May. 9th, 2016

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CA: Civil War recs


Last Train Home - erde  PG-13, 10K
Tags: POV (Steve), Post-CaCW, Fix-it, Pining!Steve
Steve writes letters to Tony that he never sends. By the time he hands them to their rightful owner, Tony has had a brush with death, has retired as a superhero, and now has a small town workshop of his very own. But it's okay, Steve has gone into retirement too.
Bea's comment: OMG this is, so far, my favorite post civil war reconciliation fic ever. Steve writing down his emotions and feelings and everything he's unable to say to Tony in person, he writes them in paper, letters that he knows he will never send. The pining, it's wonderfully written...This is Post-Civil War but it ventures into Infinity Wars and a bit into the future (but not too much). It's beautiful. I wanted to read thousand more words about this.

Never Eye To Eye - vorkosigan  R, 26K
Tags: POV (Tony), POV (Steve), Post-CACW, Fix-it
After the Civli War, the Avengers were back together.
How is everything going, Tony? Pepper had asked in her email.
It's fine (Tony had written back). I'm fighting with Steve all the time. Everything is going to hell. I'm okay (you know I'm always okay).
(Or: How Tony and Steve learned to be a bit gentler with each other)

You Gamble on Everything, All Except Me - Annie D (scaramouche) NC-17, Post-Age of Ultron, CW Compliant, Fix-it, Established Relationship, Canon!AU
Tony learns what it’s like to date Steve.

Penance - dapperanachronism R, Canon!AU, Post-CW
The best doctors in the world, and they aren’t sure Tony will ever wake up. And if he doesn’t wake up, it will have been Steve that killed him.
Steve has already accepted that he won’t be able to live with that.

No Exit - izazov PG-13, Hurt!Steve, Post-CW
Evading Steve becomes rather difficult when he and Tony get trapped together in an abandoned HYDRA facility.

He Didn't Need Them - marvelfoodlover PG, GEN, Post-CW
In the calm of the storm Steve asks the question that tormented him for years.

XO - aslightstep PG, Post-CW
They met again in the same place they always have: the midst of impending doom.

Silence is (not) golden - izazov PG, Post-CW
Tony makes the call.

Five Times Steve and Tony (Tried to) Bail Each Other out of Jail - Teyke PG, Post/Pre Civil War, 5K
Twice before Civil War, twice after, and once during. For very loose definitions of both 'bail' and 'jail'.

All Roads - lastdream PG-13, 4K, Post-CACW
In which Steve is a terrible nomad and a terrible flâneur, but he might just be an alright Odysseus.
Companion: Unweaving by Night

Soulmate Equation - izazov PG, 3K, Post CACW, Soulmates
Having a soulmate can be a blessing and it can be a curse. For some, it can be both.

The road not taken - izazov PG, 4K, Post-CACW
The Avengers are together again. All is not well.

What's In a Name - izazov PG, 1K, Post-CACW
Tony never calls him by his name anymore. It's only 'Captain' for him now.

Love Was Just a Glance Away (a Warm Embracing Dance Away) - izazov PG, 2K, Post-CACW
Tony Stark is not particularly sentimental person. A simple song should not drive him into a near crippling anxiety attack.

the Futurist - esama PG-13, 58K+, Post-CACW, Time Travel, Fix-it, Tony Centric, GEN
Tony wakes up in a literal pool of bad decisions and past mistakes.

terrible horrible very bad no good fic - esama PG-13, 6K, GEN, Character Death, Angst
Tony gives up.

Ironsicle - esama PG-13, 16K, Series, WIP, Post-CACW, Canon!AU,
In which Tony is left stranded in Siberia and has to come up with unconventional ways to survive.

Choices, Consequences - AlchemyAlice PG-13, 30K+, Post-CACW, WinterIron
After recovering from Siberia, Tony extends an olive branch.


Bring Him Home - seventymilestobabylon 13K, NC-17, Post-CACW, Hurt!Tony, Hurt!Steve, Kidnapping, Protective!Steve, Fix-it
Tony misses Steve very badly after the Accords. Some days he deals with it better than other days.
(a fic featuring the booty call flip phone, minor kidnappings, and time jumps between chapters.

