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X-men Trilogy

X-men Trilogy
(I love reading movie-verse fics! Bobby/St. John and Wolverine/Cyclops are the pairings I love the most)

Last Updated: 2012


#8 by alixnoorchis {NC-17}
Summary: St. John leaves a list inside of Bobby's history notebook.

A Stormy, Winter Passion by titti
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kitty reads Harlequin, Rogue decorates the Christmas tree, and Bobby finds the answers to his heart's desires.

Aesthetics by hackthis
Summary: St. John isn’t hot. Not in the Details/Maxim/ GQ sense. Idiot or Just Stupid by serialkarma
Rating: PG-13, at most
Summary: read the title again if you need one of these
Bea's comment: Where Bobby is IN DENIAL. by alixnoorchis
Rating: NC-17
Post-X-men 2
Summary: Bobby gets a tattoo. All hell breaks loose in NYC.
Links: Ink 2/6, Ink 3, Ink 4, Ink 5A, Ink 5B, Ink 5C, Ink 6, Ink 6B, Ink 6C and Epilogue
Bea's comment: Favorite favorite favorite!

Serendipity by lux_apollo
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Bobby/John
Length: 21,000 words in 3 Chapters
Description: John and Bobby run into each other five years after Alcatraz.
Serendipity: Chapter 2 Serendipity: Chapter 3
Bea's comment: This one got a bit too...wordy sometimes, with a lot of information being divulged at once by one character, which makes it a bit boring. However, I kind of dig her characterization of John and I love to read post x-men 3 fics where they find each other. <3 If you're a fan of Rogue, you might not like how she's portrayed here.


Between Darkness and Light {NC-17}
Genre: X-Men 3 AU
Scott died at Alkali Lake under the Phoenix's kiss... but someone touched by the Phoenix doesn't necessarily stay dead. Logan takes up the gauntlet and both men get a lot more than they bargained for, because some things stay the same, but most everything about life in the mansion has changed. (This fic has adult themes throughout and a couple of adult scenes; proceed accordingly.)

Maybe by glacis (R)(Logan/Scott)
Maybe she made her choice.  Maybe they were all they had left.
Sequel: Maybe Not

Unfinished Business by glacis (NC17)
Dealing with the fallout from the past. For Kat.

Forgotten by cyndrarae {R}
Summary: X3 happened (gasp!) but Scott survived.

Liquid Sunshine by glacis (NC17)
When Good Workouts Go Bad.

Mine by glacis (NC17)
Scott goes looking for his bike and finds a whole lot more than he expects.

Muscle Memory by glacis (NC17)
Scott's had all he can take, and Logan adds fuel to the fire.

What Remains by glacis (X-Men 3)
Scott isn’t as dead as Logan thought he was. (8/6/06) Living by fourteencandles {NC-17}
Spoilers: Through X3
Summary: This is a "what if" story, in a way, built on this question: What if Jean had gotten on the airplane at the end of X2 and saved the day from there? It's the question that's always bothered me. If she's got these amazing powers, why couldn't she use them from inside the jet? Just wondering. Anyway, so, it's kind of an alternate X3, and it's got mentions of Jean/Scott but it's mostly Scott/Logan. And in that way, it's also a bit of a response fic to all of the stories out there that have a poor sad weepy weak Cyclops in them.
Bea's comment: This is the kind of fic I wanted to read after watching X-men 3, and it has wonderful characterization and an interest take on how things would've gone if Jean didn't "die" at the end of the second movie.

Wolverine/Gambit Fragments, Against Ruin by lysapadin
Summary: Time's supposed to fix everything, but it doesn't seem to be doing much for his lack of memories. Lucky for him he's got a distraction at hand. Exploring what might have happened if Wolverine had gone with Gambit at the end of the movie instead of going his own way.
Rating: R for smut,
Category: AU. Movieverse continuity only.
Sequel: Evasive Techniques
Bea's comment: I wish this author wrote more of this verse, because I really love it. Their characterization is on the spot with the movie, especially Wolverine, which is pretty hard to find. This is my favorite Wolverine/Gambit fic from the movie-verse, and I need more, especially because of how the sequel ends (takes place after X3 with Gambit going to Wolverine for help. More more moreee!)

I Wrote Your Name Upon The Back Of My Hand by paperclipbitch 
Fandom: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (movieverse)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Set post-movie. Remy thinks about his answer, and settles on: “You’ve said that before.”
Bea's comment: I love how she wrote Gambit, though sometimes Wolverine's characterization is hard to believe. But it's fun, just like every fic of this author.