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Merlin/Arthur Recs

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A High King Make - scatterglory {NC-17 |bottom!Arthur}
“Really, Arthur,” Merlin said, vainly trying to sound cross as he fiddled with the knot of his neckerchief. “This whole ‘recovering from battle’ thing would go a lot more smoothly if you’d stop sticking your hands down my trousers every five minutes.”

Fools of Us All {NC-17 |Pining!Arthur |Spells/Curses}
Summary: Merlin accidentally makes everybody in Camelot fall in love with him. Everybody except Arthur, that is.

Sweeter Dreams - Tierfal {PG-13 |Cursed!Arthur |Quest |Episode Tag |Arthur Knows |Magic Reveal}
Following a rather different ending to 2.10 ("Sweet Dreams"), Merlin and Arthur head to Olaf’s kingdom of Valden to put things right. In the process, Merlin racks up an impressive series of treasonous crimes: insolence, incompetence, tripping while running for his life, and accusing the crown prince of snoring are only the beginning.

A Persistent Curiosity, or Why Merlin is So Bloody Fascinating - RurouniHime {NC-17 |Bottom!Arthur |Sex Magic}
Arthur knew his mouth was open. He knew it and was too affronted to care. “You can’t just put my hands anywhere, you know.”

The Very Important Quest - Hope {NC-17 |Quest |Hurt/Comfort |Magic Reveal}
On a Very Important Quest, Arthur and Merlin share clothes, beds, bathwater and secrets.

The Thaw - RurouniHime {NC-17 |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Merlin}
He wasn’t breathing. He just… wasn’t.

It Took Far Too Long to Get Him Back - RurouniHime {R |Hurt!Arthur |Established Relationship |References to torture |Hurt/Comfort}
Arthur sits at his window, wearing the same clothing he always has, his hair ruffled the same way, but he is not the same.

The Long Way (Little Lionheart Remix) - Cori Lannam (corilannam) {NC-17 |bottom!Arthur |Sex Magic |Time travel}
Arthur and Merlin were on the verge of a magical love affair—if only Merlin had known it. One misstep and Merlin must find a way back to what he should have had with Arthur.
Bea’s comment: Ufff, the sex in this is scorching hot *drools*

Forever - Cori Lannam (corilannam) {PG-13 |Canon |Resurrection}
Merlin returns to Avalon.
Bea’s comment: This is my personal headcanon for how the series ended. <3

In Time Of Trial by Shine {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Magic Reveal}
Uther fears his son’s power, and Merlin has helped Arthur flee to escape imprisonment. Now the two of them must fight to regain Arthur’s rightful place in Camelot.

A Choice is All That's Left Him {PG |Canon!AU |Magic Reveal}
Arthur is captured by an enemy - either a sorcerer or an enemy who has a sorcerer at his bidding. Arthur is forced to watch Merlin's difficult journey to find and rescue him through scrying; through this, Merlin's magic is revealed. Kidnapper tries to use this information against Arthur.

A Heavy Heart to Carry {R |Magic Reveal |Hurt!Merlin}
When Merlin is captured and injured, Arthur must face up to his own feelings for his manservant as well as the many secrets he discovers are being kept from him.

A Prince's Tale of Cats and Warlocks {R |Canon!AU |Magic Reveal |Pining}
Arthur finds out about Merlin's magic, and he reacts badly. In the aftermath he's left to deal with the consequences and the pieces of a life that refuse to fit together as they used to. On his way towards understanding (and, perhaps, reconciliaton), he gains an unexpected, albeit reluctant ally – of the furred and four-legged kind. It takes more than a few words of regret to earn a warlock's forgiveness, though.

A Warlock's Worth {NC-17 |Arthur Knows |Magic Reveal}
When a visiting prince sets his sights on Merlin, Arthur is not amused. A story of love, loyalty, and secrets too-long kept.

All Its Splendid Glory {R |Curse: Truth Spell |Pining |Humor |Magic Reveal |Arthur Knows}
In the two years and five months Merlin has known him, Arthur has been enchanted to love people he ordinarily wouldn’t nine times. Merlin simply never expects Arthur to be enchanted to love him.

All's Well That Ends Well {NC-17 |Magic Reveal |Arthur Finds Out}
Merlin spent the week and a half that Arthur was gone splitting his time between crafting careful explanations that never ended up explaining the important things, the things that would make Arthur listen, and making half-baked plans to escape to Ealdor. He found a number of fire-proofing spells that would have no effect if they decided to cut his head off, and figured out how to adapt an invulnerability spell he had been trying to find a way to cast on Arthur without him noticing so that it would protect him from being decapitated, but it would have no effect on anything but metal. Despite all his frantic searching, he did not find a teleportation spell, because that would have been too simple and if there was one thing Merlin had learned in his years at Camelot, it was that nothing was ever simple.

And None But We Can Be Such Kings {R}
They'd kissed. He and Arthur had kissed. And that was amazing and terrifying and completely insane, like a sheet of lightning from an empty blue sky.

All the Laughter from Before {PG-13 |Arhur Knows |Temporary character death}
It's pretty, but very distressing. And lo, all is sunshine and daisies... and death, but what can you do?

Arthur, Unconscious {NC-17 |Magic Reveal}
Some quests are about much more than finding medicinal plants, mythical treasure, or large quantities of meat. Arthur is slow on the uptake, but he will get there, eventually. Canon-era AU firmly grounded in, and set after, the halcyon days of Series 1.

Belong to the Living {PG-13 |Canon!AU}
A sorceress's spell brings Ygraine back from the dead with no memory of what's happened in the years between.

Bird With A Broken Wing {NC-17 |Virgin!Merlin |D/s |Kinky}
Set a few weeks after the events of "The Curse of Cornelius Sigan". If only Merlin had never slipped on the stairs. He would have gone to Mercia with Arthur and never realized he was in love. Desperate, hopeless love.

Carry it With You if You Want to Survive (Rabbit Heart Remix) {PG |Magic Reveal |Pre-slash}
Arthur knows, Merlin knows he knows, and this is all getting really a little ridiculous.

Damsel in Distress {R |Humor |Magic Reveal}
Merlin was no expert, but the minstrel troupe’s performance in the courtyard seemed to be going fairly well until the dragon landed on the roof of the Great Hall.

Delirium {PG |Magic Reveal |Hurt!Merlin}
Merlin falls ill, and Arthur won't leave his side.

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance {R |Magic Reveal |Canon!AU}
Merlin goes to retrieve his father's body and take it to Ealdor for a proper funeral. Arthur tails him.

Despoiled by astolat {NC-17 |Bottom!Arthur}
Summary: In which various people become various things they weren't before.