Theory of Mind - seventymilestobabylon 28K, Post-CATWS, Missunderstandings, Animosity, Becoming Friends
Or, five things Steve didn't let Tony buy him, and one thing he didSequels:
everything that drowns me makes me want to fly 57K, Post-CACW, Hurt!Steve, Kidnapping, Rescue, WinterFalcon, Protective!Tony, Mission, FIX-IT,
Steve gets kidnapped. Sam wakes up Bucky to go find him. Nobody is fine.
nobody knows the wreck of a soul (the way you do) 11K, Post-CACW
Steve and Tony recover. This is a sequel to "everything that drowns me" and will make more sense if you read that one first. It also contains a major MAJOR spoiler for that fic.

Nalattris - ChibiSquirt PG, 1K, Post-CACW, Gen-ish, Fix-it
After fighting off an assassin near his extended family's home in Ireland, Steve sits down for a minute to watch the sun rise over the bog. He both is and isn't surprised when Iron Man joins him.

A New Way For Us - ann2who 24K, R, Post-CACW, Fix-it, Time Travel
They fight Thanos—and they’re losing. And before Tony knows what’s happening, he’s standing with Doctor Strange in front of the Eye of Agamotto and gets send back in time. Can he find a way to fix things this time around, or are they doomed to fall apart all over again?

How We Got To Where We Are - poetically_ordinary PG, 1K, Post-CACW, Hurt!Tony, Fix-it
Tony gets an unexpected visitor in his hospital room after Siberia.

If You Need Me - poetically_ordinary PG, 1K, Post-CACW, fix-it
Steve doesn’t know what he was expecting fully when he sent Tony the letter and the phone, but it's safe to say that this wasn't it.

Best Served with a Twist - ChibiSquirt PG-13, 1K, Fix-It, Post-CACW, Rescue Mission
The phone rang three times before Steve answered, and then he was there, warm voice in his ear, like the comms, like the way things used to be. “Tony,” he breathed, and Tony’s heart clenched at the nostalgia for a moment...
“Hey, Steve.”
...before he snapped back and did what he had to do.
“Remember how you said if I needed you, I could call?”

Rebirth - panda_shi R, 105K, Post-CA:CW
Tags: Tony-centric, Extremis
If you think of life and death on a continuum, finding the point where it tips is complicated. It cuts across all political lines and gets to the root of our humanity. It requires faith informed by years of intimacy that you're doing what's right for your loved one.
But Tony is just a man. And there's only so much he can do.
(Or that time when Tony does what is necessary to survive just so that he can continue to fix things and makes extremely rash decisions; because even if Steve may have left him behind, doesn't mean Tony would do the same. Kind of.)
Sequel: Yesterdays - panda_shi

In Case of (Coronary) Emergency - Veldeia PG-13, 1K, CACW
Normal people make embarrassing phone calls while drunk, but not Tony. He only makes embarrassing phone calls while having a heart attack.

Mailbox Full - RurouniHime PG-13, 3K, CACW
Tony bypasses into the mailbox every time. It drives Steve absolutely nuts.
Sequel: ❤User Offline - RurouniHime PG-13, 6K, Post-CaCW
He doesn’t have a functional suit, and he doesn’t have the shield. They’ll be too late, they’ll get there and the place will be rubble and there will be nothing left to do but dig for bodies—
“Faster,” he mutters, pressing his knuckles against his mouth.

prompt: courtship - alestar PG, 3K, CACW
Steve and Tony go to a wedding, but not together. If I could format the title of this story to be surrounded by glitter sparkles I would do that. This story is mostly about clothes, actually, but it's got my whole heart inside it.

"Looking good," Tony said. He didn't call Steve anything-- not Cap, not Steve, and (thankfully) not Rogers. "Thanks," said Steve. "You too."

❤❤World Keep Turning - gilestel PG-13, Fancomic, Post-CACW
Tony struggles with the day-to-day of leading a UN-sanctioned team of superheroes, Steve goes on a listening tour across America, and Natasha would like to remind everyone that (unlike Sam Wilson) she is not a licensed therapist.

