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Supernatural (Sam/Gabriel Recs)

Supernatural FPS
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel and the occasional Dean/Sam. <3
Will be adding more later. WIP.

Last Updated: 1/2/2014


The One With Wings - mistalagan {NC-17}
Gabriel's wings are giving him trouble…

Recharge - AlchemyAlice {PG}
In which Sam takes custody of Gabriel's porno, Dean and Castiel need a push, and there are shenanigans of the restorative and historical kinds.

omni gladio ancipiti - lifevolutionary  {NC-17}
The archangel Gabriel had never chosen a Bearer for his sword. Until now. Little Respect {PG-13}
Summary: Sometimes, little boy archangels like to tease little boy-half-demon junkies. Progression of Arguments {PG-13}
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, mention of Dean/Castiel
Summary: In which Sam bitches, and Gabriel makes increasingly ridiculous gestures. Swans by wolfling & omphalos {NC-17 |Epic |Canon!AU}
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, a little Dean/Cas
Warnings/Spoilers: Blasphemy, jumps off into AU from 5.13 The Song Remains The Same.
Summary: A post-apocalyptic road trip with a still recovering archangel wasn't how Sam had envisioned the aftermath of their big plan, but it sure beat a lot of the alternatives.

After successfully stopping the Devil, Sam finds himself many miles away from where he had been, separated from his brother and with a near graceless Gabriel as his only company. Making their slow way across the changed American landscape to meet up with Dean and Cas, Sam finds himself discovering, and having to deal with, just as many changes in himself and in his companion.

They've saved the world; now they just have to save themselves. is His Child {R |Canon!AU |Kid!fic}
Pairing: Castiel/Dean, eventually Gabriel/Sam
Warnings: Minor language, Baby fic, no m-preg
Summary: Gabriel's lesson might be over but Dean's and Castiel's is just beginning.
Prequel: Foundlings and Empty Nests . Definitely read it first.
Bea's comment: Okay, so I was a bit hesitant at first because of the characterization; Dean was a little bit more...soft around the edges, I guess, but I kept reading and it just got so good and other angels showed up and then there's Gabriel courting Sam and being overprotective over his family and it totally won me over. Wings and All {R |Canon!AU |Hurt!Gabriel}
Spoilers: Up to 5x19
Summary: He feels the angel’s hands on his wings, coating the sheered ends, and the desperate murmurs of, “I’m so sorry. Brother, I’m so sorry…”
Sequel: Love and Promises Out, Get The Hell Out Of Town by twentysomething {R}
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, background pre-Dean/Cas
Summary: "He tries to asses the situation, but he is completely incapable of figuring out a situation where Gabriel should be wearing an Elvis suit on top of him and he feels like someone is trying to rape his skull, but- oh. There's a feather boa wrapped around his calf. Well, at least he's not entirely naked." Irae, or Something {PG-13 |Action/Adventure}
Genre and/or Pairing: Action/Adventure/Romance! Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel, Michael
Summary: It starts with headaches, and it ends in a clusterfuck. So, business as usual, Apocalypse-wise.

Drowns On Dry Land {PG |Pre-slash}
Spoilers: For S5E19
Summary: Sam is an idiot for forgetting that he can't swim, and Gabriel is an idiot for thinking that the Winchesters would ever manage to keep themselves out of trouble.

Fighting Dawn by peppervl {NC-17}
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, minor Dean/Castiel
Summary: Sam's psychic powers have been dormant since Dean killed the Yellow-Eyed Demon and his other powers have been gone since he stopped drinking demon blood. They return, with a vengeance, leaving Dean and Castiel unable to help and Sam unable to hunt. With the Apocalypse on their doorstep, they’ll be forced to call on Gabriel, but there’s only so much even an archangel can do... even one whose feelings for the hunter in question are all too unclear. Me Down by entangled_now {NC-17 |Mate or die}
Summary: "Are you actually worried about me? That's kind of funny and something I'll no doubt mock you for endlessly later."
Sequel: Dead Space

