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Hikaru no Go Recs (Hikaru/Akira)

I'm going through a HnG phase, and that means: READING FIC. I forgot how much I loved this anime.

Will definitely update with more recs later.

Updated: 2012


A Resolution of Territory by Arboretum {NC-17}
Summary: Hikaru almost, not-quite, but ok seriously, almost has sex when he's seventeen.

A Whole New Apocalypse by Aja {PG-13}
Summary: So Hikaru has this problem, and it starts and ends with Touya. Balance by Sailor Mac (Series) {NC-17 Overall
Summary: A series of dreams sends Hikaru and Akira's relationship onto a course neither one of them expected. BLIND GO by aishuu {PG-13 |Hurt/Comfort}
Summary: Touya Akira injured in hit-and-run accident

Blossoming by the Hoyden {PG}
Pairings: Hikaru/Akira and Ogata/Ashiwara
Summary: Hikaru feels like the long weight of winter is gone, especially when he sees Touya waving at him from across the park.

Brightly Burning by Aishuu {PG-13 |GEN}
Summary: In a different world, Hikaru never steps into Touya Kouyo's salon. When he is fifteen, the Go world starts to take notice of a terrifying new insei with amazing strength...

In Vino Veritas Series:Drunken Promise, Goban, Teaching Go, Present from Afar, by Luce Red {PG |Series}
Summary 1: Hikaru gets drunk. 2: Hikaru loves his goban. 3: Hikaru has never played shidougo. 4: What the fan means to Hikaru. Inertia by rageprufrock {R |Future!fic}
Summary: Though he's young, Touya Akira has always been a quiet, mature child, so his parents do not hesitate to arrange an omai with an old family friend on his twenty-second birthday.

Jacob's Ladder by sutlers {R}
Summary: It's the one where Touya has narcolepsy so he and Shindou go to Hawaii. It made sense in my head, I swear.

Jigo by Dracostella {PG |Subtle Romance |Character Death}
Summary: The day Akira became a 9-dan, his father died of a heart attack. Alone, Akira finds himself in a strange new match with Hikaru.

Metaphor by Marks {PG}
Pairing: Shindou/Touya
Summary: It's kind of like they're the only ones in the room.
Remix: Metonymy (The Ragin' Meijin Remix)
Remix Author: Mousapelli
Summary: Four Meijin matches that Touya Akira doesn't win, and one that's still up for debate.

Name by Aja {PG-13}
Summary: After Shindou plays his father in the new dan match, Akira comes home and can't stop staring at himself in the mirror.

Outside the Lines, by aishuu {NC-17 |AU}
Summary: Akira, the mangaka of “Bleach,” meets Hikaru, the mangaka of “Death Note.”

Preliminaries by stirring_still {NC-17 | Long}
Summary: He had won. He had beaten Touya. He stared at him, not knowing what to say. His rival seemed calm, unaffected: he was clearing the stones off the board with steady hands. They had played all the way to yose, Hikaru's win was half a moku, and this was just the Wakajishisen. Nevertheless, he'd beaten Touya in an official game.

Square One by murinae {PG-13}
Summary: "They say I cheated," Shindou murmurs, before turning to look at the ground once more. The Art of New Games, by Mirabella {PG-13}
Summary: Touya really doesn’t think his clothes are all that bad. Shindou and photographers disagree. Touya wouldn’t really care, except that there are advantages to humoring Shindou once in a while. The Rumour Mill, by Harukami {R}
Summary: Akira didn't quite get the phone away fast enough that time, and winced at the shout. "TOUYA! Stop acting like this is funny! They're saying we're gay!"
Sequel: A Suitable Memorial

Ten Things Touya Akira Didn't Know Before He Had Sex with Shindou Hikaru by VStar (Hoshigatta) {Hard R}
Summary: The title says it all.

Waterloo, by Aja  {PG-13}
Summary: He wants to tell Touya that this is one of the most beautiful games he has ever witnessed. He wants to tell him that his Go is unmatched, that his ability to read the board now surpasses that of anyone he knows, that it will one day surpass Sai's; he wants to tell him that his Go is beautiful, that he is beautiful, that it's like watching the hand of God unfold and stretch out to clasp Hikaru's own.

When He Sees It by The Hoyden {NC-17}
Summary: Hikaru and Touya, years later. Hikaru finds himself watching Touya.

Other Pairings by ontogenesis {NC-17 Overall}
Pairing: Ogata/Sai
Summary: Two years after Sai's disappearance, Sai turns up in Ichigaya, amnesiac, wet, and and very much alive. Ogata finds him. (The links are way at the bottom of the post. READ NOW, IT'S GLORIOUS).


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Yes! THank you for your list x.x I have been bending over backwards trying to find akira/hikaru fics The two of them are just too cute @.@

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Hi! I LOVE ALL your rec lists. (But, especially the SasuNaru, Thorki, ironfrost, kirkspock, sephcloud, okay, yeah, lets just say ALL, again. Shoulda just stuck with that, eh?) And this one is just GREAT too. I was wondering, on other rec lists of yours, you have told people to contact you if a fic has been deleted, and not on wayback, and, I know that you didn'r write that here, but, I was wndering if, just possibly, you had a copy ANYWHERE of The Art of New Games, by Mirabella? As I read it once as it is E to the PIC, but, is gone off all of the net now, and, am KICKING Myself for not saving, so, yeah. If you did have a coy, and could send it maybe, my email is heres hoping, I would be SOOOOOO grateful. So, yep, ALOT. :) But, even if you do not, again, LOVING the reccies. :)