An Infinite Number Of Monkeys At Typewriters (Or, Steve and Tony Finally Get It Right) - JenTheSweetie R, 18K
Tags: Post-CACW, Fix-it, Multi-verse, Stephen Strange
After the events of Civil War, Tony and Steve wake up in bed next to each other in an alternate universe. It goes about as well as you'd expect it to.

And Let Me Set the Battlements on Fire - texankate PG-13, Series
Tags: Post-Civil War, WIP
If the whole debacle around the Accords taught Tony anything, it's that the number of people you can rely on NOT to screw you over is a lot smaller than you think it is. So he builds up the walls around his heart, guarding the only people he has left. And getting over those walls just might be more than Steve Rogers can accomplish.

Put My Head Under My Pillow - lazywriter7 PG-13, 9K
Tags: Post-Civil War, Fix-it
Tony uses the BARF tech to get over his nightmares of Siberia.

From the ashes - erde R, 60K+, WIP
Tags: post-civil war
Steve picks up the pieces from their relationship and tries to make them better. As the official tinker of things, Tony isn't happy with Steve's shoddy work. At first.

And Miles to Go Before I Sleep - Cluegirl PG, WIP, Post-CACW
Again, as before, it falls to Steve to pick Bucky up, and carry him out of danger, even if half his heart is still rattling out in pieces on the floor behind him. Steve Rogers just doesn't know how to stay down, even when he desperately wishes he could. But someone has to see to the details, take care of the wounded, sweep the debris, and put the chairs up on the tables before he limps away from the battlefield.

The Days Are Getting Colder and So Am I - TallerMahler PG, 1K+, WIP
Tags: Post-CA:CW
Or the one in which Steve didn't want to hurt Tony too badly, just to get him to see his side of things. He gets a wake up call.

What I'm Trying To Say Is, We Need You - starkerized R, 2K
Tags: Canon!AU, CA:CW
AU where Tony died at the end of Civil War.
Alternately: What if everything in 616 happened - the unfinished eulogy, the Letter, the what-ifs and possible happy endings thrown in his face - except inflicted on MCU Steve?

prompt: public sex - alestar R, <1K
Tags: Post-CACW
The only thing that would have been more painful than the actual fact and aftermath of Steve refusing to sign the Sokovia Accords would have been if two months later someone in Oslo had released a sex tape of Steve and Tony, so that is precisely what happened.

Carter Cousins Chronicles - Riverlander974 PG-13, 72K, Series
Tags: Post-Civil War, Rescue, Action, Hurt!Tony, BAMF!Tony
Before Afghanistan, before New York, and long before Siberia, Tony was given the gift of Peggy Carter as his godmother.
It was maybe one of the best gifts he ever received, one that kept on giving even forty years later. Because even when the Avengers are scattered, the team and his trust torn apart, there's still one thing Tony has that no one, not Steve, not Ross, not Stane, had ever managed to take from him.
A family.
In the aftermath of the Civil War, Tony will need them more than ever if he's to pick up the broken pieces of himself again. And save the world. Of course.

Wearing Our Vintage Misery - kayura_sanada PG-13, 3K
Tags: Post-Civil War, Fix-it, Pre-Slash
Thanos has attacked the Earth, and now the Avengers must make their final plan.

deliver me from the cold - navaan PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-Civil War, Hurt!Steve, Rescue, Fix-it
Steve has been captured and he doesn’t expect rescue. Not the one he gets, that’s for sure.

The Casualty of War Series - White_Noise PG-13, 12K
Tags: Series, Canon!AU, Post-Civil War, Character Death (Tony), Not fix-it, Angst
(A re-imagining of the infamous Court House scene from the CW comic, set in the MCU, because some sadistic person had to do it)

Before The Sun Sets - alphera PG-13, 8K
Tags: Post-CW, hurt!tony, heart attack, pre-slash, fix-it
Summary: People make mistakes. Some mistakes are just costlier than others.

Disrepair - Tippet PG-13, 30K
Tags: Hurt!Steve, Post-CW, Fix-it
Post-Civil War. A mission at a power plant goes south and the ensuing explosion triggers the denaturation of the serum. In which Steve insists that he's feeling fine, Natasha gets Tony involved and pieces start being put back together.

