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Han/Luke Recs

Well, since I'm a new Han/Luke fan, I decided to put a directory for the fics that I've read, sort of like bookmarking them =D DON'T JUDGE ME!
Updated: 4/4/10

Cara J. Loup Fics

A Hard Place
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A brooding Han Solo wonders why Luke has disappeared from his life - and how to bring him back.

A World Left Alone in the Sky
Rating: R
Summary: Han and Luke revisit Cloud City... and discover that some losses can be undone.

As Water Follows The Moon
Summary: A mystical journey from Coruscant to Tatooine.

Blind Light
Summary: A passionate encounter in the dark -- missing scene from Jabba's palace.

By Any Demon's Name
Summary: Alternate Universe. Instead of handing Han over to Boba Fett in Cloud City, Vader decides to turn him into a Dark Side agent and send him back to an unsuspecting Luke.

Summary: Luke's thoughts about the Force and temptation, years after the battle of Endor.

Empty Spaces
Summary: Luke visits Han's abandoned house

Summary: When the Alliance discovers Luke's parentage, they exile him.

First Time
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After the battle of Yavin, Han and Luke explore the possibilities of rebuilding the Rebel base on Dantooine. Despite the best of intentions, Han finds himself drawn deeper into temptation.

Summary: Han's thoughts about life, flying, and Luke.

Summary: Han and Luke embark on a dangerous hunt for Imperial agents in the undercity of Coruscant

Hard Feelings
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When Luke and Han meet again after six months of silence, unadmitted hopes and unresolved memories collide.

Rating: NC-17
Summary: Han's search for a missing Luke takes him to an enchanted world where nothing is quite what it seems.

Summary: A late-night confession between old friends

Near Dusk
Summary: Han's private fantasies on Hoth develop into a far more haunting adventure.

On the Edge of A Dream
Summary: Jolted awake by disturbing dreams, Luke finds that he's no longer alone.

Summary: After a dangerous mission, an Imperial implant is discovered in Han's brain.

Talk to the Winds
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A lonely Luke Skywalker reflects on his feelings for Han.

The Day Breaks Not
Summary: Han has resumed his smuggler's life, and when Luke shows up to resolve an old misunderstanding, there's definitely a storm brewing...

The Healing
Rating: NC-17
Summary: On his homeworld Corellia, Han barely escapes an assassination attempt. But while Luke tries to keep him safe from a deadly intrigue, Han finds himself ensnared by an unexpected discovery...

The Secret
Summary: Han wants to know Luke and Leia's secret.

Summary: An argument leads to unexpected discoveries.

The Dancer
Summary: In search of a group of lost Jedi, Luke meets a dangerous stranger.

The Nar Shaddaa Connection
Summary: A trip into Han's past leads to unexpected discoveries

Waiting for the Clouds
Summary: When Han and Luke find themselves stranded on a desert planet, old griefs flare into a dangerous confrontation with the truth.

Endor Series

Passage to Endor
Summary: En route to Endor, Han makes a nocturnal visit to find out why Luke has changed so much.
The Longest Night
Summary: Han spends a restless night on Endor after Luke has left to confront Vader.
Summary: New beginnings after the Rebels' victory.
Summary: Time to make a new start...

Alex J.
The Gift of Tides
Summary: At Leia's wedding, the turning tide reveals a buried truth.

The Wild Hunt
Summary: A traditional Corellian Hunt ends with a feast, but the real chase is just beginning...

Alex Jones
Summary: Han's having doubts about his betrothal to Leia, but isn't sure why. Then a mysterious creature begins haunting him, and eventually leads him to the discovery a long-kept secret -- and, ultimately, of his heart's desire.

Starving the Dark
Summary: One of Luke's students turns to the Dark Side, unleashing a demonic entity. Luke attempts to control the entity by trapping it within his own body, with life-threatening results. Will Han be able to save him?

Hard Thoughts
Summary: Luke thinks about Han while on Hoth.(Slash)

Summary: A visit to Luke turns into so much more for Han. (Slash, NC-17)

Room for Two
Summary: Luke and Han are forced to share a bunk on an overcrowded ship on the way to Tatooine. (Slash)

Angela Jade
Rude Awakenings
Summary: Luke/Han, post-RotJ vignette

Atira Kei
The Hidden
Summary: A startling truth about Han's true past begins to emerge, and it's up to Luke to unravel the mystery. Jedi!Han

Crash Into You
Summary: During the long trip to Alderaan, Han and Luke get to know each other a little better. Set during the first movie.

