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Naruto: Kakashi/Iruka Recs

Last Updated: 2010

Kakashi/Iruka Recs Birthday Present {R |WIP |Ninja-verse}
Pairings: KakaIru, SasuNaru
Summary: Iruka's birthday is coming up in a few days and Naruto needs help finding him a birthday present, so he enlists the help of Sakura and Sasuke. on Reverse {R |Ninja-verse}
Summary: Konoha's going to war, undermanned or not. by Morien Alexander {PG |Ninja-verse}
Pairing: KakaIru, Sasuke+Naruto
Summary: Kakashi and Iruka take Naruto and Sasuke to a festival. Dreams by Arigatomina  {NC-17 |WIP |AU: Mutants}
Pairings: KakaIru, NaruSasu
Summary: NaruSasu KakaIru. Iruka and Naruto offer up their home as a safe haven for mutants with nowhere to go. Kakashi offers to help out, dragging Sasuke along for the ride. Play by Imbelossien {PG-13 |Ninja-verse |Jealous!Kakashi}
Summary:  KakaIru Iruka hurries off one morning and forgets something important. If Kakashi's mystery is his face under his mask, this is Iruka's. a Rise by JBMcDragon {NC-17}
Summary: He could feel Kakashi's eyes on his tush. He whipped around quickly, glaring, and was met with a lazy upward turn of mismatched eyes. "Don't get any ideas," he said sternly. "I'm not having sex with you anymore."

How to File Form 39-B {NC-17 |Ninja-verse}
Summary: The first time Iruka met Hatake Kakashi, he was still on some pretty good painkillers. the Roads by The Hoyden {NC-17 |Ninja-verse}
Summary: He was a chuunin academy teacher, not a courtier trained in statecraft and diplomacy. The Bijozakura Seal by megyal {NC-17 |Ninja-verse}
Summary: Kakashi and Iruka are bonded together, entirely against their wishes. While Iruka begins to deal with it, Kakashi still has... doubts. Kakashi Mission by JBMcDragon {NC-17 |Ninja-verse}
Summary: This was the last time Iruka was taking on any secret missions from the Hokage.
Safely Home

The Morning After the Night Before by Dark Side Of The Storm {PG-13 |Ninja-verse}
Summary: # Chewing his half a waffle, Iruka decides that being 29 might not be so bad after all. Silent Blade: Hunter by Isolde1 {PG-13 |Ninja-verse}
Summary: The way of the ninja is shrouded in shadows and mysteries. But some secrets are not meant to be unveiled, as Kakashi painfully discovers, when he pries into something he probably should not have.
Sequel: The Silent Blade: Renegade

The Sixth Dodge by JBMcDragon {PG-13}
Summary: When Kakashi takes an unusual interest in Iruka, Iruka figures he just needs to ignore the Jounin long enough and he'll go away. That's the way things work, right? ...Right? Twenty Fifth Rule by paxnirvana {PG-13 |Ninja-verse}
Summary: Iruka struggles with Kakashi over the value of his role as teacher to Naruto.
(Also read the other fics from this series, Chance Encounter, Afternoon Missions, Sharing Sake, Night Pursuit, Harsh Reality, and Calm Before The Storm. They're all oneshots from the same Universe and they are SO GOOD!)

There's the man I chose by cinnamaroll {PG-13}
Summary: Iruka's in love. And married. He just doesn't know it yet.
Prequel: Reasons