Fundamental Attribution Error - Atsadi PG-13, 43K+
Tags: Post-CW, WIP
After the civil war, everyone is left living in the new reality they've created — and now they have to figure out if they are willing (and able) to try again at being a real team.

Closure - laireshi PG-13, 1K+
Tags: Post-CW, Established Relationship, Angst
“You were supposed to say thank you,” Tony said after a moment, covering his eyes with his forearm. It wasn't as if Steve could see him. “It's only polite, you know. Happy birthday, Steve—Thank you, Tony.”

Hello - thegraytigress PG-13, 6K
Tags: Post-CW
In the end, it's Steve who calls.

Men of Iron Don't Show Emotions, Captain - Naferty PG-13, 3K+, WIP
Tags: Post-CW, Superior Iron Man, torture, brainwashing
After the war Tony and Rhodey get captured by enemies. One year is an awfully long time for things not to have changed.

Lines of Communication - cptxrogers NC-17, 4K+
Tags: Post-CW, Phone Sex, Fix-it
Post-CACW, a series of phone calls between Tony and Steve. Political arguments descend into the same place they always end up: antagonism, resentment, and poorly-concealed sexual tension. Angry phone sex results.

I said to call me when you need me (But it is I who need you now) - rz_jocelyn PG, 2K+, Fix-it
Steve never lets go of the phone. Sam thinks that it's time for him to use it.

Shadows Taller Than Our Souls - XtaticPearl NC-17, 54K+, WIP
Tags: Post-CACW, Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Tony had lost the war and had decided to forego any contact with the Avengers. He didn't need people he couldn't trust. Which is why he stuck to only Rhodey and by extension, Vision, the three loners living in solidarity. Natasha never really got over the war and opted to go back into hiding, hoping that she could reclaim some modicum of peace. Until the day a mail dropped in from someone Tony never wanted to see again. It didn't matter though, because what Tony wanted he never seemed to get. And Natasha didn't know what she wanted anymore.

Captain America Signs the Registration Act - Mushroom PG-13, <1K
Tags: Canon!AU, Character Death (Tony), Angst
Captain America does the impossible: he signs the registration act for Tony Stark.

Cartography - manic_intent PG-13, 1K
Post-CACW, Tony buys Steve's old apartment (for sentimental reasons)

I Remember The Time I Knew What Happiness Was - awakencordy PG-13, 19K
Tags: Post-CW
He couldn’t change the phone. Weirdly, that little old thing reminded him of Steve. Out of this modern world, still working but not the same, trying to blend in but always popping out. Strong, durable, reliable. Doing what it knew best, not trying to do different things all at once.

Making Amends - laireshi PG-13, 3K,
Tags: Civil War
"Anthony Stark, you’re under arrest," the agents says.
"Kinda figured that one out," Tony answers. At least he’s not arresting himself.

Saved Drafts - flawedamythyst PG-13, 2K
Tags: Post-Civil War, Humor
See, the thing about a phone connected to Steve, even a top secret phone that should only be used in emergencies, was that Tony's fingers itched to use it.

Irreparable - aslightstep PG-13, 61K+, WIP
It's a mistake destroying Steve's gesture of goodwill, Tony thinks, even as he takes an unholy amount of glee smashing that stupid phone to bits down in his lab and DUM-E waits eagerly with a fire extinguisher for the last of the letter to burn down. But it's a mistake Tony is happy to make

Aftermath - ficlicious PG, Series, WIP, 21K+
Tags: Post-CW, Fix-it, POV (Tony), Hurt!Tony, Team!fic
Stane, Hammer, Aldrich. They all tried to break him, and failed. Loki tried and failed. Ultron tried and failed. His critics and his exes and every junior reporter sniffing after a scoop tried and failed.

It took the Avengers to break him. The hilarious, ridiculous, pathetic thing was, they weren’t even trying.

Better Angels - sabrecmc NC-17, 8K
Tags: Missing scene, CACW
Chris Evans mentioned in an interview (jokingly, unfortunately) that there was a deleted scene from Civil War with him and RDJ showering together.

One Phone Call Away - ann2who NC-17, 7K
Tags: Post-CW, Fix-it
Summary: Post Civil War movie. SPOILERS AHEAD.