Only You
Summary: Set during ESB. Luke and Han have a communication problem, leading to some reckless behavior on Luke's part, and a discovery for them both.
Only You II
Summary: AKA, The Sex Scene That Stubbornly Refused to be Part of 'Only You'

Caryn B.
A Matter of Interpretation
Rating PG: Luke and Han make use of Threepio's interpretation skills and discover that they encompass more than six million forms of communication... Post RotJ

A Talent for Trouble
Summary: A surprising admission of Luke's gives Han plenty to think about during a visit to Lando's new mining project. Whilst there, Han and Luke discover, by accident, something even more surprising.

All That Matters
Written for imadra_blue's Live Journal Valentine's Day Challenge using the following quote as a prompt: The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart – Helen Keller. Set after Return of the Jedi. Be warned this is schmoopy.

Luke discovers the hidden implications in making Han a mug of caf. No specific timeline, but post RotJ. It's more of a ficlet, and a silly one.

Definitions of Destiny
Summary: Six months after the Emperor's death, the Rebel Alliance are struggling to help a confused and fragmented galaxy. For Han, Luke and Leia, the fall of the Empire is a turning point in more ways than one, and making choices for the future is more difficult than they'd anticipated.

Set several months after Return of the Jedi. Luke is keeping something from Han and it's threatening to destroy their friendship. On the eve of going their separate ways they attempt to breach the growing distance between them.

Feast for the Senses
Summary: Han decides Luke needs a vacation, and Chewbacca hatches a plot to persuade Luke to agree.

Gift of the Samaranth
Summary: Set post-ROTJ, Luke has disappeared in the aftermath of a disturbing incident and Han is struggling to make sense of his own life. A reunion between Han and Luke sets in motion a chain of events that plunges them both into danger.

My Type of Guy
Summary: Challenge fic written for the Luke_and_Han Yahoo Groups list. Han and Luke get involved in a tavern brawl.

A short challenge fic with the theme 'Blood is thicker than water', written in a 30 minute time-limit for the Luke_and_Han Yahoo Groups list. Set on Tatooine before ANH, and before Biggs leaves for the Academy. The tiniest hint of Luke/Han if you choose to read it that way.

Summary: A potential catastrophe gives Han and Luke the chance to show just where their priorities lie.

Sights Unseen
Summary: A short challenge fic written for the Luke_and_Han Yahoo Groups list. Not everything is as it appears on the surface.

Summary: A conversation between Han and Luke that takes place some time after Endor.

The Learning Game
Han persuades Luke to give a talk about the Jedi, but it's not just the students who end up learning something new

The Poisoned Garden
Summary: Past and present collide when an incident from Han's past resurfaces in a plot that threatens Luke's life. Han and Luke are drawn together in an attempt to untangle the threads of a story that stretches back over twenty years. But with Luke struggling to come to terms with a recent trauma, Han finds it increasingly difficult to deal with the emotional distance that has grown between them. Set three years after ROTJ.

Wild Space
Luke knows something is up when Han offers him control of the Falcon during a flight to the outer edges of the galaxy. Set shortly after Return of the Jedi.

CJ Ueberall
Summary: Han refuses to believe that Luke has been killed in the course of their mission, but the young man who looks so much like Luke goes by a different name and can't seem to recall anything...

ABC-Fic Series
Summary: What if Luke went away with Han isntead of staying with the Rebellion?
Link: A Is For...Jedi? etc...
Summary: A different interpretation of the end of RotJ.

Cory Parsons
Summary: Unexpected rewards after the Yavin battle

Turn of the Wheel
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Stranded with Luke on a desolate planet, Han can't hope to escape unwanted dreams.

Precious Past
Summary: Memories and failed hopes haunt Luke and Han in the aftermath of Endor.

Summary: Luke isn't quite the innocent farm boy that Han thinks he is.
Sequel to Sleepless

Cristina Reyes
Come Closer
Summary: A conversation between two best friends ends with some interesting results.

Destina Fortunato
Alone in MY Desire
Summary: Luke is missing Han on the eve of an important celebration

Summary: Han comes to Luke after the Battle of Endor, and Luke makes a difficult choice.

Second Thoughts
Summary: My brief take on the long, lingering look Han gives Luke after they say goodbye on Hoth, and how it might have gone a little differently.

Diana Williams
Life While There's Hope
Summary: In this alternate version of 'A New Hope', a frustrated Han Solo meets a pleasure boy who's not at all what he seems...

Elizabeth Stuart
Summary: Han is tormented by jealousy of Luke's new partner

Sweet Inspiration

Too Hot to Handle

by Karen Winter
Genre: slash.
Summary: George Lucas announced that Han/Luke slash was the only kind of fanfic he would "go after". Karen, naturally, responded by writing a Han/Luke.