Dizzy {PG-13 |Hurt!Merlin}
Merlin returns to work after the events in The Poisoned Chalice. However, he actually needed a few more days to recover from his ordeal. Arthur ensures that he does.

Everything, Always {NC-17 |Magic Revealed |Protective!Arthur}
Arthur discovers Merlin’s magic, but no matter how hard he tries he can’t tell him that he knows - even when he starts having nightmares about Merlin’s death.

Fall Off The Earth {R |Magic Reveal |Hurt!Arthur}
They’re a two-day walk from Camelot, making their way back around the edges of the barren, wintery forest of Sherweald when a snowstorm hits, shocking in its suddenness.

Favorite by astolat {NC-17 |Bottom!Arthur}
Arthur was tipped back against the wall, his mouth open for breath and staring at the small arrow-slit window over Merlin's head, trying to work out how it could possibly be that good with Merlin, of all people.

Five Kisses {PG-13 |Canon!AU}
The first time Merlin kisses him, completely out of the blue, Arthur is not at all concerned. He just doesn't know what he's in for.

Had Enough of Two-Hand Touch {NC-17 |Established Relationship}
Arthur/Merlin. Top!Merlin. They find out (by accident) that Arthur likes it when Merlin is rough with him (Anon would shamelessly enjoy some spanking, as well as just being rough) and says derogatory insults to him during sex (particularly if the insults are ones usually used toward women).

In Turning We Come Around Right {NC-17 |Genderswap |Girl!Arthur}
Arthur wakes up changed - and that changes everything else.

In Want of a Wife {NC-17 |Magic Reveal |Arthur Knows |Bottom!Arthur |Bottom!Merlin}
Arthur is betrothed to a Lord's daughter for political reasons. He has a year before he gets married and uses this time to let go and be free to do whatever he wants.

It's Only a Flesh Wound {PG |Pre-slash |Hurt!Merlin}
Summary: Merlin underestimates how sharp Arthur’s sword in and slices his hand open, right up the arm. Arthur is definitely not worried by this, no, not at all.

Job Orientation {PG-13 |Future-fic |Canon!AU}
In the not so distant future, Merlin builds a tower. That’s not suspicious at all.

Light of Arthur {NC-17 |Hurt!Merlin |Magic Reveal |Arthur Knows}
An epic tale of gods and man, destiny and choices, darkness and light, and eternal love that's fixed as the stars to the celestial sphere.
Bea's comment: Starts slowly but then picks up in chapter 2-3. :D Epic and wonderful.

Making Apologies {R |Hurt/Comfort |Hurt!Merlin}
When Arthur returns from a impromptu hunting trip to find the stocks empty, he’s surprised by Uther’s leniency. But Merlin doesn’t get away with making Arthur’s excuses so easily this time.

Millions of Peaches {PG-13 |Magic Reveal |Arthur Knows}
“I know what this is, Merlin."

Misrule {R |Crossdressing}
“Well," Morgana said, looking pleased, “Maybe Arthur won’t actually throw the tourney this year."

More Lovely and More Temperate {NC-17 |Girl!Arthur |Genderswap |Spell |Bottom!Arthur}
Really, it was ridiculous to think that he couldn't handle a bit of drink, just because he was a woman. Arthur was getting sick and tired of attentive and semi-petrified knights trying to pry him away from his ale. He was Crown Prince, damn it - or Princess, for now - and he could celebrate his twenty-first birthday as he sodding well pleased.

"You're embarrassing yourself," hissed Merlin, after the good Sir Gawain caught himself staring down Arthur's bodice, went red in the face, and staggered away from the table like a man in fear for his sanity.

"I'm enjoying myself." Poor Gawain. He was such easy prey.

"You're flaunting your breasts."

"Isn't that what they're for? Morgana flaunts hers an awful lot."

Merlin's face contorted in an interesting way, and he glanced around the hall as if to check for Morgana's presence. "I can't believe you just said that," he whispered fiercely, "and also, I can't believe you're competing with Morgana over... over this!"

"We've always competed, ever since we were children. Drove Father quite mad."

Next Time, I Will Remember This And I Will Say 'No' by paperclipbitch {NC-17 |Bottom!Arthur}
Summary: “Arthur wants you to pretend to be him so that he doesn’t have to get married to Princess Helena?”

No Words {NC-17 |Bottom!Arthur |Established Relationship}
Arthur never said a word – before, after or during, and maybe that was what kept Merlin coming back. One day Arthur would break. One day he would make Arthur lose control. And it would be glorious.

Not Set In Stone {R |Canon!AU |Pining |Angst}
Merlin has a tower to himself and no one to talk to. But he still tries to sway the future.

Obeisance {PG |Hurt!Merlin |Protective!Arthur}
It’s not that Arthur won’t share his toys, just that he expects to get them back undamaged

Of Faith and Hope and Love {PG-13 |Magic Reveal |Baby Dragon! |Hurt!Merlin |Canon!AU |Morgana}
To lose a manservant once may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose him twice looks like carelessness. When Merlin vanishes in the mines of Kemeray, Arthur's search for him uncovers decades of secrets and betrayals. But the sudden appearance of a baby white dragon bodes well for Albion, for Merlin and Arthur, and for the land that they will build together.

One of the Wonders {PG |Magic Reveal |Arthur Knows}
No mortal has ever survived their touch. Arthur knows that if he asks how Merlin survived the Dorocha, Merlin will smile that cheeky grin that doesn't quite reach his eyes. Missing scene/Arthur study for 'The Darkest Hour.

Onfindan {R |Magic Reveal}
Summary: Arthur didn't speak to him for a week after he found out.
Sequel: Onfindan epilogue

Owning Up {PG-13 |Miss-understandings |Humor |Baby!fic}
It was true that Merlin was kind of a miserable excuse for a servant, but Arthur was beginning to suspect that something more than his usual incompetence was going on.

Past Imperfect {NC-17 |Time Travel}
“You’re being annoying, so no, I’d have to say this seems perfectly normal."

Privileges of Rank {NC-17}
Arthur's biggest problem to date, Merlin thinks darkly as he carries yet another load of suspiciously not-really-dirty clothing down the stairs, is an unaccountable fear of anyone, anywhere, suspecting he's capable of being other than a complete and utter prat.

Reciprocation {NC-17}
Summary: He only meant to complain; you didn't take serving girls on hunting trips, and the alternative interpretation didn't even occur to him until Merlin said indignantly, "I'm not going to do that!"

Revenge: served hot, sticky and sweet {NC-17 |Bottom!Arthur |Established Relationship}
They’d tried it once, but Arthur had been tense and Merlin clumsy, too gentle by half. Arthur may have been a bit cutting in his remarks. Neither had spoken of it since.

