mark doesn't know, so there can be ILLNESS and then DRAMA and ANGST and then eventual GAY. TL;DR - People try to take care of Eduardo, because he's worth it.

What You See Is What You Get by a_jejune_star {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Canon-AU}
Summary: “Mark’s vaguely amused as he watches Eduardo nest. That’s what it has to be. Mark’s seen bears less maternal than this guy.” Mark and Eduardo adopt a litter of orphaned kittens. Angst and pseudo domestication ensues.

Accidents Happen by anon {R |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: accidental stimulation.

Creep by anon {PG-13 |WIP |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Because Mark is so sad guys, and everyone thinks he does these horrible things out of jealousy or coldness, but really he just WANTS TO FEEL SPECIAL. And everyone keeps writing fic about Eduardo's daddy issues and how he is so sad, but MARK. Mark is such a creep, and he just wants someplace that he belongs so much that he BUILT himself one, even Jesse says so, and he just wants someone to notice when he isn't around. Probably Wardo. Because his skin makes Mark cry.

Punch and Puncture by anon {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Vampire!fic}
Prompt: smutty vampire fic with biting

17 Muscles by isnt_brains {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |jealous!Mark}
Summary: Written for this prompt, and now here in full! Dustin and Mark make each bet that they can make Eduardo smile more in a month, which leads to jealousy, drunken shenanigans, and far too much fluff.

Eduardo/Mark Sharing a bed {PG-13 |Harvard!Era}

Untitled by ymorton {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Supernatural}
Pairings: Mark/Eduardo, Chris/Dustin
Summary: Anyway, one day everyone wakes up and realizes that everything coming out of their mouth is the truth. They have no verbal or mental filters, they can't lie, and they can't stop whatever they say when they go to speak.

Late Night by toestastegood {NC-17 |Harvard!Era}
Summary: Sleepy Sex

Untitled by anon {R |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Shameless PWP of a prompt, but...I just want Mark watching Eduardo while he's working out, all lean muscle, shirtless and sweaty, and being all flushed and incoherent and oh God, I want to lick the sweat off his shoulder blades.

3x Mark Cuddled Eduardo Subconsciously +1 Time He Outright Asked for it { PG-13 | Harvard!Era | Post-deposition }
Prompt: Mark is unexpectedly snuggly/cuddly in his sleep. Wardo kind of loves it.

4 Inches by callmejude { PG-13 | Harvard!Era | Established relationship}
Summary: Written for this prompt in the kink meme: "I want Mark having to stand on his tippytoes to kiss Eduardo once, and then Eduardo liking it so much that he plots sneaky ways to make it happen lots and lots."

A Better Idea by twilight_shades { PG-13 | Love Triangle | Harvard!Era | Canon divergent }
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo, Cameron/Mark, Cameron/Mark/Eduardo (3 different endings with different pairings. :D)
Prompt: Mark takes a liking to Cameron, at least (insomuch as he takes a liking to anyone who's not Eduardo, Chris, Dustin or one of his programmer friends), and decides to share the clearly superior idea of Facebook with the Winklevii and gives them the option of being involved, or putting in additional funding alongside Eduardo's. Eduardo's a little hesitant and unhappy about the idea, not to the distinctly intrigued looks Cameron keeps shooting Mark.

A Favor by myquiddity { PG-13 | Harvard!Era | Jealousy }
Summary: For this prompt: Eduardo runs into an ex/some dude who's been trying to get some Saverin at a party and Eduardo asks the closest person next to him, which would be Mark, to act like his boyfriend. Mark agrees without a thought and turns out to be way too good at it. The night drags on and the dude is still around and Mark drives Wardo crazy touching him, calling him pet names, whispering in his ear, etc. Mark decides to be really convincing they should kiss, as well. He turns out to be way too good at that, too.

A Rush of Blood to the Head by mrs_nott { R | Harvard!Era | Canon divergent }
Summary: Role reversal fic where Eduardo is the one who hurts Mark first.

A Stormy Kind of Love (five times they almost kissed in the rain and the one time they did) by fairy_tale_echo { R | Get together | Harvard!Era | Post-deposition}
Prompt: "d'you wanna make out in the rain?"

a submission to reason by thisissirius {NC-17 |Jealousy |Harvard!Era |Palo Alto| Canon Divergence |D/s}
Summary: He wants to talk to Sean. He wants to push back his chair and go to Eduardo, kneel and press his face into Eduardo's leg until Eduardo threads his fingers through Mark's curls and scratches just perfect against the base of his skull.
Bea's comment: Oh wow, this is so much more than D/s...I love how their relationship evolved and how this fic diverged from canon events from TSN.

a thousand years of waiting by grim-lupine { NC-17 | Established Relationship | Harvard!Era}
Summary: Most days it’s like Eduardo’s fighting for Mark’s attention, warring with every other thing that has a claim on Mark’s feverishly working, ten-steps-ahead-of-everyone brain—and it’s everything else that’s winning.

All BU Girls by Poose { NC-17 | Harvard!Era | Het }
Pairing: Eduardo/Mark/Erica
Summary: For the prompt, "Eduardo walks in on Erica pegging Mark."

All this laundry you left me by anon { R | Established Relationship | Harvard!Era }
Prompt: Like everything else Mark does, he takes care of his laundry at weird hours. He tends to sit on the dryer sometimes, so that he doesn't forget which one he used. One night, when no one else is in the laundry room, Eduardo decides to have a little fun with the vibration.

All You Need Is Love by jesseandandrew {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Hurt/Comfort |Cutting |GEN}
Summary: Eduardo cuts himself. Mark cares.

An Open Letter from Hannibal, the Cannibal, to the World by anon { PG-13 | Complete | Harvard!Era }
Prompt: Mark and Eduardo's relationship from the chicken's POV. The chicken eating the chicken scene must be included.
Note: There's also another Untitled fill by mrs_nott for the same prompt way down and it's equally hilarious.

And I want to tell you so much (I love you) by learnthemusic { PG-13 | Established Relationship | Harvard!Era | Post-dilution | Media!fic }
Prompt: For the following tsn_kinkmeme request: Mark may have kept all those little notes Eduardo left him during college. The ones that say things like, 'Eat something and stop drinking Red Bull. I refuse to take you to EMS again' and 'I did your washing. I expect sexual favours as compensation' in Eduardo's prim and proper handwriting.

and tango makes three by them0rgue { PG | Harvard!Era }
Summary: for redinteriors, who prompted me "gay chicken."

And We All Tangle by black_eyedgirl {PG |Harvard!Era |Canon Divergent}
Pairing: Mark/Dustin, Chris/Eduardo, OT4 GEN
Prompt: Because Dustin is a fantastic programmer and can actually make Mark smile on a regular basis. Because Chris is a kind and understanding sweetheart who Eduardo feels he can always trust.

Around Him by twilight_shades { PG-13 | Harvard!Era }
Prompt: Eduardo goes to Brazil for spring break while Mark stays at Harvard. Mark starts to notice how much he misses having Eduardo around so he breaks into Eduardo's room and starts sleeping in Eduardo's bed because it makes him feel closer to him. When Eduardo gets back he finds Mark asleep in his bed wearing nothing but Eduardo's North Face jacket.

Boy, It’s More Than I Dare (to Think About) by aqualined { NC-17 | Established Relationship | Harvard!Era }
Summary: Mark finds out that Eduardo was kind of a slut as a teenager.

But every Goliath has its David. by gabriiella { G | Harvard!Era }
Summary: It is Mark and Eduardo in pre-facebook times.

Can Feel it in my bones by oflights { NC-17 | Hurt/comfort | Established Relationship | Harvard!Era }
Prompt: All I want is some sick, college-age Mark.

Chris/Dustin Fill by anon {NC-17 |Harvard!Era}
Pairing: Chris/Dustin
Prompt: Hung over. Bed full of legos for some reason. Not getting up. Come build stuff with me.

Chris/Eduardo/Mark by ymorton {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Threesome}
Prompt: The boys are hanging out in the suite, studying or watching a movie, when Mark and Eduardo start fooling around. Chris, ever the polite gentleman, gets up to give them some privacy, but they insist that he stay. Now, this can lead to a sexy threeway, or it can just be Chris watching, both are good in my book.

Clean Slate by callmejude { R | Harvard!Era | Shower!Sex }
Summary: Written for this prompt in the kink meme: "Eduardo is so sick of Mark not taking care of himself that he forces him into the shower and cleans him himself."

crept out the front door slow by ymorton { NC-17 | Harvard!Era | Slutty!Eduardo }
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo, Eduardo/Other
Summary: based on this kink meme prompt- Eduardo has this thing, where whenever he's drunk drunk, he basically makes out with whoever's around.

Crumpled by anon { NC-17 | Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Wardo sucking off Mark under his desk in his dorm. I just want to read about Wardo getting onto his knees and giving excellent head and Mark getting all breathy and thrusty.

Cuddling Fill by anon { PG-13 | Harvard!Era }
Prompt: cuddling!

Cutting Words by casey_sms { R | Harvard!Era | Post-deposition | Self-harm }
Prompt: Eating Disorder Fic or self-harm, because what's better than angst leading to love?

Details by ezboard_1 { NC-17 | Slutty!Eduardo | Jealousy | Harvard!Era | Get together }
Prompt: Mark doesn't know he's attracted to Eduardo, he doesn't know Eduardo is bisexual, and he definitely doesn't know Eduardo is having sexytime with a number of good looking Harvard boys. But when he finds out.... Mark and Eduardo sexytime! Eduardo shows Mark how he likes it! Mark getting pissed at a drunk Eduardo when he flirts with one of his old flings, leads to semi-angry sex in an inappropriate place! Eduardo's into it!

Doing It Right by cimorene { NC-17 | Harvard!Era | Established Relationship }
Summary: It's actually a subject of some curiosity for Mark whether Wardo really likes that many people that much, or if somewhere under the dense shell of affability and social conditioning there's a tiny core of judgmental superiority. Not because Wardo's ever given any sign of it, and Mark's done some judicious digging when Wardo was at his most inebriated - it's just that, well, he also likes Mark.

Doors Always Open by BlackEyedGirl {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Post-deposition |OT4!GEN}
Summary: For the prompt: Dustin, Mark and Chris inadvertently teach Eduardo what it's like to have a normal family. For given values of normal.

Dressed to the Nines by alexthegreat { NC-17 | Harvard!Era | Cross-dressing | Get-together }
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo, Chris/Dustin
Summary: Scenes from the LGBT Drag Ball - or, you know, the boys in drag.

Endothermic Efficiency by chagrined {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Hurt/Comfort}
Summary: "Don't move," Mark says. "Look, our bodies are oriented for optimal body contact, so if you move, you're not going to warm up as quickly."

Erasing footsteps by anon {NC-17 |Time Travel |Post-depositions |Harvard!Era |Canon Divergence }
Prompt: It's a couple of years after the depositions, and Eduardo is miserable. One night, he wishes upon a star (LOL) to go back to the beginning or whatever. Next morning, he wakes up in Harvard pre-facebook. What's he going to do now that he knows what's going to happen with Mark and facebook?

Expect by anon {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |PWP}
Prompt: Mark is exposed to a strange substance at some college party, and the first person his eyes lays upon on will be the object of his sexual needs; that person just happens to be his best friend.

Fixated by anon {NC-17 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Mark has an oral fixation that's kind of ridiculous. He's always got something in his mouth, right? Candy, dart... Eduardo's cock? I need Eduardo realizing how bad Mark's "problem" is and really using that to his advantage.

Forget It by callmejude {PG-13 | Harvard!Era}
Summary: Written for this prompt in the kink meme: "(727): Don't remember much from last night, but I recall slipping you the toungue. For that I apologize."

full strength before we start by forsanethaec {NC-17 |Harvard!Era}
Summary: Somehow Eduardo always manages to touch Mark in places that turn him on without realizing it. Mark tries really hard not to show it. One day Eduardo touches Mark and Mark is unable to hold back anymore.

fumbling to make contact by addandsubtract/figletofvenice {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |PWP}
Summary: written for the tsn_kinkmeme for the prompt mark fingers eduardo while dustin and chris are in the next room. eduardo isn't very good at staying quiet. thus, porn. porn, porn, porn.

Gentlemen (of Harvard) Prefer Blonds by alexthegreat {R |Harvard!Era |Jealousy}
Pairing: Cameron/Divya/Tyler, Chris/Dustin
Summary: Dustin starts stalking Divya. Not because he thinks he's cute or anything, but because he wants to know how someone like Divya got two hot blondes and Dustin can't even get one. Original thread here.

Greed by wordgasmic {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Established Relationship |Bareback!sex |PWP}
Summary: Eduardo sucking his come out of Mark

Green-Eyed by grim-lupine {PG-13 |Harvard!Era}
Summary: "I've always liked you better than Dustin," Mark tells Chris, and Dustin pulls an exaggeratedly wounded face.

Happy by twilight_shades {R |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Anything involving Jesse/Mark's dimples. Like idk, people making him laugh or tickling him or something because they find it funny-cute that he has these enormous dimples. Because c'mon, Dustin and Chris totally would.

i’ll lead and you’ll follow swiftly by thedrunkmonk {PG-13 |Harvard!Era}
summary: This was inspired by the DVD commentary, where Aaron Sorkin was talking about how for Mark, dancing is viewed as something painful and cruel. Eduardo changes Mark’s opinion.

I Dare You by anon {NC-17 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Where Eduardo gets dared to give Mark a blowjob in front of their friends. Or vice-versa.
Bea's comment: My Prompt! :D I'm so happy someone answered it XD

I had to read all of this in his eyes/Part 2 by _calex_ {NC-17 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Mark/Eduardo, Mark fingers Eduardo while Dustin and Chris are in the next room. Eduardo isn't very good at staying quiet.

i'll always have your back by tearsxdrown {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Eating Disorder}
Prompt: Eduardo's father puts a lot of emphasis on appearance (a slob never gets anywhere in life, he says). What people see, as a result, is Eduardo's suits, his white smile, and his styled hair. They don't see the dieting that isn't quite dieting--the rituals that surround meal times, the blood tinged vomit in the bathroom, the diet pills and diuretics in his desk drawer, the food he hoards in his room but will not eat, the bruises along his hipbones. Everyone chalks up his strange eating habits to Wardo just being Wardo. Mark pays too close attention to be fooled by that.

If You Just Laid Down (Your Tracks) by ordinatrice {PG-13 |Harvard!Era}
Pairings: Mark/Eduardo, Dustin/OFC
Summary: Dustin gets laid. Mark is annoyed.
Sequels: You Could Have (An Aeroplane) | (Anything) You Need {NC-17 | First time} | Take You (Home) {Post-deposition}

If you were an ocean, i'd learn to float by pidgeoned {R |Harvard!Era}
Pairing: Chris/Dustin
Prompt: I'm not embarrassed about the lap dance. I'm embarrassed for the singing during.

In the Spring I Shed My Skin by Sharksdontsleep {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Cross-dressing}
Summary: Eduardo has to dress in drag for a finals club event. Mark helps.

In Which Eduardo Is A Health Nut by anysomething {PG-13 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Mark is impossible to go grocery shopping with, couple spats ensue.

It might have had a name by Sharksdontsleep {PG-13 |Time Travel |Harvard!Era |Post-apocalypse}
Summary: Mark travels through time, one minute per minute. 99 percent gen. Warning for mentions of violence, and the post-apocalypse.

Just You by callmejude {PG-13 |Harvard!Era}
Summary: Written for this prompt in the kink meme: "Eduardo sometimes lets sappy things, like terms of endearments, slip out when he's talking to Mark. Sometimes he doesn't even notice he does it but sometimes he does and blushes in embarrassment. But Mark never brings it up because he secretly loves it a lot - both the petnames and the pink cheeks."

La Petite Mort by anon {NC-17 |PWP |Harvard!Era?}
Prompt: Mark speaking French. (Especially when they're fucking)..

Lay Awake In Lust by takethewords {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Post-depositions}
Prompt: (Or Five Times Eduardo Found Mark Irresistible, & Once It Was The Other Way Around)

Line Boyfriends by bloodygoodgirl {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Illness: Cold}
Summary: Gratuitous wish fulfillment when you're sleeping on a sidewalk for barricade.

M.A.D., Mutually Assured Destruction by antistar_e {R |Harvard!Era |Serial Killers!AU | Deposition!Era |Canon Divergent}
Summary: I got a note too. Someone knows what we did.

make things heavy again by dangeronshow {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Pining}
summary: Eduardo and Mark's friendship had to start somewhere. It began its steady descent somewhere as well.

Mark/Chris/Eduardo/Dustin FILLish by ymorton {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |OT4!Sex}
Category: Harvard!Era
Prompt: Eduardo is stressed because of father, school, etc., so the boys fuck him till he's all fucked out. Dirttyy talk.
Bea's comment: Dustin is so precious. This fic converted me into OT4. So hot, and I loved the last part, where you can see a glimpse of how much Eduardo loves Mark.

Never Have I Ever by alexthegreat {NC-17 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Getting drunk playing Never Have I Ever. Ends in a make out session in front of Chris and Dustin. Or more.

No-One's Going to Love You More (Than I Do) by anon {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Post-deposition}
Prompt: my life is made of almosts. i almost kissed him. i almost dated him. i almost fell in love. we almost had something. and i almost was able to let him go.

One Foot on the Ground by Poose {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Slutty!Mark}
Prompt: Mark is a huge slut.
Sequels: Bonus Scene (Mark/Other, Mark/Eduardo) by poose78 | FAKE NON-AUTHOR PROBABLY AWFUL FILL-ISH THING by ymorton | just for the nonny! Not the author, not canon, not the future! by rosepetalfall

Paper-thin by hope_calaris {PG-13 |GEN |Harvard!Era}
Summary: Life stops on a Friday, but nobody notices. Based on this prompt. Eduardo sleeps and sleeps and noone notices.