Follow You Home by kijikun {PG-13}
Summary: Sam gets a unexpected visitor to his dreams and learns more than he expected about an Archangel.
Sequels: A Greater Compliment and Mighty Like Love and Mighty Like Sorrow

Help (I Need Somebody) by nataliej {PG-13 |Pre-slash}}
Summary: Post My Bloody Valentine. Eventually, Sam started calling out to people other than Dean and Castiel.
Sequel: Not Just Anybody (| NC-17 | Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel)
Feet Back on the Ground | NC-17 | Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, Michael/Lucifer
Time stamps and missing scenes from the Help 'Verse ( Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel, Michael/Lucifer)

Important Angel Business by entangled_now {PG-13}
Summary: Sam has no idea how Gabriel got his number. Gods {PG |GEN}
Spoilers: Spoilers for s5e19, "Hammer of the Gods"
Summary: It is fitting that first Gabriel is more, and then he is less, and then he will be more again. All it takes is time.

Like Glass by entangled_now {R| Hurt!Sam}
Summary: Sam wakes up on the bathroom floor. Hammer Without A Forge {NC-17 Overall}
Summary: What is a hammer without a forge? The same as a Trickster without a second chance. Gods by entangled_now {PG-13}
Summary: "Sam Winchester, I look away for five minutes and you're getting yourself sacrificed to a forest god."
Sequel:  Old Rules by entangled_now and kijikun (NC-17) nights, one day {PG-13}
Summary: Gabriel is standing at Sam's bed.

The Internet is for Porn by misbegotten {PG-13}
Summary: In which Sam is propositioned

The Matchmaking Inn by kijikun {R |Canon!AU}
Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Gabriel/Sam
Summary: There was something odd, supernatural, going on at the Inn that overlooks the sea with its winding gardens and reputation for people meeting their future spouse there. So naturally the Winchesters investigate when the pass through the town after destroying a demon that had a taste for local politics.

The Trickster Saga by moorishflower {NC-17 Overall |Epic}
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel
Summary: In which Sam, Dean and Castiel learn that there is an archangel after them (well, one more than usual), Gabriel gives the brothers presents, and there is a free room at the Ritz Carlton.

To Pray Without Words {NC-17}
Prompt: Gabriel answers Dean’s prayer at the end of “My Bloody Valentine” and agrees to help cure Sam of his demon blood addiction (sexily). The brothers fight a big bad, and this convinces Gabriel to join their cause. Angelic brotherly bonding a bonus.

Waiting Prayers  by mia6363 {PG-13}
Pairings: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Cas
Summary: Sam prayed to Gabriel, and he hoped that the archangel could hear him.
Bea's comment: I cried :( But in a good way! :D

"You Always Were a Happy Drunk" by auntie-climatic {NC-17}
Parings: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel
Summary: "So you enjoy bondage and think about my hair." Gabriel raised an eyebrow, "Anything else you'd like to share? Please say yes."

You'll Put Your Eye Out {NC-17}
Summary: “I swear, sometimes I think I’m not going to live through it… The sparking, and the glowing, and the shrieking. And the fucking wings, man, he’d put an eye out with one of those things!” Bottle is Empty (But Your Glass has been filled) by jjtaylor {NC-17}
Summary:  "Becky wants me to tell you that she's read everything so far and that she...thinks the romance plot is very compelling.

Other Pairings Devil's Gate by hesychasm
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Faith/Jo
Summary: She'd always known she'd make her way there one day.
Comment: Well hello there, pairing I've never thought I would read and actually like! Loved everyone's characterization, especially Faith's and Angel's. I can't say anything about Jo because I don't really watch Supernatural, but this one was really awesome and everything I like to read about this series. It has action/supernatural and it's more about the awesome plot than the porn. *_* And hey, femslash! It was hot. :D And Faith is my favorite character. "