Rheged {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Infidelity |Pining |Angst |Jealousy}
Post S5 (speculative); canon to the end of S4. Gwen and Arthur have been married for several years, Merlin's magic has been revealed and Arthur has now reached a kind of cold peace with it. Then a delegation arrives from a kingdom based on magic, and suddenly Destiny is starkly and ruthlessly to the fore. The question is should - can - it be avoided?

Safekeeping {PG-13 |Angst |Magic Reveal |Arthur Knows}
Merlin, realizing how many people he cares about have almost died, withdraws to keep it from happening again. Arthur notices.

Smoke and Mirrors {PG-13 |Magic Revealed}
Merlin’s magic has been revealed, and it has all gone wrong. Arthur might hunt him, he might hate him, but Merlin can’t help but protect him from afar.

Stars Above, Stones Below {NC-17 |Magic Reveal |Canon!AU |Marriage}
After the disastrous end of his betrothal to Gwen and the regret of his offer to Princess Mithian, Arthur swears off finding a wife until he's ready to wed. When Merlin offers himself to Arthur as bedmate, Arthur suggests they hand-fast in secret for a single year of mutual pleasure without obligation. As their year together unfolds, and secrets and betrayals unravel around them, Arthur and Merlin learn there is no such thing as uncomplicated pleasure. Everything they thought they knew can change in the span of a single year.

So Are They All, All Honourable Men {NC-17| Magic Reveal}
Considering Arthur's future wife will be chosen less for compatibility than for her political value, Merlin may be the only marriage he'll have that won't end in bloodshed or a great deal of fortifying wine.

Some of Us Look For the Way in Opium {R |Magic Reveal}
Arthur is injured, and Gaius' remedy has unexpected effects.Possibly anachronistic medicinal opiate use, dubious consent, questionable ethics, angst, destiny, and chicken. Implied Arthur/Gwen

Some Say It's a Blessing, Some Say It's a Curse {PG |Magic Reveal |Hurt!Arthur}
Summary: “Last warning,” said Merlin, raising a hand. “If you try to harm him, I will kill you. If you succeed, no-one will leave here alive.”

Summer Country {NC-17}
He's always known Arthur would break his heart, one way or another. Set during the first season.

That Time of Truth {PG-13 |Pre-Slash |Magic Reveal |Arthur Knows}
Prompt: Druids start to slowly come out of hiding, living their lives peacefully in the kingdom and even sending a diplomat or two to Camelot. After a close call or two, Merlin has to have a chat with them about not revealing Merlin's identity. While no one ever does reveal Merlin is Emrys, a lot of people start to talk about Emrys in Camelot.

The Beltane Cycle by astolat {Series |NC-17}
Summary: There is a story that is not told in Ealdor anymore, not for many years now, a story about Beltane Eve.

The Cup and the Dagger {NC-17 |Bottom!Arthur |Magic Revealed |Hurt!Merlin}
When Merlin dies defending him, Arthur goes on a quest to get him back.

The Deceived Heart {R |Pining!Arthur |Cursed!Arthur |Curse: Sleepwalking}
Merlin thought they were just going on a regular hunting trip, but of course Arthur finds a sorceress to annoy, and she puts a sleepwalking curse on him. Figures that it's up to Merlin to find a way to lift it.

The Easiest Thing {R |Canon!AU |Magic Reveal |Hurt!Merlin |Cursed!Merlin}
Summary: When an inadvertent spell changes Merlin from the inside out, Arthur must face Camelot's latest threat alone – and unravel the mystery of Merlin, or else risk losing him forever

The Hands of Fate {R |Canon!AU |Magic Reveal |Fix-it | Hurt!Merlin}
Merlin's breath caught as he finally laid eyes on Arthur facing off against Mordred. He didn't even give himself time to think, suddenly he was no longer on the top of the cliff, but standing between Arthur and the prophecy that had haunted Merlin's dreams for months.

The Ivy Crown {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Magic Reveal |Hurt!Merlin |Angst |Pining}
Crossover with Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnelle.] Merlin couldn't have picked a worse time to finally tell Arthur about his magic. In the wake of the battle against the immortal army, a strange visitor disrupts the court, calling himself the Green Knight and proposing a test of the court's integrity. Although Uther turns him away, several of Camelot's northern allies end up mysteriously beheaded over the next few months, and Arthur, Merlin and the knights set out to investigate. They encounter more than they'd bargained for on the way—a reckless young boy, a lady in search of a husband, a centuries-old fairytale that holds more than a grain of truth... and a challenge that ends up being more than just a game.

The Long Shadow {R | Canon!AU |Pining}
What’s the point of being the most powerful sorcerer who ever walked the earth, if you can’t tinker with destiny now and then? Spoilers for all of season five; goes AU just before the end of 5.13.

The Map of Honor {R |Hurt!Arthur |Magic Reveal}
Arthur sustains a mortal wound in battle, and makes preparations to accept his fate. Merlin has other ideas.

The One Where Arthur is Turned Into a Girl {NC-17 |Genderswap |Cursed!Arthur}
Summary: Worst quest ever — they're a good week or so from Camelot, everyone else is dead, and now Arthur's annoyed a goddess and been turned into a woman.

The One Where Gwaine Gets Cockblocked by Destiny {NC-17 |Voyeurism |Bottom!Arthur |Magic Reveal}
Gwaine is supposed to be getting some sexy-times with Merlin. He doesn't understand why that isn't happening and he's going to find out, dammit.

The Promise Within {PG-13 |Magic |Magic Reveal |Cursed!Arthur}
This is not as destiny intended, young warlock. You are meant to be the magical side of this coin, not the young Pendragon. I can no longer clearly see what path destiny will follow.

An ancient ceremony alters the course of destiny and everyone must face choices that no one expected. As Uther’s hatred of magic clashes with his love for his son, Arthur sees everything in a different light.

The Tournament of All Magicks {NC-17 |Magic Reveal}
Merlin was flattered to be invited to compete in a magical tournament to crown the sorcery champion of Albion. Accepting the invitation probably wasn't his brightest idea.

The Trouble With Unicorns {NC-17 |Bottom!Arthur |Virgin!Arthur}
Summary: "If you'd been lectured by my father for four hours on your thirteenth birthday about all the many disasters that occur to a realm when you muddy the succession with bastards, you wouldn't have been very quick to dive into bed with the nearest servant girl, either," Arthur muttered.

The Weight of Words {NC-17 |Magic Reveal |Arthur Knows |Bottom!Arthur}
Arthur knows how to use words just as well as Merlin, and he knows about the magic.