When The Dust Settles, Who Will Be Standing With Me - vicnic90 PG-13, 1K
“Do the ends justify the means, Tony?”
Now that was the question, wasn’t it? Was everything they went through worth it? Almost losing a friend, seeing his family locked in cells like common criminals, learning the truth about his parent’s deaths. Was it worth it?

And In The Silence That Follows - lazywriter7 R, Post-CW, Fix-it
“But as a guy who’s never been good at anything but killing- lemme tell you this. Wars can come to us, and we can fight to end them.”
“But nothing’s ever worth starting one. Nothing at all.”
As the dust of Civil War starts to settle- Steve begins to see a couple of things.

Broken Pieces of a Whole - coaster PG-13, 3K
Even standing a few centimeters taller than T'Challa and encased in bulky armor, the man still managed to look small. T'Challa knew why; it was always in the eyes. T'Challa surveys the broken pieces of a hollow vendetta.

The Piano in the Corner - shudhavbinjamie PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-CACW
That’s good, little duck. One more time.” Tiny clumsy fingers hit on keys. The tune is not perfect – it’s playful, it’s pure.

We're Broken, not Bent - PriyaxRishabh PG, Series, 6K
Tags: Post-CW
A Tony-centric piece set post CA-CW based on a small comic I saw on Tumblr

Like a Postcard Phrase - isellys PG-13, 5K
Tags: Post-CW, POV (Steve), Fix-it
How to say ‘wish you were here’ without actually saying so, as done by Captain Steve Rogers.

Love is the Funeral Pyre - Antianeira PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-CW, Angst
Tony doesn’t know what the feeling is in his chest when Steve drops the shield like it means nothing. Disappointment is too cheap. Grief, maybe, for the Steve Rogers he thought existed but maybe never was. His eyes burn. Loss is like good scotch; it grows in intensity with age and burns just as strongly. And this loss has been forty years in the making.

You’ve Been Sleeping In The Wild - skyline PG, 4K
Tags: Post-CW, Fix-it
With a pint-sized sneaker dangling somewhere near his nose, and another jabbed into his collar bone, Tony takes out the phone Steve gave him.
Nearly punching the buttons, he types, Vision made my kitchen smell like Staten Island and Clint’s kid is nesting on my face. I need you to stop being a child and come home.
(Or, Tony abuses the bat phone.)

All My Fault - charmed4lifekaren PG-13, 4K
Tags: Post-CW, Fix-it
A post Civil war story focused on Tony.

Dibs Not - aloneintherain PG, 1K
Tags: Humor
Inspired by anon: 'AU where the airport fight ends in a minor debate over who has to take Peter home b/c he's literally too young to fly unaccompanied without fuckloads of paperwork.'

Something Better - ann2who NC-17, 4K
Tags: Post-AoU, Canon!AU, Civil War, Angst, Fix-it
For them, the line between love and hate had always been thin, always tenuous. It used to be defined clearly, but somewhere along the way, it had blurred until both sides became inseparable.

Happy Endings are a Fairy Tale - Valmasy PG-13, <1K
Tags: post-cw, angst
It's four months after, and Tony starts receiving post cards of all things.

Skies on Fire - Robin_tCJ NC-17, 26K
Tags: Canon!AU, Not CA:CW Compliant, CW Fix-it
AKA: Steve and Tony get along until they don't.

A Meeting in Wakanda - Dormammu PG-13, 2K
Tags: Post-CW
Four months after last seeing each other, Steve and Tony talk face to face.

untitled by pensversusswords PG, <1K
Tags: Post-CW, Drabble
There are scorch marks on Tony’s suit and one gauntlet looks badly damaged. He does not look happy to see Steve, which is exactly what Steve expected.

untitled by saved-by-the-notepad PG, <1K
Tags: Canon!AU, Character Death (Tony)
Bucky stared at him from across the room, eyes widened in horror as he take in the sight that was front of him. His eyes flickered from Steve and then to the amount of blood that had spilled out on the ground.

Detente - MassiveSpaceWren PG-13, 1K
Tags: Post-CW, Fix-it
Steve isn't the only one to reach out.