Run No More
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Luke thinks he has found sanctuary on Tatooine -- until Han arrives with an invitation to Leia's wedding.

Rating: Nc_17
Summary: Sometimes a teacher can learn the most important lesson from his student...

Missing You
Summary: Han explores his mind-link with Luke.

Irene Heron
A Blessing in Disguise
NC-17 - Romance, smut
Summary: An unusual event becomes a blessing in disguise for Han and Luke.

The Stars Inside
A chance encounter results in clear vision.

Sometimes recognizing the futility of war can't prevent one.
Rated: PG

Expiration Date
Han and Luke must come to terms with irrevocable loss.
Rated: PG

Her Son's Legacy
An older and wiser Luke reflects on what many consider to be his greatest achievement. Originally appeared in "Wookiee Rendezvous", 1999.
Rated: PG

Lan Can Cook!
A humorous vignette poking a little fun at Lando Calrissian's suave, bon vivant persona. Originally appeared in "I Don't Care What You Smell 7", 2001.
Rated: G

Out of the Terror
On a routine mission for the Rebellion, an unexpected disaster awakens Luke's untrained Force abilities. Originally appeared in "Imperium 10", 2001.
Rated: PG-13

When I Wasn't Looking
by Irene Heron
Luke's thoughts on an unexpected development. This story was written as a sequel to Destina Fortunato's "Second Thoughts" - where instead of giving Luke that lingering glance during their farewells in the Hoth hangar, Han kisses him.
PREQUEL BY DESTINASecond Thoughts: H/L - PG - pre-slash (mostly), angst
Summary: My brief take on the long, lingering look Han gives Luke after they say goodbye on Hoth, and how it might have gone a little differently.

From the Ashes
Han reaches a turning point in his life. Can Luke help him see which path to take in this post-Return of the Jedi story? Originally appeared in "Elusive Lover V", 2001. Fan Q Best Story, 2002.
Rating: NC-17

by Irene Heron
An alternate reality story in which Han helps Luke face the painful consequences of his actions, and learns something about himself in the process. Originally appeared in "Elusive Lover - Alternate Visions", 1999.

The Adventurers' Cycle: An Alternate Universe Series
An alternate version of the introduction between a farmboy and a worlds-weary smuggler.
Rating: NC-17

Captain's Privilege
Now that the captain has the farmboy where he wants him, he's discovering things aren't as simple as expected. A continuation of the HanLukeus Interruptus scene at the conclusion of Departures.
Rating: NC-17

Luke and Han face a crisis in their relationship and their lives are complicated even more when they meet two people who will figure largely in their future.
Rating: NC-17

'From a Certain Point of View' Series
A series of four stories that take an outside look at the relationship between Han and Luke.

A Breach of Protocol
Luke and Lando's diplomatic mission to help a system get back on its feet after Imperial occupation is complicated, both personally and professionally, when Han shows up. Originally appeared in "Elusive Lover IV", 2000.
Rating: PG-13

Forever in the Branches
Chewbacca considers some changes. Originally appeared in "Elusive Lover IV", 2000. STARaWARdS best vignette, 2000; STIFfie best short story, 2000.
Rating: G

Laughter in the Dark
Leia ponders her own history and future. Originally appeared in "Elusive Lover IV", 2000.
Rating: G

No Regrets
A chance encounter causes Luke to re-examine his relationship with Han. Originally appeared in Elusive Lover IV.
Rating: NC-17

Starving The Dark
Rated NC-17 for explicit sexuality.
One of Luke's students turns to the Dark Side, unleashing a demonic entity. Luke attempts to control the entity by trapping it within his own body, with life-threatening results. Will Han be able to save him? This was my first SW fic, previously published in Elusive Lover #4.

Rated NC-17 for explicit sexuality.
Han's having doubts about his betrothal to Leia, but isn't sure why. Then a mysterious creature begins haunting him, and eventually leads him to the discovery a long-kept secret -- and, ultimately, of his heart's desire. Previously published in Elusive Lover #4.

Lady Ra
Han Solo is a police Captain who reluctantly turns to a psychic for help solving a crime.

The Disturbance in the Force Affair (265KB) Crossover with Star Wars and Man From UNCLE. Luke senses a disturbance in the Force and he and Han go in search of the source. Luke finds something unexpected.

Chrysopaz & Brandy Series


Never Make Big Decisions After Sex
Rated: PG
Han and Luke find that hiding their relationship is harder than it sounds.
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