This He Will Remember (The Kiss It Better Remix) {NC-17 |Hurt!Merlin}
When Arthur disobeys him, Uther orders Merlin to be whipped in his place.

This Is What Going Mad Feels Like {R |Curse: Groundhog Day |Arthur finds out |Magic Reveal}
“So you know.” He thinks he sees the dragon nod. “Today keeps repeating itself.”

Three Tasks - syllic {R |Pining}
Say what you like about him putting off hosting the Crown Prince's Introduction Ball for Camelot's Young Noblemen for--well, forever, really--but if there was a princely responsibility Arthur really loved, it was being Royal Arbiter for Suitable Suitors' Disputes.

Tiercel {R |Magic Reveal}
Arthur is constantly at war.

Touch Me (Not) {NC-17 |Virgin!Merlin |Arthur Knows |Magic Reveal}
In which Merlin is reluctantly pure, Arthur is unfairly tempting, and the Great Dragon sits back with popcorn to watch.

Truth Is a Whisper {NC-17 |Bottom!Arthur}
Words can also be mightier than the sword.

Wager of Battle {R}
When a knight-in-training mistakes Merlin for a common servant, Arthur is Most Displeased. Trial by combat ensues...but Arthur isn't the one who takes up the sword.

When You're Not Watching {PG-13 |Hurt!Merlin |Pining |Cursed!Merlin}
Merlin is hit with a curse that gives him an insight to Arthur that he never thought he'd have.

With The Words That Rapture Left {NC-17 |Pining |Future-fic |Canon!AU}
In the aftermath of war, Camelot must rebuild and find a path to the future. Merlin struggles with his place in the new reign of King Arthur, both in regards to his magic and his heart. With a little help from his friends, Merlin will find his destiny and help unite all the people of Albion along the way

With This Ring {NC-17 |Marriage |Cursed!Uther |Magic revealed}
After being enchanted, Uther forces Arthur and Merlin to marry.

Woke Up New {NC-17 |Bottom!Arthur |Body swap |Slight D/s}
Summary: Merlin and Arthur switch bodies; complications ensue.

Zoology {NC-17 |Curse: Transformation}
Five times Merlin takes the form of mythical creatures, two times Arthur actually recognizes him.

* Where they meet under different circumstances
* Goes extreme AUs from the series. (Does not include Magic reveals, eventhough those are technically canon!aus.

Before Dawn {R |Warning: Noncon |Canon!AU}
When Arthur stops his father's men from abusing a Druid captive, he sets into motion a chain of events that will bring him face to face with his destiny.

Before the Sun Rises {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Age Gap}
After saving King Arthur’s life, a seventeen year old Merlin is asked to move to Camelot and become his manservant.

dreams for wings and wanderers {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Hurt!Merlin |Magic Reveal}
Dragons are feared and mistrusted throughout Albion, and there are very few of them left in Camelot, for Uther’s long campaign against magic also included hunting down all the dragons in the wild. Now, Camelot is recovering from the invasion of Cenred and Morgause's army. Prince Arthur is the one in charge, and Merlin finds out that his secret regular visits to the covert haven't been very secret at all. There's a great deal of manly bonding with the Knights, inquisitive dragons being inquisitive, and a record-breaking number of near-death experiences for Merlin. And this is before he gets his very own dragon. (A Merlin/Temeraire fusion.)

Dying to Return {PG-13 |Canon!AU}
When they try to hang him, he floats.
They put him on the pyre at dawn.
He doesn’t burn.

Let Us Dare {R |Canon!AU}
Uther dies instead of Ygraine when Arthur is born. Balinor helps Ygraine secure her position as regent, magic isn’t banned, and Merlin and Arthur grow up side by side. Camelot is different but not cloudless, destiny is still a troublesome thing, and Arthur is still charmingly oblivious when it comes to things that matter most in life.

Made of Dreams and Bones {PG-13 |Canon!AU}
Arthur would have starved that first winter, if it weren’t for Hunith and her son.

When Arthur is disinherited, he finds himself farming in Ealdor.

Magical Bloody Sex Assassin {NC-17 |Canon!AU |Magic Reveal |Hurt/Comfort |Non-con |Awesome |Cursed!Arthur |Bottom!Arthur |Bottom!Merlin}
“You’re the Prince?” Merlin says, eyeing him. He hesitates, then adds, defiant, “The Mad Prince of Camelot.”
Arthur doesn’t move. There’s quiet for a long time, then he says it. “I am.”
“You don’t seem mad,” he says.
The smile wells up from somewhere deep, and very sad. “Well, Merlin,” he says, “give me time.”

Return from the Isle {NC-17 |Canon!AU}
Summary: After Merlin kills Nimueh, he becomes trapped on the Isle of the Blessed, learning all he can from the ancient magic there until he is needed again.

Seven Magpies {NC-17 |Travel to Alternate Dimension | King!Merlin |Magic Reveal}
Arthur opened his eyes a minute later to the sight of seven magpies streaking across the top of the clearing, their shapes dark against the white clouds and the muted grey of the sky. He tried to remember what it was that seven magpies meant—he’d had a nurse who had sung the rhyme to him as a child—but couldn’t.

Arthur wakes up somewhere he doesn’t recognise, but where he clearly belongs.

The Apple Grove {Canon!AU |Magic reveal |Powerful!Merlin |Pining}
After saving Arthur from Morgause in a very public display of magic, Merlin must flee into the forest to avoid Uther’s men. Living apart from civilization, Merlin loses his mind to the wild magic that teaches him how to survive on his own. A year later, rumours of a magical wild man finally reach Camelot. Arthur convinces his father to let him lead the small troop of knights responsible for hunting down and killing Merlin. Torn between his duty to Camelot and his feelings for Merlin, Arthur must somehow draw Merlin back from the wild magic. However, he must hurry, for Morgana has seen Merlin’s hiding place in her visions, and she and Morgause are eager to seek revenge.

The Crown of the Summer Court {NC-17 |Bottom!Arthur |Powerful!Merlin}
Summary: "The king sent me to get you," Merlin said, with a tone that implied strongly that he wasn't rolling his eyes where Arthur could see, but just wait until his back was turned. "He said you're to get changed into formal clothes and meet him in the Great Hall, there's a delegation coming from the Summer Court."

The Hunt {NC-17 |AU |Alpha/Omega |Canon!AU}
“Those Pendragons, they’re a different sort. Beastly, but clever. It’s said they’re drawn to magic--to power--and that’s how they find their... mate.”