Zugzwang - Woad PG-13, 2K
Tags: Canon!AU, Post-CW, Character Death (Tony)
His package comes back marked "undeliverable."

talk is cheap - allourheroes PG, <1K
Tags: Post-CW, Fix-it
Tony keeps staring at a flip phone--flip phone, Peter can barely believe his eyes--like it holds all the answers he's too afraid to ask.

Wish We Could Be Like That - emeraldine087 R, 17K
It was Steve Rogers who used the flip phone first, calling Tony Stark in the goddamned middle of the night and the former didn’t even talk, only breathed quietly as if signaling to Tony to start shooting his mouth off first. But the genius-billionaire didn’t. He’d held his ground that time and just pointedly listened to the silence on the other end of the open line until the connection was severed.

Plastic Flowers - hitlikehammers PG-13, 1K
We are all—eventually—either the victims, or the victim's family. Or: Steve and Tony cross paths at Howard and Maria Stark's grave. They talk (more or less).

Tusk - laudatenium R, 6K
Strangely, or not so strangely, Steve is the one to call first. “Tony,” is all he says, low and throaty and oh so raspy. Tony says nothing. Not because he has nothing to say, but because he has too much. And maybe, for once, Steve should be the one talking.

Postscript - synteis NC-17, 4K
When Steve and Tony accidentally meet up in Vienna a month after the events of Civil War, things don't go quite as expected. There's a lot less yelling for one and their main problem is that no one thought to bring condoms

And Let Me Set the Battlements on Fire - texankate PG-13, Series
Tags: Post- Civil War, WIP
If the whole debacle around the Accords taught Tony anything, it's that the number of people you can rely on NOT to screw you over is a lot smaller than you think it is. So he builds up the walls around his heart, guarding the only people he has left. And getting over those walls just might be more than Steve Rogers can accomplish.

All Roads Lead Home - starspangledsprocket PG-13, Post-CW, WIP
Steve's gone, and he's taken the others with him. Above all, Tony just wishes he could forget the mobile phone currently sat upstairs in his desk drawer. He can't.

And I Leave You With This (this mess we've made) - spazt PG, WIP, Post Civil War
"Tony? Tony? It's me, Steve."
He breathes twice, the last breath rattling out of his bruised ribcage like a bat out of hell. If he thought the phone's simple existence was hell, then this call was on a whole new level. Who said God didn't have a sense of humor?

Busy Bein' Born - konspiracy R, POV (Tony), Post-CW, WIP, Hurt!Tony, Action
The Avengers are scattered in the wake of Civil War, and Tony is alone. Again. This time there's no one left to pick up the pieces. He'll just have to do it himself. Again. And then the Mandarin, ladies and gentlemen.

for the feeling that i get when you are gone - allourheroes PG-13, WIP, Mpreg
Post-Civil War angsty mpreg.

Long & Lost - roguestark PG-13, Post-CACW, WIP, Angsty
Set after Captain America: Civil War. Tony finally reaches out, but it doesn't quite go the way that Steve half-expected it to.

Need is just a word - masterlokisev159 PG, WIP
A month has gone by since the war and Tony has never felt more alone. of course, with the unrest within the government, the disappearance of the Avengers and the obvious lack of Steve Rogers, it was only a matter of time before the UN finally flipped out and decided to act on the last available Avenger. Too bad they didn't realise a promise had been made by Captain America to be there when Iron man needed him.

Deep in December - romanoff NC-17, WIP
A Pyrrhic Victory: one won at too great a cost to be worthwhile to the victor.
In the aftermath of their civil war, the Avengers are scattered. Tony is left to pick up the pieces, while Steve asks himself if it was ever worth it at all. Then, Tony is arrested, and Steve called to extract him. It all gets complicated from there.

Say goodbye. - mscerisier PG-13, WIP
In the aftermath of the Sokovia Accords: Tony Stark begun a fight that seems endless.

The wrong call (all down the line) - SinBin PG-13, Post-CW, WIP
Tony never seems to make the right decision so, when he finds out Barnes killed his parents, he does something he's never done before. He walks away.