Pen To Paper by spoileralert1 {R |Harvard!Era |Palo Alto}
Summary: Mark may have kept all those little notes Eduardo left him during college.

perfect situation by oflights {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Jealousy}
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo, Mark/OMC+OFC, Dustin/OFC
Summary: Mark and Dustin are both virgins and they make an ill-advised bet about who can change that first. Eduardo wants to help, okay, really Mark, he can help you out with that, but Mark’s decided to start a sexual revolution of some sort, and Chris just thinks it’s really funny.

Possessive!Jealous!Mark by tsn-anon21 { NC-17 | Harvard!Era | Established Relationship }
Prompt: Possessive!Jealous!Mark fucks the come out of the pretty Eduardo.

Powerless by wordgasmic {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Mark}
Summary: With two injured wrists, Mark can’t do much. And there’s no limit on what Eduardo will do to take care of him.

Reciprocal Actions by alexthegreat {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |PWP}
Summary: Eduardo and Mark have sex in Widener Library.

Red Ink Poetry by ninhursag {NC-17 |PWP |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Eduardo gets off on being called a whore, faggot, and all the names he knows he should discourage. But it's the only way he knows how to cope with, while simultaneously denying, his sexuality, especially in front of his family and superiors. The problem is that, afterwards, Eduardo starts to believe the things he asks his partners to say. Mark steps up, because he knows he will always be there to put Eduardo back together after he tears him apart.

Right In Front of You by venus_aurea {PG |Harvard!Era}
Summary: Mark starts up an e-mail correspondence with Erica, wanting to know why she dumped him so easily. He receives some unexpected answers.

Run With The Wolves, Shout It Out Loud by oxymoronic {NC-17 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Mark fucks Eduardo while the latter is sitting on his lap, in public - can be with no one noticing what's going on or just a few or even everyone actually getting it, your pick.

Sandwich Every Bit of Criticism by anon {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Hurt/Comfort}
Summary: The good news is the bleeding stopped. I think I'm going to sober up before I tell you the bad news though.

scribbles by commen_sense {PG-13 |Harvard!Era}
summary: Mark develops a habit of scribbling code on Eduardo's hands. Until he starts sneaking notes in there too.

Shut the Door, Have A Seat by takethewords {NC-17 |Harvard!Era}
Notes: For this prompt on the kink meme; straddling/lap sitting.

Sick by pidgeoned {PG-13 |Hurt/Comfort}
Prompt/Summary: Dyvia is sick. The twins take care of him

Slow and Steady (Wins the Race) by wordgasmic {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Hurt/Comfort}
Summary: Eduardo has a terrible day, and Mark wants to make it better.

SMILE! by anon {PG |GEN |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Chris stumbles upon Dustin who is crying.

Smudge by casey_sms {PG-13| GEN |Harvard!Era |Warning: Abuse| Hurt/Comfort}
Summary: It’s the barest smudge on tan skin but Mark notices.

So Bittersweet by Our Design by tsn-anon21 {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Love/Hate |Canon Divergent}
Prompt: AU, like whoa: when Mark and Eduardo first met, they DID NOT hit it off. in fact, they pretty much hate each other. lots of nasty banters, rivalry, and of course, crazy UST

Solving for Love by mamaesme {PG-13 |Harvard!Era? |Fluff}
Prompt: ANYTHING with a really tender and fluffy Mark, Mark showing affection in his own awkward way.

some racing, some stopping by Lake (beyond_belief) {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |GEN}
Summary: Four times Eduardo takes care of Mark, and one time Mark takes care of Eduardo.

Something Only Those with Eyes Can See by callmejude {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Pining |Palo Alto}
Summary: Written for this prompt in the kink meme: "Eduardo treats Mark like his girlfriend. Everybody notices except for Mark."

something real, make it timeless by anon {NC-17 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: where eduardo quietly masturbates in mark's bed
Note: Second fill of the thread.

Speaking In Tongues by marycontraire {R |Harvard!Era}
Summary: In which Mark and Eduardo go to Brazil, and then Mark tries not to think about it.
Note: It's been Locked :( I have a copy of it saved though, so if you leave me a comment I can send it to you. :)

take a bite of me by anon {R |Harvard!Era |Vampire!fic}
Prompt: Eduardo is a vampire hunting Mark.

That’s What Friends Are S’posed to Do by learnthemusic {R |Harvard!Era |Hurt/Comfort}
Summary: Being sick makes Eduardo a little suicidal. And homicidal. Not that he tries anything. He just wishes he was dead because it’s that bad. And he wishes others wouldn’t try to make it better. Mark’s just trying to be a good friend. (In which Eduardo’s a little manic, he’s in the fetal position a lot and Mark’s a good best friend.)

The Before Made Up Of Delusions {NC-17 | Harvard!Era | Complete}
Prompt: Idk if this has been prompted yet but it's so hot and simple: mutual masturbation.
Sequel: The Aftermath of Shattered Perception {WIP} *scroll down*

The Birthday of My Life by fairy_tale_echo {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Post-deposition}
Summary: 5 (+1) birthday presents Mark gave Eduardo. He's better at it than you think. (or: my heart is like an apple-tree/whose boughs are bent with thick-set fruit;)

The Clock Chimes Zero by spoileralert1 {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Palo Alto}
Summary: Mark had an idea, a grand idea, a horrible, grand idea. Eduardo was more than willing to be his CFO. Neither of them thought sex would change everything so drastically.

the cost and benefit of a gangbang in a sex hotel {NC-17 |OT4!Sex |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Mark, Chris, and Dustin take turns fucking Eduardo, who is tied to the bed. One fucks Eduardo while the others watch until they're just about to come and then pulls out, letting someone else take their place.

The Initiate by anon {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Cross-dressing}
Prompt: Can we up the kink ante of this meme and put either Mark or Wardo in panties? Because, um, nom?

THE ONE WHERE THEY MEET NATALIE PORTMAN by ymorton {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Humor}
Summary: -----they are not in chronological order, really----- prompt: Stalking Natalie Portman around Harvard.

the one where they share clothes and get high by ymorton {NC-17 |Harvard!Era}
notes: for the tsn_kinkmeme prompt "They're sharing clothing and Dustin realises."

the one where they spent the whole weekend in bed by ymorton {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |PWP}
notes: written for the tsn_kinkmeme prompt "That time at Harvard where they spent the whole weekend in bed." so, again, i am ever so original with the titles.
Bea's comment: The ending killed me :(

There's A Proper Order To This And It Goes Salt, Liquor, Lime by spoileralert1 {R |Harvard!Era}
Summary: “Body shots.” He said, replaced the shaker, and pulled on Eduardo’s hand. That shut Eduardo up and he willingly followed Mark as they walked around the house some more. When none of the main rooms were free, Mark took him upstairs. He was going to ask why Mark wasn’t getting anyone else involved, but he held his tongue.

too legit to quit by addandsubtract {PG |Harvard!Era |Crossover: Jurassic Park}
Summary: a story where dustin is really timmy from jurassic park, and became a programmer because his sister is so awesome.

TSN PWP ficlet: Mark/Eduardo with a Sharpie by stele3 {NC-17 |Harvard!Era}
Summary: Read title :D

Undefinable by casey_sms {PG-13 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: I just want to read something with Eduardo speaking Portuguese.

Untitled Fill by alexthegreat {PG |GEN |Friendship |Hurt/Comfort |Harvard!Era |Post-deposition}
Prompt: 4 times they boys took care of each other...
Bea's comment: Excellent friendship fic.

Untitled fill by alexthegreat {PG-13 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Mark is going to get hypothermia. he is shirtless eating snow bc he "doesnt want to be dehydrated" tomorrow. youre in charge.

Untitled fill by quickpixie {R |Harvard!Era |PWP}
prompt: The way Eduardo eats watermelon is borderline obscene - sucking at the rind, and his fingers, licking the juice off his lips, etc. Eduardo is unaware. Mark has to stake his claim when more than a few people take interest in the dining hall.

Untitled Fill by stele {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Jealousy}
Prompt: Mark doesn't know anything. Mark doesn't know he's attracted to Eduardo, he doesn't know Eduardo is bisexual, and he definitely doesn't know Eduardo is having sexytime with a number of good looking Harvard boys. But when he finds out....

Untitled Fill by tafidadarling {NC-17 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Mark/Eduardo, Mark fingers Eduardo while Dustin and Chris are in the next room. Eduardo isn't very good at staying quiet.

Untitled Grinding!Fill by ymorton {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |PWP}

Untitled by ymorton { NC-17 | Harvard!Era | Established Relationship}
Summary: mark/eduardo with dustin watching.

Untitled Fill by ymorton {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |PWP}
Prompt: So Eduardo is seducing Mark, sucking on his own fingers and grabbing his own dick until he can see how fucking hard Mark is. And then he bites and sucks and licks and do everything with Mark's cock without taking off his pants. And then Mark comes. And now they can get naked and fuck. Fin.

Untitled Short Fill by ymorton {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |PWP}
Prompt: They're one of those couples who do nothing but fight and fuck. I want screaming rows, throwing beer bottles at the walls and all that shit. Driving their friends crazy because they don't know why they stay together when they make each other so miserable but then they always make up with amazing, mind blowing sex.

Untitled short fill by ymorton {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |PWP}
Prompt: Harvard-era: I want a cocky and really masculine Mark being extremely smug about the fact that he can make Wardo straight out *scream* a LOT during sex. Smirking, Possessive!Mark, and embarrassed!Wardo with lots of people teasing him coz everyone in the dorms can hear him would be a huge plus. And bottom!Eduardo please.

Untitled by anon {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |PWP}

Untitled by anon {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |PWP}
Prompt: chair-sex. i just want to read fic with eduardo riding mark's cock.

Untitled Fill by anon {PG-13 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Eduardo wears Clark Kent glasses when he's reading, Mark has a hard time coping with all the nerd sexy.

Untitled Fill by anon {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |PWP}
Prompt: Eduardo gives Mark a foot rub. Hey, his feet have to be sore, tramping in the snow in flip flops all the time!

Untitled Fill by anon {R |Harvard!Era |PWP}
Prompt: Eduardo tends to get off on good food (like expensive truffles or haute cuisine). Mark likes to watch.

Untitled Mark/Eduardo/Chris/Dustin PWP {NC-17 |OT4!Sex |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: I mean, 4 hot dudes, drunk, college. Era, boredom. What could most likely happen? Right. Some smutty, pwp orgy. Because they can.

Untitled Fill by anon {PG-13 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Sorry for walking in on you guys last night. FYI I have a bruise on my forehead from having the door slammed in my face. I deserved it. (Dustin walks in on Mark/Eduardo lolol)

Untitled Fill by anon {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |PWP}
Prompt: I would really like the boys to be somewhere hot (if E/M maybe in Brazil... if A/J maybe just somewhere having a heat wave with a busted air conditioner?) and have a night of just outrageously hot, sweaty sex.

Untitled Short!Fill by anon {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Vampire!fic}
Prompt: I really want vampire!fic set during their Harvard days. Possibly Eduardo? But I'd certainly be happy with either.
Bea's comment: WOW, this was really sexy. *_* Vampire!Eduardo=win

Untitled Fill by anon {PG-13 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: i don't care if one brushes up against the other one totally by accident or they're playing footsie or whatever.

Untitled Fill by anon {PG-13 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: They're sharing clothing and Dustin realises.

Variations on a Theme by anysomething {PG-13 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: Eduardo sometimes lets sappy things, like terms of endearments, slip out when he's talking to Mark. Sometimes he doesn't even notice he does it but sometimes he does and blushes in embarrassment. But Mark never brings it up because he secretly loves it a lot - both the petnames and the pink cheeks

walk walk fashion baby by gdgdbaby {NC-17 |Harvard!Era}
Prompt: I just want all of Mark's stuff to have shrunk in the wash by accident, so his hoodies are like, hugging his waist, and his jeans are all tight on his hips and showing off his ass, and Eduardo is like "OH, OKAY, WHAT?" because he is so turned on and just wants to fuck him into a wall somewhere.

we french kissed on a subway train by ymorton {Harvard!Era |PG-13}
notes: for the tsn_kinkmeme prompt "we french kissed on a subway train - Monster, Lady Gaga.

When I Was by downjune {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Post-deposition}
Pairings: Mark/Eduardo, Mark/OMC, Mark/Erica
Prompt: 5 times Mark is nearly outed, and 1 time he outs himself.

yet through the scent by thisissirius {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Established Relationship}
Summary: Mark noses just below his ear, dragging in a rush of breath through his nose and Eduardo realises that he's being sniffed.

You're Asking For It by anon { NC-17 | Harvard!Era | Established Relationship }
Prompt: Mark has a GIGANTIC dick. Eduardo LOVES getting fucked by it.

(You're Just) One In Five by quickpixie { NC-17 | WiP | Harvard!Era | Hurt/Comfort }
Prompt: Mark suffered some kind of trauma such as sexual abuse that explains his lack of comfort with physical contact. I know Eduardo is usually the one written as having suffered some kind of trauma in his childhood, but what if Mark suffered in his own way, too? How would Eduardo react if he found out?

Appletini Delight by anon {NC-17 |WIP |D/s }
Prompt: During their first meeting, Sean thinks Eduardo needs to loosen up. Or, the one where the appletinis are drugged. Shameless PWP. Mark and Eduardo both get drugged and their baser natures are revealed. Bottom!Eduardo. D/s

Can't Stop the Rain {WIP |Harvard!Era |Post-deposition}
Prompt: Eduardo was kidnapped during childhood in Brazil. That's why Papa Saverin packed up and hauled his family to USA. BUT It happened again right after high school. When he was having a graduation trip in Europe maybe? And these guys hurt him badly. That's why he was late getting into Harvard. PTSD. He was barely keeping it together, but motherhenning mark actually help him focus. And M/D/C's friendship helps quite a lot. Mark's betrayal happened and Eduardo tried to kill himself. Whether he's successfull or not is up to anon.

Here In Your Arms [5 Times Dustin and Eduardo Cuddled, +1 Time They Both Were Cuddled] by anon { PG-13 | WiP | Harvard!Fic | Post-deposition }
Pairing: Dustin + Eduardo friendship, Mark/Eduardo, Chris/Dustin
Prompt: Dustin and Eduardo are both very affectionte people, even if other people (boyfriends, friends, etc) aren't nearly as affection as them. But it doesn't matter because the two of them make awesome cuddle buddies.

In Case of Emergency (Fill #2) by anon { NC-17 | WiP | Harvard!Era | Hurt/comfort }
Prompt: Mark injures his hand and can no longer jerk off.

intimacy of mutual embarassment { NC-17 | Harvard!Era | Hazing!fic | WIP }
Prompt: For the next round of initiation into the Phoenix, the hazing is amped up. All potential candidates have to pick one person they think should have been punched. Naturally Eduardo doesn't even hesitate before saying Mark's name. Easy enough, right? Except the next time they're all called together, the new initiation hazing is blowing the person they picked in front of everyone else.

Little Help From My Friends by anon { PG-13 | Harvard!Era | GEN | Hurt/comfort | WiP}
Prompt: So I really want some Chris angst, like Chris being harassed or something, and the other three boys, or at least Dustin/Eduardo, doing something about it.

Marked by casey_sms { R | Harvard!Era | Hurt/comfort | Warning: Cutting | WiP }
Prompt: Eduardo finds out the reason Mark is always wearing hoodies is because he's hiding the scars on his arms. Cue Eduardo being his usual fussy self and trying to take care of Mark, though his help is clearly not wanted.

Pizza isn't meant to hurt people by rei17 {PG-13 |OT4!GEN | WIP |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Eduardo |Allergies}
Summary: The one where Eduardo suffers from an allergic reaction.
Bea's comment: I love OT4 Friendship fic, especially when Eduardo is at the center of it all. Can't wait for the next part.

Silly Little Things by rumpledlinen { PG-13 | Harvard!Era | Get-together | UST | WIP }
Prompt: Dustin creates a guide on what Mark and Eduardo's interactions mean about their relationship.

Somnophilia by anon { R | Harvard!Era | First time | UST | WIP }
Prompt: Wardo secretly loves Mark's coding marathons, because after being wired in for a few days Mark crashes and falls asleep for at least 12 hours, so that Wardo can do whatever he wants to his sleeping body.

Sticking Pins in a Doll { R | Supernatural abilities | Harvard!Era | Post-depositon | WIP }
Prompt: Every time one of them was in trouble/pain/sad, the other could feel it. Depending on how bad it was, the other would feel from a dull ache to an almost heart attack. Now, a few years after the deposition, Eduardo starts feeling a constant, dull ache, which grows quickly – and Eduardo can’t help but feel worried. He starts trying to contact Mark, but can’t reach him, whether it is because no one lets him or Mark blocks his tries nastily.

That Which Remains Secret by slashyelizabeth { PG-13 | Harvard!Era | Abuse | Hurt!Eduardo | Hurt/comfort | WiP }
Prompt: Eduardo comes back from a weekend at home seriously bruised and beaten up (by his dad.) Mark notices and takes care of it.

The Anatomy of an Unfortunate Seduction by anon { NC-17 | Harvard!Era | UST | Seductive!Mark | WiP }
Prompt: Where Mark reads a book on seducing techniques so that he can seduce Eduardo.

the beast you've made by hunstsmonsters {PG-13 |Werewolf!AU |Harvard!Era |WIP}
Summary: This started as a kink meme fic, answering the prompt for a werewolf AU with jealous!Mark. The first version of this, which consisted of about the first half of what's here, involved an established relationship, but I pulled back on that because I am a massive fan of ust and slow relationship building.