The Sorcerer and the King {NC-17 |Magic Reveal |Arthur finds out |Bottom!Arthur |Hurt!Arthur |Hurt/Comfort |Action}
Canon AU -- Merlin's death is only the beginning; with no-one to protect the kingdom, Camelot falls to an enemy sorcerer and Arthur is forced to serve in the court that he once ruled. When an escape attempt goes horribly wrong, Arthur is rescued by someone he never expected to see again -- and it's their destiny to put things right.

Three Castles {PG-13 |Canon!AU |Crack}
It’s a perfectly wretched day in Camelot when Uther Pendragon announces Arthur’s betrothal.

Treaty Negotiations {NC-17 |Canon!AU}
In the face of his people’s suffering, Arthur turns to the druids to see if a treaty with magic users can secure his kingdom’s future.

* Where they've been reincarnated
* Where Arthur returns

It’s Only Time (Why Would I Stop Loving You A Hundred Years From Now?) - SlantedKnitting {NC-17 |Time travel |Reincarnation |Modern!AU}
Merlin tries to find his tie, but finds a strange remote instead. Then he’s suddenly somewhere else entirely.
Modern AU.

Gibraltar May Tumble - shes_gone {NC-17 |Sex Magic |Modern!AU |Reincarnation}
Merlin’s life in London is a bit of a mess: his career is trapped somewhere between student and professional, his love life is trapped in a relationship gone sour, and most days he feels physically trapped in the tiny, shared flat he can’t afford to move out of—until an unexpected opportunity sends him packing for the coast. There, he meets someone who might be in a even worse fix than he is: Arthur, a Victorian-era sea captain who’s trapped, a bit literally, between life and death, and who refuses to leave the house he died in over a hundred years ago.

The Wrong Avalon {PG-13 |Crossover: Doctor Who}
Arthur's been stuck in this mysterious place for what feels like years, all invisible to the strange people who surround him. He's given up on anything changing until the arrival of a madman with a blue box.

Or: All the Doctor wants is to give his friends a nice honeymoon in the galactically-renowned Hotel Avalon. Except he sort of stumbles across this medieval king who has a date with destiny and then, well, business as usual, really.

Hopeless Wanderer {NC-17 |Reincarnation}
Merlin has been wandering the world for hundreds of years alone; one day a young blond man moves into the flat upstairs. But does Arthur remember? Post S 5 reincarnation fic. Spoilers.

Hold My Heart Until it Beats {PG-13 |Fix-it}
Arthur dies and waits for Albion to need him again. But most of all he waits for Merlin.

I Keep Going Over the World We Knew (Over and Over) {NC-17 | Reincarnation |Bottom!Arthur}
[Reincarnation Fic] When Merlin Emrys is sent on a 'round-the-world assignment, he begins remembering a life of magic, dragons, and kings. To make matters worse, a strange woman starts stalking him along the way. And that's before he even meets Arthur Pendragon, whose answer to climate change is going to save the world. Because apparently just saving Britain won't be enough this time around.

The Sword, the Sorcerer, the Pirate, and the Dragon {R |Reincarnation}
Merlin's favorite place in the world is a tavern, his only companion is a dragon, and his one true love hasn't made an appearance in over a hundred years. He's more than ready for a reincarnated Arthur, but when Captain Arthur Pendragon is thrust into Merlin's life, new secrets and old enemies arrive with him. action/adventure, romance

King Once, and King to be {R |Reincarnation}
It was a day like any other and Merlin found himself marching down the road, having taken on the appearance of Dragoon from so many lifetimes ago, when he felt it. Something charged filled the air and Merlin paused, his breath catching in his throat.

lights go out, here I go again {NC-17 |Bottom!Arthur |Canon: Resurrection}
Shortly after Arthur is resurrected in the 21st century, he finds Merlin's vibrator.That's it. That's the plot.

An Answering Ripple {PG |Resurrection}
Unbidden, an image comes to his mind. A tall figure, dark-headed, lonely, standing on the shore as all of time swirls around him, casting his love into a lake and watching for answering ripples that never come. Spoilers for 05x13.

ever on and ever back {PG-13 |Reincarnation}
This Arthur isn’t even a prince yet– not technically. His eyes are a mix of gray and blue, and his blond hair is dirtier than Merlin remembers. But it’s him. As soon as the first official press photos of the baby are released, Merlin knows, deep in his old, ancient bones, that it’s him.

Through this Wonderland {PG |GEN |Future!Fic |Arthur returns}
“No," says Merlin. “No. We are not going to Scotland so you can slay a mythical beast that does not exist."

Men for all Seasons {R |Reincarnation |Action |Angst}
Reincarnation story set in 1940. In Albion's hour of need Arthur is brought back from his rest in Avalon. He learns that the world is at war, and that the enemies have dark magic at their disposal. With the help of the mysterious Vril society the invaders are about to gain air superiority and become unstoppable. Only Merlin could fight the new magical threat, but Merlin has been missing for a long time.

Second Choice {PG-13 |Reincarnation}
It is always Gwen whom Arthur chooses first. It doesn’t matter if she’s taken, married, engaged, widowed or single. It is always Gwen whom Arthur chooses first.
And it is Merlin whom Arthur turns to when that relationship goes, as it inevitably does, rotten.


Merlin gets sick of seeing Gwen and Arthur together and runs away. Then comes back.

Alternate Universe: Magic!AU
*Modern AUs where Merlin has magic.

Written in the Stars of Your Eyes - La_Temperanza {NC-17 |Magic!AU |Hurt!Arthur |Protective!Merlin}
The plan was simple: Arthur Pendragon was to scout out the seaside town of Ealdor without anyone knowing he was there on behest of his father’s hotel company. It was supposed to be “get in, swoop in on prime real estate before the competition gets to it, then get out." Funny how the plan didn’t include Merlin Emrys, a self-proclaimed “psychic” who swore Arthur’s life was in danger the longer he stayed in town.

If Perfect’s What You’re Searching For - i_claudia {PG-13 |Magic!AU}
Arthur’s the deputy fire chief. Merlin’s magic keeps accidentally setting fires. Silliness and chaos ensues.

Quantum Entanglement Theory - ElegantFeatherDuster {NC-17 |Magic!AU |Space!AU |bottom!Arthur}
Arthur Pendragon, captain of the space station Camelot, works hard to bring peace to the outer ring. But when a series of tragedies and accidents brings him to the doorstep of a magic-wielding mechanic, he finds that peace may not mean exactly what he thought it did.

Loaded March - Footloose {NC-17 |Magic!AU |Military!AU |Epic |WIP}
The reason SAS Captain Arthur Pendragon can't keep a communications specialist in Team Excalibur because none of them are good enough. And then Lieutenant Merlin Emrys gets assigned to his squad, and Arthur does everything he can to prove that Merlin isn't good enough, either. Except he is.