Untitled CA3 by copperbadge PG-13, Post-CW, WIP?
But he picked up the phone, weary anger at Wanda nicely distracting him from the searing rage at Steve, and hit the autodial.
Sequel/More: More

Was It Worth It? - AcidArrow NC-17, Canon!AU, WIP
Summary: At the climax of the internal civil war between the confidants and comrades of the Avengers Initiative, four broken men wage personal wars on their own emotions. What does it mean to deserve to be loved? A Stony/Winterhawk Captain America: Civil War adaptation, which follows the plot of the movie but diverts from canon toward the end to offer a different, happy ending.

When the Dust Clears - SociallyAwkwardFox (Maze_Runner_Fae) PG-13, WIP, Post-CACW
In the aftermath of the war, people on both sides are left trying to pick up the pieces. Trusts have been broken, friendships are in shambles, lines have been blurred. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, the Wakandans have agreed to shelter Captain America and his followers. Things seem to be at a tipping point.
Steve is left struggling with regret over how things ended in Siberia with Tony and wants nothing more than to make things right. On a completely different continent, Tony is left to deal with Ross and the guilt he feels over what happened to the people he cares about most in the world. Meanwhile, Hydra remains an ever present threat that continues to grow stronger. If left unchecked, people could be in more danger than ever before.

Whipping Boy - Caroly214 PG-13, WIP
Immediate post CA:CW Tony-centric scene: Tony reflects on his “friendship” with Steve and how he always ends up as the MCU’s whipping boy. (Probably Tony CA:CW reaction fic number 5,000,001, but I had to work through my frustration somehow).

When the Dust Clears - SociallyAwkwardFox (Maze_Runner_Fae) PG-13, WIP
In the aftermath of the war, people on both sides are left trying to pick up the pieces. Trusts have been broken, friendships are in shambles, lines have been blurred. Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, the Wakandans have agreed to shelter Captain America and his followers. Things seem to be at a tipping point.

Steve is left struggling with regret over how things ended in Siberia with Tony and wants nothing more than to make things right. On a completely different continent, Tony is left to deal with Ross and the guilt he feels over what happened to the people he cares about most in the world. Meanwhile, Hydra remains an ever present threat that continues to grow stronger. If left unchecked, people could be in more danger than ever before.

take that away (and) - WeAreTomorrow PG-13, WIP
When the sun goes down, Tony is forced to admit that nobody is coming to save him.
(Or, the one in which Tony Stark is left Siberia by everyone who said they would be there and must build himself back up from the ground before he can save the rest of the world.)


When The Stars Come Calling - lazywriter7 PG-13 (For Now), WIP, Tony/Peter Quill, Crossover: GoTG, Post-CACW
Summary: The man who, fuck knows, sprouted fully formed out of the ground in the middle of the Fort Knox times a zillion highly secured Avengers facility- gaped at the earbuds trailing from Tony's ears. "Is that tiny stick playing music ." A very slow, ominous kind of horror was starting to dawn over Tony's mind. " Please don't tell me you were frozen in ice for ninety years." "Don't be ridiculous- I was in space." The man said. He plucked a plastic bag off of Tony's counter and proffered it. "Blueberry?" ~ Or, how Tony Stark got his groove back, with the assistance of one Peter Quill.

This Wasn't Part Of The Plan - poetically_ordinary PG, 2K, CACW, T'Challa/Tony
There’s a chain around Tony’s neck, and Steve hates it.

Breathe - ancalime8301 23K, PG-13, Post-CACW, Gen, Team!fic, Hurt!Tony, TEAM FIX IT FIC
Tony catches the cold making the rounds of the compound, but for him it's not as simple as a common cold.

Lost and Found - Shi_Toyu PG-13, WIP, Post-CW, GEN, Hurt!Tony, Mission fic
The Avengers were back together, legalized and forgiven of everything that’d happened with the Accords. At least the outside world had forgiven them. The more Bucky learned, the more he realized they would likely never be able to forgive themselves. First and foremost, Tony Stark had never made it back from Siberia. At least, not that anyone could find.

Amend - ancalime8301 PG-13, 57K+, WIP, GEN, Post-CACW
Negotiating the Accords, dealing with Ross, the end of his relationship with Pepper, Steve's faction coming back to the Avengers compound . . . the stress finally catches up with Tony in dramatic fashion. The team has to decide to step up and handle things while Tony can't. Tony has to decide if he'll let them.