The Late Night Show (Or Five Times Mark and Eduardo really spoke to each other) by thisissirius { Harvard!Era | Mark+Eduardo Friendship | WiP }
Prompt: Where Mark and Eduardo have the whole best friend late night get to know each other kind of confessions.

The Wind is Ever Faithful by tiabeast { PG-13 | Harvard!Era | WiP }
Prompt: The five times Eduardo mothered someone, and one the time he was mothered.

Untitled Fill by mamaesme {ABANDONED}

Untitled Fill by anon { R | Harvard!Era | WiP }
Prompt: The night Erica breaks up with Mark, he gets drunk. Except, instead of blogging, he texts her. Something along the lines of "You're such a slut, I wanna fuck you so hard". He ends up sending it to Eduardo instead.

Untitled Fill by anon { R | Harvard!Era | Hurt/comfort | Hurt!Eduardo | WiP }
Pairing: Eduardo/OMC, Mark/Eduardo
Prompt: Eduardo swore he’d never be with another man after being dumped by his high school boyfriend. An emotionally, verbally and physically abusive guy who almost destroyed him. It took a lot of hard work for him to rebuild himself, hard work that was all but undone when Mark betrayed him. It’s years later, the asshole ex wants back in his life (bank account) and he’s tired of it all. Hates himself enough that he just might let it happen. Mark finds out and he essentially comes to the rescue. Somehow.

Untitled by anon { NC-17 | Harvard!Era | WIP | Established Relationship }
Prompt: When they get together in Harvard, Mark and Eduardo can't keep their hands off each other and have sex everywhere they can. People end up only finding out about their relationship by walking in on them (can be intimate moments like cuddling or kissing, too). It becomes a running theme.

Untitled Eduardo/Mark fill by anon { PG-13 | Harvard!Era | UST | WIP }
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo
Prompt: Five times someone else realized they were in love with each other before they did and the one time they figured it out for themselves.

william, it was really nothing by anon { PG-13 | Harvard!Era | WiP }
Prompt: Because most relationships don't start from undying declarations of love (no matter what you read in fan fiction). Their relationship from their first meeting, through the awkward crush phase and the asking out; the first date, the last date and everything in between.

Palo Alto!Era

* Where they live in the Palo Alto and Eduardo is in NY
* Pre-lawsuit
* Frozen bank account
* Shares Dilution

Untitled fill by anon {NC-17 |Palo Alto |Angry!Sex}
Prompt: Everyone knows the scene where Eduardo shows up in Palo Alto, all drenched and kinda pissed off? When he slammed the door so he could talk to Mark alone, I was thinking; "ooh, angrysex!" Basically, give me the dirtiest, wettest, bruising, aganist-a-wall sex you can think of.

Unexpected Events by silvia_kundera {PG-13 |Palo Alto}
Pairing: Sean/Eduardo
Summary: In which Eduardo stumbles into a mortifying crush on Sean Parker. Because his life isn't hard enough.

tell me how they got that pretty little face on that pretty little frame by anon {NC-17 |Palo Alto}
Prompt: sean/eduardo GRINDING

Time and Time Again by hitlikehammers {PG-13 |Palo Alto |Shares Dilution!AU}
Summary: Five times Eduardo almost confessed his love, and one time Mark actually did (at the absolute most inconvenient time).
Note: Locked

but you are standing (soaked, completely drenched) by hitlikehammers {PG-13 |Palo Alto |Shares Dilution!AU}
Summary: “Left behind?” Mark barks, muffled over the din of the rain, but Eduardo hears it, clear as it cuts in his chest. “That’s the only thing that stuck out for you, seriously?” The confrontation that follows the hallway.
Note: Locked

Crash Test by jerakeen {PG-13 |Palo Alto}
Summary: "The plane Eduardo is supposed to be flying out on goes down, no survivors, and Mark finds out about it from the news."

[can't get your memory off of my mind] by learnthemusic {PG-13 |GEN |Palo Alto}
Summary: He sighs deeper, realizing that when Mark told him he wasn’t coming back to Harvard, he fulfilled his own prophecy. He left Eduardo behind.

a little joy tomorrow by BlackEyedGirl {R |Canon Divergent |Palo Alto}
Summary: Mark isn't sure what makes him look away from the screen. Canon-divergent for the prompt: at some point Mark actually looks up from his endless coding and Sean-worship and realises that Eduardo is unhappy and tries to do something about it.

All the colors of the world pass through our bodies like strings of fire by krellinad { NC-17 | Complete | Palo Alto | Pre-dilution }
Summary: sunbathing leading to sex.

And knowledge and tears and chance by hope_calaris { PG-13 | Hurt/Comfort | Hurt!Eduardo | Palo Alto |Canon divergent }
Prompt: The night that Eduardo returns to Palo Alto, his girlfriend does worse than set a little fire: Christy nearly kills Eduardo. This is exactly the slap in the face Mark needs to get his act together and start acting like something resembling a human being.

And You Unending Afterthoughts by warmboys {PG |Harvard!Era |Deposition|Era}
Summary: For Mark it’s like waking up one morning and finding out your pillow’s gone, and it was your favorite pillow. Your only pillow, in fact.

Grow Like A Riot by insunshine {R |Palo Alto}
Summary: It's Mark's fault.

Listen to the Math by anon {PG-13 |Mpreg |Palo Alto |WIP}
Prompt: Mark feels Eduardo slipping away from him and knows that he's going to cut him out of the company so he decides that if he is having their child he will always have a tie to him. So he substitutes his Pill with a placebo (or something) and impregnates him . . . needless to say, it doesn't work out as planned. Cue angry angry Wardo, angst, and an eventual happy ending
Bea's comment: Okay so MPREG is a kink of mine and I want to read ALL MPREGS EVER WRITTEN. :D This fill looks like it's going to be a rollercoaster ride, especially for Wardo because Mark is such a conniving little asshole in this. However, I can't wait for more of this. :D

Hot Fun in the Summertime by takethewords {NC-17 |Palo Alto}
Summary: Wardo distracts Mark in the pool at the Palo Alto house.

i'll be the one holding your heart by spoileralert1 {PG-13 |Plane crash |Palo Alto | Canon Divergent}
Summary: The plane Eduardo is supposed to be on flying out on goes down, no survivors, and Mark finds out about it from the news. Mark breaks down. Eduardo arrives later, completely alright. Mark breaks down harder.

it takes heart to love the rose by ymorton {PG-13 |Hurt/Comfort |Canon divergent |Palo Alto}
Summary: the one where eduardo has a heart condition!

it's such a shame for us to part (when you lose something you cannot replace) by gdgdbaby {PG-13 |Palo Alto |Canon Divergent |Deposition!AU}
Summary: alternate reality in which eduardo leaves the company before mark has a chance to cheat him out of it and dustin plays a Bigger Role. fudging the timeline like sorkin.

last-ditch efforts by twotiming {PG-13 |Canon Divergent}
Summary: Mark is standing at the door to Eduardo's hotel room. He looks at the door, then to his hands twitching at his sides, and then to his feet.

like a boss by gdgdbaby {PG-13 | Canon Divergent |Palo Alto}
Summary: What if Eduardo *had* looked at the contract, and never signed the one that would allow his shares to be diluted? What if Mark really was doing it just to get Eduardo's attention -- and it works?

lying is the most fun a boy can have (without taking his clothes off) by Calex {R |Palo Alto}
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo + Sean (lol)
Summary: Sean is starting to think that his brilliant plan isn't actually all that brilliant.
Sacrilegious, he knows, but sometimes a mistake is a mistake. These are the facts:

1) Threesomes are never a bad idea. In general fact, threesomes are a fucking awesome idea;
2) A threesome with Mark and Eduardo, however, is probably just wishful thinking.

made us disconnected by addandsubtract {R |Shares Dilution!AU |Established Relationship |Canon Divergent}
Summary: where mark leaves facebook for eduardo, before the dilution. (and they run away together!)
Bea's comment: I really want to read more of this.

Need by myquiddity {NC-17 |Hallway Scene |Canon Divergent}
Summary: Mark convinces Eduardo how much he needs him. Takes place after the hallway scene.

No Use Coming Back For What He Always Had by anon {PG-13 |Palo Alto |Canon Divergent}
Prompt: But what if that was a lie? What if Mark realized that Sean wouldn't be good for the company in the long run and he and Eduardo planned Sean's downfall? What if the share dilution was a plot to fool Sean?

Pilea involucrata by fledmusic {R |Transformation |Scifi |Fantasy |Palo Alto }
Summary: Eduardo turns into a plant. Mark learns some things about friendship and plants. ...Or something.

Red Veins by casey_sms {NC-17 |Palo Alto |Canon Divergent}

Saturate by wordgasmic {NC-17 |Palo Alto |Bathtub!Sex |Angry!Sex}
Summary: An AU spin on the pivotal Palo Alto scene.
Bea's comment: Bathtub sex. ANGST. Ouch :(

Separation Anxiety by venus_aurea {R |Palo Alto}
Summary: Eduardo is in New York, Mark is in California, and the distance between them creates a never-ending string of problems.

sunbathing leading to sex by anon {NC-17 |Palo Alto |PWP}
Prompt: Mark moves to California, Eduardo is from Miami, there should be opportunities enough. And Wardo has the kind of skin with which he can properly sunbath and bask, and it'll turn golden-tan and look just delicious, and be so hot to the touch when Mark puts his cold, pale hands on it, and Wardo just glows.

that secret that you know, but don't know how to tell by ymorton {NC-17| Warning: Rape| Hurt/Comfort |Protective!Eduardo |Hurt!Mark |Canon Divergent}
notes: written for the tsn_kinkmeme prompt (an excerpt) : "Come on, Sean's every expression just screamed rape!face, and I'm dying to see how Eduardo handles Mark after he's been broken like a wild foal."

The Other One Also With Vampires by sharpest_rose {NC-17 |Vampire!fic |Palo Alto}
Summary: "Are you hacking into vampire mind control?"

Untitled Fill by quickpixie {NC-17 |Palo Alto}
Prompt: Sean goes looking for Mark only to find him kneeling at the end of his (his being Mark's) bed rimming Eduardo. Up to filler how Sean reacts (stays and watches/interrupts/leaves silently, etc, etc)

Untitled Fill by anon {NC-17 |Palo Alto |Established Relationship}
Prompt: Wall!Sex. It could be angsty or fluffy, as long as it's plain hot.

Untitled Fill by anon {PG |Palo Alto |Vacation}
Prompt: For some reason, Mark is disconnected from internet and can't get to his computer to code, either. He gets super anxious and has withdrawal symptoms because of it. Eduardo takes himself to distract Mark from his little problem... Timeline can be anything.

Witnessed, not understood by BlackEyedGirl {PG-13| Palo Alto}
Summary: Sean watches Mark and Eduardo, but doesn't necessarily understand what he sees.

(Your Doors are) Wide Open by mrs_nott {R |Canon Divergent |Palo Alto |Jealousy |WiP}
Pairing: Eduardo/OMC, Mark/Eduardo
Prompt: The visit in Palo Alto goes a bit differently, Sean drags Eduardo along to some investor meeting because he's still CFO, said potential investor is ... interested in Eduardo. Sean sees a chance, tells Mark about it, and both talk Eduardo into using his charms on the guy. Turns out Eduardo doesn't mind spending time with the guy because suddenly there's someone actually interested in him. Sean is happy about it, Mark not so much.

Bank Robbery by anon {PG-13 |Palo Alto |WIP |Canon Divergent}
Prompt: Eduardo walks into the bank ready to freeze the account and finds himself right in the middle of a bank robbery.

Oxalá by mrs_nott { PG-13 | WiP | Post-shares dilution | Mpreg | Kid!fic | Canon!AU }
Prompt: In a universe where men can get pregnant, though much more rarely than women... Mark and Wardo have been fucking almost since they first met. I'd like Mark to exclusively top. They are still best friends, they just also fuck a lot. Eduardo is in love with Mark, but believes Mark feels little for him. So when Mark betrays Wardo it hits him twice as hard. Not to mention he had come to tell Mark he just found out that he is 2 weeks pregnant.

Everybody's on the Run by anon {R |Palo Alto |WIP |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Eduardo}
Prompt: Sean rapes Eduardo.

Where you invest your love, you invest your life by anon {PG-13 |Palo Alto |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Eduardo |Canon-Divergent |WIP}
Prompt: H/C fic where Eduardo has a heart condition and nobody knows about it (least of all Mark). However, when Eduardo finds out about the dilution and goes to confront Mark, he starts getting chest pains because of all the anger/stress/etc

You know what's cool? Majority control by anon {PG-13 |Canon-Divergent |Palo Alto |WiP}
Prompt: Eduardo says, "I'm coming back for everything" and he gets it. Maybe Mark refuses to settle and the lawyers were right about a jury being unsympathetic - Eduardo ends up with the controlling interest in Facebook. Legally probably pretty unlikely, but I'd kind of love to see how Mark would deal with Eduardo being his boss ;) And Eduardo, of course, who never actually wanted any of this and isn't a programmer and is probably very tempted just to give the shares back to get out of this mess.


words are useless by rumpledlinen {PG |Deposition!Era?}
Prompt: After the lawsuit Mark runs into Eduardo and all he really wants is Eduardo's arms around him. Just a hug that makes all their "feelings" known.

pause the tragic ending by anon {NC-17 |Deposition!Era AU |Happy ending!}
Prompt: Eduardo has hate sex with Mark. At least that was the idea. Why does he have the feeling that Mark is trying to make love to him?

(Love’s such) an old-fashioned word (and love dares you) by Emilys_List {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Palo Alto |Deposition!Era AU |Marriage}
Summary: An augmented conversation leads to sex, angry silences, catharsis and an appearance on Oprah. AU tendencies.

5 Times Eduardo Didn't Know What He Was Doing +1 Time He Still Didn't by robpat {PG-13 |Deposition!Era| Post-deposition |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Mark }
Prompt: "I know you'll think this is crazy, but all I want to do is hold you, and I think that if you'll let me do that, just for a few seconds, I can walk away, and never speak to you again."

Accept/Deny by anon {PG |GEN |Deposition!Era}
Prompt: I want something from where we left off in canon. Isn't it canon that Eduardo left his coat on the chair? Doesn't he need to go back and get it?

be more like the man you were made to be by gdgdbaby {PG-13 |Scifi |Deposition!Era |Groundhog Day!AU}
Summary: The only thing worse than going through a lawsuit that essentially closes all avenues of future reconciliation with your former best friend is waking up the next morning and having to do it all over again.

been done wrong by longtime_lurker {NC-17 |D/s |Deposition!Era}
Summary: The day they hash out the settlement is the day Mark shows up wearing an actual dress shirt and tie instead of the usual fuck-you hoodie-sandals combo, but the effect is pretty much entirely undercut by whatever the hell it is he’s got jammed in his mouth.

Black Crow Feathers by anon {R |Deposition!Era |Wing!fic |Hurt/Comfort}
Prompt: I would really like an angsty one where Eduardo gets the wings.

Feet of Clay by anon {PG-13 |Deposition!Era |Canon Divergent}
Prompt: Unknown to either Mark or Eduardo, Eduardo's dad paid Sean Parker to join Facebook, to disrupt things and get Eduardo kicked out of Facebook & out of Mark's life.

Hope Someday Somebody Wants to Hold You by anon {PG-13 |GEN |Deposition!Era}
Prompt: Someone please please write fic where someone notices how sad Mark is and cuddles him better. Probably Wardo. Because he is just like an angel.

i was by your side (to the very end) by thisissirius {PG-13 |Deposition!Era}
Summary: Chris is the best fucking PR that Mark is ever going to have in his life. He's going to stop this lawsuit even if he has to manhandle Eduardo into the offices and forces him to settle this with Mark, face to face.

in a suburban war by Lake (beyond_belief) {PG-13 |Palo Alto |Deposition!Era}
Summary: The rest of the conversation is a blur. Eduardo yells, and Mark yells back even though he rarely raises his voice, and then Eduardo asks, "What did you mean get left behind?", and Mark pushes him into the bedroom, fingertips pressing on Eduardo's rain-soaked coat, and shuts the door.

Last Full Measure of Devotion by petit_filous22 {PG-13 |Deposition!Era}
Summary:"You told me you loved me. Just the once. Back in the dorm room at Kirkland. I was drunk, you weren't and you said it: you said you loved me. Do you remember?"
Bea's comment: Oh man, this was heartbreaking and beautiful

learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss by forsanethaec {NC-17 |Deposition!Era}
Summary: Mark receives intelligence that Eduardo hasn't left Palo Alto yet after the depositions and goes to his hotel to see what he can see.
Notes: Originally posted at tsn_kinkmeme prompt: "(202): I need to have sex with you on our hotel room window ledge... This is a need not a request."

Mark Zuckerberg Added You As a Friend by slashyelizabeth {PG |Deposition!Era}
Summary: I can’t be the only one who wished Mark’s friend request for Erica in the last scene was a friend request for Eduardo, right? Because that was the inspiration for this.

Point of Origin by anon {R |Fusion: Zombieland |Zombies |Depositions!Era |Crossing Dimensions}
Pairing: Eduardo/Columbus
Prompt: Eduardo wakes up one day in Zombieland; apparently he has one friend. Columbus looks like Mark but he is definitely not Mark. Things happen, they fight, get scared but ultimately they end up ~sleeping together. It all gets hot and heavy.
Note: Continued Here

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word by kissoffools/wakeyourheart {PG-13 |Deposition!Era |GEN}
Summary: The deposition in California doesn't exactly go according to plan. Not according to Eduardo's plan, anyway.

the farther I fall I'm beside you by therealw {PG-13 |Deposition!Era}
summary: Wherein Mark, for the first time ever, actually listens to what a lawyer has to say. "You know what we're here for?" Marylin continues before he can interrupt, "I mean, what this really feels like?"