Not In This Land Alone - torakowalski  {PG-13 |Magic!AU |Royalty!AU}
Modern AU. When Merlin Emrys gets a summer job at Buckingham Palace, he doesn't expect to even meet King Arthur, let alone become involved in protecting him from a plot to overthrow the monarchy.

Not Quite Hogwarts - eledhwenlin {NC-17 |Magic!AU |Professors!}
When Merlin blows up his office (entirely by accident), he has to move into Arthur’s office. Arthur is not amused. Oh, and then there’s a new tenure position announced. It all ends a bit differently than Arthur imagined.

Metaphor of Human Bloody Existence - lady_ragnell {R Overall |Series |Magic!AU}
In which Merlin and Arthur (and others) band together to fight evil on the advice of a can of peas.

On a Planet that Insists - ravyn_ashling, shes_gone {NC-17 |High School!AU |Magic!AU |bottom!arthur}
Arthur moved halfway around the world to escape the things he’d rather forget. A year at Camelot should have been easy, but a precious few things worked the way that Arthur thought they should, anymore.

The Future Soon - lady_ragnell {R |Magic!AU}
Arthur sees a vision of himself and Merlin married and happy, but they can barely stand each other. They both start doing everything they can to avoid it happening.

Gamut - Nahara {NC-17 |Magic!AU |Soulbonding}
Arthur is a recruiter for a branch of the Special Forces and goes to give a talk at Ealdor High School. Merlin is in the audience.

All the Dead Are Here {NC-17 |AU |Horror/Supernatural |Magic}
There's not much outside Arthur's purview -- eventually, all creatures fall to the Reaper's scythe. It's never personal. It's just his job.

That was true until Arthur ran into the only death he's ever regretted reaping -- Merlin, who is inexplicably alive and well.

But that's not all. There are monsters that exist outside of life and death, and they're spreading like vermin in the city of London. The balance is in jeopardy, and Merlin may be the only one who can help him restore order in the chaos.

Camelot {NC-17 |Magic!AU}
When Merlin and Will are assigned to do the Birds of Prey show at Camelot Renaissance Faire, neither of them are very happy about it. And then Will gets to dress as a pirate and discovers steak-on-a-stick. Merlin just meets Arthur (and maybe does some magic, too).

Causes and Correlates {NC-17| Modern!AU |Magic!AU}
Merlin’s thesis is due and his magic is going nuts. The last thing he needs in the middle of this mess is Morgana’s brother’s birthday party. Or Morgana’s brother, full stop. Modern AU with magic.

Dew Point {NC-17 |High School!AU | Magic!AU |Bottom!Arthur}
Arthur Pendragon is as popular and successful as a sixth former can be. He hasn’t quite figured out his future yet, but it’s going to be brilliant, he’s certain. At least until some daring stranger on a cool motorcycle topples his world upside down on the first day of school. Modern magical AU.

Dracocilde {NC-17 |Parenthood |Adorable |ModernAU: Magic}
In which Merlin Emrys and Arthur Pendragon are suddenly confronted with the fact that not a single prophecy mentioned what might happened if a dragonlord and a dragon king ill-advisedly slept together.

Drastically Redefining Protocol by rageprufrock {Magic!AU |Royalty!AU |NC-17}
Summary: “It doesn’t matter anyway,” the voice sulked, and suddenly there was the flicker of a lighter and the glowing orange coal-tip of a cigarette, suspended in the blackness of the tiny room. “We’re just going to have to wait until his royal highness is done molesting some patients and hies himself away before we start shouting for a nurse to let us out.”

Extremely put out, Arthur growled, “The crown prince does not molest children.”

Easy There {NC-17 |Magic!AU}
Oxford rowing au w magic

Fractured Fairytale {R |Magic!AU}
Arthur does not believe in magic. At all. Which is bad for him since he’s been sucked into a parallel universe where he keeps running into people he knows who don’t know him. Even worse, his guide is a hapless kind of sorcerer, they’ve received dodgy directions from his morally dubious half-sister, and some leathery winged beast keeps going on about some kind of quest and destiny. Arthur will be lucky to get out of his current predicament alive much less be able to get back to his own life.

From This Day On {PG-13 |Based on: Brigadoon |Canon!AU}
While on a hike, Merlin and Gwaine stumble upon the Lost City of Camelot, cursed to wake up every morning a century in the future, and Merlin decides it's his duty to break the spell--with help from a prince, an imprisoned seer, and quite a few others. A Brigadoon AU.

Inside Outright {NC-17 |AU |Magic}
Arthur would probably have forgotten about him, looked away and maybe had one more drink before heading home because he rather desperately wanted to be curled up in bed with his cat, Sasha, watching Lost and drinking hot chocolate (absolutely no one knew of this ritual except, of course, Sasha, who had promised never to tell). But suddenly the guy opened his eyes and looked directly at Arthur, and something in Arthur felt total, final recognition. Whatever was in this skinny, awkward kid’s eyes was exactly what was inside Arthur— a deep-seated, unending loneliness, the knowledge that there could never be anybody who understood or wanted him.

Isn't It Lovely How Artists Can Capture Us? {PG-13 |Magic!AU}
Arthur buys a painting at Gaius's antique shop, only to find that the subject is a wizard who's been trapped for over a century.

Melt You Down {NC-17 |Magic!AU}
Arthur Pendragon is working with a group of sorcerers that plan to take his father's company apart, but when a rescue attempt goes wrong and he's forced to go into hiding, he goes to a safehouse run by Merlin, the sorcerer who started his defection in the first place.

Resistance Fighters {NC-17 |Bottom!Arthur |Magic!AU |Action/Adventure |Resistance!AU}
Three years ago Arthur Pendragon was part of a group that resisted the government’s ban on magic, and the automatic death penalty for anyone who practiced it. Now, he is alone and in desperate need of the very last person he wants to see – Merlin.

The Pact {NC-17 |Magic!AU |Royalty!AU |Genderswap}
The ancient Albion Pact demands that the Prince of Wales must take someone magic born as his soul-bonded consort by the time he is 30 or face death. Before he was a Detective Inspector Warlock, Merlin Emrys was young and in love and made a promise to Prince Arthur — and now Arthur is calling it in.

The Spirit of Christmas {NC-17 |AU |Bottom!Arthur |Holiday Cheer! :D}
This is the story about how Arthur the Elf got his groove back.