Aftermath of a Civil War - shadowlancer_95 PG-13, 16K+, Series
Tags: Post-Civil War, GEN
“When was the last time you slept?”
Tony shrieked and turned, throwing his wrench, the tool missing the intruder by about a mile.

Healing - musesofaninsomniac PG-13, 10K+, WIP
Tags: GEN, Post-Civil War
He slides the phone into his suit pocket and gets to work.

Lessons, Roots, Signals - copperbadge PG-13, 1K+, GEN
The fugitive Avengers have their own ways of coping.

Of Spiders and Super-Soldiers - AuddieAussie NC-17, 78K+, WIP
Tags: Kid!fic, Post-CACW, OT3 (Steve/Tony/Bucky)
After the hell that was Ultron and the Sokovia Accords, Tony doesn't blame the team for wanting nothing to do with him. To make up for past mistakes, Tony disappears into his lab and focuses on using his money and brains to provide the Avengers with more fancy tech than they'll ever need. By doing this, he also doesn't have to worry about Steve's grim frown, Bucky's hateful gaze, or everyone else's cold annoyance.

For six long months, this formula worked, but then fate decided to be a Loki-like dick and Tony wasn't sure how it happened, but in the span of one week, he'd somehow acquired a kid.

i find shelter in this way - Driverpicksthemooseic (Ratkinzluver33) PG-13, 12K, WIP
Tags: Post-CW, Bucky/Tony/Steve
Barnes doesn't say anything, he just offers out his flesh hand. He's still missing the one Tony ripped from its socket, but there's some sort of makeshift bandage there, now. It's pathetic and it's clearly not helping, but Barnes hasn't ripped it off. He assumes it belongs to Steve.
Tony shakes it.

Promises You Can Keep - Ihateallergies PG, 1K
Tags: Bucky/T'Challa, Post-CW, Pre-Slash
King T'Challa made a promise. He will follow through with it, even if he dislikes the path it takes

Like Gravity - manic_intent NC-17, 3K
Tags: Thor/Tony, Post-CW
Thor grinned, golden and lazy, straightening up from the leyscale pattern that the (repaired?) Bifrost had just scorched into the garden, swinging his hammer in a slow loop, floating up to the second floor balcony of the Avengers facility. Beside Tony, Peter’s eyes were huge. “Thunder God Thor?” he squeaked. “Oh man! Did he just harness a wormhole? And he’s flying? How come everyone can fly? Can he really control the weather and the lightning?”
“Never figured out how Asgardian tech worked,” Tony admitted, as Thor landed and swept him over, arm tucked with arrogant confidence around Tony’s waist. “Whoah, big guy-” Tony began, trying to bite down his grin, and Thor pressed close, his kiss just as arrogant, just as confident. Dimly, in the background, Tony could hear Peter retreating rapidly into the distance, the kiss growing sloppy as Tony got his hands into Thor’s thick tawny mane, pressed the thin fabric of his shirt and jeans against all that weird armour.

Getting the Super-Secret Boyband Back Together - arsenicarcher (Arsenic) NC-17, 13K, WIP
Tags: Post-CACW, Steve/Tony/Bucky
Nobody splits up Natasha's family. Not even the people in that family. Yeah, she's having none of this.

Strange Bedfellows - jaxxOnasty NC-17, 2K
Tags: Bucky/Tony, Post-CACW
“I heard you were a good teacher.”
Barnes looked skeptical, but eventually just downed the rest of his water and shrugged. “What do you wanna learn?”
“Teach me how to kill you, soldier,” Tony said. “With my bare hands.”

Aftermath - Potrix NC-17, 2K
Tags: Post-CACW, Mpreg, Steve/Tony/Bucky
One moment they’re fighting, yelling scathing insults and ugly accusations at each other, and the next they’re kissing, all teeth and anger-fuelled desperation. Steve backs him up until Tony’s shoulders hit the closest wall, and hoists him up, giving Tony no choice but to wrap his legs around Steve’s waist for support. Tony bites Steve’s bottom lip, hard enough to draw blood, and Steve growls, and grips both of Tony’s wrists in one big hand, his hold bruisingly tight.


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