You're Never Over by anon {PG-13 |Deposition!Era |Marriage}
Prompt: During the trial, a suprise fact emerges: Mark and Eduardo secretly got married (fully legally - either gay marriage has been made legal in America or they got hitched in Canada) and neither bothered to tell their lawyers - although they knew Mark & Eduardo had been a couple. Only Chris and Dustin knew about the marriage. Everyone at the table is shocked. In a fit of rare anger, Mark starts throwing accusations of personal stuff about their marriage, which Eduardo finds humilating and suddenly it's not about shares and facebook, it's about their crumbling marriage, and Mark's unwillingness to save it, and everyone in the room is helpless to stop the two from just yelling at each other. But what happens when Eduardo tells Mark he wants a divorce? Suing was one thing to Mark, but he never really considered he's *really* loose Wardo.

Bones by apintofblood {PG-13 |Deposition!Era |Sick!Mark |Hurt/Comfort |WIP}
Prompt: There is something wrong with Mark.
Note: Links to other parts here.
Bea's comment: Mark is sick :( Eduardo takes care of him.

Five People Who Heard and One Who Found Out Later by thisissirius {PG |Deposition!Era |WiP}
Prompt: You know what part kills me? During the Winklevii deposition when Marks snaps at their lawyer that he started a business with Eduardo because he was his best friend and the camera cuts to ... Eduardo's empty seat. I keep trying to write fic about it, what everyone else is thinking, what they're thinking, you name it, but I can't get anything good.

I can only tell you what it feels like by anon {PG |Deposition!Era |WiP}

Mark/Eduardo, hurt/comfort fill by anon {PG-13 |Deposition!Era |Suicide |Hurt!Eduardo |WiP}
Prompt: After the shares dilution, Eduardo attempts suicide. During the depositions, Mark finds out.


Days Go By Like A Ticking Bomb by janonny {NC-17 |Post-deposition |WIP |Mpreg}
Summary: The one where Eduardo gets pregnant, and becomes the target of Mark's single-minded focus.

A Time For Dreaming by rosepetalfall {PG-13 |Post-deposition |WIP}
Pairing: Dustin/Mark
Prompt: Other thinks Mark's insanely huge crush on Obama is hilarious until he really, really doesn't.

splayed in the wind apart by oflights {NC-17 |WIP |Post-deposition}
Apparently rl!Mark wore (or at least attempted to wear) a tie everyday for a year in 2009. Clearly this somehow needs to translate into fic somehow. What is Mark trying to prove? Who is he trying to impress and/or give a metaphorical finger to? Who is amused/baffled/concerned for Mark's mental and emotional health?

still your song by daisysusan {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Sometimes Eduardo thinks about his life, because that's the only way to make sense of it all.

Please Rain on My Parade by anon {PG |Post-deposition?}
Prompt: Where Eduardo can control the weather.

live through this and you won't look back by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition |WIP}
Prompt: After the lawsuit is settled Mark and Eduardo have a mutual understanding to avoid each other at all costs and pretend the other person doesn't exist. Which all goes to hell when some well meaning person (who has no idea about their history) forces Mark and Eduardo to interact with each other for the first time in years.

When it Works, it Works; When it's Broke, it's Perfect by banananonan {NC-17 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Expansion of a kinkmeme fill, now fleshed out considerably. Jumps back and forth through time between an established fluffy Sean/Eduardo who have been together for 4 years and the screwy Sean Parker of TSN who began to be drawn to Eduardo.
Bea's comment: Reposted from kink meme with more parts!

oriented towards the other by alexthegreat {R |Post-deposition |Supernatural: Special Abilities}
Summary: Mark's empathy has been blocked off for years, for his own safety as well as comfort. But if he wants to win Eduardo back, he's going to have to embrace his ability and re-learn how to live with other people.

It catches up with you by yelowwolf5 {R |Post-deposition |Hurt/Comfort |Kidnapping}
Summary: After Mark gets kidnapped for ransom by someone who has a beef with Eduardo, he's forced to let Eduardo stay with him to help him. With the depositions still in mind, it's hard for Mark to just let him back into his life, while Eduardo seems to be doing his best to pretend the last couple of years didn't happen.

(act as if) the world is watching by grim_lupine {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Post-deposition} Reposted from kink meme
Summary: A lot of things are different from when they did this last. They’re more visible when they go out, now; and when Mark stops them in the middle of the sidewalk and goes up on his toes and kisses Eduardo until they’re panting for breath, he knows there will be pictures online, and his body thrums with the satisfaction of knowing that they will be seen everywhere.

This is why we fight by anon {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Post-deposition}
Prompt: 5 times Dustin wanted to throw up because Mark and Eduardo were doing that we-are-a-super-cute-couple thing.

Weather the Storm. And the snow and the hail and the wind and the sun by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Supernatural Powers |Complete}
Prompt: This is complete crack but maybe someone can make something good out of it. We know that Eduardo made money betting the weather, what if he could in fact CONTROL IT? And after the depositions he goes to live on a cloud to lick his wounds and make it rain on Mark all the time.

SYN/ACK by thedeadparrot {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Palo Alto |Deposition!Era |Post-deposition}
Summary: There are differences between Eduardo and him that Mark doesn't think they'll ever really resolve, that they'll ever be able to overcome. A love story about packet loss.

Never Let Me Go by thisissirius {R |Post-deposition}
Summary: getting back together & waking up together

keep the noise low by oflights {NC-17 |Post-deposition? |Established Relationship |Kink: Orgasm Denial}
Prompt: eduardo sitting in a chair with his boyfriend in his lap. he has his dick up mark's ass while mark is coding on a laptop. or at least trying to.

Mark/Eduardo Rimming!fic by anon {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Established Relationship |Sleepy!Sex}
Prompt: Mark licks Eduardo open.

Untitled by alexthegreat {PG-13 |Post-deposition?}
Prompt: There was just way too much discussion about my penis at that party

Observations Under Test Conditions by black_eyedgirl {R |Post-deposition}
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo/Chris/Dustin
Summary: hot spots

the creatures who crawl, run, and creep by hitlikehammers {PG |Kid!fic |Post-deposition}
Summary: This is why Mark should never have children.
Note; locked

5 Scenes from the wedding season by tsn-anon21 {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Wedding}
Prompt: Mark proposes to Eduardo & they get engaged.

A Place No One Can See by quickpixie {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Sex Tape}
Summary: SEX TAPE

Act Your Age by alexthegreat {PG-13 |Post-deposition |De-age |Kid!fic |GEN}
Summary: Mark turns into a three year old.

After Negotiation by BlackEyedGirl {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Kidnapping}
Summary: 'The men are on the phone to someone – his company, maybe, or his parents. He’s already been asked to give the requisite proof-of-life response to his name on the line. One of them says, “All right, put Zuckerberg on the phone.”' Kidnap-fic, for a prompt response.

All Other Duties by leopardchic79 {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Chris POV. Chris takes on Eduardo's role as best-friend and becomes a matchmaker along the way.

all that is left is all that I hide by therealw {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Jealousy}
pairing: Mark/Eduardo, Mark/Other
summary: Mark hires a prostitute that looks remarkably like Eduardo. The paparazzi spot them out somewhere. Whether the pics end up online or Mark's people manage to kill the story in time is entirely up to you, but Eduardo has to find out somehow.

Always Been Mine by callmejude {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Voyeurism}
Summary: "Sean (semi)-accidentally sees Eduardo and Mark going at it, and Eduardo looks up and sees him there and takes the opportunity to demonstrate that Mark is his (making Mark moan Eduardo's name, leaving physical reminders on Mark's skin).
Prequel: Call Me

and if I don't make it know by therealw {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Prompt: 5 times Mark drunk dialed Eduardo.

and that's why we're still waiting by addandsubtract/figletofvenice {PG-13 |Meta |Post-deposition}
Summary: in which mark goes to see the movie, mark and eduardo exchange text messages, and there is an inordinate amount of meta.

As In The Days Of Old by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Hurt/Comfort}
Prompt: Eduardo gets really bad migraines, but has a habit of ignoring them up until the point where they get too bad to ignore. This happens at one of the shareholders meeting and luckily Mark knows what to do and takes care of Eduardo.

As Mark Zuckerberg by fairy_tale_echo {PG-13 | Complete | Post-deposition |Meta}
Category: Post-deposition, Meta-ish
Summary: "If pressed, Mark would admit that he thought it fairly likely that he’d someday be really, really rich. (Maybe not a billionaire, but why not?) But someone being nominated for an Oscar for playing him in a movie? Not so much."

been at this far too long by Lake (beyond_belief) {NC-17 |Post-deposition}
Summary: In which Eduardo learns how to argue with Mark, and Mark learns to be somewhat less of a jerk.

Beware the Ides of Mark by casey_sms {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: 5 times Mark took it out on his staff and the one time they didn’t mind. Also future fic and fix-it fic.

BloodBrothers by ohxshebleeds {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Post-deposition |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Mark}
Prompt: What if Mark is in so much pain that no one realizes until it's too late? And he's hospitalized because suicide/accidental OD/something drastic and Wardo comes because he's his contact info, and well, he wants to help fix broken!Mark.

Board Room Sex by anon {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Dubcon}
Prompt: Five times the biting sexual tension is nigh on unbearable during shareholder's meetings and that one time where they just succumb to it and fuck each other as soon as the board room empties.

Bored (But Not Tired) in Singapore by slasher48 {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Phone!Sex}
Prompt: I need phone sex that at least starts with one of them being in a public place.

Breaking Even by anon {NC-17 |Post-deposition}
Prompt: Need Mark just losing it years after the lawsuit! Crying!Mark is all I want in my life!!!

Bugfixes in the Redesign by BlackEyedGirl {R |Post-deposition}
Summary: "Were you always this evil or is it a new development?" Mark tries to use his powers for good (or at least for Eduardo's benefit). Eduardo notices him trying. Future-fic.

By Any Other Name by twilight_shades {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Prompt: Five endearments Mark hated and the one he didn't mind so much.

Call Me by callmejude {R |Post-deposition}
Summary: Written for this prompt in the kink meme: "(334): He used my blackberry to make a voice recording of me orgasming, then set it as my ringtone while I was sleeping. I discovered this during a staff meeting this morning."

call me a hater if you want to by fledmusic {PG-13 |Deposition!Era |Post-deposition}
Summary: call me a hater if you want to (five times Eduardo almost punched Sean Parker in the face, and one time he actually did) (actually also a pretty good character study)

[crossover] Eduardo/Mark [stargate: atlantis] by schmevil {PG-13 |GEN |Crossover: SGA |Post-deposition |Scifi}
Prompt: After the deposition, Eduardo is recruited by Rodney and SG1 to work at the mountain (the algorithm he came up with, etc). Eduardo finds Rodney hilarious, which surprises most people.

Comes Back Knocking by cathalin {NC-17 |Post-deposition}
Summary: It turns out Mark hasn't actually quite forgotten that time at Harvard, when he and Eduardo had sex with those girls in adjoining bathroom stalls. It's just that his brain hasn't let him remember that he remembers. A story about sex, algorithms and second chances.

Delays in Communicating by BlackEyedGirl {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Eduardo and Mark are both great at communicating. Just, lately, not with each other. They start sending messages without ever getting around to talking. Chris and Dustin watch and wait.

Destination Unknown by twilight_shades {R |Post-deposition}
Prompt: So Eduardo hasn't been able to get... ahem... "erect" for a very long time. Maybe the stress and others' expectations are too high for him, or maybe he's been on some kind of medication that has erectile dysfunction as a side-effect, however you wanna swing it.

Do You Like Me, Yes/No? by ifeelbetter {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Humor |Pining}
Prompt: They're finally about to get together... (or established relationship if you want)... when Mark finds out that about half his staff have crushes on Eduardo.

doesn't take much for me to come unglued by gdgdbaby {R |Post-deposition}
Summary: not-so-angsty make-up fic.
Prequel: i wanna be forgotten (and i don't wanna be reminded), all these situations you somehow find yourself in

Don't Let It Go to Your Head (Boys Like You are a Dime a Dozen) by anon {PG-13 |GEN |Post-deposition}
Prompt: 5 Times/Ways Mark is a really good boss, and 5 Ways some Facebook employees decide to give back.

don't let your shadow spoil the view by Calex {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Adultery}
Summary: Eduardo hurts, hurts that with just one call it's all over, that this fantasy he's been living in is ending, because he's too much of a coward to tell his father no.
Sequel: The Earth Shook the Devil's Hand

Drive All Night by fairy_tale_echo {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Of course Dustin has probably the only car in the world that reads you your Facebook newsfeed. Of course he does.

Crying After Sex by tsn-anon21 {R |Post-deposition |Established Relationship}
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo
Category: Post-deposition, Established Relationship
Prompt: Eduardo cries during/after sex (not because he's hurt or anything, he just has ~too many feelings~). Mark is epically confused and has no idea how to deal with this.

Edges Are Blurring by BlackEyedGirl {PG-13 |Meta |Film!AU |Post-deposition |Canon Divergent}
Summary: "So, welcome to the DVD commentary for Connect." Semi-epistolary, some screenplay format. For the prompt of a film-maker creating a biopic about Mark and Eduardo.

Facebook shares by Lynn {NC-17 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Mark wants Eduardo to forgive him, but even though Eduardo says he's not mad at Mark anymore, he also says that he's realized that Facebook will always be more important to Mark than he is, and he's not willing to go back to that kind of relationship. So Mark gives Eduardo half of his Facebook shares.

facebook reveal by thisissirius {PG-13 |Graphics}
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo, Chris/Dustin
Summary: Mark/Eduardo, established relationship, but they're not fully out yet. Mark says something about it on his facebook. Chris finds out/freaks the fuck out. Hilarity ensues. Wow, the text is better at talking than I am.

Figure Something Out by twilight_shades {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Hurt!Mark}
Prompt: Can we get a post!deposition, still angry Eduardo (preferably not too long after), who somehow (I don't really care how) has to save Mark, and really worries and angsts, and this makes him realize his feeling...

Five Messages Mark Almost Sent Eduardo (and the one he did) by casey_sms {PG |Post-deposition |Ficlet}
Prompt: Five Messages Mark Almost Sent Eduardo (and the one he did)

for now we are young by ymorton {PG-13 |De-age |Post-deposition |Kid!fic}
Summary: Eduardo is de-aged for whatever reason and Mark has to take care of him.

forgiving what we cannot forget by BlackEyedGirl {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Amnesia}
Summary: 'Because there's nothing like an open wound, Eduardo sends for the deposition statements. He doesn't recognise the people in these pages.' Amnesia-fic, for a prompt response.

Get Well Soon by grim-lupine {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Pre-slash}
Summary: Three years later and Mark gets drunk and apologizes. Sort of. Eventually.

Giving Notice by alexthegreat {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Outsider POV}
Prompt: (310): I just googled how to quit your job and cause a big uproar at the same time....i tell you how tomorrow goes, i'm so excited.... (actually a californian area code....)

Go from Here by twilight_shades {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Prompt: Mark agrees to be the subject of an auction for charity. The winning bidder turns out to be Eduardo.

Go to the Wire by azephirin {NC-17 |PWP |Post-deposition}
Summary: Come and tell me what you taste.

Hazy, Crazy, Lazy Days of Summer by spoileralert1 {PG |Post-deposition |Domestic!Fic}
Summary: I want a Sunday morning. But I would like lots of fluff: sleepy kisses, elaborate descriptions, etc.

How Eduardo Saved Atlantis {PG |Crossover: SGA |GEN |Post-deposition |Scifi }
Prompt: After the deposition, Eduardo is recruited by Rodney and SG1 to work at the mountain (the algorithm he came up with, etc). Eduardo finds Rodney hilarious, which surprises most people.

How to Make a Second Chance by BlackEyedGirl {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Post-deposition |Time Travel}
Summary: Mark goes to sleep in Palo Alto in 2007, and wakes up in Harvard in 2004. Meanwhile, Eduardo is in Palo Alto dealing with a Mark who seems to have forgotten more than just today's shareholder meeting. Both of them are wondering how many words it would take to change what happened next.

I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED, YOUNG MAN by thisissirius {PG |Post-deposition |GEN |Graphics}
Summary: My own mom unfriended me on Facebook.

i love you enough to let you go by thisissirius {PG |Post-deposition}
Summary: Eduardo ships some of Mark's things from New York as part of the post break up personal belongings exchange ritual. Mark sleeps in the hoodie that smells like Eduardo.

i know him so well by thisissirius {PG |Deposition!Era |Post-deposition}
Summary: eduardo finds mark's pad from the depositions and hates that he can't throw it away or forget what's in it.

If only guilty roads to an endless love by casey_sms {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: For this prompt at tsn_kinkmeme: "i know you’re lonely. i think you need somebody to want you." Fix it fic.

if this was the cold war (we could keep each other warm) by oflights {R |Ghost!fic |Post-deposition |Scifi}
Summary: Mark is haunting Eduardo, like in an annoyingly literal way. Or: Just Like Heaven, TSN style!

ILY Misunderstanding by tsn-anon21 {NC-17 |Post-deposition}
Prompt: Eduardo says "I love you" during sex, which ends up freaking both of the boys out. Eduardo pretends like he doesn't remember saying it thinking he doesn't want to freak Mark out anymore than necessary, only of course he does and is kind of hurt Mark isn't acknowledging it. Mark is upset Eduardo said it during sex and thinks it's right to pretend like he didn't hear it as to not embarrass Eduardo.