We Are All Diamonds {NC-17 |AU |Magic}
As the precocious heir of a diamond magnate and a famous designer, Arthur lived his entire life sheltered, protected, nurtured and spoiled. He always knew that he would have to step out from behind the scenes and into the limelight to run the family business some day, but he never expected that it would happen so soon or that he would encounter resistance from a board of directors who believe that his disability makes him unfit to lead.

Merlin has stood on every stage in every city in the world, performing to critical acclaim, but after years of globetrotting, he's well and truly burnt out. He didn't quit -- he ran away from stardom, dropping to obscurity in the blink of an eye, forgotten, just another face in the crowd. He's aimless and without purpose until a friend asks him to fill in on a job.

Neither Arthur nor Merlin are looking for salvation. They don't think there's any for them, that things are just too rotten, too far gone. But in the end, Arthur's quiet strength will be a balm to Merlin's broken soul, and it will be in Merlin's steadfast faith that Arthur finds courage.

We’re Lost, It’s Cold, and There Are Dragons Out There {PG-13 |Magic Reveal |Baby Dragon! |Hurt/Comfort}
Modern AU with magic. Arthur is relatively sure that Bear Gryllis has never had to deal with anything like the world’s most aggravating baby dragon when he was out surviving in the wilderness. Merlin thinks that Arthur has taken the whole “magic reveal” thing pretty damn well, which might have something to do with Merlin saving Arthur’s life just now when the helicopter crashed. The dragon thinks they’re both idiots.

Modern!AUs plus other

World Enough and Time - alicephantomwise {NC-17 |bottom!Arthur |Pining!Arthur |Hurt/Comfort |Assassins!AU}
Arthur had had it all figured out. And then Merlin shot him in Beijing.

Skipping Beats, Blushing Cheeks - Thursday_Next {NC-17 |AU |bottom!arthur}
Merlin works at the old, rundown bookshop that Arthur bikes past daily on his way to work. Normally Arthur doesn’t spare a second glance at it, but when a winter storm rolls in unexpectedly, he ducks inside and meets Merlin.

You’re My Stress and You’re My Masseuse - SlantedKnitting {NC-17 |College!AU |bottom!arthur}
Arthur’s back at college for a new semester, but he’s having a hard time falling back into his old routine after his father died over the summer break. In an attempt to distract himself (and pad his resume), he starts writing articles for one of the school newspapers. Unfortunately, he’s assigned to write about art (and one art student in particular, one that he can’t stop thinking about) even though it’s something he knows nothing about.

Pull - Cori Lannam (corilannam) {NC-17 |Based on: Push |AU}
Merlin has spent his life running from the Pendragons, but destiny has other plans. An AU based on the movie “Push."
Bea’s comment: Really great fic, I really hope the author writes a sequel.

Can’t Buy Me Love - shes_gone {NC-17 |AU}
In which it’s 1964, Camelot is an advertising agency with a budget problem, Merlin is a copywriter who loves to twist, and Arthur is a junior partner who loves to shout. More or less.

Listen, Learn - Anonymous {NC-17 |AU}
For this prompt at kinkme_merlin: Arthur/Merlin, Modern AU. Uni student Arthur reads textbooks on tape for extra money. Merlin is blind.

All Bets Are Off {NC-17 |Modern!AU}
Merlin has been in a series of failed relationships since uni, and Arthur has been a slag for just as long. After Merlin’s most recent breakup, Arthur bets he can stay in a relationship longer than Merlin can stay single. Neither of them suspects their little bet will backfire so spectacularly—or open up so many possibilities.

All I Want For Christmas (Is You) {NC-17 |Pining |AU}
Arthur is not amused when his (probably insane) father decides to hold a Secret Santa exchange for the entirety of Pendragon Corporation. He’s even less amused (and more than a bit panicky) when he draws Merlin’s name.

And Leaving Me Whole {NC-17 |Werewolf!AU |Supernatural |Based on: Teen Wolf}
Life as a newly bitten werewolf is kind of terrible, especially when Merlin gets captured by hunters. It’s not exactly the way he expected his life to go when he moved to London, and he really wishes he could make all of it disappear. Instead, he ends up being rescued by a pack of werewolves with a slew of problems of their own, including an inner power struggle, hunters and rumours of... well, Merlin doesn’t know, exactly, but it’s not good.

As They Do In Rome {Royalty!AU |R |Based on: Roman Holiday}
Arthur's a sheltered prince who just wants to experience a normal day, Merlin is a reporter after an undercover story so, naturally, they fall in love.

As You Wish {PG-13 |AU |Fairytale |Crackfic |Based on: Princess Bride}
Anon, who is feeling poorly, requests a story on the kinkmeme with Merlin, Arthur, forced marriages, knights, and the promise of internet cookies should their request be fulfilled. Anon author, who is a bit of an asshole really, obliges in their own idiosyncratic asshole way. There's rodents of unusual size, magic that only behaves sometimes, epic love, and violins, but not necessarily all in that order.

Brilliant Absurdity {NC-17 |AU |Bottom!Arthur |Age Difference}
Merlin is the head photographer at a popular gay porn magazine, and Arthur is coming out in a big, nude way. When Arthur offers himself up at the end of his session, Merlin can’t possibly resist.

But It's a Good Refrain {PG-13 |AU |Pining}
Arthur doesn't care much about the popular radio program Dragon's Lonely Hearts until his ex-girlfriend calls in to slag him off and get advice. When he calls in and has an on-air argument with the host, it starts off more than he expected, including meddling friends, overinvolved fans, and maybe love.

Fundamental Imperfection {AU |NC-17}
In which an argument about Dickens leads to a Twitter scandal, broken bones, midnight conversations, and transatlantic longing.

(Or, an AU with Arthur and Merlin as moderately famous authors.)

Game, Set, Match {NC-17 |AU}
All of Britain watches as Arthur Pendragon (golden boy of tennis) gets injured at Wimbledon with the London Olympics looming only a few weeks away. Not many people watch as Merlin Emrys (newbie on the medical team) works to get Arthur back into shape, but maybe that’s just as well because Merlin gets a bit more entangled than he planned

Head First, with a Twist {NC-17 |AU}
Arthur has the shock of his life when he sets eyes on his new synchronized diving partner, Merlin Emrys, after Leon suffers an injury during training.

Heartbeats {NC-17 |AU |Bottom!Arthur}
Being a medical student is hard. Puns totally intended.

How to Say I Love You in Six Days {NC-17 |Pining |Love Confession}
Arthur keeps trying to tell Merlin how he feels, but everything just keeps going wrong. Until, of course, it finally goes right.

Just One of Those Things {NC-17 |AU}
It starts with sex, and becomes more.

Let me be your canvas {NC-17 |Age gap |AU}
Merlin wants a tattoo. And maybe the tattoo artist as well.