In Grander Schemes Than This by hitlikehammers {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Mark}
Prompt: Someone has a vendetta against Mark because of Facebook (could be anything), goes to the Facebook building and HAS A BOMB. HOSTAGES! REALIZATIONS because, you know, Mark might die and everything.
Bea's comment: ROLLER-COASTER OF EMOTIONS. You guys should GO READ THIS RIGHT NOW. *_*

In the Details by grim_lupine {R |Post-deposition |Established Relationship}
Summary: So he has Eduardo now, and maybe Eduardo has learned to not expect too much of him, but Mark—Mark doesn’t want to be that. He wants to see the details, he wants to know how to—how to keep this. He wants to know Eduardo as thoroughly and instinctively as he does Facebook, because he has both again, and this time he will make it work.So Mark learns the details.

in the morning i'll be with you by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Domestic!Fic}
Prompt: I want a Sunday morning. This may or may not include sleepy morning sex

iPhone misstep by thisissirius {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Graphics}
Prompt: (517): I can't believe you just thanked me for a blowjob on my Facebook wall...

it's complicated (but not really) by thisissirius {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Graphics}
Prompt: five times eduardo and mark's reconnection was revealed via facebook!

It's Not a Big Deal (AKA 7 Times Eduardo hid his eating disorder and the one time he is caught) by casey-sms {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Post-deposition}
Pairings: Mark/Eduardo, Eduardo/Christy, Eduardo/OFC (brief), Eduardo/OMC (brief)
Summary: It becomes a thing. Eduardo doesn’t eat when he’s stressed. When he does, it usually comes up. He hates the taste of vomit in his mouth so when he’s really stressed, he just doesn’t eat.

just a love to endure by dangeronshow {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
summary: Eduardo finds his catharsis through unsent text messages.

just open up and sing by ellot {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: mark misses the signs of eduardo's presence in his life. or alternatively, mark drinks mountain dew, reads post-its, and misses eduardo.

kiss me like you'll never see me again by enditen {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Mark decided that the best way to get Eduardo back after the deposition was staying in his apartment hallway. One day Eduardo snaps and certain things occur.

Let's Get Together by alexthegreat {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Marked and out in public. Hickeys, scratches etc. Anything that can be mocked by Dustin anyone.

Let's Have A Toast For The Douchebags (Five Drinks Mark and Eduardo Shared) by fairy_tale_echo {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Deposition!Era |Post-deposition}
Summary: Mark takes a long drink and keeps on talking, Eduardo hangs on every word.

Let those I love try to forgive what I have made by hope_calaris {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Mark has always cared for Wardo in his own way. That doesn’t stop because of a lawsuit. (or: The five times Mark did something nice during/post-deposition and the one time Wardo finally noticed and they lived happily ever after)

Locks on the Wardrobe Door by BlackEyedGirl {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Post-deposition}
Summary: Or, Five items of clothing Mark steals from Eduardo, and one that Eduardo steals from Mark.

lost and found by alexthegreat {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Kidnapping |Hurt!Eduardo}
Summary: Mark’s first thought on getting the ransom note is, Surely Eduardo is worth more than that.

Lots, Numbers, and Days by Poose {R |Harvard!fic |Post-deposition}
Pairing: Chris/Eduardo
Prompt: I've basically fallen in love with this pairing - can we please see more of it? Can be anything from during Harvard or after the lawsuits or anywhere in between. I just really want to see something Chris and Wardo together!

Make the First Move by twilight_shades {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt/Mark}
Prompt: Eduardo finds out about Mark's stalker.

Marriage is Just Another Word for Mistake by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Marriage}
Prompt: Mark/Eduardo were married before the depositions, but both decided to keep it quiet through the whole ordeal. But now, years later, Eduardo decides it's time for the divorce only: First time the papers are sent back to him torn up;

Maybe if I Live Twice I’ll Forget You by mrs_nott {R |Post-deposition |Amnesia}
Prompt: Eduardo gets amnesia, wakes up in a hospital only to find out that Mark and him are together for a few years already. All that Eduardo remembers is being angry at Mark, hating him at times, and not having seen him since the law suit. Mark angsts and tries to be there for his man, Chris & Dustin worry, Eduardo doesn't know how to deal with Mark in his life and all the strange flashbacks that leave him all needy.

Might Be by twilight_shades {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Hurt/Comfort |Sick!Mark}
Prompt: i just want something where mark and eduardo have to share warmth somehow. maybe they're on holiday trapped somewhere. i don't know. just sharing a blanket, snuggling for warmth, mark pressing his face into eduardo's neck.

Mini-Fill by anon {R | Post-deposition | Jealous!Eduardo}
But they never did because everything that did happen happened. So immediately after the settlement Mark went through a bit of a...slutty period; Dustin thinks of them as the "Mark Hilton Days," Chris "The Time We All Had to Carry Non-Disclosure Agreements All of the Time," Sean tends to just remember it fondly as the "Yeaaaaahhh Booooyyyy" days - because he said that, a lot, maybe daily. Basically, Mark went out and got fucked.

Mother Tongue by ymorton and fairy_tale_echo {NC-17|Harvard!Era |Post-deposition}
Summary: Mark and Eduardo, learning the language of each other, are lost and found in translation. (co-written for the prompt Eduardo speaking Portuguese at the tsn_kinkmeme.)

Much Closer by twilight_shades {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Prompt: Mark buys an island, goes and lives on it and ceases to bother with human interaction. When it hits the news (a few months later? IDK) Eduardo is worried and goes to visit Mark's island.

Murphy's Law by alexthegreat { R | Complete | Post-deposition | Get-together }
Pairings: Mark/Eduardo, Chris/Dustin, hinted OT4
Summary: After their flight gets redirected, the Facebook four embark on a roadtrip from Los Angeles to Palo Alto. They learn some things along the way.

my body is your body by addandsubtract/figletofvenice {NC-17 |Post-deposition |PWP}
Summary: 784 words of unrepentant shower porn. for the tsn_kinkmeme prompt (270): The water bill last month was outrageous. We have got to stop fucking for hours in the shower.

Never Be Again by BlackEyedGirl {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Angry!Sex}
Summary: They touch more now than they ever did when they were friends. [For Porn Battle XI, angry sex.]

Never Marry for Money (You Can Borrow it Cheaper) by alexthegreat {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Wake up Married}
Summary/Prompt: Eduardo & Mark have to attend some kind of shareholder's/young-and-a-billionaire's meeting in Vegas/Vermont/Illinois. One thing leads to another and they WAKE UP MARRIED. A quicky divorce/annulment would be easy if not for the fact that Mark drunkenly changed his facebook status to MARRIED TO EDUARDO SAVERIN.

Now You Lived Somewhere Away from Here by Sharksdontsleep {NC-17 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Five years in the future, no one's as young as they used to be.

objects in motion by alexthegreat {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Illness: Flu}
Summary: Mark gets a curious email on his birthday.

old roads i go down by yellowteddysuit {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Amnesia}
Prompt: Amnesia fic with Mark having amnesia. Blah blah something happens, Mark gets amnesia, and all he knows is that he's lost the last 'however many' years, and he's scared, and he's got Eduardo's number in his phone, so of course he calls him. Eduardo, who's still angry, tells him what he's missing from those years.

on the wings of complete and utter inconvenience by thisissirius {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Wing!fic}
Summary: DUSTIN MOSKOVITZ: holy fuck mark has wings.

Place That Don't Know My Name by antistar_e {PG-13 |Crossover: Doctor Who |Fantasy |Science Fiction |Post-deposition }
Pairings: Eduardo, Eleven (Mark/Eduardo, Amy/Rory, River, and also really mild Eduardo/Amy and Eduardo/Eleven?)
Summary: Looking up at the mess of stars above New (New New New) Singapore, he stops being Eduardo Saverin, absentee CFO of Facebook, and starts being Eduardo Saverin, time traveling companion to a mad man in a blue box who keeps on calling him Frank.
Sequel: Place Between Here and the Destination {Mark/Eduardo |Post-Depositions}
Summary: You know what's cooler than one million dollars? Eduardo Saverin, time traveler.

Postcards by wandaplenn {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Canon Divergent}
Prompt: Post-deposition fic where Eduardo got tired of everyone's expectations, said "fuck you" to the business world/his father and traveled around the world in search of himself. The trip does wonders to his psyche and he becomes more relaxed/goofy and a hipster ala Andrew (but of course, he's still Wardo) :P Mark/Eduardo please! Or OT4 (gen or otherwise :D)

Priorities by anon {NC-17 |Post-deposition |PWP}
Prompt: I always picture Eduardo completely bare down there (Brazilian!). Mark is surprised the first time they have sex but absolutely loves it and is crazy turned on. Mark is all natural and Eduardo loves how he can feel it when they fuck.
Sequel: Home by anon (NC-17 |WIP)

read 73 between 76 the 85 lines by mamaesme {PG-13 | Post-deposition}
Prompt: 5 people who see Mark doing something sweet (in his own way) for Eduardo.

Relapse by venus_aurea {PG-13 |Deposition!Era |Post-deposition}
Summary: At the end of the lawsuit, Mark finds a note from Eduardo that triggers a string of events that completely redefines their former friendship.

self-defense by twotiming {PG-13 |Post-deposition |GEN}
Summary: The lawsuit ended almost a year ago. Eduardo doesn't look any different. He doesn't slur and laugh like he used to; his words are quicker, unfiltered.

So Softly are Sighing by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Hurt/Comfort}
Prompt: the reason mark doesn't go home at night is because he's used to sharing his bed with wardo - at harvard they did it all the time when mark wasn't coding for days on end.

Sorry is a Four Letter Word by dripping-gold {R |Post-deposition}
Prompt: Here. Five times Mark (almost) says sorry.

sparking opposite ends by retorico {R| Harvard!Era |Post-deposition}
Summary: Mark tries to figure some things out.

Steady your hands by adinasourisme {PG-13 |Harvard!Era}
Summary: It’s been a few months, half a year really, since the Lawsuit Of Doom.

Strength in Numbers by dapixam_q {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Bathroom!Sex |Jealousy}
Summary: “Mark, you couldn't make a cat happy—you couldn't keep a plant alive, never mind make me—give me anything I—” Eduardo says and walks out. Mark takes that as a challenge.
Sort of Prequel: In My Framework

superconnected by oflights {R |Post-deposition |Supernatural |Soulmates |Hurt/Comfort}
Summary: Based on this prompt at the kink meme; Eduardo and Mark share excruciating, debilitating headaches that force them to be in close contact, after years of avoidance.

Take the Chance by twilight_shades {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Possessive!Eduardo}
Prompt: As friends, Eduardo was always possessive of Mark's attention; he's sure it's the product of being the only person to ever get Mark to leave his computer for less important things, such as eating and showering and class. He never lied to himself about why that was, having been on the receiving end of Chris and Dustin's knowing looks more often than not whenever he caught someone else shooting Mark interested glances only to be met with Eduardo's steady stare in return, his hand, large and possessive, curling around the nape of Mark's neck, or his arm draping deceptively casual around Mark's shoulders. To this day, he's sure he only ever got away with it because Mark never noticed; he used to think Mark did notice and just didn't say anything out of some kind of kindness and sensitivity towards his feelings, but then Sean Parker happened and he realized that no, wow, Mark had no idea.

Teeth in the Grass by ninhursag {NC-17 |Post-deposition |PWP}
Prompt: Eduardo has always gotten off just from being fucked, a thing he is ashamed of because not only would his father be ashamed of him for it, but he has never slept with a guy who wasn’t an absolute jerk about it. Eventually he and Mark end up having sex (without reconciling first), Eduardo expecting it to be even rougher, more painful and more humiliating than any of his previous sexual encounters with men, but Mark is gentle and reverent and touches him like he’s something precious. This freaks him out, but he can’t help going back for more, and eventually it leads to honesty and reconciliation.

That Awkward Moment by venus_aurea {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Mark hacks Eduardo’s relationship status in an attempt to get him back.

The (Metaphorical) Parent Trap by alexthegreat {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Dustin needs to work on controlling the metaphors he uses to talk about Mark and Eduardo.

The Curious Incident of Eduardo in the Night-Time by jibrailis {NC-17 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Eduardo drunkenly tries to break into Mark's house to get back something of his. Mark isn't about to let a challenge go.

the hero of your tonight by xheart-of-lifex {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
summary: I didn't come here to tell you that I can't live without you. I can live without you. I just don't want to.
Bea's comment: Kissing in the rain. <3

The Ghost at the Back of Your Closet by Sandrine Shaw {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Meta}
Summary: Mark realizes that the movie makes it all – the ups and downs of his friendship with Eduardo – sound like a tragic love story with an unhappy ending, which it wasn't. It wasn't a love story. ... Was it?

the if statement evaluated to be true by thisissirius {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Established Relationship |PWP}
Summary: mark writes lines of code on eduardo's skin, not realising it's going to have quite the effect it does.

The John Hughes Guide to Romance by alexthegreat {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: If you work at Facebook and street-parked your BMW? You're getting towed. Have a nice day.

The Last Entry by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Prompt: mark has a secret blog/livejournal/whatever where he writes letters to eduardo (i love you, i miss you, i should have made you stay ect). eduardo finds it one day and slowly finds out that it's mark.

the long way back by stickyvalentine {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary Mark can still count on one hand the number of times Eduardo's refused him anything.

The Mark Instructions by tonkagirl1000 {PG-13 |Post-deposition |GEN |Graphics}
Summary: Mark came with his own instruction manual, an instruction manual named Eduardo.

the old refrain by forsanethaec {PG |Post-deposition}
Summary: Three times Mark called Eduardo, and one time Eduardo called back.

the secrets you don't show by thisissirius {PG-13 |Spiderman!AU |Post-deposition}
Summary: Mark's checking him out. Eduardo wants to punch him in the mouth but he's Spiderman right now and not Eduardo and so he can't.

The star to every wandering bark by noelia_g {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Pining}
Prompt: Eduardo and Mark are slowly working on regaining their friendship when Eduardo realises he's falling in love. Cue angsting about not wanting to ruin their fragile friendship, and Eduardo might be willing to be friends, but how can he trust Mark not to break his heart?

The Sum Of Our Parts by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Eduardo}
Prompt: Unbeknownst to everyone except Eduardo's attorney, Eduardo has left everything to Mark -- in the event that Eduardo is incapacitated, Mark is the one that Eduardo has named to make medical and financial decisions on Eduardo's behalf; in the event of Eduardo's death, Eduardo has left everything he owned to Mark, excepting a small trust fund that he set up for his mother.

the syntax of things by forsanethaec {R |Post-deposition}
Summary: Mark buries Eduardo in his code between a pair of exclamation points to make him invisible, deep within Facebook where no one will see him but Mark will always know he's there.

The thing with the chicken by hope_calaris {PG-13 |Post-deposition |GEN}
Summary: Step one of Mark's entirely idiotic plan to get Eduardo to be his friend again is to drop little hints around the site that he misses him. So he decides to meet with the creators of farmville and get them to add certain barn animals to their game.

The vampire one that doesn’t have a proper title by sharpest-rose {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Vampire!fic }
Summary: It’s a Social Network fic with vampires in it. Everything still happened the same, but in this world there are vampires.

these things get louder by fledmusic {R |Post-deposition}
Summary: This started from the hilarious scenario of Mark finding out that everybody, including his mom, thought he and Eduardo were dating.

These Words by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Prompt: The first time they say "I love you" or "I'm in love with you" or something of that nature (whichever you prefer).

There Will Be Time by BlackEyedGirl {NC-17 |Post-deposition}
Summary: It’s Mark’s thirtieth birthday. [Written for Porn Battle XI]

they smash up in the sky by oflights {R |Post-deposition}
Prompt: What about a story where there's a sex tape and it's somehow leaked onto the internet?

This is Not What I Was Promised by rosepetalfall {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Protective!Eduardo}
Prompt: Post-deposition. Mark's new girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating on him (GOLDIGGA) and he's okay with it because he thinks it's some sort of penance for what he did with Eduardo.

This One Left Them All Behind by fairy_tale_echo {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: I would just really like to see Eduardo give Mark an old-fashioned, dramatic-as-fuck Golden Age of Hollywood kiss. Except, you know, with tongue. And I want the works - Eduardo just pulling an unsuspecting Mark into his arms and dipping him, giving him the best kiss of his entire fucking life. fill by thisissirius {PG |Post-deposition |Graphics}
Prompt: Describe Mark in tree words. http//

Throw Your Back Into It by jibrailis {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Humor}
Summary: Sex is not the enemy. Except when it is. The one where Mark is a slut, Eduardo has performance anxiety, and there are cross-country booty calls.
Bea's comment: Humorous and sexy. :P

Till Our Bones Can’t Hold Us Up Anymore by mrs-nott {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Deposition!Era |Post-deposition |Pining}
Summary: Five times Eduardo cried, one time Mark cried, and one time they both did.

tires sing to the asphalt by addandsubtract/figletofvenice {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Road Trip}
Summary: in which mark and eduardo take a road trip across the us, and have a lot of issues. they seriously have a lot of issues.

truth, refresh my broken mind by pendules {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: The things Mark wants (and those he deserves) change along the way. He's thinking about being at the centre, creating from the centre, instead of pressing his nose to the window.

Uncertainty Principle by black-eyedgirl {PG |Post-deposition}
Prompt: "if your phone is working sorry i called you at 2am. if it is not then i never called your phone at 2am"

Untitled Fill by anon {R |Post-deposition}
Prompt: office sex.

Untitled Fill by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Prompt: Mark is impossible to go grocery shopping with, couple spats ensue.

Untitled by anon {R |Post-deposition}
Prompt: (334): He used my blackberry to make a voice recording of me orgasming, then set it as my ringtone while I was sleeping. I discovered this during a staff meeting this morning.

Untitled Fill by anon {NC-17 |Post-deposition}
Prompt: Eduardo has a filthy mouth in bed.

Untitled by anon {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Jealousy}
Prompt: Mark overhears two women talking about sex in a café. One of them is describing the sex she had last night in a very favourable light and Mark is getting kind of turned on against his better judgement. Until he realises she slept with a man called Eduardo who sounds very much like someone he knew.

Untitled Fill by ymorton {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Angry!Sex}
Prompt: So, after a stupid long introduction full of complaining and bitchassery, might I please request an explicit blowjob with the character of your choice on his knees on the floor with hair *yanking,* dirty talk, deep throating, ball sucking, and other assorted happytimes techniques.

Your Touch Makes Me Weak by goldendoods {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Post-deposition}
Prompt: maybe five times mark couldn't concentrate because eduardo was touching him and one time eduardo knew exactly what he was doing.

Untitled Fill by ymorton {R |Post-deposition}
Prompt: Mark is giving a video conference from home for whatever reason and Eduardo is with him (but can't be seen), and he's sucking Mark off

Werewolf!Dustin Fill by anon {PG |GEN |Post-deposition |Werewolf!fic }
Prompt: Werewolf!AU.

What I’m Trying To Say, or, ‘5 times Mark does something creepy to try and get Eduardo to be his friend again without actually apologizing’ (Of course one of those things involves Inception, do you even have to ask?) by fledmusic {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: It all starts because Eduardo still hasn’t learned to not answer phone calls from numbers he doesn’t recognize.

What You Want by twilight_shades {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Marriage |Jealousy}
Prompt: Mark somehow accidentally said he was married. While talking to a big time investor/reporter/something. Even though he KNOWS Eduardo is mad at him and (apparently) hates his guts, he's the only one he can call for help.

When in Doubt, Call by BlackEyedGirl {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Desperate times call for desperate measures. Mark has kept them in the office for five days - Chris and Dustin have had enough.

when they open up your heart by ellot {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Deposition!Era |Post-deposition |Scifi |Soulmates |Limited!AU}
Summary: for this prompt. limited-au, mark and eduardo's relationship over the years in a world where people can get a timer which counts down the time until they meet their soulmate, but only if their soulmate has one too. or: eduardo has a timer, mark doesn't, soulmates exist, and boys are silly when dealing with feelings.

Wishing Well by leopardchic79 {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Mark finds out why Dustin & Chris are going to Miami and decides to join them...

with your breezeblocks by fizzyblogic {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Pining}
Summary: Years after the lawsuits, Mark leaves some messages on Eduardo's phone.

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground by sharksdontsleep {PG-13 |Supernatural |Telepathy |Post-deposition}
Summary: Mark can hear other people's thoughts. Including Eduardo's.

won't wake up lonely by thisissirius {NC-17 |Zombies |Post-depositions}
Summary: Eduardo never imagined himself forgiving Mark at any point in his future. That was before the Turned and the millions of people falling to death and beyond seemingly by the hour. It's all Eduardo can do to stay alive but when Mark shows up out of the blue, it's a fight for survival but also one to forgive, forget and to try and make something more out of the situation they both find themselves in - and there's something Mark's hiding, something Eduardo isn't sure he really wants to know.

world enough and time by fledmusic {PG-13 |Deposition!Era |Time Traveler's Wife!AU |Scifi |Post-deposition}
Summary: Time Traveler's Wife AU of sorts. “Ah, okay, I guess you’re still mad at me,” Mark says, after he ducks to avoid the ceramic coffee mug being launched towards his face. It shatters against the wall.

write it on the skyline by thisissirius {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Plane Crash}
Summary: Staring at the screen behind Dustin’s shoulder, Mark’s eyes are drawn to the wreckage of an aircraft, burning debris on the crest of a wave and then endless ocean. Plane crash. That’s not what draws his attention, though. It’s the scrolling words on the screen. Like left New York at 2:30 this afternoon. Like not sure what happened, but. Like passenger list has been confirmed.

You Know How This Is by downjune {R |Post-deposition}
Summary: Mark makes lists and remembers.

You think this is such a good idea? by devoidly {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Marriage}
summary: So you know you hear about people marrying ridiculous things all the time, like their cat or car or favourite tree or whatever. What if Mark marries facebook.

You Think You've Changed Your Mind by toestastegood {NC-17 |Supernatural |Telepathy |Post-deposition}
Summary: Mark wakes up with the ability to hear Eduardo's thoughts. It would have been a lot more helpful when they were still talking to each other.

Your Account Settings (Five Things Mark Didn't Do To Eduardo's Profile and One He Did) by fairy_tale_echo {PG |Post-deposition}
Summary: This is reposted, cleaned up, and expanded quite a bit from a five-things prompt over at the fabulous tsn_kinkmeme .

Your Fluttering Fingers On My Skin (They Set Me On Fire) by mrs-nott {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Summary: Eduardo teaches Mark how to dance.

your secret kiss of confidence by xheart-of-lifex {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Mark}
Summary: The passenger side door was ripped away from the side of the car with a roaring sound, but it was nothing compared to the deafening sound of the word ‘alone’ repeating over and over in his head.

4 People Who Weren't Selling Their Shares (And One Who Was) by fairy_tale_echo { PG-13 | Post-depositions | Get-together | WiP }
Prompt: March 3 (Bloomberg) -- One of the four co-founders of Facebook wants to sell as many as 10 million shares in the company, the New York Post reported, citing an unidentified person close to the situation. The four co-founders include Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin. Bloomberg's Margaret Brennan reports.

Before I Die I Want To (Let You Know I Still Miss you) by mrs_nott { PG-13 | Post-deposition | WiP }
Prompt: Could I get some Eduardo/Mark where one or the other of them writes "apologise", "tell him I love him" or something equally sappy and revealing, and the other recognises the handwriting and uses it as the spur to get back in touch/have epic mansex?

Change Always Comes Bearing Gifts by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Prompt: With pretty much unlimited funds at his disposal, Mark starts making grander and ridiculously grander still gestures in order to win Eduardo back. Eventually eeeeeveryone knows what's going on and is like: FORGIVE HIM ALREADY, EDUARDO!!

City Love by anon {PG-13 |Kid!fic |Post!Deposition |Abandoned?}
Prompt: Mark needs to babysit his baby/very young cousin and Eduardo tags along because he assumes/knows Mark should not be left alone with a small fragile creature that needs constant attention.

Eduardo/Mark, mpreg (post-movie) by fatal_scribbles {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Mpreg}
Prompt: Just read a comment somewhere - that Facebook was Eduardo and Mark's lovechild, only Mark didn't know that (they were in a relationship). So, how about a fic where they had a relationship; Eduardo was pregnant and didn't tell Mark - maybe he came down to Palo Alto to tell him, but found he was already forgotten.

Feel the Flood Begin by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition}
Prompt: It's somebody's (Chris?) birth day and fab four goes to a (gay) club. Mark HATES club scenes as much as tux-wearing posh charity galas because he hates dancing. And he hates Eduardo because he looks like he's born to dance and dominates dance floors either it's a swanky ballroom or a loud gay club. Then for some reason, Mark has to dance with Eduardo and it looks and feels like a well-choreographed fucking.

Get Me to the Church On Time by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition |WiP}
Summary: (909): Do you ever wonder how many people have prayed for you to be a better person?

goodbye planet by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Kid!Fic}
Prompt: A few years post-depositions, Mark becomes the legal guardian of a young child. Maybe the parents were friends/Facebook employees or something, but in any case, or whatever backstory you'd like.

here comes to sun by oflights {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Kid!Fic |WIP}
Prompt: Sean gets a girl pregnant, but the girl doesn't want to get an abortion. She's not going to make any trouble for Sean with the press, but she wants her kid to grow up happy. Somehow they come to Sean and the girl signing over full custody to Mark, but no one knows about it but the three of them, their familes, Mark's secretary (I feel like he/she is usually considered a fanon God), and all of the various people who have been forced to sign an infinite number of non-disclosure and privacy agreements.

I Do Care by rumpledlinen {PG-13 |Post-deposition |WIP}
Prompt: It's not that I didn't care/It's that I didn't know/It's not what I didn't feel/It's what I didn't show

If I could take it all back then I would (but I won't) by salvadore_hart {PG-13 |Supernatural |Groundhog!Day |Post-deposition |Palo Alto |WiP}
Prompt: Groundhog day fic, where both of them are stuck in the time loop, preferably post-movie, and have to work together to fix it.

if i was awake or asleep by anon {PG-13 |WIP |Post-deposition |Hurt/Comfort |Car accident |Hurt!Eduardo}
Prompt: Eduardo becomes ill/gets in a life threatening accident/is shot. Any method, just some hospitalized!Eduardo, worried!Mark. Preferably post-depositions, with Mark realizing how much of a jerk he's been, but can be during the Palo Alto scenes.

It's Been You by anon {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Hurt/Comfort |Sick!Mark}
Prompt: Mark contacts Eduardo out of the blue to tell him that he is sorry. Eduardo is suspicious as to what Mark's intentions are, but he can't deny that he's missed Mark, too. They take small steps over the course of months to slowly build up their friendship again.
Bea's comment: Or the awesome multi-media fic where Mark is dying :(.

It's complicated by anon {NC-17 |Post-deposition |WiP}
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo, Mark/Other, Eduardo/Other
Category: Post-deposition
Prompt: Not-Pricilla AU. And the film screens, and he's just working not - it's fine. Everything's fine. And you can fix it if you want, but I just really want a story where she fits into the film and is explained, and they are actual human beings, not angry bitches or invisible. And with a lot of cheating almost-sex and desperate longing, because Mark/Eduardo is fucking made for that.

it's probably cause you think you're cooler than me {PG-13 |Post-deposition |WiP}
Prompt: Mark pines (without really realizing why). Sean sends Eduardo anonymous hatemail for making Mark sad.

Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition |WiP}
Prompt: Mark wakes to find that Wardo wasn't there at all and he realises he misses him - what he does with this is up to you.
Bea's comment: They have a long way to go and man, I'm looking forward to it.

Last Year's Wishes {PG-13 |Kid!Fic |Post-deposition |WiP}
Category: Post-depisition
Future!fic. Mark has a one-night stand with someone and she gets pregnant but he doesn't know. She has the baby then one day leaves it on his doorstep (lol three man and a baby). Mark freaks out (on the inside) because he has no idea how to take care of babies. In the end, Dustin and Chris call Eduardo and Eduardo helps.

Like a Spy Movie After the Cold War Ended by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Matchmakers |WiP}
Pairing: Chris/Dustin; Mark/Eduardo
Prompt: Eduardo and Mark playing matchmaker for Dustin and Chris. And possibly overcoming their differences through that.

Mirror lie to me by berryslushie {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Eating Disorder |WiP}
Prompt: Eduardo with an eating disorder, possibly because he wants to feel accomplished at something.

MPREG FILL by anon {R |Post-deposition |Mpreg |WIP}
Prompt: Set in a future where Mark and Eduardo both apologized and eventually fell back in love with each other. A year after getting back together Eduardo finds out he's preggers and is surprised when Mark is actually pleased. However while Mark had planned for the morning sickness and the cravings, what he forgot about were the mood swings. Mark is thrown for a loop when Eduardo becomes more and more emotional, because Mark already clueless when it came to emotional people.

Mockingbird by anon {PG-13 |Kid!Fic |Post-deposition |WiP}
Prompt: I want more kid!fic! Anyone??
Note: Continued Here

Of Blessings and Curses by anon {PG-13 | Post-depositions | Mpreg}
Deposition era mpreg fic where Eduardo has embraced his pregnancy, and the fact that the baby is Mark's - he's found an apartment, bought a crib and painted the nursery - he's planning every last step, making sure he does everything right, so that he can be the best possible father. He doesn't plan on the baby passing away inside him at seven months, just before the depositions are meant to start.

One More Day Up in the Canyons, One More Night in Hollywood by anon {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Canon Divergent |Hooker!AU |WiP}
Pairing: Future Mark/Eduardo, Eduardo/Winklevosses twins
Prompt: What if Eduardo lost the lawsuit (bonus points for Mark refusing to settle and he drew it out on purpose so Eduardo is forced to call it off). Mark has FB to lean on but Eduardo runs out of money and his father disowns him. Eduardo has no one to turn to since he spent all this time invested in Mark, he kind of blew everyone off for him. Hooker!AU
Note: Second Part

Priorities by anon {NC-17 |Post-deposition |PWP |Complete}
Prompt: I always picture Eduardo completely bare down there (Brazilian!). Mark is surprised the first time they have sex but absolutely loves it and is crazy turned on. Mark is all natural and Eduardo loves how he can feel it when they fuck. Bottom!Wardo please with rimming!!
Sequel: Home by anon (NC-17/WIP)

quero você como eu quero by anon {NC-17 |WiP |Post-depositions |Alternate Dimension | Canon-Divergent |Supernatural}
Prompt: Following the depositions Mark remains convinced that he did the right thing and refuses to apologize. A drunk and depressed Eduardo wishes that Mark could see what he'd ruined, what might have been had he made a different choice--and a fairy/genie/some magical creature decides to grant his wish. Mark wakes up the next morning in another life: a life where Eduardo are married (or something equivalent) and very much in love.

The Constancy of Hearts by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition |WiP}
Prompt: PERSUASION IS TOTALLY THEIR STORY AND YOU KNOW IT. Or a fic where Persuasion is involved in some way. Maybe one of them sends it anonymously as a gift to the other?

the road from ruin - (art) by thisissirius {PG |Post-deposition |Graphic |WIP}
Prompt: I wanted a fic that was kind of an article about Mark and Eduardo. It should be done in, like, 2015, and they would tell their story - first as friends, then business partners, then enemies, then friends again to finally being lovers.
Bea's comment: thisissirius makes the best art. <3

Trouble is a Lonesome Town by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Mark |WIP}
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo, Sean/Mark
Prompt; Sean wants Mark. But Mark is with Eduardo and happy with Eduardo. During the dilution fiasco, Sean offers Mark a deal. He'll let Eduardo have 15% of shares if Mark sleeps with him. Mark, wanting to keep Eduardo close, agrees. When Eduardo finds out Mark cheated on him, he leaves and Sean finally has Mark all to himself. Eventually Eduardo discovers the truth and comes back to save Mark Non con, h/c please.
Note: Overflow Post

Untitled Fill by anon {PG |Post-deposition |Crack!fic |WiP}
Prompt: In a bid to get Eduardo to forgive him, Mark keeps sending him kittens. Eduardo is very WTF and calls him all "No, seriously, I HAVE NO WHERE TO PUT THEM."

Untitled Fill by anon {R |Post-deposition |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Eduardo |WiP |Abuse}
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo, Eduardo/Other
Prompt: abused!Eduardo. Mark & Eduardo had a bad break-up a few years ago, but when Mark discovers Eduardo is now in an abusive relationship with another guy (pos Sean/Winklevoss etc) he shocks everyone by helping Eduardo get out of the relationship and slowly gain his confidence back.

Untitled Fill by ymorton {PG-13 |Post-deposition |WiP}
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo, (Sean/Eduardo)
Prompt: Eduardo used to be in love with Mark, Sean was aware of this. Not long after the lawsuit was finished Sean and Eduardo met at some business function thing and ended up having fairly epic hatesex. Years later he and Mark end up having a really nasty fight. Sean, seriously losing his temper, informs Mark that Eduardo was in love with him and that he broke his heart. Seeing that this upsets Mark he then goes on to tell him all about the epic hatesex, in excruciating detail.

Untitled Eduardo Cuts himself fill by anon {R | WIP | Hurt/Comfort | Post-depositions}
Mark finds out Eduardo has been cutting himself for a while, and he wants to help.

Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks by anon {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Amnesia |WIP |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Eduardo}
Prompt/Summary: Eduardo has an accident while he's on vacation somewhere where nobody knows who he is and suffers from amnesia. Years later, everyone thinks Eduardo is dead and Eduardo himself is living a simple life without a clue on his own identity. And then Chris see Eduardo and there are shock and tears because Eduardo is alive!

Wake Me Up by sharon_hate (WIP) {PG |Post-deposition |Fusion: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind}
Prompt: After the depositions ends, Eduardo is unbelievably heartbroken so he decides to undergo a procedure to erase all his memories involving Mark and their relationship. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind AU

we're both in this masquerade by anon {PG |Post-deposition |Kidnapping |Hurt!Mark |WIP}
Prompt: I want kidnapping fic, but Mark's the one who gets kidnapped. when he gets back (Eduardo could ransom him, or someone else) he needs to take time off to deal with everything/is forced to take the time off despite obviously being emotionally fucked up and ends up going to Eduardo.

What are we worth when motionless by pr_scatterbrain {PG-13 |Post-deposition |CIA!AU |Abandoned?}
Prompt: So after he signed the non-disclosure agreement Eduardo fell off the face of the earth. A clever, bilingual, wealthy, and very handsome young man. Known yet anonymous, cut off from all personal ties, lost without a sense of purpose. A man with little regard for his life.
In short, prize pickings for the CIA. Eduardo Saverin, Super Secret Agent Man must go undercover as Eduardo Saverin, Shareholder Scorned.

when joy kills sorrow {PG-13 |Kid!Fic |Canon Divergent |Post-deposition |WiP}
Prompt: So, after the deposition, Eduardo finds out that is Cristy is pregnant. After having the kid she leaves, leaving Eduardo to raise him/her. Forward six or so years, and Mark and Eduardo run into each other-or Mark runs into Eduardo and his kid, rather.