Nine Weddings and a Funeral {NC-17 |AU}
Merlin and Arthur keep meeting at a series of weddings.

Now That I'm Rich They Give Me Coffee {R |AU}
Arthur's a rock star, Merlin doesn't live under a rock, Morgana's badass, and Will is the worst best friend ever.

Numbers And Figures {NC-17 |Bottom!Arthur |Modern!AU |Warning: Abuse and Bullying}
From a prompt, Arthur/Merlin, Modern AU, Uther is violent at home and Arthur has to hide the bruises in school. New pupil Merlin sees through his popular bullshit at once and discovers the truth.

Off the Deep End {NC-17 |AU}
When they say crazy in love, they mean it literally. Why else would anyone keep coming back?
The fic where Merlin gets roped into working as a poolboy for his ex.

Paraphrase {NC-17 |AU |Kink: Blowjob |PWP}
“Merlin," Arthur says, barely looking up from the stack of documents on his desk, “come here, please."

Possibly Maybe I'm Falling For You {PG-13 |Royalty!AU}
Merlin walks into his favourite coffee shop one morning to find the Prince of Wales behind the till. His life only gets more surreal from there.

Post-it Note Romance {R |High School!AU}
Merlin has never had a secret admirer before so he’s fairly certain this one has the wrong guy.

Previously Unexpected {PG-13 |Royalty!AU}
He only first gets the idea that Arthur is one of those people who is stubborn and direct and uncomfortably honest when, after only three consecutive weeks of sitting a seat away from one another in their morning history uni course that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the upper part of campus, Merlin is hailed with a pointed cough on the front steps of the anthropology building, and nearly trips trying to turn around. Arthur is sitting on the banister at the side—not sitting so much as lounging—lounging? it’s more like carefully leaning against—loitering—whatever. (Written for the royal wedding comment fic fest!)

Quiet as Mice {AU |NC-17 |Established Relationship}
Prompt: The boys are forced to share one of their childhood beds (ie it's quite small) when they are visiting family because other guests are already staying there too. Trying not the wake the house up sex, oh yes.

So Fancy {NC-17 |AU}
Merlin is a busboy or dishwasher at the fancy restaurant in the super fancy & luxurious hotel owned by the indescribably rich Uther Pendragon.

So This Is The New Year {NC-17 |AU}
Modern day AU in which Arthur is a bit of an idiot and then there is jacuzzi sex.

Sort of a Tourniquet {PG-13 |AU |Pining}
Arthur gives Merlin a plastic ring as a joke. But what nobody knows is how much Merlin really likes wearing it. Modern AU with lots of pining.

Stop Watching {NC-17 |AU |Bottom!Arthur}
Browbeaten and threatened into denying himself by a domineering father who refuses to be embarrassed by even a whisper that his son is gay, Arthur has given up everything that he's ever wanted in his life to keep the peace -- shaky as it is -- with Uther.

Arthur Pendragon, a former track and field Olympic medallist, is the well-liked and successful track coach of Camelot High, with a long list of former students making the national teams. For years, he's been courted to join the coaching staff at Ivy League universities, with the national team, for the Olympic team, but instead of jumping at the opportunities in front of him, Arthur keeps his head down and stays at Camelot out of a feeling responsibility for his students, duty to the school, and a tiny, little bit of fear.

It's the first day of school and a new runner joins Arthur's team -- a senior transfer from Ealdor High. Merlin Emrys is out, open, impossibly friendly, immediately popular, and impossibly persistent.

Merlin has two goals: the Olympics and Arthur.

The Difference of You {NC-17 |AU |Bottom!Arthur}
It’s not that Arthur Pendragon can’t get girls to fall for him; it’s just that he can’t seem to keep them around. Relationships and Arthur aren't on the same page at all, really, but one day there's Merlin on a bus and then it's different.

The House On Castleview Road {NC-17 |Modern!AU |Bottom!Arthur}
Arthur is a handsome and eligible bachelor with a well paid job in the City and a luxury penthouse flat in Canary Wharf. His life is the stuff of dreams … Just not his. After his sister gets a lodger it seems that Arthur’s life has taken an even bigger turn for the worse. Until, of course, he falls in love. Unfortunately, the path to true love is never smooth, and sometimes requires reckless driving, illegal parking and chasing after trains

The Lonely King {NC-17 |AU |Pining |Royalty!AU}
The Prince of Wales at his school. Merlin was sure it was all just a very bad joke. A modern royalty AU.

The Pendragon Way {NC-17 |AU}
Arthur answers an ad in the paper for a third flat mate, and his life is turned completely upside down. It’s the best decision he’s ever made.

The Practice Boyfriend {NC-17 |AU |Pining}
Merlin’s been in love with Lance for years, but he hasn’t had much experience dating and he wants to figure out the ins and outs of dating before Lance comes back into his life. Cue Arthur and his manwhoring ways, ready and willing to show Merlin the ropes.

The Seduction Predicament {NC-17 |AU |Bottom!Arthur}
It might be difficult to seduce someone when you want to climb their boyfriend like a tree. Merlin learns this the hard way when Uther mistakes him for someone who knows how to seduce anyone at all.

Things Fall Apart {NC-17 |AU}
Merlin Emrys, a graduate student in the creative writing programme at Camelot University, really, completely, seriously hates his poetry professor and does not love him even slightly.

This Dance of Days {R |Modern!AU}
In which people get married, Arthur is confused a lot, Uther gives relationship advice, and Merlin isn’t scared, except when he is, but only a little bit. Also Merlin steals things, and Gwaine is up to no good.

To Pennfield {NC-17 |AU}
Arthur and Merlin spend their holiday at Arthur’s family’s country house. Which would Merlin would detest if not for the fabulous bathroom.

When Morning Comes {NC-17 |AU |Apocalyptic!AU}
If life were fair, anyone who managed to survive the apocalypse would be given a fuzzy blanket, some tea, and a nice bed to hide under and weep.

Life is not fair, obviously, and there's no actual end to the end of the world. Instead, there's grief and pain and mud and death, there are minor miracles, and there's the love that gets you out of bed in the morning, despite everything. Life goes on.

We Can Burn Brighter {R |Breaking up |Happy Ending}
When Arthur agrees to meet Gwen's new boyfriend Lance and his group of friends he never expected it to include Merlin. It's been nine years since they broke up, but the memories are still raw. Pretending that they don't know each other seems like the best idea, until it's not.

would i yes {NC-17 |Pining |Infidelity}
Arthur and Gwen are in a long distance relationship. He meets Merlin and they strike up a fast, emotionally deep, friendship. They often flirt, and have some romantic feelings towards each other.

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