You Only Live Twice (Unless You’re Facebook. Then You Live Forever) by smiles1777 {R |Canon Divergent |Post-deposition |CIA!AU |WIP}
Prompt: 2nd Fill. So after he signed the non-disclosure agreement Eduardo fell off the face of the earth. A clever, bilingual, wealthy, and very handsome young man. Known yet anonymous, cut off from all personal ties, lost without a sense of purpose. A man with little regard for his life. Perfect for the CIA..

Alternate Universe

Caught by the River by anon {PG-13 |Alternate Universe |Based on: The OC |WIP}
Prompt: Mark is the genius kid from the wrong side of the tracks, and after he gets busted by the cops he's offered help/a room by his nice and rich public defender. Eduardo is the beautiful and bored son of Mark's new neighbors.

Angsty mini-fill by anon {NC-17 |Canon!AU}
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo
Prompt: Where Sean and Eduardo are friends, Sean presents Eduardo to Mark in order for him to get a better idea about the type of girl/or guy Mark likes (turns out Eduardo is just his type) and he becomes Mark's kept boy.

The Billion Dollar Baby With the Million Dollar Smile by restless_jedi {PG-13 |AU |Mail Order Bride!AU |WIP}
Prompt: Mark (or Chris or Dustin or his mom or Drunk!Mark) orders a Brazilian bride, except he gets Eduardo. (Who, is doing it for some really sad reason--dad's medical bills or got kicked out of the house, or something).

fill: [GEN] or Slash or OT5, AU Facebook starts ten years late by anon {PG-13 |Canon-AU |Different meeting |WIP}
Pairing: N/A
Prompt: AU. They don't meet in college. There is no thefacebook. No facebook. The 00er years are not their time. But ten years later, they meet (how, why, where, I don't care). This is it. Finally.

Just Gonna Get My Feet Wet Until I Drown *Fill #2* by justbreathe80 {NC-17 |Alternate Universe |Prostitution |WIP}
Prompt: Eduardo is a high-class call boy wryly amused by his many clients and then is strangely disarmed by Mark whose appointment was clearly not his own idea.

SUMMER CAMP AU by anon {NC-17 |AU |WIP}
Prompt: Teenage Mark is forced to go to summer camp by his parents, and he's convinced it's gonna be the worst thing ever. Eduardo is also sent by his parents and is determined to enjoy it, even though he worries it might be because his dad just wants him out of the house.

walk off the residual pain by anon {PG-13 |Alternate Universe |Zoo!fic |WIP}
Prompt: Mark works at a zoo (with the big cats, obviously) and Eduardo is a tour guide because he loves teaching and he loves children.

Rock-A-Bye (four kids they didn't have and one they did) by fairy_tale_echo {NC-17 |Alternate Universe |Kid!fic}
Summary: five kids they didn't have and one they did" complete with "fluff and diabetes-inducing domesticity with maybe hot sex . COMPLETE!

Wealth Seeks Company by anon {NC-17 |Alternate Universe |Fusion: Kushiel's Legacy Series |Complete}
Prompt: A fusion fic with the Kushiel books! Where Eduardo is an adept... maybe, um, Bryony House? And Mark is a young nobleman? Maybe he needs Eduardo's financial expertise to launch a venture and is unwittingly intrigued by his other skill-sets.

Get All the Sighs and the Moans Just Right by anon {NC-17 |Alternate Universe |Porn Star!AU}
Prompt: Eduardo and Mark make a porno.

Five Birthdays Mark Never Had (And One He Maybe Did) by alexthegreat {PG-13 |Genderswap |Palo Alto |Alternate Universe |Fusion: Battlestar Gallactica}
Summary: Pregnant!girl!Mark, BSG AU, a mysterious gift sender, Portal AU, Chuck AU, and Mark's twentieth birthday.

That's How Gravity Works by salvadore_hart {NC-17 |Kid!fic |Alternate Universe |Harvard!Era |Post-deposition}
Prompt: How about five kids they didn't have and one they did?

(why can't i have) a happily ever after by rosepetalfall {R | Royalty!AU | Facebook!CEO | Shares dilution |Future!fic}
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo
Prompt: Royalty AU, Or the one where Eduardo is a prince and his father disapproves of his friendship with Mark, who isn't a prince.

4x Eduardo Called for a Pizza and 1x he called for a Date by tsn-anon21 {PG-13 |Pizza Boy!AU}
Prompt: Pizza boy fic. Where Mark delivers pizza in a cute uniform and Eduardo develops a crush.

A Fellowship to Call Your Own by antistar_e {PG-13 |Fusion: Harry Potter |Wizard!AU }
Summary: "'Minion'," goes Mark, looking up at the last second. "It's Slytherin for friend." And, for a beat, Eduardo looks remarkably pleased.

A Warm Place by Mary/sharpest_rose {PG-13 |Crossing Dimensions |Scifi |Canon Divergent |Hurt/Comfort}
Summary: Eduardo wakes up in a world where things went differently.

And everything nice by noelia_g {R |Facebook!CEO |Babysitter!AU |Kid!fic}
Prompt: The one where Mark somehow ends up with a child and of course needs a nanny for the amount of time he spends at the office. Only problem is a string of nannys keep trying to get into his pants for what he assumes is his money. Cue Mark's assistant hiring a male nanny, enter Eduardo.

as you wish by kisforkurama {PG-13 |Princess Bride!AU |Fairy tale |Crack!fic}
Summary: Crackfic. Princess Bride AU with pics!

Best Practices in Workplace Relationships by BlackEyedGirl {NC-17 | Facebook!CEO | Secretary!AU }
Prompt: They meet when Mark's already a billionaire and Eduardo is his new secretary/personal assistant.
Sequel: Addendum on Setting Appropriate Boundaries by BlackEyedGirl

california, here we come by pidgeoned; {R |The O.C.!AU | Complete}
summary: Mark is the genius kid from the wrong side of the tracks, and after he gets busted by the cops he's offered help/a room by his nice and rich public defender. Eduardo is the beautiful and bored son of Mark's new neighbors.

Call Me (any, anytime) by aqualined {R |Harvard!fic |Tech Support }
Prompt: Mark and Dustin work as university tech help guys, fielding calls from other students and professors about their computer problems. Eduardo is an unlucky student whose computer keeps screwing up, and through serendipity, his calls keep being picked up by Mark (and maybe eventually after a while Eduardo has started timing his calls for when he thinks Mark's work hours are) and they start a friendly flirtation and develop a mutual crush.

Cyber Division by twilight_shades {R |Hacker!Mark |Agent!Eduardo |White Collar!AU}
Prompt: Mark is the best hacker there is, Eduardo is the FBI agent.
Sequel: Everything (NC-17)

Deaf is not a disability by casey_sms {PG |Facebook!CEO |Deaf!Mark |Investor!Eduardo |GEN}
Summary: Mark is excellent at lip reading as he is with everything.

Dustin Is Mark's Sassy Gay Friend by anon {PG |Humor |Shares Dilution!AU |Canon Divergent }
Prompt: This is Mark, his best friend/wanna be lover is suing him. This fate could have been avoided if he had a sassy gay friend.

Easy Does It by nemo_r {PG-13 |Criminals!AU}
Summary: Um. Evil criminal au? I'm thinking vaguely Die Hard here. Eduardo = Hans Gruber. Shuttup.
Prequel: Kids with guns

Enjoy the Little Things by venus_aurea {PG-13 | Fusion :Zombieland |Zombies |Alternate Universe }
Summary: AU. Mark may be an expert at surviving zombie attacks, but he’s rather clueless when it comes to attraction.

Hit the books by anon {R |Teacher!AU |Librarian!AU}
Prompt: Wardo is the reference librarian at the university and Mark is the professor who needs help finding research material/sources. UST and smut in the stacks!

how quivering and fierce we were by andaddsubtract {PG-13 |Cyberpunk!AU |Scifi |Alternate Universe }
Summary: Mark's a hacker, eduardo is - not.
Sequels: to the beat of my automatic heart | shadows of the mess you made

I Can Give You What You Want by agnostostheos {R |Facebook!CEO |Model!AU}
Summary: In which Eduardo is a model and Mark is horny. And there is a bitchy photographer called Leo who maybe brings them closer.

idiot wind by anon {PG-13 |Band!AU}
Prompt: Band AU. I mean Mark lead singer with the charisma of a goat, Eduardo the hot but sweet guitarist, Dustin the base player that likes to flip of speakers and lick peoples (aka Eduardo's) guitar's, Chris the drummer who believes hes the only sane one in the band, and Sean the big executive person who comes in a ruins everything.

Lessons by takethewords {NC-17 |Teacher/Student |D/s}
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo, (Eduardo/Sean, Mark/Sean, Eduardo/Tyler)
Summary: Eduardo Saverin, junior at a private high school, enters into a less than traditional relationship with his Computer Science teacher Mr. Zuckerberg.

life is what you manage in between by ymorton {NC-17 |Facebook!CEO |Secretary!AU }
Summary: They meet when Mark's already a billionaire and Eduardo is his new secretary/personal assistant.

Must Be a Devil Between Us by thelowtide {PG-13 |Scott Pilgrim VS the world!AU}
Prompt: Eduardo as Scott fighting over Mark's love? Sean Parker would be Gideon, of course.

No Child of Mine by ninhursag {R |Hooker!AU |Facebook!CEO}
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo, (eduardo/others)
Summary: The ridiculously angsty hookerfic of doom. From the kinkmeme prompt So, Eduardo's father always figured his son was useless. But he is nice to look at and there's some good in that. Cue the idea that he can use Eduardo as a 'sweetener' to close some tricky business deals. He's been doing just this for years when it comes time to close a particularly tricky deal...

No to Your Key of Rust by suchdisguise {PG-13 |Scifi |Crossover: Star Trek |Alternate Universe }
Prompt: Star Trek AU! "Eduardo as the youngest Starfleet captain in history, Mark as his ex-First Officer. Their first mission was going great and the two of them were fast becoming the best command partnership in the Fleet, Mark's coldness and intellect being the perfect foil to Eduardo's emotionalism and talent, until Mark reported Eduardo to Starfleet for some infraction, Wardo was removed from his position and Mark was promoted to captain (Sean Parker became his first officer).

Shaped Like a Question Mark by jibrailis {NC-17 |Librarian!AU}
Summary: Librarian AU! Where Eduardo is a children's librarian and Mark is an information specialist brought in to revamp the catalogue. And along the way there are books! misunderstandings! online reference! romance!

Slave!fic by anon {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Post-deposition |Slave!AU}
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo, Eduardo/Other
Prompt: Eduardo looks after Mark at Harvard because he is Mark's indentured servant/slave, though Mark doesn't really think of him that way. By becoming a shareholder in the company Eduardo can be a free man, however when his shares are diluted/ or he's forced to resign as CFO it means he has to go back into service - something Mark doesn't realise until some time later when the Winklevii are suing him for rights of ownership over Eduardo who they've been looking after since he left facebook.

Sweet on you by moogle62 {NC-17 |Facebook!CEO |Bakery!AU}
summary: BAKERY AU. Mark is Mark, Eduardo owns a bakery/café near the Facebook offices. Mark does not have time to have a thing for him, but he totally, totally does. Sadly for Mark's continued enjoyment of a harassment-free existence, Dustin is still Dustin and is entirely devoted his causes of a) getting Mark laid, b) acquiring all the gossip, and c) acquiring all the baked goods he can. Featuring novelty shaped cookies, frosting in places frosting should never be, and ~feelings~.

The Boy Who Facebooked by venus_aurea {PG-13 |Crossover: Harry Potter |Wizard!AU}
Summary: AU. Mark starts out as the awkward Ravenclaw kid who gets the highest grades in the class, but his status changes when he creates something that revolutionizes the social experience at Hogwarts.

The Fragile by sharpest-rose {R |Never Let Me Go!AU}
Summary: Mark likes to make things. Eduardo likes to help him. A The Social Network / Never Let Me Go crossover.

the heartache and the hope by ymorton {NC-17 |Political!AU}
Summary: Eduardo Saverin, economic advisor extraordinaire, idealistic prodigy, and- worst of all, a Brown graduate. Every Harvard cell of Mark's body- which isn't many, considering he sort of hated all the douchebags there, with their old money WASPy chiseled-cheekbones housekeeper-having rowboat-using selves- is in protest.
Sequels: the struggle and the progress + the times we were told that we can't + the people who pressed on + with that american creed + yes we can

The Mild Mannered CFO by Josefeena {R |Post-deposition |Alien!AU |Scifi}
Prompt: Eduardo's an alien in disguise. Somehow Mark is still the weird one.

the years they come and go (but today is here to stay) by ymorton {NC-17| Teenagers}
Prompt: After Wardo's parents divorce, one moves away to the east coast. A number of years later, Wardo is sent to spend the summer with the estranged parent and spends most of his time trying to woo the frowny, curly haired boy next door,

There goes the neighbourhood by nemo_r {PG-13 |GEN |Vampire!fic |Harvard!fic |Fusion: Buffy}
Summary: Crossover-fusion with Buffy. Turns out John Harvard's fourth lie was the blatant omission to mention the college was built directly over a Hellmouth. You'd think people would learn.

Unexpected Relations by grim_lupine {NC-17 |High School!AU |Step Brothers}
Summary: [Step-brothers AU]
Codas: Firsts + Linguaphile

untitled by moogle62 {PG |Fusion: The Village}
Summary: the village au. Mark presses his face against Eduardo's neck, lies flush against him in Eduardo's small, narrow bed, and pretends he does not think of what may lie beyond the village boundaries.

X Marks the Spot (Where A Boy Used to be) by devoidly {PG-13 |Harvard!Era |Deposition!Era |Fusion: Boy A}
summary: In which Eduardo Saverin is newly released, young convict who for his own safety got send to Harvard.

We'll Rant and We'll Roar by ninhursag {R |Pirates!AU |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Eduardo}
Summary: The one where it is the 17th century and Mark and his company of pirate/venture capitalist mercenaries are about to raid the coast of Brazil. They are just in time to rescue a victim of the Inquisition. Historical accuracy is about on a Pirates of the Caribbean/romance novel level.

Ancient AU by anon {R |Alternate Universe |WiP}
Prompt: Ancient Greek/Etruscan/Roman/Celtic/whatever type AU!!!! Markus is a tribal leader of some sort. He is one of the most powerful in the land and is quickly conquering more land and other tribes. Then one day he sees the beautiful Eduardo, the youngest son of one of his most hated rival tribal leaders. All he can think about is taking Eduardo as his own, as his boy-bride (this was totally ok back then ;P).

Baby, Nothing Comes For Free (Pretty Woman AU) by anon {R |Facebook!CEO |Hooker!AU |WiP}
Prompt: Mark is a successful CEO but he a recluse and has no personal life and then he meets hooker!Eduardo and hires him for events and he buys Eduardo expensive suits and Eduardo gets Mark to be more human and stuff? And Sean is totally that douche friend played by George from Seinfeld and at the end Mark throws him out for Eduardo.

call to me with words i never knew by anon {R |Facebook!CEO |Investor!Eduardo |Different Meeting |WIP}
Prompt: Mark and Eduardo meet for the first time when Mark is already the CEO of facebook - probably for business reasons. Except for Dustin and Chris Mark doesn't have any close friends, never had, never wanted, and he's busy coding and shutting the whole world out. And now there's Eduardo who - for reasons unknown - thinks Mark is the best thing since sliced bread and totally wants to be friends with him.

CinderWardo by theoryofwar {PG |Fusion: Cinderella!AU |WIP}
Prompt: Cinderella AU with Mark as the prince and Eduardo as Cinderella (Obviously). Dustin or Chris as the fairy god mother! The Winklevoss twins as the evil stepbrothers.

cool kids, they belong together by ellot {PG-13 |Facebook!CEO |Blind Date |Different Meeting |WIP |Alternate Universe}
Prompt: AU where Mark and Eduardo haven't met. Facebook still happened and now Mark is a billionaire. However, Mark is lonely and has no social life. Cue for Chris and Dustin trying to set him up (with disastrous results) until they meet Eduardo (or maybe Chris or Dustin already knew Eduardo from somewhere else). Then they set him up on a date with Mark.

Driving, Not Washing by anon { R | WiP | Alternate Universe | Supernatural}
Prompt: Demon!Mark lives happily and makes deals and life is a great place to be. But one day he meets Eduardo and all his plans in taking over the world go to hell

Entourage AU by anon {R |Fusion: Entourage |WiP}
Prompt: Entourage-inspired AU. It's doesn't have to be a direct recast or straight-up fusion.

For more civilised times by anon {PG-13 |Scifi |Crossover: Star Wars |WIP}
Prompt: Mark is a jedi with a strong force talent in regards to computers/other technological things. (Like Anakin Solo). Eduardo has a minor talent with the force: he can 'feel' which business opportunities will lead to success. Both end up going to Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy on Yavin IV. (they and Dustin/Chris get stuck together since they were all discovered later then most of the rest of the class).

Fortune and Men's Eyes by anon {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Royalty!AU}
Prompt: Royalty AU, Or the one where Eduardo is a prince and his father disapproves of his friendship with Mark, who isn't a prince.
Note: Continued Here

Gonna teach you something worth knowing by skips {R |High School!AU |Teacher/Student}
Prompt: Teacher/Student AU where Mark is the student and Eduardo is his economics teacher.

Got to Stand It by goldendoods {NC-17 |WIP |Harvard!Era |Canon-AU |Het |Based on: Brokeback Mountain}
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo, Mark/Erica
Prompt: Brokeback Mountain, TSN-style.
Bea's comment: The reason why I haven't read this before was because I'm really hesitant to read fic where the main characters don't end up together but I finally bit the bullet and started reading it. I'm so happy I did! It's sort of movie-canon except that Mark and Eduardo met during summer camp and fooled around. And then they meet at Harvard. :D I love everything about this gah <3

i have waited and i have hoped (but that's not how i ended the story) by rosemont419 {PG-13 |Mafia!AU |WIP}
Prompt: Eduardo's father is a crime lord. His most prized possession is his heir, who's going to take his place one day. To protect Eduardo from his father's rivals he's being held in a huge mansion. One day Mr Saverin decides that Wardo needs a companion of his own age. Of course this person has to be a genius. The perfect boy is found soon, and Mark is abducted and brought to the mansion.

i know i'm lost by anon { NC-17 | WIP | Alternate Universe | High School!AU }
Pairing: Mark/Eduardo, Chris/Dustin
Summary: Set in a modern day high school in which Eduardo and Chris are bffs and HIPSTERS! Mark and Dustin are two lonely nerds who have been pinning after the hipster duo since grade school.

Jurassic Park AU by anon {PG-13 |Fusion: Jurassic Park |Scifi |WiP}
Prompt: Mark runs Jurassic Park and Eduardo is his financing guy, and Dustin is like, head of security or animal control; Chris is the chief geneticist, and Sean is from a rival company but swtiches over to Mark's because the Park is just that cool.

Just between us plus sequel by anon {NC-17 |High School!AU |WIP}
Prompt: Catholic schoolboys AU!

killers: side a by huntsmonsters {PG-13 |Serial Killer!AU |WIP}
Summary: killers: side a Mark/Eduardo, The Social Network, Silence of the Lambs AU

kindness is a card game by anon {PG-13 |Fusion: Hunger Games |WIP}
Prompt: Hunger Games AU. Mark and Eduardo are both tributes for the game, but from different districts. A temporary alliance turns into genuine friendship and maybe even something more?

like wind and waves by thedrunkmonk {R | WIP | Alternate Universe |Crossover: The Pacific}
Pairings: mark zuckerberg/eduardo saverin, merriell (snafu) shelton/eugene sledge
Summary: The Pacific-TSN Crossover

Life in the Key of B-Flat by anon {PG-13 |College!AU |WIP}
Prompt: Instead of Harvard the boys are students at the Juilliard School, one of the best performing arts conservatories in the world. Mark is an insanely naturally gifted pianist, a pretentious douchebag and an asshole yeah, but when he plays everyone listens. Eduardo is a ballet-dancer and grew up with the worlds worst stage dad. Dustin is an actor, and Chris a singer or a violinist.

like wind and waves by thedrunkmonk {R | WIP | Alternate Universe | War!AU }
Pairings: mark zuckerberg/eduardo saverin, merriell (snafu) shelton/eugene sledge
Summary: The Pacific-TSN Crossover

meet me in anchorage, that's where the action is {NC-17 |Facebook!CEO |Age difference |WIP}
Prompt: Mark is the CEO of Facebook, and Eduardo is the teenage son of one of his employees/shareholders. and they start secretly fucking. teenaged!wardo is slutty and horny and kind of damaged, and mark's conscience is vaguely concerned but eduardo is up for anything and he's so persistent and mark can't really resist.

Mutatis Mutandis by anon {PG-13 |Crossover: X-men |Scifi |WiP}
Prompt: X-Men AU, where Mark, Chris and Dustin are room mates at the Xavier Institute and Eduardo is the kid across the hall, and everyone has powers.

Naked I come, Naked I go by anon {NC-17 |Facebook!CEO |Different Meeting |WIP}
Prompt: Say Eduardo went to Standford instead of Harvard. He ends up the CFO of another huge social networking site (Twitter) and meets Mark for the first time so they can do a collaboration.
Bea's comment: Everytime I look into my inbox and see an update for this fill, my smile is like this ^___________^. It's hot and awesome, and I love how anon writes Eduardo and Mark. And the sex was hot. Need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Bride AU by anon {PG-13 |WIP |Fusion: Princess Bride| Alternate Universe}
Prompt: Princess Bride AU

react as a wolf would by thisissirius {R |WiP |Werewolf!fic |Alternate Universe }
Prompt: Eduardo, Mark, Chris, Dustin are a pack and Eduardo is the alpha.

sincerely yours, the breakfast club by gdgdbaby {PG-13 |High School!AU |Fusion: The Breakfast Club |WIP}
Prompt: Breakfast club AU

Stay Tuned by aqualined {R |Talk Show!AU |WIP}
Summary: Late night talk show AU. In short, Mark's the host of a late night talk show and Eduardo’s the new producer who may or may not be trying to kill him with kindness. There’s fluff and shenanigans.
Bea's comment: I want more of this. Perfectly in character, and Chris is just too funny. Same with Dustin and Mark. Eduardo is lovely and perfect.

That One Mob Fill by anon {PG-13 |Mafia!AU |WiP}
Prompt: Eduardo's dad is a crime boss, Eduardo is his disappointingly soft-eyed son who struggles to stomach killing in cold blood, Mark is the whiz kid who organizes everything behind the scenes for the syndicate... but is secretly plotting its downfall.

the challenge and promise of the future by anon {PG-13 |Disney!fic |WIP}
Prompt: Eduardo is a prince face character! Mark is his handler! They meet through the Disney college program!

The Convenient Husband (Regency au) by anon {NC-17 |Regency!AU |WiP |Marriage}
Prompt: Mark is a serious and proper gentleman with a reputation of being egotistical/cold, ala Mr. Darcy. Eduardo's father just lost his fortune or Eduardo is the younger son, or similar trope. They marry. Mark believes Eduardo married him for money/save family honor/etc. Eduardo believes Mark married him because, well, you decide what he believes. Neither believes that the other loves them like they've come to care for the other. There is angst and pining and angsty/pining sex. Happy ending where they finally realize they are MFEO.

the death of an art student by anon {PG-13 |College!AU}
Prompt: Julliard AU. Instead of Harvard the boys are students at the Juilliard School, one of the best performing arts conservatories in the world. Mark is an insanely naturally gifted pianist, a pretentious douchebag and an asshole yeah, but when he plays everyone listens. Eduardo is a ballet-dancer and grew up with the worlds worst stage dad. Dustin is an actor, and Chris a singer or a violinist.

The Irreplaceable by anon {PG |Fusion: Never Let Me Go| AU |WIP}
Prompt: Never Let Me Go AU. Eduardo is a clone of Mark's best friend.

The Melody Lingers On by anon {PG-13 |Fusion: Enchanted |WiP}
Prompt: Disney's Enchanted AU. GO

Vassal by toestastegood {NC-17 |Fantasy |Alternate Universe |Facebook!CEO |WIP}
Summary: When Sean gave Mark a half-fairy, half-succubus sex slave, Mark thought that was going to be the strangest part of his month. He never thought he'd end up in court arguing for ownership.

this is not my idea of fun by skips {PG |Arranged Marriage}
Prompt: Arranged marriage AU.

Untitled by alexthegreat {NC-17| Facebook!CEO | Alternate Universe| WIP}
Prompt: Mark is still the creator of facebook and filthy rich. One night he decides to go out and sees a tall, dark stranger dancing like there is no tomorrow. He is fascinated but doesn't do anything, later he goes to the same club and sees the same guy. They hook up, but it turns out Eduardo comes with a lot of baggage; 5 siblings and a useless dad to be exact.

Untitled by rosepetalfall {PG-13| Palo Alto |Age Difference |Alternate Universe |Facebook!CEO | WIP}
Prompt: Eduardo is a Stanford MBA student and Facebook has just moved in nearby, and Eduardo's getting a little annoyed by the constant noise and going in and out, and goes to talk to the neighbors. And he finds himself oddly charmed by Mark and his ridiculous, brilliant friends and cohorts.

Untitled fill by anon {PG-13 |WiP |Post-deposition |Scifi |Fusion: Terminator |Time travel}
Prompt: Terminator AU - Mark somehow creates Skynet. Eduardo comes back from the future to stop him.

Untitled Sky High AU Fill by anon {PG-13 |Fusion: Sky High |WiP |Superpowers}
Prompt: Mark is sixteen and doesn't have his power yet. Because a) I love high school AUs, b) the politics of the world could be interesting, and c) Mark would be the worst hero support ever.

Untitled Sky High Fill (#2) by anon {PG-13 |Fusion: Sky High |WiP |Superpowers}
Prompt: Mark is sixteen and doesn't have his power yet. Because a) I love high school AUs, b) the politics of the world could be interesting, and c) Mark would be the worst hero support ever.

We're Just Dancing In The Dark by anon {PG-13 |College!AU |WIP}
Prompt: I was thinking this could work as RPF too, but anyways instead of Harvard the boys are students at the Juilliard School, one of the best performing arts conservatories in the world. Mark is an insanely naturally gifted pianist, a pretentious douchebag and an asshole yeah, but when he plays everyone listens. Eduardo is a ballet-dancer and grew up with the worlds worst stage dad. Dustin is an actor, and Chris a singer or a violinist.

We're Young Enough to Say (The Good Life) by thisissirius {PG-13 |Fusion: His Dark Materials |Fantasy |WiP}
Pairing: Chris/Dustin, Mark/Eduardo
Prompt: can we get some fic of the boys with daemons (like in the His Dark Materials trilogy) up in here please <3

Whisper what it is you want {PG-13 |Facebook!CEO |Fantasy |Genie!Eduardo |WIP}
Prompt: Sean buys Mark a genie and the genie is Eduardo. Mark thinks it's a stupid and kind of interesting, and wants to be sensible about his wishes. So Eduardo is there to stay until Mark figures out what he wants.

Who You Choose to Be by anon {PG |Scifi |WiP}
Prompt: I'd love an AU where Eduardo meets someone who seems just a little off. And meanwhile Mark is doing his best to figure out how to pass as human. (Mark is an AI).

with the reach to the sky by ellot {R |Facebook!CEO |Age difference |WIP}
Prompt: Mark is the CEO of Facebook, and Eduardo is the teenage son of one of his employees/shareholders. and they start secretly fucking. teenaged!wardo is slutty and horny and kind of damaged, and mark's conscience is vaguely concerned but eduardo is up for anything and he's so persistent and mark can't really resist.


my fingertips are holding onto the cracks in our foundation by anon {NC-17 |Genderswap |Post-deposition |Jealous!Eduardo |Complete}
Pairing: Eduardo/girl!Mark
Summary: Mark doesn't regret anything. Most days.

always golden rocks to throw by therealw {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Genderswap |Jealous!Eduardo}
I just want a girl!Mark fic that has a jealous!Wardo, post-depositions. Like maybe in a gala, or Chris' wedding, or something and it's Eduardo's first time to see Mark wearing a dress. A fitted one at that. And she has a date, maybe, or someone is chatting her up and she's nodding and smiling back. Wardo sort of just angsts about it and confronts Mark meanly~ about it.

BoB by ninhursag {NC-17 |Harvard!Era |Genderswap |Established Relationship}
Pairing: girl!Mark/Eduardo
Summary: Harvard era Mark would like to talk her boyfriend into trying out that pegging thing. Luckily for all concerned, he is nice and pliant and easy to convince. Basically it is a pwp with some bonus FEELINGS. Good, happy feelings.

Could Be Better Than Code by zoetrope13 {NC-17| Harvard!Era}
Pairing: girl!Eduardo/girl!Mark
Summary: After coding for 15 straight hours Eduarda wants Mark to sleep. But how is she suppose to do that when her gorgeous best friend is lying next to her in her small dorm bed in a tight pencil skirt? First time femslash smut.

Fill #2: don't want to be a princess, just want to rule the world by rosepetalfall {Post-deposition |Genderswap}
Pairing: Eduardo/girl!Mark
Prompt: Eduardo/girl!Mark, where everyone, including Eduardo, takes one look at girl!Mark's clothes and assumes she's a lesbian. Girl!Mark just thinks people find her totally repulsive, and she's mostly okay with that. One night however, she drunkenly complains to/asks Eduardo about why no boy has ever wanted her, all angsty and heartbreaking. He disabuses her of her misconception.

me who makes the monsters by therealw {NC-17 | Harvard!Era |Genderswap}
Pairing: Eduardo/girl!Mark
summary: Originally written for this prompt at the tsn_kinkmeme: Eduardo/girl!Mark, where everyone, including Eduardo, takes one look at girl!Mark's clothes and assumes she's a lesbian.
Sequel: with a golden ring of wisdom in my cave {Post-deposition}

my make-up's never right by anon {PG-13 |Post-deposition |Genderswap}
Pairing: past Eduardo/girl!Mark
Prompt: It would be really interesting to see one where Mark gets an abortion without telling Eduardo, because that's the pragmatic thing to do when you're nineteen and pregnant by your ex and trying to be the CEO of a dot-com upstart, and Mark is nothing if not pragmatic (to the point of completely disregarding feelings).

my weakness i feel i must finally show by skips {PG-13 |Genderswap |Deposition!Era |Pregnancy}
Pairing: Eduardo/girl!Mark
Prompt: Mark finds out she is pregnant, and emotional turmoil ensues.

she's so distracting by kisforkurama {R |Genderswap |Harvard!Era}
Pairings: girl!Eduardo/girl!Mark
Summary: Eduardo Saverin calls herself Edi to hide the proof that she's a disappointment. Marcilynn Zuckerberg calls herself Mark to hide the proof that she's a girl.

The Gender of a Generation by ninhursag {R| Harvard!Era |Genderswap}
Pairing: girl!Eduardo/girl!Mark
Summary: How Eduarda Saverin stopped worrying and learned to love college
Sequel: The Gender of a Generation (B-Side) by ninhursag {R |Palo Alto}
Summary: How Marcie Mark Zuckerberg almost grew a conscience (or learned to borrow someone else's) and took some preliminary steps toward ruling the world (okay, just the Internet).

The Unexpected Arriving by fuocotanzer {PG-13 |Deposition!Era |Pregnancy |Genderswap}
Pairing: Eduardo/girl!Mark
Prompt: Mark finds out she is pregnant, and emotional turmoil ensues.

unexpected and defeated by kisforkurama {R |Harvard!Era |Genderswap}
Pairing: Eduardo/girl!Mark
Summary: Marcilynn Zuckerberg would prefer you call her Mark, can code circles around you, only shaves her legs when necessary, and doesn't own any makeup unless chapstick counts. Eduardo Saverin loves her anyway, but sometimes it's hard for Marcilynn to remember that.

Untitled girl!Mark/girl!Eduardo fic by alexthegreat {R |Harvard!Era |Genderswap}
Pairing: girl!Mark/girl!Eduardo
Summary: Read title

Waves and Both of Us by alexthegreat {R |Harvard!Era |Genderswap}
Pairing: girl!Chris/girl!Dustin
Summary: Within five minutes of meeting her roommate, Dusty is half in love.

what happened before the sudden stop by 4rightchords_ {R |Harvard!Era |Genderswap}
Pairing: Mark/girl!Eduardo
Prompt: "Mark/Eduardo, always-a-girl!Eduardo. Mark lusts over his coolly elegant best friend, and fantasizes about what he's going to do once he gets her out of those button-down shirts and pencil skirts. And then does it." Guys, I don't even know.

all we want, baby, is everything by anon {R |Genderswap |High School!AU}
Pairing: Eduardo/girl!Mark
Prompt: Eduardo is the popular boy in school, son of a rich business-man and well liked since he is nice and charming towards everyone. Mark hates him at first, because everyone likes him so naturally there has to be something wrong with him. But somehow they find each other anyways.

jealousy turning saints into the sea by skips {PG-13 |Genderswap |Palo Alto |WIP}
Prompt: Mark and Wardo are not in a relationship, so Sean thinks Wardo is fair game and is like "oh who's the babe, want a piece of this, woman I INVENTED NAPSTER" And Wardo's all like "...pig", only Sean gets increasingly more pushy and Wardo is hurt Mark doesn't stop Sean's advances. So she get's drunk and stupid, and sleeps with Sean. And Mark IS PISSED.

Center of the Sun by anon {NC-17 |Post-deposition |Warning: Rape |Hurt/Comfort |Genderswap |WiP}
Pairing: Eduardo/girl!Mark, Other/girl!Mark
Prompt: girl!Mark is sexually assaulted in the offices of Facebook when she is in one of her moods to stay working until late into the night
Side story: Headlights Look Like Diamonds (Eduardo-POV outtake)

Doesn't Always Have to Mean What You Think by anon {PG-13 |Genderswap |Post-deposition |Supernatural}
Prompt: Eduardo wakes up as a girl. Sean thinks she's hot and puts the moves on her, Dustin keeps on mumbling to himself "It's Wardo, goddamnit", Chris can't decide between declaring her his fag hag or bitching her out for stealing Dustin's attention away from him, and Mark... Well, there's blushing.

Untitled Fill by anon {PG-13 |Genderswap |Pregnancy |Post-deposition |Deposition!Era |WiP}
Pairing: Eduardo/girl!Mark
Prompt: Mark finds out she is pregnant, and emotional turmoil ensues.

love; it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you by skips {PG-13 |Genderswap |Pregnancy |Deposition!Era |WiP}
Pairing: Mark/girl!Eduardo
Prompt: Girl!Eduardo is pregnant with Mark's child during the deposition/lawsuit. Eduardo was going to tell Mark the night of the dilution fall out, but chose not to tell anyone afterwords. She attempts to hide it through out the lawsuits, but Mark starts noticing little things about her and comes up with the right conclusion. Cue Mark freaking out to himself and trying to win Eduardo back by trying to take care of her (mostly against Eduardo's will and their lawyers' protests), reading pregnancy and parenting books, and over all just being a super anxious first time dad.
Bea's comment: ONE OF MY FAVORITE FILLS. :D.

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